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Demi Lovato - Melon Cake
Views 5MYear ago
Demi Lovato - Melon Cake
Demi Lovato - Met Him Last Night (Dave Audé Remix / Audio) ft. Ariana Grande
Views 486K2 years ago
Demi Lovato - Met Him Last Night (Dave Audé Remix / Audio) ft. Ariana Grande
Demi Lovato - The Making of 'Dancing With The Devil' | Vevo Footnotes
Views 473K2 years ago
Demi Lovato - The Making of 'Dancing With The Devil' | Vevo Footnotes


  • Just Chill
    Just Chill 23 minutes ago

    Nowadays I need this type of vibes ..and it viral on 2023

  • jack and Lewis's YouTube channel

    Come on X-vid

  • jonas martins
    jonas martins Hour ago

    demi has a amazing voice

  • jonas martins
    jonas martins Hour ago

    demi has matured musically since previewing it in the way he sings i am very proud of the woman she has become

  • Jaylii Nexus
    Jaylii Nexus Hour ago

    Stay Strong Forever

  • taco peters
    taco peters Hour ago


  • taco peters
    taco peters Hour ago


  • Shajitha Rasool
    Shajitha Rasool 2 hours ago

    I Listen This Song In Frozen Just Addicted To This Song And For That Line 'Let It Go'

  • kikixx3
    kikixx3 2 hours ago

    I can’t find it on Tidal 🥲

  • Caleb Parke
    Caleb Parke 2 hours ago

    Will she change the song to "I Love Them"?

  • Méghane D'Acunto
    Méghane D'Acunto 2 hours ago

    My favorite song!!! OMG!

  • 陳禹涵
    陳禹涵 3 hours ago

    Can't believe it's 9 years ago 😳

  • EricEcho
    EricEcho 3 hours ago

    great hook! THATS a chorus

  • Shai Olaenz DC
    Shai Olaenz DC 3 hours ago

    Contains Dream on ohohohoh on 2:36

  • Aduyi Kezo
    Aduyi Kezo 3 hours ago


  • Bvbelle
    Bvbelle 3 hours ago

    Chi è qui ne 2023?

  • Ananya Tomar
    Ananya Tomar 3 hours ago

    Why this song is so addictive ^⁠_⁠^

  • Yamina ENNACIRI
    Yamina ENNACIRI 4 hours ago

    2023 😢

  • Grzegorz G
    Grzegorz G 4 hours ago


  • Shai Olaenz DC
    Shai Olaenz DC 4 hours ago

    May sakit si Olivia sa puso Kaya nagkaganyan. But she recovered 2 days.

  • Leandro Dim
    Leandro Dim 5 hours ago

    Melhor música do ano, quem concorda??😍😍😍

  • Marvellous Mocha13
    Marvellous Mocha13 6 hours ago

    Literally my bi awakening- happy pride month! 🏳️‍🌈

  • md al kadir
    md al kadir 6 hours ago

    You will be do better covered up to be to the knee for about to your dressed fashion ❤

  • Debbie Prince
    Debbie Prince 6 hours ago


  • Lucas Cielo Hiraya
    Lucas Cielo Hiraya 8 hours ago


  • Helin Çelebi
    Helin Çelebi 8 hours ago

    This song deserves a music video🥺🥺🥺💗💗💗💗

  • Sakshi Sawant
    Sakshi Sawant 9 hours ago

    I just listened this song in BTS status

  • moe
    moe 9 hours ago

    Demi Lovato's career ended after this but she had to use her voice for everyone and sacrifice for us. While other singers didn't even write a single tweet and some of them now dating racist men. We don't appreciate demi Lovato enough

  • Ayano
    Ayano 9 hours ago

    Hey voice is so perfect. It just has that pitch

  • savinu sathmira
    savinu sathmira 9 hours ago

    When this movie/song came out I was 6 years old and now I’m 15 years old. This song is a big part of my childhood.

  • Robert Bernhardt
    Robert Bernhardt 10 hours ago

    Really awesome Remix 😃 Please give us more Stuff like this 🤟

  • Alexandria Delgado
    Alexandria Delgado 10 hours ago

    The way she’s wearing the same jacket she wore that night

  • Mariagael Benitez
    Mariagael Benitez 11 hours ago

    Mi reina perfecta como siempre

  • Aaron Denn
    Aaron Denn 11 hours ago

    This is Demi’s best chorus.

  • jaya Lakshmi
    jaya Lakshmi 12 hours ago

    Anyone watching in 2023!

  • Ren Hibiki
    Ren Hibiki 12 hours ago

    It seems Demi Lovato feat. One Ok Rock 😂

  • Maria Montilla
    Maria Montilla 12 hours ago

    go tell your mother

    RAKTIM RANJAN BORAH 12 hours ago

    That's why she uses autotune

  • Daisey Carder
    Daisey Carder 12 hours ago

    Made me cry 😢

  • Isabela Helena
    Isabela Helena 13 hours ago

    AaaaaAaaaAAAAA JUST PERFECT, So good to listen it

  • 𝙴 𝚕 𝚒 𝚣 𝚊 ♕

    Reminds me of Paramore.

  • Jermaine Yapo
    Jermaine Yapo 13 hours ago

    I ate that high note

  • Michelle Murphy
    Michelle Murphy 13 hours ago

    I felt like this before. Now im strong. It took a long time to not geel like this. I wish him welll. From afar.💯

  • Austin Hansch 🤴
    Austin Hansch 🤴 14 hours ago

    All of us Here in Carlsbad Ca Dedicate this Song to Melanie Burkholder who is a Extreme Right Wing Republican who is Currently on Carlsbad Council and soon we will Start a Recall Movement to get her to Leave for good!

  • Gen Tejeda
    Gen Tejeda 14 hours ago

    Bae really rebuilt her career 😝😛

  • •Star Fish•
    •Star Fish• 14 hours ago

    I came here becouse of tiktok😂

  • Caitlin Dull
    Caitlin Dull 14 hours ago

    Vocals are fantastic. The me anxiety. Is it supposed to do that?

  • ajmal
    ajmal 15 hours ago

    anytime I think of this song I think about the episode game