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Meghan Trainor - Mother (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Mar 9, 2023
  • Meghan Trainor - Mother (Official Music Video)
    "Takin' It Back (Deluxe)" available at: MeghanTrainor.lnk.to/TakinItB...
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    Watch Mom by Meghan Trainor here: • Meghan Trainor - ...
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Comments • 22 386

  • Mondragon Chiropractic
    Mondragon Chiropractic 3 months ago +5818

    Yes! I love it! Spot on. 💕

    • Hypo
      Hypo 3 months ago +105

      If someone told me to make something crappy with a crappy lyrics and invite crappy people, this is what I would make.

    • Hazel Walsh
      Hazel Walsh 3 months ago +33

      Jeez dude calm down. That’s rude

    • •KrabKakes•
      •KrabKakes• 3 months ago +9

      330 likes and two comments lemme fix that

  • Luis García
    Luis García 20 hours ago +8

    I love this song 💕

  • Emily Goodenough
    Emily Goodenough Month ago +1920

    I can see this being a very popular ring tone for everyone's mom.

    • ‎空‎
      ‎空‎ Month ago +13


    • Nor Yecart
      Nor Yecart Month ago +43

      I have added this as my ringtone on my daughters phone already 🤣

    • E T
      E T Month ago +9

      Oh yes 😂

    • Zoe :D
      Zoe :D Month ago +6

      Oop, That’s true😂

    • ella m
      ella m Month ago +6

      correct me if im wrong but mums want a song that says men need to take a sex master class from her man and how everyone wants to wife her as their ring tone that maybe aimed at her son?

  • dorianbelen
    dorianbelen 29 days ago +240

    Me gusta mucho el estilo antiguo modernizado de sus canciones. es autentica. Contrario a muchas que solo se escuchan igual. Si. Megan refresca el oido!

    • aimee evans
      aimee evans 27 days ago +3


    • Ivan
      Ivan 9 days ago +1

      Claro que no su música toda suena igual

    • Leo Jesus
      Leo Jesus 9 days ago +1

      Se llama electroswing. No es algo q Meghan creó

    • Goldstern
      Goldstern Day ago

      @Ivan la creta suena igual

  • biel_sthallion
    biel_sthallion Month ago +25

    Não conhecia ainda essa obra de arte 🎭😍😍

  • Mariam Albaloul
    Mariam Albaloul 14 days ago +4

    U ARE STUNNING MY QUEEN😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍❤❤❤

  • Fleeting Films
    Fleeting Films 2 months ago +36159

    No one's talking about Kris Jenner, or the fact that "Mother" is what Norman Bates called Norma, and that this track samples "Mr. Sandman," the song that Norman and Norma sing together, and the song that plays when the Sherrif discovers "Mother" 🤯

    • Elijah Smith
      Elijah Smith 2 months ago +807

      You are the doctor who does those fruit videos

    • Emma Jiang
      Emma Jiang 2 months ago +129


    • shrekkles
      shrekkles 2 months ago +261

      @Emma Jiang do you want a sticker? 😐

    • John Croft
      John Croft 2 months ago +631

      "No one's talking about Kris Jenner" well my mother taught me that if i have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all 🤐

  • Christopher Owens
    Christopher Owens Month ago +463

    I really like both. And it's interesting that there's actually a back story to these songs because "Ain't Your Mama" would come up in my head when listening to Mother

    • Cesc Gascó i Villa
      Cesc Gascó i Villa Month ago +13

      Yeeessss. She wrote “Ain’t your mama”. Her version didn’t make it in the album but her demo is amazing.

    • kyler smith
      kyler smith Month ago +10

      @phat phlat It's 'cringe', but yet here you are, still in her comment sections. Explain how that works babes #fanbehavior

    • 𝓶𝓼𝓶𝓪𝓻𝔂🦋🍀
      𝓶𝓼𝓶𝓪𝓻𝔂🦋🍀 11 days ago

      @kyler smithstop all that man plaining , no one’s listening !

    • kyler smith
      kyler smith 11 days ago +1

      @𝓶𝓼𝓶𝓪𝓻𝔂🦋🍀 That was not mansplaining, I was simply stating things that should've been common sense, but guess not due to this generation being so dumbfounded. Maybe ya'll need to actually start listening 😘💁‍♀

  • Bernard Cruz
    Bernard Cruz 9 days ago +61

    Meghan can write a song about the most random things and make it a hit. 😂 that’s talent

  • Sara Piotrofsky
    Sara Piotrofsky 4 days ago +21

    It’s a catchy song. It blends doo wop with modern r&b and pop. I love it.

  • J
    J Month ago +1768

    Kris doesn't even look corny in this video like my brain played it out. I really like her

    • Ritvik sd
      Ritvik sd Month ago +18

      are u sure about that

    • Perry
      Perry Month ago +87

      @Ritvik sd come on she looks incredible respect the work

    • i8y4hr
      i8y4hr Month ago +40

      Ikr I was ready to ridicule but she's serving & fits this so well

    • Dhamari French
      Dhamari French Month ago +1

      @Perry 💯🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Debora Aguirre
    Debora Aguirre 2 days ago +10

    Hermosa canción...gracias mi vida hermosa de mamá por dedicarmela❤

  • Khen Khen
    Khen Khen 2 months ago +6065

    How nice of the production to include the names of the people behind the scenes and the talented dancers. These people need recognition too. ❤ Congrats Meghan and the Momager Kris!

    • Michelle Mitchell
      Michelle Mitchell 2 months ago +28


    • Chloe Wekesa
      Chloe Wekesa 2 months ago +21

      This is so true

    • J Aguilar Bascones
      J Aguilar Bascones 2 months ago +76

      I agree, cause real talk? most music videos don't do this,and it's a good thing, I wish the producers will give credits to performers (back up dancers, singers)not just the starring part

    • Luana Almeida
      Luana Almeida 2 months ago +7


  • Mateus Henrique
    Mateus Henrique Month ago +137

    Essa música é simplesmente incrível!

    • Aiden Reeves
      Aiden Reeves Month ago

    • Luiz Marinho
      Luiz Marinho Month ago

      Pesquise a letra.

    • Vanessa Ribeiro
      Vanessa Ribeiro Month ago +3

      ​@Luiz Marinho "Tell me, who gave you the permission to speak?"
      Shut up!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Lilian Barbosa
      Lilian Barbosa Month ago

      ​@Luiz Marinho
      O que te fez pensar que ela não conhece a letra?

    • Doguinho
      Doguinho 26 days ago

      Essa música ela aparece no filme halloween

  • djfwildcatz
    djfwildcatz Month ago +313

    I love that music videos today have end credits to acknowledge all the hard work that people behind the scenes have contributed and put into this end product. great MV!

  • SantiagitoUwU
    SantiagitoUwU 27 days ago +30

    Meghan logra un estilo musical tan bueno,esta canción es arte❤

  • Pizza Cat
    Pizza Cat Month ago +34

    I love this song so much, reminds me of my lovely mother I'm lucky to have around.

  • Hollagrl0999
    Hollagrl0999 29 days ago +64

    The day this video was released was the day my daughter was born. I’ll never forget it. Now we sing to it! This song and “Clover Cage - Learning To Love Myself” are the two songs that helped get rid of my depression. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..I love you ❤️

    • NAMM
      NAMM 7 days ago +2

      BRO, stop with this scam comment. I keep seeing it everywhere

    • gg oni
      gg oni 2 days ago +1

      @NAMM I see it everywhere too

  • Leroy Sanchez
    Leroy Sanchez 3 months ago +1923

    The vocals in this song are GOOOOLD

  • Mohamed salem Salec mohamed

    Por casualidad escuché este tema, y la verdad me encantó mucho.

  • Jeffrey Scodellaro
    Jeffrey Scodellaro Month ago +4

    Love it

  • E E
    E E 15 days ago +5

    Damn this shit hit different at 0 volume🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ricardo Silvio
    Ricardo Silvio Month ago +64

    Literalmente viciante...

  • Pammi
    Pammi 13 days ago

    Melodious lecture by mom ❤

  • Muhamed Fetai
    Muhamed Fetai 2 months ago +3334

    Meghan Trainor be never changing her vibe. Each song of hers gives us similar vibes and I think that’s beautiful!❤

    • StanChunghaOrGoHome
      StanChunghaOrGoHome 2 months ago +33

      She did switch things up at one stage but it flopped so she went back to this sound

    • Moon
      Moon 2 months ago +4

      @StanChunghaOrGoHome wait when? Can u tell me the song pls?

    • Rongsenmoa Jamir
      Rongsenmoa Jamir 2 months ago +6

      @Moon wave by Meghan trainor

    • kyler smith
      kyler smith 2 months ago +2

      There’s also ‘With You’ by Meghan too

  • Kathleen K
    Kathleen K Month ago +54

    Kris is slaying! I think she has been a far better mother to her daughters than a lot of mothers!!!!! I like this❤
    Thank you for the likes peeps !

  • mars tomie. 🪄
    mars tomie. 🪄 25 days ago +9

    amo a Kris ahí, dios. 💖
    necesitamos más videos así. ✨

  • Imgay
    Imgay 25 days ago +4

    HAPPY MOTHERS DAYYYYYYYYY❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 221 B
    221 B Month ago +117

    I love that Meghan wrote "Ain't Your Mama" by JLo and now "I am your mother". Iconic.

  • Arthur Beki
    Arthur Beki 26 days ago +2

    Happy Morther's Day to all mothers out there 🔥🥰🥰

  • thank u, next BITCH!
    thank u, next BITCH! 2 months ago +6141

    love that Meghan Trainor is going back to her 2014 style, she’s giving us hit after hit 😌

    • ceeejay
      ceeejay 2 months ago +193

      Yep. She's all about that bass 😊

    • K Adamson
      K Adamson 2 months ago +126

      This is NOT a hit!

    • The Vinzi Code
      The Vinzi Code 2 months ago +44

      @K Adamson 😂😂😂

    • LR Clouder
      LR Clouder 2 months ago +34

      Cough cough mr sandman the og pop that is the back bone of this song and where this song got that catchy bum bum bum which is from *1954* cough cough

  • Pinoy FARMLIFE
    Pinoy FARMLIFE Month ago +81

    Kris did an awesome job here! ❤

  • Beyond BY Supreet
    Beyond BY Supreet  17 days ago +2

    Loved her ❤

  • Lilly
    Lilly Month ago +2

    I love them tooo much ❤❤❤😂

  • noleen potgieter
    noleen potgieter 3 days ago +20

    Yes i so love the song 100% You Go Girl !!!!!! 🥰

  • Ashton Mcgillivray
    Ashton Mcgillivray 2 months ago +4649

    The fact that she gives credit to her crew and supporters just shows how nice of a person she is 💯

  • nail art by Candice radgowski

    Love this song!i love Kris she's perfect for this video❤

    • 390Lyfe 1
      390Lyfe 1 Month ago +2

      Pray for your GEN Z generation

  • Ryu
    Ryu 15 days ago +16

    A month ago I added this song on my spotify playlist for my mom, sister and I would listen to the car. She was shocked that this song exists and it's also from Meghan Trainor. Now for me, this would be the theme song for my mother. I LOVE THIS!!!😄😄

    • stevan newcomb
      stevan newcomb 14 days ago

      I am ur mother u litsen 2 mi stahp all dat manspanin no 1ns litseningg

  • alice mwazuna
    alice mwazuna 19 days ago +2

    Love it thanks 🎉😊

  • Homespun Home Fragrance
    Homespun Home Fragrance 3 days ago +30

    I love how she pulls inspiration from the 1950’s and early 60’s. Love this song!

  • Cuộc Sống Quanh Ta California

    Oh my god she is so good at singing

  • Prean Pillay
    Prean Pillay 26 days ago +5

    They slayyyyyed this ❤❤

  • Exequiel
    Exequiel 11 days ago +1

    Tiene una varita mágica en su voz!

  • Mandy Shores
    Mandy Shores 18 days ago

    I love Kris ❤️

  • Honey crisp pineapple games🍍😋

    SLAY QUEEN!!❤❤

  • DaLgOm'S MoM
    DaLgOm'S MoM 14 days ago +3


  • Ven
    Ven 3 months ago +3289

    The fact she credits her crew and even her supporters speaks miles as to the kind of person she is 💯

    • swift seconds of summer
      swift seconds of summer 3 months ago +85

      you mean doing the bare minimum?

    • Amran Zulkifli
      Amran Zulkifli 3 months ago +36

      Yall be finding the smallest things to define a whole person. People are multi faceted people, people

    • aelovesya
      aelovesya 3 months ago +36

      @swift seconds of summer yeah but most people cant do the bare minimum!! also, to the message above me, her yt shorts show she is nice too:))

  • Anthony Madden
    Anthony Madden Month ago +7

    The moment I heard this song I fell in love with it !!!!🎀

  • Nashiie
    Nashiie Month ago +8

    I love how Meghan Trainor stayed true to herself and kept her natural lips. You're so beautiful! #thinlipsftw

  • Cheng Go
    Cheng Go 26 days ago

    Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers ❤️🎉🎂

  • Lu cz
    Lu cz Month ago +2

    I just loved it what an awesome video

  • Tyler Pearce
    Tyler Pearce 12 days ago +3

    Love it❤❤❤

  • Izu
    Izu 2 months ago +4100

    I love how she makes music that she herself enjoys and has fun with. The joy is so contagious ! One of the rare ones to make me really feel the fun through everything she does.

    • Sunflower123
      Sunflower123 2 months ago +19

      Is she actually a mother?

    • siimplypinkyxx
      siimplypinkyxx 2 months ago +43

      @Sunflower123 yes! she pregnant now actually and has a son who is 3 (I think) whose name is Riley!

    • ooooo
      ooooo 2 months ago +7

      This is about how woman are better than men in every way. Lol.

    • siimplypinkyxx
      siimplypinkyxx 2 months ago +27

      @ooooo no its about male audience mocking her music career.

  • Facts&Opinions
    Facts&Opinions Month ago +20

    I love this video! Megan and Kris did a great job🔥🔥💪🏽♥️

  • Joseph Brookshaw
    Joseph Brookshaw Month ago +11

    Love it ,a joyful tune as allways by Megan

  • Liyana Mukthar
    Liyana Mukthar 27 days ago +1

    I love this song when Meghan sings it not when my mom sings it 😂

  • Jessie Leach
    Jessie Leach Month ago +5

    What a great song Megan ❣️🤩🎉

  • daniela Paz ☮️ amat 🎨

    Amazing artist I love the song

  • Miriam Jennings
    Miriam Jennings 3 months ago +6675

    No one new Kris and Meghan would be the best duo, but they did!
    Love the new song!💗💖

    • kyler smith
      kyler smith 3 months ago +145

      Right!! I literally screamed when I saw Kris pop up on the screen 😭

    • Faith!
      Faith! 3 months ago +13


    • Taniya
      Taniya 3 months ago +9

      ................... !

    • P!NK
      P!NK 3 months ago +6


  • Felipe 🇧🇷
    Felipe 🇧🇷 Month ago +10

    This clip is simply addictive! It's not full of edits, but it's pretty good.

  • Olivia Newman
    Olivia Newman Month ago +5

    My mum loves this song now 😂 you made her day 😊

  • jimnia23
    jimnia23 13 days ago

    i love you meg your songs are amazing

  • hsd287
    hsd287 Month ago +8

    Kris is the official mom in every Hollywood stuff 😂❤️👍🏻

  • pete cuthbertson
    pete cuthbertson 10 days ago


  • Mark Jude Maata
    Mark Jude Maata 3 months ago +3559

    Meghan's music always makes me feel like a twist on current sound mixed with that 50's style and she does it so well. Always a feel good vibe! ❤️

    • Javo
      Javo 3 months ago +17

      She stole from yung gravy let’s all be real here

    • Jessica Daniels
      Jessica Daniels 3 months ago +9


    • April Anderson-Daum
      April Anderson-Daum 3 months ago +58

      @Javo- she was doing this kinda music way before yung gravy!! I love them both ❤️❤️

  • Devin McDrip
    Devin McDrip Month ago +22

    Wow! This is a really great song! I hope you drop more beautiful music. Love you

  • FrancesRose
    FrancesRose Month ago +39

    LOVE this woman!!! This song is so empowering!!! So real and down to earth Pure talent 💜

    • s pz
      s pz Month ago +10

      Empowering? What slagging off men? A mother doesn't talk to her son like that, its got nothing to do with motherhood. That's just the disguise to slander men. A man couldn't write a song like this about women. So there's equality for you

    • FrancesRose
      FrancesRose Month ago +1

      @s pz 🤣🤣🤣

    • Amulya ranjan
      Amulya ranjan 28 days ago +1

      ​@FrancesRose hahaha😕

    • stop killing babies
      stop killing babies 20 days ago

      Woman,what are you talking about?

  • Dystoniac Diaries
    Dystoniac Diaries 7 days ago

    So nice of Kris to be in Keghan's music video. Mom goals.

  • Paulo César Riqué
    Paulo César Riqué Month ago +1

    Qué música tan original

  • rogue hot rod
    rogue hot rod 10 days ago

    This song is awesome

  • kiki
    kiki 2 months ago +5947

    It's gonna be a theme song for every mom in the world whenever their kids talk back to them 😁

    • Chase Poore
      Chase Poore 2 months ago +166

      I hope they don’t call their sons “bums.” But they probably will and then when they grow up to treat women like shit because they think women see men as ATM’s and nothing more, and then another woman will make another song like this one and never figure out why so many men resent women.

    • Kanchan Mohan
      Kanchan Mohan 2 months ago +22

      I'm wondering whether to send to my mum 🤔🤫

    • dah
      dah 2 months ago +107

      @Chase Poore i dont think this song is literally about a mother speaking to her kid. "i am your mother" is probably a metaphor.

    • Kanchan Mohan
      Kanchan Mohan 2 months ago +15

      @dah how is 'I am your mother ' used as a metaphor? 🧐 Like what does it imply?

    • dah
      dah 2 months ago +112

      @Kanchan Mohan “i am your mother” likely means like ‘you should respect me’ or like maybe ‘i am above you’ but not necessarily in a bad way.
      the next line that goes “stop all your mansplaining” further proves this because it shows that whoever she’s talking to in the song looks down on her, and thinks they’re better than her, so she’s like ‘you should be looking up to me, like im your mother’.
      and a reason why this isn’t directed at her kid is because her kid looks like he’s like 5, how would he be mansplaining to her?
      and i highly doubt any mother would call their kids “a bum”, let alone on a popular song for the entire world to hear.

    SPRINGROLL Month ago +13

    Your music is always fun Meghan❤❤🎉🎉

  • Marcelle Matos
    Marcelle Matos Month ago +11


  • Nicko Dela Cruz
    Nicko Dela Cruz Month ago +1

    meghan trainor is back with her colorful music video

  • Steven hall
    Steven hall Month ago +6

    Its a classic Meghan Trainor song i love it

  • Ramadani Zuliman
    Ramadani Zuliman 29 days ago

    That good song ❤❤❤

  • ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ

    Anyone else love how Meghan stayed true to her music style after so many years? 💖

    • Hassan Raashid
      Hassan Raashid 2 months ago +36

      Nobody can do Doo-Wop as good as her. She owns it

    • ShrekHas Covid19
      ShrekHas Covid19 2 months ago +6


    • LR Clouder
      LR Clouder 2 months ago +10

      No it isnt even her style. Search mr sandman

    • ShrekHas Covid19
      ShrekHas Covid19 2 months ago +8

      @LR Clouder now i can't hear the original without thinking about this abomination

  • Sarah cook
    Sarah cook Month ago +4

    Kris and Megan make a good team well done ladies 🎉

  • Natalie Stu
    Natalie Stu Month ago +17

    love you so much! me and my best friends have been listening you since we were 4. we know every one of your songs! hope you go on tour one day!! 😍

  • Orangepop🧡
    Orangepop🧡 Month ago

    i Love it!

  • Proboi666
    Proboi666 Month ago +1

    Omg you are so good at singing first it was all about that bass and dear future husband and now this WOW! I love it

  • Karma
    Karma 16 days ago +7

    The dancers are so gorgeous, like omg.
    Their hair and their outfits are so good.

  • XxCoralxX
    XxCoralxX 2 months ago +1304

    This is so cute!
    My mom loved your songs! Sadly she passed away back in 2021.
    But my mom would always listen to it and if she found this song she would be jamming out ❤

    • ChickOnASportbike 🏍️
      ChickOnASportbike 🏍️ 2 months ago +34

      I'm so sorry for your loss. 💔

    • XxCoralxX
      XxCoralxX 2 months ago +10

      @ChickOnASportbike 🏍️ Ty :)

    • Tatianna Mendoza
      Tatianna Mendoza 2 months ago +13

      Same for my grammy, she loved Meghan! RIP to them both❤️❤️

    • It’s me
      It’s me 2 months ago +8

      My mom passed away in 2019 and she would’ve loved this song too. It would’ve been sent to me and my brothers 100% 🤣

    • nivsdiary
      nivsdiary 2 months ago +6

      Im so sorry :( i hope youre doing well 💗

  • Mateus Henrique
    Mateus Henrique Month ago +12

    Amo demais essa música

    • Naiara Cristina
      Naiara Cristina 20 days ago

      Olha vc e brasileiro tbm
      e não tá entendendo nada os comentários 😅

    • Mateus Henrique
      Mateus Henrique 3 days ago +1

      ​@Naiara Cristina eu entendo os comentários em inglês

  • eliana chico gomez
    eliana chico gomez Month ago +5

    Me encanta esta mujer la mamá de las kardashan ❤hace el video especial, es unica

  • Brain's Stormers
    Brain's Stormers 29 days ago

    Perfect performance

  • Sterling Mitchell
    Sterling Mitchell Month ago +6

    Hey girly love the song and the video made it more awesome!❤

  • Diane Sweeney
    Diane Sweeney 29 days ago

    Love this song❤)IM YOUR MOTHER!!!!

  • Kendra
    Kendra 2 months ago +1312

    I live how she makes sure EVERYONES known for what part they do. Most ppl over look it! ❤

    • MsDudette21
      MsDudette21 2 months ago +46

      I like how she credited her husband despite him not being in the video! 😆

    • Simply arKonkern
      Simply arKonkern 2 months ago +4

      could you please point out these parts, my english is not developped enough for me find all of them.

    • Kendra
      Kendra 2 months ago +1

      @Simply arKonkern end of the video

  • ktswts ;
    ktswts ; Month ago +561

    i love how everytime her videos are so colorful, her style is so unique! shes totally a Legend

    • Lindsay🎀
      Lindsay🎀 Month ago +10

      She’s such a joy!! Always such fun, insanely catchy songs and lovely, colorful music videos! She’s adorable and I love that you can tell she has a blast doing her job. She’d be such a fun friend to have😭💕💕

    • Hugh Mungus
      Hugh Mungus Month ago +7

      i agree, only one person can release the worst song ever, and meghan did it!

    • Art3mis Pants
      Art3mis Pants Month ago +4

      Name one thing unique about this!

  • Christine Salazar Chowning

    I love it! Plus I dedicated to my 2 sons that talk to me like I don't know anything 😂😂❤

  • Gorgeous Me333
    Gorgeous Me333 15 days ago

    One of the greatest feelings is finding a song that gives u the chills❣️

  • Willhoe
    Willhoe Month ago +18

    Her tone in this song is actually so pleasing to hear

  • Garanno Gabimaru
    Garanno Gabimaru 13 days ago +2

    its damn addicting 😍

  • Jeje Albert
    Jeje Albert 3 months ago +767

    One thing about Meghan, she stays true to her music! Her music has always been about self love since her start in the music industry and she kills it every time!

  • Orz Orz
    Orz Orz Month ago +2

    Love the song!

    • Sri Bavan
      Sri Bavan Month ago +2

      No likes isn’t enough I’ll put one

    • Orz Orz
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      @Sri Bavan thank you

  • King Obono
    King Obono Month ago

    Yaaaaaaaaas!!! This is another level!!! Love it

  • Ariana
    Ariana Month ago +1

    I love your song good job

  • Guiben Estimable
    Guiben Estimable Month ago

    Love the glamour

  • Lindsay Trapani
    Lindsay Trapani 20 days ago

    Good job❤