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I Wonder Traded 1,000 Pokemon (again)

  • Published on Aug 16, 2022
  • Use my link for a ¥2000 first time order coupon for Buyee! bit.ly/buyee-candyevie Thanks Buyee for sponsoring this video :)
    Thanks so much to Pokemon for letting me come along to regionals, it was a lot of fun :) hope to see you guys at worlds (this week!!)
    why did I do this again
    been streaming a load on twitch lately: www.twitch.tv/candyevie
    THANK U Kyepha for helping me with the illustrations in this vid! x-vid.net/user/Kyephavideos
    my shorts channel!! :o x-vid.net/user/LittleLuvie
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Comments • 1 688

  • CandyEvie
    CandyEvie  Month ago +2571

    I would do anything for pebble the pachirisu

    • Moop Otrop
      Moop Otrop 14 days ago

      Dwayne "the Rocksnake" Johnson (huehue)

    • Levi Studios
      Levi Studios 21 day ago

      Hey are you ever gonna post to get on your other channels?

    • Jesus Perez
      Jesus Perez 23 days ago

      Pachirisu. Yes

    • King Flux
      King Flux 24 days ago +1

      Can you tell me when your going to do the violet wondertrade I’m going to prepare some magnezones

    • joel mavity
      joel mavity Month ago

      Hopefully Tony the Clefairy doesn’t get jealous!

  • Mīxed
    Mīxed Month ago +3498

    Lucy spends 100 hours hunting one pokémon and yet refuses to spend another couple to beat the game. Only Lucy would do that.

    • Frosty Dacoolkid
      Frosty Dacoolkid 12 days ago

      Trying to get shiny metagross in gen 5 flashbacks

    • BamaMophi
      BamaMophi Month ago

      Pushes under the rug my 100+ hours at the pokestar studio before defeating the 3rd gym in bw2. Yeah… only Lucy

    • Scott Von Duhn
      Scott Von Duhn Month ago

      She probley wouldn't be able to defeat garchomp

    • cobblestoneboat
      cobblestoneboat Month ago

      @sussy阿尔巴尼亚 ok

    • A Mistake
      A Mistake Month ago

      @mpollono_plays dumb stuff Vicces

  • RTGame
    RTGame Month ago +2906

    Oh my God I never realized you'd get better lotto odds by doing this. The gambler in me now feels the need to wonder trade more

  • dxjxc91
    dxjxc91 Month ago +692

    CandyEvie: "Who's going to be awake at 6 am in Japan doing wonder trades?"
    Also CandyEvie 20 seconds earlier: "Sometimes I'd trade in the afternoon. Sometimes I'd trade at 3 am. It was kind of all over the place."

  • Mordaedil「モルダェジル」

    The one from Antarctica appears to be in the region belonging to Norway and I can confirm Norwegians would definitely entertain themselves by doing Wonder Trades while at a research station there.

    • Ribul_roblox
      Ribul_roblox 15 days ago +2

      Yeah, we absolutely would. As a norwegian i can confirm.

  • Trauma08
    Trauma08 Month ago +7

    Just a note: the number of Italian pokemon you got is probably higher, because pokemon names in Italian are exactly the same as in English, so the only way to know they are Italian is if the trainer specifically gives a nickname that is a word in Italian. This is because in 1996 localizing games in Italian was sort of new, and Game Freak straight up didn't trust Italian localizers and specifically disallowed them to localize pokemon names. (starting doing it now would be kinda wierd)

  • Dylan Elmer
    Dylan Elmer Month ago +8

    The idea of a researcher in Antarctica studying penguins and then wonder trading a piplup because they love penguins so much overwhelms my heart with wholesomeness

  • Austin Shaw
    Austin Shaw Month ago +169

    Let's just talk about how wholesome a researcher in Antarctica playing Pokémon is at this time in history 👏

    • Austin Shaw
      Austin Shaw 12 days ago

      In the Words of the Mythbusters: "Plausable, but not likely."

    • Daniel Clarke
      Daniel Clarke Month ago +1

      @RamenDutchman it could be a lie, but until proven, its not plausible, but still possible

    • RamenDutchman
      RamenDutchman Month ago +3

      @Amelia Baxter FINE THEN BELIEVE IN LIES 😭

    • Amelia Baxter
      Amelia Baxter Month ago +6

      I want to believe

  • Narx Magee
    Narx Magee Month ago +78

    I don't think Magnemite's gonna leave the Pokedex any time soon so there might be a lot of Wonder Trades in the future.

  • Froggy
    Froggy Month ago +20

    This reminds me of some point during gen 6 (2014-2015?) when some person just wonder traded off an absurd amount of phione, probably from Masuda methoding. It got to the point where me and all of my friends all had at least one if not multiple phione, and they’d be pretty common to find while wonder trading. Idk if anyone else specifically remembers this, but it was really cool and I haven’t seen something like it happen since gen 7 came out (though I haven’t really wonder traded as much in newer generations)

    • fantage20012
      fantage20012 6 hours ago

      That may have been me, I filled a box with them and wonder traded them all in one day

  • LaserfaceJones
    LaserfaceJones Month ago +29

    I didn't know until my most recent hunt that Moltres's hidden ability is Flame Body, so shiny Moltres is clearly the optimal hatcher-mom over Volcarona or Magcargo. It made my Moltres hunt feel like it was actually worth something

  • Egox
    Egox Month ago +28

    This reminds me of when I spent 9 months shiny hunting a bug team in Sword before realizing I didn't have anyone to trade with a scyther

  • Haz4ler
    Haz4ler Month ago +22

    Honestly Lucy is making fun of the stats sorta while still being serious which I really enjoy but I did not realize how much I liked stats before these 2 wonder trade videos

  • Nando The Mad
    Nando The Mad Month ago +16

    She doesn't upload often, but when she does, it's high quality content. And I appreciate her efforts.
    Also, what on earth happened to Luvie?

  • Thomas BonEnfant
    Thomas BonEnfant Month ago +8

    Speaking of Feebas, my first Feebas actually was given to me through the GWS and it was SHINY that they had just hatched from an Egg.

  • AmethystLeslie
    AmethystLeslie Month ago +4

    I remember when I used to Wonder Trade all my breedjects between 2014-2018, among all 4 3DS Pokemon games. It was a lot of fun.
    In ORAS, all Pokemon I traded were holding berries. In Gen 7, all Pokemon I traded was either a breedject of my own or something I traded back with a "Relatively Superior Potential" for the IVs, which is very much above average, and/or even 3IVs at the minimum. In 2018 with USUM, all breedjects I traded were named after Puyo Puyo characters, because by that point I had pretty much sold my soul to that series.
    After SwSh came out, I wanted to do some more breeding and wonder trade, but I spent the last 4 Pokemon games doing pretty much just that for over 4000 hours. I think I deserve a good long break, and I haven't really gone back since. I kinda miss it and kinda don't.

  • hu3cat
    hu3cat Month ago +11

    I Just found your channel and it's SO LOVELY!
    I'm watching everything and having a blast!

  • DiwerthOffline
    DiwerthOffline Month ago +6

    Found this channel today and its already one of my favourites,, very entertaining - 10/10 would recommend

  • ZTimeGaming
    ZTimeGaming Month ago +2

    Pokemon Wonder Trading has never been performed to this level as well as now. Amazing work, CandyEvie!

  • Hero
    Hero Month ago +9

    I honestly can’t wait for you to hit a milly lmao, you’re so cool and unique

  • Mauricio de Souza Alves

    When I was wonder trading my Masuda Jangmo-os I would take some of them, nickname, trade them, and then nickname some more... then repeat!
    I also nicknamed one of them YTCandyEvie as a joke, lol!

  • Velvet Butterfly
    Velvet Butterfly Month ago +4

    I choose to believe somewhere in Japan there's someone with some kind of sleep disorder and you brightened their day because they watched you wonder trade in the early morning and they got to join in

  • Hazel Wall
    Hazel Wall Month ago +836

    As a person who still plays Gen 6 and is trying to get a shiny Fennkin, I feel the Pokemon center pain.

    • Izabella Parnell
      Izabella Parnell 22 days ago

      I’m trying to bring my self to finally repurchase a 3ds just to play gen 6 highly underrated

    • Amelia Baxter
      Amelia Baxter Month ago

      Have you heard of SV exchange? Might be an option for you. Or not. Good luck either way 🙂

    • Scary Panda
      Scary Panda Month ago

      Funnily enough I actually tried to masuda method as a kid and always gave up. During 2020 I had WAY to much free time and decided to do it again on X and omega ruby. Eventually got a couple of boxes full of them.

    • Luke Brown
      Luke Brown Month ago +1

      I miss gen 6

    • Bewearstar9
      Bewearstar9 Month ago +3

      @Luis Suazo or fennekin

  • Goxtro
    Goxtro Month ago +2

    CandyEvie went from lawful good to chaotic neutrul in a matter of years

  • Cuthbertson McBaldrickshire

    I love all these little animations and drawings in the video. It's amazing how much effort she puts into these to entertain us

  • Lars Vinterqvist
    Lars Vinterqvist Month ago +5

    As a Shiny huntress, your videos do have a similarity to Shinies: they also don't appear very frequently, but bring joy when they do

  • Lucy
    Lucy Month ago +2

    I always try so hard to get one of these to use in a playthrough, I probably did over 1000 wonder trades all videos combined, but no luck so far. There must be a couple thousands of these in circulation by now, it's probably just gonna be a matter of time, I must just keep trying... These magnemites are even more rare than getting a shiny xD

  • Donovan
    Donovan Month ago +444

    CandyEvie, it’s always a treat to see a video from you. They don’t have to be frequent which makes each release even more enjoyable.

  • Milk Chocolate
    Milk Chocolate Month ago +5

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING AGAIN 🥺 I’m almost sure you won’t see this, but I CHERISH your videos.
    Your sense of humor and just everything about you helps me through my issues immensely, more than any other X-vidr 💜

  • Tim Woods
    Tim Woods Month ago +1

    Congrats on finally getting a shiny Magnamite!

  • Lokear
    Lokear Month ago +2

    I need to start Wonder/Surprise Trading again... I must get my hands on the rare treasure that is a CandyEvie Magnemite

  • Andrew Howland
    Andrew Howland Month ago

    Man, this makes me want to take another look at Wonder Trading again!

  • darkninjafirefox
    darkninjafirefox Month ago +587

    In the days of X and Y I would take the weak pokemon sent (magikarp, starters, regional rats) raise them to evolve or get a good movement and send them back out. I loved doing it

    • MendiTheBeast
      MendiTheBeast 19 days ago

      I used to release them Lolol

    • HeyLookItsFNaFb
      HeyLookItsFNaFb Month ago

      Sigma male activity

    • Somethingsuperbland
      Somethingsuperbland Month ago

      I always loved that and sending trade evos like Haunter. Give people a little treat

    • Nebula Butterfly
      Nebula Butterfly Month ago

      thanks for the idea
      i will now stop releasing pokemons and start raising them like a trainer

    • Evie
      Evie Month ago +5

      Same, and sometimes I'd send them back out holding useful items as a bonus. Those were fun days ❤️

  • jabzilla21
    jabzilla21 22 days ago +1

    I do like the new pokeball "The Strange Ball" lol it's great. Also yeah I love the weird statistics you include in these videos.

  • ASquared
    ASquared Month ago +6

    Weird Person: “You know, you’re a female animator. You should start putting down fan service in your videos for more views.”
    Evie: “Like stats?”
    Weird Strawman: “No, I mean-“
    Evie: “STATS!”
    1 mil viewers: “STATS!”

  • HeyLookItsFNaFb
    HeyLookItsFNaFb Month ago

    This video actually got me back into Wonder Trading in BDSP. Very entertaining to watch!

  • ᴄᴏᴡʙᴏʏ ᴍᴄɴᴜɢɢᴇᴛ

    I love this series! It’s a pain in the a$$ to do but it’s so worth it!

  • GioDae
    GioDae Month ago +177

    Golbat: "I love you"
    Yakumon: "I'm not ready to commit"
    Crobat: "What?"

    • FeraVapor
      FeraVapor Month ago +7

      Omg this is way too funny

  • Lacillyn
    Lacillyn Month ago +5

    Was able to get a magnemite from you in when you did this last year.... and got one again this time! Brings my Poketuber collection up to 6! Looking forward to magnemites in Scarlet/Violet!

  • Strohhut Ruffy
    Strohhut Ruffy Month ago

    I saw this for the first time and it was great! You deserve respect for how many hours you put into getting and naming the 1000 Pokemon and then trading them at the end. I also found the statistics very interesting :]

  • AltariaMotives
    AltariaMotives Month ago

    As a stats nerd, thank you so much for doing the work for us

  • olivia miller
    olivia miller Month ago +1

    You've inspired myself to wonder trade 1000 Taillow's, Aron's, Wurmple's, Growlithe's, Starly, and also Ponyta's!

  • SmediumGlovesSTAT

    I just got a shiny magnemite from a WT with you! Thank you so much. This is my first shiny ever that wasn't guaranteed from the game! I'll love it forever

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo Month ago

    This reminds me of when I spent 9 months shiny hunting a bug team in Sword before realizing I didn't have anyone to trade with a scyther

  • Lys
    Lys Month ago

    Thank you for all your hours spent providing us content and stats 💖 It is much enjoyed and appreciated 💖

  • Nico
    Nico Month ago

    Please do this and stream all of it. I’d love to see all the crazy Pokémon people give you on purpose

  • EeveelutionTrainerIsaiah
    EeveelutionTrainerIsaiah Month ago +370

    Can we appreciate how good her art is.

  • David
    David Month ago +1

    8:50 was someone watching Jaiden’s Platinum Nuzlocke? Lol
    Nice one Lucy! Looks like it took a lot of time for you to do this!

  • Alan Ruiz
    Alan Ruiz 2 hours ago

    in pkm Shield, I got a female Kingler named "Queengler" through wonder trade and I've kept it ever since

  • Ostrichlord
    Ostrichlord Month ago +4

    To this day I wonder what the reaction of the person I wonder traded my Lv.100 shiny Aeigislash was like. This was in X & Y and was a teenager back then😊. Good times

    • Ostrichlord
      Ostrichlord Month ago

      @Dreaded Dragonite I traded my Aeigislash as a male trainer named Snipe. I don't think that'll help tho because I first got it as a gift from a girl 😅. It was on Pkmn X tho

    • Dreaded Dragonite
      Dreaded Dragonite Month ago

      What is the OT I got one from wonder trade in X 😮

  • The Noname Household
    The Noname Household Month ago +1

    You know, you're gameplay actually makes that divisive chibi design look good♡

  • AwesomeParrot963
    AwesomeParrot963 Month ago

    12:48 made me laugh so much 😂

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan Month ago

    She doesn't upload often, but when she does, it's high quality content. And I appreciate her efforts. Also, what on earth happened to Luvie?

  • Storm Aurora
    Storm Aurora Month ago

    Magnemite is my favorite Pokémon, so I'm absolutely delighted to see that you're still using it for your wonder trades :D
    Also, fun fact, I once made a tierlist of Pokémon games based on how early on you can obtain Magnemite within them, and the original DP are some of the worst in that regard, only behind Black and White. So yeah, not the ideal games to quickly catch 1000 Magnemite...

  • Aoi from Pokémon scarlet and violet

    Thank you for the magnemite, I em once and left em sitting in the box that I called “Failures” because I lost a match against my friend with it :,)

  • Beverly Copley
    Beverly Copley 2 days ago +1

    I got a shiny magnamite from wonder trade from you today! 😊

  • Couldn'tThinkOfAName

    Love your videos Lucy 💜 Also had a feeling today that something would happen, and when I turned on my computer and saw your video, my day immediately got better!

  • Horizon
    Horizon Month ago

    As a person who’s wonder traded hundreds of thousands of mons I applaud you for going on this very crazy journey.

  • CyanFeild
    CyanFeild Month ago

    Always a joy to see a new video from you!

  • ShinyEevee37
    ShinyEevee37 Month ago +250

    POV: You're a Pokémon given to someone else from a famous X-vidr. You get wonder traded, someone squeals, puts you in a special P.C. box, and never uses you

    • ShinyEevee37
      ShinyEevee37 Month ago

      @Lex taterTOTSfromHELL oh, I'm sorry about that

    • Lex taterTOTSfromHELL
      Lex taterTOTSfromHELL Month ago

      My switch broke, and i couldn't transfer the data

    • ShinyEevee37
      ShinyEevee37 Month ago

      @Lex taterTOTSfromHELL you have committed an act of an unforgivable sin. No one will ever forgive you now.

    • Moot343
      Moot343 Month ago

      @Lex taterTOTSfromHELLgashp!

    • Lex taterTOTSfromHELL
      Lex taterTOTSfromHELL Month ago +3

      Mine’s dead. I released then

  • BlueBerry
    BlueBerry 2 days ago +1

    Hi CandyEvie! I got a shiny magnemite from wonder trade, I love your vids lol

  • UnExtinctive
    UnExtinctive Month ago

    I'm amazed and love the effort you put in this video

  • Vic
    Vic Month ago

    I feel so seen. Keeping track of WT stats feels so good!

  • Friccle_
    Friccle_ Month ago

    Magnemite is truthfully one of my fav pokemon. And i never actually knew their shiny looked so cool

  • panguan
    panguan Month ago +207

    I love how much of a gamble wondertrades are

    • Ariel McCarthy
      Ariel McCarthy Month ago

      Do a wonderlocke it's a blast

    • Chris Manuel
      Chris Manuel Month ago +2

      I wonder trade late game Pokémon so early game players can get more varied Pokémon

    • TeleTubbie
      TeleTubbie Month ago +4

      It depends on how much you trade on it honestly.
      In Ultra Moon, after I finished the story and started competitive breeding, I'd trade away my 4-5iv breedjects. Although most of the mons I'd get back were quick ball carps/zubats I did get a LOT of dex entries bank transfers and really rare HA mons plus some events and cloned shinies.
      It significantly helped me get the shiny charm by reducing the time I needed to catch/evolve down to 1/10th of what it'd take me had I not wonder traded.
      But yeah obviously if you just hop on, trade a pokemon or two and then leave you're most likely gonna end up with some trash mons.

    • Xord
      Xord Month ago +4

      I remember when I was 12 I discovered wonder trade and the first one I got was a gengar lol

    • No Name
      No Name Month ago +7

      @R - G - C Sometimes people trade their breeding rejects with like 4 IVs and a beneficial nature. But they're also nicknamed "hrekd#;÷:@fhdkw"

  • Uncommon TCG
    Uncommon TCG Month ago +1

    I hope you realized that the hours you trade matter for who you connect with 🙂

  • SuperRobbo92
    SuperRobbo92 Month ago

    Can’t wait to see the Scarlet and Violet version of this!

  • Devin Tingle
    Devin Tingle Month ago

    These videos always make me want to wonder trade again

  • fluorite162
    fluorite162 15 days ago

    My exact experience with shining pearl was hunting for a shiny turtwig for a few hours and then letting the game rot on my shelf 😂

  • Justin Razon
    Justin Razon Month ago +69

    That Onix named Dwayne legit made me laugh.

    • Justin Razon
      Justin Razon Month ago +1

      @Blaire Shoe You're welcome. It's the little things.

    • Blaire Shoe
      Blaire Shoe Month ago

      How did I not only notice the name in the video and not get it, but also take a solid 10 seconds after reading your comment to get it?!???
      At least I got there in the end I guess, thank you, rofl

  • Nozo-chan NZちゃん
    Nozo-chan NZちゃん 17 days ago

    I've been sending out a lot of Japanese Totodile into the WT recently, 'cuz I'm playing BDSP in Japanese lol and am shiny hunting Toto. I mostly got the usual Route 1 crap, but there were quite a couple of things I got that were interesting. I actually got quite a number of Mudkip. Is there some kind of Mudkip season going on in BDSP? Lol

  • Parth  Nalawade
    Parth Nalawade Month ago

    Been waiting for this video forever I love this series I love your humor candy eevee

  • This Is My Alt Account

    You've convinced me to playthrough my copy of shining pearl and start wonder trading! Ty and cant wait to see more from you

  • Awesomemay
    Awesomemay 23 days ago

    i love the editing on ur videos, a great mix of ur character with the visuals!!

  • Jahobo
    Jahobo Month ago

    Lucy, i want to say this, genuinely, i love watching your videos

  • RO Blackout
    RO Blackout 22 days ago

    I'd love to know when you will do this again! Would be cool if you picked s day and gave your fans a chance to get one of your wonder trades

  • Bel Angelwings
    Bel Angelwings Month ago

    i admire you for doing all this work

  • tweetybummetje
    tweetybummetje Month ago

    I received a magnemite with that exact name, automatically wondertraded it again and when it was flying off to its new owner, i spotted the name and was like 'NOOO'

  • Flare Sylveon
    Flare Sylveon Month ago +1

    I REALLY love ur vids! Keep up the good work!!!😊😊😊😁😁😁

  • GumbyX
    GumbyX Month ago

    I forgot how much I love your videos. I do wish you made more but understand making videos on the regular isn't easy. I hope I can take part in your next Wonder Trade "event".

  • Ink Fan
    Ink Fan Month ago

    Man every time I watch your videos, I always have a sudden craving to play Pokemon! I always Wonder trade, because I already beat my most recent game, Moon, YEARS ago. I've been casually working on this challenge for ages, but I'm only up to about 500 something.

  • Spectre Dan
    Spectre Dan Month ago +1

    Eyy glad you got a shiny. I snagged my first shiny Magnemite in Let's Go and named him Orichalcum. I tried to get more, but I think I wasted all my shiny luck on five golden Krabbys.

  • Ethan Dollarhide
    Ethan Dollarhide Month ago +73

    Weirdly enough, I actually used a Magnemite/Magneton/Magnezone on my Brilliant Diamond Playthrough. You can imagine the shock ( pun intended) I got when it was the Pokemon that brought done Maylene's Lucario.

    • Ariel McCarthy
      Ariel McCarthy Month ago

      My wonderlocke in these games I fell madly for my magnamite-magnazone took me to the winner circle! Good times!

    • Nitro Blaze 🇺🇦
      Nitro Blaze 🇺🇦 Month ago

      @Ethan Dollarhide still impressive because that thing is deadly

    • Ethan Dollarhide
      Ethan Dollarhide Month ago +1

      @Nitro Blaze 🇺🇦 It was a Magneton when it beat Lucario.

    • Nitro Blaze 🇺🇦
      Nitro Blaze 🇺🇦 Month ago

      Damn that's a tough Magnemite right there, it took out something as strong as that and it's even weak to it is just impressive

  • Gracious
    Gracious Month ago

    I remember getting a shiny Milotic on Pokémon Wonder Trade.. I freaked out and cheered for hours

  • Captain_Red_Beard
    Captain_Red_Beard Month ago +1

    You should trade all the ones that you get back, until all the "branded" magnanites are out in the world!

  • Wake me up inside
    Wake me up inside Month ago

    Was watching your video while egg hunting for corviknight and I actually got it! Thanks for the luck :)

  • Mew Marzipan
    Mew Marzipan Month ago

    I got a CandyEvie Magnemite through wonder trade and I was so hyped!

  • DragonRider
    DragonRider Month ago +86

    I look forward to a Wonder Trade from you from Scarlet and or Violet. Magnemite will be there.

  • Jamesy
    Jamesy Month ago +1

    It’s always great to see a video from you

  • Kristin Prasad
    Kristin Prasad Month ago

    I love your videos!! You're hilarious

  • Yoyleb17
    Yoyleb17 Month ago

    i love videos that talk about wonder trade. its such a cool and funny system

  • Alexes Vargas
    Alexes Vargas Month ago

    Keep up the good work candy Evie i appreciate your content hopefully you have a wonderful day also are you excited for scarlet and violet coming soon in few months

  • Riatsila
    Riatsila Month ago

    You know, I was just thinking it's probably about time for another video from you!
    Good stuff.
    And yes, more stats.

  • 1LonelyPigeon
    1LonelyPigeon Month ago +1

    It’d be cool if you did this on Ultra Moon/Ultra Sun. I practically lived on that game, wondertrading Manaphys and getting hacked Pokémon, I have every single legendary you can get in that game, all shiny and level 100 with Pokerus. It’d just be really entertaining with the amount of hacked Pokémon there are going around

  • LeChampッ
    LeChampッ Month ago +1

    See y'all again when Scarlet and Violet comes out 😂

  • ~Syndere~
    ~Syndere~ Month ago

    You can totally have an Azurill from Alola in BDSP. I had to transfer some version exclusives over from my Nat Dex in Home, and all of those came from earlier gens, mostly 6 & 7. I still have extras lying around too, and have no use. Might as well toss em in the newest game's Wonder Trade.
    Maybe I should attempt to get a Magnemite from you in Sc Vt

  • Marshall
    Marshall Month ago +103

    6:49 including me!
    I also was lucky enough to get one if the magnets candyevie was throwing from country to country when that opportunity was there. Thanks again for the magnemite Lucy! 😁
    Also, 16:46 is the stream in where I got it.

  • Marcelinho98
    Marcelinho98 Month ago

    I can say it made me happy to see this video in my recommendations just about now. Loved the first one!

  • MrDinosaurProductions
    MrDinosaurProductions Month ago +1

    God, you can tell how long it takes to make these considering the prerelease was in January. Also, you got actually cracked pulls what the heck

  • Kalina M
    Kalina M Month ago

    as a fellow wonder trade enjoyer i can confirm that you do indeed get a prize every time from the lottery if you wonder trade a lot it's great