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Game of Thrones S8E06 Finale Explained

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022

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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  3 years ago +1754

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    • condorX2
      condorX2 2 months ago

      I'm 3 years late, but X-vid finally decided to recommend me this!
      Nice breakdown on Daenerys being a tyrant and yet a lot of the viewers still embraced her. Why?
      Here is my take on Daenerys.
      She represents certain county which I won't mention. Her goal is to free the slaves and spread freedom. Those with different ideology that goes against her will be sanction, starved and killed.
      Remember the man who killed Daenerys beloved translator? That's an equivalent of flying planes into the Twin Tower on 9/11.
      The punishment for going up against Daenerys? 2.4 million dead Iraqi, destroyed infrastructures and stolen oil.
      Same fate for Afghanistan etc.
      Remember the people who shot down one of Daenerys dragon? That's an equivalent to killing the settlers.
      The punishment for going up against Daenerys? Native Americans Indians got hunted till near extinction, lost their language and culture. Now only a few thousand are living on reservations.
      You get the ideas right?
      Give this source a visit to see the list of counties who got bombed for 10 years aka dragon fire attacks on cities.
      Davidswanson warlist

    • generic shonen protagonist
      generic shonen protagonist 2 months ago


    • Biclopse 8
      Biclopse 8 10 months ago

      You gave this episode more analysis that it deserves. Good job man.

    • Andromedas Riddle
      Andromedas Riddle Year ago

      The reason for Brans slowness to much data to download not high enough framerate or easier so DD don't have to write as many words. Season 1 70 per min season 8. 10 prm. Also according to BRAN in the war room hes the same 3 eyed raven and the NK has been after him many times so if that's true then the excuse of being slowdowns stand so which one is it DD . SO MANY PLOT HOLES AND WRITING IS ABYSMAL. LAZY BASTARDS.

    • Andromedas Riddle
      Andromedas Riddle Year ago


  • dcli182
    dcli182 3 years ago +10519

    Brienne closing the book before the ink was dry was a metaphor for this entire season.

    • Daniel Perez
      Daniel Perez 5 days ago

      Hahaha, it was certainly cringy.

    • mosesman01
      mosesman01 Month ago

      ​@Dante's Inferno where did you go to school?

    • Paul Gallagher
      Paul Gallagher Month ago

      @Дарт Ксенос you clearly enjoy 'subversive' writing for the sake of itself. Cliches are poor when the source material isn't well written, which isn't the case with GoT

    • M R
      M R Month ago +1

      Greyworm said to Tyrion "You are not here to talk!". Tyrion immediately proceeds to talk uninterrupted and then casually selects a king.
      I'm convinced they just did GoT madlibs for the entire last season.

    • M O V I E B A D
      M O V I E B A D Month ago +1

      @Дарт Ксенос it absolutely is a terrible season. Rushed. Tonally inconsistent with the rest of the shows. Brilliant characters are reduced to idiots. Fast travel runs rampant. It’s poorly paced, ham-fisted, and all of the actors hated the ending they got. Varys actor literally throws the script back on the table after his pitiful death at the hands of his characters newfound stupidity.

  • James Gravil
    James Gravil Year ago +2948

    "Martin has hinted that the next book will be out within a year."
    *Two years later...*

    • InTheNameOf Allah
      InTheNameOf Allah 3 days ago

      @Case JordanYou might be right tbh because he’s 3/4 done with it

    • InTheNameOf Allah
      InTheNameOf Allah 3 days ago

      He’s 3/4th into it so hopefully ends soon

    • Blake Barfield
      Blake Barfield 6 days ago

      @Case Jordan oh is it now

    • A Azzam
      A Azzam 6 days ago

      3 years still not out lol

    • Rhazael
      Rhazael 7 days ago

      Over 3 years later. I have a suspicion that GRRM might not live long enough to finish ADOS, hopefully I'm wrong.

  • dd 🐈 .
    dd 🐈 . 9 months ago +660

    watching this years later and i genuinely do not understand how you manage to be so calm and collected while you're working through the nonsense that this episode was 😭. i admire you

    • Daniel Perez
      Daniel Perez 4 days ago

      @Yelroj Video Makes sense.

    • Yelroj Video
      Yelroj Video 5 days ago

      @Daniel Perez Well i just recalled that i replied to him at the middle of the night so i misinterpreted him and forgot this comment thread existed

    • Daniel Perez
      Daniel Perez 5 days ago

      @Yelroj Video I'm curious. What, in your words, is the proper rebuttal for condorX2 saying Christopher Columbus and that era's explorers and settlers thinking that native americans are indians directly impacted what those people were called?
      I saw you reference a video. I want to hear what you have to think on the matter.

    • Yelroj Video
      Yelroj Video 2 months ago

      @condorX2 😂 Tanga

    • Yelroj Video
      Yelroj Video 2 months ago

      @condorX2 Why don't you watch cgp grey's video before making assumptions

  • Tom Neville
    Tom Neville 2 years ago +2796

    Arya: The starks need to stick together
    Also Arya 2 episodes later: I‘m leaving Westeros and I am literally never coming back

    • Chroob
      Chroob 15 days ago


    • Nino
      Nino 5 months ago +2

      Right like what the hell? Jon was like you can visit me and Arya was like nope

    • Ghostrider
      Ghostrider Year ago +1

      Yeah cause the danger(Daenerys becoming mad queen) for which they had to stick together had ended.

    • Paulo Gaspar
      Paulo Gaspar Year ago

      @Cherylle Johnson a lot of people in game of thrones has shit on that level or worse.

    • 3baxcb
      3baxcb Year ago +4

      @Subhasish Could be why the video made reference to the Dune universe. Bran The Broken could be a bit like Paul Muad'Dib and/or Leto II who is the emperor in the fourth book, God Emperor Of Dune. He might live a thousand years or just a regular lifespan of a ruler who doesn't lead a life like the worst of the previous kings and queens. It might even be that whomever is chosen to be the king or queen after him has to become the Three Eyed Raven as well which could be very sobering.

  • 4PiousMen
    4PiousMen 2 years ago +4354

    "Chaos is a wheel chair accessible ramp."

    • Olorin
      Olorin Month ago

      This joke almost makes it all worth it.

    • condorX2
      condorX2 2 months ago

      "Thanos snap is better alternative to world hunger."
      I'm 3 years late, but X-vid finally decided to recommend me this!
      Nice breakdown on Daenerys being a tyrant and yet a lot of the viewers still embraced her. Why?
      Here is my take on Daenerys.
      She represents certain county which I won't mention. Her goal is to free the slaves and spread freedom. Those with different ideology that goes against her will be sanction, starved and killed.
      Remember the man who killed Daenerys beloved translator? That's an equivalent of flying planes into the Twin Tower on 9/11.
      The punishment for going up against Daenerys? 2.4 million dead Iraqi, destroyed infrastructures and stolen oil.
      Same fate for Afghanistan etc.
      Remember the people who shot down one of Daenerys dragon? That's an equivalent to killing the settlers.
      The punishment for going up against Daenerys? Native Americans Indians got hunted till near extinction, lost their language and culture. Now only a few thousand are living on reservations.
      You get the ideas right?
      Give this source a visit to see the list of counties who got bombed for 10 years aka dragon fire attacks on cities.
      Davidswanson warlist

    • Julio Cesar
      Julio Cesar 5 months ago

    • char.s1k smashing
      char.s1k smashing 7 months ago

      çv:cv:vvvv@Francesca Patti "c

    • Wendy C
      Wendy C 9 months ago

      Remember that brilliant teaser called "Aftermath" ???
      Yeah...Whatever happened to that potential plot line?
      MauLer did a great video on GoT contradictions.
      I am certain D&D trolled the fandom!
      😠 🤬

  • Leo King
    Leo King 3 years ago +4943

    "The King is possibly an evil tree."
    This was my favourite part of the analysis.

    • linda hobbs
      linda hobbs 3 months ago

      Presumably he will become more and more evil.

    • J A S G
      J A S G 2 years ago

      @Angela Clark hahahahaha indeed

    • Angela Clark
      Angela Clark 3 years ago

      @Electricity taster I guess you missed all the living people he killed to make his dead army. He wasn't exactly just collecting corpses that happened to be laying around. And yet, it's actually possible that he still killed fewer people then Dany in his entire existence... What a total freaking dumpster fire this show ended up being.

    • Electricity taster
      Electricity taster 3 years ago

      @AkayMoon The most powerful warg in the show was the Night King, and he really wanted to kill the 3-eyed raven. What if the Night King is actually a Stark and the 3-eyed raven a Targaryen? It would be the ice of the north vs the fire of the south. If you think about it, the Night King used dead people in his army, therefore risking no lives. What he did with the babies is a mystery. Good guy Night King.

    • someguy
      someguy 3 years ago +1


  • travisbe916
    travisbe916 Year ago +621

    Grey Worm went from "I'm here to execute a traitor and a murderer and I'm literally holding the knife" to "whatever you guys want" in a single sentence.

    • Daniel Perez
      Daniel Perez 5 days ago

      Grey Worm was literally always a slave. He was a "free slave". He had literally nothing else in his life to live for, and was a slave to his life circumstances. Even while holding the knife, he still had no authority to do anything without someone else's permission.
      He was master of war to a dead queen.
      Him moving East is the first free man thing he did all series long.

    • cogtroper
      cogtroper 14 days ago

      They passed a Fallout 4 style speech check on him

    • M R
      M R Month ago +15

      Greyworm said to Tyrion "You are not here to talk!". Tyrion immediately proceeds to talk uninterrupted and then casually selects a king.
      I'm convinced they just did GoT madlibs for the entire last season.

    • Welch_inc
      Welch_inc Year ago +9

      Grey worm should have died at kingslanding as part of Danny’s girlboss evolution

  • magister343
    magister343 Year ago +768

    The ending would have been a hundred times better if as the lords were casting their votes for Bran we saw their eyes go white like Hodor's when Bran was warging into him.

    • Olorin
      Olorin Month ago

      @Trai Ball The show kinda had a crappy horror movie beginning.

    • G
      G 3 months ago +1

      I love awful ideas like this lol. Reminds me of the guy who had the fix to the Dexter finale. All he had to do was say tonight is the night and smirk at the camera lmao. Lumberjack and all... Always remimds me why writers are paid

    • EL R
      EL R 3 months ago +1

      He never really had those intentions in the show, though. He was more a nice old man who sacrificed himself for Bran, rather than the creepy, bitter Bloodraven from the books

    • Mega Mac
      Mega Mac 3 months ago +4

      @EL R Well, the “why” would presumably be that Bloodraven/Three Eyed Raven’s intentions in taking over Bran were those of evil/self interest. Revenge on Targs, minimizing of Starks, ruler of Seven Kingdoms, etc.

    • Trai Ball
      Trai Ball 5 months ago +3

      Sounds like a crappy horror movie ending

  • Tommy Jeff
    Tommy Jeff 2 years ago +1075

    The throne was destroyed by the fire that forged it. Just as this show was ruined by the showrunners that created it.

    • Desert Coyote
      Desert Coyote 2 months ago +1

      @bighand69 Are you just stupid or is your taste that bad?

    • Samuel Hass
      Samuel Hass 4 months ago

      That is literally the most perfect saying I've ever herad. Well met.

    • Tommy Jeff
      Tommy Jeff 5 months ago

      @Utube Fknsucks GRRM gave the show runners the general story to the end… they chose to fuck it up and do stuff for the purposes of garnering viewers instead of staying true to the story. No way is this on GRRM. For example, Dany was always going to go mad but the show runners did a terrible job of developing that character the way the show demands.

    • KITĂ sau plm nu stiu
      KITĂ sau plm nu stiu 6 months ago +2

      @bighand69 bro from ep 2 on the show has no damn sense anymore . The key word here is “ suddenly “ and it goes like this : in the battle of Winterfell nobody knows strategy, the arc of Jon defeating NK is ruined, let aside Jon survives being surounded by tens, maybe hundreds of whights, he survives falling of a dragon and the other nonsense . In ep 4 rhaegal is made out of thin paper, dany forgets about the iron fleet and cersei forgets that one of her major goals is to kill tyrion so she lets him slip . In ep 5, now drogon is upgraded to perfection and he can dodge every scorpion bolt, his fire can explode, bring down walls and euron all of a sudden meets jaime on a beach ( so convenient ) and the rest of the nonsense . In ep 6 is just mental breakdown, i can write a book just about how ep 6 looks like it was written by ret4rded kids .

    • Cherryfeather
      Cherryfeather 7 months ago +1

      @bighand69 sounds like you just want to be contrarian in an attempt to feel superior.

  • A-DrewG
    A-DrewG 2 years ago +1169

    "Who has a better story than the kid who sat in a chair and just staired a people for like 2 seasons"

    • Paulo Gaspar
      Paulo Gaspar Year ago +3

      @Amy M The wheel chair is used as a joke because he is already sitting, and the objective of people in the series was to sit on a throne. People complain about bran not because hs is crippled, but because he is a robot that uses weird too powerfull magic that can control people and time itself. And the way they made him king was very weird.

    • Mit Paria Kochen
      Mit Paria Kochen Year ago +3

      @Amy M the OG comment didn't claim that his wheelchair made him an incompetent leader, it just said that his story is damn stupid. It literally doesn't matter if he is in a wheelchair, if there was a character who was walking around aimlessly doing nothing people would also criticize him.
      Im sorry if you've experienced discrimination because of wheelchairs, but neither Bran nor you are a victim here.

    • Amy M
      Amy M Year ago +1

      @kekemc Thanks so much for your response!
      I felt like exploring the challenges of being disabled was such an important part of the books, and to a lesser extent on the show.... It was one of the themes that drew me in.
      So it's sad to read posts from fans who I think missed this point - but also It's great to hear from someone like yourself!! :)

    • kekemc
      kekemc Year ago +2

      @Amy M Yeah I don’t get the wheelchair comments either that’s like saying Tyrion can’t be bc he’s an “imp”? It just doesn’t matter.

    • Amy M
      Amy M Year ago +1

      @Christopher Lewis That's fine, but my question still remains: Why the need to add in Brn's use of a wheelchair?
      Read sawfal's posts and I think you'll see some thinly disguised ableism. It's important for our society that these kind of mis-beliefs get called out, in the hopes that we can improve as people.

  • NG
    NG 2 years ago +536

    The Starks season 1-7: "the lone wolf dies but the pack survives."
    Starks season 8:Fuck the pack, l'm OUT. ✌

    • Sydni 'The Romantic' Taylor
      Sydni 'The Romantic' Taylor 11 months ago +6

      @Songe Westmoreland he knows the others can produce children but Jon is beyond the wall where his name means nothing and his last name isn't Stark, Sansa may not remarry and if she does her children will have her husband's last name unless she has him take her name instead and thats only if sansa wants to remarry. Also Arya isn't coming back home, she's sailing west and most people die when they sail that way, Arya also says she's not a Lady, she has no desire to get married and have children so yeah House Stark will be extinct by the next generation unless Sansa has children.

    • Songe Westmoreland
      Songe Westmoreland Year ago +5

      @Augustus Freeman Bran is the only one incapable of fathering children. Doesn't seem likely they'll die out.

    • Augustus Freeman
      Augustus Freeman Year ago +8

      @Songe Westmoreland House Stark will become extinct by the next generation however, nice going pack.

    • Songe Westmoreland
      Songe Westmoreland Year ago +20

      Spread out but not necessarily disconnected.
      Jon - King of the Wildlings
      Sansa - Queen in the North
      Bran - King of Six Kingdoms
      Arya - "I'm going everywhere" assassin
      They can stay in contact (ravens) and now basically have all the power in Westeros, as well as having an assassin that no one can track theoretically.
      Personal opinion, The Pack definitely survived.

  • Orion Watson
    Orion Watson 3 years ago +2186

    Bran at first episode: good at climbing castles
    Bran at finale: actually climbed up the peak of social hierarchy
    GOT pilot had a Lannister push a kid out of the window
    The finale had a Lannister push logic out of the window
    Great foreshadowing guys

    • Julio Cesar
      Julio Cesar 5 months ago

      that's an interesting short analysis

    • `
      ` Year ago +2

      I was eating, and I clicked show more and read the "finale" line just as I swallowed. It took all my energy to not choke to death because of laughing so hard. Good job sir.

    • Alexander Zack
      Alexander Zack 2 years ago +2

      don´t forget it was a lannister as well who "pushed" bran on top of said hierarchy

    • Pranav
      Pranav 2 years ago


    • Orion Watson
      Orion Watson 2 years ago +11

      @Nuno Santos that's the thing ,Bran ending up as a king is not the problem.. I can totally see Bran learning from his experiences as a greenseer and actually having a part in the story ,which would eventually lead him to be leader for the realm for better or worse (He mentally assaults Hodor,who in books hates being puppet of Bran ), unlike his show counterpart, with no personality other than being creepy and using his omniscience to take a guided nap mid battle and remind people of their most embarrassing or disappointing moment . He could've been a supervillain actually, manipulating the realm to obtain power for his family.

  • Mya Elbows
    Mya Elbows Year ago +221

    you make this episode sound way more complicated and intelligent than it actually is 😂

  • doktarr
    doktarr 2 years ago +830

    "Martin recently hinted that the next book will be out in a year"
    LOL. One year anniversary, here we are!

    • Sorcière Noire
      Sorcière Noire 4 days ago +1

      Winter of 2022 is coming and still no book

    • Diogo G. Fernandes
      Diogo G. Fernandes Month ago +3

      Hello 2022 and still no book!

    • A Million DONE
      A Million DONE Month ago +2

      It's October 2022 after 2 years in lockdown and still no book

    • Kira The Renegade
      Kira The Renegade Month ago

      Agreed. It just ain't happening. Mainly because House of the Dragon has taken off & is currently repairing his entire legacy.

    • Atlantis
      Atlantis Month ago

      He will never finish it

  • Kirla
    Kirla 3 years ago +1298

    Can't wait for the book.
    "On Political Theory and Human Psyche Corruption, or How I Lost My Mother" by Drogon Targaryen

    • Asasas
      Asasas Day ago +1

      @Lamp Wick Im bad at math, but i think that Jon is 3% pureblood Targaryen, considering the serious lack of incest of the late kings.
      Maybe a higher % of Valyrian blood wich i guess its what matters.

    • Faisal kamal
      Faisal kamal Month ago

      BURN THEM ALL and be king or queen of the ashes - Dragon

    • Lamp Wick
      Lamp Wick 2 months ago

      @bighand69 Blood magic wouldn't stop Drogon from just eating him. If 75% Targaryen Rhaenyra can be eaten I'm sure ~40% Jon can also be eaten. That would be so funny as well.

    • Bubba Bulbalicious
      Bubba Bulbalicious 2 years ago +5

      Drogon for grand meister

    • Orion Watson
      Orion Watson 2 years ago +6

      I'd legit pay for this book and might even sponsor an interview Mr Drogon Targaryen

  • W T
    W T Year ago +140

    You've actually made Season 8 sound reasonably interesting and thoughtful. You're both a magician and a liar.

  • Kaipyro67ALT
    Kaipyro67ALT 2 years ago +901

    "GRRM has said his new book will be out in a year--"
    Yeah, about that...

    • Laketwig
      Laketwig 6 months ago

      @Raft Lack i mean he never stated anything so why not just live your life in the mean time?

    • Raft Lack
      Raft Lack 11 months ago

      @Miguel Rodriguez guys its okay I'm sure it will be out before 2023.. right? I mean.. it has to..

    • A. E. A.
      A. E. A. Year ago

      @Miguel Rodriguez Well be in 2022 in 8 weeks, just saying

    • Miguel Rodriguez
      Miguel Rodriguez Year ago +1

      Add one more to it lol

    • Nalis Solus
      Nalis Solus Year ago +1

      @the wanderingartists light year is the distance light travels in an earth year, it's a measure of distance not time.

  • Daenerys Targaryen
    Daenerys Targaryen Year ago +302

    I remember sailing to Westeros, and then I forgot everything afterward.

    • Jamie_ D0G
      Jamie_ D0G 2 months ago +1

      @Paulo Gaspar Cope harder

    • Margarida Gomes
      Margarida Gomes 6 months ago +5

      @Paulo Gaspar foreshadowing is not character development. she killed the people who were opposed to her, yes, but not people who just happened to be near her

    • Logic Plague
      Logic Plague Year ago +2

      What a waste..

    • Paulo Gaspar
      Paulo Gaspar Year ago +3

      @Google User A dream that has been foreshadowed in the books and in the show since season 3. It's not a a dream it's reallity. Daenerys was allways a conquerer and a dictator, she just liked slaves and fragile people but she was allways authoritarian, you do things in her way or you die. She was also allways entitled, even as a slave she allways demanded to be treated as superior to other people and that everything she wanted should be given to her because she has dragons and because of her genetics (targaryen). She Is literally Stalin in ideology, and her family is constantly compared to Nazis with dragons. Started by wanting to help the poor and weak people and to break the old system and create a new one (break the wheel), ended up a dictator genocide ruler.

    • Google User
      Google User Year ago +24

      I had a bad dream that you killed thousands of innocents in King's Landing and became a dictator. But good thing that it was only a dream.

  • Glowing Velvet
    Glowing Velvet 2 years ago +160

    I love how Jon at the end says a persons blood doesn’t matter and yet everyone says Dany went mad bc she has Targaryen blood *bullshit real bullshit*

    • lovekaaay
      lovekaaay 2 months ago

      @paulgotik it’s that and also how much people can push you to insanity. She tried to do things the right way and ended up losing everyone and everything she loved in the process. She trusted people and was betrayed over and over again. She helped the North and they hated her. I’d go mad too.

    • Wriggle Night
      Wriggle Night 11 months ago +6

      @Paulo Gaspar You can bad faith your way through this comments section for as long as you like. It's not gonna help this show escape the pop culture memory hole its been consigned to

    • Paulo Gaspar
      Paulo Gaspar Year ago

      @Megan Allen What? you know that people that do incest aren't more ugly than any other person or have six legs right? You just have a higher chance of having genetic diseases. Which don't make you ugly. That comment was so ignorant and kinda bigoted. And yes a lot of targaryens where mad, that's why they say when they are born gods toss a coin and they can either be mad or good rulers. But them being mad isn't because of incest, no one ever said that except people like you that use it as a red herring. They get mad because they usually get themselves way too envolved in proficies, destiny and wanting to be the "special ones". If you look at the books a lot of Targeryens have been mad, every generation has one or 2 of them mad. And a lot of rebellions have been done centuries ago. The black fires have done 3 rebellions against the targeryens alone. But because they are asshole with nukes (dragons), not because they come from incest... We humans in the real world used to do incest all the time. Most kings and nobles did incest to mantain the money and the power. And people wheren't born with sex legs. In africa some tribes today do a lot of incest, and it is shown to have some benefits there against malaria. Animals do incest all the time too, and they aren't born with 6 legs...
      Dany went mad because she was an authoritarian, entitled person. She allways has been. It has been foreshadowed that she would kill a lot of innocent people since season 3. She went mad because of her own choices and ways of thinking, not because of her blood. That's the hole point of the story. Watch season 5 and you will see characters saying to Dany "you are a good conquerer, not a good ruler". All she did in the series was acting entitled, that the throne was her's by right, that she was a khaleesi so the dothraki had to obey to her, that she had dragons so the doors of Qarth needed to be open for her or else she would destroy their city to the ground. In meereen she liberated the slaves but she ignores the social and economic structurem she kills every person deamed as a slave master even if it went against the salver wishes and she had no plan to fill the power vacum and the social structure. She literally just killed a bunch of people because they are bad without thinking about the consequences. She causes the sons of harpy to create a civil war that kills a lot of innocent people to a point that even the people she saved go against her. And then she just leaves letting a corrupt guy that knows nothing about politics cleaning the mess she did there, while taking a bunch of soldiers to march to the other side of the globe to conquer a throne she says "it's her's by right". This is literally telling us that she just likes and wants to conquer and kill her enemies, she doesn't actually cares about the people or their needs (not to mention that she brings dothraki to westeros to fight for "what is her right to have" while dothraki are known to kill, steal and rape everyone after they win a war. She brings the worst time of people to westeros that will actually hurt civilians).
      Let's compare this to Jon. Jon becames the leader of the nightwatch not because he wants to, but because people recognize that he is the best for the place. They even use democracy for it. Jon spends 2 seasons trying to make peace between 2 factions that are at war for centuries and he is backstabed by his own people. Instead of running around killing everyone that doesn't agree with him, he just tried to show that they need to fight together to defeat a common problem. And it actually worked, he alone was able to join two factions that hated each other. After that he goes together with his army fight against the boltons to save his home, and he risks his life in the front of batle for it. He succeds with help of Sansa. At this point people in the nort love him becuse he actualy fought in the front lines with other people so he is voted again by other people to be the king in the north. Again he doesn't want the position of power, he is voted by others as the better fit for it so he accepts because he knows it's the best for his people. This is the complete opposite of Dany. Jon gets power by showing his actions and people voting on him, Dany gets power by her action also, but her actions of killing her enemies and caliming that power belongs to her. She doesn't need to earn the power because it was allways hers. That's the huge character flaw that is going to make her a dictator later down the line.

    • Megan Allen
      Megan Allen Year ago +25

      I really hate that "Targaryen blood makes you mad because incest" bs because by that logic all Targaryens should be ugly with protruding chins & six legs. Targaryens aren't normal humans. They've been doing incest for centuries & they're not all mad, hideous, malformed creatures. Most Targaryens aren't even mad. It's way less than 50%. Imagine if half the Targaryen kings were mad, there would've been a Robert's Rebellion centuries or even decades ago. That was just a lazy cop out the show runners used. Even Aerys didn't go mad overnight.

    • paulgotik
      paulgotik Year ago +3

      The point of Daenerys is that it's not her blood that makes her go insane, It's her own choices. The irony is that she chose to do what people said she would do because of her genetics. That's the "lesson" of her character. Jon on other hand chose to do the opposite of what his genetics say. And since book one she's been choosing violence to inflict fear and obtain power. It's all she's been doing. She tried to do some good allong the way but her goals was allways power. The "doing good" were allways "side quests" for her.

  • msflyingfox
    msflyingfox 3 years ago +4017

    I can't believe this is the last ever "Game of Thrones S...E... Explained" video notification I'll ever get.
    Thanks Alt Shift X for the years of great content. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that GoT wouldn't have been the same without your analyses.

    • msflyingfox
      msflyingfox 2 months ago

      @David B I will, but I'm still waiting for all the episodes to be out so I can binge ;)

    • David B
      David B 3 months ago +2

      He's back. You still watching?

    • Eric Schaefer
      Eric Schaefer 2 years ago

      Yeah it would've

    • Daniel
      Daniel 2 years ago

      He’ll probably make more for the new books coming out so you’re good

    • Pat
      Pat 3 years ago

      @Taylore S Oh please what?
      I'm just saying it's not game of thrones.
      I'm not saying it's not game of thrones as in it's not gonna be good as game of thrones.

  • secret life
    secret life 4 months ago +18

    There is a theory I like which would let the ending be perfekt. So Bran is dead, his body is alive because it is possesed by the three eyed raven. And there is a hint in the books, that the three eyed raven is actualy a targaryan prince, who was banned centurys ago for trying to take over the throne and was send north as punishment. There he did something with dark magic and became the raven. So after centuries he claims the throne. It would also explain why he is looking for dragon.

    • Carter
      Carter 2 months ago +1

      Bloodraven actually defended the throne from the people trying to take it over, the Blackfyres (Targaryan bastards legitimized by Aegon IV), he didn't try to take over himself. He was sent north for inviting one of them to a council to decide succession but then killing them upon arrival. This was only like 50 years before the show, because it was when Maester Aemon's little brother that sent him to the wall.
      The theory still kinda works but the show said the three-eyed raven was 1000s of years old which messes with it

  • Trey Kuhn
    Trey Kuhn 2 years ago +584

    “Adapted from the books with exceptional production, acting, and music” lol notice how he doesn’t mention writing

    • UglyhoodRAT
      UglyhoodRAT Year ago +2

      @Exiled yes they showed the rape to say men are evil brutes and the woman are oppressed. Narrative and troup. Disgusting.

    • Exiled
      Exiled Year ago

      @UglyhoodRAT Did they appeal to feminism by having Dany and Sansa raped by their husbands, and Dany killed by her lover? lol

    • ha420weednumber
      ha420weednumber Year ago

      @UglyhoodRAT where the fuck did that take come from?

    • Paulo Gaspar
      Paulo Gaspar Year ago

      @Trey Kuhn tell me a show that has better writting than the books? Books allow you to write stories without limitations. Shows allways have limitations on their writting because they are shows. Books have limitations on their production, acting and music because there's none. Books will allways have better writting (as long as the story of the books and the show isn't completly different, in that case the book can be terrible and the story in the show can be better) than shows. But a show has a complete different immersion and capacity for enterteinment.

    • Jake
      Jake Year ago +4

      @UglyhoodRAT lol what

  • Saturn V
    Saturn V 2 years ago +78

    I feel like the show writers themselves are like the characters they wrote. They have achieved some good and with it came fame power and wealth, they used to have a great vision for something good. Yet when they finally has some or all of the power, they refused to let others who are more capable to finish their job, all because of ego.

    • Honored Madman
      Honored Madman Year ago

      Bighand69 except it was all leaked 2 years before it even came out lol

    • bighand69
      bighand69 2 years ago +1

      The end of the show was fantastic no pretending that you seen all that coming. We all thought it was Jon to be king.

  • Nyx Necrodragon
    Nyx Necrodragon 2 years ago +738

    "Who has a better story than Bran the Broken?" Pretty much any other character

    • ashish tariyal
      ashish tariyal 16 days ago

      It cab also mean he has better story coz he knows every story 😂so whatever story u have he just knows one better

    • SOFIA
      SOFIA 25 days ago

      Love how in the end this council of pragmatic medieval noblemen agree to elect a boy who's a cripple, has no skill with a sword, apparently has visions of the future that they all totally buy and has been presumed dead for years until he turned up alive with no concrete proof of his identity. His qualifications for being an absolute ruler being "he has a good story." Lol, D&D did make the entire Thrones universe so dumbed down and simplistic in the later seasons

    • PostSniper-
      PostSniper- Year ago +1

      @bighand69 Jon’s lineages is much stronger than brans Targaryen and stark vs stark and Tully plus Jon is the oldest of the stark children among Brandon lyanna Ned and benjen

    • bighand69
      bighand69 Year ago

      That may be true but it is appearances that count. I also suspect that Jon would be allowed back at any point he wants.

    • PostSniper-
      PostSniper- Year ago

      @bighand69 Jon didn’t destroy kings landing he saved it

  • Lux Loser
    Lux Loser Year ago +3

    Y'know what's weird? Looking back, Gendry also has a claim. He is recognized Bastard, recognized by Daenerys, meaning her supporters recognize him as a Baratheon, and he was also an ally of Jon Snow, and of course the only remaining trueborn son of Robert Baratheon, and he grew up a peasant and became a knight under the Brotherhood Without Banners. Not only is his "story" amazing, he basically has positive affiliation with nearly every major faction. Would Gendry WANT the throne? Probably not, but someone should have at least put his name forward.
    Also, with the new system, someone is definitely going to lose an election by a razor thin margin, and then either start a civil war because "cheating" or just murder the winner and win the throne in the subsequent election.

  • polloalforno
    polloalforno 2 years ago +145

    Honestly I just feel i was being given something for 8 years and more, then they came in one day and took all of it back. I'm still in shock.

    • E M
      E M 2 months ago +1

      @bighand69 Daenerys's character making no sense is only part of the problem. The bigger problem is the Dothraki and Unsullied were turned into bodies only used for action, and no longer characters. Actually everyone that wasn't a main character good guy were turned into nothing. Yara Greyjoy's desires are thrown out, Dorne is thrown out... The Starks just get to rule everything with no real opposition? Tyrion basically negotiates the new world order as a prisoner, then becomes Hand? So Jon literally kills Daenerys and there are no consequences despite her having a massive army that is extremely devoted to her. How the hell does that make any sense? And as for Dany, the whole season they just made up internal conflict out of thin air. The whole show she didn't take King's Landing for the sole purpose of not killing innocents, she could've taken it 3 seasons ago if she was willing to mass kill civilians. Maybe if she had decided to kill them out of necessity after seeing Missandei die that would have made sense, but no, instead she just randomly decides to kill them for no reason cause I guess she's just crazy all the sudden. It's all so stupid, there were so many ways they could've gone that would have made some kind of sense.

    • BigMisterApple
      BigMisterApple 5 months ago +1

      @bighand69 bruh I hated the ending but I loved the concept of the bad guy winning, what do you even mean man

    • B Paige
      B Paige 9 months ago +2

      I binge watched the first 7 seasons a month before the final season. It was absolutely huge at the time and as I watched I understood why. I thought it would be a legacy story like lord of the rings or Harry Potter. I thought it would be relevant for generations. Until the final 2 ish seasons but especially the final seasons. But 2 years later It is incredible to see how a bad ending literally obliterated the show from pop culture. Sure some fans haven’t forgotten but Google searches and X-vid searches bring up no new media, no new videos. It’s totally fallen into irrelevance. They destroyed a shows legacy basically overnight.

    • Heginald
      Heginald Year ago +5

      @bighand69 The last 2 seasons were rushed and shit. I didn't like Dany, and I liked that she went mad because it triggered all the feminists, but this ending for this magnificent show is just wrong. So much shit is left out because Dabid and Dumber wanted to go do something else and just wrap this up asap. Should have let someone else finish it, like the actual creator wanted to. GRRM wanted like ten seasons or more?

    • bighand69
      bighand69 Year ago +1

      @Noah May
      They were all annoyed because their crush did not turn out to be the hero that they were all thinking that she would become.
      And then there was all these channels and websites promoting complex theories that did not turn out as they had wanted to.
      Daenerys Targaryen wiping out the entire city was in keeping with the tone that the show had set from the start. And Jon betrayal of Daenerys Targaryen was also in keeping with the show.
      It was a happy ending with mass murder having taken place.

  • JokerGordon
    JokerGordon 2 years ago +24

    Although the show still feels like a let down, you pointed out many things that makes sense now. You didn't correct the problem, but you did make it seem a lot more palatable. Thank you for that.

  • Sean Miller
    Sean Miller 2 years ago +15

    Yours is the most well-informed and thoughtful opinion I’ve seen of the final season. You actually critically evaluate things, and try to make sense of them, instead of just saying “season 8 bad rehhhh.” It’s clear you didn’t like it, but you analyze both sides of it. I really appreciate this video

  • MonsterMash
    MonsterMash 3 years ago +7693

    Thanks Alt Shift X for putting more work than D&D did in Season 8

    • Lloyd Summers
      Lloyd Summers 2 years ago

      @Phantom of Black good thing they got sacked and arent really on the works for anything big you cant do that to what is widely considered one of the greatest TV shows off all time they literally ruined it

    • Daniel G
      Daniel G 2 years ago +3

      Volume of work wasn't the issue. Everyone, (yes even D&D). put in a *tremendous* amount of work into the production of season 8. The problem was in the core writing, which makes it all the more tragic. All these talented, passionate people, working on a crazy-awesome project with limitless resources, and the end result is a fizzle. What a shame.

    • Big Sonny
      Big Sonny 3 years ago

      @books from Windblown ozzyman reviews is awesome!

    • Ron Swanson
      Ron Swanson 3 years ago +7

      @Brandon Carrasco it's not their fault you were too stupid to see how shitty the show was becoming before they pointed it out to you.

    • justdrop
      justdrop 3 years ago +4

      @Brandon Carrasco Now you know how we feel. Welcome to the club.

  • condorX2
    condorX2 2 months ago +2

    I'm 3 years late, but X-vid finally decided to recommend me this!
    Nice breakdown on Daenerys being a tyrant and yet a lot of the viewers still embraced her. Why?
    Here is my take on Daenerys.
    She represents certain county which I won't mention. Her goal is to free the slaves and spread freedom. Those with different ideology that goes against her will be sanction, starved and killed.
    Remember the man who killed Daenerys beloved translator? That's an equivalent of flying planes into the Twin Tower on 9/11.
    The punishment for going up against Daenerys? 2.4 million dead Iraqi, destroyed infrastructures and stolen oil.
    Same fate for Afghanistan etc.
    Remember the people who shot down one of Daenerys dragon? That's an equivalent to killing the settlers.
    The punishment for going up against Daenerys? Native Americans Indians got hunted till near extinction, lost their language and culture. Now only a few thousand are living on reservations.
    You get the ideas right?
    Give this source a visit to see the list of counties who got bombed for 10 years aka dragon fire attacks on cities.
    Davidswanson warlist

  • Hugo Oviedo
    Hugo Oviedo 2 years ago +16

    It is a disappointing ending because 2 of the main characters in which the story revolves and who fought for their ideals are left with little and nothing at all.

  • Top Five
    Top Five 2 years ago +5

    Here almost a year later. But I think
    Edmure would've been the best choice.
    He fought against the mountain to protect the riverlands. He fought against the Lannisters (the most powerful house at the time) to protect the people of kingdom .He was also a loyal follower to Robb Stark. Any blunders he did make was also Robb's blunder.
    He was also experienced in ruling as the Lord of riverrun and in war being part of the war of the five Kings unlike most of the others who played almost no part
    Arya's move in the episode was wrong on so many different levels

  • Paul Tan
    Paul Tan 2 years ago +4

    it seems like the night king is actually going south with ice to stop Daenerys and her dragons. This all makes sense considering the nightking killing one dragon, and the symbol of the targaryen on fire that they kept making. If the writers made that clear it could have been really cool. Maybe this is what george planned. Maybe Bran is the night king going south to save westeros from fire.

  • Shayan Mosaffa
    Shayan Mosaffa 3 years ago +2288

    Thank you so much for your analyses for the last few years.

    • findi js
      findi js 3 years ago +2

      @TheBoxiestBox No, it was for entertainment.

    • TheBoxiestBox
      TheBoxiestBox 3 years ago

      What a waste of time lol... it was all for nothing.

    • Jeffrey Sinclair
      Jeffrey Sinclair 3 years ago +8

      Thirded, and I hope you continue the theory vids. I'd love your take on the Mance is Rhaegar theory.

    • Rasmus Jensen
      Rasmus Jensen 3 years ago +7


  • deepeye1328
    deepeye1328 2 months ago +6

    Now coming back to this, even though I really appreciate the work done, it's easy to see how convoluted and not in character so many things happened in last seasons.

  • Shahzad Irani
    Shahzad Irani Month ago +1

    I read somewhere that Bran ending up as King was his plan all along (almost in a way that he manipulated everyone to make it to the top, and that was his plan all along).
    I can see that BUT it was so poorly set up and executed on the show that the eventual scene in the last episode ever seems flat and serves no purpose.

  • Tavish N.Competent
    Tavish N.Competent 10 days ago

    Your resume definitely gives food for thought, and a lot of things that end up happening, may be snippets of what GRRM has in mind for his ending. Littlefinger may just die, but ultimately live on in Sansa, who has learned from him and make decisions that ultimately puts her on the throne, whether it being in the north or of the seven kingdoms.

  • Aori Akren
    Aori Akren 7 months ago +2

    The problem with Kingship is, when you have a competent King, with drive and ambition, the realm actually thrives on that ambition and drive, so while Bran would probably make a decent King, in peacetime, temporarily, if he acts as King for too long, the realm/people and their advancement will become stagnant and non-improving. Even if Bran proved to be an amazing King for the good of the realm, his person/method of ruling is not something that can be replicated in the future.
    Westeros is ruled by Feudalism, the system makes it that the King is really just a Noble of higher standing, even IF the small council is filled with competent people working for the good of the realm, the people outside of King's Landing might think differently, and Bran, with all his magic, might not have the capability to play to game long enough to actually make permanent changes.

  • Hassan Ghannam
    Hassan Ghannam 3 years ago +1578


    • TenthTennant
      TenthTennant 2 years ago

      @Tim Evans cool bro

    • CGR
      CGR 2 years ago +1

      @Josh Johnson let the man finish

    • Josh Johnson
      Josh Johnson 3 years ago

      @Tim Evans Wait, hold on Tim

  • actorguy213
    actorguy213 2 years ago +3

    Fantastic work, as always. If only the producers had worked with people like you to develop the work beyond Martin's writing.

  • Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez 5 days ago

    I've gotta disagree with the "bittersweet" main takeaways. Daenarys and Jamie's change of heart was par for the course for their characters and felt natural.
    The politics has certainly changed, yes, because everyone who previously held leadership is dead. Literally everyone. And all of the lords that gave the Stark's power of the realm benefited by the actions of the Starks. Their former leaders who held grudges against King's Landing are all dead.
    The seasons of built up story of mystery and magic came to a conclusion when Aria Stark's one and only contribution from her entire journey came to fruition. (what Aria's entire Season 1 thru Season 8 experiences had led to. If it wasn't absolutely massive, her being a faceless one would have been a worthless side plot for one of the main protagonists)
    Complex characters like Varys and Littlefinger were FINALLY killed for their treason. They were legit lucky as fuck for not being killed seasons ago. It was actually pretty jarring that they were still alive while fucking over every important character in the story, with most of them knowing about it. And Circe was irrelevant since Season 7. There was no ending to GoT that was going to end with Circe putting up a good contest in the Battle at King's Landing.
    Euron didn't have as much character building, sure, but I also don't think he had too little character development. The watcher knew well enough his backstory and saw how he was going to be an influential character. The dragons dying was not a surprise at all. Very much expected. Dramatic, but expected, which honestly kinda made it good.
    Young Griff's book is irrelevant after Bran and Sam learned of John being Aegon Targaryen. His whole story arc's premise is that he may or may not be Aegon Targaryen.
    I do agree that there could have been a season 8 to elaborate on some other characters that didn't get a chance to get introduced, and this finale could have been season 9. But at the same time, was it necessary? Doesn't matter, coulda been cool!
    The rest of the video content is great. The bittersweet part seems more biased than logical. But I get it, you're so extremely knowledgeable on the subject, and dedicated to the story. I can't blame you for wanting more out of the final season. You get to be biased. I'm sure if some of your wish list was put in, it would have led to more entertaining episodes.

  • Ghost Ranger
    Ghost Ranger Year ago +8

    Honestly, the more I watch your videos, the more realize how much D&D messed everything up. Season 7 should have been the fight against Cersei and conquest of the Seven Kingdoms, and Season 8 should have been the Long Night, the War for the Dawn.
    Literally, the power that Daenerys should have had after allying with Jon was immense.
    Jon / Sansa Camp:
    - Jon Snow / Sansa - The North
    - Edmure - The Riverlands
    - Robin Arryn (Via Littlefinger or Sansa) - The Vale
    Daenerys Camp:
    - Yara and Theon - The Iron Islands (At least in part)
    - Olenna - The Reach
    - Sand Snakes - Dorne
    Even then, they may have been able to persuade parts of the Westerlands through Tyrion (Seeing as Cersei proved herself as the absolute Mad Queen of the Seven Kingdoms). The same goes for the Stormlands, with Gendry maybe being able to acquire the loyalty of some of the houses of the region.
    The war against Cersei should have been a wash.

  • Robert Maybeth
    Robert Maybeth Year ago +1

    A lot of people probably missed the foreshadowing from book 2, on how the realm would finally be ruled. When Catelyn Stark goes to the meeting of Stannis and Renly, she tries to get them to stop fighting by alling a "Great council" (obviously different from the "Small council" in King's Landing) where all the Lords of Westeros would choose who ruled them collectively. Yet in the story's end that's exactly what happens. They put forth Bran (since this kid literally knows everything in existence past, present and future, who better?) and that's who gets picked. Doesn't seem to me how the likes of Edmure Tully, Bronze Ron Royce and the rest of the lords that are still living, would choose but there it is. When we finally get the release of book 7, which I will eagerly expect around the year 2089 A.D., I bet GRR chooses someone else to rule though.

  • General Demolka
    General Demolka 3 years ago +1956

    Also, chaos apparently is now a ramp, not a ladder.

  • unknown
    unknown 2 years ago +172

    When you do nothing and get A+ in class
    Bran 😁

    • Poppy Online
      Poppy Online 2 months ago

      Lol sadly true

    • Naso Naso
      Naso Naso Year ago +4

      @Argos2297 A true king, then

    • Argos2297
      Argos2297 Year ago +2

      To be fair he got a lot of people killed

  • Humble Gaijin
    Humble Gaijin 3 years ago

    I don't think that the ending was meant to seem random or entirely sure of no consequences and dissent. I think that it's closer to describing a world healing and moving forward despite the potential challenges a less happy future may hold. Still a huge cop-out, but understandable to make everyone have a positive attitude.

  • Lina
    Lina Year ago

    looking back on it all and seeing the writer‘s intentions interpreted like this really shows that the this season could have been so much better if given more care and time. There are still weird and contradictory points but overall the season had some good themes.. the execution was just really lackluster

  • Tofee
    Tofee Year ago +2

    It took me almost two years to return and watch this video, after the great letdown of S08... but I'm glad that I returned and watched it now! Thanks for all your work and videos, it was fun :)

  • Belén Terzian C.
    Belén Terzian C. Year ago +48

    "Who has a better story?" Literally anyone else. Nobody knows him, he has no political experience, no claim to the throne, NO PERSONALITY.
    AG, I am still mad about this

    • Wildey's Here _Paul Kersey
      Wildey's Here _Paul Kersey 2 months ago

      @Paulo Gaspar Paragraph or absolute nonsense.

    • Paulo Gaspar
      Paulo Gaspar Year ago +1

      He has a better story than a lot of character in there. A better story is not political skills. Sansa has good political skills and her story was very boring compared to other people there. In terms of claim to the throne the only people that have claim are Gendry (he is even a worst ruller than bran) and Jon that the hole point is that he doesn't want to rule, and other people don't want him to rule because he killed Daenerys. No one else has good claims. So from political skills would probably Tyrion the most suited but he fucked up a lot and people lost the faith in his skills or Sansa but people don't want to give that much power to her because she can have kids and continue the power being in the starks hands. The better would probably be to just each one rule it's own contry or region, that's what most people there want.

    • magister343
      magister343 Year ago +6

      The only way to explain how Bran won the vote is that he warged into the lords like he had into Hodor and forced them all to vote for him.

  • TyT Rain
    TyT Rain 2 years ago

    Basically, the Gray Worm acted like Daenerys: both lost their minds with Missandei's death. In the case of Daenerys it was "a little" deeper: Jorah's death, finding out that Jon is actually his nephew and finally, Missandei's death.
    This is what the directors wanted fans to believe. In reality, they rushed the series so they could move on to a more profitable project (Star Wars). They thought a shocking ending was ideal. The problem was that the ending was totally contradictory to previous seasons. TOTALLY! To Daenerys, a person with value, a person that throughout the series they insisted that she was different from her father, reaching that moment and burning innocent people, when, until then, she protected them, is one of the most stupid things that has ever been seen. This series was perfect until season 6. Season 7, although they increased the pace too much, remained excellent. But season 8 is mistakes after mistakes! Season 8 is going down from the god level to the bad level. No comments. Basically, if your father is an idiot ... You will also have to be an idiot. This ending was a disappointment, it will take time to heal. However, it is still the biggest / best television production ever. It was only spoiled by 2 directors who shit for the series at the end ...

  • Rhythmchyc
    Rhythmchyc 2 years ago +5

    I rewatched season 5 and I’m in the beginning of rewatching season 6 and understand more of where this show went wrong, which definitely began season 5.
    Season 5: D&D were milking their stars for all they were worth. There were way too many throwaway scenes between Tyrion and Jorah; Bron; and Arya cleaning. Those should’ve been replaced with establishing Kevan and Doran. Just as Oberyn was well established in one season before his demise, these two characters should’ve been established in the two seasons they were on to impact the story.
    That time could’ve also been spent with further defining the Lord of Light, since he’d played a huge role in Stannis’s war that had finally come to an end. Instead, this god remains a frustrating mystery. Why would he want Jon back from the dead if he wasn’t the one to kill the Night King? Arya was. Arya, who has no ties to the Lord of Light.

    • Namikaze Inferno
      Namikaze Inferno 2 years ago +6

      @bighand69 The fact that Melissandre, a red priestess resurrected Jon has no connection to the Lord of light?

    • bighand69
      bighand69 2 years ago

      What you are really admitting is that you had your own theories and felt that they did not play out so you are going to make claims of plot holes. pacing and lack of character development.
      Who says the the lord of light wanted Jon back for some big role. Was his role in keeping the hordes at bay and defeating the ice dragon not enough?

  • Clark Meyer
    Clark Meyer Year ago +2

    I'll explain it in less words.
    The final episode was written by people trying to be unpredictable no matter what the cost and in doing so succeeded by making the shittest ending to the greatest story in a way no one could have predicted. Everything that could have made sense was thrown out of the window but at least they have democracy now as all the elites can vote(cos that's how democracy works)

  • TheHighBear
    TheHighBear 2 months ago +2

    Goes to show how little knowledge and skill D&D have in writing without an established source, only martin can do GOT justice by finishing his books and multiple storylines to intriguing endings.

  • Norlan Paga Faurillo

    We all knew that Jon has a better story than Bran, but maybe Tyrion excluded Jon, because he knew that the Unsullied will absolutely start a war against them considering that the Greyjoy still has its loyalty to their fallen queen, and the hidden rage of the Dothraki and 2nd sons might add to the tension, just like what Tyrion told Jon in the cell. We also knew how strong the soldiers of Estos are that even the Lannister soldiers, known as the strongest legion in Westeros, have surrendered moments before the fall of the Kingslanding.

  • dszombieq x
    dszombieq x Year ago +1

    i like your analysis in its entirety; season 8 really looked like a rushed ending (beside other good points you made, Alt, about other parts of the story) ... while watching the Imp's monologue about who should be the king, i was just thinking how come the armies that followed Daenerys across the map, did not kill Jon and everybody else left in that city at the news of her death ... sloppy writing, proof that the show should've waited for the true writer's final book ... on the other hand, the acting was marvelous; 23:07 ... incorrect, somewhere during Ceirsei's mtg with the Iron Bank, the agent actually says they did not expect her to be able to honor her promise of paying in full, and he offered to help further, thinking that if she had the money, she could still be a good customer (the agent was pointing out the financial needs she was facing, thus, the need for new loans); thanks for sharing, Alt ... ah, this is the first time i found your channel ... and i sub'd :)

  • debra jenkins
    debra jenkins 2 years ago

    As I understand , once sentenced to the Watch all crimes are forgiven. The Unsullied did not know this so basically Jon got a pardon and could claim the lands and ships of the Watch as his own and all lands North of the Wall he wanted. The Watch no longer exists.
    I think Greyworm was taking Missandei's body to Naath and they were returning to Meereen or their own homelands.
    They always called Sansa Little Bird so she became one and told about Jon. The Dothraki were going home in ships behind the Unsullied in the same way they came.They are nomads. they don't want city life.
    Bran named Tyrion Hand for the same reason he sent Jon to the Watch. As Hand he cannot be executed by the Unsullied. And of course he manipulated the events to become King, with Sansa and Tyrion's help.
    That Arya plot line is not a valid one. She would have stayed with Sansa as her Hand and replacing Brienne.
    Tyrion will be the behind the scenes Master of Coin as he was before. Bronn is a figurehead.
    The cracked floor in the counsel shows that the wheel has been broken.
    And after a few years, Davos will be Hand with Tyrion's training, and Tyrion will spend the rest of his life paying for his mistakes being married to Sansa at Casterly Rock when Sansa eventually turns Winterfell over to Arya as Queen. He will have to answer for his divided loyalties with Shae and Danny LOL!

  • JC S
    JC S 3 years ago +833

    for me, alt shift x's GOT explained was always as much a part of the show as the show itself- and I'd wait eagerly for each new video every time a new episode aired. kinda sad to see it come to an end but hey! I'm really looking forward to what's to come. thank you so much!

    • DabbinDaamus
      DabbinDaamus 3 years ago +1

      Im excited for the new weekly videos on The Expanse now !

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      JC S couldn’t agree more

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      Well said. And agreed.

  • Eric Malanowski
    Eric Malanowski 2 years ago

    The thing I believe he forgot was that king's landing... pretty much is gone as well as the Iron throne. What do the lords have to fight over? Why fight for more deaths and sadness. I forget how long this massive war had been going on, but everyone watching the show saw how many died in it.

  • JWR
    JWR 8 months ago

    Years later and I can still only imagine the disappointment of someone who put this much time and effort in to the whole understanding of all the intricate delicacies of the entire GOT World and what was given to us.

  • Reba Darby
    Reba Darby Year ago

    Personally I believe that the Raven took over Daney and after she burned King's Landing the Raven's influenced her and unlocked her family's madness....knowing full well how Jon would react to Daney "going mad" and finding out his family would be in danger again....
    I honestly think the Raven/Bran has been doing this the entire series....like he said at the end "Why do you think I came all this way?"

  • popular culture
    popular culture 2 years ago

    the way you compared the throne to the One Ring was masterful. Tolkien really really hit on some deep seeded cultural repeats. history does repeat itself. It's just crazy how most Fantasy stories and a lot of their plots and McGuffins are pulled or heavily inspired by Tolkien and without the authors knowing it...unless you're J.K. Rowling. ONe problem i have with game of thrones is the LACK OF WILDLIFE. That kind of shit is a big part of world building. Dragons, boars, and deer don't count. You really need it to be a unique twist on an existing animal.

  • The LoftiestApple
    The LoftiestApple 3 years ago +1088

    The ending of you GOT Explained series was more satisfying than the ending to Game of Thrones

    • King Stanis Baratheon
      King Stanis Baratheon Year ago +2

      @bighand69 Season 8 was shit

    • bighand69
      bighand69 2 years ago +2

      The last season was brilliant.

    • Last
      Last 2 years ago

      @Rks I hate to even respond because I dont want to take any attention away from what you typed which is 100% accurate. Its so refreshing to hear from someone who isnt a brain dead drone repeating the same garbage instead of using their own mind. Thank you.

    • Rks
      Rks 2 years ago

      @Last exactly. This thing became popular because they did away with typical writing tropes and people are getting pissed because they feel the ending should be typical as well. Part of me feels like they should've had a typical, "every one has a good ending with a perfect character arc, every loose end tied, everything explained" but like any epic fantasy, there's just wayy too much to boil it down to a perfect one note ending. For example, every character doesn't need a perfect arc and redemption (Jamie).
      Daenerys reasons for burning KL civilians werent all that far off.
      1) she was brought up by an abusive brother who instilled in Dany that they had to win back 7 kingdoms no matter what and get revenge 2) she gained power by "freeing" slaves and acting just, even though all she was doing was trying to get followers to get the throne and revenge.
      3) when she reaches westeros she realizes the people don't give a shit about her and are not as easily turned to her side as the slaves and savages. Instead they despise her. Her dealings in Essos throughout her life with the wealthy and pretty much everyone who wasn't a slave or savage was terrible and she could not trust them. So why wouldn't she say, fuck the people of Kings Landing?
      4) the only one who chooses to bend the knee and brings her followers is Jon because he believes in her vision. Tyrion, Jorah and Barristan were all exiled and had no better choice. The others are doing it for their own power (Yara, Ellaria, Tyrell). He was also a "King" in Westeros, she knew she needed him if she wanted to rule. The same type of decisions shes made this whole time. Not saying she didn't love Jon but she constantly chooses everything that will lead her to dominating Westeros and has put that over love (initially) every time.
      Etc. Etc.
      I think it could've been done better, but her burning Kings Landing doesn't need a perfect character arc. I don't even think she went mad. Her speech wasn't crazy, it was the same shit she was saying this whole time. She wasn't paranoid, she was pretty clear and just driven by all of those things.

    • Mr Vulture
      Mr Vulture 2 years ago +5

      @Brian Fewer "downward slide of quality from Season 7" Season 5: Dorne Iron islands and Stannis. And in s4 they cut Tysha reveal

  • Mel Oderieugif
    Mel Oderieugif 2 years ago +3

    The fact that Daenerys did much more evil than Euron Greyjoy is something I'll never forget.

  • Declan hourican
    Declan hourican 2 years ago +1

    1:50 that’s not a foreshadowing or reference to Daenerys, it’s the symbol of the white walkers. They used the same formation north of the wall with the dead horse parts, and in the original birthplace of the white walkers with the children of the forest

  • John Greene
    John Greene 7 months ago +3

    My theory is that Bran is not himself, Brynden Rivers has warged into him...the Bloodraven has became King at last....a thousand eyes and one.

  • Jennifer Schafer
    Jennifer Schafer 2 years ago

    REQUEST: Hi Alt Shift X, I'm a big fan of your analysis. And after watching this video, I can't think of anything except how much I want to hear your deep dive on hiveminds as political rulers, like the ones you referenced in Warhammer 40K (but especially Dune). Sounds like a really fascinating and under-discussed topic. Thank you!

  • Asif A. Ali
    Asif A. Ali Year ago +5

    Yay, I found a new and exciting X-vidr to be my sleep whisperer. Now, I can put these episodes on, lay back, relax, and fall asleep to a soothing and great explanations. Thanks.

  • Arne Timmer
    Arne Timmer Year ago +2

    Sad thing was that Ser Jorah was right: when you put a sword in a mans hand, he stirs. Dany could have bought or tricked the finished soldiers away, and used it to conquer Kings Landing. Same idea, blow out the gate with the dragon, and have the Unsullied charge through the gate. The 'explosion' would make the Golden Company scared, and Dany would have taken the capital quite easily, but better than when she did. No rape, no innocents dead...

  • matthew radabaugh
    matthew radabaugh 10 months ago +1

    I think the of the watch as less of a penal colony and more the bridge point between the wildlings and the south. Cause then the wildlings don’t need to go south to send a message, they use the night’s watch. The watch could also be a way to help stabilize the region and give the south some influence there if the wildlings make a big decision.

  • leftstriker
    leftstriker 2 years ago

    Jon was the one who said he wasn't a Stark, prompt9ng Bran to say "it's your choice."
    She then sees Daenerys planning to head South with tired troops, and telling Northeners that she actually did them a favor ( it was her duty as Protector of the Fuci g Realm) coming there to help them.
    Daenerys does everythi g to help her own means and goals, the Iron Throne. Jon and Sansa actually did something to help their people out of duty.

  • Toàn
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    Alt Shift X finally posts a video. Now my watch has truly ended

    • Cheryl Baxter ,Stormborn
      Cheryl Baxter ,Stormborn 2 years ago

      Is this the man reading to this video I can't think of his name but Daenarys brother Visarys I luv his reading I have the video of The Doom of Valeria with him narrating the video so can someone plz tell me if I'm right about who narrated this video I'm 100% it's Daenarys brother Visarys I just can't remember his name but luv his voice doing the narrating thank you

    • B88
      B88 3 years ago

      Yeah, a middlefinger to everyone - Don't care.

    • Diego01
      Diego01 3 years ago

      Damm, it was sad, but true.

    • AutumnOnFire
      AutumnOnFire 3 years ago

      Nah fam, still plenty of gawblins.

    • Fenrir Aldrek
      Fenrir Aldrek 3 years ago

      maybe he'll do a video about your show.

  • Morrischma
    Morrischma 2 years ago +2

    If you are going to make Bronn a lord, make him lord of the twins (its twice Riverrun and very profitable with its placement, the freys were rich because of this). Ir if he has to be a warden give him Casterly rock as a final fuck you to tywin, it's far more in character.

  • Greg _
    Greg _ 2 years ago +1

    your breakdown actually makes me hate this season a lot less, thank you 🙏

  • Jon Makes Videos
    Jon Makes Videos Year ago

    If I had to guess, the critical mistake was they probably looked at the story from a macro perspective the last few seasons. How do they want things to go minus viewer expectation, rather than GRRM who seems to take no interest in that grand plot. He is always telling the stories of these individuals, and the cause and effects of their actions. Notice how few effects there are to the many odd causes throughout the last season. They focused on filling in the tree of who goes where and who wears the crown instead of the individuals and what things they needed to settle to really have a complete season. Fuck I hate this show now

  • Dusty Old Duster
    Dusty Old Duster Year ago

    I enjoyed the narrative explanation of S8E06, there’s so much richness and depth to the book series that the TV series just can’t match and that I’ll only unravel if I read the books numerous times. Perhaps in further narrative explanations though you can omit the swearing.

  • Randon Ceccoli
    Randon Ceccoli 3 years ago +1530

    Drogon melting the throne is a great metaphor for season 8:
    Visually stunning over logic and depth.

    • Randon Ceccoli
      Randon Ceccoli 2 years ago +1

      @bighand69 it also makes some strange assumption you need to study classic philosophy to think. Im.moving on this is making me dumber than I already am. Intellectual brick wall of horseshit. Put your neurons to better use

    • Randon Ceccoli
      Randon Ceccoli 2 years ago

      @bighand69 modern society? Which? Mass producing an army of meta physicians - where? What does that even mean its bland and super general at best. You can't quantify these people or even clearly define them. Irony is.... they think they're dramatic but they're not?
      Maybe you.miss the college classroom where nonsense is rewarded as long as you pay your tuition.

    • Randon Ceccoli
      Randon Ceccoli 2 years ago

      @bighand69 Its not irony. Your first statement is some weird OPINION as to what our society has PRODUCED because I used the word metaphor (correctly I might add). It makes the ASSUMPTION I'm part of whatever group of people that were in your head when making the original (point?)
      If I had written an acclaimed book on metaphors and misused it I would give that to you. Even if in my original comment there was a single reference to how great in English I am I would give it to you (generously)
      Like I said, very convoluted I honestly dont know what you're talking about.
      If I had to guess you're more consumed by your wording and appearing intelligent than your actual point so it gets lost on idiots like me - maybe you should have taken a few writing courses with all that logic.

    • bighand69
      bighand69 2 years ago

      @Randon Ceccoli
      I graduated with a major in Mathematics and Chemistry.
      I also read Mathematics and logic at post graduate and also post research.
      I am having fun with people that think they are writers that could do better. The real issue is that many here are failed theorists.
      And I used the word irony correctly to describe a concept not not intended to be dramatic.

    • Randon Ceccoli
      Randon Ceccoli 2 years ago

      @bighand69 I thought you were bringing him because he was George's hero - I guess your comment is way more convoluted and I gave you too much credit

  • The Hh
    The Hh 2 years ago +1

    I was so annoyed and disappointed by this season, that at the time when you were releasing these videos, unlike usual, I didn't watch them immediately (or at all) because I just couldn't be bothered by/wanted to be reminded of the show anymore. For some reason, I've now come back to watch these and see your analysis and hear your opinions about it, since I've always watched your videos on each GoT episode for the previous seasons. Even though I didn't like the final season, I thought your videos were constantly great!

  • nickprezzo
    nickprezzo Year ago +2

    The bravest and most honourable thing Jaime did was to stab the mad king in the back and he got nailed to the wall for it. His conflict was never a "redemption" anyway. It was about growing beyond Cersei and uh, the show fucked that up. 21:10

  • jamespfp
    jamespfp Year ago +1

    9:10 -- RE: Bran the Broken and Jon Snow; Part of me suspects that Bran's relationship with Jon in the written sources is what is missing from the last season of the TV production. It strikes me now that Bran has a means of contacting and even controlling Jon, because he could warg into him. In a sense, that's his right to the throne, particularly if it can be established that Jon voluntarily submits to it, ie. bends his knee.

  • Green Brain
    Green Brain Year ago

    You mention Frodo and the Ring and how it compares to the destruction by dragonfire of the throne. I think Arya’s assassination of the Night King compares as well, in that it brings a sudden victory to an otherwise unwinnable war.

  • Dan Gibbons
    Dan Gibbons 3 years ago +309

    Drogon wasn't just destroying the throne. He was making a ramp for Bran.

    • Brown Kiss
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    • Peter
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      @Jeremy L. And then Obama gave both of you a medal of honor and everyone's cheeks clapped

    • PeptoBismarck
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      @Jeremy L. Did everyone in the house start clapping when she said that?

    • Jeremy L.
      Jeremy L. 3 years ago +9

      While watching this with my daughter, she said "Good thing Ramsay Bolton is dead." I said "um, ok, why?" She said "After shooting Rickon in the back and what what he did to Sansa, he must have had a thing for getting Starks from behind. Bran would need a rear view mirror on his chair." I about pissed myself when she said that. She's 12.

    EDV FYA 2 years ago +4

    I love all the videos out there just trashing season 8, its cathartic, but I appreciate these high quality videos of yours which are unbiased and try to take season 8 seriously. Kudos Alt Shift X.

  • grt002
    grt002 11 months ago

    So two years later, I’m going back over this video and thinking that everything was spot on. The show was doomed once they got ahead of George and had less direction on what to do. The ending was sorely disappointing and was too concerned with subverting expectations and not enough with fulfilling character arcs, plot points, and established themes throughout the series. Makes me sad.

  • Suzanne Davies
    Suzanne Davies Year ago +7

    Still reeling over the disaster that was series 8 that literally made the previous series pointless as all the build ups and plot lines were forgotten, questions asked but then never even answered! Biggest let down ever and considering it was the most popular series on tv ever, it was a bloody disgrace series 8 was allowed to be aired after such poor writing!

  • Toby
    Toby 2 years ago +2

    When you explain it on paper we it sounds like a fairly good ending except for a few thing like Bran being king although you did explain it. I didn’t like how game of thrones ended and it definitely showed the writers incompetency but at least there was some evidence to back up parts of it and some really good theories too.

  • Jeff Greene
    Jeff Greene 3 years ago +667

    “The king is possibly an evil tree” 🙌
    Excellent analysis and breakdown, thank you.

    • Carl Webster
      Carl Webster Year ago +1

      My new favorite quote! Hahahah

    • erik carp
      erik carp Year ago +2

      @Amy M
      Well supposedly winds of winter is actually being written but idk cause I haven’t heard anything about it for months so 🤷‍♂️

    • Amy M
      Amy M Year ago +1

      I know, the idea of “Bran” being A compilation of questionable people (and possibly children of the forest/old gods) - and the problems this may cause - didn’t even occur to me, I’m ashamed to say.
      I was focused on the fight *against* the white walkers, and the seemingly positive role of the three eyed raven in this fight (yes, I’ve read the books 😊)
      So this is a new and really intriguing idea. It’s sad that the final book(s) will probably never come out. So unless GRRM chooses to reveal everything, this will always be a mystery...

  • Mick Le Duck
    Mick Le Duck Year ago +1

    Man I'm sure glad this show did the books justice cause it would be awkward if they messed it up

  • dugarry500
    dugarry500 Year ago +2

    For the Bran interpretation, it is also possible that someone who held that immense of knowledge and information, simply don't think it is their role to intervene. Imagine a knowledgeable observer who see themselves as a record keeper rather than a world affair interventionist. It is the same opinion expressed by the Citadel Archmaester Ebrose.

  • nightvisiongoggles1
    nightvisiongoggles1 2 years ago

    Inconsistencies and presentation aside, the overall rationale of the end plot made anticlimactic sense.
    If it were too perfect, in that Jon Snow would have become king and things would be restored to whoever deserved it best, it would be very artificial; It was clear from the beginning that Martin wanted the characters to shape the story and not the other way around.
    It's a fantasy written in humanist/modernist tones, shaking its traditionalist shackles to tell its own story. This is why prophecies weren't fulfilled in the way we thought they would have, why characters changed (for better or for worse is Benioff, Weiss, and Martin's fault), and why they behaved irrationally in a very human way.
    I didn't like the way S8 became a Cliff's Notes of sorts, but I appreciate how it ended.
    There clearly is another story waiting to be told. Whether we'd be ready to listen to it after what they did to us is another matter entirely.

  • A fungus
    A fungus 28 days ago

    The state of Westeros at the end of the series reminds me of speedrunning an achievement in a paradox game, ignoring every looming disaster because it doesnt matter if my country is destined to collapse if I simply stop playing before that happens.
    Honestly would love a continuation series where the Reach lords and Iron Bank immediately overthrow Bran's pagan caliphate because he made a semiliterate hitman the master of coin and of the most profitable land on the continent

  • Harsh Talks
    Harsh Talks Year ago +3

    This explaination felt better then the episode itself

  • Carl Rood
    Carl Rood Year ago +4

    Note: They wrapped the TV series with two abbreviated seasons. George plans to wrap the book series with two huge volumes. They tried to fit an elephant into a lunch box.

  • Ümit Mert Koç
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    Bro Gendry was legitimized, so he was the heir

    • S
      S 20 days ago

      @Stonks let’s be real, they don’t have anyone fixing those ice cream machines.

    • Cecil
      Cecil 2 months ago

      @Stonks late reply but have we ever tried making a random McDonald's employee president? Don't knock it yet, that person could make the best president we've ever seen.

    • Antonio Sonntag
      Antonio Sonntag 9 months ago

      Especially since that person is the now-legitimate heir of the last undisputed king.

    • ThePointlessBox_
      ThePointlessBox_ Year ago +11

      @Stonks a humble man who worked amongs his people for his entire life has the potential to be a better ruler than someone who had a silver spoon in their mouth since birth

    • Marius Ninjai
      Marius Ninjai Year ago +1

      @Stonks The man of the people

  • Thesilver Wolf
    Thesilver Wolf Year ago

    Literally just watching this gives every character motivation and makes me appreciate them then I remeber what happened in the show

  • Night King
    Night King 3 years ago +2448

    No one seems to wonder whether Shagga, son of Dolf, received Lordship of the Vale.

    • Baarush Datta
      Baarush Datta Year ago +1

      U let that little girl disarm u

    • DLAROC
      DLAROC Year ago

      He would definitely be more interesting than Robyn

    • Lloyd Summers
      Lloyd Summers 2 years ago

      @Soufian 27 D&D forgot about a lot of things I'll never watch anything produced by them ever again which wont be much of a problem considering they're not exactly sought after since ruining game of thrones

    • Yudha Wibawa
      Yudha Wibawa 2 years ago

      Waow....lots of efforts...good work.
      Thank you

    • Arawn
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      @The Wondering Buddhist what

  • Erika Heck
    Erika Heck Year ago

    I think Pod is still a squire, he just had matching armor. Brienne doesn’t call him ser in the one time we see him and I think she’d give him his due if she had knighted him and we’d have seen it

    LLPTV 2 months ago +2

    You delivered that line about the unsullied so dryly, love it.

  • Dragan Milosevic
    Dragan Milosevic Month ago +1

    After all these years of quality content and what could happen on the show, must be heartbreaking for alt shift x having to explain this garbage of an episode (and season overall) to us fans.

  • Barbara Weaver
    Barbara Weaver 2 years ago +1

    Lovely, clear & insightful -- thank you 🙏🏼 I haven't watched Season 8 yet, & I was bracing myself for disappointment!
    I actually thought that Bran would die, & his seeing with him.....now, I love the idea that he was watching the whole crazy mess unfold, without attempting to influence the course of events -- like a true 'witness', like an angel (see 'Wings of Desire), like a god......
    I love the series, & I especially love the vision for the fact that -- for eight years -- it gave worthwhile employment to thousands of people (literally too many to mention!), & a real work of Art, to be enjoyed by millions! 🙏🏼🌹🙏🏽