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She-Hulk Review Cheating! Rotten Tomatoes DELETES Negative Reviews LIVE In Front Of Me! Disney Plus!

  • Published on Aug 16, 2022
  • She-Hulk Review Cheating! Rotten Tomatoes DELETES Negative Reviews LIVE In Front Of Me! Disney Plus!
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  • Eyes of Ascension

    Rotten Tomates is still a useful resource. Just not in the way they intended. You can rest assured that if RT says a show is massively "successful" and "everyone" loves it, it is in fact dogshit and a waste of time. Thanks RT for confirming that She-Hulk is rotting sewage and no one should watch it.

  • Dante Rossini

    Honestly, I'm not surprised. There's no way the kind of junk we've been getting out of Disney and Marvel recently should have such decent reviews.

  • XeonProductions

    Rotten Tomatoes deleted my negative Black Panther review back when that came out, and I provided legitimate criticism and issues I had with the movie. It wasn't just a one line insult to the movie. I refuse to use Rotten SJWs for anything other than watching everything that they vehemently hate.

  • Dracannia
    Dracannia  +89

    "One thing that we all realized very slowly was none of us were very adept at writing, you know, rousing trial scenes."

  • Chris Baker

    I imagine the most redeeming thing about this show, will be the amount of entertaining X-vid content it’ll create.

  • redmuskrat

    It's so weird how all these writers think they're breaking new ground on things we did in the 90's.

  • James Hildebrand

    To be fair, since it's already well known that Rotten Tomatoes falsifies reviews, does anyone even use that website?

  • Wray Day
    Wray Day  +70

    It's funny that these "Stop hating" writers are doing far more damage than anyone giving a negative review.

  • Afrika Smith

    I remember when Osmosis Jones was going to be in theaters. I was in middle school and was looking forward to go seeing it in theaters. But I couldn't because money was tight. Had to wait until it was on tape/CD or T.V. It didn't get a lot of positive reviews, but I still loved the film because the idea of a white blood cell fighting off viruses like a detective was fresh and awesome to me. I even loved the cartoon series even though it used clips from the movie. Life was simple back then in the 2000s because you didn't see a bunch of political woke BS in your cartoons and movies. I wish we could go back to that simpler time, but it ain't that simple.

  • Guardian-HeroSevron

    "Don't judge it before it comes out, spend your money first"

  • Saint Akira

    Literally cooking the reviews in real time. If there was any doubt about Rotten Tomatoes trustworthiness this should settle it.

  • Bd electr
    Bd electr  +21

    They need to hire competent writers with no social agenda.

  • Ernest Lemmingway

    You can always tell when someone is desperate to keep their job. They pull strings to have negative reviews of something deleted to fool the ignoramus executives who don't know what the hell is really going on inside the company.

  • Sgt SealCluber

    I would like to point out that "bad whamman driver" not keeping her eyes on the road and crashing the car is the origin story they went with for how she became she-hulk. 🤣

  • BlackSh1rtandJeans

    Me when I see a Disney show with a high critic score:

  • DarkAkuma
    DarkAkuma  +46

    Why couldn't they find someone who could write courtroom scenes? The easy, most likely answer is... they only looked through a certain 50% demographic in the writers pool.

  • William Herman

    I wonder if the Studios already know that the overwhelming majority of Moviegoers NEVER go see a Movie based on ANY "Critic"?

  • Nahte Salinas

    Punisher: War Zone was directed by a Palestinian woman. The studio interfered and so she wasn't given the opportunity to present her vision of that character.

  • Y
    Y  +54

    Well, didn't we know all along this had been the norm for major studios that are actually connected to RT like everyone's favorite Disney?

  • Magnus Iscariot

    Ryan Kinnel just reported that the show was supposed to be a legal procedural, but once the writers got together they realized none of them knew how to write a legal procedural, so they decided to write it as a feminist show instead.