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Khamzat Chimaev vs Gilbert Burns | FREE FIGHT | UFC 279

  • Published on Aug 22, 2022
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  • moby1kanob
    moby1kanob 2 months ago +3011

    I was shaking from all the adrenaline after this fight when I saw it live. What an amazing atmosphere.

    • Alkapone
      Alkapone Day ago

      @Love my Wife and kids Im sure you can afford participating though, ro walk around shady areas at 11pm-3am

    • jnieves77
      jnieves77 Day ago

      I hope I can get that experience if it be the Lords will I can attend UFC 287 in Miami when Burns faces off against Masvidal and Perierra against Adesanya..

    • H
      H 2 days ago

      @Lil Herb khabib dominated that chikken with standup and ground everywere, he just stand front of him dodged that chikkens punch and countered him and made him look like he never boxed in his bum loife

    • Lil Herb
      Lil Herb 2 days ago

      @H Not the biggest fight just cause it brought all you gullible mooslim viewers in to watched bib get pieced up with MULTIPLE hits while standing not just the one slip down khabib got credited for.

    • Lil Herb
      Lil Herb 2 days ago

      @Guts Sk Fake laugh knowing your frustrated at other peoples opinions “lmaoo” and no it’s not over used word “casuals” from a casual just being bias to wrestling pansies and being hypocritical on the opinions say they wanted someone else to win or lose when thats how you are with khazmat and the truth being not cause the crowds bias or the comments but because they both actually WATCHED the fight personas aside they saw who won or why they think it was a DRAW so thats not being bias but you being mad at those fair witnessed opinions is your own bias showing, casual wrestling fan.

  • Andreas Fevos
    Andreas Fevos Month ago +1208

    The craziest thing about Burns is that, as the fight progressed, his striking got more powerful. Those third round overhands and hooks hit Khamzat so hard he would go off balance constantly. Khamzat had the pressure on him though at all times, but Burns had more striking power. What a fight!

    • Cole
      Cole 11 hours ago

      I wouldn't say it that his striking got more powerful bc you can tell by the explosiveness and zip his strikes had, which was more prevalent in the opening round and first half of the second round. I believe Khamzat was just more fatigued in the second half of the fight which is what led to him be put off balance by Gilbert's strikes. Still, insane fight by both men and props to Gilbert to put on the fight he did and to recover from being dropped and give it right back to Khamzat.

    • Tupac Og
      Tupac Og 2 days ago


    • Catrambi
      Catrambi 2 days ago

      @Tupac Og Couldn't possibly have been a draw because of how the scoring works.

    • bwhite429
      bwhite429 3 days ago

      @vtencouchclimbr he lost 29-28. Lmfao

    • Mr potatohead
      Mr potatohead 5 days ago

      He whent Metal bat on khamzat 🤣

  • Swole Monkey
    Swole Monkey Month ago +561

    This is actually such a crazy fight. They were just going full blast after the first few minutes of feeling each other out and deciding it’s gonna be a stand up fight. Also Chimaev has a chin on him 😮 literally everyone would’ve went out after that bang from Burns.

    • Dr. Whoop Ass
      Dr. Whoop Ass 2 days ago +1

      Gilbert won

    • dmag1234
      dmag1234 2 days ago

      @Eli Hathaway it definitely has alot to do with genetics. Look at the diaz brothers

    • Eli Hathaway
      Eli Hathaway 19 days ago +2

      @Aiden Bell Jowsey - You're not understanding the physics, it's not their chin that absorbs impact more than someone smaller, it's what the chin is attached to. If the chin is attached to more mass that mass will absorb some of the impact.

    • Aiden Bell Jowsey
      Aiden Bell Jowsey 20 days ago +1

      @Eli Hathaway not when it comes to your chin, yes if you're bigger there will be more padding on your body but unless you're genetically gifted you could get knocked out by someone who knows how to punch no matter what weight you are

    • Eli Hathaway
      Eli Hathaway 20 days ago

      @Aiden Bell Jowsey - Not quite, the bigger you are the more force you can absorb and the more force you can put into a punch.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago +234

    Burns clearly took the 2nd, and I think he landed more strikes in the 3rd too

    • Tommygunn ggg
      Tommygunn ggg 18 hours ago

      If he wouldn't have gotten knocked down in the first this would have been a win for Burns

    • Catrambi
      Catrambi 2 days ago

      @TMP Yup, but there is no way in hell anyone would score any of these rounds a 10-8. It takes a lot more than this.

    • Zayne S
      Zayne S 3 days ago

      @andro qaldani And ina rematch I think Khamzat comes back harder and stronger. Maybe tires him out with some more grappling and actually goes for a submission.

    • TMP
      TMP 4 days ago

      Chimaev clearly won the first and third round. Even if Burns won the second round by 10-8 and the other two rounds were only 10-9 for Khamzat it would still be a tie for Khamzat. And btw he number of strikes landed is not everything lol

    • andro qaldani
      andro qaldani 5 days ago +2

      @Gabriel Roberto almost 90% of gilberts punches was in block while khamzad was pressing him allthe time lending clean shots tf yall people on but ur from brazil cant blame u lol

  • Anna Peckinpah
    Anna Peckinpah Month ago +300

    Come back to rewatch this absolutely epic battle several times now, still gives me goosebumps watching!!!!! This to me is FOTY!!! 👏 👏 👏

    • John Doe
      John Doe 3 days ago

      Flicking ya bean over ufc

    • David Johnston
      David Johnston 5 days ago

      @Maximillianmus69 69 lmao you had an argument you were trying to get forward. I am open to being persuaded but it sounds like you are just a hater that wants to go against popular opinion in this example. X-vid comment sections are filled with jiri haters for some reason. It's cool tho idec but for real what fight was better than jiri glover? I'll even give you the last 2 or 3 years

    • Maximillianmus69 69
      Maximillianmus69 69 5 days ago

      @David Johnston I don’t owe you shit, look at every other insane fight last year

    • David Johnston
      David Johnston 5 days ago

      @Maximillianmus69 69 I'm waiting...

    • Dom
      Dom 5 days ago

      Hard to argue that

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago +205

    Both true Gladiators. I watched it live and would have to say I was routing Chimaev, cuz he's the man.. and thought he won a really tough fight. Watching it again, I think Gilbert took him and the stats i found back it up. Can't wait for a rematch down the road.

    • Anthony Fauci
      Anthony Fauci 8 hours ago

      You didn't see it live

    • Blake
      Blake Day ago

      @Sjoerd 2 KD and Molly whopped him around the cage? Probably 10-7

    • Sjoerd
      Sjoerd 2 days ago

      @Blake 10-7? Are you joking?

    • Lil Herb
      Lil Herb 2 days ago

      @Ахмед Эльмурзаев “ 3rd round chamev” what a bias liar you are burns hit that man Atleast 3x more than he was hit that round and probably the whole fight!

    • Lil Herb
      Lil Herb 2 days ago

      @Marlene Dias lmao your probably just bias against brazilians

  • Freddy
    Freddy Month ago +153

    I wish they would show the walk-ins , Gilbert burns walk-in was so intense with khamzat staring at him from the top of the cage , and Gilbert eyes closed with controlled breathing. ELECTRIC ⚡️

    • J Mz
      J Mz Month ago +10

      Also Chimaevs coaching screaming at him, that was intense

  • Caleb Baum
    Caleb Baum Month ago +307

    Loved when he just kicked him off 😂 9:00

  • Bavvarois Joestar
    Bavvarois Joestar Month ago +77

    Still one of my favorite fight ever and one of the best fight ever in UFC history. Imagine if this goes 5 rounds war and maybe in the future we’re gonna get khamzat vs burns rematch

    • Bavvarois Joestar
      Bavvarois Joestar 7 days ago

      @Aye P Weakly yess since 2010 been following this sport[UFC]

    • Aye P Weakly
      Aye P Weakly 7 days ago

      New to the sport I see

    • Uprise
      Uprise 13 days ago

      @zfin Shavkat TKOs Khamzat R3, 2:06

    • AM1
      AM1 29 days ago

      @zfin wow

    • zfin
      zfin Month ago +10

      My guess is Khamzat wins the title and sees him again. In a dream world, Khamzat wins the title, beats Shavkhat Rakhmonov as his first defense, then calls out Burns for round 2.

  • Eskify
    Eskify 5 months ago +3845

    It's crazy how people underestimated Burns going into this fight

    • Hermione Finnigan
      Hermione Finnigan 21 day ago

      Hmm … I wonder if Naoya Inoue could beat Khamzat Chimaev?

    • abyss
      abyss 25 days ago

      @aRandom Donor Khamzat could run through Izzy let's be real

    • Sonic Fx
      Sonic Fx Month ago

      Same thing they’re doing with Volk

    • flip f
      flip f 3 months ago

      @TheRealest 811 but reply back if you got nothing else to say and respect me c:

    • flip f
      flip f 3 months ago

      @TheRealest 811 ew no way thats what you look like LOL... use a vpn buddy its easy find your info. its what i expected though i guess

    ROBIN DEMPSTER Month ago +136

    Gilbert had it for sure🔥🔥🔥

      ROBIN DEMPSTER 2 days ago +1

      @Jessie Oracion
      Who the foook is dat guy🤣🤣🤣
      Clean your eyes coach I actually really like Khamzat, keep trolling elsewhere 🥕

    • Jessie Oracion
      Jessie Oracion 3 days ago +2

      lol you just hate khamzat. Gilbert throw a lot of punches in round3 but there is no clean shot. 1st 4mins. in round3 khamzat was dominating also burns wabbles a lot. better clean your eyes. 😆😆😆😆

    • samson Shryack
      samson Shryack 12 days ago

      nah he gave up for a whole min in the 3rd hes just tough as they come

  • The-Art-of-Guitar
    The-Art-of-Guitar 10 days ago

    That was nuts! I just worked out but after watching this I could go another round!

  • Wade
    Wade Month ago +298

    After watching this again I think Gilbert may have actually won

    • Your mom
      Your mom 14 hours ago

      The hype behind this man gave him the win sadly

    • Dalton Bacus
      Dalton Bacus 19 hours ago

      I thought the same and if anything it was extremely close.

    • Mikey Visz
      Mikey Visz 22 hours ago

      Khamzat is being portrayed as one of the big names in UFC on the come up.. of course they chose him.. like paddy his last fight.

    • Ахмед Эльмурзаев
      Ахмед Эльмурзаев 5 days ago

      @Andrew mate its only 2 round

    • Joker Jack
      Joker Jack 5 days ago +1

      @Andrew mate nope.

  • i Danis
    i Danis Month ago +20

    one of the best non title fights , well done both fighters

  • Ricky J Sports
    Ricky J Sports 5 months ago +432

    What a war this was. This fight will really help Khamzat moving forward. Respect to Burns for bringing it. Both guys brought it. What a fight!

    • Iva Olo
      Iva Olo 2 months ago

      @A kind Troll khamzat is a hype train and lost to burns. or was a draw. facts

    • moonman heel hooks
      moonman heel hooks 5 months ago +1

      @Ken Wood you are goofy 😭

    • moonman heel hooks
      moonman heel hooks 5 months ago +1

      @Richard James objectively didn't lose

    • Ken Wood
      Ken Wood 5 months ago

      Bumzat chin will never be the same! I see Diaz stunning him

    • ItzMalick
      ItzMalick 5 months ago

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  • Chris Cross
    Chris Cross Month ago +12

    That was so damn insane 😳 😍

  • Drew E
    Drew E Month ago +4

    That was an insane fight!!

  • RT
    RT Month ago +69

    Rewatching this fight after the holland fight and man, gilbert is such a killer. He deservers so much credit for this fight. Real fans know, he took the fight w the monster when nobody else would and took it to him. Respect ✊

  • Luvdemgunsounds
    Luvdemgunsounds Month ago +2

    Burns won in my eyes what the f*%% he paid for this win

  • Wad Starian
    Wad Starian Month ago +5

    This was a battle! Good job, men!

  • KobraGangBitch
    KobraGangBitch Month ago +14

    Gilbert is a Beast

  • tim furey
    tim furey Month ago +6

    If this doesn't get fight of the year...im gonna be mad.

  • Shikori Tsu
    Shikori Tsu Month ago

    What an amazing fight.

  • CJ
    CJ 5 months ago +21220

    Take a moment to appreciate a super hyped fight that actually delivered.

    • PigDaddy2020
      PigDaddy2020 Day ago

      If you're talking about a super hyped fight, I'd love see Khamzat Chimaev vs Alex Peireira in the future. Colby seems like the next logical opponent, but despite Covington's past performances, I still think Chimaev gets the job done easily. Alex seems more of an equal match for ferocity, IMO.
      If I had to bet on the next double champ, I think I'd pick Khamzat over Volkanovski at this point. Guess we'll just have to see what the future holds...

    • Mr Jackel
      Mr Jackel 17 days ago

      @S Murat 🤡🤡🤡

    • S Murat
      S Murat 18 days ago


    • Mr Jackel
      Mr Jackel 23 days ago

      Khamzat couldn't even takedown Gilbert who is only 5'8 and people think Khamzat can takedown Izzy ? I know Izzy is not a good wrestler but his size gives him advantage against everyone.

    • Don
      Don Month ago

      @aaditya rohit because his ceiling is basically Khabib but in two divisions at the same time.

  • Алтын Беков

    Respect to both 👍

  • Tiago Ribeiro
    Tiago Ribeiro Month ago +2

    Should've been a split decision. But Chimaev won.

  • D Mac
    D Mac 4 days ago +2

    Still gives me goosebumps watching this fight. Both men were tremendous but I forgot how well Burns fought. I would love a rematch one day.

  • Deewoon
    Deewoon Month ago +3

    franchement magnifique combat bravo aux deux protagoniste

  • Al M
    Al M 2 months ago +584

    This was poetic. I'd pay a good amount to see these two in the ring anytime.

    • Your mom
      Your mom 14 hours ago

      Rematch I give it to burns

    • PhantomSMZ
      PhantomSMZ Month ago +7


    • 14kangaroonuts
      14kangaroonuts Month ago

      True fucking war honesty I love how khamzat doesn’t go for control either instead of holding his opponent until they tire out he goes straight to G&P or a sub attempt and burns is always looking for a finish

  • A Thief In The Night
    A Thief In The Night 3 days ago +2

    Holy shit that was one of the most amazing fights I've ever seen ever. Wow, just beautiful. This might be the best fight I've ever witnessed. They were literally fighting with everything they had. Burns was literally hitting him from the ground just wow.

  • Ian Mangham
    Ian Mangham Month ago +1

    Go on Gilbert my son 💯🙏

  • Coding in Flow
    Coding in Flow 15 days ago +1

    What a brutal fight. Looks like straight out of antique Rome's Colloseum

  • John
    John Month ago +1

    All this fight tells me is that Covington would maul Chimaev

  • B.F. Skinner
    B.F. Skinner 6 days ago +5

    1st round Khamzat with the knockdown
    2nd round Burns with the knockdown
    3rd round was razor close insofar as damage, so because Khamzat was more aggressive I gave it to him
    Amazing, close fight. I'd love to see these two go at it again.

    • Mr. Morris_850
      Mr. Morris_850 5 days ago +1

      Finally found someone with a brain. Nice breakdown

  • Austin Chittam
    Austin Chittam Month ago +1

    Khamzat will be a double champ

  • Everest Inspections
    Everest Inspections Month ago +1

    Great fight to both.

  • Bradley Bhalai
    Bradley Bhalai Month ago +3

    8:53 favorite sequence

  • Jear Bear
    Jear Bear 22 days ago +2

    This was one of the fights I anticipated the most, and it delivered beyond my already high expectations. These guys were pushing the action back and forth almost equally while keeping up that fast pace the entire time. On top of that, they both came in perfectly prepared and skillful as ever.

  • Thatsnotomar
    Thatsnotomar Month ago +9

    The sportsmanship from Khamzat right after the end of the fight is one of a kind❤️

  • Fahad H
    Fahad H Month ago

    Khamzat fight needs to be on every card

  • Swole Monkey
    Swole Monkey Month ago +1

    This better be fight of the year on god.

  • jeffjastro
    jeffjastro 2 months ago +524

    Awesome fight - both performed incredibly - super close call at end I was honestly not sure who would win. Congrats to both fighters.

    • LastOldschooler
      LastOldschooler 4 days ago

      He was shit scared when Costa confonted him lol

    • Mr.SprayOP
      Mr.SprayOP 5 days ago

      @Jingeleg Jingelek wtf ,no aggression ,no cage control ,round 2 was probably where burns shined ,but round 3 and 1 was clearly hamza

    • Jingeleg Jingelek
      Jingeleg Jingelek 5 days ago

      Remember this fight live it was unbelievable! But now I rewatched Im pretty sure Gilbert won that fight!

    • Jingeleg Jingelek
      Jingeleg Jingelek 5 days ago

      Remember this fight live it was unbelievable! But now I rewatched Im pretty sure Gilbert won that fight!

    • Danny
      Danny 17 days ago

      @Joshua Cappello Well strategically ofcourse but he knew what the fans wanted to see and he gave it to em. He understands he has to sell these fights by being a character and character is what he showed us. Amazing performance by him honestly going toe to toe like that against Burns who is still a formidable opponent and basically a veteran.

  • Andrew Probst
    Andrew Probst Month ago +1

    awesome fight! all aspects of fighting

  • jjstratford
    jjstratford 4 days ago

    The walkout, with Khamzat sitting on the cage swinging his legs like he’s waiting to jump into a pickup game as Till stands by, is a photo that I believe will go down in history as a legendary pic, especially if Chimaev fulfills his potential to a great degree.

  • Blue_diamonds
    Blue_diamonds Month ago

    Awesome fight!!! Wow!!

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan Month ago +1

    Best Fight since a Long time

  • Tariq Khan
    Tariq Khan 2 months ago +764

    Seeing a "Real" fight will rush you with adrenaline. Watching Khamzat fights reminds me the feeling of having a fight 😐

    • blak tobor
      blak tobor 17 days ago

      @Ryan Weaver gilbert beat the crap out of him

    • S Murat
      S Murat 18 days ago +2


    • Ivan Olivera
      Ivan Olivera 24 days ago +1

      ..dis you tap?😉

    • GhettoRiggedStudios
      GhettoRiggedStudios Month ago

      Ik right lol I was shacking at home my fight or flight kicked in watching him and holland entering the cage!!

    • Ryan Rashid
      Ryan Rashid Month ago

      Lol you vs khamzat would be a good fight

  • David Simplício
    David Simplício Month ago +1

    Chimaev is a beast

  • Games World
    Games World Month ago

    Man chimaev got beat up and couldn't finish 🤣👍🏻

  • AWGMvrg
    AWGMvrg 18 days ago +2

    I literally cannot stop watching this fight, for me it is the fight of the year and probably past 5 years. Got Khamzat who has been annihilating is whole division with 1/2 round knockouts and he finds his match in this fight and it shows. Gilbert Burns truly got my respect after this fight, came into this fight as an underdog and made it look like a 50/50 fight. Hoping so much for a rematch.

  • Prince Pillz
    Prince Pillz Month ago +2

    This has to be Gilbert’s best performance to date. That man fought his ass off in this fight. This was a BRAWL

  • Ivan travel
    Ivan travel 17 days ago

    Simplemente hermoso ❤️🔥
    Absolutely wonderful fight

  • harmansbad
    harmansbad Month ago +3

    this is the closest i think ive ever seen to a real street fight in the cage, between the burns punches from the guard, the kick to get up, when he tried to soccer punt him after dropping him. Durinho threw strategy and the rules pretty much out the window, fight of the year for sure

  • Luke Hydro
    Luke Hydro Day ago

    That 2nd round was incredible, burned showed a real fighting spirit, he didn't doubt himself for a second and chimaev showed he can take a shot better than anyone.

  • J S
    J S Month ago

    Carlos Chimaev will be champ one day

  • AL
    AL 28 days ago +1

    I literally gasped from excitement when they took it to the ground and burns kicked him off w the kick. One of the best fights in ufc history

  • Алексей Леонов

    Кто-нибудь скажет, когда следующий бой у Хамзата?

  • S H
    S H Month ago

    Shouldn’t have been unanimous first round was a draw. Second round was Gilbert’s third, could have gone either way

  • cizia69
    cizia69 Month ago

    Literally throwing hammers!

  • Eliab Santos
    Eliab Santos 6 days ago

    Tinha que ter a revanche entre os dois, uma das melhores do ano passado! @Brasil🥊🇧🇷

  • PsychStrut
    PsychStrut Month ago +4

    My favorite part of this fight is at 9:09, right after he pushes Chimaev back with his feet so he can stand up. He looks right at Chimaev after standing and gives this perfect smile that is so proud 😂😂. Looks to me like he is saying “I told you this wasn’t going to be a cakewalk, bitch” 😂😂

  • Belief TG
    Belief TG 5 days ago +1

    Cara é assusturador como é capaz de sentir o espirito dos dois caras… guerreiros de alma de fato! Incrivel, fui ver as histórias deles e realmente entendi

  • SupersonicFlyTV
    SupersonicFlyTV 8 days ago +1

    I've seen it a couple of times and really think Gilbert edged it out. Beautiful fight. They will definitely meet again.

  • Олег Медведев

    Gilbert acts like "look, nobody did it to you before🤭"
    What an awesome fighter he is... Such performance every time with a pretty short reach. He's a beast.

    • TheSnowmanlaw10
      TheSnowmanlaw10 24 days ago +8

      The fact that burns gave him time to breath

    • remar Montana
      remar Montana Month ago +20

      Such an impressive performance from burns. Didn’t get the result but shit he earned the respect of everyone. No one rushing to fight khamzat makes it even more impressive now. 😂

  • Anderson Monteiro
    Anderson Monteiro 3 days ago

    Guilbert lutou como verdadeiro homem 👏👏👏👏👏

  • abyss
    abyss 25 days ago +2

    I know it's said a lot but Khamzat truly brought that dog out of Gilbert. My adrenaline was skyrocketing during this fight

  • John Fry
    John Fry 7 days ago

    Man start to finish, just brilliant, exciting, insane these 2!! Loved every second of this and i hope to see these 2 go at it again.

  • Ron Garcia
    Ron Garcia Month ago +1

    Burns won this fight. 👀

  • Moon Venerable
    Moon Venerable 5 months ago +1005

    Much respect for Burns as a #2 ranked taking on a fight against #11 ranked Khamzat. That's like #2 ranked Gathje accepting a #11 ranked Makhachev in 2021 except none of them won't dare to risk it. Burns is one of a kind.

    • Heellp
      Heellp 2 months ago

      @Juan Carlos Fonjul lol that did not age good . haha

    • Heellp
      Heellp 2 months ago +1

      the funny thing is Makhachev now #1

    • Abhi Dahiya
      Abhi Dahiya 2 months ago +1

      @Juan Carlos Fonjul Makhachev made a joke out of Charles. Now go cry.

    • john mulholland
      john mulholland 5 months ago

      @PJ Corno Usman will get the rematch next against Edwards and likely take the title back, i really don't get why Khamzat and Diaz has been made but I'll still root for Nate lol, then probably Khamzat vs Usman for the championship 🤷‍♂️

    • Jason Chen
      Jason Chen 5 months ago +2

      Burns got robbed, wtf

  • Homerun Derby (Outdoor Sports MMA)

    This was a great fight, maybe could have went either way! Both men were relentless and Gilbert Burns is more of a beast than I originally thought.

  • Young cloudy
    Young cloudy Month ago

    im saying khamzat wins round one and burns wins round 2 and round 3 is a draw

  • martin Dupuy
    martin Dupuy 10 days ago

    16:20 This respect at the end of the round was so great to see ! AND THIS SMILE 😁😄

  • Future Fun
    Future Fun Month ago

    after rewatch it , Burn rock khamzat twice and Knock him down twice but still lose the fight ??? third round is draw for me. It should at least a DRAW

  • Aaron Barkat-Masih
    Aaron Barkat-Masih 4 months ago +2022

    This is one of those fights were it feels like nobody lost. Both proved their worth and showed how badass they are

    • Samurai Snowman
      Samurai Snowman 9 days ago

      @Charlie Bronson - wasnt Volk also like a 225 lbs rugby player at one point?

    • Charlie Bronson
      Charlie Bronson 15 days ago

      @Tupac Og men fight standing up, not humping the guy on the ground

    • Charlie Bronson
      Charlie Bronson 15 days ago +1

      @Tupac Og speak what I want okay Tupac lmfao what u 10?

    • Tupac Og
      Tupac Og Month ago +1

      @Charlie Bronson cheap fighting lmfaoooooooooooo. Bro you have no room to speak mma ever again.

    • Charlie Bronson
      Charlie Bronson Month ago +1

      @Tupac Og you guys act like Islam is big he's skinny built guy. volk is not small he's thick guy full of muscle that always destroys. If Islam can't manage to submit him (cheap fighting) volk will punch his face in

  • brett tamlin
    brett tamlin Month ago

    Khamzats conditioning is unmatched

    • Kurtis Moore
      Kurtis Moore Month ago

      What? He was gassed by the end of this fight 😂

  • The Texan
    The Texan Month ago +1

    I think the judges were wrong on this one.

  • rabidzombie01
    rabidzombie01 7 days ago +2

    That was the best fight I've seen in awhile. Those dudes are tough as nails.

  • Jingeleg Jingelek
    Jingeleg Jingelek 5 days ago +1

    Remember this fight live it was unbelievable! But now rewatching Im pretty sure Gilbert won that fight!

  • Drew
    Drew 5 months ago +1532

    It’s going to be impossible to explain to anyone who didn’t live through the initial hype train / come up of Khamzat why this fight was as amazing as it was and how so many of us were on the edge of our seats and our stomachs were in our throats and hearts pounding.

    • Blackcel
      Blackcel 5 days ago

      Gay casual

    • 4ozking
      4ozking 24 days ago

      @Joe Benson Yeah Silva and Jones have benefited from very good steroids. Clean fighters > steroid heads

    • Bawamba
      Bawamba 2 months ago

      @Peed Phd GM3 are on a winning streak after Khamzat

    • Stephen Hughes
      Stephen Hughes 4 months ago

      @robbie seteg You obviously just aren't as much of a fan as we are. And for the record, you can still focus on making your own life better, while still getting excited about sports.

    • FiveLeft
      FiveLeft 4 months ago

      @Joe Benson Jones also had quite some matchups favoring him, a lot of people don't realize this or havent seen his fights at that time. A lot of them were much smaller, or Pride-generation fighters on their way out. Same could be said for Silva, but I would rank him above Jones, purely for the way he finished his opponents and how he made it look easy.

  • scottie easley
    scottie easley Month ago

    Luke ROCKHOLD has amazing top game on ground. Yet as soon as he mounted COSTA. Costa said with his body GET OFF ME, THROWS HIM OFF. LOL

  • InterWebGuy99
    InterWebGuy99 Month ago +1

    This has to go down as one of the top five ever in this weight class. A true battle royal with both men proving they can take as good as they give.

  • Luvdemgunsounds
    Luvdemgunsounds Month ago +3


  • Zayne S
    Zayne S 3 days ago +2

    Rematch and khamzat will rock him, not KO, but I definitely see Khamzat coming back much harder and stronger in the next one. He'll just completely dominate in a rematch, I just feel it. Like he'd be able to feel him out and make corrections from this first one.

  • Lahey
    Lahey 5 months ago +5767

    Burns had a lot to lose going into this fight and came out with nothing but respect. Insane fight from two absolute monsters

    • Pioteko
      Pioteko Month ago

      @Dragon Jay Khamzat easily won rounds 1 and 3, Round 3 khamzat laid on pressure and teed off on him and stuffed the tf, burns did fuck all in round 3. Idk how people said it was close

    • Whatever Whatever2
      Whatever Whatever2 2 months ago

      @oGangir Burns won round 3 landed the better shots

    • Bao Trinh
      Bao Trinh 3 months ago

      @Dragon Jay first u dont know how he won now its rigged bc he pointed lol ur opinion does not matter khamzat never stopped going forward

    • Ttg896
      Ttg896 4 months ago

      @Juan ​ Colby pace is different man even if people hate his antics dude should be the #2 contender tbh only him and usman really the best. Chimaev is new so I don’t think he should be #2 yet he should at least face a couple more guys before a title fight dude only has 11 fights but he is a monster. Now that leon has the title I think it’s the perfect opportunity for Colby to get it tbh since usman dosent have it but usman does deserve a rematch right away due to him being an active champion Nd fighting everyone in his division Nd giving them a chance. Masvidal I say dosent deserve a title shot but if I was him rn would be the best time to get it since leon has it Nd they have a beef since that backstage brawl that went viral so that would be ppv buys he can’t beat usman so if I was him I’d get my shot rn if ufc let’s him. But ufc has lots of choices rn for leon next title match also if I was leon I wouldn’t fight usman right away tbh I would get 1 more match vs masvidal so he has a shot but let’s say masvidal beats leon for example than usman rematch dosent feel the same. The division is stacked rn Nd I love all these guys.

    • Lon Prete
      Lon Prete 4 months ago

      Good fight.. could have gone either way.

  • UK Born
    UK Born Month ago

    Wrong discission for me guys I thought Burns took it..

  • Jo O
    Jo O 5 days ago +2

    That overhand that khamzat ate at the end of the second round, wow. How did he not sleep lol

  • Mark Stuckless
    Mark Stuckless Month ago

    When I first saw the fight I thought Burns had it. Now I'm leaning towards Chimaev. Super close either way; hopefully we get to see a rematch one day.

  • Donovan Usoro
    Donovan Usoro Month ago +10

    rewatching this i still see gilbert winning but nonetheless amazing fight overall

    • J m
      J m Month ago

      Bruh moment

    • Kyle Moquin
      Kyle Moquin Month ago

      You can’t tell someone bring it and then get cracked not once but twice by the same hand

    • Kyle Moquin
      Kyle Moquin Month ago


  • Axel_ Adams
    Axel_ Adams 5 months ago +986

    All the respect to Khamzat Chimaev for taking on the #2 welterweight in the UFC and giving him a war... This fight will be remembered for a long time

    • Edin Simic
      Edin Simic 3 months ago

      @Let Me Get Uhhh Khamzat is way smaller than costa , luke rockhold, brunson , vettori etc etc

    • Edin Simic
      Edin Simic 3 months ago

      @Toby Smith burns is 203 pounds odr camp

    • tamros youtubegverdi
      tamros youtubegverdi 4 months ago

      Never be forgotten until the ones who witnessed this live are still alive :)

    • biscobisco
      biscobisco 4 months ago

      @Risotto Nero Burns is NOT a lightweight you dunce - he literally cannot make 155 anymore, it's the entire reason he moved up. Khamzat is NOT a light heavyweight either, he's NEVER competed there in any sport.

      HUDGAMING_ 5 months ago

      @Gatsby Khamzat does have a gas tank lol you do realize that fight was a 3 round fight and Khamzat threw more punches than Colby and usman did in their 5 round fight…

  • Jesus Garza
    Jesus Garza 5 days ago

    Impressive fight by both fighters. Absolutely loved the level of competition, very well matched. Keep up the good work.

  • kurt kaster
    kurt kaster Month ago +1

    These bearded dudes are something else altogether.

  • Nawab Kahn
    Nawab Kahn Month ago

    Super fight burns is a warrior good fight bros hazmat super ma shaa allah

  • ecks dee
    ecks dee 5 days ago

    one of my favourite fights of all time. a lot of people were doubting gilbert and he was clearly tired of hearing that noise. man came ready to die in there and took it to khamzat in a way i dont think well see for a long time

  • Billy Mitchem
    Billy Mitchem Month ago

    Dang good fight

  • M
    M 5 days ago

    Rewatching this a couple times, I noticed Khamzat is actually highly susceptible to a left check hook. He constantly drops his right hand when he throws straight counters or preps to shoot a TD. That makes me think Pereira actually can dispatch of him if he hasn’t fixed that glaring flaw

  • Chico Lee
    Chico Lee 17 days ago +2

    The fact that khamzat could hold his own with a veteran like that

  • jkvd jkvd
    jkvd jkvd Month ago +9

    Смотрел несколько раз бой загляденье скажу одно никто не мог это предсказать но,никто никогда ещё так не вертел Борза в такой наглой,дерзкой манере ☝️💪🇰🇿честный вердикт ничья но Хамзат стал умнее после такого экспириенса ☝️

  • T W
    T W 5 months ago +1244

    this fight had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. this was one of the most memorable fights i've ever watched. burns showed how to stand up to an absolute monster of a fighter in khamzat

    • Masume Nazari
      Masume Nazari 3 months ago

      Gilbert was really a genius, she had a great race, true, she didn't win, but she was good

    • Dr. xyz
      Dr. xyz 3 months ago

      @Hung Tran IF....!!!
      He did not.
      Because he realised the other guy was a beast.
      And anyways I don't see how Khamzat won.
      First round was 50-50
      Second round was Gilbert completely dominating.
      Third round - Khamzat dominated initial minute. They Gilbert just pummeled him with punched. Last 10 second took a knee to the chest.
      It wasn't a very clear victory. Though. And it was by a very small margin.
      Only Russia and Muslims are acting as if Khamzat had won it very convincingly.

    • Gatsby
      Gatsby 5 months ago +1

      Khamzat is like mcgregor, starts strong in round 1 then his gas tank rapidly depletes mid round 2.

    • LevelBoo pew
      LevelBoo pew 5 months ago +4

      @Ziksonlian Neihsial finally someone that isn't a casual

    • gaming with Naruto
      gaming with Naruto 5 months ago

      @Shaan Naafir yeah by words even I can fight with prime mike Tyson 🌚

  • ED 209
    ED 209 27 days ago

    7:05 that combination from burns. Leg kick, leg kick again, feints and goes for the top. You can see Khamzat smile acknowledging it.

  • scottie easley
    scottie easley Month ago

    I'm gonna enjoy watchin poeton knock out KHAMZAT