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  • Published on Jan 19, 2019
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  • Danny Lim
    Danny Lim 4 years ago +1464

    I think the hood has more respect for Pacquiao than this fool. smh

    • Nichole Dunkley
      Nichole Dunkley Month ago


    • Lil Ai
      Lil Ai Year ago

      he ain pay off da judges..

    • Jake Riddle
      Jake Riddle Year ago

      @Conspiracy Theory I understand that he's your boyfriend but he's not the greatest of all time. You can even google it too 💀

    • Jake Riddle
      Jake Riddle Year ago

      @Conspiracy Theory Never said that kid. Learn how to read. Manny got knocked tf out 😂 he's still one of the greats but he's not the greatest. Ali, Floyd, Iron Mike, all pass him. You need do your homework before you start saying foolish things.

    • Conspiracy Theory
      Conspiracy Theory Year ago

      @Kevin S No, because I saw no schooling therefore I take this comment at the same level as "whooped". He was teaching him how to get on the bike and still win a fight? is that what you meant, there isn't much skill needed in that. If this is how all boxers fought, boxing would be dead by now, give me a break.

  • Nissan Skyline
    Nissan Skyline 4 years ago +230

    The way that Aiden blocked most of Manny’s shots with his face and body was excellent, great defence!! And the way his chin attacked Manny’s left hand.... the recoil sent him flying! Legend!

    • воzкoи е таviLен
      воzкoи е таviLен 6 months ago

      Yep all about the sweet sceinse grabbing humping and bicycling.

    • Old Ironsides
      Old Ironsides 8 months ago

      Broner showed great composure and patience by not trying to hit manny back.
      I have a huge amount of respect for that. It takes a lot of disciplinen

    • Makoy Bulastoy
      Makoy Bulastoy 4 years ago

      +100th 8lll
      where 3

    • Mugen
      Mugen 4 years ago


    • Leah Boozer
      Leah Boozer 4 years ago


  • 오픽노잼 opicnojam
    오픽노잼 opicnojam 2 years ago +197

    Don't hate on Broner, guys.
    Pacman punches gave him brain damage.

  • Rene M
    Rene M 4 years ago +327

    Paquiao hit👊🤜 Adrian broner so hard A.B thought he won the fight😂😂😂

  • Papichulotatted
    Papichulotatted 4 years ago +194

    He really lost me with the cheeseburger analogy😐

    • PhoenixSunsBaby
      PhoenixSunsBaby 7 months ago

      😂 💀

    • BabaTV
      BabaTV Year ago

      That’s the level of intelligence in his brain ! 😂..

    • Pawaaof Negativaty
      Pawaaof Negativaty 4 years ago

      papi lol

    • Philly215
      Philly215 4 years ago +11

      I’m assuming the gentleman who asked the question might be a little heavyset and it was supposed to be a fat joke

    • C.I.T.Y.
      C.I.T.Y. 4 years ago +1

      @Seven11 Slurpee 💀💀💀💀💀

  • M S
    M S 4 years ago +37

    I think we all know what the future holds for this young man.

    • BabaTV
      BabaTV Year ago

      @Jesus Christ the world isn’t against him that has been his lame excuse ! He never showed anything to the world to prove he’s a top fighter in the first place !

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 2 years ago

      Hopefully he does great the whole world against him but admittedly a great deal of his shortcomings can be attributed to his own action aka his arrogance

    • James Poole
      James Poole 3 years ago +1

      Marc S broke af and begging for money fights in a couple years

    • Cousin Condry
      Cousin Condry 4 years ago +5

      Burger flipping

    • Jp Ongoco
      Jp Ongoco 4 years ago +6

      Going down for being arrogant

  • Mike Bird
    Mike Bird 4 years ago +278

    Adrien Broner is the best boxer to ever live!!!!! .....According to Adrien Broner....

    • KaTIPA
      KaTIPA 4 years ago

      i can't stop laughing, lol 😂😂😂

    • M 6
      M 6 4 years ago


    • t193u
      t193u 4 years ago

      Mike Bird -😂😂😂😂

    • Engedi Par
      Engedi Par 4 years ago +7

      haha and manny's the best boxer. - says the world.

  • Glitchy _Bear
    Glitchy _Bear 2 years ago +15

    "If you axe me, i feel like I still won the fight."
    Man, we will axe you a million times and still believe that pac won.
    It's been a while now but this guy still makes me laugh. Lmao.

  • fbi toasty pineapples
    fbi toasty pineapples 3 years ago +90

    Adrien Broner: *makes bad joke*
    Also Adrien Broner: *nervous laughter*

  • Ryan Mcintyre
    Ryan Mcintyre 3 years ago +7

    Watched the fight, one winner, one Pacquiao 🥊🥊

  • MAXSuicide
    MAXSuicide 4 years ago +562

    feel like he was as lost as the rest of us when he started on the cheese burger analogy

    • Rob Liberachi
      Rob Liberachi Year ago


    • ADD and MINUS
      ADD and MINUS 2 years ago

      Damn that is like Sa classroom may Batas bawal lumabas by kim chui

    • Manny O B
      Manny O B 2 years ago

      Lmfaoo I’m pretty sure he’s talking about since Dan since he’s fat

    • Israel Vazquez
      Israel Vazquez 2 years ago

      @MoneyOverFame 2:24

    • Jude Stephen Romanillos
      Jude Stephen Romanillos 2 years ago +1

      He is just trying to look smart though he isn't, trying to be someone he is not.

  • Lazy Q Biscuit
    Lazy Q Biscuit 4 years ago

    The most honest man on Earth. True we have never seen a fight like this.!!!!!!!

  • Miguel Montojo
    Miguel Montojo 4 years ago +6

    Summary of the interview: He feels good about his performance, he’s gonna watch the fight later, he’s gonna go to the gym, he’s going to be champion again, and something about cheeseburger.

  • godana sammy
    godana sammy 4 years ago +98

    Imagine getting your ass whooped by a member of parliament 😂😂

  • Rob's World
    Rob's World 2 years ago +32

    So just like "When you want cheese on that burger".. means he thinks he can just order up a win if he wills it? I guess he is delusional or took too many hits to the head 😂

    • Charles Diaz
      Charles Diaz 2 years ago

      He thinks he's Floyd in Vegas that he can win just waving he's hand and win:)

  • Marq333
    Marq333 4 years ago +370

    Adrien "When you believe that you want cheese on that burger.." Broner

    • BabaTV
      BabaTV Year ago

      @Rob A makes absolutely no sense !?😂

    • Hashish Senju
      Hashish Senju Year ago +2

      He's trying to say that he was so confident and sure that he won the fight that the outcome is like ordering a cheeseburger in a restaurant...chances are you'll get what you ordered. Only this time he didn't. Terrible analogy nonetheless.

    • VeVe_AR_Guy
      VeVe_AR_Guy Year ago +2

      @Rob A Means he wants to win the fight, but they don't sell no cheese burgers at that restaurant

    • Ariv Gomez
      Ariv Gomez Year ago +1

      hes talking to a fat guy i guess lol

    • Kermit Sippintea
      Kermit Sippintea 2 years ago +1

      My dawg lol

  • JJ Perez
    JJ Perez 4 years ago +1

    As every fight goes you can see when he says he's still AB, he has the pain in his eyes

  • Tacti Cutest
    Tacti Cutest 2 years ago +1

    At the end of a day: Adrien Broner.
    Till this day: Deontay Wilder.
    You know: Manny Pacquaio.

  • A A
    A A Year ago +3

    4:16 😂😂 man he disrespected him with that question. “The Senator” 😂😂

  • AL X
    AL X 4 years ago +392

    I give those women in the background props. To keep smiling no matter what. They are the real champs.

    • Sidd Maharaj
      Sidd Maharaj 2 months ago

      @The great Del yea only $5,000 every 3 months 😂

    • The great Del
      The great Del Year ago

      They getting paid about 5,000 for nothing

    • tuna más
      tuna más 4 years ago +2

      i think they’re laughing at him

    • Felah Tbo
      Felah Tbo 4 years ago

      Alexander Xiong 😂😂

    • Cuts-Ur-D!ck-off
      Cuts-Ur-D!ck-off 4 years ago +5

      That blonde girl tho

  • Clipped
    Clipped 2 years ago +1

    I always knew Broner was going to loose it (had talent but bad ppl around him not to keep him focused now broke apparently 2020) Gervonta Davis is what he should of been 👏👏🙏🙏

  • Tyler Crosby
    Tyler Crosby 3 years ago

    Although Adrien definetly lost this fight he did let his hands go a little more.

  • B P
    B P 2 years ago

    I feel for broner. As if he is contented to not giving it his all. I was actually rooting for him against garcia and vargas.

  • Leo
    Leo 4 years ago

    He’s right, I’ve never see him fight like that. You just didn’t swing at all!

  • onfolksnemgrave On Glo Nem
    onfolksnemgrave On Glo Nem 4 years ago +203

    How you gonna win when you can't even acknowledge your losses?

  • Joe Lopez
    Joe Lopez 4 years ago

    I hope the best for this guy. I was hoping it would be close so he can get back at it but ... not even close my guy

  • DAndre Clay
    DAndre Clay 4 years ago +101

    Who TF gave Tiffany haddish a mic ? 😂😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Richard Thompson
    Richard Thompson Year ago

    Reporter "You landed 50 punches , including just 1 in the 12th" Broner "I still believe I won" how?? lol

  • Shang Tsung
    Shang Tsung 4 years ago +48

    Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. -Shakespeare
    “It’s like when you know you want cheese on that burger.....you know what you lookin for!” -Broner

  • David Vitela
    David Vitela 4 years ago +141

    Why doesn’t his team tell him he lost . Embarrassing that he thinks he won . SMH

    • Juan Mejia
      Juan Mejia Year ago

      He surrounded by yes men

    • David Vitela
      David Vitela 4 years ago

      Randy Williams 100 % agree .

    • tharizza011
      tharizza011 4 years ago +2

      David Vitela horrible trainers

    • Randy Williams
      Randy Williams 4 years ago +1

      His trainer cheated him, aside from the fact that Broner is delirious thinking that he won, he asked Cunningham after the 11th did he win the round.... Cunningham should have explained to him that the only way he could win at that point was by KO. Dude was clearly outclassed, outpunched, out hustled... Etc

    • Eric Cooper
      Eric Cooper 4 years ago

      Better yet why don't his team tell him boxing isn't just counter punching there is a thing called offense, and being 1st and aggressiveness and being 1st broner is missing a whole element of boxing!!!

    MAD MAN 3 years ago +140

    Manny Pacquiao : 8 Division World Champion
    Adrien Broner : Gang Gang

    • Hashish Senju
      Hashish Senju Year ago

      Gang gang fo real N them

    • Just A Simp That Has No Money
      Just A Simp That Has No Money 2 years ago

      @ML Freedom and many bisaya hate adrian broner too

    • Just A Simp That Has No Money
      Just A Simp That Has No Money 2 years ago

      @ML Freedom lol i dont know whwre you're from but we dont Filipinos dont care anything about that racism shit because it sounds so american and fyi bisaya is a language so i was asking do you speak bisaya or are you bisaya thats like asking do you speak englis and how is that racist snowflake ❄

    • Just A Simp That Has No Money
      Just A Simp That Has No Money 2 years ago

      @ML Freedom there is a particular way we bisaya speak thats why i asked him are you bisaya?? You dont need to be mad you know
      And anyways i was asking him and not you if anyone should be mad it should be him

    • Just A Simp That Has No Money
      Just A Simp That Has No Money 2 years ago

      @ML Freedom why are you mad

  • Marilyn Mendoza
    Marilyn Mendoza 3 years ago +1

    Senator Manny Pacquioa is the Real Deal and The Real G.O.A.T!🇵🇭🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Dario Courtney
    Dario Courtney 4 years ago +20

    Got Rocky screaming "Adrien" except its cause Adrien can't see this time 😂😂

  • Siunipa Toson
    Siunipa Toson 3 years ago

    It ain’t easy to get in the ring. But keep that mindset AB. Go back to the basics and keep that grind. Respect to you. “ KEEP YA HEAD UP”

  • raybams langnaman
    raybams langnaman 4 years ago +281

    He feels he won d fight, he's right.. Its just a feeling.

    • Samuel Giday Good Day
      Samuel Giday Good Day 4 years ago

      exactly...i would hate if when ppl try to tell me how i feel.
      I say AB handled the post fight very well

    • Clayy Jonathan.
      Clayy Jonathan. 4 years ago

      Really nigga ? he say everybody know he won the fight . It mean all the hood . Not only his feeling that say he won the fight

    • cucumberpepsi
      cucumberpepsi 4 years ago

      Lol wish Ben Shapiro was there to tell him "Facts don't care about your feelings"

    • Vice_kels 15
      Vice_kels 15 4 years ago

      raybams langnaman lol

    • Melvin Lamon
      Melvin Lamon 4 years ago +1

      Glad I only bet 2 dollars on the hood

  • ShavingRyansPrivate
    ShavingRyansPrivate 4 years ago

    I dont blame AB. Surviving 12 rounds against Pacman? I mean... Man.. You've got to feel like a winner there.

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 4 years ago +14

    AB don't realize all he had to do was give us a good fight we all know he was gonna lose but dam bro let YOUR HANDS GO he failed us all he officially the boy who cried wolf in boxing 😭😢 if Pacquiao can't bring the best out of u then u just not as good as u think ...

  • divaD
    divaD 4 years ago +10

    They should interview him after he has watched the fight.

  • J D
    J D 4 years ago +1

    Biggest defeat talk I’ve ever heard😂! Boy you LOST. The man was trying to survive the rounds😂

  • Fern
    Fern 4 years ago +44

    😂😂 I think my IQ went down after watching this interview. 😂 let me go get some cheese on my burger now 💀💀

  • taev6
    taev6 4 years ago +1

    hold it down AB keep fighting . I still believe in you dawg

  • Rich Mutts Music
    Rich Mutts Music 2 years ago

    What’s the difference between Broner saying he won and pac saying he won vs Floyd.
    I thought Broner lost but at least he didn’t say he was injured.

  • CR gives you wings
    CR gives you wings 4 years ago +903

    He gon cry in the car tho.

    • ShadyJim94
      ShadyJim94 Year ago

      Greatest quote from the Goat Jon Jones good use of it for this clown lol

    • who am i
      who am i Year ago

      He gon cry while eating a cheeseburger

    • A
      A 2 years ago

      On phone,,,,,,mummy I get beat yaa aaaaal😢😢😢😭😭😭

    • BigTex 123
      BigTex 123 2 years ago


    • Vhin ANG-kay
      Vhin ANG-kay 3 years ago +1

      @PugilisticFront this is how clowns excuse themselves

  • June Hodge
    June Hodge 4 years ago +328

    Pacman beat that man's head so BAD he lost his memory 😂😂😂

    • Mr. ExEtv
      Mr. ExEtv 4 years ago

      @Jhoanna Alberto yes he is but atleast hes not as much of a fuckwit as mayweather is at least this guy you can someone tolerate his bullshit

    • C Poole
      C Poole 4 years ago


    • son of Zeus
      son of Zeus 4 years ago

      You hit the note, bro. Well said

    • Megatron Racing
      Megatron Racing 4 years ago +1

      Oh lawday 🤣🤣🤣

    • Toka
      Toka 4 years ago


  • Chester Roberts
    Chester Roberts 4 years ago

    He talks the talk! But, he can't walk the walk! In the end, that's what counts!

  • RMJ 1910
    RMJ 1910 3 years ago +2

    How the hell did he have the guts to say he won the fight😂

  • Prettywitty91
    Prettywitty91 4 years ago

    Broner has Floyd’s mannerisms and words down to a T ! Helluva fighter.

  • Southcidal Music
    Southcidal Music 4 years ago

    If he used the uppercut behind that check hook he kept throwing, he could've floored Pacquiao.

  • Ferealz
    Ferealz 4 years ago +77

    He's an undercard fighter man he just promotes well.

  • King
    King 4 years ago

    Props to broner he did what he went in there for SURVIVE and he made it out clean 😂😂

  • welivebelieve1
    welivebelieve1 4 years ago +16

    "When you believe you want cheese on that burger." Dude... u embarrassing yourself 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Max Demarcsek
    Max Demarcsek 2 years ago +1

    Manny: 8 division world champ
    Broner: 8 punches landed per round

  • 112477fm
    112477fm 4 years ago

    I get what he means by him thinking he won the fight but lost the decision

  • Vile Yogabear
    Vile Yogabear 4 years ago +68

    Respect to paquiao won the fight and still no bragging. Specially when we live in a world where humility is looked down upon.

    • wavey92
      wavey92 4 years ago

      society still appreciates humility, its the corporations that dont

  • Edberto Mendez
    Edberto Mendez 4 years ago +1

    AB is delusional and his post fight interview was by far the worst I ever seen from a boxer! He's a gifted boxer that just has a hard time letting his hands go in a fight and that's why he lost!

  • Unknown
    Unknown 4 years ago +2

    To be fair, Broner's head and body did serious damage to Paqiuao's hands.

  • texasgiants
    texasgiants 4 years ago

    Most of Manny's opponent always say before the fight that they can KO him, until they get hit with Pacman's "sledge hammer" fist then they'll start running..

  • Pen Writes - Men-Tal
    Pen Writes - Men-Tal 4 years ago

    Although I do think Pacquiao won, but....its funny how people speak as if Adrian just got his ass destroyed.
    Adrian fought a good fight against a highly skilled Manny Pacquiao.
    If Adrian wouldve been a bit more agressive Adrian definitely could've won that fight

  • Hard Hitter #6
    Hard Hitter #6 3 years ago

    Notice how Manny with a cold sat through Broner’s post bullshit rant than left without saying a word on the podium. Manny’s a class act, Broner is an aged gate keeper.

  • Geometric Reality
    Geometric Reality 4 years ago

    Dam his reaction to all the questions were nearly the same! Not much thought put into his questions. His mind was on some were else. At least he came out of the fight ok.

  • The Hip hop Guitarist
    The Hip hop Guitarist 4 years ago +15

    Manny whooped him Godnem style 😂😂😂👌👌

  • Nurse_Mike
    Nurse_Mike 4 years ago +10

    AB: "I'm prolly the only person that do what I do in boxing."

  • corey mac
    corey mac 4 years ago +41

    Lands 4 punches a round and thinks he won. How can you be that delusional.

  • Tirrell25
    Tirrell25 4 years ago

    after all these years broner still does things like mayweather.

  • chvrryluvr
    chvrryluvr 4 years ago

    The mayweather vs pacquaio fight was valid for debates on who won but this fight was FASHO not his win 😭

  • K Dubjr92
    K Dubjr92 4 years ago

    I see where he is coming from no boxer wants to admit that he lost it’s a ego thing. At least he admitted he got hurt which we all seen.

  • plz send help i have a small pp

    Dude was about to start crying after that burger analogy lmfaoo

  • Freddy C
    Freddy C 4 years ago +59

    The only jabs Broner throws are verbal ones at reporters.

  • Emmanuel Moses
    Emmanuel Moses 3 years ago +1

    If there's anything to respect about Broner it's that he'll never let anyone see him down, weak, or vulnerable..He know damn well he lost lol.

    • Wills919
      Wills919 3 years ago

      Emmanuel Moses that’s a common disease called denial lol

  • Melohdies
    Melohdies 4 years ago

    That handshake @4:10

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 2 years ago

    Dude, we know he won. Everybody knows broner won cmon bruh

  • argentiqueno borentino

    I could hear the crickets when he said he is coming back 😂

  • Shang Tsung
    Shang Tsung 4 years ago +56

    “You landed 50 punches” how do you think you won the fight!? Hahaha. And then AB talks about cheese on a burger!?!? He’s a joke

    • BabaTV
      BabaTV Year ago

      He threw 50 punches, not landed !

    • Shang Tsung
      Shang Tsung 4 years ago +1

      James Columbus hahaha. He really should just have someone speak on his behalf for these interviews lol

    • Tech Ride
      Tech Ride 4 years ago +2

      more like he's an idiot, and can't even handle a simple question.

  • Jordan Wilkerson
    Jordan Wilkerson 4 years ago

    That body hurt lol look how slow he get up there 😂😂

  • WojtunioEnterteiment Wojteczek

    He could have been one of great if he act and train like great, he destroyd his own carrier

  • Its_A_World
    Its_A_World 4 years ago +1

    This dude was literally running from pac man😂😂😂

  • Justa Gamer
    Justa Gamer 4 years ago +2

    Love AB sense of humor.

  • How zer
    How zer 4 years ago +1

    Bit of a cold I heard Pacquiao was in the middle of full blown flu

  • Mark Elfreine Cipriano

    Man. For me, staying up til the last round against manny, you already proved yourself. Haha

  • JSPH :
    JSPH : 4 years ago

    3:56 Pac-Man was like man I’m out !!

  • Simon Maswabi
    Simon Maswabi 4 years ago

    So he is essentially speaking in the context of the loss. He is not saying he won the actual fight, He is saying rather than to feel bad about the loss. He pins the L up to a win over all as he is still in one piece.

    MINIWORX 4 years ago +98

    I truly dislike Broner, the person, but it's extremely disappointing to see this type of natural talent wasted by such a disgrace to the sport.
    We can't say he doesn't have the gift to be (or had been) an incredible boxer, his biggest issue is not wanting to lose.
    Before the Maidana fight, he valued his 0 as the most important thing in his career, a la Mayweather. Since then, he's now too worried about losing again to fight the fight he needs to in order to win. It's like his fear of losing is costing him wins. I'm not saying he would had won this fight had he thrown more punches, but by not exchanging, he cost himself the chance to know.
    To go into a PPV event, against one of the best ever and only land 50 punches while thinking you won the fight is ludicrous. Had he actually tried. Had he actually exchanged with Manny. Had he actually hurt or even stunned Manny, then maybe he can claim to have won. But he's delusional to think he won more than 3rds in this one.
    Unfortunately as clearly shown by his trainer, who I think is a good one and was surprised to hear him say this, Broner surrounded himself with "Yes, men" who won't tell him the truth. After the eleventh round, a round which Broner only landed ONE punch per compustat, he sat on his stool and told Cunningham he had won the round. Cunningham didn't respond and Broner then asked him, a bit upset that Cunningham hadn't agreed with him, "Did I win that round?" And then Cunningham said yes. He only landed ONE punch.
    A wasted talent... Sucks we will never know what could had been

    • stephen tarr
      stephen tarr Month ago

      Maidana has Broners soul in a little glass jar

    • claire obeja
      claire obeja 4 years ago +1

      His records show that he won boxing fights in different divisions already. In view of these, I said he has got the gift of the fist BUT of course, I would still prefer Sen. Manny Pacquiao not because I am from the Philippines but because he always fight with the heart.

    • J D
      J D 4 years ago

      You sound like you got your feelings hurt. I didn't mean to school you but I got to do my part.

      MINIWORX 4 years ago +1

      @plasminus -- You're correct. He's almost at a Luis Collazo level right now.

    • plasminus
      plasminus 4 years ago +1

      @MINIWORX Yes, and it would have been nice to see it. At the weigh-in when he looked cut and super sharp for the fight I was almost wanting him to win because of all the pro Manny supporters everywhere. But you can't put in bad performance after bad performance and then still expect to called sublimely talented.

  • Danny Wood
    Danny Wood 3 years ago

    "mr. paquiao has to go. he's had a cold all night" HAHAHAHAHA

  • Thefred 02
    Thefred 02 4 years ago

    Damn he really think he won. He is in Full denial! Feel sorry for him!

  • HDZ 5599
    HDZ 5599 4 years ago

    After this there is no doubt in my mind, A.B. Boxing/Running Career R.I.P.

  • Gary Williams
    Gary Williams 4 years ago

    Shiiit Manny must have hit him harder than we Thought!!!

  • Zzzz G
    Zzzz G 4 years ago +90

    It would be a KO if he didnt headlock Manny several times. Such shame.

  • Monique Johnson
    Monique Johnson 4 years ago

    What was Broner talking about in the beginning?? No matter what he shows on the outside,.... He's truly hurting deep in the depth of his soul.

  • erick
    erick Year ago

    Broner's definitely the Kevin Hart of boxing 🤣

  • GaylordSteambag _
    GaylordSteambag _ 3 years ago +31

    I thought he was having a mental breakdown after he said, “cheese on that burger.”

  • ashzole
    ashzole 4 years ago

    He,s fighting back the tears

  • King Hyperion
    King Hyperion 4 years ago +215

    The post fight press conference shows the difference in class as a boxer between Pacquiao and Broner...

    • Corporate Diversity
      Corporate Diversity 4 years ago

      You'r correct. That ignorant ass Bonner should never be let near a microphone again. He is trying to hype up his own career.

    • Jp Ongoco
      Jp Ongoco 4 years ago

      @King Hyperion true

    • c.t17 77
      c.t17 77 4 years ago

      @J. MBA right??.. smh

    • Desta Tenepere
      Desta Tenepere 4 years ago


    • King Hyperion
      King Hyperion 4 years ago +2

      @L i ain't looking for class man... i'm just considering the old broner who has skill and class... it's just sad to see that he became arrogant and too confident in himself...

  • Kareem Newell
    Kareem Newell 4 years ago

    He looked like he wanted to cry through out the whole thing

  • Mohamed Dahsri
    Mohamed Dahsri 3 years ago

    Legends have it that he still thinks he won the fight

  • RM
    RM 4 years ago

    Pacquiao clearly won but i am not mad with broner believing he won. He is entitled to his own take of the fight. Dude is entertaining with that mic.

  • Erik Allen
    Erik Allen 4 years ago

    Even the microphone started laughing at 35 sec in when he said “my performance”

  • Benjamin Ward
    Benjamin Ward 4 years ago +53

    Pacman is much older and he was sick and still beat Broner.

    ZIPPGUNN Year ago

    If I was Floyd, I would have been cut him from the money team directly after the Maidana fight! We could've still been friends, but at the end of the day the Mayweather brand holds alot of weight in boxing! He showed no class before or after the fight! Great fighters know how to manage the hype and the hard work!

  • Yue
    Yue 4 years ago

    Man, he made everyone step on him more after showing how arrogant he really is.

  • john jacobsmith
    john jacobsmith 4 years ago

    Omg this dude...I almost feel sorry for him.