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LEGENDS OF BOXING - Pacquiao vs.Thurman FIGHT ANALYSIS - Morales, Wright, Barrera & Porter

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
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  • Santiago Scho
    Santiago Scho 2 years ago +47

    Manny fighting in the elite level despite his age is already a LEGEND.
    He is beating undefeated fighters in his prime,
    and still beating undefeated fighters in their prime.
    Guinness World Record of 8 division titles.
    All of this because of hard work, experience, lessons from other fighters, and PASSION - it's not just about the money.

    • Jonathan Bacus
      Jonathan Bacus Year ago

      Lastly God

    • Blue Calu
      Blue Calu 2 years ago +1

      Legendary warrior are born with gift.
      Why only few LEGEND?
      Everybody can train hard. Work hard. With lots of expererience. Almost all of them boxers.
      It is a gift for manny.

  • Jessie Martinez
    Jessie Martinez 2 years ago +32

    What made Manny good is when you hit him he will always hit back with a stronger punch that made his opponent got intimidated.

  • Cabalen Jay
    Cabalen Jay  3 years ago +50

    Morales and barrera are the best gauge to manny’s greatness . These two are hard to beat during their prime

  • Jun Del Rosario, Jr.
    Jun Del Rosario, Jr. 3 years ago +117


    • stepgo
      stepgo 11 months ago

      @Krussshh cong kyot utok bulinaw

    • SuperBrightBrat
      SuperBrightBrat Year ago +1

      @Krussshh cong kyot Bobo amputa

    • Jonalyn PIMENTEl
      Jonalyn PIMENTEl 2 years ago +2

      Bueno after watching this video my Respect for Eric and Marco,has even grown bigger. They truly are boxing legend's, from the Philippines..🤝🤝🤝♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭👋👋👋

    • Krussshh cong kyot
      Krussshh cong kyot 2 years ago

      @Rafi M. ikaw Ang Bobo dika Lang Bobo anak ka pa ni pope Francis na Anti-christ pareho kayo mga Bobo.. mag sama sama kayo sa empyerno

    • Rafi M.
      Rafi M. 2 years ago +1

      @Krussshh cong kyot wala kang paki alam sa mga magulang mo. Kawawa ka naman napaka bubu mo

  • geetchandra leimapokpam
    geetchandra leimapokpam 2 years ago +62

    Manny is now being a living legend,his power and skill is really amazing.I Love Him very much.I watch all of his fight again and again repeatedly// From INDIA//.

  • Natsarim Things
    Natsarim Things 3 years ago +1

    Nice to see Barrera and Morales who already gained weight now. 😃 Feels surreal knowing that these guys has been warriors inside the ring. Salute to both fighters for fighting Manny toe to toe.

  • Kuya Ron
    Kuya Ron 3 years ago +85

    Pacquioa is making history! on July 20th we will witness the event that never be forgotten

  • Federico Espiritu
    Federico Espiritu 3 years ago +307

    Mexican legends are true warriors like manny they are fearless and relentless in the ring

    • Yj Ofloda
      Yj Ofloda 2 years ago

      Floyd mayflower is also a mexican 😹😆

    • 레귤러포스RegularForce
      레귤러포스RegularForce 2 years ago

      Hey! You talking shit to Winky? Lol

    • Jasper Calpito
      Jasper Calpito 2 years ago

      @Jessie Martinez its like when that woman said and quote that "she would rather have a president who grabs by the pussy than a pussy for a president"

    • Jasper Calpito
      Jasper Calpito 2 years ago +5

      @Jessie Martinez floyd is not a warrior, hes a boxer who avoids failure whenever there's a possibility

    • Jessie Martinez
      Jessie Martinez 2 years ago

      How about Floyd bro? You don't like his style?

  • bengolfs1
    bengolfs1 3 years ago +78

    Was lucky enough to see the first Morales-Barrera fight live at the Mandalay Bay Resort back in 2000. One of the most brutal fights of all-time.

    • Teo's Vlog
      Teo's Vlog 3 years ago +1

      @bengolfs1 wow i hope i can watch so soon

    • bengolfs1
      bengolfs1 3 years ago +3

      @Teo's Vlog I used to go to Vegas all the time to watch the fights live, whenever I had the opportunity.

    • Teo's Vlog
      Teo's Vlog 3 years ago +1

      Wowww. You're so lucky

    • Ray Rivera
      Ray Rivera 3 years ago +2

      bengolfs1 yes, I thought Barrera won the 1st, Morales the 2nd and Barrera the 3rd (which he did) take care 👍🏼

    • bengolfs1
      bengolfs1 3 years ago +9

      @Ray Rivera It was a great trilogy they had. Barrera probably deserved to win that fight. Still have the program and my ticket stub (didn't have email to print out ticket back then!!). After the loss to Junior Jones, Barrera transformed himself from a slugger to a master boxer, and in doing so prolonged his career another seven years. Two hall-of-famers. Glad to see they're friends now. They were bitter enemies back then. Cheers.

  • Jarence Mhae Hann Joson
    Jarence Mhae Hann Joson 2 years ago +15

    Salute to this legend fighter Morales, barrera and marquez!!! We are proud of you boxing legends

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia 3 years ago +7

    Great questions. I did want a more detailed answer from Morales on their 1st fight plan and execution.
    Personally: You must trade.
    Have a good chin
    And stay away from left punch.
    To beat Pacquiao u must frustrate him first to open him up.
    But, you better have a chin because he will make you “swell and bleed. “

  • Charlie Sanchez
    Charlie Sanchez 3 years ago +24

    Yo Shawn man you’re the world boxer I respected, your honest opinion moved me. God bless Shawn!

    • Ard john Ochab
      Ard john Ochab 2 years ago

      he's a good boxer and sport. he's a respectable boxer also.

    BABYGOD® 3 years ago +34

    Anytime I see Marco and Erik together I just remember one word : War.

    ROMEO NICOLAS 2 years ago +1

    Thank you Eric and Marco,you made Manny a great Boxer came from your greatness.

  • Jaypee Dela Rosa
    Jaypee Dela Rosa 3 years ago +87

    Two legends.barrera morales.both great warriors.respect to both of you.

  • Jshadows83
    Jshadows83 3 years ago +335

    Erik el terrible was really a Mexican warrior in the ring nothing but respect!

    • Nestor Bayot
      Nestor Bayot 2 years ago

      @Roberto MaltoTouch and hold a clip to pin it. Unpinned clips will be deleted after 1 hour.Touch and hold a clip to pin it. Unpinned clips will be deleted after 1 hou

    • Roberto Malto
      Roberto Malto 2 years ago +1


    • Renz Irish Garcia
      Renz Irish Garcia 3 years ago +10

      @Therapeutic Sounds agree. Specially the first fight. He outboxed Manny and make him a thinking boxer

    • Therapeutic Sounds
      Therapeutic Sounds 3 years ago +12

      123six morales is my favourite opponent of manny.. i am still having chills whenever i am watching the replays.

  • Con Artist
    Con Artist 2 years ago +6

    I really hope Marko and Erik are friends now. Much respect for them coming together.

    • Dexter
      Dexter 5 months ago

      they hate each other so much before..really hope they are friends now

  • JSG
    JSG 2 years ago +9

    Marco Antonio Barerra and Eric Morales salute to these two great Mexican boxers
    Mabuhay! 😍

  • dwight mcclure
    dwight mcclure 3 years ago +13

    Barrera put on the best battles ever. Thank you for bringing this warrior on this show. No one was tougher than Barrera.

  • llen Star
    llen Star 2 years ago +1

    Respect to Morales, Barrera and Marquez, for they were the very responsible win or lose - that Pacman worked very hard to get to the level not many fighters could ever reach even at his old age. By the way, the only time a boxing is called REAL where fans on both sides put their hearts and souls is when a Mexican and Filipino Champs meet in the ring.

    MAYO DEONSE 2 years ago +57

    morales, barrera, and marquez really knows Pacman what he`s capable of.

    • Renzo Manco
      Renzo Manco 2 years ago +1

      Including Shawn porter he was one of the sparring partner of Manny Pacquiao

  • BSIT Solution Provider
    BSIT Solution Provider 2 years ago +12

    Great boxers are talking about Manny pacquiao, one of the GOAT... Just like great basketball players talk about michael jordan.

  • DG khanal Funny videos
    DG khanal Funny videos 3 years ago +43

    Viva Mexico Respect to this Mexican Legend Eric Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera 💪💪💪

  • TINA the Hush Puppy Basset Hound

    My 2 all time faves. Barrera and Morales

    • khan marcus
      khan marcus 3 years ago +2

      likewise bro.

    • J-Rox
      J-Rox 3 years ago +10

      Lin Johnson "both had Hearts bigger than the Sport🇲🇽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽😤

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 3 years ago +1

    Amazing video , having these Great fighters together answering all these questions and listening to their great answers my respect ✊🏻 to all of them, hopefully it will be a good fight, may the best man win 👋

  • claude marksman
    claude marksman 3 years ago +145

    Nothing but respect for mexican boxer, i love them watching even I’m Filipino, they give excitement, and they are figther like filipino boxer. Unlike American they are tall but they good in running all the way. 😂

  • Raymark Ogayre
    Raymark Ogayre 2 years ago +1

    Since I was 9 I love watching boxing.... I am proud Filipino... My favorite boxer slugger was all legends pacman gatti ward Marquez Costa Corrales Tyson klistchko brother Barrera.... Most of them are retired... Except for one... Our very own legend Senator Manny Pacquiao....

  • marcelo sta ana
    marcelo sta ana 2 years ago +21

    When this two boxer visit the philippines they also well known to the filipino, they gain true respect, brilliant and respectful persons long live to you guys🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Benjamin Aguilar
    Benjamin Aguilar 3 years ago +1

    Glad to see both Hall of Famers together...Barrera and Morales classic fights together.....

  • lexus gabriel
    lexus gabriel 3 years ago +20

    Morales Barrera and Porter are right ! They know Manny Paquiao

  • rehab paddler
    rehab paddler 3 years ago +64

    Never thought the day would come where Morales and Barrera be civil towards each other. Let alone sit beside one another and not throw any punches..

    • Allendale Montano
      Allendale Montano 3 years ago +3

      Haha thinking the same both true mexican warrior

    • Sam48
      Sam48 3 years ago +6

      They work together all the time and are apparently good friends now

  • Chis P. Bacon
    Chis P. Bacon 3 years ago +21

    When you see Barrera and Morales.. Respect is the first word that comes out in my mind...

  • mike deleon
    mike deleon 2 years ago +39

    Marco and morales are being honest here.. they are great mexican fighter... respect

  • sadlifeDhallow
    sadlifeDhallow 3 years ago +32

    Damn, porters prediction was right

    • YB Rayanai
      YB Rayanai Year ago

      Perks of being a sparring partner

  • Charlie Sanchez
    Charlie Sanchez 3 years ago +83

    Barrera and Morales seems gain lots of weights. I know Morales has a good friendship over pacquiao.

    • Deanv Garcia
      Deanv Garcia Year ago

      What do you expect? They have retired and not in training.

  • ricric villanueva
    ricric villanueva 3 years ago +27

    Legends Barrera and Morales, Love seeing them

  • johnly dalisay
    johnly dalisay 3 years ago +127

    Salute and respect for these 2 mexican legends...

  • Estevan Alameda
    Estevan Alameda 3 years ago

    My man Winky is hella underrated he was robbed in that Vargas fight. He had all the belts at one time in one of the toughest most exciting weight classes.

  • leonard Sebastian
    leonard Sebastian 2 years ago +9

    My both idol in boxing ring Marco Antonio Barerra and Eric Morales 👍❤

  • alvarezlyle
    alvarezlyle 3 years ago +2

    Mannys weakness is vs a counterpuncher and a dirty fighter which is not in Keiths game. If Keith would bombard Manny with punches that would be a mistake as Manny is a great counterpuncher and wouldnt be surprised to take him out in the early rds

  • RatatRatR
    RatatRatR 4 months ago

    18:18 dude, the Manny from Marquez IV was still exceptionally good. He was damn close to stopping Marquez before he got stopped himself.

  • JM C
    JM C 2 years ago +5

    Filipino & Mexican always the best on Boxing. Stand Up Philippines & Mexico! 🔥 Great warriors on the ring! 🔥

  • Auj íe
    Auj íe 3 years ago +37

    I can’t wait to see Thurman laid in the ring from power left punch of Manny 🥊 🥊🥊

  • Paul Leon
    Paul Leon 3 years ago +31

    Shawn Porter looks like the small version of Mike Tyson.

  • Romulo Enriquez
    Romulo Enriquez 3 years ago

    Barrera and Morales always gives the chills in the spine!

  • Trashford is rash
    Trashford is rash 3 years ago +408

    Barrera still looks baby faced assassin he and morales in one of the best trilogies EVER !!!!

    • Aaron Javelosa
      Aaron Javelosa Year ago

      @llewbach77 loved that era, watching fights with my dad.

    • Nelia Furtado
      Nelia Furtado Year ago

      Eric. Morales marco antonio barera lahat sila bagsak kay manny pacquiao kAya ito si spence bagsak din pacquiao

    • Angkols Cover Song Vlog
      Angkols Cover Song Vlog 2 years ago

      @llewbach77 yes man... gatti and ward are true warriors.... im a filipino... and I love them both...

    • Trashford is rash
      Trashford is rash 2 years ago +1

      Boxing Trio fuck up

    • Boxing Trio
      Boxing Trio 2 years ago

      All those hits to da facr puffed him up like a cheeto dats why he got a. Buttface i mean sorry baby face

    JACQUELINE SANTIAGO 3 years ago +28

    Mr. Porter done a good job as commentator here..

  • Jovito Tuplano Jr
    Jovito Tuplano Jr 3 years ago +20

    over whelming praise from Porter,I salute you!

  • j Q
    j Q 3 years ago +1

    Good to see Morales and Barrera together again. They really hate each other but not this one. 🙏🏼

  • mikey shanghai
    mikey shanghai 3 years ago +14

    Goodness! Eric Morales quadrupled his size since retirement.

  • Al Vaili
    Al Vaili 3 years ago

    I think Thurman will edge Pacquiao in this one. I thought Thurman had his hands full vs Garcia but he won. Pacquiao is older, slower and more tactical so hopefully he is more patient and stay focussed.

  • Pinoy in Canada Ray of the Sun ☀️

    This is a great video coverage on the inputs of great credible fighters. Thanks and God bless.

  • Jeo Jagonia
    Jeo Jagonia 3 years ago

    Porter is just right! It is easy to make a game plan but when Manny hit you with one, two , three punches then the game plan change or forget the plan at all. 😂

  • ENRI Films
    ENRI Films 3 years ago +70

    Mexican-Filipino Warrior thats the fight we want. TRUE WARRIOR #SaluteFromPhilippines

  • Jesus Felipe Mendoza
    Jesus Felipe Mendoza 3 years ago +193

    Filipinos are gutsy, courageous, and most of all friendly.

  • Cool Kidd
    Cool Kidd 2 years ago

    It really show what a caliber of a fighter Manny was , and what a caliber fighter he is right now. He is fighting new generation of welterweights and still can dominate . Scary . He is a force of nature, one in a billion talent . We will never see a " Manny " for the next 100-200 yrs .

  • marc rasmussen
    marc rasmussen 3 years ago +6

    The baby face assassin is my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! he looks like a heavy weight lol 😁, Morales looks great too, loved watching him alot, but I watched Barrera from the beginning. Winky was good too, and much as I watched boxing, I didn't see him much, people wouldn't fight him. Porter is now 1 of my favorites, I thought he won that fight with Thurman

    BUHAY OFW 3 years ago +91

    Thurman will get early retirement after this fight 100%.

    • Gab Tagasa
      Gab Tagasa 2 years ago


    • Dr Morcoch
      Dr Morcoch 2 years ago +1

      everytime pacquiao fights what goes to my head is he's biting off more than he can chew. including this fight. obviously i'm wrong again. my hat's off to you for your correct prediction that pacquiao is going to win.

    • Nope Open
      Nope Open 2 years ago

      Well he got served 😄👌

    • What is My name
      What is My name 2 years ago

      @Justaway his facing old man...thurman is finish

    • Justaway
      Justaway 3 years ago +10

      Im a pacquiao fan. Thurman lost but this fight just shows how great a boxer he is. He has a bright future

  • Yamabushi Warrior
    Yamabushi Warrior 3 years ago

    What a Freaking GREAT fight.
    Pac-Man did his Thing - Thing.

  • oyet Vallejo
    oyet Vallejo 2 years ago

    Shawn says exact to what happens after fight! Bravo Shawn.

  • emma bach
    emma bach 3 years ago +5

    And Manny is still fighting 😘 amazing!

    ABUFARAH 2 years ago

    Seing again these two warrior, it reminds me of my teenage life. watching thier unforgetable fought with Pacman.

  • Bowie Wolfgang
    Bowie Wolfgang 2 years ago +2

    Their ALL LEGENDS✌️👏👏

  • Ji Soo
    Ji Soo 2 years ago +40

    Respect from philippines to those 2 mexican legends. Real warrior

  • Brian REE
    Brian REE 3 years ago +42

    Thurman has never fought a fighter on an elite level such as Cotto, Mayweather, Bradley, Hatton etc...
    Pacman will be a shocker for him....end of the story.

    • Joey Boy Galicia
      Joey Boy Galicia 2 years ago

      @Blacksmith Rass hello 2021

    • Ard john Ochab
      Ard john Ochab 2 years ago

      @Blacksmith Rass tough fight with pacman hahahhaha, are you kidding me, touch cheat, your the one who doesn't know boxing. hahhahaha

    • Johnny Saints
      Johnny Saints 2 years ago

      @Blacksmith Rass dude wtf u talking idiot ass loser head wahahahaha fook U!!!

    • Marty Boy
      Marty Boy 2 years ago

      @Blacksmith Rass bro where's Thurman?

    • Akat Menu
      Akat Menu 2 years ago

      @Blacksmith Rass no hard feeling mate just go with flow

  • Bao Nguyen
    Bao Nguyen 2 years ago

    Golden Generation of boxers. There were many exciting fights in the 2000’s, not anymore!

  • Barry
    Barry 2 years ago

    huge respect for these two warriors who never trash talks before the fight .. even Morales never said anything crap when he defeated Manny.. true fighters never make a lot of noise but can drain your blood in a silent way..

  • Chewminem
    Chewminem 3 years ago +21

    28:00 Shawn Porter explains Manny’s Ultra Instinct lol

  • Jason Dayton
    Jason Dayton 3 years ago

    Here is the breakdown. Pacman has fought champions in their prime. He beat them The fighters Pacman fought was a lot higher caliber of fighters than Thurman has ever fought. Also, Thurman has never been pressured by the way Manny pressures fighters. Thurman will fold. He doesn't have a drive of a real champion. He is a paper champion at best. Thurman has never fought a decent fighter. Porter is a sparring partner to Manny and Manny would beat his ass easily sparring and Thurman had trouble with him. You should go look up Manny's sparring with Porter.

  • moonpallera
    moonpallera 3 years ago +28

    I think Pacman's punches are nutritious & healthy,, look at Morales, Barera & also Hatton, they are all healthy and bigger now

    • tim dos
      tim dos Year ago +1

      hahaha that's a good one

    • Remor Kashmir A. Mutia
      Remor Kashmir A. Mutia Year ago +1

      That awesome comment 😉

    • Kiko otoyat
      Kiko otoyat 2 years ago +1

      It destroys their eating habit, when Manny mauled you, the effect years after is doubling your diet with increased appetite...

    • Roberto Cruz
      Roberto Cruz 2 years ago


    • Sanghaya TLC
      Sanghaya TLC 2 years ago +1

      Great One,
      Or better yet so damaging it caused trouble on those guys metabolism..

  • Ralf
    Ralf 3 years ago +22

    I love to see morales and barerra get along now before there enemy inside and out the ring. Now happy to see them talking.

  • Eric Margaja
    Eric Margaja 3 years ago +8

    Winky wright i wish you will watch this interview after pacman smash thurman i wanna see your reaction

  • melencio franco
    melencio franco Year ago

    Morales and Barrera is a Great Fighter much respect to you guys..💞

  • Orlando A. Flor
    Orlando A. Flor 3 years ago +30

    pacquiao's off balance movement is a drunken master style. he is good in it. he does not fight in a traditional way. .

  • BoxingDialogue
    BoxingDialogue 3 years ago +7

    I know they’re friends now but I always expect Barrera and Morales to just start fighting out of no where lol

  • Marites Mamar
    Marites Mamar 3 years ago

    These are the great boxers who Manny defeated..and yet still respected Manny..salute to then

  • happpitrip
    happpitrip 3 years ago +31

    I like Manny Pacquiao. He is the best. The greatest of all time. The lord of the ring.

    • 100HANDS
      100HANDS 3 years ago

      Manny is,great but whoa whoa the best idk about that. Ray Leonard, Pernell Whitaker, Roberto Duran, Hector Camacho and as we seen Floyd would give Manny big problems

  • Josue Ocay
    Josue Ocay 2 years ago

    Salute Morales, Barrera, great fighter nice to see you in the screen. Mexican warriors.

  • bradda kimo
    bradda kimo 2 years ago

    Shaun Porter is a very good and thoughtful speaker, as well as a great boxer. He'll make a good commentator when he retires from boxing.

  • marbits 1914
    marbits 1914 2 years ago +4

    "he is the living legend"

  • Teo's Vlog
    Teo's Vlog 3 years ago +8

    Wow the mexican legends
    Much respect!

  • jonn win65
    jonn win65 3 years ago

    we really love Mexican boxers fr the Philippines., we respect them vry mch. Morales & Barrera are truly legend warriors and best friends of Manny Paquiao...Manny he is a very humble man you can never hear any bad words fr him.

  • Red One
    Red One 3 years ago

    Manny will work on Thurman's body. just watch his fight against Porter. He got him a couple times on the body and he pedalled back away from Porter. and thats the mistake of Porter . I think Porter won that fight. if he continued to work on his body it wudve been a stoppage.

  • Donnette Morns
    Donnette Morns 3 years ago +8

    7:30 when he talked about Manny's quickness, the camera got blurry, just like the blurring speed of Pacquiao.

  • Life Coaching
    Life Coaching 3 years ago +19

    Packing needs to play smart in this fight or he may lose. Judges are on Thurman side. Remember MayWeather fight?

    • Myrna Merana
      Myrna Merana 2 years ago

      U can't beat mnny pacquiao coz h is eating corn and rice w hile americans is only bread.Pilipinos have strong bones cause wer hardworking people.MAnny pacquiao is also humble not like all his opponents were rude and very boastful dats why they knock down him all .maybe these were all lessons 4 them.what they have to do is just do there best and dnt talk too much coz i hate dat kind of person.after they all knockdwn its good 4 them especially margarito,rios also tto sanchez which was xo very dirty in boxing

    • UNITRON Electric Unicycles Philippines
      UNITRON Electric Unicycles Philippines 3 years ago +1

      Life Coaching No I don’t think so. A Pacquiao-Spence fight is way way bigger than a Thurman-Spence fight. This is a no-brainer. You know what I mean. Pacquiao is the most precious fighter in the PBC stable right now.

  • Napoleon Alindogan
    Napoleon Alindogan 2 years ago +1

    Every time Pacquiao I heard Pacquiao again..we filipinos feel worried ,nervous and scared cause he is already old we do not want to him to get hurt anymore.

  • xpreshun
    xpreshun 3 years ago +5

    Seems like Barrera and Morales are getting along pretty well.

  • Joseph Alalag
    Joseph Alalag 2 years ago

    I salute sir Marco Barerra for his humbleness

  • Boy Ponce
    Boy Ponce 2 years ago

    Im a filipino ..yes its true filipinos are friendly ..by the way my respect to barrera and morales for bieng a humble fighter ...good ,tough and strong fighter i salute you guys ( morares and barrera ) godbless both of you...

  • Mikko Alberto
    Mikko Alberto 2 years ago +1

    looks like barrera's in shape, bulkier, i think he can still make a comeback. we'll that just me.

  • Cabalen Jay
    Cabalen Jay  3 years ago +3

    I think body shots are the keys to mannys success

  • Canis Anuвis
    Canis Anuвis Year ago +1

    Morales spoke for around 20 seconds. It was translated in 10 😂

  • StOnE BrEaKeR
    StOnE BrEaKeR 3 years ago

    the living legend boxer in history..clap clap

  • Saul Herrera
    Saul Herrera 3 years ago +5

    🇲🇽👍👍 Arriba Pacquiao!

  • Leo Royo
    Leo Royo 2 years ago

    That’s the problem with the people who don’t respect Pacquiao. First, a lot of boxer are arrogant and relies on their records. The main reason for Pacman being famous is his experience, conditioning, unique style and humbleness. He is more stronger than what you think, fast and deceptively explosive. Underestimate him is what your

  • Chester Spychala
    Chester Spychala 3 years ago +71

    Shawn Porter is the undisputed hair champion for sure.

  • The Rod
    The Rod 3 years ago

    Two great Mexican fighters! Respect them both.

  • Erwin Aquinde
    Erwin Aquinde 3 years ago

    Despite all the ring battles morales and Barrera has, they still retain their ‘baby face.’

  • NaoAshet
    NaoAshet 3 years ago +430

    All Filipinos salute to morales barerra and marquez the real boxing fighter

    • Jim So
      Jim So 2 years ago

      @Krussshh cong kyot ano pinaglalaban mo kupal.😁😂😂 pano nasama ung boxing sa pinaglalaban mo.tanga kna ang bobo mupa ungas😂😂😂

    • eunica
      eunica 2 years ago

      mexican are the ones build pacmans ability proud of them too thanks mexican fighter

    • Boxing Trio
      Boxing Trio 2 years ago

      Da messycans cant touch us cant touch this lmao

    • Martin Maligmat
      Martin Maligmat 2 years ago

      Showtime SP got the correct prediction, .. salute to the 3 Mexican Warriors who brought to the world who is Manny Pacquiao in the sports of Boxing...

    • Krussshh cong kyot
      Krussshh cong kyot 2 years ago

      @drt5264 Bobo

  • Dm Chn
    Dm Chn 3 years ago

    Respect for Barrera and Morales