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We Got Hacked

  • Published on Jun 8, 2023
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    0:00 just when we thought we were out...
    0:12 Linus Media Group (us) got hacked
    1:25 UK is warming up to Microsoft
    3:01 ChatGPT Plugins
    4:16 Newegg RTX 40 series laptops
    4:59 QUICK BITS
    5:07 Framework Laptop 16
    5:41 Relativity Space launches 3D-printed rocket
    6:18 PWN2OWN Vancouver
    6:57 Exploding USB drives
    7:33 Harvard physicist seeks alien meteor
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Comments • 1 691

  • Austin Allman
    Austin Allman 2 months ago +6004

    Giving dennis control of sponsorship segments is too much power for the man.

    • Filip
      Filip 2 months ago +302

      it was the best idea ever

    • CastorDanton
      CastorDanton 2 months ago +59

      I just love when one of the top comment is something I would say and I just have to like it :)
      thanks ^^

    • Robert Moorhead
      Robert Moorhead 2 months ago +63

      Give him more power!!!!!

    • Robotato42
      Robotato42 2 months ago +72

      Honestly one of the best ads I've ever seen

    • Tommy Berion
      Tommy Berion 2 months ago +39

      lol at these ads ! i cant look away ! 🤣

  • DaedalusRunner
    DaedalusRunner 2 months ago +371

    That sponsorship....is fricken amazing with Dennis. Newegg you are in good hands.

  • Benji Daniel
    Benji Daniel 2 months ago +522

    I can’t believe I actually look forward to the ad-spots since Denis started doing them. Keep them coming! ❤

    • Diego Reckholder
      Diego Reckholder 2 months ago

      i almost buy everything... except I don't have the money 😆

    • TheGarethLusk
      TheGarethLusk 2 months ago

      They have been superb. Todays WAN sponsor spots were soooo good

  • Scott Sinclair
    Scott Sinclair 2 months ago +7

    The sponsor segments are SOOO much better now. Like, it's fun and not just a commercial now. Good job, Dennis and crew!

  • Pierre Jordaan
    Pierre Jordaan 2 months ago +263

    I love how Dennis does the sponsorships! Please let him keep doing it

    • Mortem
      Mortem 2 months ago +2

      Love it

    • Kieran
      Kieran 2 months ago

      He's been doing them for over a month now both here and on WAN show.

  • DrNaughty
    DrNaughty 2 months ago +155

    Colton can't get fired if there is no company, he is just too smart for us mortals

  • Delta
    Delta 2 months ago +3356

    Would be funny if Colton hosted this particular TechLink episode.

    • Sebastian Hansson
      Sebastian Hansson 2 months ago +286

      should have uploaded a fake video of Colton selling us a crypto scam :D

    • TisJester PG
      TisJester PG 2 months ago +167

      How could Colton host a video when he has been fired?

    • Leeroy Jenkins
      Leeroy Jenkins 2 months ago +11

      ​@Sebastian Hanssonseason 3 though

    • AnonEyeMouse
      AnonEyeMouse 2 months ago +47

      He won't be released from the pain cabinet until the end of the month.

    • fulconAndRoadCone
      fulconAndRoadCone 2 months ago +9

      just wait, april is around the corner

  • The1Overmind
    The1Overmind 2 months ago +162

    When Dennis is the host for the sponsors I look forward to them every time 😂

  • Alexis Badano
    Alexis Badano 2 months ago +274

    Poor Colton, no one can imagine the amount of bullying he’ll get from his friends and coworkers in the next few months 😂

  • Kwiss Beats
    Kwiss Beats 2 months ago +21

    This whole episode is gold! Riley surpasses night show comedians in my opinion..

  • ChrisPractices
    ChrisPractices 2 months ago +354

    I love what Dennis is making out of the sponsor spots. Now I can enjoy them instead of skipping annoyed :D

  • Drew H
    Drew H 2 months ago

    Poor Colton. It must be hard with everyone knowing who did it. Hang in there Colton.

  • Iosephus Rex
    Iosephus Rex 2 months ago +2277

    You either die a hero, or live long enough to become the tech news

    • fitah
      fitah 2 months ago +9

      Haha nice

    • Lalatendu P Deo
      Lalatendu P Deo 2 months ago +1

      I see it as a win

    • Rogue Roger
      Rogue Roger 2 months ago +6

      The hard r one could have been social suicide

    • Tech Freak
      Tech Freak 2 months ago +6

      I really hope that they use this and credit you.

    • Iosephus Rex
      Iosephus Rex 2 months ago +2

      @Tech Freak ty, you just made my day

  • verg4469
    verg4469 2 months ago +160

    dennis will go down as the smartest funniest and overall best human in the universe. making him the advertising guy was a brilliant plan

    • Dame Gizwop
      Dame Gizwop 2 months ago +2

      Nope that roll is taken with DAD lol

    • Derrick James
      Derrick James 2 months ago +5

      Everyone needs their own "Better Call Saul" style cringe marketing expert on their team!

    • Anas Malas
      Anas Malas 2 months ago +2

      And he saw and edited Linus' junk. The amount of power is scary

    • Ruff_man
      Ruff_man 2 months ago

      ​@Anas Malas makes it sound like a small job now

    • Anas Malas
      Anas Malas 2 months ago

      @Ruff_man well, he did it atleast three times by now

  • Your Average Grandma
    Your Average Grandma 2 months ago +101

    Riley is the last person I thought would utter the words “Sony-chan” and “X-baka”, as well as “tsundere”

    • Jemie Bridges
      Jemie Bridges 2 months ago +8

      How is X-baka not already a thing? And this is straight up already a hareem anime with Nintendo as the OP MC pretending to be average black haired protagonist. Sony-chan got dumped and went full Yandere. Sega-san the rival who gets blasted off like team rocket every episode. Square, Capcom and Konami are the background girls who don't wanna be left out. Google Stadia and Xbox each a season arc villain.

    • Your Average Grandma
      Your Average Grandma 2 months ago +1

      When you forgot to take the pills ^

    • TAP7a
      TAP7a 2 months ago +1

      Of all the people at LMG, Riley is the second person I would expect to say those words, after Colton

    • 403cefiro
      403cefiro 2 months ago

      Thanks Grandma

  • gthakur17
    gthakur17 2 months ago +13

    We deserve an entire episode on the hack with funny puns

  • Canard3D
    Canard3D 2 months ago +88

    That sponsor section was more entertaining than usual 😂

  • Christopher Woods
    Christopher Woods 2 months ago

    I could stand to see more of these sponsor segments... This episode was 100% enjoyable

  • Shungrite
    Shungrite 2 months ago +2352

    Don’t fire Colton he’s innocent 😭

    • Droid
      Droid 2 months ago +129

      Everybody is pointing at Colton 😅

    • DaFuzz
      DaFuzz 2 months ago +259

      Don't fire him. Make him do endless cyber security training.

    • Rusty T
      Rusty T 2 months ago +71

      It was actually Dennis.

    • VdevoV
      VdevoV 2 months ago +57

      I don’t know, Colton has always looked suspicious.

    • Diego
      Diego 2 months ago +29

      @DaFuzz fate worse than death

  • Pirwzy
    Pirwzy 2 months ago +40

    This was the first sponsor slot I've watched in a looooooong time. Dennis is a treasure.

  • Lily
    Lily 2 months ago +22

    I had two concerns about purchasing a Framework laptop- I wanted a bigger screen and AMD processor. So glad to see them expanding.

    • Postman
      Postman 2 months ago

      Give them time. I too would totally love a 15.6" class laptop for mobile editing, that I can turn into a home server or router years later that gives me an option to remove the GPU module and swap it for a couple of Ethernet ports.

  • Loren LaLonde
    Loren LaLonde 2 months ago +2

    Dennis is a delight. Let your sponsors know that he's become an "absolute must watch" content star.

  • K Brooks
    K Brooks 2 months ago

    I totally expect a Colton joke in every video! Glad y’all got everything sorted out.

  • Caspar Stanley
    Caspar Stanley 2 months ago +2

    I gotta say I love how you're covering spaceflight more and more these days! It should be noted that many first rocket launches, in this new era of private companies, can be considered a massive success even when not achieving every single goal.

    • Caspar Stanley
      Caspar Stanley 2 months ago

      For example, Relativity proved that it could light and operate 9 engines on the first stage, and more importantly that their 3D printing technology is structurally viable throughout the demanding launch process. It also wasn't carrying any satellites, since it was a pure test flight, which makes it even less of a "failure".

  • James Nguyen
    James Nguyen 2 months ago +907

    Dennis's sponsor spots are always a treasure to watch

    • ED V8 ZR1
      ED V8 ZR1 2 months ago +7

      Also Dennis I see a link I must click it. 🤭

    • David Sr
      David Sr 2 months ago +4

      Must not skip!!!

  • gpturismo
    gpturismo 2 months ago +1

    Glad you guys got everything back online and so quickly. Thanks Colton.

  • WindySilver
    WindySilver 2 months ago +7

    I'm so glad you're back online, and with a spicy episode with Dennis's entertaining sponsorship segment no less!

    HXRDWIRED_INDIE 2 months ago

    Dennis is a blessing to this channel, he is to be coveted and protected. I will hold you personally accountable Linus if harm come upon a hair of his head.

  • Jef Lim
    Jef Lim 2 months ago +7

    Thank the heavens you guys are back!! Also, that sponsorship segment is so entertaining haha

  • Hart-Less Performance
    Hart-Less Performance 2 months ago

    Came for the bad jokes about being hacked. Stayed for the sponsorship roll. Keep it up guys, love it all!

  • Joel Conolly
    Joel Conolly 2 months ago +188

    "We were hacked!"
    Says TechLinked after it was hacked.
    Great news 10/10!

    • Robin Begley
      Robin Begley 2 months ago

      Thats how you know they have an accurate source

  • Anthony Room
    Anthony Room 2 months ago +2

    I admire Linus journalistic integrity

  • Hazy J
    Hazy J 2 months ago +6

    I'm glad you guys are back and Linus didn't lose his sanity ❤
    I've been watching LTT since 2016. I would be so sad

  • Mat Broomfield
    Mat Broomfield 2 months ago

    Riley is such an asset to this channel. Such a funny, quirky guy.

  • Arnie's Tech
    Arnie's Tech 2 months ago +3

    Glad to see you folks back. Stay safe 💪🙏

  • Starman Dx
    Starman Dx 2 months ago +1

    Its nice to finally see Dennis free of all limitations.

    SPITSPHIRE 2 months ago +543

    Glad to see you all back up and running!
    Here's hoping Google and X-vid are able to prevent this kind of thing from ever happening again.

    • Imrahil
      Imrahil 2 months ago +33

      Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Good one.

    • Lê Việt Anh
      Lê Việt Anh 2 months ago +6

      ​@Imrahil ik right, good joke indeed

    • 52262
      52262 2 months ago +14

      Fat chance that happening anytime soon, this scam has been talked about for over 11 months, and X-vid hasn't done anything about it or Google for that matter.
      There's a channel on X-vid warning everyone about all these scams all the time, unfortunately his channel is far too small and the likelihood of his information coming across somebody who's got millions of views per video are slim to none, so this is why despite his warnings a lot of these bigger X-vidrs aren't going to know, they will all get scammed because they are easy targets when it comes to sponsors.

    • rokejulianlockhart
      rokejulianlockhart 2 months ago +3

      They can't, if the session cookie as stolen. We would have to rearchitecture the internet.

    • Gamer_Time
      Gamer_Time 2 months ago +1

      ​@rokejulianlockhart reworking how cookies work doesn't sound so bad. Make them less intrusive.

  • QuantumScratcher
    QuantumScratcher 2 months ago

    what's even worse is that if this happens to you, you're basically doomed to be terminated because there's no option to report being hacked

  • WorstCommenter2008
    WorstCommenter2008 2 months ago

    Love the ads, dennis having fun as well as the rest of the techlinked crew.
    Keep it up, its awesome.

  • Banana
    Banana 2 months ago

    you know it's bad when your own company is the top story of your own news show

  • kwdwn
    kwdwn 2 months ago

    it's bizarre to me how the best comedy at 2023 is found on a tech news channel. I seriously love you guys .

  • James Flynn
    James Flynn 2 months ago

    Glad you guys are back, great episode top start back on!

  • Fission Chips
    Fission Chips 2 months ago +53

    Great to see all of you back and great to see the response from the community!! 💪Well handled all and especially Linus

  • Emma H
    Emma H 2 months ago +1

    Best sponsor read yet! Killing it, Dennis!

  • Michael Grubaugh
    Michael Grubaugh 2 months ago

    This one was especially good. Tech news shouldn't be this much fun.

  • Tony G
    Tony G 2 months ago

    I'm glad to see LTT got their best Dennis on the job to fix the hack.

  • Eric Köhn
    Eric Köhn 2 months ago +8

    seriously? I LOVE how Dennis is dealing with the sponsorship part!

  • Jon H.
    Jon H. 2 months ago

    It would be fascinating to see the stats related to Dennis' sponsor spots. I suspect people are more willing to watch them, and more likely to remember the sponsor, because they're so fun and different lol.

  • YamiSpyro2011
    YamiSpyro2011 2 months ago +54

    Good to see they are milking this as much as possible
    And warning others how to avoid it

  • Xamimus Oliveirites
    Xamimus Oliveirites 2 months ago +2

    Dennis, I love your sponsor spots. Keep them going!

  • nheme87
    nheme87 2 months ago

    After the first part explaining they got hacked, I fast forwarded to the sponsor spot to see what Dennis was up to this time

  • Just Me
    Just Me 2 months ago

    Poor colton, they'll never forget it as long he works on LMG

  • Razear
    Razear 2 months ago +7

    The fact that the recovery process took less than a day...must be nice to have 1-on-1 personal access to a X-vid rep instead of going through the standard channels and waiting for weeks in agony.

  • Gabe Miller Music
    Gabe Miller Music 2 months ago +1

    Always great to see Sully popping up in random places

  • Aries Yana
    Aries Yana 2 months ago +52

    Tech tip: don't get hacked

    • SRC267
      SRC267 2 months ago +11

      Stolen LTT comment

    • Misty Kathrine
      Misty Kathrine 2 months ago +7

      @SRC267 It's a good tip though. 10/10 would recommend.

    • LazyEngineer
      LazyEngineer 2 months ago

      Use AntiVirus?

  • SRC267
    SRC267 2 months ago +18

    Good to hear. But RIP those smaller channels that will unlikely get their account restored because Google doesn't care unless people make some noise about it.

  • TubeandJar
    TubeandJar 2 months ago

    Dennis make the best sponsor ads! I laugh during every one I see. Good job Dennis!

  • Moksi
    Moksi 2 months ago

    This episode was so funny! Keep it up guys, great video!

  • Megakoresh
    Megakoresh 2 months ago

    I don't know was it because of the hack but this episode is fucking awesome. Pure gold from delivery to sponsor spot!

  • 256shadesofgrey
    256shadesofgrey 2 months ago

    16 inch framework?! Hype! Too bad it's not going to be out for quite a while, but when it is out, I'm definitely getting one. I wanted to buy a laptop next month to replace my 9 years old Thinkpad, but I guess it will have to do for a few months longer...

  • Bubberiffic
    Bubberiffic 2 months ago +48

    I watched the video one on the main LTT channel right as it came out, I’m glad everything is okay because I don’t know what I’d do without LMG!

  • Simon Lacey
    Simon Lacey 2 months ago +3

    Techlinked on point today! The most I have laughed in a while, even the sponsor spot.

  • Benz
    Benz 2 months ago

    Lmao Dennis made my day with that silly ad segment. Looking forward to see more!

  • Logan Ward
    Logan Ward 2 months ago

    i am glad/happy that y'all finally where able to get access back to your channels quickest bit of them all lol

  • LeonidasGFX
    LeonidasGFX  2 months ago +1

    Linus almost lost his entire company due to a hack and the TechLinked team responds by mocking him hahaha

  • Aaron Steinmetz
    Aaron Steinmetz 2 months ago

    These Sponsor Segments are really entertaining and keep you watching

  • Yotes
    Yotes 2 months ago +26

    Sh!t happens, glad you guys got it all figured out!

  • Skeptisk
    Skeptisk 2 months ago

    Seeing LTT - a tech channel - getting hacked by somebody stealing a _cookie_ of all things, was the lolcow of the week.

  • Jaraxel
    Jaraxel 2 months ago +1

    LOL poor colton... they'll never stop letting him live this one down.

  • Bandito
    Bandito 2 months ago +1

    4:32 Riley is very dedicated to his job. You won’t caught me on a tree if my boss asked for a video or picture.

  • FirebreathXIII
    FirebreathXIII 2 months ago +2

    Dennis doing the sponsor segments is bringing me back to the internet 20 years ago, when animutations were a thing... I miss those days sometimes...

  • DODO
    DODO 2 months ago

    TechLinked clearly forgot a crucial TechTip of not to get hacked

  • Marrow Man
    Marrow Man 2 months ago +6

    Glad yall are back, missed ya Riley & crew

  • Raymond Adusei
    Raymond Adusei 2 months ago

    I love to see Dennis, funny as always 😂

  • DankEvie
    DankEvie 2 months ago

    bruh Dennis' sponsor segments are too good, i never wanna skip em haha

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 2 months ago

    dennis should handle all sponsor spots from now on. that was amazing.

  • Will Gaines
    Will Gaines 2 months ago

    "To maintain journalistic integrity, he actually doesn't talk to us at all" caught me so off guard 💀

  • Kite
    Kite 2 months ago

    This episode was pure gold!

  • Daweng Pam Dachomo
    Daweng Pam Dachomo 2 months ago +5

    Honestly it's kinda of crazy how many ways hackers create to access data and accounts

    • Prateek Panwar
      Prateek Panwar 2 months ago

      At the end of the day, Most times its us who download malware by mistake / unknowingly whatever. Hackers are just smart people who take benefit of the loophole we create.

  • BeardlyNova
    BeardlyNova 2 months ago

    I love that Dennis has been in more videos lately lmao its great

  • TehMarc919
    TehMarc919 2 months ago +3

    Poor Colton getting to hear this for the entire 2023 (or even longer). RIP Colton.

  • GuardEzio
    GuardEzio 2 months ago +7

    Whoever gave Dennis power of the ad spots (so, anyone but Linus) is a genius, they are brilliant 🤣

  • Kai Christensen
    Kai Christensen 2 months ago

    Another fantastic Man Speaking To Camera segment from my favorite source of tech, news, and tech news.

  • whamer100
    whamer100 2 months ago +3

    I love the running gag of colton being the culprit

  • Corbyn Fry
    Corbyn Fry 2 months ago

    Dennis is a marketing genius. Full stop.

  • Katrina
    Katrina 2 months ago

    This Riley channel is great. I can't believe he only has 1.8M subs. We need to help promote this Riley guy to get his subs up.

  • Jo Carr
    Jo Carr 2 months ago

    Dennis and Riley doing the sponsor spot. 11/10

  • Ezel Leze
    Ezel Leze 2 months ago

    Dennis played the long game.
    Look how much they milked the whole hacking thing across the channels
    Well played sir

  • JollyRanchersGrandma
    JollyRanchersGrandma 2 months ago +9

    Man just got done watching the longest and the latest WAN show in history. Now it's time to hang out with Riley before I go to sleep since it's already past 3am

    • Berry N
      Berry N 2 months ago

      I saw that, 4 1/2 hrs! I'll listen to it tomorrow,,,

  • Ante Meridiem
    Ante Meridiem 2 months ago

    i would happily watch an entire video comprised of nothing but dennis doing sponsorships

  • theangryintern
    theangryintern 2 months ago

    The Relativity rocket launch was actually a success because they achieved the main objective of the launch which was to have the rocket withstand MaxQ, or the maximum dynamic pressure exerted on the rocket during launch.

  • Lewis Massie
    Lewis Massie 2 months ago

    By the way, Relativity's launch target was Max-Q (the moment of maximum aerodynamic stress) and anything past that was bonus data. Failure was pretty much expected, it was just a case of when. Noone has had a successful launch on the first try for over 20 years (without flying prior hardware first)

  • RNorthex
    RNorthex 2 months ago

    I actually would like to hear more from framework. I'd really like a stylus enabled screen, i'll take even AES or a decent n-trig solution and I don't need crazy performance.

  • aullik
    aullik 2 months ago +1

    As for the relativity section. First launch of a rocket with lots of new components rarely works on the first try and they don't expect it to work. If any company gets to orbit within 3 tries and without a >5 year delay than im impressed.

  • Rumoa Noa
    Rumoa Noa 2 months ago +8

    Techlinked become the news itself

  • TOR :
    TOR : 2 months ago

    This has to be the most unhinged techlinked for awhile, understandable, and im all for it

  • Probably John
    Probably John 2 months ago

    I think the big question regarding the LMG hack is how many mistakes the unwitting victim made. If they downloaded and opened a malicious document and then enabled macros, nothing out of the ordinary. If they didn't enable macros, big problem.

  • Eathen Alexander
    Eathen Alexander 2 months ago

    They made the news about them selves like any other company they make news on lol love it

  • ruby
    ruby 2 months ago

    to maintain journalistic integrity, linus has actually never spoken to us

  • j
    j 2 months ago

    now that everything is safe and sound, linus can’t be hating the content that can be made off of this lol