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  • Published on Sep 27, 2022
  • S-Jam Boxing's Shane Watson reflect's on his close friend Joe Joyce defeating Joseph Parker, the future for 'The Juggernaut' and other fighters in their stable, plus Tyson Fury vs Mahmoud Charr, after suggestions a showdown with Anthony Joshua would happen.
    Joyce interview: x-vid.net/video/AIZOyaHzFQ0/video.html
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Comments • 57

  • Don Self
    Don Self Month ago +4

    Can Shane administer a double jab?

  • Alex M1973
    Alex M1973 Month ago +4

    Who is seriously going to watch, let alone pay for Fury v Charr. It's a complete cop out and not worth the effort of being set up. Just take his belts away now as he's not worthy of them.

    • Lord Farquard
      Lord Farquard Month ago

      He’s said he’s going to fight Charr, so he’s got to fight Charr, can’t be going back on his word now and signing for Joyce or someone else.

    • Lord Farquard
      Lord Farquard Month ago +1

      As an AJ fan I just really hope it happens so I can laugh at Fury.

  • active tv boxing
    active tv boxing Month ago +1

    Joe runs through this division

  • Top Super Seven
    Top Super Seven Month ago +1

    Duly note: I am not a Juggernaut Bandwagon Jumper - I have 3 years of comments predicting Joyce's wins and insisting he will Juggernaut the HW division. Here we are. Now the great thing is people everywhere are going over X-vid finding Joyce vs Stiverne, Joyce vs Dubois, Joyce vs Takam and in kind of retrofitted way coming back and saying "Oh fuk - this Joyce guy is unreal!". Hurrah!

  • Carl Ellis
    Carl Ellis Month ago +1

    This is shit no fan wants to see Fury vs Charr! He is WBC champ and giving us fans that shit! He wanted chisora 3!!! No way in hell would I even tune into that let alone PPV

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith Month ago +1

    Nobody is going to watch fury v char, we’re not interested never heard of him

  • wiz 1520
    wiz 1520 Month ago +1

    This guy shat his pants last time he talked out of school with parker

  • Don Self
    Don Self Month ago +1

    Where’s Pav the real PSB Sports?!

  • Robin Starkie
    Robin Starkie Month ago

    Joyce fights to the level of his opponent, better opponent better Joyce

    • wiz 1520
      wiz 1520 Month ago

      That's what they all say how about just got at a constant level how about obliterate the easy ones instead of going 12 what rubbish statement

    • Lord Farquard
      Lord Farquard Month ago

      I watched Hammer vs Joyce and thought OMG Fury got fucking laughed at for fighting this bin man clown and he’s all over Joyce like a bad rash.
      Then I watched Joyce vs Parker and was like wtf is that the same guy?

  • Lovejoy
    Lovejoy Month ago +6

    This boys arse fell-out when Parker was having Banter with him. Personality of a plumb.

    • Alanmark Alan
      Alanmark Alan Month ago

      Had to turn that off as the second hand embarrassment was too much. I've grown to tolerate Scam Jones, this fella and the lawyers involvement in boxing is a confusing as GAD's and Frank Smith's.

  • michael cartman
    michael cartman Month ago

    Hello Danny !!
    Hello Shane !!
    Errr....hello .
    U don't say .

  • Tony Hornett
    Tony Hornett Month ago


  • Lord Farquard
    Lord Farquard Month ago

    As an AJ fan I just really hope Fury fights Charr next and doesn’t change to someone else.
    Then he would have defences against Wilder, Whyte and Charr.
    Levels behind AJ CV defences of Takam, Parker, Povetkin, Molina, Brazeale and Pulev!

  • Billy Rocky
    Billy Rocky Month ago +4

    Fell to sleep

  • M L
    M L Month ago

    Better than christian hammer

  • Illuminated Skeletons
    Illuminated Skeletons Month ago +1

    Fury's had so much goodwill from the fans and he's basically just laughed at them, it's pathetic. I'm a big supporter of Tyson but this whole thing has been tiresome and pathetic.

  • ross couch
    ross couch Month ago +2

    Ha ha this guy gives it the big one,but when Parker put it on him the other day I’ve never seen such a coward

  • Tony Lyons
    Tony Lyons Month ago +1

    BRO JJ BEAT A WASHED UP PARKER FFS go back 5 years and you’ll see the decline ya self,and Parker came in overweight with only a Plan A and he was blowing outta his arse from the 2nd round,people getting way too gassed over this win 😂 relax let’s see what JJ can do with the top dogs

  • Billy Gagootza
    Billy Gagootza Month ago


  • DAVID46816 martin
    DAVID46816 martin Month ago +2

    notice how eddie hearns gone all quiet🤭 its him who didnt want the fight

    • sayianbone
      sayianbone Month ago

      such a fury fan boy! its obvious why hearn is quiet, same reason frank hasnt said much yet either, both of them are still trying to work it out behind the scenes, hearn wont say anything at this point until its sorted out, im pretty sure frank is hoping fury will change his mind once its all sorted out to.

  • Jack Gallagher
    Jack Gallagher Month ago +9

    Fire pubes saying Joshua wouldn’t have the balls to face Joyce of course he would

    • Lord Farquard
      Lord Farquard Month ago

      @GMAN LIMITED Anderson-0'driscoll Not a chance AJ wins that fight if it happens, apparently, Joyce has already said he wants absolutely nothing to do with AJ.
      But that was AJ fans so who knows?! 😅

    • GMAN LIMITED Anderson-0'driscoll
      GMAN LIMITED Anderson-0'driscoll Month ago +2

      I agree he would but I just can't see AJ winning 👍

  • Cloudy
    Cloudy Month ago +10

    Absolutely right.
    Fury makes it difficult to like him with all this BS.

    • Lil Baigs
      Lil Baigs Month ago

      @Lord Farquard I hope Char beats him

    • Lord Farquard
      Lord Farquard Month ago

      As an AJ fan I just hope he fights Charr next so I can laugh at him!
      He’s got to fight Charr now, he can’t back out, he’s already said it!

    • Bill Door
      Bill Door Month ago +1

      @CiganoBoxer AJ is signed to Dzone fury with BT. they were meeting to discuss ppv split the day stink fest fury randomly made a ridiculous deadline . Now little fury sock sniffer awnser me a SIMPLE boxing Question ok?. Fury demanded Usyk and AJ fight him THREE months after the biggest fight of their careers...let's test your boxing knowledge...when was the last time a HW boxer had TWO title fights in THREE months?????

    • Lil Baigs
      Lil Baigs Month ago +1

      ​@CiganoBoxer Show who??? The contract is between the 2 parties... its not gona be publicly displayed.
      There is no issue as such. Its just a time situation cos of broadcasters talks..etc
      Frank Warren has said him and Matchroom are still trying to get it over the line
      Furys flapped it and made up a fake deadline
      AJs accepted everything to Furys shock... the 60-40, the 3rd of Dec.. Fury was hoping that cos AJs coming off 2 losses that he would decline and Fury would have the bragging right to claim that he tried to make the fight lol.. but AJ accepted it all... so Fury made up a fake deadline..knowing full well that on that day of the fake made up deadline...BT & DAZN were gona start discussions & negotiations. There IS NO deadline in the contract.. its Fury trying to worm his way out .... he never had intention to fight AJ... he wanted the clout...and he wanted to fight Char loool 🤣

    • Cloudy
      Cloudy Month ago +1

      @CiganoBoxer He publicly accepted the terms and is having his legal team look over the contract as normal.
      So the better question is, why does Fury suddenly come out with an unrealistic cut off point?
      What's wrong with that?

  • CiganoBoxer
    CiganoBoxer Month ago +10

    >Usyk called Fury out after the AJ fight .
    >Fury accepted.
    >Usyk declines because of “injury”
    And can’t go until may 2023.
    >Fury goes for Joshua instead.
    >Usyk calls Tyson Fury a duck.
    >Usyk tries to train AJ for fight with Fury even though he’s injured and out till 2023 (but still playing basketball)
    >Fury sends unbelievable offer / contract, AJ dragging his feet to sign it.
    >Fury labelled a ducker .
    Hardly Tysons fault is it .😂🙈

    • YouTube User 1
      YouTube User 1 Month ago

      @Ste Smith Why is this Charr fight not announced yet??!!!! The fans need to know it is happening. There's talk of them doing a multi city promotion for it in Manchester, Vegas and New York?? I just want it to be on UK PPV time rather than 4am. That's all I ask!!!

    • YouTube User 1
      YouTube User 1 Month ago

      @Ste Smith I know I'm sending a second comment, but I'm genuinely really pumped for the scrap. Charr will try and come forward, use that new style he perfected against Lovejoy. Tyson will ping him all night with the jab and box his head off. This is a truly great spectacle in the making and we need to be thankful that we get to see Tyson box in the flesh. A few more fights at the elite level against Chisora and Charr etc., and that will be him done.

    • YouTube User 1
      YouTube User 1 Month ago

      @Ste Smith Yes my guy 🙌 We both know Tyson is the man at heavyweight, these other fools who disrespect him like Usyk and AJ don't want that smoke. We'll see how real men fight when we see Tyson take on Charr or Chisora on PPV in December!!!

    • Тодор Стаматов
      Тодор Стаматов Month ago

      This what deluded mean. He is beyond biased.
      Listen fangirl.
      Fury never accepted the fight. Fury waited Usyk to said on the interview in Ukraine that he won't fight this year anylonger, cause he have old injury to heal, and December is to early, as he need to see his family.
      Only then Fury comes out on twitter, so stupid f**** trolls like you to lick his ***.
      Fury hasn't send a s****. The contract was a mess, and you can't sign a contract without specifying the broadcaster on which the fight will be. And the first meeting was on Monday, oh yeah the date that this lunatic gave his stupid deadline.
      Go to sleep now.

    • fury is a fraud
      fury is a fraud Month ago

      @Ste Smith Charr