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  • Published on Aug 16, 2022
  • Was that a Trash or Pass?
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  • LayedBakDFR
    LayedBakDFR  Month ago +78

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    • Maestro Kimpembe
      Maestro Kimpembe Month ago


    • Nemisis 007
      Nemisis 007 Month ago +1

      This vid is trending that's wild.

    • Freedom fighter 909
      Freedom fighter 909 Month ago +1

      Yooo my dude, i know you react to nukes top 5, but there is a channel on nukes that i highly recommend you to react to. Its probably the realest paranornal evidence on the planet, the channel is called really haunted

    • AlitheCHoZen1
      AlitheCHoZen1 Month ago

      Bro did you see ksi saw your message about fighting

    • minh nguyen cong
      minh nguyen cong Month ago +1

      Please reaction new songs of Vietnam:
      Thiêu thân-Bray x Sofia
      Vì mẹ anh bắt chia tay-Miu Lê x Karik
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      Đánh đố-Hoàng Thùy Linh
      Có không giữ mất đừng tìm-Trúc Nhân
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  • Mitz
    Mitz Month ago +1155

    We all know Ksi gonna obliterate him but this song goes hard. Also some great promotion for the fight. He's done 10x more than Alex Wassabi to advertise.

    • HAH0X
      HAH0X 9 days ago


    • Adam Javv3n
      Adam Javv3n Month ago

      @Nokutenda Munodawafa well he did LMAO

    • Marvin
      Marvin Month ago

      Bro swarmz gonna win, he’s got the Oh na na na he don’t wanna run wit me

    • Junocity
      Junocity Month ago

      exactly imo respect to swarmz for actually stepping in and actually putting effort in unless the other dude

    • wat appp
      wat appp Month ago

      @Man H Yea its kinda cringe when they say that cuz they say it under every video like anybody cares

  • 35robert16
    35robert16 Month ago +324

    Disagree with you on one thing. He does his priorities straight. Dude is an artist, this will get people to look into his music. It’s a good move.

    • Kevin
      Kevin Month ago

      @35robert16 good reply bro fair play

    • 35robert16
      35robert16 Month ago +2

      @Breese This is just false lmao. People still play RKelly, people still play Chris Brown, people still play Tory Lanez, even after all the dumb stuff they do.

    • Breese
      Breese Month ago +1

      No one gonna blast his music in the car if he get knock the fk out

  • Patrick Watts
    Patrick Watts Month ago +363

    Dude I'd love to see some sparring or training videos. I think this is great what KSI is trying to do for the influencer boxing community to keep it going long after him and Jake and to give other people an opportunity. Apparently, his team reached out to Scru Face Jean too.

    • Patrick Watts
      Patrick Watts Month ago

      @Little Cr7 according to him yeah. I don't know if it's true or not

    • Little Cr7
      Little Cr7 Month ago

      wow even scru face?

    • Zakizak
      Zakizak Month ago +3

      The slowed version on my page sounds better

  • n0ah
    n0ah Month ago +352

    We all know Ksi gonna obliterate him

  • Sergeant Doum
    Sergeant Doum Month ago +241

    I think Swarmz has been training he's just playing up the 3 weeks so his gains and skills look more impressive

    • Man H
      Man H Month ago

      You need to listen more to casual squad they know everything trust them

    • wat appp
      wat appp Month ago +2

      Bro its 3 weeks he shouldnt even fight amateur.

    • G8tr
      G8tr Month ago +1

      Imagine he's been boxing for 10 years in secret

    • Zadicus
      Zadicus Month ago +5

      U seen him?? that boy has not been training lol

    • Danish Rangwala
      Danish Rangwala Month ago +2

      @Richard yeah he definitely just found out about the fight and might’ve just started training

  • LUI
    LUI Month ago +14

    This track goes hard, nice to see Swarmz actually promoting and hyping the fight!

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro Month ago +12

    I love the beat and his flow the disses just ain't it. He should just used the beat for a ordinary song/track.

  • AFCesc
    AFCesc Month ago +121

    Mental thing is they wrote edited and shot the video in 5 hours, big up the g swarmz

  • Mikael
    Mikael Month ago +104

    You got KSI winning both his fights on the same night, vs Swarmz and vs Nikolov? I think vs Nikolov is gonna be at least a bit tough as he just fought before it but I think he’s gonna win both of his fights by knockout.
    Edit: Also I think they should run the card by starting from FaZe Temperrr vs Blueface (at this point Blueface isn’t fighting so whoever decides to step up) and then KSI and Swarmz should fight. After that Deji vs Fousey and after that KSI vs Nikolov.

    • KLSecond
      KLSecond Month ago +1

      @Mikael not over yet

    • Mikael
      Mikael Month ago

      @KLSecond yeah damn

    • KLSecond
      KLSecond Month ago +1

      not fighting Nikolov

    • Mikael
      Mikael Month ago

      @Ruben Emmanuel yeah just saw that

    • Ruben Emmanuel
      Ruben Emmanuel Month ago +1

      @Mikael already announced slim

  • blutheprofessor
    blutheprofessor Month ago +102

    I’m hoping KSI makes a diss track that would be heat

    • Rooftopper
      Rooftopper Month ago

      @Ym little boy absolute goes harder than this, just stop it

    • Maestro Kimpembe
      Maestro Kimpembe Month ago

      @Kent Vigilante you rated this though

    • aerah
      aerah Month ago +3

      @Kent Vigilante Hell Naw

    • Ben Turjeman
      Ben Turjeman Month ago +1

      I doubt he has time rn, might be after the fight but if he wins he'll look like a sore winner and if he loses it's copium

    • Kent Vigilante
      Kent Vigilante Month ago +5

      @M0npho Little Boy goes harder than this tbf.

  • myth _
    myth _ Month ago +17

    Not gonna lie what layedback said at the end was true. Even if ksi was still fighting alex, swarmz should have still been training cuz anything could happen.

    • Spaceboye
      Spaceboye Month ago +1

      He shot this video in 5 hours lol. He's gonna get plenty of training.

  • Desorbing
    Desorbing Month ago +21

    That’s a pass but he better not get his head knocked off 😂

  • SlapNL
    SlapNL Month ago

    Nice reaction dude.
    I really love all you're reaction video's
    Specialy the rock ones , keep it going. Maybe this is an awesome song to react to , System of a down- roulette.

  • Ray Grenade
    Ray Grenade Month ago +52

    This beat HARD 🤯

  • CoverLessDog999
    CoverLessDog999 Month ago +20

    U a real one man keep it up my guy🔥💯

  • Ajmare Singh
    Ajmare Singh Month ago +2

    At least he is promoting the fight unlike Alex Wasabi.
    And he is doing a good job with it.

  • HoneyBee
    HoneyBee Month ago +5

    This dude did more advertising the past couple weeks than Alex who had months 😂😂😂

  • BOSS
    BOSS Month ago +6

    layed is real asf, spitting fax at the end.

  • Sick Timer
    Sick Timer Month ago +1

    Swarmz knew he was gon lose. He just wanted to use this opportunity to showcase wut he actually does.

  • Judah Cook
    Judah Cook Month ago +28

    Ksi better beat swarmz quickly so he can save energy for his next fight

  • Cassie
    Cassie Month ago +1

    I love ksi but musically this song alone from swarmz shows me that he is musically levels above ksi

  • Rip
    Rip 14 days ago

    "Man's said he punched up deji" got clapped in the 2nd round and Deji with a Ko that night Swarmz would get F up by deji

  • Bandar
    Bandar Month ago +2

    I recommend NANG by JME this song is fire sure you’ll give it a pass 🔥🔥🔥

  • ItsElvinsArt
    ItsElvinsArt Month ago +2

    Imagine LaydBak a Boxer and a Chill Reactionist That Would be a Fire !!!

  • Chase Andrews
    Chase Andrews Month ago

    Ksi said he was gunna get in contact with you about a fight you gotta do it !!! we would all love to see it ❤

  • savaory
    savaory Month ago

    The thing is swarmz called ksi out like a year before this fight was even a thought swarmz said he would smoke ksi 🤨🤨

  • Bentley Terry
    Bentley Terry Month ago +26

    Wait, since when is KSI fighting two guys? That’s insane

    • Maestro Kimpembe
      Maestro Kimpembe Month ago

      @fastfoxblox yh but he aint fighting him no more

    • fastfoxblox
      fastfoxblox Month ago

      @TankGamingHD To be fair i'd imagine a lot of people would want to see jj knock out a racist

    • Yehonatan Lugasi
      Yehonatan Lugasi Month ago

      What his new video

    • CaydenBurns_14
      CaydenBurns_14 Month ago

      @james cameron it's true bro. He has a white power tattoo

  • Mozzi04
    Mozzi04 Month ago +3

    3:52 had to slip that in like that 😂😂

  • Emily An
    Emily An Month ago

    The thing is swarmz called ksi out like a year before this fight was even a thought swarmz said he would smoke ksi

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy Month ago

    The thing is swarmz called ksi out like a year before this fight was even a thought swarmz said he would smoke ksi

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin Month ago

    The thing is swarmz called ksi out like a year before this fight was even a thought swarmz said he would smoke ksi

  • Erica Batton
    Erica Batton Month ago

    man I'm new to the channel but trash or pass is pretty cool. I love watching reactions to videos. would you consider a few Tom McDonald songs? or Neffex? rumors and fight back by neffex are good. listen to a bunch of Tom McDonald's music and he'll throw you for a loop he's got some bangers

  • Da Da Da Da
    Da Da Da Da Month ago +13

    I love ksi but musically this song alone from swarmz shows me that he is musically levels above ksi

    • Maestro Kimpembe
      Maestro Kimpembe Month ago +1

      @Da Da Da Da definitely

    • Da Da Da Da
      Da Da Da Da Month ago

      @faruq fr like im sorry but i just can't see him being a big pure artists, i think he would be the type of artist to average about 500k views per song, its aight but artists wise far from good

    • faruq
      faruq Month ago +1

      @Da Da Da Da exactly he woulda just been an average sound cloud rapper with 10 monthly listeners so his youtube helped him

    • Da Da Da Da
      Da Da Da Da Month ago +3

      @Disrespect U Respectfully. Yeah but i think that's just because the fact that he is Ksi, I've seen so much good music that isn't even on the path to being recognized but yet JJ always pulls off numbers, i think if he wasn't a famous X-vidr his music wouldn't even get 30% of the recognition he gets now

    • Disrespect U Respectfully.
      Disrespect U Respectfully. Month ago +2

      Only rapping wise, KSI is killing it with music.

  • Ahmed :)
    Ahmed :) Month ago

    For 4 hours he made an amazing track

  • Devin Dame
    Devin Dame Month ago

    Bro you really need to react to more Tyler, the Creator. Try out Wusyaname, Massa, 911/Mr Lonely, and See you again. I promise you’ll like them

  • Janey 🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥

    Disagree with you on one thing. He does his priorities straight. Dude is an artist, this will get people to look into his music. It’s a good move.

  • Slurrpii
    Slurrpii Month ago +1

    you need to react to Mr Make Her Dance by Night Lovell!! It’s so fire!

  • Chad Smith
    Chad Smith Month ago

    i think all fights now need to have each fighter release a diss track

  • BSM LAYTON 211
    BSM LAYTON 211 Month ago

    All the disses in this haven been used in every single ksi disstrack

  • Yamzie Moyo
    Yamzie Moyo Month ago +2

    Would be sick to see LayedBak fight! c:
    Love from London.

  • Jackson Kmec
    Jackson Kmec Month ago

    Just watch ksi’s reaction and then you’ll realize this diss track is nothing

  • Jevony Alexander
    Jevony Alexander Month ago

    love yr reactions bro

  • Hex Panic
    Hex Panic Month ago +2

    The fella should have been training for like 6 months before he even ran his dumba** mouth calling JJ out. Quickest way to get your cheeks clapped in the ring, be ready before you even start calling out fights.

    • Raven Sica
      Raven Sica Month ago

      Bro all it’s just marketing and bants at this point. There’s no bad blood between him and JJ lol. Swarmz has done more promotion for the fight than Alex ever has.

  • Aaron Taylor
    Aaron Taylor Month ago

    Ksi will smoke him but this diss was mad 😂 respect to JJ but don't reply just get in the ring

  • Johannes Isaksen
    Johannes Isaksen Month ago

    You did trash or pass on Toby and Manny’s song Destined for Greatness, they just released a new song called «Keeper» you should do i Trash Or Pass on it.

  • Anonymous 2
    Anonymous 2 Month ago

    Artist - Before the dawn
    Song - Deadsong
    Want to see your reaction on this song.

  • Andre Ferreira
    Andre Ferreira Month ago

    Bruv, he says "this ain't no sideman diss track" and proceeded to use the same disses

  • CyberTown
    CyberTown Month ago

    This fight is gonna be overkill

  • DungeonBoss
    DungeonBoss Month ago +1

    what I think is JJ should reply then use that as his swarmz ringwalk song then use not over yet for Ivan

  • Hamzah Yasin
    Hamzah Yasin Month ago

    Yeah man we wanna see some training and sparring footage

  • Vectored
    Vectored Month ago +1

    He at least promotes the fight more than Wassabi

  • Lucifer Petrenkoff
    Lucifer Petrenkoff Month ago +1

    See the disses he used were ones used before by Deji, Sidemen, Crypt and others so it made this a trash to me

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy Month ago

    I recommend NANG by JME this song is fire sure you’ll give it a pass

  • Chtchoukin James
    Chtchoukin James Month ago

    We wanna see those training videos

  • greenskies
    greenskies Month ago

    At this point let's add our man TEKUCHI in to the mix for ksi 3rd fight in one night

  • edwin fajardo
    edwin fajardo Month ago +1

    Ksi is knocking that head off

  • Doses
    Doses Month ago

    That shit went hard dawg NGL

  • e11evn88
    e11evn88 Month ago +1

    You need to check KSI's reaction!

  • jonathan
    jonathan Month ago +1

    you should do a trash or pass on amp cipher please do it we need it

  • InTechZo
    InTechZo Month ago +1

    KSI will humble this guy.

  • Nobody cloudx 🥀
    Nobody cloudx 🥀 Month ago

    You should react to your going to carry that weight by DempseyRollBoy ❤️

  • Jxstified
    Jxstified Month ago +1

    Hot take but Brits dont sound good when they rap but dissing KSI is funny so Im here.

  • GHB
    GHB Month ago

    Layedback finally gunna be able to get some of the beautiful UK women if he fights on a UK undercard 😂

  • robbie_820
    robbie_820 Month ago +5

    layedbak, release the sparring vids! 🙌🙌

  • Andresdagoat
    Andresdagoat Month ago +1

    Ksi gon win but this shi hard no cap

  • Wali S
    Wali S Month ago

    How u gonna loose 10kg in 3 weeks bro , u gotta be fasting the entire time for that shit 😂 , so if ur not gonna eat any food for 3 weeks how u gonna train , this guy is a joke

  • mixalis dragonas
    mixalis dragonas Month ago +2

    Was waiting on this

  • maisie
    maisie Month ago +1

    Jj won’t reply, he’s fr serious about his music career now

  • Purp
    Purp Month ago

    JJ needs to comeback with disstrack Asap ngl This shit Heat.

  • Switch It with DC
    Switch It with DC 19 days ago

    Most the disses are covered, ironically, in the sidemen disstracks... Good tune though.

  • jj isse
    jj isse Month ago +3

    Ksi gonna smoke shawarma on god💀

  • MPS Legacy
    MPS Legacy Month ago

    You had the best intros for 3 yrs staight man

  • xkid.darkskin
    xkid.darkskin Month ago +2

    incoming sensitive ksi fans 😂😂

  • Noah Weber
    Noah Weber Month ago

    Hey Bro can you react to this turkish rap song called: Cakal - Mingoflalar, It blew up recently and this sh*t Is CRAZZYY, I love your videos man🙌...

  • Shiny hitmonlee
    Shiny hitmonlee Month ago +1


  • Biraj **
    Biraj ** Month ago +1

    Swarmz promoting more fight in one video than whole of alex wasabi campaign

    ULTRA JSK Month ago

    Who thinks this will be swarmz ring walk song 🤣🤙

  • Cow With Bling
    Cow With Bling Month ago +1

    Need to react to swarmz big songs like Lyca and Bally

  • Sonny Roberts
    Sonny Roberts Month ago

    You should react to can’t be us by headie one, abracadabra and bandokay

  • Zeshan Mushtaq
    Zeshan Mushtaq Month ago

    Need a reaction to Dave's Blackbox Freestyle

  • Zulfiqar Muradi
    Zulfiqar Muradi Month ago

    Yo layedbak you gotta check out “yacht club” from lil yacht featuring juice wrld

  • V9 Mulla
    V9 Mulla Month ago

    Show some sparring vids 💪🏿

  • Niklas Macintosh
    Niklas Macintosh Month ago

    Need an Azel beatbox reaction asap

  • Bohlokoa Mabote
    Bohlokoa Mabote Month ago

    I feel like swamz is doing for the bag

  • MaccaPlays
    MaccaPlays Month ago +1

    MY GUY SHOUT OUT ARE UK GIRLS lmao I love this man bro to funny!!

  • ★。・:*ThatNormalPerson*:・゚★

    He had to put something out there before he loses lol

  • Chadrick Walker
    Chadrick Walker Month ago

    This gives me a tion Wayne vibe

  • Mars
    Mars Month ago

    Eh ngl the diss wasnt all that. Like yeah he had some bars/words in there but basically the entire song is just him repeating the same bars over and over again which is whack.

  • aliv
    aliv Month ago

    5:10 thats actally true yk nobody has made that point

  • EvilOnee
    EvilOnee Month ago

    Lol dude called out ksi said he would beat him on a Instagram live

  • Orion Cairo
    Orion Cairo Month ago

    React to Root of All by Lucki
    Also I No Longer Feel the Razor Guarding My Heel by SuicideBoys

  • Andrew Snyder
    Andrew Snyder Month ago

    Please do a reaction of September's Children by Rise Against next 🙏

  • Dammy Slammy
    Dammy Slammy Month ago +5


  • Here's JOHNNY !!!
    Here's JOHNNY !!! Month ago +1

    Bro react to JID Dance now!!! Shit is 🔥🔥🔥

  • A1ThaKing415
    A1ThaKing415 Month ago +4

    my cousin got ran over by a Fed-Ex truck

  • Mark Mcintyre
    Mark Mcintyre Month ago

    Not like you merkules an hopsin you will not be disappointed strait 🔥🔥

  • VetFishing TV
    VetFishing TV Month ago

    Drill music honestly is the best

  • Darryl Johnson
    Darryl Johnson Month ago


  • Finley Powell
    Finley Powell Month ago

    Your the best fo real