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Who Invented WD-40?

  • Published on Aug 16, 2022
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  • Today I Found Out

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  • lvbfan
    lvbfan  +719

    The amazing thing about WD-40 is that I'm 50 years-old and have never thrown away a can of WD-40, but I keep on buying them. I've bought maybe 20 cans in my adult life, but don't know where they are. WD-40 disappears like socks in the dryer or Tupperware lids!

  • Irreverent
    Irreverent  +930

    If copyright wasn't so risky, this would have been a golden opportunity to use the clip of Hank Hill spraying a can of WD40 with a stuck cap with an even smaller can of WD40.

  • Michael Mayhem

    Best joke in TV ever is Hank Hill pulling out a smaller can of WD-40 to get lid unstuck on his can of WD-40

  • L J
    L J  +202

    I love it when Simon is sponsored by Keeps, he always seems so thrilled about the irony

  • Tinplate Dave

    WD-40 is one of the best products on earth, I use it nearly everyday for a multitude of tasks for my work. However it's toxicity is definitely underrated. Last year I was using it much more than usual and it was during winter so the ventilation was not adequate. After breathing in WD-40 fumes daily for nearly a year my kidney's went into acute failure and I was hospitalized for a week being pumped full of Sodium Bicarbonate through an IV. The doctors couldn't understand why my Creatinine was at 11 and I they thought I was a street drug junkie. I told them that I use vast amounts of WD-40 everyday and they were flabbergasted by my answer. Just a warning to people to always use this substance in a well ventilated area. Otherwise it's a miracle substance.

  • Steve A
    Steve A  +229

    A different version is: One only needs two tools in life. WD-40 to make things go, and Duct Tape to make them stop.

  • scott bubb
    scott bubb  +319

    Oh man, I was really hoping Simon would say the Russians launched Sputnik so, in retaliation, the Americans invented WD-40 and were like, "Ha! Beat that!" 😁jk😂

  • Michael Evans

    My favorite WD-40 story goes back to college. My apartment mate and my bedrooms shared a wall. After his girlfriend spent the night for the first time that year, I took out a can of WD-40 and placed it on the counter informing him “if you like your privacy, you might want to use this on your bed springs”. He thought it was hilarious while she was a bit embarrassed. She and I got along shortly thereafter, so it was all good and I didn’t hear his bed any more.

  • Norbrookc
    Norbrookc  +61

    One of my personal fond memories of using WD-40 was at the end of our field exercises in our basic NCO course. We'd been issued M-16's at the start, but not once did we use them... not even shooting blanks. So we were rather shocked when we were told to clean the rifles, and found out that the armory had issued us the rifles used for the branch officer's course. Since apparently the officers weren't required to clean their weapons (go figure), and apparently the armory people didn't want to do it, they fobbed it off on us. The most gunked up rifles you could ever hope to see, and yes, we were cursing them for it. Fortunately, I'd brought a can of WD-40 with me and several spray rinses with it managed to get it clean.

  • allwet66
    allwet66  +123

    thank you for putting the inventors name out there - so many times company's just take credit no with mention of the true inventor - if someone is your employee you get the profit from inventions you paid for but don't try to erase their names from the records and dam would it have killed anyone to give the man a dozen company shares as a reward -

  • Lucius
    Lucius  +46


  • Andy Peek
    Andy Peek  +37

    Thanks Simon.

  • Mark Banash

    I once interviewed for a research position at WD-40 in San Diego. Inside they had a wall displaying all of the other products that had gone up against WD-40 and had disappeared from the market because WD-40 outperformed them. And when I say wall I mean a wall that was 12 ft high and 8 ft wide. And there must have been at least 10 shelves filled with these former competitors products.

  • Greg Chambers

    I loved that in Gran Torino when the Lao kid (Hmong) was starting a tool kit and Clint gave him a

  • Don Sands II

    The man behind WD-40 needs global recognition like the inventors of Duct Tapes

  • davidbwa
    davidbwa  +14

    Another use for WD40 (now quite dated) is to prolong the life of cloth typewriter ribbons.

  • Oddman1980

    I knew what WD-40 stood for, how it started, and I had a vague idea what was in it, but I watched the video anyway because I knew Mr. Whistler would tell me something I didn't know about the stuff I've used all my life.

  • Gone Fishing

    Thank you for putting the inventors name out there. Poor man and family, they would’ve been set for life. I’m an old lady who, when her hubby passed, had never even seen a bill! But! After years of watching hubby, handing him cans of WD 40 and buying said cans, I sort of know how to use it. I spray it on the door handle etc and my daughter even knew to spray WD 40 on sliding door track. Worked a treat. Great product and I’ve learned many more uses for it. Thank you Simon snd belated thanks to the brilliant man who made our lives so much better. Boy, did it get a work out on the boat! 🙏🙏🙏👵👵🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Steel
    Steel  +15

    WD-40 makes a dry lubricant that is excellent for use in DLP type 3D printers to keep the resin from sticking to the bottom of the reservoir.