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This is why Dagestanis don't lose

  • Published on Jan 25, 2023
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  • CanceledMMA
    CanceledMMA  Month ago +12805

    Their lifestyles are PERFECT for competitive sport. I really wanted Olives to win against Islam, but he never had a chance 💀
    Music: Tandem - 7oh2 🎶
    Podcast: JRE MMA Show #134 🎙️

    • Ikigai
      Ikigai 9 days ago

      bro it looked one sided bruh

    • Nameymcnameface
      Nameymcnameface 14 days ago

      @1salahudin Your views stand on the same foundational strength as those hundreds of buildings that collapsed . A facade covering a weak useless attempt at doing things that come to Europeans naturally. I bet you dream in my language….

  • Felippe Borducchi
    Felippe Borducchi Month ago +52508

    “The reason why they are sucesfull is the discipline”
    - jones in the corner drinking and smoking: “dude shut up”

    • zregory
      zregory 3 hours ago

      Hard work beats Talent when talent doesn't work hard. But if talent works just half as hard..........

    • The Wanderer
      The Wanderer 15 days ago

      well,as much as i like jon,i would he say,because he never crossed path with any of these dude,yet.maybe i missed it,idk.

    • Big John
      Big John 15 days ago

      ​@Sowan Sher jon Jones would wreck khabib and then some

    • DP Perera
      DP Perera Month ago +1

      And juicing

  • The Uppercut
    The Uppercut Month ago +1807

    Discipline is such an underrated skill.

    • Rooted Dwellings Design
      Rooted Dwellings Design 20 hours ago

      @bob krème whatever we all gonna die have fun. if that fun is discipline have fun as long as your success in a healthy way have fun life ain't that serious. protect your fam and your health then have fun

    • YungxSpam
      YungxSpam 2 days ago

      *Jon jones has entered the chat*

    • Christopher
      Christopher 3 days ago

      @Charlie Plattyour right, he’s in the top 5 heavyweights of all time.

    • vortrekking boer
      vortrekking boer 3 days ago +1

      @nukleon wtf is that analogy even mean?

  • Bosna
    Bosna 20 days ago +535

    “Nothing crazyy” shows Paddy Pimblets haircut lmaoo

    • Thomas Buck
      Thomas Buck 21 hour ago +1

      Dude has the haircut of my 1 year old daughter

    • Kuba
      Kuba Day ago

      I love Paddy's hair

    • un bi as
      un bi as Day ago

      Anyway a message to all Muslims on my recent

    • RiotShield Guy
      RiotShield Guy 3 days ago +1

      Tbh Paddy's haircut isn't that crazy, it's beautiful tho

    • Agapito Thanhousen
      Agapito Thanhousen 8 days ago +1

      Little english gnome has a strange haircut xdd

  • Lewis Campbell Tech
    Lewis Campbell Tech Month ago +8731

    Khabib taking their phone away because they look sleepy is hilarious. Like a terrifying suburban dad.

    • jordan pierce
      jordan pierce 5 days ago

      @Hartz oh wow thanks Mr. Obvious…… I bet nothin gets past you lol 😂

    • Original Blizzardhawk
      Original Blizzardhawk 8 days ago

      That's because any Muslim who shows up tired to dawn prayer was clowning on his phone through the night and slept only 3 to 4 hours
      Either that or they slept through the dawn prayer and missed it which is a physical handicap

    • Kameron Jones
      Kameron Jones 16 days ago

      ​@BDSM gaming it isn't banned you just can't use certain techniques

  • Kh-S
    Kh-S Month ago +361

    That sleeping McGregor part is savage 🤣

  • B Henson
    B Henson Month ago +507

    Khabib’s gym trains fighters better than armies train soldiers. That’s not a gym, that’s a clockwork machine.

    • yahoot
      yahoot 2 days ago

      ​@Jaded how is ufc or whatever related to Islam? the fighters are Muslim, sure, but Islam isn't based upon the principals you stated and that is very close minded of you. Its like saying all christians are terrorist based on one shooter (a taste of your racism)

    • Richard
      Richard 7 days ago

      @Monarch Facts.

    • Monarch
      Monarch 7 days ago

      @Richard bs

    • Richard
      Richard 17 days ago

      @Margaret Baker I said they train in remote places out of reach of USADA, that's how they get away with it for so long, but they dont spend their entire lives there, and some get complacent and take steroids at times when they may get randomly tested.

    • Margaret Baker
      Margaret Baker 17 days ago

      @Richard I never said McGregor.... but funny how you knew just from the accurate description I gave. The reason I threw him into the conversation is because you were trying to say the only reason they have been successful is steroids & that is not true. But I mentioned McGregor because it looks like he doesn’t think he can be successful with out them! I was unaware there had been any issues in that camp. I will look into it . But I know for sure Khabib was never a part of it. And I’m surprised any of the others would lower themselves to try & get by with that!! And so if there have been some busted & you say banned for life, then your argument that they are out of the reach of USADA is false. They don’t have any advantage training so far away.they are still tested & delt with the same as anyone else!

  • Ammo
    Ammo Month ago +7231

    Bro imagine getting your phone taken by Khabib then asking for it back💀

    • Shivan Hamma
      Shivan Hamma 12 days ago

      Heyyy Dannaaa, I smeesh your phone! Ireland only have 3 million phones, Russia 130million, I smeesh your phone 🤣🤣

    • Leonardo da Vinci
      Leonardo da Vinci 15 days ago

      ​@G G No he doesn't 😂😂

  • Thissuckslikeanoob
    Thissuckslikeanoob 8 days ago +25

    Imagine taking away a full grown man’s phone 😭🤣

    • Blast Fiend
      Blast Fiend Day ago

      @AJ S ok lol

    • AJ S
      AJ S Day ago

      @Blast Fiend 😂 you honestly didn’t have a father figure at home

    • Blast Fiend
      Blast Fiend 2 days ago +4

      Imagine a full grown man that can't go a night without his phone 😂😭

  • ShrewdDude
    ShrewdDude Month ago +6

    Id love to have a crew like that.

  • TYPO
    TYPO Month ago +12924

    Jon Jones sitting in the corner laughing while taking his secret juice

    • Josh Saunders
      Josh Saunders 10 days ago

      @Donald Hurst tortured genius lmaooo k

    • Squill
      Squill 12 days ago

      @A. D & guess what khabibs legacy turned out to be? EVERYONE took him off the goat list. EVERYONE questioned what “couldve been” “why didnt he move up in weight?” “why did pull out with such a weak resume” all valid questions. jones, gsp, dj, & silva all dominated their divisions as well as battled through diversity. as soon as khabib started fighting actual contenders he pulls out as champ 3-0. gsp, silva, & jones all have their TITLE DEFENSES longer than his entire pro mma career LOL a laughable stat & incomparable. he was a dominant champ with a ruleset perfect for his style & he (sometimes) successfully cut near 50 lbs every fight to bully much smaller guys. exactly why he never went up to 170. he knew his time was up & his body could take no more weight cuts, the man went to the hospital 3 times & had seizures. the greatest weight bully of all time award goes to khabib & his legacy will remain as such. nearly NOBODY puts khabib on their goat list, & its not from a place of hate but a place of hindsight & historical data not supporting it

    • Seto
      Seto 14 days ago

      @Leonardo da Vinci explain how?

  • Hoosier812
    Hoosier812 9 days ago +4

    They have so much respect for everything and that enables their greatness.

  • Peter Dinyelu
    Peter Dinyelu Month ago +6

    Uniqueness comes with nothing but discipline.

  • Sheikh Tahmid
    Sheikh Tahmid Month ago +4036

    Jon Jones is one of a kind, whereas khabib is proving his formula is creating killers in the UFC octagon.

    • Sean Byrne
      Sean Byrne 18 days ago

      @Yarden Kai Of Yisroel Idk about all that I just think countries where life is much harsher breed better fighters and people live very comfortable lives in America.

    • Yarden Kai Of Yisroel
      Yarden Kai Of Yisroel 18 days ago

      @Sean Byrne Last 15/20 years? You mean since it’s very formation? This “nation” was full of it since the very beginning. Sin, temptation, greed, lack of humility, superiority, gluttony, deviancy, whatever else you want me to say. The Anglo-Saxons brought their vices and sins with them to exercise them.

    • TheLo'Life
      TheLo'Life 27 days ago

      But he still wasn’t disciplined enough to stay away from drugs and kept using. Jones Is the man but hes not one of a kind because he still had troubles

    • Steven LeBlanc
      Steven LeBlanc Month ago +1

      That depends on one's definition of success. If fighting and God are the only two things that matter in the world then I can see how that's success.
      If balance, exploration, education, etc is important or even relevant then the type of environment you described isn't conducive to success. It's easy to look at wins in whatever form they may come, especially when some amount of fame is a part of the equation. What people don't generally share in great detail is the sacrifice required to be the best of the best at pretty much anything, or among the most elite in on the planet. The end product looks great and the promotion of certain lifestyles seem great but how often do you hear more than a fraction of the story? There's frequently a great deal that comes with that type of sacrifice which isn't all rainbows and sunshine. Some of what you may view as a distraction is a genuine interest and having multiple interests tends to be more healthy than not. Although I would imagine that's not always the case.

  • Bigg Neff
    Bigg Neff 10 days ago +2

    Great discipline really shows how much he cares for his fighters and believe in them

  • Salty Sardine
    Salty Sardine 7 days ago +27

    Imagine a world where your punishment is a good nights sleep. I would cry tears of joy😂

    • Sid
      Sid 2 days ago

      you could easily put ur phone down n go to sleep urself

  • Lorenzo Amstelveen
    Lorenzo Amstelveen Month ago +5360

    So Khabib simply wanted Connor to get a good night of sleep, so he could give his all in training what a great guy.

    • JustMarvelous
      JustMarvelous Month ago +1

      Damn dj Khalid lost hella weight

    • Lorenzo Amstelveen
      Lorenzo Amstelveen Month ago +1

      @Steve Lozevski lol exactly my thought

    • Steve Lozevski
      Steve Lozevski Month ago +1

      @Rafa Arellano go show the world how it should be done then instead of just talking about it.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Month ago

      Explains why he was telling him to 'Go sleep'

  • Marie P.
    Marie P. 10 hours ago

    Need that kind of discipline for my trading

  • Rahil H
    Rahil H 18 days ago +2

    “You have to go to sleep”with McNugget’s sleepy ass was savage 😂😂

  • K Soto
    K Soto Month ago +4879

    I know we’re all making the Jon Jones jokes but just imagine if Jon followed the disciplined lifestyle he would probably have achieved more success than any of us could have imagined but at the same time maybe it was the drugs and partying that made him a complete mad man in the cage…

    • Vincent Mccarver
      Vincent Mccarver 19 days ago

      forget jones... imagine if Mike Tyson had this type of discipline after cus died... he would have literally been unbeatable.

    • Denis Folcik
      Denis Folcik Month ago

      I compare him to Barry Bonds, atleast with the roids aspect. Was great without them, so didn't need them but wanted the extra edge.
      Jones is also like Ovi, when Khabib is like Crosby. Or Rodgers and Brady. All great, but Ovi will drink, Rodgers does drugs, and then you have Crosby and Brady, who are super strict about what they eat and how they workout.

    • K D
      K D Month ago

      He would have been like ali.

    • Naveed Mughal
      Naveed Mughal Month ago

      @Zach but one taps

    ITACHI Month ago +5

    that's why he is the GOAT 🏆💯

  • Sephiroth
    Sephiroth 17 days ago +1

    “Why u come for phone? Go sleep”😂

  • ABHI
    ABHI Month ago +3922

    He respected and loved his dad so much that he became that person for others. ❤

      YLSCOWBOY 15 days ago

      @Muhammad Haffejee we do recognize them as Muslim brother. They are still Muslim we have no say in that but what they do is on them and then Alone with Allah. He knows best. Alhamdulliah

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago +4

    “Nothing crazy”:
    Shows picture of Paddy with bob cut

  • JediNxf7
    JediNxf7 17 days ago

    "go sleep" that edit is fuckin brutal

  • Ebvardh Boss
    Ebvardh Boss Month ago +3287

    One day some dude with Jon Jones talent will be born in a Dagestani style world and then we’ll see.

    • Damyan Sandoval
      Damyan Sandoval 21 day ago

      Of what you said is just bad 😂 America will always dominate especially basketball, who’s gonna replace Giannis from Greece? Who’s going to replace Luka from Slovenia?, Who’s gonna replace Jokic from Serbia, the only one with a slim replacement is Embiid which Tatum just took his mvp spot at slot 3 which at the time of my reply he was number 1 😂. It’s just a moment in history for these players my guy, Luka already got hurt and his body language is starting to show what the future holds even with those 42 points and Kyries help it’s just not enough to take on the Warriors, we both know the Celtics and warriors will be the ones playing each other which are predominantly American players, the Warriors even without Steph currently have a winning streak going with Steph possibly coming back tomorrow to face the lakers, the USA team won gold at the last Olympics against a all European team bro and they didn’t even have lebron, Kyrie, Klay, Leonard or Steph oh let me guess they only won cause they weren’t from Eastern Europe 😂. A perfect example of todays Euro players is the UFC which a few months ago the US had no UFC champs but now we have three with Jon Jones submitting a Frenchman in the heavyweight division aka a Euro and he tapped in the first round may I add😂, he is literally the greatest UFC fighter of all time and he is American, where’s those Eastern Europeans at bro? Also why didn’t you reply to my boxing and mma facts? Cause I bet you don’t know what the fck your talking about mate 😂.

    • izzy031096
      izzy031096 21 day ago

      @Damyan Sandoval You don’t know what you’re talking about mate. You can be blindsided and front on hits both happen multiple times every single game. A game of football takes about 11 minutes of actual play. The players aren’t well conditioned at all, it’s all explosiveness. Rugby players play 80 minutes straight, run 10 times the distance and make 10 times the tackles. Nfl players wouldn’t last a quarter of a rugby or rugby league game.

  • amin sarabi
    amin sarabi Month ago +9

    Fighting is not a profession for them, its a way of life.

    • un bi as
      un bi as Day ago

      Anyway a message to all Muslims on my recent

  • Naiyo
    Naiyo Month ago +12

    Joe Rogen needs to leave that studio and see the rest of the world lol

    • Naiyo
      Naiyo Month ago

      @Dylan McDermott His knowledge of civilisation seems to be cradled around Africa Egyptians and Atlantis. The world is a larger place and older place than that. come to Asia. There are unexplained temples in India with designs that are equal or greater to the Pyramids. Heck they found a toilet in China recently thats roughly 2400 years old. All Iam saying is I credit Joe Rogen for providing a voice, but hes becoming the same people he goes against with a narrow knowledge and guest base.

    • Gus fring
      Gus fring Month ago +3

      @Dylan McDermott Im sure hes been around! But work 12 hours a week? He releases like minimum 12 hours of podcasting a week, episodes he has to prepare for by reading books for example, time spent finding guests, and he works as a comedian, writes material etc, plus his involvement in the UFC. He works a lot man. I wonder how he has time for his hunting trips, training, his kids/family and to smoke weed at the same time 😂😂

    • Dylan McDermott
      Dylan McDermott Month ago +2

      Bro works like 12 hours a week and has a hundred million $ I think he gets around

    • Jeff Simms
      Jeff Simms Month ago +1

      He's undoubtedly seen far more than you or I... like an asinine amount more.

  •  Month ago +1854

    In 2018, I was training at a Muay Thai gym in Thailand and a team of fighters from Dagestan came to train there for a few months before a fight night. So I got to see how they train daily.
    These guys were just straight up savage every minute they were in the gym. It does not surprise me how well they are doing in MMA.

    • bruh_bg
      bruh_bg Month ago +1

      ​@DB JE watch Umar and Usman nurmagomedov..Umar is great in his Muay thai skills.

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover Month ago

      They been juicing since they were kids

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover Month ago

      They been juicing since they were kids

    • rick 🩸
      rick 🩸 Month ago

      @Cameron Pacheco realistically you can enjoy those things and still be a great MMA fighter. Just because they don't drink or smoke doesn't mean anything it's all about their discipline. they probably have no desire to drink or smoke anyway, being hardcore muslims.

    • DB JE
      DB JE Month ago

      It surprises me that they were even there in the first place, they are not exactly well known for applying striking, can't imagine their striking was even that good.

  • Gusto Slaps Will T.V

    Why he have to do Paddy like that- 'nothing crazy'😂

  • Cog in the wheel
    Cog in the wheel 17 days ago +2

    Volk deserves an immediate rematch

  • د. عبد العزيز
    د. عبد العزيز Month ago +1466

    that sleep scene of mc Gregor lol the editer is a legend 😂

    • prismagraphy
      prismagraphy Month ago

      @Ramiro Garza III Jon “I can do anything through Picograms” Jones 😅

    • iamjrdn
      iamjrdn Month ago

      Fr 💀💀💀

    • Elite Motor Group Inc
      Elite Motor Group Inc Month ago

      @They are here because they put us here. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • CountrySideLife
      CountrySideLife Month ago +1

      I laughed so hard I almost got knocked out!!😂

    • CanceledMMA
      CanceledMMA  Month ago +25

      thanks man, appreciate it

  • Erkl
    Erkl Month ago +1

    hey it works, that's for sure, I just couldn't live that life myself, it's cool tho, takes all kinds

    DAWA NAKSANG 5 days ago

    As an person I would like Conor to chill and having fun together 🥊

  • Beau Bellamy
    Beau Bellamy Month ago +1886

    They’re super serious and super committed and it translates to their style really well. They have that crushing relentless style. They make you pay for every late night, for every drink, for every day off.

    • Leafke FN
      Leafke FN Month ago

      Well said

    • Aykay
      Aykay Month ago

      @Dustin Allen truth is the size difference is huge Islam will crush him

    • Aykay
      Aykay Month ago

      @Not KimJong-un harder you work the luckier you get …

    • NihilismIncarnate
      NihilismIncarnate Month ago

      ​@Watashiniha yume ga arimasu yes, dodging and punching are luck. Totally, if you get hit it's your fault

    • fire hunterz
      fire hunterz Month ago

      They don't drink.

  • Nathaniel Blakeman
    Nathaniel Blakeman 9 days ago

    Idk how paddy’s hair is crazy his mom just puts a bowl on his head and cuts away! Which is perfectly fine cause my man would murder me in a cage 😂

  • Methhead Mayhem Miller

    Belal’s resting face: 😳

  • Noman Ali
    Noman Ali Month ago +906

    One man can be successful solely based on talent but whole team becomes successful by discipline. The key is all camp being successful.
    Not one individual.

    • Karl Thomas
      Karl Thomas 27 days ago +1

      Best comment on the entire video. I was looking for this. Nailed it!

    • DaaD WaterS
      DaaD WaterS Month ago

      its so true, just like jon jones, lots of talent, he may slack but still be a champ but khabib and his team, most of them are purely hardwork

  • Safe-investor-AG
    Safe-investor-AG Month ago

    If khabib takes your phone away, you just wait and hope you get it back

  • Patron
    Patron Month ago

    Wait so the guy who fought bears as a fetus, and swam against the current in frozen rivers is training people? Damn

  • Kami Tenchi
    Kami Tenchi Month ago +805

    Self discipline is the greatest power one can have

    • Pratik Bhardwaj
      Pratik Bhardwaj Month ago +3

      ​@mr. T-bag you imagine calling top level atheletes junkies , how are you bro ?

    • Huzeyfe TV
      Huzeyfe TV Month ago

      Wow I wrote that down beo thank you

  • Ryan Russell
    Ryan Russell 27 days ago

    Jones has the genetics on his side entire family of athletes lol

  • Travis Munro
    Travis Munro Month ago

    I legit do topless snow angels damn near every time is snows.. I also walk around my 20 acres barefoot in the snow up here in Bangor, Maine. I'm from California and I make all these Mainers cold when they see me in shorts in the winter. The last snow right as we were dropping down to -2 F an overly bundled up lady asked me if I was from Canada.. and I said nope.. Cali. And I could feel her get colder from my answer. I've lived outside of my natural environment for most of my life. From 145f down to -10f and I always wear shorts it's great for inflammation control lol

  • NoBullshit
    NoBullshit Month ago +1448

    Jon jones laughing hard af in the corner

    • K D
      K D Month ago

      Americans always arguing for the exception lol

    • JabtoHook
      JabtoHook Month ago

      More likely crying like he did in his presser. Big coddled baby

    • Koko M
      Koko M Month ago

      Legacy is laughing hard af in the corner

    • danny barry
      danny barry Month ago

      ​@Shaikh Azam lol and still better than any other

    • Three Pyramids
      Three Pyramids Month ago

      ​@SDPuller 100%

  • Matheus Freitas
    Matheus Freitas 29 days ago

    Nosso Charles vai voltar mais forte do que Nunca e se prepara eles são disciplinados mas também tem seus pontos fracos e os Brasileiros sabem muito bem que o ponto forte é não desistir.

  • Cinder
    Cinder Month ago +2

    it’s the gladiators fighting for their lives in the colosseum. they either be perfect or they’re nothing.

  • Ryan Westwood
    Ryan Westwood Month ago +664

    people using exceptions to say discipline doesn’t matter. jon jones is just a beast, generically and psychologically. he’s a specimen of a human and his technique is class.
    but if others had the same life style as him they wouldn’t last.
    discipline is important.

    • oscar alegre
      oscar alegre Month ago

      ​@doe jon is not Jones fault that his opponents are midgets. In Box every heavyweight is at least 6'3 or 6"4

    • 4ID09_Muhsin Rafiqo Oktariza
      4ID09_Muhsin Rafiqo Oktariza Month ago

      @user jon roid got blood khabib never !

    • Damyan Sandoval
      Damyan Sandoval Month ago

      @MMMJones is the goat just accept it 😂 he says so himself

  • J972M
    J972M Month ago +8

    bro can you imagine if bones was *_this_* disciplined?

    • Harun Yilmaz
      Harun Yilmaz 14 days ago

      @Hecticlungs if you dont know how steroids work dont talk about it.

    • Hecticlungs
      Hecticlungs 14 days ago

      @Harun Yilmaz yea cause steroids automatically guarantee u win and fight better😂🤡

    • Harun Yilmaz
      Harun Yilmaz 16 days ago

      ​@16cliffedge but need steroid

    • 16cliffedge
      16cliffedge 29 days ago

      no need

    • J972M
      J972M Month ago

      @B H I know exactly what you're saying. I have Jones as the GOAT as well. That said, there *_is_* a conversation to be had that includes the aforementioned in the PFP GOAT debate.The reason being, Bones has several indictments against him that guys like Khabib or Mighty Mouse don't have. If Jon stays clean his whole career, there _is no_ discussion. He'd be universally heralded as the undisputed PFP GOAT 🐐

  • Kirk Koblect
    Kirk Koblect Month ago +1

    Hes right about the phone thing. Thats the main reason why i stay up late is being on my phone. Its addictive as fuck

  • Real F'ingDeal
    Real F'ingDeal Month ago +194

    Discipline is key in any sport

    • Alter Acco
      Alter Acco Month ago

      First of all, saying a person is average is relative to the field in context, that is if we don't take into consideration unexplored talent.
      That being said talent is only highly linked to instincts/technique, other factors such as physical strength got to have some level of effort, maybe you think Jones and people of that sort were pure talent because they showed a certain facade that masked a big portion of dedication & hard work.

    • just me dee
      just me dee Month ago +1

      @Alter Acco i literally started by comment with "for the average person, absolutely" you and I are average people. The point was how insane it is just by anomaly two of the greatest athletes of all time were some of the most undisciplined. I never implied this should be anyones approach.

    • Alter Acco
      Alter Acco Month ago +1

      ​@just me deelet's take that as an excuse to not give it our best, right?

    • just me dee
      just me dee Month ago +2

      for the average person absolutely. But there are some freak athletes with god given talent that can get away with little to none. Jon Jones was drinking and blowing lines on fight week. Lawrence Taylor smoked a gram of crack a day during his prime. Two of the GOATs of their respective sports. Literally the greatest in the world and both partying non stop like theyve been given a week to live LOL

    • Andromeda Galaxy
      Andromeda Galaxy Month ago +4

      Even in life

  • NothingButLove
    NothingButLove Day ago

    "Sprry I didn't text back babe, Khabib took my phone."

  • Mason
    Mason Month ago +3

    Joe: nothing crazy
    Paddy:uncut hair

  • Aaaaa
    Aaaaa Month ago +111

    I honestly think if JBJ followed this discipline he would be the greatest sportsman of all time. Dudes just got that talent

    • Bane
      Bane Month ago

      Sometimes training harder is not the answer. Train smarter, not harder. GSP only went hard the last couple weeks of camp. He did not do all of this because he has a very high level of fight iq.

    • Rude Sword
      Rude Sword Month ago

      Nah dude is a cheater. No discipline.

    • Cum merchant
      Cum merchant Month ago

      @Brian Diaz Messi will slow down quicker

  • angel torres
    angel torres 17 days ago

    That's my boy,we grew up together in Chicago. Cool dude never drank or partying just a focused cool dude! I'm glad he made it!

  • ben6993
    ben6993 29 days ago

    That guy laying in snow and rubbing it on himself is crazy, who broke that guys heart? 😂

  • Tapani
    Tapani Month ago +24

    They did McGregor dirty with that sleep edit 😂

  • Joshua Dillard
    Joshua Dillard 8 days ago

    Discipline is extremely important, but the style and color of your hair does not determine it.

  • Aleks
    Aleks 14 days ago +1

    the Connor Mcgregor sleep got me choking laughing

  • Yes Sir
    Yes Sir Month ago +870

    They are the new Spartans. Respect.

    • Stevon White
      Stevon White Month ago

      @ZuzuJust know Christianity brought on the belief, that Homosexuality was bad and Islam adopted it.
      None of the abrahamic religions, said anything originally about it.

    • Brandon
      Brandon Month ago +2

      @Lendawg I've never seen someone talk about gay men as much as you. Literally not even gay people on twitter are as gay as you.

    • shumishu
      shumishu Month ago +3

      @Lendawg dawg you’re funny 😂

  • The Pale Greek
    The Pale Greek 10 days ago

    “The drake look” has to be the worst out of anything lmao.

  • krypt3x
    krypt3x Month ago

    He is a G

  • ALI
    ALI Month ago +57

    Discipline is the key to success

  • rod
    rod 6 days ago +9

    How can you lose with that power of God with you at all times.. Praying is so powerful good for them frfr 💯

    SIGN-MAN 26 days ago

    One minute Khabib is taking people's phones and saying "You go sleep".....
    The next minute he's choking people to death saying "You go sleep" 😂

    FNDLEBERG Month ago +24

    True warriors. Extremely disciplined and calm during the storm, yet vicious and cutthroat when it’s time to get going 🔥

    • مو۔ امبیسات زاہد
      مو۔ امبیسات زاہد Month ago

      @Richard Kelly as a Muslim
      I would say our afghan bros also had the advantage of genetics
      Those guys are born with that mighty strength

    • Richard Kelly
      Richard Kelly Month ago

      That's why the afghan fighters were so hard to fight against

  • Magnum Opus
    Magnum Opus 28 days ago

    Now this is what the f*** you call DISCIPLINE 💯

  • Jamj
    Jamj 27 days ago

    Creating a new type of monk. You’ll see anime’s about them in years to come

  • R G
    R G Month ago +211

    Jones is like shaq. Naturally talented but with khabib/kobe discipline. Could be the goat without debate

    • Blanco
      Blanco 29 days ago

      Bro; I hate when people say that
      If you’re one of the best in your sport then you ALSO WORK HARD FOR IT. You could be the most talented person out there, but it won’t do much if you also don’t train hard
      People seem to think some people are talented and don’t need to work hard. No; if they’re good then it means they worked hard to get there. They just might not be that boastful about it, but they already put in the work.
      YOU DONT BECOME THE BEST JUST BY BEING TALENTED. You worked for it as well. You just haven’t told people or showed it
      “You must’ve ran track in Highschool” or “you must be talented to be able to run that fast”
      Me: No; I just ran. A lot
      “How do you run that fast”
      Me: Just run. That’s it
      Jon Jones is a mixture of everything tho. He’s talented as well as a hard worker as well as using steroids from time to time

    • Brock Simmons
      Brock Simmons Month ago

      How does Jones lack discipline? Hes always been consistent in the octagon apart from his last two fights and it wasnt like he came in out of shape

    • Micheal Dickens
      Micheal Dickens Month ago

      He is the GOAT no debate.

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo 29 days ago +3

    Alhamdulillah! ☝🏾

  • Aerochalklate
    Aerochalklate Month ago

    imagine if they added some shaolin monk exercises like the neck hanging and shi

  • Jayden Barnes
    Jayden Barnes Month ago +64

    "Discapline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments"

    • مو۔ امبیسات زاہد
      مو۔ امبیسات زاہد Month ago

      @cra 😂😂
      Give my bro a break

    • cra
      cra Month ago

      ​@Jayden Barnes *grammar 👮‍♂️

    • Jayden Barnes
      Jayden Barnes Month ago

      @Zac Knight here comes the grammer police.

    • Zac Knight
      Zac Knight Month ago +3

      Correct spelling is the bridge between discipline and discapline

  • Dr. Feelgood
    Dr. Feelgood Month ago

    Discipline is key

  • Devanshu Thanvi
    Devanshu Thanvi Month ago

    Discipline is all what it takes

  • DW Jenkins
    DW Jenkins Month ago +78

    If you spend 360 days a year training and 5-6 resting. It is hard not to be extremely successful.

    • CanceledMMA
      CanceledMMA  Month ago +2

      well said, it's no surprise they're all killers!

  • Alice
    Alice Month ago +1

    The Connor "asleep" thing just made me bust out laughing

  • Oz_Nola
    Oz_Nola 28 days ago

    My boy came to the fight looking like Armin from AOT

  • Yng Benji
    Yng Benji Month ago +44

    True martial artists fr

    • Mr Enter Your Name
      Mr Enter Your Name Month ago

      Allah, wrestling, allah, wrestling, allah sounds like a very sad life tbh

  • Dong Yü
    Dong Yü Month ago

    Difference between Man and Kids, it's all about discipline.
    You see kids fooling around while man are serious and committed to their job and passion.

  • I stopped laughing
    I stopped laughing Month ago

    McGregor part is the funniest one

  • Maartens Media
    Maartens Media Month ago +92

    Respect to Khabib, his passion for the sport really shows

  • Calvin Wright
    Calvin Wright 11 days ago

    Muslims are incredibly discipline people

  • Person of Interest
    Person of Interest 29 days ago

    They had to redo everything after that con man Frank Shamrock messed that camp up

  • Waleed Tayyab
    Waleed Tayyab Month ago +8

    We Men need discipline more than motivation.

  • Mdpaan
    Mdpaan Month ago

    Conor with sleeping sound effect are perfect jokes 😂

  • Zaid
    Zaid 29 days ago +1

    "Anybody can get it, the hard part is keeping it"
    -Dr Dre
    Discipline is everything, too bad Dre cheats on his wife lol

  • DUKE
    DUKE Month ago +122

    life goals

  • Arie Barnhil
    Arie Barnhil 20 days ago

    Yeah, like Ivan Drago in rocky four. Super discipline training all the time and dope.

  • Kopp203
    Kopp203 15 days ago

    I see the beard discipline was also strong in this camp. Straight outta Planet of the Apes.

  • Cody Schexnider
    Cody Schexnider Month ago +70

    Khabib, Islam, and all the dagestani fighters are on another level from the rest of the UFC. But we gotta stop this thing where if someone trains with them for one fight (Belal Muhammad) then we’re saying they’re title contenders. He’s not dagestani. He’s been fighting for years as an average fighter. He trains for one fight with Khabib. Now everyone says he deserves a title shot. He’s in for a rude awakening. Leon already crushed him once. He could very easily do it again.

    • Ricky Julian
      Ricky Julian Month ago

      So abubaker nurmagomedov is on another level? 😂😂😂😂

    • jon "wife beater" jones
      jon "wife beater" jones Month ago

      @Ovais A you can't compare any of them to khabib and islam at all. Khabib and islam ran through one of the toughest divisions in the sport with ease. Ankalaev has very competitive fights with guys he should be dominating. Zabit was good but he had glaring holes like his cardio aswell as effectiveness later on. Said is pretty good but its too early to say anything yet same with umar. These guys are either not experienced enough or just aren't as good as them

    • Ovais A
      Ovais A Month ago

      @jon "wife beater" jones its been khabib and islam at the very top but umar nurmagomedov (16-0), zabit magomedsharipov 18-1-0), magomed ankalev (18-1-1) and even said nurmagomedov (17- 2) are all very good fighters out of Dagestan and all have fought or are currently fighting in the UFC...there are others on the come-up too

    • D Carrington
      D Carrington Month ago

      Your wrong in every fashion. Belal trained with Khabib for the Leon fight as well and Leon didn't crush him it was a draw/ No contest. Last but not least he one win away from a title shot expecially because he wants Khamzat next. Which more then likely would be for title shot.

    • Jon Smith
      Jon Smith Month ago +9

      So we’re gonna ignore the fact that he’s on a 4 fight win streak? Just beat one of the better guys in the division in dominant fashion by the way? Without the Leon fight which is a no contest he’s on a 8 fight win streak

  • Kshitij Yadav
    Kshitij Yadav 29 days ago

    It seems my bruh's spittin bars..🚬📻

  • Big Langer
    Big Langer 9 days ago

    Bro Blue Lock training them💀

  • Pascalis -
    Pascalis - Month ago +15

    Huge respect to them.. it takes a lot of dedication to be like them.. it is pure discipline and the will to achive their goals.

    • مو۔ امبیسات زاہد
      مو۔ امبیسات زاہد Month ago

      @Bowman's Breaks that’s any group of people you’re describing
      You go to gym so does it make it a cult ?
      And not all dagestanis are fighters since birth

    • Bowman's Breaks
      Bowman's Breaks Month ago +3

      Assuming a cultlike mentality when everyone around you is happily doing the same thing certainly makes it easier.

  • Joey Dickerson
    Joey Dickerson 28 days ago

    I wish I had this kind of training I'd sacrifice anything to go to this camp

    MISHANT PATEL 29 days ago +2

    It was so serious until the sleep sound affect was added 😂😂

  • liar
    liar Month ago +16

    “none of those guys are partying”
    shows clip of mcgregor smoking a joint 💀

    • K D
      K D Month ago

      That's y McGregor is so jealous of them. he will never have the discipline that those guys do.

    • Vatsal
      Vatsal Month ago

      That's not McGregor though. It was a prank video. You can look it up.

    • liar
      liar Month ago

      @Subline 💯💯

    • Subline
      Subline Month ago +9

      Yes that's the point, Conor doesn't have the discipline of these Dagestani warriors.

  • Igoby Ku
    Igoby Ku Month ago +1

    Sounds amazing

  • FR3DDO
    FR3DDO 5 days ago

    The fact that they can’t have weird hair cuts but khabib walks into the octagon with massive bright afro😂

  • WTF?
    WTF? Month ago +58

    The most important, but difficult, thing in life is, too maintain the balance between discipline and living your life.

    • WTF?
      WTF? Month ago +1

      @KamilTG Yes I know.
      I trained myself my while life.
      I didn't mean suffering by pain necessarily.
      Sport is literally suffering to a degree, depends on what level you go for.
      I ment suffering in a more mental and social way. If your Sport is not good for you, don't makes you happy, destroyed your private live and friendships, or damages your health......STOP IT.
      Or reduce it to a healthier degree.

    • KamilTG
      KamilTG Month ago

      @WTF?suffer? You think these guys want to train all day? No they don’t. They have to suffer to get what they want, you need to make sacrifices

    • WTF?
      WTF? Month ago +1

      @sub R0cky
      As long as you LOVE what you do and your life and relatives are not suffering....DO IT.
      The most happy people are living from what they love to do.
      But if you suffer....stop doing what you do and change.

    • sub R0cky
      sub R0cky Month ago

      If u do it as hobby, sure.

  • Zaki Sahlani
    Zaki Sahlani 14 days ago +1

    discipline...the most important skill to all athletes

  • Jason
    Jason 24 days ago

    That's funny about the phone. He knows what people are doing to deprive themselves of sleep