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LIVE! KSI vs Logan Paul 2 UK Press Conference! ⚠️

  • Published on Oct 6, 2019
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    Sky Sports Boxing  3 years ago +43

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    You can watch it on your phone, TV, laptop or tablet 👍

    • Fokuz22
      Fokuz22 Year ago

      @thehype nope

    • Scxrlet Skull
      Scxrlet Skull 3 years ago

      Sky Sports Boxing a./; CD r TV i in

    • Al Rockman
      Al Rockman 3 years ago +1

      It's advertised at 9.95 sterling and 12.95 euros, but 9.95 sterling is 11.55 in euros,. someone can't add up, so who's pocketing the 1.40 extra

    • James Skillen
      James Skillen 3 years ago

      Sky Sports Boxing.com

    • thehype
      thehype 3 years ago +1

      Logan Paul will win
      Subscribe to me and KSI WILL WIN.
      *also gifting my subs ❤️!*

  • DanialE
    DanialE 3 years ago +452

    Shanon really holding him self from saying lets go champ

    • The Remote
      The Remote Month ago

      As his face is seen building up in intensity, glowing ever more like the hot surface that pulsates around the sun, the cannon explodes into a fiery rage and screams 3 simple words.

    • Lomala
      Lomala 3 years ago +9


    • Lomala
      Lomala 3 years ago +10


    • Lomala
      Lomala 3 years ago +9


    • Lomala
      Lomala 3 years ago +11

      5:29 😅

  • Payton Dokken
    Payton Dokken 3 years ago +402

    Logan: “Tell him jake, tell him how hard I am”😂

    • Dennis Quiah
      Dennis Quiah Year ago

      😂😂😂that made me giggle

    • Zialn
      Zialn 2 years ago

      Lmaoo "One change I'm gonna win, next question, next question." 😂😂that's what made me laugh.

    • Nicholas Sammy
      Nicholas Sammy 3 years ago

      @liltidbot - Your spelling is wrong.

    • _x.tasha.x_copestake Vlogs
      _x.tasha.x_copestake Vlogs 3 years ago

      Russia wht

    • Russia
      Russia 3 years ago

      @_x.tasha.x_copestake Vlogs a true 5 year old. Can't even spell

  • Kyrie Sanchez
    Kyrie Sanchez 3 years ago +260

    They’re helping each other make millions. They’re best friends at heart.

    • Dean Connor
      Dean Connor Year ago +1

      True, they have been fishing since lol

    • Henry Shaw
      Henry Shaw 2 years ago


    • damn
      damn 2 years ago +3

      Jawed Fayazi bro fuck u

    • Jawed Fayazi
      Jawed Fayazi 2 years ago +1

      Shut up U nerd

    • Andrew Reinert
      Andrew Reinert 3 years ago +7

      Litterally every single fighter, MMA and boxing does the same thing, so really no they’re not best friends 😂

  • IsoxHesyFTW
    IsoxHesyFTW Year ago +16

    Bro omg just watching this gives me chills I remember watching this live in my 2nd period class at school in the morning bro the hype for this fight was insane ughhh the good times bro now I've graduated everything is so boring on X-vid now how has it been so long ago man 😥

  • biLAWL
    biLAWL 3 years ago +763

    Logan lookin like he’s gonna rob the Mona Lisa after this

    • Putin
      Putin 3 years ago


    • Rokit Manz
      Rokit Manz 3 years ago

      @FooCuhhh Lol. Reminds me of an old video on X-vid by Cut Throat Killers, Jeremy Kyle "Dub step "Envelope remix!! Check it out.. You will laugh your arse off!! Haha.

    • Shido
      Shido 3 years ago

      Lol i dont know theres a conference held in this comment xdd

    • Sanjay Shankar
      Sanjay Shankar 3 years ago

      biLAWL I havent laughed this hard in a minute

    • Zucc
      Zucc 3 years ago

      most underrated comment on youtube

  • Amir Rezaie
    Amir Rezaie 3 years ago +1012

    Logan’s fashion designer: how tight to do want your clothes to be?
    Logan: yes

    • Caillou Brando
      Caillou Brando 3 years ago

      Dank Sxmon fucking moron I understand the joke.

    • Frosty
      Frosty 3 years ago

      Imagine having a boner in that

    • Aaryan Paul
      Aaryan Paul 3 years ago

      At least he looks fit. Unlike JJ in tight clothes.

    • MH
      MH 3 years ago

      LMFAO. Dead

    • KidsAreCheese
      KidsAreCheese 3 years ago +2

      he out here copying da baby

  • Nikola Dornicka
    Nikola Dornicka 3 years ago +24

    Jake was like the child that is quite during a parents argument 😂❤️

    • ☾'mysseraefim'☽
      ☾'mysseraefim'☽ 3 years ago +2

      Anarxy Playz damn

    • CAMZ
      CAMZ 3 years ago +5

      @LiL MUNO agreed

    • LiL MUNO
      LiL MUNO 3 years ago +7

      Your the type of kid who tries to roast someone but is the only one laughing

  • Nimo
    Nimo 3 years ago +152

    3 security guards push gib off the stage
    Jake: why are you running?

    • Avey
      Avey 3 years ago +7

      Mystic Flame such a dumb shit

  • Alpha Abdi
    Alpha Abdi 3 years ago +83

    I don’t think anyone is more cringe than Logan

  • Atrix
    Atrix 3 years ago +339

    Literally nobody:
    Logans coach: lets go champ

  • Ros Donnelly
    Ros Donnelly 3 years ago +1673

    I feel Logan purposely acted as stupid as possible here so we can get a good video from lil bored and sir froge

    • James Priboj
      James Priboj 2 years ago


    • emily akec
      emily akec 2 years ago

      i think that how he acts on a daily

    • M
      M 3 years ago

      When you have no reasonable explanation as to how immature he is so you make up a theory to justify his behavior

    • Unknownymous Biatch
      Unknownymous Biatch 3 years ago


    • Danny
      Danny 3 years ago

      it would have been hella boring if he wasn't acting like that

  • Olivia Ackers
    Olivia Ackers 3 years ago +45

    logan pauls comebacks straight out of year 6

  • Prittstick
    Prittstick 3 years ago +72

    No one:
    Logan: All the support we gave you in World war 2...
    KSI: it’s the 21st century...

    • RedRed Plays PH
      RedRed Plays PH 3 years ago


    • George W. Bush
      George W. Bush 3 years ago +2

      Lol he think he owns the usa

    • thetruth
      thetruth 3 years ago +1

      Ksi parents weren't even in the uk at the time that's why he doesnt care about the support during the ww2

  • Gurjot Singh
    Gurjot Singh 3 years ago +27

    Logan: no respect
    2 minutes late Logan: I respect that

  • Rakshay Wadhawan
    Rakshay Wadhawan 3 years ago +187

    “I’m gonna make you a meme
    - Logan Paul 2019

    • Jayde
      Jayde 3 years ago

      rakshay wadhawan .

    • Saully Boy
      Saully Boy 3 years ago +12

      "You are not a clown. You are the whole circus"

  • golf
    golf 3 years ago +900

    I can't imagine being in a room with thousands of people who absolutely hate you

    • 1K subs with no videos challenge
      1K subs with no videos challenge 2 years ago

      I do I go to school

    • ☾'mysseraefim'☽
      ☾'mysseraefim'☽ 3 years ago

      Tay-K KSI could do like a 100 fucked up things in ONE month.

    • ☾'mysseraefim'☽
      ☾'mysseraefim'☽ 3 years ago

      Tj Anderson Atleast the Paul's don't do fucked up beef.

    • ☾'mysseraefim'☽
      ☾'mysseraefim'☽ 3 years ago

      Konrad Fabiszewski lol that was the only time when Logan fucked up bad. And that happened in January of 2018. Almost 2 YEARS ago lol. Just think about it. Making fucked up jokes for 100 times and filming a dead body. I'd pick Logan because anything could of been said in the joke. About death, suicide, racial terms.

    • ☾'mysseraefim'☽
      ☾'mysseraefim'☽ 3 years ago

      Leon Čarapović lol KSI fighting for charity? Nope. He only wants to fight Logan because: doesn't like him, wants money, make him a meme, make all of his fans unsub to him, wants him to get a ton of bullshit and hate, basically wants to haunt him and ruin his life.

    JAYKIK AK 3 years ago +148

    KSI: immature insult
    Logan: immature comeback
    Jake: *sips tea*

  • tumatauenga
    tumatauenga 3 years ago +222

    Crowd: *"WE WANT GIB WE WANT GIB"*
    Jake: 😏 who?
    KSI: aye bring gib on!
    Jake: 😰 huh?!
    Gib: * held back by 5+ guys *
    Jake: hes scared 😤

    • Hmmm IdkVEVO
      Hmmm IdkVEVO Year ago +1

      @mavs savage how the turn tables

    • mavs savage
      mavs savage Year ago +1

      Well well

    • shadowman
      shadowman 3 years ago +1

      yeah and right after "the security taking you of stage where you going?" you just answered you own question jake.....

    • Ryan Reeroy Ryder
      Ryan Reeroy Ryder 3 years ago +1


    • Yasuke G
      Yasuke G 3 years ago +7

      "Are you gonna fight gib?"
      Jake: *stalls for 5 seconds*
      "Yh... yeah"

  • Eva
    Eva 3 years ago +203

    Logan be looking like a french tourist selling croissants for a living

  • DhillonBeats
    DhillonBeats 3 years ago +3

    Goosebumps when Adam Smith says “AS THEY COME HEAD TO HEAD” then the sevenation army guitar riff begins and those flashing lights starts to create tension

  • Chase Martinson
    Chase Martinson 3 years ago +412

    "He brought props"
    *brings props*
    Coach's vocabulary : "Lets go champ"
    Logans vocabulary: "My guy" and "bro"

    • EL Ranchero420
      EL Ranchero420 3 years ago

      Chase Martinson i mean i LOVE JJ but ksi looks like logans shadow
      Not tryin to be racist

    • Chase Martinson
      Chase Martinson 3 years ago

      @Matt Maynard Lmfao maybe not the best choice of words for him

    • Lig Ma
      Lig Ma 3 years ago

      Chase Martinson he also know “yoss” “JJ has no dick” and “TALK TO MEEEE”

  • little brother 💀
    little brother 💀 3 years ago +12

    Jake said he didn't know who Gib was but he seems to know a lot about gibs last fight 😂😂

  • CJ Studios
    CJ Studios 2 years ago

    Press conference starts 3:05
    Really starts 10:30

  • Tusk
    Tusk 3 years ago +6

    That's gotta be the most badass opening to a press conference I've ever seen

    • Dawindo
      Dawindo 3 months ago

      I was looking for this comment

  • c3vanss
    c3vanss 3 years ago +70

    Ksi: where’s gibbo
    Eddie Hearn: helps gibbo on stage

  • Just Ace
    Just Ace 3 years ago +523

    Ksi: takes it semi seriously
    Logan: *Crackcocaine*

    • Killa Gamez
      Killa Gamez 3 years ago +1

      @queen faif 😂😂😂😂

    • queen faif
      queen faif 3 years ago

      Killa Gamez 🥵

    • Killa Gamez
      Killa Gamez 3 years ago

      queen faif didnt know you was part of a South American cartel. So yep you’re a coke expert 😂

    • Just Ace
      Just Ace 3 years ago +1

      @Killa Gamez well said sir

    • queen faif
      queen faif 3 years ago

      Killa Gamez lmao ight

  • Maryam Ali
    Maryam Ali 2 years ago +4

    Imagine comparing UK fans to USA
    UK fans>>>>>

  • Funtastic .R.
    Funtastic .R. 3 years ago +16

    The whole time Eddie Hearn was like "THIS IS AMAZING CONTENT "

  • Armaan Khan
    Armaan Khan 6 months ago

    honestly the best press conference ever i enjoyed this one alot

  • Noob
    Noob 3 years ago +2

    The moment JJ bring the puppy, I throw my phone on the wall. Classic JJ, haha.

    BOBBYBOI 3 years ago +631

    “Tell’em Jake tell’em how HARD I AM”
    -Logan Paul 2019

    • Irish_Ninja264
      Irish_Ninja264 3 years ago

      Fuck the pauls

    • Blwk Blwk
      Blwk Blwk 3 years ago

      @Rigbysattic that stupid name of yours kid

    • Rigbysattic
      Rigbysattic 3 years ago

      @Blwk Blwk yea a dumb word to describe something you don't understand

    • Blwk Blwk
      Blwk Blwk 3 years ago

      @Rigbysattic lol this guys haven't been a kid before. (SaD LifE )

    • Blwk Blwk
      Blwk Blwk 3 years ago

      Kid with no parents and respect
      Not worth time talking to you

  • Griffa Boi
    Griffa Boi 3 years ago +6

    Is anyone else going to say anything about how Logan thinks that this fight is the equivalent of world war 2

  • Emanuil
    Emanuil 3 years ago +53

    Logan knows that it's so obvious to everyone he's copying McGregor right?

    • Brasso
      Brasso 3 years ago

      emily 😆

    • Brasso
      Brasso 3 years ago

      Ema nuil lol

    • emily
      emily 3 years ago +2

      Ema nuil ig only he can copy the part where Mcgregor goes to jail

  • The Hh
    The Hh 3 years ago +30

    33:23 Too right mate! 😂

  • Javier Maldonado
    Javier Maldonado 3 years ago +25

    27:05 "Tell them Jake, tell them how hard I am!"

  • Lkizzy
    Lkizzy 3 years ago +355

    Jake: “security kicking you off stage”
    Also jake: “hes running away off stage”

    • Bilal Iqbal
      Bilal Iqbal 3 years ago +3

      He's a tool.. A lesser known tool at that as well.

    SEANYMONEY -_- 3 years ago +6

    Alright... if you look closely, you can see Jake Paul putting up an 'Okay hand' sign in the middle of the conference
    I think not...

  • Mohammed Sarwar
    Mohammed Sarwar 3 years ago

    The look on Logan's face when Gib came on stage is priceless

  • hetarxc
    hetarxc 3 years ago +15


  • qwik23
    qwik23 3 years ago +20

    Logan does know this is boxing and not WWE doesn’t he?!

    • Happy
      Happy 3 years ago +1

      Storm_ Sajeev4k don’t you mean Logan is gonna fuck KSI up?

    • Happy
      Happy 3 years ago

      qwik23 why would you say that my dumbass friend?

    • shinchan
      shinchan 3 years ago

      I mean Logan is fucked . But wdym

  • Jake
    Jake 3 years ago +1252

    I’m soo glad true Geordie was there

    • Mr Krabs is choking
      Mr Krabs is choking Year ago +1

      @Dmagz well to bad

    • Thomas 1
      Thomas 1 3 years ago

      @Ricky De La Garza climbing on top of other isn't what really men do dumbass

    • Ricky De La Garza
      Ricky De La Garza 3 years ago +1

      Why box put them in a octagon let them fight like real men

    • Nicole
      Nicole 3 years ago

      awesomgle your profile picture makes me want to puke

    • inflnity
      inflnity 3 years ago +5

      True Geordie got exposed for some pretty nasty and sick DMs though, lost my respect

  • Jordan
    Jordan 3 years ago +7

    Logan just said “tell em jake! Tell em how HARD I am” ? The hell he talking about 🤬

  • Vroom
    Vroom 3 years ago +26

    Someone do a count of the amount of times “let’s go champ” was said.

  • Ryan Raney
    Ryan Raney 3 years ago +5

    Logan: I know how to box now
    KSI: oh crap I’m dead

  • Michael
    Michael 3 years ago

    I thought it was a press conference...where's the freaking press?! This is legitimately a fan conference 🤣

  • Cynsu
    Cynsu 3 years ago +361

    Jake:"You're being taken off stage by security!"
    Also Jake: "Why you running"

    • Omar Elkhomssi
      Omar Elkhomssi 3 years ago

      I hope to see this guy face like fousy

    • Rigbysattic
      Rigbysattic 3 years ago +1

      I wonder how his fans understand and support him.

    • Tareq Rahman
      Tareq Rahman 3 years ago

      Cynsu ahlie I was dying at that moment

  • ImNotPoorImBroke
    ImNotPoorImBroke 3 years ago +27

    logan paul is like your average kindergarten bully.

  • ishan deb
    ishan deb 6 months ago +1

    28:40 imma ksi fan but that stare from logan goes hard

  • MartU
    MartU 3 years ago +13

    Let’s be honest Shannon is just enjoying his retirement

  • FallenStar's GMVs
    FallenStar's GMVs 3 years ago

    It's hard to make fun of Paul and Logan when they're doing the job themselves better than any of us.

  • Jack D
    Jack D 3 years ago +110

    Can we just appreciate that they brought in True Geordie for this, man deserves mad respect for what he does and should have been presenting this fight since day one

    • Phobetor
      Phobetor 3 years ago

      Btec Bolshevik Yeah then your family and mine can match 🤗

    • Phobetor
      Phobetor 3 years ago

      Btec Bolshevik maybe you should take your own advice and at the same time did you actually wait this long just to make this comment if so you sad as fuck

    • Phobetor
      Phobetor 3 years ago

      Btec Bolshevik no one cares if it is professional or not I would rather hear geordie who actually talks to the audience and gives his opinion than someone who just says what we know has happened then again unlike yourself I don’t watch boxing so what would I know

    • PatrickJ
      PatrickJ 3 years ago

      Jack Dyer no, he’s trash.

    • Shenk Mu
      Shenk Mu 3 years ago

      @Btec Bolshevik You're exaggerating his commentary. It was still fairly good and he has the basics. He was a lot better than his colleagues, you forgot about them?

  • Maciej Krakowski
    Maciej Krakowski 3 years ago

    Okay got a question!! I want to watch the fight and I’m in the UK I know you can watch it through sky box office but do you have to have sky TV?? Or can I use some sort of sky app and pay for it??

  • RedRed Plays PH
    RedRed Plays PH 3 years ago

    "I might kill you bro"

  • Zedekiah Vincent
    Zedekiah Vincent 3 years ago

    Ksi always looks scared and I love it

  • bob dob
    bob dob 3 years ago +2

    I actually love JJs maturity compared to this child of a man

  • Kaia Christensen
    Kaia Christensen 3 years ago +409

    *Gib comes on stage*
    Gib: You’re scared
    Jake: You’re a toucan

    • UltimateTrickZter
      UltimateTrickZter 3 years ago +3

      @F7G jake hasnt got that type of a power. he got kicked off the stage cause he wasnt allowed. What makes jake saying bring him back mean he will be brought back

    • F7G
      F7G 3 years ago

      @Ben Cooke jake was telling the security to bring him back on?

    • Ben Cooke
      Ben Cooke 3 years ago +4

      He was like " you ran away". He was being kicked off the stage. I WANT TO DIE

    • Jimmy Jones
      Jimmy Jones 3 years ago +5

      Got ya nose 🤣🤣🤣

  • totally not yoda _
    totally not yoda _ 3 years ago

    I mean I've seen some disrespectful things but... ksi messing with Kong like that is just...god damn

  • Hope lolo
    Hope lolo 3 years ago

    the crowd really ain't havin none of logan's bs🤣🤣

  • Banana Treee14
    Banana Treee14 3 years ago +3

    16:43 Shannon’s stutter 😂😂

  • skizzler 123
    skizzler 123 3 years ago +13

    "Wow, wow, Winston Churchill would be disappointed." Is a whole meme right there

  • Volio
    Volio 3 years ago +274

    Jake went from smoking a cigar to drinking tea

    • eeeeel
      eeeeel 3 years ago

      AntiGreen 😂👏🏽

    • Helena Marie
      Helena Marie 3 years ago

      yeah thats the joke idiot

    • Tjena Tjena
      Tjena Tjena 3 years ago +1

      That is a big change tbh, props to Jakey lol

    • skrvio
      skrvio 3 years ago +2

      AntiGreen different country’s

  • Yeetyeet
    Yeetyeet 3 years ago +53

    Everyone in the UK is so united against logan and Jake it’s actually sick 😂😂

    • Gypsy Crusader
      Gypsy Crusader 3 years ago

      I'm in the uk and i don't like KSI.

    • SpadesOfPaint Studios
      SpadesOfPaint Studios 3 years ago +1

      cutie jennie stan that’s not to even mention the other stuff he does off cam

    • SpadesOfPaint Studios
      SpadesOfPaint Studios 3 years ago +1

      cutie jennie stan seriously all Logan’s fans are brainwashed he’s a fucking dick head and has done countless things to prove that y’all talk about ksi but Logan literally disrespected 2 almost 3 countries ksi isn’t the best dude but at least he’s not as arrogant as Logan who literally jumps on stage talking shit at everyone or does some bs to try to prove himself

    • SpadesOfPaint Studios
      SpadesOfPaint Studios 3 years ago

      cutie jennie stan who are you again

    • ☾'mysseraefim'☽
      ☾'mysseraefim'☽ 3 years ago

      Crystal133476 because y'all are manipulated by KSI

  • Emily Piatt
    Emily Piatt 3 years ago

    I would like to state that In the first fight KSI knew how to fight, it was in his home state, he knows the rules, and he was saying he was going to win because he has been doing this longer. Logan was a rookie, wasn’t in his home state, didn’t know the rules, and was training for 3 months unlike KSI. But Logan and KSI tied, they tied when KSI said he was going to win against a rookie, and Logan tide with KSI Now that Logan knows the rules, and knows how to fight, Logan is going to win this. Hate me for being Logan Paul’s team I don’t give a f*ck. 😁 Maverick for life

    • Diana HerQ
      Diana HerQ 3 years ago

      Katness Black are you a 7 yr old 🤣

  • Boobrio
    Boobrio 3 years ago +48

    Why does Logan have to be so weird and awkward 😂

    • Frosty
      Frosty 3 years ago

      @Slxyer Smiley ohhhh

    • Walnut
      Walnut 3 years ago +5

      @Slxyer Smiley what a loser

    • liltidbot -
      liltidbot - 3 years ago +4

      @Slxyer Smiley Dude your 9 years old you don't know what you're talking.

  • LIl Venom
    LIl Venom 2 years ago +3

    Let me give u all an advice
    Don't sneeze 3 times before a fight

  • libby rose
    libby rose 3 years ago +410

    Logan’s ego: How big do you want to be today?
    Logan: yes

    • Quepzyy
      Quepzyy 3 years ago

      @☾'mysseraefim'☽ logan littness🤟🤟🤟🤟 Logan's gay

    • ☾'mysseraefim'☽
      ☾'mysseraefim'☽ 3 years ago

      Libby Rose Logan's "big" ego? LOLL. KSI's the one with the big ego. He wins against Joe Weller, automatically thinks he a pro boxer. Draw against Logan last year, wants fans to believe that he won when it was clearly a draw.

    • MOJYKZ
      MOJYKZ 3 years ago

      @Quepzyy yeah logang for life 🦜

    • Quepzyy
      Quepzyy 3 years ago

      @MOJYKZ are you a maverick🦜?

    • Anthony De Nyse
      Anthony De Nyse 3 years ago

      Igor Slusarenko reverse card

  • Christian J
    Christian J 3 years ago +151

    Logan crouching down in weird positions
    Jake: "He's Spiderman"

    • puja pokhrel
      puja pokhrel 3 years ago

      Nah don’t say that I don’t want Logan to be associated with Tom Holland

    • Deadly
      Deadly 3 years ago +1

      Christian J he drunk

    • L00t Goblin
      L00t Goblin 3 years ago

      Christian J Logan is a clown

  • Ahern Alex
    Ahern Alex 3 years ago +3

    Someone’s got to do a “let’s go champ” count video

  • TnM _Antho
    TnM _Antho 3 years ago +6

    I cried laughing when logan paul said hes moustache looks good 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hannah Stocks
    Hannah Stocks 3 years ago +184

    KSI is actually taking this seriously when Logan is just acting like kid

    • Layla Paine
      Layla Paine 2 years ago

      @Omar Ennassiri Ahahahahaha u were so confident lol

    • iRyan Gamez
      iRyan Gamez 3 years ago

      Omar Ennassiri he will

    • Drunkenhigh Lord
      Drunkenhigh Lord 3 years ago

      Hannah Stocks there both acting like kids

    • PitbullKNGZ
      PitbullKNGZ 3 years ago

      Remember this America stomped the brits ass in history and jack actuall,y won the first fight.

    • RYC 777
      RYC 777 3 years ago


  • Something Network
    Something Network 3 years ago +2

    Bruh from what JJ’s friends and trainers are saying I just feel like HE’LL KNOCK OUT LOGAN!!

    • Omar Ennassiri
      Omar Ennassiri 3 years ago +1

      Something Network it doesn’t look good for ksi honestly.Logan was the better boxer last time with only 4 months of training.I imagine he’s a monster at the moment.

  • Pulkit
    Pulkit 3 years ago +119

    "The only thing"
    "The only thing"
    "The only thing Vidal can do"
    "The only thing Vidal can do"
    "The only thing Vidal can do"
    I am still waiting for Shannon to complete the sentence.

    • mihajlo milosevic
      mihajlo milosevic 2 years ago

      "The only thing Vidal can do is talk." You can't...

    • ꓘenneth
      ꓘenneth 3 years ago

      Gloing Nup that’s a statement

      JAYKIK AK 3 years ago

      Is talk

    • Abbie Thomson
      Abbie Thomson 3 years ago +1

      Pulkit Singh he went “the only thing vidal can do is talk, he can’t fight”

    • Gloing Nup
      Gloing Nup 3 years ago +13

      Only sentence he can complete is "Let's go champ"

  • zara-lily harrison
    zara-lily harrison 3 years ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how the uk press conference looks so much more professional

  • Frosty
    Frosty 3 years ago

    I am huge Logan Paul fan I was routing for him in the first fight but after I saw it I knew Logan can't win sadly the head guards saved him 😧 I hope Logan doesn't get hurt too bad

  • Epic Fortnite songs
    Epic Fortnite songs 3 years ago +272

    I miss true jeordie getting pissed because people where throwing stuff

  • Christian shearon
    Christian shearon 3 years ago +2

    I think logan was drunk throughout this 😂

  • Louis l
    Louis l 3 years ago

    Logan looks so comfortable in his own abilities. I dont think ksi can get much better but Logan will improve a lot from the previous fight.

  • Everyday Gaming
    Everyday Gaming 3 years ago

    I think jj might loose I hope he doesn’t though

  • Lampard
    Lampard 3 years ago +1

    Ksi is an absolute badman 😂😂😂🤣

  • Tayla
    Tayla 3 years ago +147

    jj: “i brought you a thesaurus”
    logan: “it’s a dictionary.”

    • Bilal Iqbal
      Bilal Iqbal 3 years ago +1

      logan's an idiot lmao, it clearly has Thesaurus written on it.

  • Back To The Future Fan

    An embarrassment to the sport. I'm all for these jumping on the fighting bandwagon professionally, but if they want to be taken seriously they need to act like professional, not silly children.

  • Lukas Karickas
    Lukas Karickas 3 years ago

    Go logan!❤

  • E
    E 3 years ago +1

    Geordie: They told me not to swear, sorry Sky
    Sky: ⚠️ WARNING: This video contains explicit language ⚠️

  • Carlos Trigo
    Carlos Trigo 3 years ago +1

    1 month and it's GOING!!!

  • K M D 123
    K M D 123 3 years ago +182

    Don't get why people have a problem with this, they are both getting boxing licenses to make this a pro event, anybody has the right to turn professional, the is demand for this fight and it will give a lot of exposure to the fighters on the undercards who do not have enough demand to hold a boxing event of this scale on their own

    • Shaun Mason
      Shaun Mason 3 years ago

      @Daniel Borthwickthankgod someone else that sees this is is just a money maker from tge mugs who are going pay to watch these 2 bums so called fight 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Daniel Borthwick
      Daniel Borthwick 3 years ago

      K M D 123 I do not agree because it’s making a mockery out of this professional sport they are acting like fools for as much exposure

    • Kaia Christensen
      Kaia Christensen 3 years ago +1

      I just want JJ to win because he does want to pursue boxing.

    • Cheez Doodles
      Cheez Doodles 3 years ago +1

      Vassili MESTRALLET ahah laughed my ass off this comment.

    • Bouff Filo
      Bouff Filo 3 years ago +1

      I agree I think this will do good for boxing, but some people argue that people out there lives into boxing and not get the exposure KSI and Logan Paul does. With both fighters only having little time into the boxing industry.

  • himed
    himed 3 years ago +2

    I’d honestly rather see a fight between Vidal and Shannon because at least they would argue with facts instead of two children fighting over relevancy

  • Mani Karami
    Mani Karami 3 years ago

    I like ksi but looking at the shape he’s in I think Logan is winning

  • CAMZ
    CAMZ 3 years ago

    26 56 Logan also says "you alright" to jj u can see the two respect eachother

  • Duckling
    Duckling 3 years ago +1

    Logan: the only thing you know is simple arithmetic!
    Jake: 🥴🧐🤔 whaaaaat

  • ColdHart JR
    ColdHart JR 3 years ago +1613

    *Security escorts gib*
    Jake: He’s running away

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia 3 years ago

    Bro if I was Devin Haney and Saunders I’d pull out instantly being an undercard to some exhibition fight mockery

  • Official WorldYt_Art
    Official WorldYt_Art 3 years ago

    No one :
    Literally no one :
    Logan : WOW

  • Henry Shaw
    Henry Shaw 2 years ago

    Looking back on this it’s kinda mad how nobody got knocked out 😂

  • Lem Animates
    Lem Animates 3 years ago +1

    Every things quite when he tells Logan to come out then suddenly LETS GO CHAMP

  • Hashi
    Hashi 3 years ago +54

    This crowd was way more lit than the Us conference

    • AlexDeGhost
      AlexDeGhost 3 years ago

      Lawrence Stevens unless you’re in Philly.

    • AlexDeGhost
      AlexDeGhost 3 years ago

      That’s cuz the US actually doesn’t care about Logan

    • R B
      R B 3 years ago +3

      Hashi no one does it better than england.

    • Rach
      Rach 3 years ago +2

      Coz US ppl are boring asf

    • Chris Wyatt
      Chris Wyatt 3 years ago +4

      No shit. Us crowds are always dead compared to European

  • Headie Two
    Headie Two 3 years ago

    what does ksi mean he was landing bombs? he was punching like a person who has never boxed before no composure at all, logan is going to win without a doubt.

  • Rockstar for live
    Rockstar for live 3 years ago

    Ksi is going to win the fight💪🏿💪🏿

  • Braeden Mitchell
    Braeden Mitchell 2 years ago

    I’m a Logan Paul fan no matter what but I felt for KSI when he brought up the abortions he looked genuinely sad and he looked like he was about to cry but KSI brought up sad things for Logan too 13:26

  • Tia McCall
    Tia McCall Year ago

    Logan thinks he’s so scary but he ain’t it makes me crease😂😭