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The Sworn Sword: Dunk & Egg #2 Explained (Game of Thrones prequel)

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022

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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  2 years ago +168

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    • Jack Daws
      Jack Daws 25 days ago

      on audiobook is her name pronounced Roe-Han or Roe-Anne, because you have just shook me to my core 💀

    • LukasLambs
      LukasLambs Year ago

      A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms has been one of if not my favorite reads ever!

    • Robert Lust
      Robert Lust Year ago

      Hey dude I would join your book club but I watch Longmire and I saw how people talked about Of Mice and Men so maybe I'll just listen to you talk about books what I'm bored

    • Roger Trace
      Roger Trace Year ago

      I guess I'm pretty off topic but does anyone know a good site to watch new movies online ?

    • Starr Child
      Starr Child Year ago

      @Jack Ellis I'm sorry, I have epilepsy and I typed that just as a fit was coming on

  • xamzx
    xamzx 2 years ago +1474

    It is also interesting to mention that Rohanne is an ancestor of Jamie and Dunk is an ancestor of Brienne, so you could say they reunite in some way after so many years

    • Isabella Jensen
      Isabella Jensen 24 days ago

      Also, Rohanne's great-grandson kills Egg's grandson

    • Gay Poo Eater
      Gay Poo Eater Month ago

      @Vincent '_' oh really? Ots been so long since Ive read them. I didn't realize it was an open thing.

    • Vincent '_'
      Vincent '_' Month ago

      @Gay Poo Eater but wasn't Robert chosen to be king because he has Targaryen blood so really he wasn't a secret targ

    • Gay Poo Eater
      Gay Poo Eater Month ago

      @BattyButtercup Robert was secret Targ, so you never know.

    • Theodore Botman
      Theodore Botman Month ago +2

      @HealingChurchPotluck It's pretty much been confirmed, 4 characters in the story are related to Dunk, the two "known" ones are Brienne and Hodor.

  • Antrayen
    Antrayen 2 years ago +2080

    I like it when a story has two likeable characters in conflict.

    • Gholam Da Pantaloon Sniffer
      Gholam Da Pantaloon Sniffer Month ago

      Literally GRRM'S signature haha 😂

    • Westphalian Empire
      Westphalian Empire Month ago

      Why TF is this whole reply section so respectful

    • Hannah W
      Hannah W 2 months ago

      I don't >:(

    • suumcuique
      suumcuique 3 months ago

      @Antrayen What is the name of said author?

    • Sean Kelley
      Sean Kelley 4 months ago +2

      @Niles Butler damn you really gotta search for racist undertones lmao, considering there’s way worse and actual racism depicted in asof. Homie lotr was a tale of good vs evil with lore arguably 10x as deep as anything Martins ever done, they don’t compare

  • Ichabod Strange
    Ichabod Strange 2 years ago +2758

    "George RR Martin wants to write ten or twelve Dunk and Egg books."
    *Press x to doubt*

    • Notribad's vault
      Notribad's vault 27 days ago

      Well, he certainly WANTS to.

    • david lewis
      david lewis 7 months ago

      @Raelur he doesn't get points for writing and expanding the narrative like a kickstarter company with infinite stretch goals that comes back 6 years later saying 'yeah we bit off more than we can chew' half of being a great writer is knowing what to leave out.

    • Philip Sandberg
      Philip Sandberg 7 months ago

      @Ben Boggs Elden Ring?

    • Ghost InYourAttic
      Ghost InYourAttic 8 months ago

      If he was healthy I'd believe he could do it but I think death would come first. Hard to write when he's under the pressure to keep at the same level

    • Auzie
      Auzie 10 months ago


    LARKIN Year ago +718

    Rohanne is Quaithe, everyone that goes missing in the series is Quaithe of course. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Chirag Gowda
      Chirag Gowda Month ago

      @Marcin Krz you hilarious basta*d

    • Kevin W
      Kevin W Year ago +7

      @Marcin Krz her name is Quaithe Adultwoman and she works at a business castle

    • Marcin Krz
      Marcin Krz Year ago +10

      @C.o.R (Lex) Winds of Winter = Quaithe

    • C.o.R (Lex)
      C.o.R (Lex) Year ago +13

      Gerion Lannister = Quaithe

    • Marcin Krz
      Marcin Krz Year ago +22

      @Caleb Winfield Quaith is a time travelling fetus

  • Nhan Thomas Nguyen
    Nhan Thomas Nguyen 2 years ago +1528

    Most of Rohannes husbands: died in battle or because of plauge
    3rd husband: *CHICKEN BONE*

    • PrionIron
      PrionIron 2 months ago

      People have died of dumber things even in modern times. I'm inclined to believe this was a genuine accident.

    • Doodlebug43
      Doodlebug43 6 months ago

      Sounds similar to what happened to Claudius Drusus. He died trying to swallow an entire pear

    • Tanner Jablowski
      Tanner Jablowski Year ago

      @Greg McGregginton holy shit you are so confused it hurts to watch.

    • Kool-Aid Man
      Kool-Aid Man Year ago

      @Tanner Jablowski
      Your name is Tanner, no wonder you have such a chip on your shoulder

    • MysticDragonWolf
      MysticDragonWolf Year ago +1

      Chicken bone can kill
      If they're sharp, they can puncture the intestines as they're working their way down. If they're really long, they may not even make it past the stomach.
      It’s as likely to die of it today as you were back then, the difference being the services were mostly reserved for the rich who had doctors as part of their staff
      But even with a doctor, once swallowed, there was no way to free that bone as surgery was a rare skill back then

  • Kris Calkins
    Kris Calkins 2 years ago +330

    I liked when Egg and Eustace were debating the merits of the Blackfyre Rebellion with Egg saying "The sword was not the kingdom."

    • MaxxVII
      MaxxVII 2 days ago

      The rebellion started cuz some people saw an intelligent, educated and diplomatic dude inheriting the throne and decided that the guy with the cool sword was actually better suited to rule.
      It's kinda funny. Aesthetic created generational wars

    • DesolatedChild018
      DesolatedChild018 24 days ago +1

      It’s interesting… I wonder if Egg see, or maybe grew to see, that it isn’t The Iron Throne either. The kingdom is its people. That’s probably a view he would subscribe to.

    • Mysterey101
      Mysterey101 2 years ago +43

      Eustace: Yea. . well, how about I kick your ass!
      *Ser Dunk the Tall has entered the chat*

  • Alias Fakename
    Alias Fakename 2 years ago +587

    My favorite line from this story is the one about where Dunk says the dammed river is named after Osgrey's castle so it belongs to Osgrey. Rohanne's response is thus:
    "Okay and? There are no Manderlys along the Mander, no Gardeners tending the Highgarden. And Casterly Rock is lousy with Lannisters."

    • EpicDepartment19
      EpicDepartment19 Month ago

      @hectic scone is this a certified Ted DiBiase moment?

    • hectic scone
      hectic scone 6 months ago +21

      @Benson Fang money money money money moooneeey

    • Benson Fang
      Benson Fang Year ago +68

      “Lousy with Lannisters” yet she marries one

    • Vanilla X
      Vanilla X 2 years ago +80

      She’s just spitting facts

  • Harry Tucker
    Harry Tucker 2 years ago +474

    It's crazy that reading this story, with the 1vs1 battle in the river amidst the blazing forest for this random peasant land in the middle of nowhere, felt more intense than the entirety of the Game of Thrones season 8. 😂
    I just got chills learning that Rohanne is the great grandmother of the Lannisters of GoT.

    • david lewis
      david lewis 7 months ago

      the night is dark and full of errors
      Seriously, I still ponder this to this day. To fight a DEFENSIVE battle, who puts their artillery AHEAD of their infantry?

    • TrueYellowDart
      TrueYellowDart 7 months ago +1

      Indeed. Because great stories are more likely to have good characters and not just “neat stuff” happening. The best stories have both.

    • skizzik121
      skizzik121 Year ago +3

      "Here is a hedge knight that yearns to be a hedgehog"
      - Ser Lucas the Longinch

    • Harry Tucker
      Harry Tucker 2 years ago +24

      I'm just saying my personal opinion: my heart was in my chest for Dunk, the Osgreys and Rohanne during that fight and the prelude to it.
      The most intense reaction I had from season 8 was defeated laughter.

    • Tarumpaw
      Tarumpaw 2 years ago +3

      Yeah I get it s8 was bad. But no you're overreaching. There were a few intense scenes.

  • Alan Reese
    Alan Reese 2 years ago +650

    Unless it is already revealed in canon, the answer to any ASoIaF mystery is "It was Bloodraven."
    So who set the forest on fire? It was Bloodraven.

    • Pedro Lucas
      Pedro Lucas 5 months ago

      @Fatema Abdulrahman I frequently thinks that the series should be called "Everybody Hates BloodRaven"!

    • Walrus Armageddon
      Walrus Armageddon 9 months ago

      Ah, yeah. Well, whenever you notice something like that, Bloodraven did it.

    • Oscar Wind
      Oscar Wind 9 months ago

      The Last Hero? He was Bloodraven.

    • Jon Hauge-Evaldsson
      Jon Hauge-Evaldsson Year ago

      @Niranjan RajeshWell, it's a theory. I think Bloodraven is cold, smart and ruthless enough to do it. Maybe in the next Dunk and Egg or in Winds of Winter we will have some more clues.

    • Niranjan Rajesh
      Niranjan Rajesh Year ago +2

      @Jon Hauge-Evaldsson i thing its a bit too much to say that bloodraven killed all of the targs who impeded aegins road to the throne just because the son/song of ice and fire would emerge from his line. It makes the story a bit more shallow. Yes baelor was more compassionate and preferred to help his enemies get back up than execute them,but i dont see that as a good enough reason for bloodraven go assassinate him through sorcerous means. I dont think its ever implied that Bloodraven killed people on the same side.

  • lluewhyn
    lluewhyn 2 years ago +192

    My favorite story of his. You actually left out my favorite part, where Dunk tries to take the blame for the injured peasant and cuts his own cheek with a blade to attempt to technically satisfy Rohane's demand for blood to resolve the conflict peacefully.

    • Blue is Not a Warm Colour
      Blue is Not a Warm Colour 4 months ago +13

      Yeah gotta love the balance between realism/complexity and earnest simplicity the Dunk stories bring. This is probably my favorite as well.

  • FireplaceEmbers
    FireplaceEmbers 2 years ago +769

    In a world where George R R Martin will never finish his books...we must be thankful for Alt shift X GoT episodes. Praise be.

    • Orestes
      Orestes 7 months ago

      @david lewis dont care anymore

    • david lewis
      david lewis 7 months ago

      @Orestes it's not? April of 2022, still waiting... for the six book... in three monthes, Dance turns 10 years old, should we throw a party?

    • Cowboy Hank
      Cowboy Hank Year ago +4

      Honestly, I think there's a very real chance he'll never finish them. He's old, they're not his favorite series to write, he's clearly suffered from writer's block for the past years and he's said he's lost some of the passion and motivation after the show butchered the ending

    • Orestes
      Orestes 2 years ago

      Grateful that this is not 'that' world..

    • books from Windblown
      books from Windblown 2 years ago

      @miggieless s adter i am done with fifth book then history of Targaryen dynasty then lotr, I don’t care how long will it take me to finish it because it’s COVID-19

  • King Sosa
    King Sosa 2 years ago +375

    This man chose a kiss over a horse? I pray I’m never that down bad in my life.

    • Argos2297
      Argos2297 4 days ago

      @Greywolf757 It wouldn't be stealing he had to kill Longinch for the horse.

    • Dan iel
      Dan iel 2 months ago

      This the choice a man with no hoes gonna make. Do you know how expensive a horse was in medieval times? Its like getting a free car

    • Greywolf757
      Greywolf757 3 months ago +2

      @Some Orc Lad Forcing an unlucky farmer's daughter to kiss you ain't a classy move, but neither is stealing a horse. Dunk wouldn't do either, most likely.

    • Owen
      Owen 4 months ago +3

      ​@King Sosa Of course Dunk was down bad, did you not read any of these books? He was young, stupid, confused, and hurt; the kiss with Rohanne and the braid slice was a defining moment for his character. Everyone who has read the books refers to this moment fondly. Him leaving the person who crossed him with a kiss, a bob-cut, and regret is a defining moment of the story.

    • Arya Pourtabatabaie
      Arya Pourtabatabaie 7 months ago

      Dunk the lunk, thick as a castle wall, thirsty as a pig

  • jlshel42
    jlshel42 2 years ago +466

    “It’s too hot to die.” -Dunk
    For some reason, my favorite line of the story

    • allancg
      allancg 2 years ago +3

      @Bakthi Hapuarachchi me too, I say a lot "its to hot to move" or "to work" or to "do something"

    • jlshel42
      jlshel42 2 years ago +8

      @iateabagelonce :(

    • iateabagelonce
      iateabagelonce 2 years ago +19

      Like... like when Dunk (assumingly) dies in the tragedy at Summerhall... in a fire........ which is really hot........................................

    • jlshel42
      jlshel42 2 years ago +5

      @Bakthi Hapuarachchi oh wow. I grew up in Texas in the US, reminds me of mowing the lawn from April to October (our summer)

    • Bakthi Hapuarachchi
      Bakthi Hapuarachchi 2 years ago +20

      I live near the equator and this quote is relatable as hell

  • Haedox
    Haedox 2 years ago +694

    I was watching your old vid on Bolt-On yesterday since I’ve been re-reading. Crazy how much you’ve improved and continue to. Love these all so much!!!!!

    • Gerard Jagroo
      Gerard Jagroo Year ago

      @Sarah Connor Now look what you did!
      I had no intention to go to his channel and now you made me all curious!

    • Thorfinn
      Thorfinn 2 years ago


    • Sarah Connor
      Sarah Connor 2 years ago +4

      @YEE SPAGHETTI SAUCE if youd have seen what I seen.... youd understand the caps...

      YEE SPAGHETTI SAUCE 2 years ago +2

      @Sarah Connor alright bro, just chill out lmao

    • Sarah Connor
      Sarah Connor 2 years ago +6


  • mist
    mist 2 years ago +253

    Never noticed Rohanne had such a interesting life love learning from this channel

    • Willy Mo
      Willy Mo Year ago

      She’s old nan.

    • O G
      O G 2 years ago +4

      That’s what make these Dunk & Egg stories so great

  • Mysterey101
    Mysterey101 2 years ago +84

    Wow I never Rohanne was Tywins grandmother. . This gives completely new perspective to The Sworn Sword and present day Lannisters overall. Thanks altshiftx!

  • Everardo Alvarez
    Everardo Alvarez 2 years ago +583

    “The Author G.R.R.M. Has talked about writing ten or 12 more Dunk & Egg Novelas”
    I like the enthusiasm but let’s get get Winds of Winter first chief

    • joking
      joking Month ago

      he's got the spirit

    • Loki_L_
      Loki_L_ 4 months ago

      @sdfaf I am still hopeful for Winds, like you said more surprising things have happened, but I think that if something doesn't change about the way he handles all his extra projects, Dream is highly doubtful to ever come out.
      He loves the distract himself with many other projects, which as a creative person I empathize with, fresh ideas can generate passion much easier than a story you've literally been working on and workshopping for several decades. If you asked me to work on a story I only half completed 8 years ago(4 years ago even) I'd want to drive a pen through my throat.
      Either his work ethic needs to see some changes, or he needs to hand off the series to someone else to finish, because if he never finishes ASOIAF, his legacy will be tarnished; if not fully, then greatly.

    • Loki_L_
      Loki_L_ 4 months ago

      Im more than happy for GrrM to write more Dunk & Egg after Winds, but goddammit I need to know what happens with the battle of ice! I NEED TO KNOW GEORGE!!!!

    • david lewis
      david lewis 7 months ago

      @Arya Pourtabatabaie very telling

    • Arya Pourtabatabaie
      Arya Pourtabatabaie 7 months ago

      It's just kind of ominous to me that the last book came out in 2011. I fear he got an iPhone around then and has been aimlessly scrolling through social media ever since, with all creative impulses snuffed out. I know I'm projecting.

  • Sleven
    Sleven 2 years ago +305

    "Maybe they inherited her political skill..
    except for Jaime..
    and for Cersei when she's drunk..
    and Tyrion in the last three seasons of a strangely surreal TV adaptation"

    • lluewhyn
      lluewhyn 4 months ago +1

      @T K Books: After leaving King's Landing Tyrion becomes more sinister and cunning.
      Show: After leaving King's Landing Tyrion becomes a Saint and a moron.

    • Niranjan Rajesh
      Niranjan Rajesh Year ago +1

      @indra le fulgurant yea the show made her look smart with her hatching a devious plot to rid herself of all her enemies by wildfire. Im pretty sure that in the books it'll be her going mad and using wildfire as a last resort

    • travisbe916
      travisbe916 Year ago +1

      @deg1studios Jamie is starting to learn the game, but he's still more direct about it. He's figuring out how to make peace while leading an army.

    • indra le fulgurant
      indra le fulgurant Year ago +5

      @deg1studios to be fair, it's pretty much a part (the other part was Cersei) of why Jaime had wanted to become a Kingsguard, he don't like politic.

    • deg1studios
      deg1studios Year ago +23

      Jaime isn't so politically dumb. He just doesn't really care much about it.

  • TrueYellowDart
    TrueYellowDart 2 years ago +16

    I can’t overstate how great the Dunk and Egg stories are. They enrich and are in turn enriched by the main Ice and Fire storyline. But with (generally) smaller stakes at play, we get to learn more about those that are not tied to Great Houses and even learn more of the common folk Sworn Sword is the best of the three because it’s the furthest away from larger Westerosi politics, able to focus wholly on its characters as they learn nuanced life lessons.

  • Hunter Allison
    Hunter Allison 2 years ago +132

    Its nice to the romantic tension between Rohanne and Dunk kind of comes alive later. Rohanne being Jaimes ancestor and Dunk being Briannes Ancestor. Is it coincidence or sometype of magical love bond for those two to come together

    • aishah
      aishah 18 days ago

      @Tanner Jablowski it is a deconstruction of the classic fairy tale tho bc brienne is the beast and jaime the beauty

    • Ziortza
      Ziortza 5 months ago +3

      @Tanner Jablowski dude it’s been 5 books and you’re still not familiar with the concept of an unreliable narrator? Wow! Turns out Jaime finds attractive other women apart from Cersei even if he keeps denying it in his thoughts! Who would have thought that this man who is not very emotionally intelligent might struggle with this! And yea of course! Of course George’s plan for Brienne’s story is to have her have yet another unrequited love! Im sure both Jaime’s and Brienne’s stories and whole characters revolving about romantic love will end up with that! Just pals being friends! Gosh and Im so sure that this man who fucking loves romance wants to reverse the old time super well known classic fairytale of the handsome knight who falls in love with the huge strong ugly woman! Like of course!! Aren’t we all *so* tired of hearing that tale! Fuck yea dude I’m sure they’re only friends and that’s there all they ever be you’re so smart and know how to read so well god bless

    • Tanner Jablowski
      Tanner Jablowski 10 months ago +1

      @JCV he gets turned on multiple times throughout the story when he sees female nudity (including specifically women that he sees as trashy whores), *every* character says brienne has nice eyes (even freakin Cersei), and he didn’t “go after” Brienne. He went *with* her because told him that she could lead him to Arya. The first thought he has when he sees her is how old and haggard she looks and how.. you know.. a giant piece of her face has been bitten off. And he is utterly indifferent to how these things affect his evaluation of her

    • JCV
      JCV 10 months ago +4

      @Tanner Jablowski i mean. the subtext is pretty clear between them i think. it’s also a nice subversion of the beauty and the beast trope, and it’s clear that Jaime’s attracted to her even if he calls her ugly, because there are tons of times when he also thinks of her in a very romantic way (getting turned on in the baths at Harrenhal, dreaming of her naked, constantly remarking about her sapphire eyes). There’s also the whole theme of what it means to be a knight, and Jaime’s whole arc throughout the fourth book is about him breaking out of his and Cersei’s toxic relationship, ultimately deciding to go after Brienne. Like they probably won’t have a romantic fairytale ending where they get married and have tons of babies, but the tension is there

    • Tanner Jablowski
      Tanner Jablowski Year ago +3

      @Ziortza anyone want to know what childish denial looks like?

  • Jay B
    Jay B 2 years ago +74

    8:06 Anakin 😂 “From my point of view the loyalists are evil!”
    Dunk: “Then you are lost!”

  • Vyceros
    Vyceros Year ago +66

    Rohanne's reputation as a "monster" reminds me of Tyrion when Oberyn and Ellia Martell visit Casterly Rock to see this devil in flesh, an imp with a tail but instead come to see a normal baby. "He's not a monster", he told Cersei "He's just a baby".

    • Pedro Lucas
      Pedro Lucas 5 months ago

      @Benson Fang Like great-grandmother, like great-grandson!

    • Benson Fang
      Benson Fang Year ago +5

      She’s Tyrion’s great grandma.

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord Year ago +34

    Like the theory about Rohanne planning everything from the jump BUT you forgot to include the part where Dunk had to slap some humility into Rohanne with Egg's boot to even get to that duel (she was just going to steamroll them with an army originally lol)

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams 2 years ago +173

    Doesn't matter how long the video is, if I see ASX, I click.

  • Goal
    Goal 2 years ago +106

    George has that magic touch when writing powerful female characters.

    • Greywolf757
      Greywolf757 3 months ago

      @Tanner Jablowski You may be one of those people that will never be happy with how women are represented, no matter how they are written.

    • Greywolf757
      Greywolf757 3 months ago

      @C. W. When were women not represented as human? They may not have been main characters, but they did exist in stories for the last 4000 years.

    • C. W.
      C. W. Year ago +5

      I was about to comment: Yeah, because he writes women as people, duh! Well, HE obviously knows that if he states it in interviews...
      Lately I've come to realize how messed up it is to grow up with barely a representation of your gender as truly human and any function beyond being decorative in most media.

    • Tanner Jablowski
      Tanner Jablowski Year ago

      Thanks for making roll my eyes and then cringe

    • anti ghastly
      anti ghastly Year ago +9

      For real. I realised lately most of my favorite characters in asoiaf are female. Like, all the characters are great but I just love the arcs Arya, Brienne and Cersei the most

  • TheLetterM
    TheLetterM 2 years ago +14

    I love how you expanded on the story by giving us the additional context of what happens to Rohanne according to TWOIAF. Great video as always Mr. Schwi... I mean Shift.

  • ChesterTester
    ChesterTester 2 years ago +20

    Let's go!! Love these videos so much! You honestly get better and better with each one and exceed my expectations every time!

  • Roger Rennenger
    Roger Rennenger Year ago +4

    Another excellent analysis, as one could expect from this channel. I'd like to add my 2 cents on the fact that Ser Bennis gets away with what he stole, when he tied up Stoops and his wife. I like that George opted not to have him detained and pay for his crimes, but rather show that shady people often escape justice, much like they would in real life. Perhaps they will cross paths in future stories, but I prefer this as a last encounter. It would imply that once Egg is King, the reward on Ser Bennis's head will make his life of banditry and outlawry much more difficult. With cutthroats hunting him behind every bush, his brown pants would match nicely with his shield! Thanks for sharing the video.

    • Greywolf757
      Greywolf757 3 months ago

      How would anyone know what he looked like? It's not like Egg had his picture to show people. He could just live under a fake name.

  • Dkanski
    Dkanski 2 years ago +66

    I can’t decide if I love the preparation behind alt shift x or the concise literary analysis of alt shwift x.

    • Mysterey101
      Mysterey101 2 years ago +2

      I cant believe I'm just now learning of Alt Schwift X 😳

    • Alt X (OgersHaveLayers)
      Alt X (OgersHaveLayers) 2 years ago +13

      @Severian They are clearly two different people.One is called "Alt Shift X" the other "Alt Schwift X" you have to be a complete idiot not see it.

    • Severian
      Severian 2 years ago +13

      @Alt Shift X I can't believe Alt Shift is having a conversation with himself. That's some Odin shit right there.

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  2 years ago +51

      @Alt Schwift X Upload👏more👏frequently👏

    • Alt Schwift X
      Alt Schwift X 2 years ago +40


  • Justin
    Justin 2 years ago +27

    I highly recommend the audiobook of A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. They are very well written stories and Harry Lloyd does a fantastic reading of the book.

    • Cant be Tamed
      Cant be Tamed Year ago

      For the first five minutes, I thought Harry Lloyd was Tom Hiddleston.

    • Mattycakes
      Mattycakes 2 years ago +1

      His voice was made for narrating Planetos.

    • Aidan Suguitan
      Aidan Suguitan 2 years ago +2

      I so love his voice on that one. I wish Iain Glenn would also do more audiobooks. A lot of the GoT cast had great voices for audiobooks and voice acting

    • Mysterey101
      Mysterey101 2 years ago +4

      Never thought I would enjoy that actor in anything else after he so convincingly played up the worst aspects of Viserys

  • jon lelis
    jon lelis 2 years ago +182

    i'm hoping this get adapted to a series

    • Galymzhan kyrykbaev
      Galymzhan kyrykbaev 2 years ago

      nah. ASX did it better

    • ufiCz
      ufiCz 2 years ago +2

      @Laurence Mort WTF man ? They changed so much in earlier season, despite their promise to do true adaptation of GRRM books, that was the main reason why Martin stop working on that show. They cut out whole plots, cut out important characters and i could go on. Run out of source material ? How could they ? They didn't even start to adapt source material they had .........
      So excuse about they run of source material is dumb as f***, BECAUSE THEY HAD WRITER, who could write them authentic character dialogs and base story plots for every episode, but they fu** Martin over so he left and i don't blame him. He wanted adaptation, they made "fan" fiction which he don't like in any form ! And we saw result when below avarage writers try to continue story of genius .......

    • books from Windblown
      books from Windblown 2 years ago

      @lane cress or that could never happen

    • jon lelis
      jon lelis 2 years ago

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    D&D: Okay, hear me out. Cersei gets killed by a brick!

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    “I would sooner be the dragon’s friend.” She tried the ring on her finger. It was too big even for her thumb. “Dragon or no, I must have Bennis of the Brown Shield.”
    “You are seven feet of stubborn.”
    “Less an inch.”
    She gave him back the ring. “I cannot return to Coldmoat empty-handed. They will say the Red Widow has lost her bite, that she was too weak to do justice, that she could not protect her smallfolk. You do not understand, ser.”
    “I might.” Better than you know. “I remember once some little lord in the stormlands took Ser Arlan into service, to help him fight some other little lord. When I asked the old man what they were fighting over, he said, ‘Nothing, lad. It’s just some pissing contest.’”
    Lady Rohanne gave him a shocked look, but could sustain it no more than half a heartbeat before it turned into a grin. “I have heard a thousand empty courtesies in my time, but you are the first knight who ever said pissing in my presence.” Her freckled face went somber. “Those pissing contests are how lords judge one another’s strength, and woe to any man who shows his weakness. A woman must needs piss twice as hard, if she hopes to rule. And if that woman should happen to be small… Lord Stackhouse covets my Horseshoe Hills, Ser Clifford Conklyn has an old claim to Leafy Lake, those dismal Durwells live by stealing cattle… and beneath mine own roof I have the Longinch. Every day I wake wondering if this might be the day he marries me by force.” Her hand curled tight around her braid, as hard as if it were a rope, and she was dangling over a precipice. “He wants to, I know. He holds back for fear of my wroth, just as Conklyn and Stackhouse and the Durwells tread carefully where the Red Widow is concerned. If any of them thought for a moment that I had turned weak and soft…”
    Dunk put the ring back on his finger, and drew his dagger.
    The widow’s eyes went wide at the sight of naked steel. “What are you doing?” she said. “Have you lost your wits ? There are a dozen crossbows trained on you.”
    “You wanted blood for blood.” He laid the dagger against his cheek. “They told you wrong. It wasn’t Bennis cut that digger, it was me.” He pressed the edge of the steel into his face, slashed downward. When he shook the blood off the blade, some spattered on her face. More freckles, he thought. “There, the Red Widow has her due. A cheek for a cheek.”
    “You are quite mad.” The smoke had filled her eyes with tears. “If you were better born, I’d marry you.”

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    On the Lannister thing, maybe Tywin got his wits and political prowess from her and his ruthlessness and subterfuge from Gerold.

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    Meaning even if he was a basterd aegon unwittingly legitimized him, & he was the ELDEST one if the "Great basterds"

    • Lord Mathis Rowan
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      no....since Daeron wouldn't be his bastard.
      He would be the bastard of Aegons wife and whoever the father is (probably Aemon)
      If Aegon really is the father of Daeron, he woudn't be a bastard.

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      GRRM HAS STATED he finished wind's years ago and was just doing final touches
      I love GRRM but he's shown his cards and refuses to update his fan base, he's in his 70's he's set for the rest of his life and has also said these books are his story and if people don't like it that's to bad so I don't think it's all that stressful.
      I wish it wasn't true but he's taking every opportunity to avoid finishing the series and honest I don't blame him. No matter what he writes people will be unhappy because of how shitty the last 2 seasons went

    • TrippyTheShroom
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      ​@Josh Brown As if you could give information over opinion either, saying "he has got his money and has no motivation anymore" is as rooted in opinion than anything I've said. Sanderson is a great author, from everything I've heard anyway given I've never read any of his books, but comparing the two is pointless. GRRM's series is full of absurdly interconnected plotlines that make it almost impossible to parse out as an author (even if he did get himself there to begin with).
      I constantly hear and see people online dog on GRRM for taking a long time to release his books but I often wonder on how Tolkien would've been had Return of the King not been finished, yet the Peter Jackson movies existed. Would Tolkien change anything, would the reception of the movies change his outlook on the story he had in his head, would he listen to the criticisms of very elements and tinker with it, what would be different about Lord of the Rings in that situation.
      That's exactly whats happening to GRRM this very day. His story exploded in popularity and because of two piss poor writers, people thrashed the show and to a large degree him as well. Due to this extreme surge of popularity, he now has a whole wave of a fanbase, more or less, trying to rush him to finish the series before he dies just so they can get the "true ending" due to how badly the shows end was received. I can't even begin to imagine the stress on the guy, regardless of how much money he has sitting in the bank. Say its opinion and disagree, I couldn't care less, but I refuse to believe that with as much work and effort GRRM has put into the series that he's lost interest in finishing the books (or that they're finished like you claim).

    • Josh Brown
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      @TrippyTheShroom wanna give information instead of opinion cause I'd love to be proven wrong

    • TrippyTheShroom
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      ​@Josh Brown And a year later its still incorrect.

    • Josh Brown
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      @TrippyTheShroom I wrote this a year ago the only thing I said that was not correct is the TV show is now out

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    The Mystery Knight is basically the story of the 2nd Blackfyre Rebellion and the Hedge Knight is an account of the death of the Prince of Dragonstone, Heir to the Iron Throne. Then the Sworn Sword is about some petty dispute amongst some minor lords. I'm sure part of the reason for such a drastic change is to show that not all money is made competing in tourneys or working for the rich and powerful; they take on work as hired swords for smaller lords as well. I've always thought this seemingly insignificant event in Dunk & Egg's life is important somehow, why else write about it? I think you've come the closest to answering that question for me!

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    He went to war for the black dragon because he hoped doing so could result in his ancestral lands being returned to him. His side lost the war though and his sons were killed, leaving him not only without his family land but also without ant children to leave that land to even if he could have gotten it back.
    ...except his daughter was spared and allowed to become a silent sister as part of the terms of his surrender to the Targeryen throne.. but she refuses to speak to him so his surrender got him nothing but his life.
    Well his life is miserable now. His wife committed suicide after their sons were killed, his daughter won’t talk to him, and his family name is about to be snuffed out forever after 1,000 years of serving as marshals of the northmarch.
    The man feels such immense weight and shame bearing down on him it’s impossible to even put into words. He wasn’t a bad person. He didn’t do anything wrong. He tried to do right by his family but a lot of bad luck left him utterly destroyed with absolutely nothing left to live for except the remorse for getting his sons killed. His sons have been dead for like fifteen years but he still visits them at their burials and talks to them on an almost daily basis. Every time he opens a new cask of wine he visits them and pours out a drink for them. He sits alone, drunk, staring into the fire at night reliving the war in his mind, not because of the bloodshed but because of everything it cost him. When he finds an extremely old worn shield while digging through old family trinkets Dunk notices that he holds it like it’s a newborn child.
    Egg tells Eustace he should at least be happy that the king let him keep his life. Eustace calls the king’s mercy poison. He says he’d be better off if he had been exiled or executed.
    The man is utterly tormented by regret and the shame of failure. He might be the most depressed character I’ve ever known. It’s heartbreaking listening to him.

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    It is theorized that like in the show, Melisandre is older than she appears to be, being centuries old. And Lady Lothston practiced magic to stay young, so ... It's quite a matter

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