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Who is the Sphinx in the Game of Thrones books?

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023

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  • enigma6482
    enigma6482 4 years ago +845

    Maybe this is why Martin hasn't finished the series yet. He's made the story so incredibly complex with so many subplots he can't figure out how to tie them all together in a cohesive manner anymore.

    • Joel Glanton
      Joel Glanton 4 days ago

      No shit lol

    • Hellia Hanagy
      Hellia Hanagy 2 months ago +1

      I thought this before I read the books. Now I think he just can’t bear to do some of the things his plots require to his beloved children. There is no doubt in my mind that everything that made the edit into the novels is necessary and purposeful.

    • D G
      D G 2 months ago

      This has to be it.

    • Reload Seven
      Reload Seven 3 months ago +1

      @Myname Jeff he did recently say he's about 2/3rds done with the book. As a writer myself, that is a textbook example of "get off my back publisher" speak, but I have high hopes

    • Myname Jeff
      Myname Jeff 3 months ago +1

      He's a gardener and his garden has become so beautifully lush and overgrown that its going to take quite a while to trim down. Praying to the 7, R'hllor, the Many-Face God, the Weirwoods, the Drowned God and the God of Tits and Whine that he can finish WoW in the next 3-4 years.

  • DarthBricksEmpire
    DarthBricksEmpire 3 years ago +477

    In the show, Oberyn has 8 too. Or atleast he used to before D&D forgot. He told Cersei that he had 8 daughters back in S04. But I guess D&D forgot, so now he only has 3

    • Sachems49
      Sachems49 4 months ago +1

      Everytime I think they couldn’t have done worse I’m proved wrong

    • C.o.R (Lex)
      C.o.R (Lex) 9 months ago +13

      Seriously, even a throwaway line from Ellaria saying she'd sent the youngest four away to keep them safe while she and the sand reptiles overthrew Doran, or how Sarella was in Oldtown...They made Tyene her kid, so it fudged the birth order, but they could always have her be the fourth oldest instead of third, the eldest of Ellaria's five kids

    • Gholam Da Pantaloon Sniffer
      Gholam Da Pantaloon Sniffer Year ago +4

      And then he says 7 in season 4 again a few episodes before he gets his head crushed by The mountain 🏔️

    • Sahara Rose Lohani
      Sahara Rose Lohani Year ago +33

      "The thing is... We kinda forgot about it."

    • Zamil
      Zamil Year ago

      Why do they have to remember about it tho?

  • Rich Mackin
    Rich Mackin 4 years ago +880

    Having witnessed how a few of my favorite shows, channels, playlists, etc go down in quality, quantity, accuracy, and/or have talent replaced by employees, I have become increasingly appreciative of you and all you do. The editing and tone and quality of these videos as well as the prolific work in zzz. Sadly, my family situation is keeping me from financial contribution, but I wanted to share my ongoing and sincere appreciation.

  • Cameron Detweiler
    Cameron Detweiler 4 years ago +3826

    Coldhands, Benjen, Daario, Euron, Jaqen, and Syrio walk into a bar.
    He orders a drink.

    • Junyu Lu
      Junyu Lu 6 months ago

      Also Mance

    • Nido Hime
      Nido Hime 8 months ago

      I'm the only who doesn't get how some people think Euron and Daario are the same person?
      Is like they forgot that one of the most charateristic features of Euron is the fact that he only has one eye, or at least he covers one with an eyepatch.

    • I’m Not Paul Avery
      I’m Not Paul Avery 9 months ago +1

      Arthur Dayne!

    • Mr. Grim
      Mr. Grim Year ago

      This is the most insane and entertaining conspiracy I've heard so far

    • Holy smacks Titan balls
      Holy smacks Titan balls Year ago

      dont​ forget Pate

  • Chip Douglas
    Chip Douglas 4 years ago +71

    Honestly Sam's storyline is one the ones I'm most excited to read in the Winds of Winter. I think he is going to learn a lot of cool details

  • Caitlin Brewer
    Caitlin Brewer 4 years ago +779

    Actually Oberyn DOES have all 8 daughters in the show, he mentions this to Cersei when they're in the gardens.

    • Dragon Slayer
      Dragon Slayer 20 days ago

      @J G 🙀

    • Dragon Slayer
      Dragon Slayer 20 days ago

      @alhena11 omg thanks guys I needed that 🤣

    • Dragon Slayer
      Dragon Slayer 20 days ago +1

      @Echo2602 interesting history there 🙀

    • Dragon Slayer
      Dragon Slayer 20 days ago

      @Echo2602 🙀

    • D dpzzp
      D dpzzp Year ago +1

      @Kyle Ithink the shows says of the three present only one is hers

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 4 years ago +583

    God i love your videos. really well edited and an amazing way to present and explore the theories and questions on the Game of thrones community

    • a crusty krab
      a crusty krab 4 years ago +2

      I agree his presentations are really smooth and fun to watch.

    • Han Solo
      Han Solo 4 years ago +1

      @cloud landing i shall correct that now

    • Cloud Landing
      Cloud Landing 4 years ago +2

      Great videos indeed. But these theories weren’t created by him, but rather represented by them from the asoiaf subreddit or Westeros.org.
      Nonetheless, his representations are spectacular and as many book readers discuss these things on the forums, he does a great job at explaining them simply for everyone else.

    • Charles Waldon
      Charles Waldon 4 years ago +1

      Han Solo ya he's top 3 on the subject for sure...

  • hans tonra
    hans tonra 3 years ago +714

    "I am no lord's son"
    She is a prince's daughter

  • Nooshdog
    Nooshdog 2 years ago +39

    The plotline in Oldtown is quickly becoming my favorite and most anticipated storyline that I want to see play out in TWOW. I can't wait!

    • Peter
      Peter 3 months ago +1

      You keep waiting lol

  • Sean Edging
    Sean Edging 4 years ago +793

    Leave it to Alt Shift X to turn a minor character I've never noticed to one of the most interesting things I've heard all week.

    • Darllington
      Darllington 2 years ago +15

      @bighand69 I actually only started reading the books because I hated season 7, I knew that the show could no longer tell a good story. People didn't like season 8 because it was super bad, the story made no sense, the lines were ridiculous and the characters were acting like robots. Theorizing has nothing to do with it.

    • bighand69
      bighand69 2 years ago

      It is no wonder that many of you did not like the last season you have gone too deep into your own fantasy world.

    • Butternut
      Butternut 2 years ago +8

      I think its the kind of details you pick up on a second or third read, once you're accustomed with the main characters and the more prominent storylines, its easier to pick up on the smaller plots and secrets that are hidden through the words

    • Darllington
      Darllington 2 years ago +8

      I actually read the books reaaallyyy carefully and yet I never heard of Sallera as well haha. I mean it's impossible to keep track with all those names and houses. But I will read them all again

    • Sean Edging
      Sean Edging 4 years ago +8

      Tertulio Eustaquio hey man ASOIAF was my guilty reading on the bus when I should have been reading for school. I missed a bunch.

  • Ben W
    Ben W 4 years ago +29

    This is why the book series is amazing and will never be finished. Even this minor character has a detailed, well defined background and arcs available to his/her story that will effect the whole plot. Weaving all of these threads together should take 10 years, it's sad that we probably won't see the end of this book series. Thanks for the vid

  • Jared Vennett
    Jared Vennett 4 years ago +976

    At this rate, we’ll be all experts by the time season 8 premieres. Thank you AltShiftX

    • Jared Vennett
      Jared Vennett 2 years ago +8

      Looking back at my idiotic comment after 2 years... all i have to say is -FUCK D&D and fuck the last season or the last 2-3 seasons fuck em all what a waste

    • Glesonia Dennis
      Glesonia Dennis 2 years ago +1

      I've finished watching season 8
      They should have used these videos to do season 8

    • cat foy
      cat foy 3 years ago

      Your a bitch?

    • JGHifiversveiws
      JGHifiversveiws 3 years ago +2

      Hi! Hindsight here just wanted to let you know that...

    • Chief Rey
      Chief Rey 3 years ago +17

      I have bad news for you bud

  • Ricardo Fortuna
    Ricardo Fortuna 4 years ago +42

    Mandy Finke’s art for Salleras is great. Androgynous enough but also feminine enough to tell she’s a girl. Captures Salleras’ beauty as well.

    • TheChzoronzon
      TheChzoronzon Year ago +3

      @Alt Shift X "Then Euron lifted a great horn to his lips and blew, and dragons and krakens and SPHINXES came at his command and bowed before him." you missed that one, my friend ;)

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  4 years ago +6

      Check out Mandy's deviantart! mafin10.deviantart.com

  • Aidan Buford
    Aidan Buford 2 years ago +78

    Quentyn Martell, the most profound speaker of our time. His famous quote of “Oh.” truly makes my heart race with emotion.

  • Callum Shannon
    Callum Shannon 4 years ago +721

    Not a Lord's son, and not a Lord's daughter either... a Prince's daughter!

    • Alegost1
      Alegost1 4 years ago

      if you can´t beat ´em join them^^

    • Vic "G" Bittencourt
      Vic "G" Bittencourt 4 years ago

      LMFAO XD Austrian diplomacy in a nutshell

    • Alegost1
      Alegost1 4 years ago +1

      so dorne resisted every attempt of conquest except the austrian kind^^

    • Vic "G" Bittencourt
      Vic "G" Bittencourt 4 years ago +4

      That's because Dorne was the only kingdom that the Targaryens FAILED to conquer. When they tried, Rhaenys died, her dragon died, a lot of Targ kings died, lords died, and so go on. Dorne would only become part of the Targaryen reign after Daeron II united the houses of Martell and Targaryen by marrying the Prince's daughter, and marrying his sister (Called Princess Daenerys Targaryen) to the eldest Martell son.

    • Callum Shannon
      Callum Shannon 4 years ago +3

      Alegost1 yep. The Targaryens let the Dornish continue using their own titles when they bent the knee. And the Martells are very proud of being Princes/Princesses. So it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she meant “I am no Lord’s son... I’M A PRINCE’S DAUGHTER!”

  • checkmatefurries
    checkmatefurries 4 years ago +540

    The most compelling evidence is that Alleras is sarella backwards ROFL

  • Sage Myruss
    Sage Myruss 2 years ago +9

    Dude I really love your book breakdowns. I’ve read the series through like three times now but these breakdowns really help put a lot in perspective. Especially this video I’ve never even picked up on this Sarila connection. But you’re not overbearing with the connectivity of like words being used and things like that that some of these other book breakdowns do. You’re very clear. Thank you so much man, you really broaden the scope of the world and help amplify my experience

  • Onesimo Galvao
    Onesimo Galvao 4 years ago +7

    I love how deep he goes into this. My theory would have been "sarella backwards is alleras there's your evidence"

  • Nietzsche's Moustache
    Nietzsche's Moustache 4 years ago +13

    I really love that a badass like Oberyn had only daughters. I know that GRRM is just getting his feminist rocks off, but in the process, he made some really interesting characters.

  • Devin Rai
    Devin Rai 4 years ago +62

    Hi. Great videos.
    Can you please make a video on crypts of winterfell? There’s something there. We know Jon has dreams of crypts and Abel(Mance) Is interested in the crypts and there are old stories about crypts as told by old nan.
    Can you please make a video of it? Thank you!

  • R69NiX
    R69NiX 3 years ago +6

    That glass candle thing is so cool. When it lit due to the dragons I would have thought that would have been the sort of cool iconic spectacle that would have been perfect for the TV show. Shame they didn't add it in, they could of arranged the story any which way to add it in they didn't have to use Alleras.
    The best ending for me would be the White Watchers winning and then it was shown that the Night King was Azor Ahai. Which makes zero sense, but i'd love it!

    • Jazzzzz
      Jazzzzz Year ago +3

      This would have been cool, to twist the human perception that we are always the default good guys who are the subjects of all the prophecy and destiny. To turn it around and this great hero is actually the unknowable force marching on them from the north?? Idk how that could work, like maybe azor ahai married into the walkers for peace and for some reason is marching them back now? Whatever reason the Others are marching to begin with.

  • lawoftheeast
    lawoftheeast 4 years ago +71

    Yes! New GoT video!
    Enjoy these more than the show at this point.

    • Sleepy Effy
      Sleepy Effy 4 years ago

      Me too hahahaha

    • omgnuub
      omgnuub 4 years ago +5

      Not so much GoT video as Asoiaf video at this point.

  • Scott Douglas
    Scott Douglas 4 years ago +2

    More excellent content. I hope you keep delivering this kind of quality for a long time.

  • Jeff L
    Jeff L 4 years ago +1

    I am happy you noted why Aemon would mention the Sphinx, it always perplexed me as to why he would know or care about Alleras, but maybe it is not Alleras, but Jon. Kudos on the video!

  • Lady Starfall
    Lady Starfall 4 years ago +13

    Never never disappointed with your videos. Thank you for the Sphinx introduction! Cheers 🍻

  • Thomas Graham
    Thomas Graham 3 years ago +1

    love these speculation videos. Cant wait for more to come with the new book!

  • AllinTwilight
    AllinTwilight 3 years ago +5

    The sphinx represents the evolution of man: from animalistic to a higher spiritual form, or so some say, and is also the spiritual guardian of the mysteries of nature.

  • Michael Broughton
    Michael Broughton 4 years ago +1

    Hey Alt, always like your videos. How about doing a video on the Night's Watch? More specifically why is it called the Night's Watch.
    "Night's" is a possessive adjective meaning that the Watch belongs to the night, not that they watch the night. Feels like there is something else going on there at the Wall...

  • The Wayfarer
    The Wayfarer 4 years ago +589

    Ahh the books...where Dorne is my favourite faction and get shit done. Ties to West and East, academics and warriors. All finally going to work together infiltrating Sparrows, Small Council, Aegon's Court and get revenge. As someone who likes both Alex Siddig and rates Doran Martell as one of the best characters....fuck D and D.

    • Jenna Leclaire
      Jenna Leclaire 2 years ago +5

      @The Wayfarer Exactly! I'm always completely befuddled when incels moan about the show being "feminist" when they turned all the female characters into bouncing titty'ed whores, stupid shrieking harpies, or one-dimensional "evil hot bitch" tropes. Oh, and let's not forget the disgusting "rape the hot teenage Sansa to give her motivation and a plotline". Seriously? And they did the Sand Snakes and Arianne real dirty. Real, distinct women each with their own talents and flaws. Masculine women, feminine women, warrior women, scholarly women. What does the show give us? "Ooh, we're so mad and evil and stupid, let's kill children. Bronn, you want this bad girl poosay? Aren't we sooo tough?"

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 2 years ago

      @Andrew - Prince Doran wasn't all planning. In ADWD he says that people blamed him for his latency while, in reality, he was "the grass that conceals the viper until its strikes." In other words, he feigned importance and let the doing to Oberyn so that they could conceal their real plans.

    • Daniel Masyakin
      Daniel Masyakin 3 years ago +4

      Things is the Dornish seem the most intriguing but they fail at every one of their attempts to play to game of thrones (Quentyn, Arianne's plot to crown Myrcella etc..) they only appear badass and Doran is an idiot.

    • books from Windblown
      books from Windblown 4 years ago

      Alexander siddig played a villian character Ra's in gotham, and he did well. In game of thrones they could have included the secret plan of ally, this would have been well.

    • MegaTechpc
      MegaTechpc 4 years ago +15

      The Dornish plot isn't my favorite in the books, but it certainly deserves so much more than the horseshit the show has shoveled all over it.

  • Josh Morris
    Josh Morris 2 years ago +2

    I love this character. I hope she features more in Winds.

  • Megan Tredant
    Megan Tredant 4 years ago +3

    Great video and a great subject that I've been waiting for someone to take seriously. Can't wait for the next one 👍

  • Jaq
    Jaq 4 years ago

    I love these videos. I read the books so long ago, they are a good reminder. But also, you always bring up some really interesting points and theories.

  • Jimmy Klimt
    Jimmy Klimt 4 years ago

    These videos have made me appreciate Game of Thrones do much more - I'm definitely planning to get the audiobooks now.

  • Daemon Blackfyre
    Daemon Blackfyre 4 years ago +145

    The Martells are not Lords. By rights the are Princess or Prince. She/He is no Lords son. But a Prince's daughter.

    • Tanin Moores
      Tanin Moores 2 years ago

      Well Doran may be Prince of Dorne but he is still Lord of Sunspear

    • Daemon Blackfyre
      Daemon Blackfyre 2 years ago +10

      @AeneasGemini False. Dorne doesn't pay taxes and they are exempt from a few of the laws of the 7 kingdoms. This is why so many lords and petty lords hate Dorne. It also helped to fuel the first Blackfyre Rebellion. Lords believed Dorne was treated better. And they were.

    • AeneasGemini
      AeneasGemini 2 years ago +1

      it's an empty title since in practice they have no more power than any other great house

  • OnyxSkiesXIX
    OnyxSkiesXIX 4 years ago +1

    After watching this episode, I went back to watch the Faceless Men video, and in the Winds sample chapter, there’s mention of a sphinx and that a dragon egg might have been used to pay for the assassination of Balon. So maybe that ties into what Aegon was talking about too?

  • Viola Tiemeyer
    Viola Tiemeyer 4 years ago +48

    I am so happy you uyploaded this and I can't wait for more videos on Dorne, I am still angry that they messed it all up in the tv show

    • The Film Effect
      The Film Effect 4 years ago +2

      ALSO the Ironborn are amazing in the books, but they got it all fucked up on the show. I'm glad they changed the name of Theon's sister on the show because she is nothing like the character from the books. Asha is probably my second favorite character behind Tyrion in the books, and she is just so boring on the show. The Kingsmoot is joke on the show. Euron just admits to killing his brother? Did the writers not know that kinslaying is one of the worst things you can do in this world. Hell, that's the whole reason Victarian hasn't killed Euron for making him kill his wife in the books. Dorne and the Ironborn is why I love A Feast For Crows so much, and the show just shit the bed with both.

    • books from Windblown
      books from Windblown 4 years ago +1

      Book spoilers or not they don't have another more then a hundred millions of USD budget to fill the characters needed.

    • Daemon Blackfyre
      Daemon Blackfyre 4 years ago +1

      Arya Stark Right. But I'm sure they left it out because of book spoilers.

  • westell599
    westell599 2 years ago

    Watching your videos like this about things completely left out of the show makes me hope that the other two books are coming sooner rather than never.

  • QuantumTap
    QuantumTap 4 years ago +3

    in Book 1 someone(catelyn i think) describes Theon's smile as if he knows a secret joke as wellis there a chance this is intentional by GRRM, or he justlikes that phrase, despite them having 2 entire books between them

  • 007Chakochi
    007Chakochi 4 years ago

    Great video. Thanks.
    I just thought about the dead and animated dragon. What if Jon can subdue that dragon since he was also dead and brought back to life?
    Because without it, there is no 3 heads to Targaryen dragon.

  • Dan L.
    Dan L. 4 years ago

    Thanks for this - so many details here that I’ve either overlooked or forgotten. Looks as though I’m going to have to read the books again before TWOW.

  • Karl Henrik Smith
    Karl Henrik Smith 4 years ago +570

    Coldhands = Benjen Stark = Daario Naharis = Euron Greyjoy = Jaqen H'ghar = Syrio Forel confirmed

    • Rurik Rorikkson
      Rurik Rorikkson 4 years ago +6

      Ah ... The old ch+BS=EG-DNxCF{AA}=JH ... Someone's been watching Preston

    • Johnny Hudson
      Johnny Hudson 4 years ago +5

      You're missing Eddard Stark

    • Jade
      Jade 4 years ago +6

      No way daario naharis is euron greyjoy

    • Ed S
      Ed S 4 years ago +9

      Also happens to be a secret Targaryen and Azor Ahai.

    • Uras Somer
      Uras Somer 4 years ago +1

      Jaqen H'ghar lmao nice

  • MJ
    MJ 4 years ago +6

    With Winds of Winter hopefully coming soon, I'd love to see a refresher video , a synopsis of the previous book(s) and what to expect in the continuing storyline, I personally need a refresher, it's been so long since I read ADWD. THANKS

  • Stupid Google
    Stupid Google 4 years ago

    Can your next video be on the meerenese knot? Having it simplified would be awesome. Great video, thanks

  • James Brown
    James Brown 4 years ago

    Dude you are a great storyteller.! Keep it up bro!

  • Amitesh
    Amitesh 4 years ago +1

    Alt Shift X , Respect to your passion! :)
    Thank you for coming with in-depth video every-time with so much intricacies - no one else on the X-vid ever comes with!

  • Pearl Mas
    Pearl Mas 4 years ago

    I was wondering earlier what my favorite TV show/movie series/internet series might be. I think this might be it, followed by the "abridged reading" of "A Game of Thrones" that you did.
    And sometimes, I really wonder how George Martin thinks of all of this. What's it like in that brain of his?

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 4 years ago +3

    I'm really sad that I've watched all of your videos. I really wish I could erase them from my memory so I could enjoy all of them anew. Your videos are one of the reasons I love asoiaf so much. Great work, as always!

  • Dr Lalo Blanco R
    Dr Lalo Blanco R 4 years ago

    I love your theory! Thank you for sharing!

  • T.A. Thor
    T.A. Thor 8 months ago +1

    I think spending a little time going over the real-world mythology of the Sphinx may have been beneficial to this video. For example, according to Wikipedia,
    "[The Sphinx] is mythicized as treacherous and merciless, and will kill and eat those who cannot answer her **riddle**."
    I can't say exactly how to fit this in (I've only spent 30 seconds reading about Sphinx's lol), but it seems like this little fact alone could offer some insight.

  • Glyphin
    Glyphin 4 years ago

    you know i read the books years ago and I missed all of this stuff. thanks to your videos I think I'll be a little better at remembering all of this stuff when I finally get around to reading them again..

  • Bungu
    Bungu 4 years ago +51

    Alleras is actually Patchface.

    • DelPlays
      DelPlays 4 years ago

      Actually Alleras is Ghost.

  • x99
    x99 4 years ago +1

    1:40 actually in the show oberon does have 8 daughters, he mentions it to cercei at one point, It's just that only 3 of them become important in the story.

  • xx_twiz_xx
    xx_twiz_xx 4 years ago +1

    Goddamn I love the off-season book content. As a reader/watcher, please keep doing these!

  • Nietzsche's Moustache
    Nietzsche's Moustache 4 years ago

    Does anybody else think that Jon secretly being the "rightful king" kinda contradicts one of the story's major themes?
    The whole point of the series is that feudalism and hereditary rule is a terrible system, and it hurts _everyone._

  • Robyn Kemp
    Robyn Kemp 4 years ago

    Would love to see a discussion of the Howland Reed = Ser Shadrich/The Mad Mouse theory, and maybe even the Harrenhal Conspiracy theory, especially the discussion of why Ethan Glover was the only Northener to be released from the Red Keep after Rickard and Brandon's death!

  • Ivar the Boneless
    Ivar the Boneless 4 years ago

    Actually, Oberyn has 8 daughters in the show as well. It's just that 5 of them were never shown. He told Cersei he had 8 of them in season 4.

  • İsmail Kudret Sağlam
    İsmail Kudret Sağlam 4 years ago +1

    There is also an interesting theory detailed in the Order of the Greenland that Shae is actually Sarella Sand.
    Would love to hear your take on that theory as well!!

  • the existential queer
    the existential queer 4 years ago +1

    I hadn't even thought about how Sarella is going to fit into Euron's upcoming apocalyptic fuckery.
    Speaking of, are you going to do a video about Euron specifically without a direct focus on any theories about how he relates to other characters? In the Daario video you talk about the correlations between Euron and Daario, and I would argue the connection between the two is superficial at best, but on purpose: Euron is meant to be the future representation of what the temptation of violence meant to Dany in ADWD, while Euron will be in contrast with Jon, who doesn't want to wreak cataclysmic destruction on Westeros (until his R'hllor resurrection, as far as we know).
    Now you talk about Euron's planned massive blood sacrifice in the Reach, and in your Bloodraven video you make references to the connection between Bloodraven and Euron. Pllleeeeaaaase do a video about Euron himself! He's probably my favorite ASOIAF villain and I'd love to see you compile all his theories in one place.

  • OmegaNovaB
    OmegaNovaB 4 years ago +5

    I always see the “I’m no lords son” to be a reference to her being a princes son/ daughter

  • Feaniel
    Feaniel 4 years ago +1

    The Oldtown intrigue is the one I look for the most for the next two books.

  • supermori
    supermori 4 years ago +2

    I'm amazed time and again, that these thing's didn't catch my eye when I read the books. o_O
    Your channel is diamonds! Kudos to you and a big thank you for stimulating my mind.

  • kenny knight
    kenny knight 4 years ago

    Great job done.
    I like your stuffs bcos you do present things with least personal emotion/bias attached, like the way Preston does nowadays.
    He hates TV so much / is being so arrogant = I know it all you all are stupid.... and it shows.
    You are presenting things in more objective ways so viewers can get unbias info they need to know and further contemplate and picture things out by themselves, without having to hear Unhappiness / Superior stories... full of themselves.

  • Paul Goddu
    Paul Goddu 4 years ago

    Amazing video as usual. Thank you so much for making it...

  • Barkasz
    Barkasz 4 years ago +9

    I really need to read the books a third time, because this was completely new information to me.

  • Raendor - Game Development
    Raendor - Game Development 3 years ago +734

    "oh" - Quentyn Martell

    • [REDACTED]
      [REDACTED] 10 months ago

      Famous last words.

    • Ehrenmann
      Ehrenmann 10 months ago

      And then he started to scream

    • Liam L.E.
      Liam L.E. 11 months ago +2

      Famous last words

    • Anthony Frias
      Anthony Frias 11 months ago

      Before burning to death

    • Ewing Springer of Klips
      Ewing Springer of Klips Year ago +2

      @jwc7215 seriously, like they absolutely Knew that everyone who's read the books would see the single quote they take from poor Quentyn and be like "damn you really had to do him like that"

  • Connie Super
    Connie Super 4 years ago

    Really enjoyed this...Sam's study buddy to discover what Gilly did about Rhaegar &Lyanna...etc. Sounds very feasible. Nice video,as always😉

  • mursu69
    mursu69 4 years ago +1

    Oberyn actually mentions in the series that he has 8 daughters, not just three, although only three are shown in the TV series.

  • Vandal Savage
    Vandal Savage 4 years ago

    Another fantastic video Alt Shift X! I adore your content.
    I was blown away that the art used in his video was fan contributed, insanely talented they are.

  • Victoria Santoro
    Victoria Santoro 4 years ago

    The Illustrations are impressive..I like the symbolism of the Sphinxes in Jon and Danny ..The Sphinx in the Greek Mythology ..in the myth of Oedipus especially is the symbol of wisdom ..Oedipus in the myth defeated the Sphinx [she was a monster with a humans face/body half and half lion ..but a very intelligent one because she challenged every human who wanted to defeat her .to solve enigmas] W hen she asked him what thing is walking in the morning with no feet ,with two in the midday and with 3 in the evening?Oedipus answered''the Human ''..''why'' she asked him?..he answered''the human is first a baby and crawls[the morning of every human life],then grows up and walks in his two feet[the midday of every human life] and in the end when its old of his life with a cane [3 feet][the evening of every human life]..and so Oedipus defeated the Sphinx[]and she commit suicide falling from her rock ..Sarella [or Alleras ]is the embodiment of this monster in GOT ..she is enigmatic and she tries to find the book of the Dragons so to hurt Danny[she things Danny is responsible for Quentins death] to kill her dragons ...along with Jaqen there in the Citadel ..Im wondering if Sam or someone else will stop her..someone smarter than her

  • D. Black
    D. Black 4 years ago

    That seems too obvious for GRRM to just spell the name backwards. That's some Scooby Doo villain thing.
    I like the theory that Serella is Shae and that Oberyn helped place her near the Lannisters. If you think Tywin was poisoned, then Serrlla Shae was in the perfect position to do that. Her father taught her poison craft while in oldtown perhaps which explains her love for it.
    Share could be summer islander and not have brown skin because some Ryonish women settled on a summer isle according to the world of ice and fire. She's the right age.
    The only hang up for me is I'm sure Qyburn is an agent of Dorne as well. He should have recognized Shae at court and would have informed dorne of her death so why do the Martells speak of Serella as if she lives?
    That's what is frustrating and engrossing about GRRM, every theory has a huge flaw to make you second guess.

  • DRnotz
    DRnotz 4 years ago

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    Ekn _38 4 years ago

    Once mistake at 1:37
    Oberyn still has 8 daughters in the show,we know that from a conversation with Cersei.
    However I think you mean that we only saw these three daughters

  • Nessi The Hydra
    Nessi The Hydra 4 years ago +14

    "Dragon must have three heads." Almost everyone is speaking about three riders but what if there must be three living dragons?

  • Ginger Bell
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    Oberyn claimed he had eight daughters on the show as well, we were just only introduced to three.

  • Madara Bruğe
    Madara Bruğe 4 years ago

    Well, actually, in Tv series Obery still has 8 daughters. He tells Cersei that, when they speak in King's Landing. He's even writing a letter to his daughter Elia in that episode.
    Here: x-vid.net/video/OZKgxzW4J3o/video.html

  • Fawzi Abla
    Fawzi Abla 4 years ago

    In the show, Oberyn has 8 daughters, just as many as in the books. He talks about them with Cersei in season 4. The showrunners just forgot about them in season 5 and onwards...

  • 3DaiYo4Kai56
    3DaiYo4Kai56 4 years ago

    Um, actually in season 4 Oberyn fully states his paternity to Cersei saying he has 8 daughters (only 4 of them mothered by Elaria).
    Season 5 confirms those 4 daughters of Oberyn mothered by Elaria in a quote by Doran Martell.
    Thus the show has 5 remaining Sand Snakes.

  • Asmus Bro
    Asmus Bro 2 years ago +1

    in some myths the Sphinx is also known to have the tail of a serpent, perhaps another connection to the sand snakes

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    The Film Effect 4 years ago

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  • Kissed By Firewyrms
    Kissed By Firewyrms 4 years ago

    This is all cool, and well put together. I think that Sarella has been carefully planted by Doran as part of a Dornish conspiracy, and is not just there because she loves learning, though. Arianne and the Sand Snakes all have their purpose, at least in the books. My opinion is not so much that she will be against Daenerys because of Quentyn (I believe that Quentyn was set up to fail), but that Doran is casting his lot in with f'Aegon, and with the idea that f'Aegon will need a dragon to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. JMHO, but I think that Sarella has to figure out what to do with a dragon. Marwyn is Doran's brother-in-law, or something like that (someone will correct me, I'm sure), so I am skeptical that Marwyn is coming to "help" Daenerys. I think they are trying to steal a dragon, which isn't for the faint of heart or the clueless. Sarella may want access to the glass candle, Marwyn, and the "Death of Dragons" (as do the Faceless Men). I think that it's all part of a dragon-related, magic manipulating race that will hinder Daenerys long before she can set her sights on Westeros.

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    Check out some of the info on her actually being Shae.. Pretty good stuff too..
    Gunna love to see how some of this stuff plays out in WoW.. if this is one that comes to light..

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    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  4 years ago +2

      Nah, there are dark-haired Targaryens - e.g. Baelor "Breakspear", Daeron son of Maekar, Aegor "Bittersteel"...

  • Beca de Marques
    Beca de Marques 4 years ago

    I think Sarella = Alleras may be a bit too easy.
    Someone (Maybe Preston Jacobs? I'm not sure) mentioned that she may be Shae and it is an interesting theory.

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    Marat 4 years ago

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  • Krostiman
    Krostiman 4 years ago

    How sure are you that Sarella isn't working for Doran? Given that the only 'proof' that she isn't working for him is quite possibly a lie from Doran to Arianne. Doran lied a lot to both of his own kids which is a clear pattern and I believe that each sand snake will have a role to play in his Masterplan. Or do you think all of the sand snakes were included into the story for a different reason? It's probably faulty logic from my part but I cant think of another reason.

  • James Pinto
    James Pinto 4 years ago

    I'm still just starting to watch this.
    But wouldn't you say Alleras/Serella was the most flat out giveaway easy theory among every character ever?
    I mean, he's briefed in THE PROLOGUE,
    THE VERY LAST chapter mentions there's a riddle about him,
    then in THE APPENDIX, we meet him again!
    GRRM has really lost his touch with this one...
    Unless... 🤔

  • Marcus Drake
    Marcus Drake 4 years ago

    I wonder if Sarella is aware of any Maester Conspiracy? If so she could of exposed it up until a ASOS by telling her dad, unless (crazy theory here) Doran Martell's plan involves the Maesters.

  • Cyanide_Lollipop
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  • iceman27406
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    in the tv series he has 8 daughters as well though we only see 3. he tells this to cersei when she ask him to take the ship to dorn. and he says that one of them is named after his sister.

  • Daemonologic
    Daemonologic 4 years ago

    I have the theory that Jaqen wants to learn how to hatch a dragon egg via the book in the citadel. I believe the faceless men have one egg. How did they get one? Euron gave them one. As in payment for killing his brother Balon. Remember he´s impious but he really believes in kinslaying as a sacred crime and an insult to the gods, remember that we know a faceless men is really really really expensive and remember Euron said he had one but he throw it to the sea in a moment of anger, which I believe is a lie. He exchanged it for the services of a faceless men.

  • Blat Tál Cas Dál gCais
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    Bloodraven is not the 3 Eyed Crow. Brynden even reacts with complete confusion when Bran asks him if he is the 3EC. It's most likely the Great Other manipulating Bran, as we have already heard has also happened to Euron "CROWS"-Eye and Sweet Robin. Crows are not Ravens ya big boob

  • banof1234
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    There's also mention of a sphinx (which might be alleras) in twow which you happen to directly quote in an old video: x-vid.net/video/CfkFzpktyVk/video.html

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    That’s the major issue with most content makers, always making assertions and assuming it’s fact when grrms universe is full of secrets that can’t be easily sniffed out and full of misdirections