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Cristiano Ronaldo breaks his silence on his Manchester United future | Good Morning Transfers

  • Published on Aug 16, 2022
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    Cristiano Ronaldo has broken his silence on his Manchester United future by claiming he will do an interview in a few weeks explaining his current mindset.
    Instagram account cr7.o_lendario - a fan page for Ronaldo - was sharing a claim from El Chiringuito journalist and personal friend of the forward, Edu Aguirre, who said Atletico Madrid were interested in signing Ronaldo.
    Manager Diego Simeone would not speak publicly about the matter - Aguirre claimed - for fear of supporter backlash, but also because the club are not in a position to afford the player's salary.
    The post continues to say that Ronaldo has offers from five to six clubs and that reports of him being offered to half of Europe are 'absurd'.
    In response, Ronaldo has had his say.
    “You’ll all know the truth when I do an interview in a few weeks’ time,” he said.
    “The media only spouts lies, I have a notebook and out of the last 100 news stories that have been written (about me), only five have been accurate. You can imagine the way things are. Bear that figure in mind.”
    Mark McAdam, James Allcott and Kyle Walker were part of this morning's 'Good Morning Transfers' to discuss this story and Manchester United's current transfer targets.
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Comments • 2 033

  • Asim Rashid Khan

    CR7 was only ever bought in as a brand and was our top scorer last season so how he can be treated like this is disgusting. He is legend and always will be.

  • john adams
    john adams  +435

    It seems to be completely forgotten that ronaldo lost a child over the summer, thats big mental pain for anyone, he took some time off and missed most of preseason which in the circumstances hes more than ok to do, he comes back and the club and media have treated him appalingly going as far to say hes one of the main problems at united, its bizarre amd no wonder hes upset and wants out

  • The Dark Knight

    Ronaldo will always be a legend for me. However the media decide to portray him is up to them. Media always have a bias and an agenda, it’s always been like that. He’s given his life to the sport, and for him to still be playing at 37 is a credit to himself.

  • Jay Kalirai

    Ronaldo. Still provided fans with amazing memories last season. And he will go down as many utds greatest player

  • The Rock
    The Rock  +630

    Seems like Sky pundits are trying to defend themselves from accusation of irresponsible reporting.

  • Sam Garlick

    Shows how shallow the world we live in is, one of the greatest sports stars to live, has higher ambitions than a whole club he brought glory too and he’s slammed.

  • Boopper
    Boopper  +453

    Ronaldo was keeping his options open and was seeing if United have the ambition and are trying to at least compete at the highest level. It is in his right to keep quiet. He doesn’t owe anyone anything and doesn’t need to openly talk about what he wants or doesn’t want to do.

  • CharlesX 1000

    Some people at the club (players, the board) have been using him as a scapegoat, saying things like he doesn't like training, not getting along with players and making it look like it's his fault that the team is in this state. It almost feels like a smear campaign. Of course Ronaldo wants to defend himself.

  • Demian Bamu

    I just feel the way Manchester Utd has conducted their transfer business has also been the source of frustration for Ronaldo especially if you consider how active their rivals have been. He is a winner even at 37 and without doubt for me he can still lift them with the right players around him.

  • Razi Mahri

    The thing is, the player who does not "want" to be in United outperformed the players who "want" to be there.😅

  • Prince Evans


  • DS
    DS  +9

    Ronaldo has apparently asked to leave many times so it's the clubs fault imo nothing to do with Ronaldo. Ronaldo is still the best player at United and one of the world's best still 👏

  • GIBBO4182
    GIBBO4182  +433

    The media not telling the truth? What a shock🤣

  • Really89
    Really89  +77

    Completely and utterly baffled by United’s transfer strategy. Do they have one?

    SBANI  +201

    When he doesn't talk it's bad, when he talks it's bad. Leave CR7 alone man, this is abuse now

  • Viraj Patel

    The guy knew he wouldn't be in the UCL in February itself. He waited for the transfer market. He saw what the fans saw. Who can blame him if he doesn't want to spend another year of his last left alongside Maguire, Fred, Mctominay, Shaw, Lindelof, Bailey, Dalot, AWB and the lot while his club's rivals are adding top talent to their already worthy top 4 teams. People think he doesn't want to play in Europa league, lmao. The way they are operating at the club, wouldn't even finish top 6 next season.

  • iliketocomment89

    Worth stating that James was absolutely brilliant! Excellent football knowledge, hope Sky continue to have him on their shows

  • helena hopkinson

    Ronaldo will do it when he's ready not when you lot say he should.

  • Charles Apana

    Cr7 has really been on the media for the good and bad reasons but can't wait to hear him speak

  • dusekboss
    dusekboss  +15

    I Hope He Will stay with us...we still love you Cristiano,biggest legend ever