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Faceless Men: who is Jaqen H'ghar?

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022

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  • Kvamus
    Kvamus 3 years ago +13311

    Imagine having people discuss your imagination in such depth and detail.

    • Hayden
      Hayden 2 days ago

      Not that it’s specially related, but I appreciate the minds of all (lack of better words don’t come for me) “Dark Fantasy” or at least a grey fantasy settings creators and imaginations of said individuals that can conceive such in depth and intricate setting, characters, lore, etc. Referencing the etymology from the real word, taking on legends and stories and giving it a personal flair, it’s truly a remarkable triad to find in a person. It shows that their brains are like sponges and absorb so much knowledge and inspiration that they can create such stories and sagas, that people around the world adore. I’m so happy to be around in the times of GoT and HOTD because this is my kind of peak television. Tbh I only got a HBO to watch this 😅

    • Jac Ryder
      Jac Ryder 21 day ago


    • Atharva Bhosale
      Atharva Bhosale 24 days ago

      @RichHistory and that's what I said they are imagination lmao learn to read

    • Ms. Trina Q.
      Ms. Trina Q. 24 days ago


    • Second Kira
      Second Kira 27 days ago

      Yep that’s what good story telling is for

  • Thaddius0
    Thaddius0 Year ago +3351

    I had always interpreted Jaqen and Syrio as opposites almost as a warning. "What do we say to the god of death? Not today" in the sense that hes telling Arya to reject the death cult.

    • Tso
      Tso Month ago

      @Tomas David lol... in the books I'm pretty sure Catelyn Stark's banshee hangs Jaime Lannister. Or it ends right at that point, that said Jaime probably won't make it into the 6th book unless someone saves him. Or he might be an undead.

    • Erin
      Erin Month ago

      Stfu ur so smart. My brain is broken

    • ICU1337
      ICU1337 2 months ago

      @a shadow in time "maybe". I dont remember this vid from a year ago but I stand by my comment that "this comment is better than the 17 min video".
      So "maybe" it is the dumbest stretch ever written, but that doesnt change the fact that its better than this video 💁🏽‍♂

    • a shadow in time
      a shadow in time 2 months ago

      @ICU1337 this one sentence is the biggest, dumbest stretch ever written..

    • Jordan Rosario
      Jordan Rosario 2 months ago

      great theory

  • C.W.Simpson Productions
    C.W.Simpson Productions Year ago +1893

    So many lives would have been saved if Arya had said “Cersei, Tywin, Joffrey.”

    • Roger Milliken
      Roger Milliken 3 days ago

      @A Life of Carlontae ding ding ding you get it

    • Jared Piper
      Jared Piper 5 days ago

      Maybe not Tywin though

    • John
      John 15 days ago

      That's what I was thinking.

    • Average Alien
      Average Alien 21 day ago

      He never said WHEN they would die. He literally could've waited 20 years before killing them

    • Average Alien
      Average Alien 21 day ago

      @Praful Yadav show follows the books

  • Mirabel Windsor
    Mirabel Windsor 2 months ago +444

    The phrase "no one knows what caused the Doom of Valyria" could mean that No One does in fact know. The Faceless Men know.

  • Jay Middleton
    Jay Middleton 9 months ago +420

    Forel was my favourite character. The fact that he “died” off screen had me convinced he survived, that he was such an amazing swordsman that he could defend himself with a broken wooden sword, and that he would gloriously return at some point in the future.
    Obviously that felt less and less likely to happen as the show went on. Such a shame, he was a great character.

    • Kronos camron
      Kronos camron 26 days ago

      As a student of the sword myself. I like him and like jamie lannister.

    • Bloblov LalaLulu
      Bloblov LalaLulu Month ago +1

      Probably had plans but forgot about him ,just like Dany kinda forgetting about the ships

    • Pyramidion
      Pyramidion Month ago

      @Petr Hula because he didn't need it

    • Pyramidion
      Pyramidion Month ago

      @Pdawg it happens the same way in the book

    • Larry stclair
      Larry stclair Month ago +1

      @Code McLoud what makes it worse is he actually did have a sword, after he defeated those knights who came with meryn trant he could have easily just taken one of their swords.

  • Liam Kenneth
    Liam Kenneth Year ago +901

    Only thing that confused me about Jaqen (disclaimer: I've only watched the show, so maybe the books present this differently) is that he seems visibly surprised and fearful when Arya names him as her third mark at Harrenhal. If he is truly "no one" and is just assuming Jaqen's name for a disguise, why would he be afraid and then agree to help Arya escape as a result?

    • kckillakrack
      kckillakrack 5 days ago

      Her naming him is why he lets her train there. It shows arya is perfect to be one no one else would if given that choice they would name their enemies. The show portrays it just like the books the only thing they leave out is how many faceless men there are and what he really looks like

    • Wildlink123
      Wildlink123 21 day ago

      @Johannes 0511 Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Jaqen say "Un name *me*"? Specifically, he says "me"

    • Cami
      Cami 24 days ago

      Jaqen is already dead, so she’s naming a name that cannot be taken again, because Jaqen was already given to the Many Faced God.
      Also, in the books he needed a name or description, it could be that Arya naming him means a. She has named no one which is impossible or b. She has named him and he doesn’t want to die.
      I think these explanations make sense, do you?

    • Bessux
      Bessux Month ago

      Because he didn't want to fucking kill himself, especially before he finished his business in the Citadel.
      How did no one answer this?

    • Craig Murray
      Craig Murray 2 months ago +7

      I think it is just because his honour would demand he kill the one known to her as Jaqen. It doesn't matter who he is, it is who he is to her.

    TVG GAMEZ CO Year ago +190

    the amount of detail GRRM puts in the lore is absolutely insane and I cant imagine making sure everything connects

    • Saad Lachhab
      Saad Lachhab 6 days ago

      @Melvin Samson if prefer GRRM’s world tbh, but to each his own, Tolkien is great too

    • Cami
      Cami 24 days ago +1

      @Melvin Samson idk GRRM lore absolutely does in my opinion.

    • Cami
      Cami 24 days ago +1

      It’s probably why he’s having trouble finishing the series! So many story lines to tie together!

    • Daydartica 🇲🇽
      Daydartica 🇲🇽 Month ago

      Keep waiting then

    • Bzake
      Bzake Month ago +2

      @Melvin Samson you have to dedicate your life to learning that in its entirety

  • Divine Chareka
    Divine Chareka Year ago +556

    Another missed opportunity by the GOT series was letting Jaqen appear in Season 8. It would've blown our minds.

    • Get Shrekt
      Get Shrekt Month ago

      imagine if jaqen killed the night king last second

    • Burn Er
      Burn Er Month ago

      Yall so dumb to still think Jaqen is all the same character.

    • SafS
      SafS 2 months ago +5

      @BuddhaSTL maybe it's not "obvious" because the writers did a shit job of building up to it. Stop defending the writers with maybe's and could be's

    • John Wayne
      John Wayne 2 months ago

      @BuddhaSTL omg you dunce read the books, even in the series the faceless men have nothing to do with the white walkers, the Lord of light is literally the story. Stannis was more involved with the night king than arya you dumb cuny

    • BuddhaSTL
      BuddhaSTL 2 months ago +1

      @John Wayne and they were all part of the Lord of Lights purpose knowingly or unknowingly, genius. Every single step in Arya’s life was to develop her for the moment to kill the Night King. How is this not obvious? Lol

  • bisaster
    bisaster 2 months ago +128

    In the Doom of Valyria, around 10:00, I read a theory somewhere that the 14 flames were unstable, and the deeper they mined, the more unstable these volcanoes get. They mine deep and hot because this is how they hatch their Dragons. This is where magic comes in, Valyrians have Fire Mages, deep in the mines of 14 Flames, they conduct magic to keep the volcanoes stable.
    This comes into play with the Faceless men causing the Doom of Valyria theory, because how would they cause the doom? They assassinated all Fire Mages in synchrony, causing all 14 Flames to become unstable all at once and the Doom of Valyria occurs.

    • Teresha Regina
      Teresha Regina Month ago


    • bisaster
      bisaster Month ago

      @Bat13B I haven't actually, I've been reading a lot of ASOIAF content on A wiki of ice and fire website lately. I'd give the video a go.

    • Bat13B
      Bat13B Month ago

      You might have seen that theory right here on his channel my friend, I just watched it yesterday. I think it’s called “what ended Valyria?”

    • bisaster
      bisaster Month ago +2

      @Flux I don't recall Sam meeting the Alchemist in the show, I do however, recall him sneaking around the Citadel. I try my best to forget the show because of the Season 8 disaster.

    • Flux
      Flux Month ago

      Or was it in the books?

  • ED
    ED Year ago +183

    I'm not even a GoT fan, but the depth in the world and the story is just so good that I had to keep watching lol

    • Chirag Gowda
      Chirag Gowda Month ago +2

      That makes you a fan

    • Leumaz Dnazor
      Leumaz Dnazor Month ago +3

      "I'm not a fan, but I am super invested in this world I'm totally not a fan of"

    • PokéDaily
      PokéDaily Month ago +4

      … because you’re a fan.

    • Xsomono
      Xsomono 9 months ago +6

      Can really recommend reading the books. At the end of every other chapter you just put the book down with your mind blown. Martin's world is just breathtaking.
      Easily the best story I've ever read and I read a lot.

    • Daddy Poochie
      Daddy Poochie 9 months ago +1

      lord of the rings is similar

  • Jonathan DiPaolo
    Jonathan DiPaolo Month ago +7

    The Faceless Men are probably the most interesting elements in the books and show. They're a shadow government that pulls all the strings of the world behind the scenes. Clearly they're rich and powerful beyond comprehension what with their proximity (and most likely ownership) of the Iron Bank. They can basically decide who dies when and have limitless resources to do so. They're one of the deep elemental forces of this world and I really hope GRRM expands upon their lore in future books.

  • Michaela Wylie
    Michaela Wylie Year ago +33

    The transition around 7:00 with "not all characters have a sercret identity...but some of them do" and then going into Jaqen's alternate identities and mysterious actions in Oldtown was so well done. The way you script these videos is so impressive.

  • necko gecko
    necko gecko 3 months ago +27

    from the one god line, i always thought syrio was once part of the faceless men, but left. he didn’t want to be part of the wacky death cult but still subscribed to the idea that death is the only god, but instead of accepting it as an inevitability he taught arya that death can be fought.

  • El' papi
    El' papi 3 years ago +5561

    Syrio might have a similar philosophy to Jacen because they’re both from Bravoos and their culture is deeply influenced by the faceless men.

    • Tim looper
      Tim looper 2 months ago


    • Singh Street Workout
      Singh Street Workout 3 months ago

      @HighriseSuicides better then what they show in season 8 🤣🤣

    • HighriseSuicides
      HighriseSuicides 3 months ago

      @Singh Street Workout what a stupid theory lmao

    • Singh Street Workout
      Singh Street Workout 3 months ago

      I am a bit 5 years late but what if jon snow that killed khaleesi is jaqen h'gar and Arya asked for her help when she was in winterfell with Sansa.

    • 😁smiley face
      😁smiley face 3 months ago

      Or maybe they weee actually the same person

  • this guy
    this guy 5 months ago +9

    Syrio wasn't specifically looking for Arya, it's more likely that the identity was ideal for recruiting potential pupils to become faceless men.

  • Chad Dy
    Chad Dy 4 months ago +18

    I will answer your theory with my theory: The Faceless man acted as Syrio Forel because he was simply spying around that time. And when he met Arya he saw potential. He went to become a prisoner for the Night Watch because he saw Arya being taken by Yoren. Just as simple as that. In GOT there is no coincidence it was fate.

  • Bryon Ensminger
    Bryon Ensminger 4 months ago +12

    The theory that he traded the eggs for a faceless man to kill his brother would explain why they're so set on finding that book at the Citadel because there in hopes it would tell him how to hatch it

  • Ambika Raje Singh
    Ambika Raje Singh 3 months ago +18

    Arya's journey is the most favorite and interesting part for me in the show.....she is the only stark who was literally alone and amongst the enemies and people she can't trust......she had to go through hardship and even have trouble for a good meal......being a daughter of a lord and having a great childhood she was the ultimate survivor for me......

  • Ellie Jin
    Ellie Jin 2 years ago +1353

    Although he only plays a supporting role, every scene he plays leaves a deep impression on us. Terrific acting!

  • Happy_go_lucky_arts
    Happy_go_lucky_arts 8 months ago +19

    I like to think the faceless men are actively against the grand maester conspiracy. It would make sense that if maesters are actively suppressing magic and death that a death cult would take notice. What better way to bring about death than bringing dragons back who aren’t tethered to a Targaryen?

  • Eric McClelland
    Eric McClelland Year ago +18

    The biggest thing for me that says syrio is not a faceless man is because of the iconic line that he says to Arya "what do we say to death we say not today"

  • Ланцетник Миногович

    You confused “babushka” with “matryoshka”. Matryoshka is the name of the Russian many-layered dolls. “Babushka” means “grandmother” in Russian. To be fair, “grandma the assassin” sounds equally hilarious and badass at the same time being a character you would totally expect in the song of ice and fire universe.

  • Ryuu
    Ryuu 9 months ago +9

    The actor of Jaqen is german and I saw him most of the time in a cafe next to my school in berlin. Still can't believe I met a GoT actor in real life. Was too scared to walk up to him so I made my friends go talk to him lol.

    • Ryuu
      Ryuu 2 months ago +2

      @Varthas Vegenos stay mad, nobody

    • Popo-a Pu
      Popo-a Pu 2 months ago +1

      He is no one

    • Varthas Vegenos
      Varthas Vegenos 6 months ago

      So I guess you didn’t actually meet him then. Whoops.

  • im_sorry_i_forgot_my_username

    Euron in the books: psychotic mass murderer who is organising an unprecedented ritual to a dark blood demon
    Euron in the show: a finger in the bum

    • PokéDaily
      PokéDaily Month ago

      @The Mariner you’re calling yara the hottest girl? Wtf

    • LASHK001
      LASHK001 4 months ago


    • Jared Sparks
      Jared Sparks 8 months ago

      @Toki Vikerness aka dicky cok

    • Jared Sparks
      Jared Sparks 8 months ago

      Fr lol. He sounds so epically evil and badass in the book. Show leather bound douche

    • Adam Singer
      Adam Singer 8 months ago +2

      😂 yeah the books are _beyond_ so much better than [the trashfire end of GOT by D&D] … I can’t wait to see how Euron progresses in Book Six.

  • lisa
    lisa Year ago +4

    Always felt Syrio was training Ayra like someone trained him. He could not finish her training, so she went to someone who continued it and finished it, preparing her for the huge task and purpose of her training.

  • Arbel
    Arbel 10 months ago +10

    I was in love with this actor from first sight. That said, the storyline was odd but I just watched it for what it was. I did not read the books...kinda think i should now.

  • MaximumtheZinc
    MaximumtheZinc 7 months ago +9

    Everytime I hear the theory that Euron says he threw his dragon egg into the sea, but really used it as payment to have Baelon killed. If you think about it, if Euron equated his brothers life to the price of his dragon egg, then having his brother tossed into the sea is the same of tossing the egg itself. Idk makes sense in my head.

    • Narjis
      Narjis 3 months ago +2

      Hiring a faceless man have a high cost
      Euron has a dragon egg
      Euron gives the egg to the faceless man
      The faceless man kills his brother and throw him in the sea
      Euron says i throw the egg in the sea
      Throwing the egg in the sea = throwing his brother in the sea cus that what led to this
      Idk that’s my theory

  • Ethan Clark
    Ethan Clark 11 months ago +8

    i like to think that you were right about Euron using the dragons egg as payment to have balon killed in the books. especially if you consider the fact that if balons life was worth a dragon egg then balon could symbolically represent Euron throwing an egg into the sea during his "darker mood"

  • Taytay Queen
    Taytay Queen 3 years ago +2538

    I really really really wanted Jaqen to show up in s8. 😭

    • Propheon
      Propheon 5 months ago

      @Jh Trq i already have explain that. When they become someone they BECOME that person from a to z . Not just the face. Just a theory btw. But it seem obvious to me that whats the author wanted not d&d wanted thats exactly my point. Its kinda morbid im talking about total mind control or soul possesion if you prefer. I think it was just to morbid for normal people. You asking whats the point to be disguise as Arya , bro you really lack imagination. There tons of things they can do if one of them pretend to be arya.
      Go read again my comments (sry for my average english) again , i explain your question and at least 6 other points.
      An example is jacquen. The real jaquen is dead. But the guy impersonating him act exactly like the real jaquen. So its jaquen but its not. Its jaquar with another brain but still with jaquen knowledge and memory.
      And the faceless girl had that batman training too and way before her. She had time to practice a lot more than arya. So the training mean nothing. Why they show her like she suddenly super strong well you answered it because d&d suck. But she got killed in the dark .
      You really think arya at that point of the story could be as strong as brienne? No.
      Not sure why you dont like my theory of arya being dead its way more original than what they did which is pretty much a copy of the star war jedi girl in star wars .

    • Jh Trq
      Jh Trq 5 months ago

      @Propheon And why would the "not-Arya" spend most of his time accomplishing any of selfish petty vengeance goal of former Arya? Don't forget this part of the story is written by the unskilled, unconcerned D&D. This make no sense. They spend all the season of her Batman trainning to move her away from her slefish vengeance goals. Even if any circonvoluted way, the faceless were trying to defeat the Night King, what's the point of trying to disguise as Arya? They could take any face to do it. This is an overcomplicated plan just for the sake of it. being edgy, mysterious and not cliché at all.

    • Jh Trq
      Jh Trq 5 months ago

      @The Goat It dosen't make any sense. Red priests aren't related to the death cult of the Faceless, and the phrase "Valar morgulis" is a common expression in all Essos from the free cities to the far east, because of the strong Valyrian influence on their culture. Or any Essos people are secret members of the faceless. This look like the kind of crap the show could have pulled of.

    • killerjoke2945
      killerjoke2945 7 months ago

      I really really really wanted s8 to make sense 😭

    • Lucy Stephanie: Properties & More
      Lucy Stephanie: Properties & More 8 months ago +2

      @Siddhartha they should make a new series abt him

  • Bridget Brennan
    Bridget Brennan Year ago +1

    So a Faceless Man can’t choose their own targets, and I read that they can’t kill for their own reasons. And Arya was still able to use her Faceless Man powers after she left and killed for personal reasons. So can the Faceless Men kill in self defense? Would that be considered a personal reason? Why can Arya use faces when she’s not offering her kills as sacrifices to the Many Faced God? Can they kill people as long as they aren’t meant to be sacrificed to the Many Faced God? The faces are supposed to be poison to people who aren’t No One, so why can she still use them and not die? And you have to use blood to attach the faces according to the books, so how did Jaqen change his appearance with this his hand? Was it a glamour? If it was, are the Faceless Man taught magic too? I have so many questions and not enough answer forums to help.

  • rudytheskull
    rudytheskull 6 months ago +22

    5:30 jaken didn't came to king's landing to recruit arya, he came to take a contract on danerys's head
    "During a small council meeting discussing King Robert I Baratheon's demand that Daenerys Targaryen die, Grand Maester Pycelle suggests hiring the Faceless Men to assassinate the exiled princess. The master of coin, Lord Petyr Baelish, says that doing so would be too expensive; the price to hire the Faceless Men to kill a merchant is twice that of hiring an army of sellswords, and the price to kill a princess would be even higher. Varys, the master of whisperers, will instead offer a lordship to a successful assassin."

  • CreeDo Lala
    CreeDo Lala 23 hours ago

    I guess some feel like it's too much of a coincidence, but to me it makes sense. Ned hires this top tier braavosi to teach Aria because he's the lord of an important house, and dotes on his kids, and can afford to hire the best. And it's the ideal choice if your kid has to use a small light blade and minimal armor, something Ned would put thought into (having been a soldier)... where other lords might have just hired a famed westerosi knight.

  • Krawurxus
    Krawurxus Year ago +3

    The Syrio Forel thing makes perfect sense. He's from Braavos too. Clearly the Braavosi aren't afraid of the House of Black and White, they literally go there to die at a tim eof their choosing to die peacefully. Apparently everyone from that city knows knows about the iron coins and their significance because Jaqen tells Arya she can show it to anyone from Braavos and they'll take her there..
    So Syrio was probably just quoting from his own religion.

  • Emil Sosnin
    Emil Sosnin 3 years ago +4004

    "To this day, no one knows what caused the the Doom"
    *No one knows what caused the Doom*
    *No one are The Faceless Men*

    • Emmanuel Juma
      Emmanuel Juma 4 months ago

      A sharp student

    • msamour
      msamour 6 months ago +1

      Jaqen H'gar, it should be noted trained Arya for reasons that are not exactly in line with the rules of the faceless men organization. I suspect he wanted Arya to go back and take revenge on the injustice that befell the land of Westeros. Jaqen was well aware he was never going to be able to control Arya, yet he trained her anyways. By training Arya in the ways of the organization, he was insuring that a form of it would live on in Westoros. After the main storyline ended, Arya left Westoros ti discover other lands, she could assume any identities she wants after that point.

    • msamour
      msamour 6 months ago

      @Pdawg She left the organization when she took back her identity. It's you that's not paying attention mate. The guy that brought her in always knew she was going to go back to Westeros. The argument can be made that he was counting on it. Upon her return to Winterfell she went on to serve her sister and brother for a while. If the author wanted to develop her character even further, he could show her developing an alternate version of the faceless men. Read the damn books then come back and comment.

    • Pdawg
      Pdawg 6 months ago

      @msamour arya is NOT apart of the faceless men??? did you even pay attention

    • Melanistic Mandalorian
      Melanistic Mandalorian 8 months ago

      @James Henchman lol maybe grr martin will explain it

  • Karen Thomas
    Karen Thomas Year ago +18

    I like the theory that Jaqen was in King's Landing to kill Ned Stark but when Joff did that for him he went in a different direction. I think the theory says that he works out who Arya is and that's why he pays attention to her.

    • John Sanchez
      John Sanchez 5 months ago

      Nah the Faceless men represent becoming nobody to connect with our consciousness. "Faces are as good as poison"

    • zage pendragon
      zage pendragon 5 months ago +1

      ​@Karen Thomas faceless men aren't just something you can hire at a whim, they don't have a set price, they ask for intangible sentimental things, not x amount of crowns but your first born, your wife, your kingdom, lifetime of servitude, your death, something you treasure etc.
      People like Cersei and Lf likely couldn't afford the FM and wouldn't want to pay the price even if they could.

    • Karen Thomas
      Karen Thomas 8 months ago

      @Jackie Boo I can’t remember if it was Cersei who hired him or maybe Littlefinger.

    • Jackie Boo
      Jackie Boo 8 months ago

      Who was trying to kill ned according to the theory?

  • Elisjon Goseni
    Elisjon Goseni 7 months ago +2

    I think that Jaqen H'ghar was his real name. He wouldn't be scared when Arya called his name as the 3rd in her list. Maybe, Faceless Man was just a code or a nickname not only for him, but for all of them who were servant's at the temple. He wouldn't tremble, if Arya would have been said: The Faceless Man. It could be anyone. But, maybe he would be a Targaryen in disguise, when he was such an excellent swordsman. He moved to Bravos, learned their ways and in the end he knew Arya Stark and willed to help her, because of her family tree. No one in the movie had helped Arya in such a way, training her in such a way. Not even Brienne.

  • jailerofjustice
    jailerofjustice 6 months ago +8

    Jagen hgar was one of my favorite characters in GOT, Martin painted a good assassin which remained mysterious, cunning and always go for the money while remaining in the shadows. But the best part is jagen remained a mystery even for the readers and audiences.

  • OR2891
    OR2891 Year ago +1

    I know this an old video and I'm way late to the party. However, an idea occurs to me and it may be a theory I haven't heard discussed yet. What if the high price of hiring the faceless men is one's own life? We hear that only death can pay for life in the magic rituals. What if this is the same? The slaves forced to work in the oppressive heat under Valyria prayed for death, but their master's (most of them anyway) were killed as well in the Doom. We see folks drink from the well in the House of Black and White and die. Perhaps spurned lovers, cast out heirs, or whoever come to the faceless men to get their ultimate revenge by sacrificing themselves to kill those who wronged them. The proportion of of suffering could justify the exchange of the life of a servant or other insignificant person for a high lord. Could explain why every king, lord, noble, wealthy merchant, etc. isn't handing over chests of gold to them constantly for their services. Could explain why all the faces they use are of unassuming folk, those who pass unnoticed by the high born during the kills of the faceless men as the faces they collect are of the wronged and persecuted. People come to the faceless men to pay for a life with their own death.

  • Flying O
    Flying O 3 years ago +1950

    A man is perhaps the most intriguing character in the entire story.

    • Janet Jordan
      Janet Jordan 2 months ago

      A man is fit

    • R
      R 8 months ago


    • Tokem juju
      Tokem juju Year ago +5

      I love the faceless men just like jaqen he's so incredibly cool and collected and just makes you want to see more of him

    • esaedro microflora
      esaedro microflora Year ago

      a user upvotes

    • Cream
      Cream 2 years ago +2

      @O G A man has his own duties, don't you think?

  • GloryGlory Hole’allelujah

    I always saw the *Faceless Men* as kind of the *Anti-Ice Zombies.*
    Two sides of the same coin-one worships death as a gift, the other takes that gift away and perverts it into something awful. *(OR)* they’re kind of the SAME side of the coin- because they really have no use for the “soul” inside someone, they both just want the bodies to use for their own reasons.... but unless the faceless men can take the faces of wights (which I doubt) then they can’t coexist.
    If there are no more human faces, there are no more sacrifices for death and no more “new” faces to use.
    So if the FM knew that war was coming, it makes sense to me that they would want to befriend/manipulate/influence someone as close to the wall and with as much authority as possible, (Arya Stark) they would also want books, eggs, glass and ANY other items or knowledge that could help end the Wights annihilation of mankind.
    But what the heII do I know?! 🤷‍♀️lol.

    • 808
      808 Year ago

      Sup 🤪

  • dustin wampler
    dustin wampler Day ago

    I think Syrio escaped and was hiding in the cart. How else is Jaqen in a cart if he has powers. He is there because he wishes to be. Syrio is continueing her training and protecting her while guiding her along without her really knowing it.

  • rockmelon
    rockmelon 28 days ago

    I always interpreted Jaqen as Death himself. The Alchemist wanted to see the book, to learn about the Targaryen myth of the Song of Fire and Ice, to bring balance to the world and that is why Arya was trained in the first place. She was trained to kill the Night King ultimately ending the struggle for power between darkness and light.

  • MoreHertz
    MoreHertz Year ago +3

    I've always seen the faceless men as Arya's trainers for the Night King. A careful construct to prepare her. All the skills she learns she has to use to do this. Arya is simply allowed to leave. The Night King is an affront to the god of death and their greatest threat

  • Israel Nolazco
    Israel Nolazco 2 days ago

    I always thought Syrio and Jaquen were just from the same region. Thus the constant reference to death. Just like how the Aztecs loved death. It is part of a culture general area rather than being the same individual.

  • strikerwoman
    strikerwoman Year ago +7

    he was always by far my favorite character, and in the series i didnt get to see enough of him. is he more prevalent in the books?

    • Cody Schwarz
      Cody Schwarz 10 months ago +3

      @strikerwoman you should find several of the other characters much more interesting than their show counterparts, also when the faceless man does appear it’s a lot more sinister.

    • strikerwoman
      strikerwoman 10 months ago

      @Cody Schwarz really? :( I started reading the first book since I commented that and was hoping to see him more. That kinda makes me not really want to read them because he really was the only character that I found interesting.

    • Cody Schwarz
      Cody Schwarz 10 months ago

      He’s much less prevalent sadly

  • Flahoo ?
    Flahoo ? 7 months ago +6

    I like to imagine that the faceless men are placing themselves in the citadel to attempt to stop euron. If euron plans to take the fate of the realms into his own hands, that goes against the many faced god and their own schematic over life and death.

  • BAD
    BAD 9 months ago +3

    Man, if only I have found your channel sooner it would have been the nourishment i needed to feed my theories and imagination for the book... nevertheless your content is so entertaining and marvelous to interpret. Kudos and keep up the amazing works! ❤️🔥🎉

  • Brian Stephens
    Brian Stephens 3 years ago +501

    The house of black and white is in Braavos, where Syrio was from. Similarities in their religion and how they regard death ("there is only one god...") could easily be interpreted as the effect that the Faceless Men have had on Braavosi culture. Makes much more sense if that's the case and Syrio was exactly who he seemed to be.

    • George Cervantez
      George Cervantez 10 months ago +2

      @Marcos Patrício Interesting!

    • Marcos Patrício
      Marcos Patrício Year ago +9

      I still think the theory about Syrio being a faceless man makes sense, although it's not perfect
      1-a faceless man went to Westeros to, among other things learn more about dragons. His plan was to pose as a skilled swordsman, make a name on the next tournament Robert set, and join the court. Inside it, he'd spy on the small council and read more about Targaryen history but
      2-for his luck, the first sword of Braavos died recently, and even better: the hand of the king needs a skilled swordsman to teach his daughter! That means more free time to do sneaky shit, and would also explain why he frequently sends Arya to run fool's errands, such as standing still on one leg atop some stairs, or chasing cats. There, he sees potential on the little girl
      3-he's captured and was to be used as a mean to lure Arya back into the clutch of the lannisters. They did it with the ship she'd use to go back home, what would keep them from doing this to Syrio?
      4-that faceless man changes faces while on the black cells, and takes the identity of J'aquen. He's planning a escape when the night's watch takes him. He proceeds to plan annother escape when he meetd Arya again, by pure coincidence

    • Malu D.
      Malu D. Year ago +13

      Also the faceless men BUILT the city.

    • Alexander Zack
      Alexander Zack 2 years ago +40

      exactly.... would also explain why arya had to show that coin to ANY bravoosi and they would know what to do

  • Sade M
    Sade M Year ago +4

    Was Syrio's head on a spike when Joffrey took Sansa to see the heads? If so, Syrio cannot possibly have been "Jaqen". However, Syrio COULD be "Jaqen's" fellow assassin, sent to find and teach Arya because someone - or something - instructed him to.

    • Stonehaven228
      Stonehaven228 4 months ago

      He traded places with Eddard Stark in the dungeon and Ned went to the wall so he could go beyond the wall to find his lost brother Benjen Stark.. eventually he will run into his nephew Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen and tell him the truth about Lyanna Stark and Rhagar Targaryen..

    • J. Alex Warren
      J. Alex Warren 8 months ago

      That could be anyone's head with the face applied by Jaqen.

  • jdhur3
    jdhur3 Year ago +1

    This theory is very interesting and adds a level of depth to these faceless men but one point bothers me. From what we have seen, the FM's don't seem to want to take part in the political life or the affairs of the rest of the world unless someone hires them for an assassination. The rest of the time they seem to stay in their temple and go about their little routines. Moreover Daenerys has a reputation of liberator, she fights against slavery everywhere she goes which should make her a little appreciable towards the FM whose founders were slaves.
    As for the dragons, nothing says that they really disappeared before Daenerys' eggs hatched. Which makes me think that what makes dragons so dangerous is when they are controlled by humans and if that's the case then the best solution for the FMs would have been to murder Daenerys right after she hatched her eggs. Or even kill the dragons when they were still small. And I doubt that finding Daenerys would have been difficult for them when even Varys is capable of it.
    For all that I have a hard time taking this theory seriously, it doesn't make sense for the FMs to do all this just to eliminate three young dragons and a teenage girl when they are known to be able to murder anyone.

  • Jaren Alfred
    Jaren Alfred 2 months ago +1

    I just see it that the faceless men have some sort of future sight and that's why Sereo was first sent, then Jaqen to the cage, giving her someone to save so he'd "owe" her showing her how powerful she could become with sword fighting and the assassinations. I also think they probably already had Sereo not just for Arya but his face just fit with what they needed for that mission. On a different note, I like how the quote it "To this day, No one knows what caused the Doom." I like to read it as the only beings that know what caused the doom are the faceless men who regularly call themselves no one, one living person knows what happened except for no one who are the only ones that know

  • Kel Jackson
    Kel Jackson Year ago +2

    The issue I have with Euron and the dragon egg is that would it hatch it would take 3-5 years for it to grow large enough to be dangerous. Will they have that kind of time?

  • Sam Mere
    Sam Mere 6 years ago +198

    Since the Faceless Men believe in magic, are they aware of the white walkers? If so, wouldn't a species, that reanimates people given the "gift" of death, be of interest to them?

    • Ida Spence
      Ida Spence 5 years ago +1

      Summer is coming.

    • Veranicus
      Veranicus 5 years ago

      That's an intresting point.Boon The Chemist. I was wondering too. If they wohrship death, and death is a gift and a blessing. how would they think about the white walkers?? Are they betraying the believes of the faceless man, or are they extending them??? Intrest for sure.

      FILIPINOROYALTY 6 years ago

      Sam Mere

    • Adam Abdalla
      Adam Abdalla 6 years ago

      R'hallore reanimates the dead. But GRRM has said no Gods are even real in his universe.

    • Mirco Romanato
      Mirco Romanato 6 years ago

      Their big problem, anyway, would be with anyone animating the dead.

  • Kenoman
    Kenoman Year ago +1

    I saw a fan theory I accepted for Jacquen Hgar. He allowed himself to be captured and placed in the black cells. The money behind his employment comes from Little finger. Peter Balish has the money and influence to get Jaquen placed in the palace cells to be gathered by the nights watch. Why would he want that? His intended target is Ned Stark who was supposed to be in the caravan for the wall and who's wife Peter loves. Geoffrey killed Ned which was unexpected. Had Ned been instead "accidentally" killed on the way to the wall Katlyn Stark would not hold any hope of ever seeing Ned again and Peter would be free to rise in position and hopefully win her heart.
    I think he used the faceless men to go for Ned. Jaquen's mission was forfeit after what Geoffrey did to Ned so he took an interest in Arya probably because he learned everything about Ned as his intended target so he knew who Arya was and what she looked like.
    Jaquen: A boy becomes a girl
    Arya: I was always a girl.
    Jaquen: And I was always aware.
    This also lines up Jaquen to be Syrio because he was beginning his assignment to get close to Ned to understand his target. He formed a bond with Arya early on which he picked up later.

  • Erika Enander
    Erika Enander 2 months ago

    I love your explanations. You don’t insist that you’re absolutely correct, but you do raise good questions. And a good question is always more productive than a flat answer.

  • This dude
    This dude 21 day ago

    I never understood how a "faceless man" ever got in a situation where he was captured. Can't even dream of Arya getting captured by anyone, and he's a supposed master

  • Strata XL
    Strata XL Year ago +6

    While I do like the idea that Euron hired a faceless man, I feel like the line could easily be read in a more sinister way as well, "I could not do the deed myself, but it was my hand that PUSHED him", meaning he didn't necessarily kill him but instead pushed him over the edge and let the 'ocean' take his father's life. A fitting death. Then again, I did just smoke a blunt.

  • Martin Gray
    Martin Gray 6 years ago +640

    The main reason why I feel like thinking that Syrio is a faceless man is really silly is because their views of death are complete opposite: «What do we say to the God of Death? Not today» and «Death is a gift». Syrio might believe in the Many-Faced God (which make sense, hes also from Braavos after all) but he certainly doesn't worship him.

    • J. Alex Warren
      J. Alex Warren 8 months ago

      Even the faceless men do not seek death themselves, or the deaths of potential recruits by extension. If you were trying to acclimate someone to your death cult, would you start with, "Serve the nany-faced God of death like I do", or would you just expose the idea of Death to a student in a way that they could get behind? I think it would be better to start small, then over time expose her to deeper beliefs at a rate that she can deal with.

    • Mistermaestersir Thomas
      Mistermaestersir Thomas 2 years ago +1

      I think it's worth noting. That when talking about FM, one would be wise not to call them by who they may have killed; but instead No One. Saying "Syrio wouldn't or Jaqun believes" so... might mean nothing since they might have died years ago. Arya might have been trained by the essence of a dead man brought to life by a sooo method actor.

    • first_of_her name
      first_of_her name 5 years ago +3

      Jaqen never wanted to recruit her. Read the books and watch the show again. He gave her the coin because she saved his life and he felt sorry for her. He did it against the Faceless Men rules, it was explained in the books by the Kindly Man and in the show by the Waif. He is a young man who at the time of Arya's training with Syrio was spying certain guild in King's Landing, killed certain man and got locked in the Black Cells. Syrio is middle age man who spent years serving the Sealord and everybody knew his face. Jaqen was a baby when Syrio was already skilled water dancer. Jaqen never manipulated Arya, he was honest with her.

    • Joshua Ford
      Joshua Ford 5 years ago

      giantWario I think with stuff like this you have to look pass stuff like that he is a master of manipulation if he wants arya he will say what he needs to not what he believes in to recruit her.

    • Elvira Montanna
      Elvira Montanna 5 years ago

      giantWario i just had a deja vu with that comment

  • JNNFC cc
    JNNFC cc Year ago

    I find it funny how so many people can call it what it is, a plot dead end, just like half-life, an intriguing story that might have maxed out the creativity of the writers as well

  • Bryce Lew
    Bryce Lew Year ago +10

    "I threw it into the sea during one of my dark moods" could also be one of GRRM's clever plays on words, since Balon fell off a bridge and into the sea

  • vesoha
    vesoha Year ago +14

    I mean all this sounds cool, but at the same time it could just be the Iron bank hiring the faceless men to destabilize a kingdom who owes them alot of money, well knowing they can't demand their money back from a king with an army. This explains the protection of the last Targaryans the 3 dragon eggs, Why Jon Arryn was poisoned (In the books it is not actually clear who poisoned him) As the one who could stop chaos before it started rolling. Maybe a boring theory, but it would be a theme from English and central European history. Kings are notorious bad at paying back their loans, And often the king got out of debt by force. Combine this with the modern idea of how powerful banks are. It would make for an interesting tale even if not one of epic fantasy.

    • zage pendragon
      zage pendragon 5 months ago

      yes it is, Lysa admits to poisoning him with tears of Lys at littlefingers behest

  • J. Alex Warren
    J. Alex Warren 8 months ago

    I see Jaqen as Syrio. A fencing master is a great guise to seek talent for the many-faced God. In Westeros, almost nobody fights like, or has the faith of, Braavos. Getting at a noble youth who has the potential to kill, and the open mind to the ideals of the many-faced god, is a great reason for him to be there.
    Think also that adopting the Braavosi fighting style could alienate the subject from their fellow Westerosi, pushing them to travel to the like-minded inhabitants of the many-faced God. Plus, having given Aria the special coin could also stimulate interest in going there.
    Summing up, I don't think Syrio was there for Aria, but after training her, saw her potential. Then he arranged to follow her to motivate her to go to Braavos, and join the temple for further training and testing. The wagon fire was accidental, but worked in his favor to further entice her after killing for her. Everything else went according to his plan.

  • strikerwoman
    strikerwoman Year ago +1

    and one thing that i wish they would have done differently in the HBO series is when Arya and the Waif get into their final fight. i know there was a fan theory that the waif actually won, and that Arya was just a face now. it’s since been discredited, but for some reason i cant get it out of my head. i think that because of the way the girl played Arya in the later episodes, her actions are so still, her facial expressions are stilted, and she no longer has the passion for her “list” that she did before. people said it couldn’t be the waif because she continued the vendetta of Arya Stark, but wouldn’t she have to do that anyway because the gods are expecting those deaths?

  • Stadt101
    Stadt101 Year ago

    It makes all the sense to me, he was testing her character, so he put himself in situations to see her reaction i'm sure all the situations he was in he could have escaped out of if she didn't help him he just wanted to know what she would do.

  • Liz Collinson
    Liz Collinson 3 months ago

    I think the similarities between the faceless men and Syrio just make sense because they're bravosian. Its not unreasonable that the assassin priests in bravos have an impact on the cultural beliefs of the rest of bravos, especially one of thier warriors.

  • Kyra Adley
    Kyra Adley 10 months ago +1

    I always thought that a faceless man had been employed to teach Arya how to protect herself. And that he kept poping up to keep an eye on her.

  • because bears aren’t dragons

    simpler yet more exciting times.
    A time when we actually thought the show was going to provide amazing revelations, backstory, intricately detailed relationships and maybe a bit of beautifully written closure.
    Instead, welcome to season 8.
    The final season that has arrived probably 2 seasons too soon.
    Because it’s too complicated so... dracarys.

    • Jh Trq
      Jh Trq 5 months ago

      @isdel Sadly they provided this terrible answer of who the Others are, at least how they were created... by the fucking eleves... Which contredict the books. If only they could have left this plot unanswered...

    • isdel
      isdel 6 months ago

      Martin is clearly at fault for leaving so many loose ends, and breaking his agreement to finish the series by the time the show finishes. This is not D&D's story -- it's Martin's incomplete one. All of the loose ends have had yet to be tied up a decade after the last book -- the largest gap between books mind you.
      Narratively speaking, who the White Walkers are, where the catspaw dagger came from, what Arya's assassin training is supposed to amount to, the limits of greensight, who the fuck Quaithe even is, and the significance of Jon snow's heritage are still unanswered. The ending itself was planned from the start by George and D&D in the first place lol.
      It was inevitable.

    • R
      R 8 months ago


    • MrRocksW
      MrRocksW Year ago +1

      WhO hAs A BeTtEr StORy THaN BrAn?

    • Borys Vengerov
      Borys Vengerov Year ago

      @DMart That's why I have read the books. Maybe that was Martin's plan all along?!..

  • Merengueatang4
    Merengueatang4 2 months ago

    I think it's more likely that Syrio isn't a faceless man, but knows about them and specifically the many faced god. The first sword of Braavos would probably have dealings and knowledge with them, their existence seems to be fairly common knowledge.

  • joe s
    joe s 5 days ago

    I've always wondered if the Faceless Men are trying to hatch the dragon egg to fight the Others. Enslaving the dead would probably be the ultimate abomination to a cult that worships death.

  • Leif Leoden
    Leif Leoden Year ago +1

    6:50 Another reasons for the connection is that the Temple of Black and White might be a huge cultural icon of Bravos. The philosophies of the faceless men probably carry a lot of weight throughout Bravosi culture. No surprise to me that a sell sword from Bravos may have a similar philosophical perspective as a priest of the faceless men.

  • TomC
    TomC 7 months ago

    the problem with the faceless men, from a storytelling point of view, is that they could be literally anyone. once you've seen that trick once, why would you believe any other character in the story is who they say they are?

  • dawfydd
    dawfydd Month ago

    I think Jaqen gives people three names often and normally people giving three names ends up with them either joining the brotherhood or destroying themselves in greed, Arya likely got on his radar when her final name was to help others escape from being captive.
    I imagine it doesn't happen often that somebody is selfless with a name, though it did also benefit her.
    And rewatching GOT and just ignoring the final season while we wait for the another book is a good idea to keep sane! lol

  • Gustavo Silva
    Gustavo Silva 7 months ago

    1:23 The moment when an act that screams "DON'T DO THAT" end up being one of the best decision of her life. Of course it was a mere accident, everything could have gone hideously wrong by releasing those people.
    But i think that at the heat of the moment with everyone couting on each other to survive and little time to think most of us would have follow our primal urge for unity and reciprocity and have helped, because logically speaking having help, washing each others hands, it's much more advantageous and productive (from an industrial standpoint) than trying to do all by yourself. And not doing that can create the opposite, imagine if they survive and remember you turned your back on them??? Great, now you have 3 super dangerous people hunting you and wanting your head. It's a lot to think, and very situational, to be conclusive i think you need to really observe all the other singular factors of the situation.

  • Jacob McDorman
    Jacob McDorman 7 months ago

    you don't choose to train an assassin because of their inherent skills, you choose to train an assassin based upon their connections and motivations. They may have chosen to recruit Arya because of her house, and origin but initially she had no ability, it was learned and earned.
    If a faceless man was tasked to kill a noble, and needed subterfuge to do it could he pretend to be one? If the faceless man was born poor he might miss intricacies and the ability to blend in properly.
    You can't always learn a role, being born into nobility, it is probably easier to grasp the role again. This is why they may recruit from nobility.

  • Blue Beard
    Blue Beard 2 months ago

    Okay the connection between two men of bravos having similar outlooks on life, and following similar gods makes total sense. Guess what two guys from Boston they're going to root for the same football team. And if there is any merit behind them being the same man, would Aria have been an intended target for a long period of time or would she have just been the best Target he came across?

  • Rillymonray
    Rillymonray 5 years ago +472

    Another thing with the whole syrio forel thing, is that the house of black and white is in braavos. The culture in Braavos is heavily linked to the faceless men. Just by Arya showing that coin to a person from braavos she was able to be transported there for free. So of course the first sword of Braavos is going to teach Arya the same foundations of the faceless men

    • h t.
      h t. 3 years ago +1

      @Cole Johnson yeah but he himself has no other associations to braavos

    • Cole Johnson
      Cole Johnson 3 years ago +1

      @h t. They say his grandfather or someone like that was from there

    • h t.
      h t. 3 years ago

      @Nestor how do you know littlefinger was from braavos?

    • Nestor
      Nestor 3 years ago +6

      @h t. Little finger is also from Braavos. When Visery Targaryen was with the "whore" in the first season she said that she has met a man with many faces due to her job. Little finger owns a brothel and hires "whores" so i wouldnt be surprised if Little finger is behind all this

    • h t.
      h t. 3 years ago +6

      Exactly what I thought... and I'm glad this is probably not true because I love Syrio and Jaqen is a bit of a dick

  • dudejrryan
    dudejrryan Year ago +5

    I was wondering how he got caught in the first place & in the wagon.Being the deadly assasin that he was in the show. Was it intentional? They could have given a a little more back story on that

    • J. Alex Warren
      J. Alex Warren 8 months ago

      It was probably intentional because only youths are free, and the fully grown are caged. I doubt he foresaw the wagon catching fire... Even the deadliest fighter is occasionally struck down by bad luck.

  • varflane
    varflane Year ago +5

    A superb TV series - BUT a much better series of books. George still hasn't finished writing them, the story becomes more convoluted (more houses, more of
    Roberts children). However George writes very slowly and doesn't know the ending himself.
    I think this story will be another Dune and that GRRM. will die before finishing it.
    Not my wish, just the way I think things will be.

  • SgtMclupus
    SgtMclupus 8 months ago

    It does make sense that Syrio and Jaquen is the same person, though...
    Syrio is who he really is, while Jaquen is a mask, and the reason for it to be Jaquens face we see all the time in the series is because of consistency!
    It would take away pressious time to explain why the face isn't the same, and besides Jaquen isn't even in THE house of black and White in the books.

  • Kacabon
    Kacabon 23 days ago

    I always viewed it that Syrio and Jaqen were both the red god. The red god appearing in Arya’s life to guide and push her towards joining the faceless men or training with the faceless men

  • Flamewarsux
    Flamewarsux 6 years ago +2896

    Nothing helps GoT withdrawal more than an AltShiftX videos.

    • Kota
      Kota 4 years ago +1

      Or Heroin ;o

    • fatboyRAY24
      fatboyRAY24 5 years ago +1

      IAm NoOne
      I rather be too far gone. Reality is boring and anticlimactic.

    • fatboyRAY24
      fatboyRAY24 5 years ago


    • Daniel Chambers
      Daniel Chambers 5 years ago

      Thats pretty funny ^_^

    • Joe Rico
      Joe Rico 5 years ago

      Haik0 Thanks.....I've never seen any of Prestons videos. Add one more to the subscriber list.

  • Megan Larocque
    Megan Larocque 2 months ago +8

    It was so cool to see the actor who portrayed Jaqen H'ghar, Thomas Wlaschiha, in Stranger Things 🥰

    • Megan Larocque
      Megan Larocque 28 days ago

      @Li M. Oh? 🤔

    • Li M.
      Li M. 28 days ago +1

      Sucks that he turned out to be so problematic though, I really liked him

  • Angel King91
    Angel King91 2 days ago

    it would be great if jaqen is the god, and chooses a vessel then when he changes his face he gives back the consciousness of the vessel he took over, he took over the vessels to train Arya

  • itsjavy
    itsjavy 9 months ago +1

    5 years later and here’s the take away from this video…”Kinda, maybe, may, perhaps, could be, possible, could, etc.” Definitely raised more questions after watching …still waiting for the next book to do the story justice.

  • matthew durbin
    matthew durbin Year ago

    By saying he threw it into the sea doesn't exactly mean he threw the egg in the sea, he used it to have his brother thrown into the sea. This would imply that the faceless men have the egg and maybe they are looking for the book to learn how to raise dragons or how to control them or even hatch them. The book tital isn't the death of dragons but could reference it but have more info about dragons.

  • Johnny Ace
    Johnny Ace 3 years ago +1490

    If they wanted too...game of thrones have enough of a storyline to extend for another 10 seasons after the white walkers

    • aron2015
      aron2015 Year ago

      What good would extending it do. It got bad and only can get more worse judging by what they did.

    • Badly Rosenthal
      Badly Rosenthal 2 years ago +1

      fuck the white walkers they were the LEAst of my interest in GoT

    • breakaway2x
      breakaway2x 2 years ago

      or they could easily have 10 spin off series.

    • ;
      ; 2 years ago +1

      @Shiri Guessman No. He hasn't started A Dream of Spring, it's just that will (probably) be the last book in the series. He's only working on The Winds of Winter.

    • Shiri Guessman
      Shiri Guessman 2 years ago +1


  • Cheesefist
    Cheesefist 6 months ago

    I rather think Syrio is a representation of what Arya is going to become in the books. I feel his backstory, if we where to get an in-depth look at it, Would be very similar to Aryas, in the sense of him training at the house of Black and White, but then left to go on his own journey.

  • Deep Parashar
    Deep Parashar Year ago +3

    Euron actually has thrown his dragon egg into the seas and the “sacrifice “ he is conducting in the most magical city of Westeros is something that can wake a dragon . Like the death of Khal Drogo and Daenerys ‘s unborn child ( who has the blood of the dragon ) hatched the dragons likewise Euron has a lot of people of , priests of different religion , and two people who have King’s blood ( Euron ‘s unborn child and Aerion Greyjoy ) .

    • Brigham D
      Brigham D 4 months ago +1

      Maybe that’s where the Kraken that pulled down an entire ship came from? Or maybe the death of the man who blew Eurons horn was the sacrifice needed to spawn it. Who knows, it’s fun to imagine

  • G CS
    G CS 4 months ago +1

    How did he end up in the prison cell block next to Ned? If he is so cunning, surely he wouldn’t be caught … unless he was sent there by someone very powerful or wealthy to kill Ned to get him out of the way … someone who would meet Ned dead so that he could pursue something important …like a persistent unrequited love interest …and maybe this someone wasn’t wealthy but had easy access to wealth and who could hide his payment …

  • Ryan Mombo
    Ryan Mombo Year ago

    What if Ned Stark never spoke to the real Syrio at all? What if the faceless men were running low on numbers or were looking for initiates and they got wind that some royals in Westeros were looking for a teacher and since nobles usually have some form of weapons training they figured they'd scout them out?

  • Finnish Mythology with Antti Palosaari

    "The man without a face sounds like a faceless man." I have to agree with that.

    • Sugar Crumbs
      Sugar Crumbs 3 years ago +2

      Quite the astute observation 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Jayden Leslie
      Jayden Leslie 4 years ago

      i was looking for this comment :D

    • Carter F
      Carter F 4 years ago +13

      Big if true

    • Luddinho98
      Luddinho98 5 years ago +21

      Can't argue on that

  • Brian Fox
    Brian Fox 2 months ago

    I haven't read a novel in like 15 years, but this character really makes me consider picking up this series.

  • Soul Seagull
    Soul Seagull Year ago

    Im wondering if the connection with the faceless man and valyria is true that the faceless man killed Danny as Jon Snow. Making the only person really in control the whole time is Death itself.

  • Mr Steel
    Mr Steel Year ago

    It makes complete sense that they would train Aria. (bearing in mind they know about the night king). Think about it. What does the night king mean for death, yup he essentially renders death obsolete, kills it in a sense. So if they knew about the existence of the night king and his abilities it would be very much in their favour to get rid of him, hence the need for Aria??????

  • Kiss My_Butt
    Kiss My_Butt Year ago +2

    Only one problem with the Syrio Forel theory. We hear him scream a blood curdling scream, though don't see him killed.

  • Norths King
    Norths King 3 months ago +1

    6:52 you over looked a big aspect of the books while in bravos... the brasvosi show utter respect to the faceless men and in my opinion have adopted many of their teachings.
    Not to mention the shear fact of how bravos was founded I believe the faceless men have something to do with its founding. People of all faiths in braavos kome to the house of black & white to seek his favour. So syrio repeating many of their words is like “swear to god” or “Jesus Christ” in North America, the religion is so widely accepted it’s apart of the kulture

  • LuzLuna
    LuzLuna 2 months ago +1

    I have a crush a Jaqen ☺️ after googling him, I found he plays Antov in Stranger Things. Great actor with beautiful crystal blue eyes. I hope to see more of him.

  • OmniMale
    OmniMale Year ago

    Death seems to be a part of the Bravos culture. She could go to any person from Bravos, present the coin and say Vala Morgulas and anyone from Bravos would understand. So to find a master swordsman from Bravos who deals in death follow the teachings of the Many faced gods

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago

    Theory: Arya's father traveled to Braavos when he was younger and earned a favor with the faceless men. Feeling the dangers of kings landing, knowing her rebellious tomboy nature, he calls in that favor. For them to teach her to become no-one, because as her father sees it no-one is a lot harder to kill than someone.

    • Jazzzzz
      Jazzzzz 11 months ago +1

      Ned would never want his daughter to forsake her family to become no one. Ned, bless him, stumbled into the path of a lot of things he didn’t understand. Likely he just found a Bravosi trainer because they used weapons small and light enough for a small girl to work with

  • Alex Fremder
    Alex Fremder 6 years ago +183

    i always saw jaqen not as a person, but more like a role all the faceless men could take on. I think he is truly no one, the name, the face and his charakter are just a way to interact with the outsiders.

    • across_the_narrow_sea
      across_the_narrow_sea 6 years ago +6

      Frederika I agree with you. In the book Jaqen seems to be very high among the order or maybe a leader even. I know it's all about economy so we see only Jaqen on the show but maybe that's the point of the next book. Jaqen may be a leader and Kindly Man only following his orders and that's why they give us only Jaqen in the show because he is the only one who really matters ?

    • first_of_her name
      first_of_her name 6 years ago +3

      +Rob, I agree this is the weak point. On the other hand in the show we only see one Faceless Man but I agree in the book he is outstanding and it seems Arya is the one who can come close to him thanks to her "many gifts" like warging.

    • Rob P
      Rob P 6 years ago +2

      +Jussi Ahonen this is only thing negative thing about this video, since asx refers to show and book he usually distinguishes between the 2, here he didn't. Book Jaqen clearly is more of a no one than all the other Faceless Men.

    • jusatin
      jusatin 6 years ago +8

      +Frederika Eilers He's talking more about the show here, only taking some "behind the scenes" knowledge from the books. As has been said, the books and the show are quite similar but not 100% alike, so I think Alt is going more after the show, touching the books when it explains more than creates more questions.

    • Frederika
      Frederika 6 years ago +12

      I'm confused because in the books the faceless men have distinct talents. There is a chapter where they come for a meeting and it's clear Jaqen has more abilities than others, like the person who can only change his nose. They are not interchangable as AltShiftX states.