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Opponents BEFORE and AFTER Fighting Manny Pacquiao

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
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  • Boxing Now
    Boxing Now 2 years ago +10022

    *Manny Pacquiao was like a plastic surgeon in this fight. The way he rearranged Margarito's face... SURGICAL* 😮💥

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Year ago +283

    Now I completely have respect for Manny... All these guys "I've spent so much time in the gym!" "I threw more punches!" It's all about the heart and feel of the fight.. When Manny said "If he doesn't want to throw hands, ill create action.. If he does, I'll counter it" i felt that

  • Democrat Flap Puff
    Democrat Flap Puff Year ago +867

    "Same move over and over"
    "Right Hook, Spin over"
    We all know he forgot the LEFT.

    • Here There Everywhere
      Here There Everywhere 8 months ago +1


    • Jacob Hartmann
      Jacob Hartmann 11 months ago +25

      Ironically, the first knockdown of the fight WAS a Pacquiao right hook and a spin under! He clocked Hatton and dodged a punch at the same time: guess Hatton should've kept his mouth shut before he got it shut.

    • Jam Bee
      Jam Bee Year ago +6


    • Starr Mathias
      Starr Mathias Year ago +37

      🤣🤣🤣The deadly left hook

  • Harold Lee
    Harold Lee Year ago +496

    Manny PAC in Philippines is like Schwarzenegger in US, huge stars in their own right then turned politician cleaning up their related city, and did a good job at it, everywhere they go, they’re shown awe and respect..

    • Fezzik 76
      Fezzik 76 4 months ago

      @Shotgun God [69th Pinapostle] All of your atrocious spelling/grammar and pseudo erudition aside I know why you don’t want me to ask you to name your Googled studies. I guarantee they aren’t scientifically peer reviewed studies, but biased articles that feed into your own misconceived notice about what you think the community’s agenda is about. It is NOT about ego boosting. It is certainly NOT about elevating their status above the rest of society. They just want to live equally shoulder to shoulder with everyone else. Remember that equal rights for them doesn’t mean fewer rights for you. It’s not pie. They are not the threat to you that you perceive. It does zero harm to you to treat them like you would any other human being. When people take a conservative viewpoint towards a certain demographic of people it’s because they see that demographic as an inferior group of people trying to simply have the same public voice as they do.

    • Shotgun God [69th Pinapostle]
      Shotgun God [69th Pinapostle] 4 months ago +1

      @Fezzik 76 srry i know I'm a whole year late to this arguement but what's this whole arguement abt homosexuality? yeah i respect them if they contribute to the society but dont expect me to also believe and go with ur *COPING MECHANISM* and refer u with ur..... *PRONOUNS* ...... i would never call people as "They/Them/It/They" etc. its not being *homophobic* its basic grammar ....... and also being gay/bi/etc. i respect them but dont expect me to put them on a pedestal...... asper written in multiple researches/theses/studies (i wont even dare to cite the studies..... go to "Google Scholar" then search this topic's related studies, read thm and ull know) tht this so called LGBTQ+ ppl are either doing this for self/societal recognition brought by numerous factors (ie. ego, traumas/PTSDs, conformation etc.) and some related literatures even yielded a strong significant correlation between proclaiming urself as one of the rainbow colored pips with anxiety, Mental/Societal Issues/Trauma and some even having roots from abuse ....... multiple studies have concluded tht one of the most common reason why ppl go with the rainbows is as either a Coping Mechanism or Ego/Public recognition booster
      dont get me wrong i like those people and respect them..... but i hate it when others try to forcefully enforce their own beliefs and patrionizations to me

    • Luis Peralta
      Luis Peralta 5 months ago +1

      @Fezzik 76 I agree with ur point but as flawed as him and his ideologies are, I still don't think he is a bad person.
      That being said, as a filo and Catholic myself, I understand where you are coming from, because what he said was wrong and the way that handled it was worse as he quoted a bible verse saying that gays should be put to their death. Unfortunately, homophobia is something that is common in the Philippines, especially amongst Catholics who worship the Bible, because even the Bible is flawed. Some of our beliefs are usually passed on by some family members obsessed with religion. Still a very common thing in society that isn't limited to filos though. Another thing is that filos are very obsessed about celebrity culture which is why Pacquiao was allowed to run for President, despite not actually not knowing too much and him not needing politics in order to help people.
      However, some filos would still consider him a hero because the good that he's done outweighs the bad. He has one of the most inspirational rags to riches stories, from being homeless as a teenager to becoming a filipino and boxing legend for putting our country on the map, as well as constantly being the underdog in his fights. He's a huge philanthropist, using his fortune to pay for student scholarships, build schools, hospitals as well as aid in disaster relief due to the high occurrence of earthquakes and typhoons.
      It's not that most of us don't see anything negative, because not every one of his fans are like that. At the end of the day, he's a boxer who did a lot for the country that I come from and that's why we still somewhat like him.

    • Fezzik 76
      Fezzik 76 8 months ago

      @imagameriguess B] what about the Bible “bruhhhh”?

    • imagameriguess B]
      imagameriguess B] 8 months ago +1

      @Fezzik 76 the bible:bruhhhh

  • J Chan
    J Chan Year ago +253

    5:12 for the record, this guy is probably the most humble boxer pacquiao faced

    • Nyani ♡
      Nyani ♡ 7 months ago +11

      @DANNY DELOSSANTOS LMAO Joshua Clottey isn't a Cuban but straight from Ghana. But, yeah he's a good guy.
      And I agree, Cubans are also humble. I love them for that!

    • pineapple Lord
      pineapple Lord 8 months ago +3

      dude seems so nice

    • Mohammed Umair
      Mohammed Umair Year ago +19

      U can add Miguel cotto as well

      DANNY DELOSSANTOS Year ago +16

      cuban boxers are brutal but humble.

  • Sasuga Megami
    Sasuga Megami 2 years ago +2573

    I love how Manny just smiling and just keeps quiet if his opponent is talking trash to him and then destroy them during the match. MAD RESPECT

    • IbTugHmOoBtoJsIaB
      IbTugHmOoBtoJsIaB 19 days ago

      He does all his talking inside the ring.

    • DarkJ-
      DarkJ- Month ago


    • Alexzander yt
      Alexzander yt 4 months ago

      They be underestimating Manny because of his size but inside the ring dude is like a machine gun

    • Dons 45
      Dons 45 8 months ago

      Cause the truth is he doesn’t even know what his opponents was saying. Its common for Filipinos to smile to foreigners when they can’t understand them.

    • Jim Dandy
      Jim Dandy 10 months ago

      @Ian Mark Dela Cruz he's a senator in the Philippines dumbass. Not an English speaking country.

  • TheOriginalFayari
    TheOriginalFayari Year ago +72

    In this video, after Pacquiao himself, of course, I respect Clottey the most for fighting Pacquiao even when he knew he was outgunned. The man also said he didn't feel like a loser for losing against Manny Pacquiao. The man knew his limitations but still fought with courage, which is more than I can say for those other boxers who talked smack and got destroyed.

  • Poljack Gompot
    Poljack Gompot Year ago +109

    "People are not meant to be humble, they are meant to be humbled"
    -Mike Tyson

  • Daphne Malubay
    Daphne Malubay Year ago +39

    Thank you Manny for being an inspiration to so many around the world. Success comes with criticisms, many wants to tarnish your legacy, unlucky to them, your legacy already cemented and rooted in the hearts of the people around the world and in the boxing sports.

  • Dustin Shinn
    Dustin Shinn Year ago +38

    Everyone was worried about his power, Everyone underestimated his speed.

  • chakie
    chakie 2 years ago +6250

    Wtf he humble, small and gets underestimated by all of his opponents and beats them. This man literally a living shonen protaginist

    • Park Yamato
      Park Yamato 28 days ago

      @Denjiro Daiki yeah and he beat his ass lmao

      LEGACY TV Month ago


    • Waku Waku
      Waku Waku 2 months ago

      @Denjiro Daiki but his not the strongest tho he didn't even fight all of the championship fighters in his prime.. unlike manny

    • Kufe
      Kufe 3 months ago

      i dont think he gets underestimated, they simply have to be confident theyre going to win if they want a chance

    • Sakino Mura
      Sakino Mura 3 months ago

      My thoughts exactly, especially his history. how he went from rags to riches. Truly a MC story.

    GHDATI Year ago +11

    Manny's mental strategy was just perfect. Opponents trash-talk to get him pissed and get inside his head, but Manny just smiles like the dudes are being silly. When Manny does that, he automatically gets inside THEIR heads. Confident, yet humble. The greatest boxer of all time, no doubt about it.

  • filthy_peasant_the_one 2

    how can fighters even think of shit talking manny after he’s won 8 world champion titles?

    • pablo beltran
      pablo beltran 7 months ago

      Empty vessels make the most noise

    • Regeret
      Regeret Year ago

      because they want to win the lottery..hoping pacquiao picks them for a fight, same as floyd and canelo..they trashtalk them even they have no chance lol.

    • DIO Brando
      DIO Brando Year ago +1

      @Light Kira He didnt want to Get in the way of other filipinos so he skipped them

    • Sabastian Anugraha
      Sabastian Anugraha Year ago +4

      to spice up the match. people will watch a match where people trashtalk

    • Flaux
      Flaux Year ago +2

      you know Pacquiao is a senator of the Philippines.....so boxing is just his secondary priority

  • RexywexyTV
    RexywexyTV 8 months ago +28

    What I really love about Manny is the way he just lets his fists do the talking.

  • Mary Lee
    Mary Lee Year ago +63

    The one thing I love most about manny is how he don’t give a crap about what anyone has to say about him ❤️ he just smiles cause he knows those who talk shit the most are the weak ones. I love how he proves them wrong to when they judge him by his size and weight. He may be little but he’s quick and strong with his moves. Never judge a book by its cover.

    • pablo beltran
      pablo beltran 7 months ago +1

      ...Empty vessels make the most noise...

  • C.H
    C.H 2 years ago +7072

    And after all his success you never see Manny being cocky.

    • maxi molina
      maxi molina 7 months ago

      I would like to see pac man vs ggg, they're roughly the same age so it should be fair

    • Raul
      Raul 7 months ago

      @乙eniτhツ Manny PacMan a legend

    • Slime SLAT
      Slime SLAT 7 months ago

      @V sell more by trash talking. No one wants to see 2 guys about to beat the shit outta eachother kissing ass. I do enjoy humbleness though too. You should check out Robert Whitaker. He’s humble and can back up the shit he talks. When he does talk shit lol. Which isn’t very often

    • slowpy
      slowpy 7 months ago

      may weather lmao

    • Imran Ali
      Imran Ali 8 months ago

      @Amazinghypemaster best sportsman Philippines will ever have

  • C Demo11
    C Demo11 11 months ago +15

    Hands down the greatest light weight fighter of this generation. Absolute gentleman outside of the ring and a complete machine inside.
    Love and respect always Pacman from Éire , home of the fighting Irish. 💚

    SLAYR 5 months ago +8

    There will never be another Manny Pacquiao, what a legend 👏🏼.

  • ArmedPoverty
    ArmedPoverty Year ago +10

    I love how a lot of the fighters who faced him in his prime were immediately humbled and showed respect to the legend after they lost.

  • Last of a Dying Breed
    Last of a Dying Breed Year ago +19

    Greatness is something beyond imagination, Manny Pacman Pacquaio just did it. He's definitely well considered as a GOAT by most of the people, and that's what matters the most. Love from UK. 🙏🏽

  • GradeAKushy
    GradeAKushy 3 years ago +11712

    Before fighting pacquiao: "I will beat a legend"
    After the fight: "At least I got beaten by a legend"

    • Kulay Lloyd's Adventures!
      Kulay Lloyd's Adventures! 8 months ago


    • Galilee Malinao
      Galilee Malinao 10 months ago

      Bwahaha, your comment is so funny.

    • Kenzen Vaz
      Kenzen Vaz Year ago

      So funny 😂😂😂

    • Charlene Cabasal
      Charlene Cabasal Year ago +1

      To all those haters of manny because of the fight with mayweather stop it manny had a surgery like weeks before the fight im not sure how close it was to the fight but he still had a big disadvantage plus he cant cancel the fight after both of them training everyday and manny wanted to fight mayweather like for so many years but mayweather kept declining

    • Anne Santisteban
      Anne Santisteban Year ago

      Lol! Nailed it!

  • ieatcatfood
    ieatcatfood Year ago +43

    The coolest thing about watching him is when he starts throwing his enemies have no time to throw anything back at him, so he pretty much gets his enemies into like a position where they can’t fight back, manny has to be one of the best out there


      my suggestion is watch the fight again. looks like the other way around.

  • Erick monk ozta
    Erick monk ozta Year ago +6

    The speed...the power...agility....is well proven....yet He is still so down to earth....so much respect for the Pac Man ....God Bless You and the family.....

  • Gabriel Schoettmer
    Gabriel Schoettmer Year ago +8

    I consider it a privilege watching Manny pacquiao's whole career being the same age as many I basically got to watch him from a Young unknown fighter to the slugging sensation he became and in my eyes pound for pound he breaks the top 10 of all time and I put him above Mayweather Mayweather now is fighting X-vidrs Pacquiao was calling out Errol the truth Spence at 43 years of age no fear in that man no quit in that man you got to respect it

  • Timothy Witt
    Timothy Witt Year ago +6

    Manni followed the Great Bruce Lee and the one inch punch. To deliver a devastating blow to his opponents. Truly a GREAT fighter. He understood the mechanics behind a punch.

  • DaemzEditZ
    DaemzEditZ 3 years ago +15429

    Manny is the perfect representation of the quiet kid in the class who shouldn't be messed with

    • Amer Sayyed-Fassad Al Houssaini
      Amer Sayyed-Fassad Al Houssaini 9 months ago

      Manny is not a quiet person when he is in the philippines.

    • Samuel_Goopster
      Samuel_Goopster 11 months ago

      @Chris Caldwell alright big guy. Fight him then.

    • Dwayne Mandac
      Dwayne Mandac Year ago

      Well his dad kinda kill a d cooked his dog as a meal

    • John Lawrence
      John Lawrence Year ago

      @james Deer don’t be stupid how could an Asian from a small country cheat on a big ass mafia of the west, are you telling that western knowledge about technology are inferior to Unprogressive Philippines then? Hilarious don’t make me laugh brother. Seems like common sense is not common lol should I call it rare sense then? Lmao

    • james Deer
      james Deer Year ago

      @John Lawrence Manny Pac-roids be running from USAD. Floyd, "Where's Manny"? Arum, " You said USAD and he ran".🤣🤣

  • Makkushimu
    Makkushimu Year ago +40

    Mayweather ducked Manny until he got slower, and then ran away for 12 rounds. Out of the two, only one is a P4P great.

  • Camcolito
    Camcolito Year ago +19

    'We knew Manny was very fast and we were doing good until the cut. That's when the problems started coming'
    - The problems started coming when you stepped in the ring Margacheato.

  • Ej Calimlim
    Ej Calimlim Year ago +5

    Sometimes he even holds back and pities his opponent when he's destroyin but holds no powerful punches to over confident opponents what a legend

  • Aswin sudarsan
    Aswin sudarsan Year ago +4

    When you see Manny you never think he can box 😂. He looks like a friendly Phillipines uncle.

  • Secret bun
    Secret bun 3 years ago +7708

    Before fight
    He's small I can take him
    After fight
    He's too fast

    • Waku Waku
      Waku Waku 2 months ago

      @LanceTheKing noiiiiceeeeeeee songs bruhhh

    • Waku Waku
      Waku Waku 2 months ago

      @Aquarius manny lose 8 times why do you guys only remember may weather ?? His not even his greatest rival... His just the last one who defeated manny lolololollolololololololl

    • roberto5red5rocky
      roberto5red5rocky 3 months ago

      @Reiko Vayne the point is they both came from small weight classes to end up in welter. So your whole point about the size and weight makes no sense. If that’s the case then no fight ever in the history of boxing was fair if the two fighters didn’t start their careers in the exact same class 😂😂😂 just throw away the entire history of boxing then . All the legends fights don’t count if any of them started in different weight classes 😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 casual

    • Reiko Vayne
      Reiko Vayne 3 months ago

      @roberto5red5rocky yeah but they weren't close in size they came 5 weight classes apart dumbass,so your saying Noaya inoue can compete with Spence??? Your the one making dumb statements after dumb statements exposing yourself then deflecting me to be the dumb one, Mayweather came from lower weights but that was still 5 divisions above were Manny started,your the dumb one not making sense you probably only make sense to you

    • roberto5red5rocky
      roberto5red5rocky 3 months ago

      @Reiko Vayne the point wasn’t who won in more Di ions dumbass. You said because manny came from a lower weight class that Floyd had a advantage. When Floyd himself came from low weight classes also. My god your IQ is at alltime lows

  • Siddhu
    Siddhu Year ago +462

    "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in face"

  • Eddison Foncette
    Eddison Foncette Year ago +7

    I am British and as a United fan I would like to say thank you to Manny Pacquiao for that beating he gave Ricky Hatton, who is a City fan. Thanks Manny, it was beautiful.

  • Sigmund Zeke
    Sigmund Zeke 8 months ago +2

    I know im late but,
    Manny Pacquiao is a definition of "Fighting for his Country"

  • Zafran hashirama
    Zafran hashirama Year ago +55

    Philipino legend always humble, many pacman, efren reyes.. theyre so calm outside but fierce inside , true legend

  • Secret bun
    Secret bun 3 years ago +1744

    Pacquiao's purpose is to make every fighter he fight become a nice human being

    • Random
      Random 2 months ago


    • Molifi Mogalobe
      Molifi Mogalobe 9 months ago

      Floyd Mayweather is just a 100 metre, he must have been training with the USA athletes. Against Pacman he was running and holding.He always fought in USA.He was running away from Manny Pacquiao.What a boring fight. Now Moneywheather claims to be the best boxer of all time.Nobody is fooled, one is rated by the boxing world. Pacman is one of the greatest boxers of all time.8 World titles in different weight divisions.He must be Goku really superhuman.

    • Jesse McCoy
      Jesse McCoy 2 years ago

      Except Margarito and Broner. They'll never change

      BISIKLETA TV 2 years ago

      @OligarchySlayer Real Guko of human being

      BISIKLETA TV 2 years ago


  • Mark Greiser
    Mark Greiser Year ago +3

    Much respect, to Mr. Pacquiao. I have watched Boxing since I was a Kid , in the 1960's Manny was a true Tiger!

  • Yms Cuban
    Yms Cuban 10 months ago +3

    You know what really made manny the fighter he was and probably still is
    He's discipline and the respect he got from home the kind of respect and discipline the human race dont and will never have towards each other

  • Kay Wilson
    Kay Wilson Year ago +2

    Manny is every boxers inspiration inside and outside the ring, a true all rounder!

  • Udhith Udayan
    Udhith Udayan Year ago +3

    He is like Bruce Lee, he's small and light weight but he delivers staggering punches with speed

  • Marissa Salalila
    Marissa Salalila 2 years ago +3118

    I love how he so kind, funny and humble but yet so dangerous

    • roberto5red5rocky
      roberto5red5rocky Year ago

      Am i the only one that found it strange that Pacman moved up all these weight classes in a short time and was knocking everyone out... Then when Floyd accused him of steroids he refused to take the test and for the next 10 years didnt have a single knockout... coincidence ?

    • Mr. Low Life
      Mr. Low Life 2 years ago

      Thats called a beaver

    • Deepayan Swain
      Deepayan Swain 2 years ago

      Well thats an Asian for you broooo....

    • WRATH
      WRATH 2 years ago

      He's like those calm anime characters who are OVERPOWERED but very humble until they beat yo ass

    • SmolRyan
      SmolRyan 2 years ago

      Well yeah it’s his obligation as a somewhat believer in Christianity to be humble. But he’s *relatively* kind and humble

    RAHEEL AHMED Year ago +7

    Manny Pacquiao is one of my favorite boxers not just for his winning and styles but also for his persevering attitude and being humble and kind and helping his people with his money earned through boxing, he is a hero and inspiration

  • Juan Carlos Estrada Aquino
    Juan Carlos Estrada Aquino 10 months ago +9

    "I will let my fist to talk"
    - Manny Pacquiao

  • Brian T
    Brian T Year ago +7

    The way Manny just vibes until it's go time just makes the assaults he commits in the ring so much better

  • grand day
    grand day Year ago +2

    Manny will always being one of my fave boxers, never bragging always humble

  • Jorge Castillo
    Jorge Castillo 3 years ago +4710

    Everyone gangsta until manny pacquiao gets a 10 combo hit on you

    • Random
      Random 2 months ago


    • Louis Franco
      Louis Franco 3 months ago

      @Lordsmobile baby lmfao, guess what boxer is Pacquiao's most studied rival is? Marquez you dumb f#ck. I'm not even sure your level of stupidity should even be classified as stupid. Common sense tells you that just by the amount of times they've faced each other that your point goes both ways. I'll be charitable and grant your begging ass the point that "if you only train for one boxer of course you will eventually beat him" just for the sake of argument. If that was the case then surely GGG will beat Canelo in their next fight or the one after that or the after after that one. It ain't going to happen son. Just put down the shabu pipe before Duterte snatches you up and throws you out his helicopter a few thousand feet above sea level. While you're at it do yourself a favor, delete your retarded post or edit before too many people see it. Ass (pun intended) for "ass licking" no son, for us there's life after JMM. He's far from the first and even further from being the last Mexican Hall of Fame boxer. In Mexico Hall of famers come a dime a dozen, I'm sorry if you don't have it like that.

    • Lordsmobile baby
      Lordsmobile baby 3 months ago

      @Louis Franco is marquez legacy just studying only how to beat manny pacquiao? .. if u only train for one boxer of course you will eventually beat him .. but whatever happened to his other fights? How many great fighters did marquez fought where he won? Barrera and pacquiao only? Who else are well known and considered one of the greatest? He never fought a hatton or any other mexican fighters .. he lost to bradley and never tried to fight that man again .. he is great and all but u cant just flaunt his win against his most studied rival to claim he was the better fighter .. pac never dodged a fight .. the only reason he kept fighting pacquiao was so he could study him some more and make his ass-licking fanatics leak his rectum

    • Dantalian
      Dantalian Year ago

      This could have been the next thing to the Paper Mario argument. Too bad the villain in this thread ain't educated enough like Mr hater and urumaru. I'm excited to see another "hero" to come here and beat this villain's ass. I want to volunteer but I'm tired and don't know shit about boxing so I'll be a commentator/spectator for this particular thread. Thank you guys for your wonderful contribution on this irrelevant and unnecessary drama.

    • lyn Fox
      lyn Fox Year ago

      Stupid man 🤦😒 always make excuses to degraded other man achievement and hardwork shame on you , racism all over the world and always post the video lol don't speak without concrete proof he used illegal substance look at his body so tiny you think 🤔 he can buy more bags of fluid at that time how much is that fluid your mentioned thousand dollars I'm surprised 😯 if he can buy that fluid this fight the start of his career anyway

  • JC B
    JC B Year ago +1

    Pacman was and will always be the best pound for pound. Thank you Manny!

  • Eddie Vang
    Eddie Vang 7 months ago +3

    Legend have already been missed. I’m honor to witness his fights. 👍 flawlessly

  • Muhibbu Alii
    Muhibbu Alii Year ago

    My respect for De lahoya has risen after his fight build-up on how he admired Manny Pacquiao,insanely respectful.

  • DL Mullins
    DL Mullins Year ago +3

    So many come to beat Manny, and so many departed with humility at fighting a true warrior for good. I always said character makes great from good.

  • V
    V 2 years ago +5458

    "I threw more punches then Manny"
    But you missed son

    • John Austin
      John Austin Month ago

      @AJ_Huncho *INVISIBLE

    • Alexzander yt
      Alexzander yt 4 months ago +1

      @Atheistme nah more like thousands of punches

    • Mangesh Sodnar
      Mangesh Sodnar 6 months ago


    • Atheistme
      Atheistme 6 months ago +1

      He didn't throw more punches than Manny. Manny is combo fighter, who throws hundreds of punches per round.

    • Jona Dalosa
      Jona Dalosa 9 months ago +1


  • Burly Bear
    Burly Bear Year ago +110

    That Jeff Horn “loss” still pisses me off to this day.

    • Heidi Adelaide
      Heidi Adelaide 8 months ago

      @Wasn't Me Get your facts straight before arguing with people here . Whose the fool? You clearly don't know either what your talking about .

    • Wasn't Me
      Wasn't Me 8 months ago

      @Selene buy

    • Selene
      Selene 8 months ago

      @Wasn't Me we Filipinos never did identify as islanders, or atleast those of us who actually live in the country. The Philippines is in Asia, therefore we Filipinos are in fact Asians. Please refrain from spreading misinformation specially when, I presume, you're not a Filipino yourself. I hope you learned something new today. Have a great day :)

    • Rizza Domingo
      Rizza Domingo 9 months ago

      @Wasn't Me Filipinos are asians

    • Quench TV
      Quench TV 10 months ago

      @Wasn't Me go back to school and learn geography you failed 🤦‍♂️

  • Dad Jokes
    Dad Jokes Year ago +5

    Most of them: I can beat him
    After losing: I greatly respect him

  • Young Young
    Young Young Year ago +1

    What a fighter. He took on all fighters. Respect.

  • mighty chihuahua
    mighty chihuahua 3 months ago

    He is one of the top 3 legends of all time much love and respect to this man

  • James Corvera
    James Corvera 3 years ago +6230

    1. 8 division world title holder
    2. Most robbed boxer of all time
    3. Very humble person
    4. Always smile to his opponent
    5. God fearing person

    • Michael Ford
      Michael Ford Year ago

      He's one of my all time favorites
      He's a humble champion


      @SHOCKNER the most absentee senstor in the senate.

    • Ryan m
      Ryan m Year ago

      @OJ Got Motion still arguing in these comments after a year almost😂 you gotta give Manny credit though he was the best fighter Floyd fought

    • OJ Got Motion
      OJ Got Motion Year ago

      @Black screen 50-0..😩😩 how many losses paq got..?

    • OJ Got Motion
      OJ Got Motion Year ago

      @Black screen 50-0

  • Sebru
    Sebru Year ago +3

    Manny Pacquiao background atory:
    Before he were big, every time he won he used his money for his food and way home, and a little only were left, or sometimes nothing stays, all gone. But when he loses, he only has to walk home and eats just smaller food. But now that he’s big, he doesn’t suffer like that anymore!

  • MonyChan Phileam
    MonyChan Phileam Year ago +1

    What I saw was that most fighters made mistakes while fighting manny they let him connect his movements and not take a risk to counter him they were just trying to hold out and defend well I guess they weren’t thinking straight since he beat them so hard

  • Jacqueline Kalich
    Jacqueline Kalich Year ago +1

    Manny is the best. Always is. Humble, never trash talks. You gotta love him.

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny 10 months ago +1

    From bottom to legend…Pac-Man

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Trash talker: Manny is scared
    Pacquiao: *So you have chosen death*

  • Derek Lucero
    Derek Lucero Year ago +1

    I would say that manny is one of the best pound for pound athletes….. ever! In any sport👍

  • kagura chan
    kagura chan Year ago +2

    Manny is a lot more nervous when it comes to interviews than the fight itself

  • S R
    S R 4 months ago

    Manny Pacquiao is a beast! I love his skills.

  • Sorrow
    Sorrow Year ago +1

    When manny was in his prime he can punch someone repeatedly without his enemy fighting back just barely blocking

  • Fauzan Bkt
    Fauzan Bkt 3 years ago +2520

    He is a very succesful fighter but at same time also very humble man to other people
    He is Pride of Asia
    Big Respect from Indonesia
    Sorry my english not very good

  • Eula
    Eula Year ago +2

    cotto was indeed strong af, even manny said 2 people punched so hard, margarito and cotto.
    i dont think it was arrogance. maybe just a bit of over confidence. he is strong after all

  • Nick Rob
    Nick Rob Year ago +8

    6:00 when someone loses and they can still be this graceful in their loss, that earns a lot of respect in my book

  • Spongebob’s squarepants

    i’d like to see him fight one of the paul brothers. that’s just about the only match that i would actually pay to watch

      BIG BOYS CLUB ML 11 months ago

      Pacman got interviewed once and ask him.if he is open to fight youtubers like paul and he said yes so i think this can happen lol

    • Kagami Taiga
      Kagami Taiga Year ago

      @Miraqen lmaooo bruh, i spilled my coffee reading your comment 🤣😂

    • kate ann
      kate ann Year ago

      Epic fight

    • Miraqen
      Miraqen Year ago +20

      He would literally kill them, the guy is an actual boxer so those two are fucked. What I want to see is Jake Paul fighting a cancer patient in their deathbed or some Make-A-Wish kid or something, I feel like he'd take that opportunity in a heartbeat.

  • Rian Sol
    Rian Sol Year ago +1

    More times than often Manny ends the fight with lesser wounds than his opponent, sometimes even his face looks unscathed.

  • NotLee
    NotLee 2 years ago +5759

    "When you're weak, act strong. When you're strong, act weak." -Sun Tzu

    • George_loverloser
      George_loverloser 9 months ago

      For real - sun two

    • 𝗸𝘂𝗿𝗮𝗴𝗮𝗿𝗶 枯れる
      𝗸𝘂𝗿𝗮𝗴𝗮𝗿𝗶 枯れる 9 months ago

      @Fat Nerd 😏😏

    • devie june gabucay
      devie june gabucay 10 months ago

      Art of war

    • Rickard Nolan
      Rickard Nolan 10 months ago

      For a Christian it’s like “When I am weak Christ is strong.” There’s no acting. There’s only letting Him in so He takes control. King David put his trust in the Lord and obeyed Him.
      Matthew 6:33 But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Many had a job boxing and did it for the glory of God.
      Many doesn’t treat people bad because he loves people and knows that the Lord loves people more than his success in boxing.
      This world thinks strength sounds loud and bullies people but bullies are usually seeking men’s approval instead of God’s. There’s no strength like God. He is love.

    • NiKoLaoS KaTSiLaS
      NiKoLaoS KaTSiLaS 11 months ago

      If you can't beat them run - SuN TzU

  • Abhishek
    Abhishek Year ago +1

    He kept quiet and conquered everything
    What a hero manny♥️

  • RR Thulung
    RR Thulung Year ago

    God of his time. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Love it.. clear cut..

  • Zerep rotsen Zerep
    Zerep rotsen Zerep Year ago +1

    As a human being Manny knew how.to respect and never trashed talk his opponent how big or small he was.He was a truly dicsipline fighter in and out of the ring.

  • Kurt in Vegas
    Kurt in Vegas Year ago +1

    If only Mayweather had fought Pacquiao in his prime, that was the fight everyone was hoping for.

  • breyv bienfu
    breyv bienfu 3 years ago +650

    One of Pacman's greatest weapon is his speed. To be honest, with Thurman, his age was already really evident. He's not fast with his punches like he used to be 10 or 15 years ago, not anymore. But still, his years of experience, his technique, his maturity and mastery of boxing is enough to beat his much younger opponent.

    • Mike Jordan Lazo
      Mike Jordan Lazo 3 years ago

      Well said

    • BruceLee'sDJstudio
      BruceLee'sDJstudio 3 years ago

      yes he reminds me of bruce lee

    • CTK-_-Vsco
      CTK-_-Vsco 3 years ago


    • Chin Garunay
      Chin Garunay 3 years ago

      hahhahha yes 2019

    • Patrick De Santos
      Patrick De Santos 3 years ago +4

      @LeJordan I Agree ! He mentioned when asked by a Filipina reporter right after the fight. He said that he felt dizzy after being hit by Thurman's solid punches, that's why he slowed down. Well, after all he's just human and admitted that he was vulnerable to Thurman's power.

  • JustAnotherGrunt
    JustAnotherGrunt Year ago +1

    He's my favorite fighter before Canelo for his positive attitude.

  • Ojay Ojeda
    Ojay Ojeda Year ago

    Pacquiao is easily top 5 all time,
    For me top 3! What a great Legend.

  • Jose gomez
    Jose gomez Year ago +1

    Manny Pacquiao is a modern day Bruce Lee 🔥💪🏻

  • Zetrak
    Zetrak 10 months ago +2

    Im filipino and i always root for Manny Cause he is so respectable and very cool

  • EneruReview PH
    EneruReview PH 3 years ago +75

    Fun fact: Pacquiao is ony a part time boxer 😅

    • Alexis Jade Ilagan Valeros
      Alexis Jade Ilagan Valeros Year ago


    • Brett's Hair
      Brett's Hair 2 years ago

      @RQPHAEL parang OP shounen protagonist na rin sya!

      RQPHAEL 2 years ago

      @BlueZ 18 ganun ba 😁

    • BlueZ 18
      BlueZ 18 2 years ago +2

      @RQPHAEL Parang anime narin to pre

      RQPHAEL 2 years ago

      Naligaw ka ata hindi to anime

  • THC Sean
    THC Sean Year ago +3

    6:10 Manny was in slow mo and I thought it was a a fast 4 hit combo…. That dude some else

  • Randy Flores
    Randy Flores Year ago +1

    The Juan Manuel Márquez fights undoubtedly brought the best outta Manny every single time. Manny ended up on a whole 'nother level every time.

  • wiggly woop
    wiggly woop Year ago +1

    manny never looks tired unlike his opponents , he always has energy.

  • Usqd
    Usqd Year ago +7

    Manny is my Filipino hero because I am Filipino and he is just great and I’m just wowed on his boxing every time I watch him

  • Ian Gabriel Francisco
    Ian Gabriel Francisco 2 years ago +3419

    "Everyone has a face, until they get hit in the plan"
    -Tike Myson

    • MergoHaze
      MergoHaze 2 years ago

      Everyone hath a thace, unthil they gheth hith in the phlan.

    • Fa Tee
      Fa Tee 2 years ago

      Your comment hit harder than a Pacquiao left. 😂

    • JustHere ToWatch
      JustHere ToWatch 2 years ago

      Everyone has a plan, until they get hit in the face.

    • GalaxyOfReeses KIng
      GalaxyOfReeses KIng 2 years ago

      **fights Manny**
      "aw damn, my plan is all fucked up"

    • Eric Deniz
      Eric Deniz 2 years ago

      @King Henry hey dont call people stupid just because they don't know. Because there is many people who don't watch boxing and or have time to watch boxing

  • JAS
    JAS Year ago +2

    When Marquez knocked manny out though, that was such a brutal knock out..but you can’t keep him down

  • Bad_at_mlbb
    Bad_at_mlbb Year ago +1

    One of Pacquiao's motivation words
    *Grow with the punches*

  • ImOkay
    ImOkay 10 months ago +1

    As the saying goes… "with great power comes great responsibility". The living legend has retired from boxing to serve his country.

  • Still&WillBelieve
    Still&WillBelieve 6 months ago +3

    3:57 For Manny it's harder to understand Hatton talking than box him

  • Twig
    Twig 2 years ago +1234

    Mayweather waited till Manny got old to fight him, He didnt wanna fight Pacman in his prime time lol

    • Kermit
      Kermit 10 months ago

      Younger Floyd was also a bad mother fucker. It would’ve been better if they fought in their primes

    • Dante Zelaya
      Dante Zelaya Year ago

      But Floyd Mayweather can't even beat Logan.🤣

    • Kicksonmyfeet
      Kicksonmyfeet 2 years ago


    • dreus
      dreus 2 years ago

      @Point Seven it’s the truth he was 38 when he fought Floyd so? Stfu kid

    • Pugofwar1
      Pugofwar1 2 years ago

      @ShaqJuice and Floyd would dog u

  • OCD Guy here
    OCD Guy here Year ago

    fun fact: Pacquiao's training is more hardened and "do it yourself" back in the days... that's why you can't beat him when he was at his prime...

  • toaster_rtx
    toaster_rtx Year ago +6

    When I was a kid, watching such a great fighter be Filipino was amazing for me.

  • HomicidalTh0r
    HomicidalTh0r Month ago

    "I did this for the hood"
    The hood don't know you bud lol

  • Scarred 4life
    Scarred 4life Year ago +7

    I love how most of these guys think they can beat him easily so they talk trash about him but then he beats them to a pulp.

  • Levi隊長
    Levi隊長 2 years ago +4273

    This are my favorite boxers:
    • Muhammad Ali
    • Mike Tyson
    • Manny Pacquiao
    *The Triple M's*

    • Marston Box
      Marston Box 5 months ago

      @Bruh Time Literally every fighter that fought Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather all said Floyd Mayweather was the better fighter🤣🤣💀💀

    • AnimeOne
      AnimeOne 9 months ago

      You forgot Mloyd Mayweather..For Quadrouple M's

    • Amer Sayyed-Fassad Al Houssaini
      Amer Sayyed-Fassad Al Houssaini 9 months ago

      How about mayweather

    • Jam Bee
      Jam Bee Year ago

      @Simon Smith we're still here, and your boy floyd didn't even get the respect from his opponents after the fight 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • El
      El Year ago

      Myson Fury

  • rost Rust
    rost Rust Year ago +1

    Never see great fighter like manny..he never cocky,arrogant..real fighter,real gentlemen..he got my respect!

  • forsakenwarlord5
    forsakenwarlord5 5 months ago +1

    Now imagine if Mayweather wasn't a coward and thought Manny back in '09 or 10 when he was in his prime. Mayweather knew that back then Manny would have been equal to him and had that chance of beating him. That's why those contracts fell through. And while Manny was being booked to fight strong fighters, Mayweather was being put up against easy fighters.

  • Wade Majors
    Wade Majors Year ago +1

    It's not about how hard you work before a fight , its how you show heart

  • tsep-bylkop
    tsep-bylkop Year ago +2

    I bow to you Manny the Pacman for your greatness yet humbleness, your motive towards making your country to another level by putting all of your hard earned money is something beyond my imagination.
    Much respect & regards,
    From Tibet