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Campaign Early Access | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

  • Published on Aug 15, 2022
  • Take a sneak peek at the campaign 👀
    Digitally pre-order and play the campaign up to a week early beginning October 20th!
    Pre-Order Now: bit.ly/MWIIPREORDER
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Comments • 3 376

  • Call of Duty

    Who will we see playing

  • PgSlays
    PgSlays  +3

    That scene where they are on a skyscraper and you can see the city, all the lighting and details look amazing

  • Ariel Borghi

    I love the idea of getting the campaign as an early access and not the multiplayer. We will get to enjoy it at is best

  • Mongo Bongo

    Man that shot at the end of the guy in the ghillie suit obviously brought back memories of All Ghillied Up. If they can create a stealth mission that comes close to that, or Vendetta. I'll be happy af. Two of the greatest missions in CoD history

  • Tux
    Tux  +151

    If the Campaign is anything like Modern Warfare 2019, then I'll buy it just for the campaign alone since it's one of my favorite COD campaigns in a long time. I also love the return of live action trailers this one takes me back to the 2010s

  • centiret
    centiret  +663

    This trailer is gorgeous. It shows style, class and confidence not to rely on overly attention grabbing elements. It delivers a tense feeling with the music and disjointed scenes and shows very briefly what the campaign is going to include. Well done!

  • SilentSights

    Thank you Call of Duty, for putting campaigns at the forefront again.

  • Kevin Carter

    Modern Warfare story campaign has & always been my favourite to play through, the fantastic characters we truly love are right here. We all know every story on how they became Task Force 141. Truly one of the best story driving things I enjoy about Call of Duty.

  • The Abraham HD

    Graphics and ambient look amazing, hopefully multiplayer doesn't disappoint. I already know single player is going to be fire as usual.

  • Squally
    Squally  +89

    Always excited for a new Campaign and this one looks amazing 🔥

  • First Commander
    First Commander 14 days ago +2

    Absolutely amazing. it looks just like real life. If the entire game is like this (not just the cutscenes), then I'm buying it for sure.

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo  +48

    I look forward to the campaign more than the MP. Just hope we can customize our loadout and gear before missions like in other CODS, like BO 2 or IW. That would be prime!

  • General
    General  +13

    I love the attachments and the looks of the weapons, they're really innovating in the Modern era with other and older attachments that were used than the ones we got in the previous games

  • Band of Bros

    Wow this looks like a movie. Those cinematic shots were amazing

  • Iblastyou
    Iblastyou  +73

    That city mission is giving me Cod Ghost vibes. And I think that was the best mission in the game.

  • Rishi Mittal

    This looks phenomenal! Can’t wait to get my hands on the campaign

  • Futives
    Futives  +107

    the lighting, colors, graphics, and details look insane :o

  • Kotoryyk

    MW1's campaign was awesome so I can only imagine what this one will be like.

  • Nalini Caldera

    Its like a combination of mw, mw2, mw3 and cod Ghosts love it

  • Kyle White
    Kyle White  +750