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Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman [FULL INTERVIEW] | FACE TO FACE | PBC ON FOX

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
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    PBC ON FOX  3 years ago +2075

    Who will win the title: Manny Pacquiao or Keith Thurman?

  • Lucas King
    Lucas King 3 years ago +604

    Props to Manny for taking such a dangerous fight this late in his career. Will be an amazing win if he pulls it off.

  • Fred the boxer
    Fred the boxer 2 years ago +983

    Manny was trying so hard not to laugh 😂

  • abcdefg 12345
    abcdefg 12345 2 years ago +561

    Manny is the humblest boxer ever, salute him👏🏻

    • Leo
      Leo 6 months ago

      NOBODY is more humble than Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez

    • THE MAN
      THE MAN Year ago +1

      Today Manny Pacquiao became arrogant.

    • Unacceptable!!!!
      Unacceptable!!!! Year ago +2

      Fake humble

    • Ziv andrei
      Ziv andrei Year ago +1

      @Crysler Yaneza I think you didn't read his comment right

    • Yj Ofloda
      Yj Ofloda Year ago

      hijklmnopqrstuv 67890 😆

  • landon nicholsen
    landon nicholsen Month ago

    I love this fight because Manny almost retired Thurman 😂

  • Vims Soller
    Vims Soller 2 years ago +568

    Pacquiao-Fast feet and Hands
    Floyd-Fast Feet
    Thurman-fast mouth😂😂

  • David Tran
    David Tran 3 years ago +784

    Who is here after Manny Pacquiao's win? This man is a legend!!🔥🔥

    • E E
      E E 3 years ago

      Dre Ocean he’s 40 it’s gonna happen and Thurman is a great fighter he deserves credit for his ability he put up a good fight it just wasn’t enough

    • ining alcaraz
      ining alcaraz 3 years ago +1

      Pilipino pride

      A SCHROEDER 3 years ago +2

      Ive never seen him take so many hits before!!!
      He might want to retire.
      The speed & power is still there but the defense is slipping a bit.

    • Mark Angelo Flores Gabas
      Mark Angelo Flores Gabas 3 years ago

      idiot thurman

    • [333] Math:matical Physical Chemical BioLogical
      [333] Math:matical Physical Chemical BioLogical 3 years ago +2

      Manny took Keith's solid punches to the face like it was just sparring

  • Vomiting Confetti
    Vomiting Confetti Year ago +14

    What separates Manny from all the boxers we have at present is his exemplary character. In and out of the ring. Truly a decent human being.

  • ljujobomir tan
    ljujobomir tan Month ago

    After i saw this video before their fight am laughing ang smiling because thurman win his mouth for trash talking but when they go in the fight he eat all word he says 🤣. Thurman too much talking hahahaha. He go down in the 1st round. Hahahaha 🤣

  • JL Gaming
    JL Gaming 2 years ago +57

    A legend once said, "let my fists talk in the ring"

  • Pablo Quiroa
    Pablo Quiroa 2 years ago +20

    Love how humble Manny was and Keith was witty and smart at answering the questions.

  • Sancho Tongco
    Sancho Tongco 3 years ago +405

    "I always respect all my opponent, but inside the ring it's different" -Pacman

    • Daniel Njoroge
      Daniel Njoroge 3 years ago +2

      Yap. Every man for himself!!

    • alex chi
      alex chi 3 years ago +3

      Thats right

    • papsvinTV
      papsvinTV 3 years ago +3

      Sancho Tongco hahahha i got what he mean

  • iMakeThisLookGooood
    iMakeThisLookGooood 2 years ago +153

    i felt Thurman was respectful in his trash talk. I think Pacman wasn't offended and Thurman didn't want to offend him either. Very good watch

    • Ryan Sims
      Ryan Sims Year ago

      You get boxing my friend.

    • heron dope
      heron dope Year ago +4

      he was cutting wrestling promos lmaoo i was dying throughout every time Thurman said something because he knew exactly what he was doing

    • gary fen
      gary fen Year ago

      Yes definitely

    • Leo Benson
      Leo Benson 2 years ago +12

      You know boxing👍🏽...most respectful trash talk I've seen

  • Redundancy II
    Redundancy II 2 years ago +136

    Thurman's way of Trash Talking is really enjoyable. He compliments Pacquiao in a very agressive way.

    • keewon
      keewon Year ago +1


    • DeadArmed
      DeadArmed Year ago +10

      Its great bc thurman is trying to be bad but what comes through his face is "I like manny paqciauo and have a lot of respect for it"

  • Kirito SAOnline
    Kirito SAOnline Year ago +272

    Thurman: "I cant wait to punch you"
    Pacquiao: "Me too.."

    • lettingyouknow1
      lettingyouknow1 Year ago

      Pacquiao was thinking all your cheap talk -“ I will make you pay in the ring”. Now Keith 1 time Thurman is a one time loser!

    • ice88
      ice88 Year ago +2

      Lmfaooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Miss Kaya
    Miss Kaya 2 years ago +29

    Thurman was answering himself. He was saying all of Manny's lines for him. 🤣😂 I was laughing too much

    • Moby Huge
      Moby Huge 2 years ago +1

      Yep language barrier

  • Paukhansuan Khuptong
    Paukhansuan Khuptong 3 years ago +410

    Manny can't hold his laugh seeing keith talking thrash....😂😂😂...what a legend🤣🤣🤣

    • Blu Cyd
      Blu Cyd 3 years ago

      Wise enough Filipinos does that everytime.

    • NewWave32 30
      NewWave32 30 3 years ago +2

      Who wanna see Broner/Thurman just for the trash talking?

    • K.K.K rebellion
      K.K.K rebellion 3 years ago

      @GFL GAMER FOR LIFE in Tagalog right? 😂

      GFL GAMER FOR LIFE 3 years ago +1

      Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha thurman the trash i call that BOBO

    • silvino petallo jr
      silvino petallo jr 3 years ago

      Paukhansuan Khuptong thats true bro

  • ambie cutler
    ambie cutler Year ago +8

    Looking back in their conversation I can't stopping laughing 🤣

  • Drizzy See
    Drizzy See Month ago

    This aged well. LMAO

  • janaymanchay
    janaymanchay Month ago

    Some athletes are special 15:50

  • Darmadi Darmawangsa
    Darmadi Darmawangsa 2 years ago +5

    I amazed with his humbleness and never had negative comments about his opponents. He is the Legend and yet so humbled, that’s why he Wins cause he never underestimates his opponent. Manny the Legend 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • It'z Uroo
    It'z Uroo Year ago +75

    Almost 2 yrs later im starting to appreciate Thurmans trash talk 😅

    • Arya Stark of winterfell
      Arya Stark of winterfell Year ago +4

      Every thurmans trash talk has a aggressive complement in it. Mad repect to him too. I used to hate the guy but when i watched this interview he has nothing but respect to manny nothing really personal. He really did a great job for hyping up the fight props to him tho

    • heron dope
      heron dope Year ago +1

      lol thurman shouldve been in the WWE

    DANIEL LAUDE 2 years ago +19

    My heart melt when thurman asked "How many knockouts you got champ? you had so many fights". Thats the real Thurman right there.

  • Noel Apostol
    Noel Apostol Year ago +49

    Manny’s looking cool and thinking, “ I’m going to break your face.” And....he did

  • Chrysologus DMello
    Chrysologus DMello 2 years ago +8

    The most humble boxer in the history of the sport!

  • yLonnie 24
    yLonnie 24 3 years ago +3148

    Must be frustrating for Thurman trashtalking Manny. Because Manny doesn't even care what Thurman's talking 😂.

    • Ellan Vannin
      Ellan Vannin Year ago

      ikr! I'm just laughing because Keith is trying so hard to think of different ways of trash talking. he went biblical, then anatomical, then psychological, hahahahaha!. but still Manny won't budge or engage or get angry. LOL!

    • Hdx
      Hdx Year ago

      Manny has seen it all, that's why he knows better that fist speak louder than mouths...

    • Philippines old and new coins
      Philippines old and new coins Year ago


    • Speechless
      Speechless 2 years ago

      It's definitely frustrating, you're there making a show to further hyped up the match but not getting much reply coming from Pacman 🤣

    • HINATA_-
      HINATA_- 2 years ago

      His trashtalk doesn’t mean much ,Manny only cares to take the title and walk away and he did it and that’s it goodbye Thurman . What a savage. Thurman is trying to intimidate him like dude not even a knock out can stop Manny!. He experienced all the challenges in boxing he has been knocked down he has been knocked out! and he is still fighting hungry and wanting for more so that means he don’t have fear! So it’s funny that Thurman is trying so hard to intimidate him but atleast Thurman admitted that you can’t intimidate Manny!

  • Kevin G.
    Kevin G. Year ago +3

    Wooow. Who would have thought that more than a year after this, Manny will be taking on a more dangerous fighter. Just amazing. A true legend.

  • Alvin De Lara
    Alvin De Lara 2 years ago +9

    You can sense that Thurman has so much respect to Pacquiao. And you can tell that Manny enjoyed the face to face interview with Thurman.

  • marvel miracle
    marvel miracle 2 years ago +49

    Thurman did an awesome job hyping up this fight! He made everyone watch

  • Marquis Roberts
    Marquis Roberts Year ago +7

    You can tell Thurman really respects Pacquiao

  • Israel Vazquez
    Israel Vazquez 2 years ago +28

    Thurman says: "He's (Manny) gonna Feel it in the 1st Round... and he did,the other way Around lol. Thurman indeed is "Poetic" 😆😅🤣

  • eljessTV
    eljessTV Year ago +22

    19:42 Thurman's look to manny like he's eyes say's GOAT is in front of me🇵🇭 The look of big respect

  • Juan Dela Cruz
    Juan Dela Cruz Year ago +17

    Hahahaha! This interview makes me laugh so hard. Thurman is good in marketing the fight.

  • Vangazon
    Vangazon Year ago +41

    Thurman has such a colorful personality. I would love to see him as a commentator for Manny's next fight.

    • ImpactTurns
      ImpactTurns Year ago

      You called it, he didn't commentate the fight itself, but was there in pre-fight coverage.

    • gary fen
      gary fen Year ago

      Yes definitely?

  • fantastic poor
    fantastic poor 2 years ago +835

    "Just doing our job"
    "I'll let my fist do the talking"
    "Nobody will intimidate me"
    Savage Manny

    • DeadArmed
      DeadArmed Year ago +2

      I respect thurman for adding a lot of eyes by taking the bad guy role

      ANERIE's STYLE 2 years ago +3

      I'm all bite but no bark!

    • Gleen marte Villabert
      Gleen marte Villabert 2 years ago +1


    • Adelaide Corpuz
      Adelaide Corpuz 2 years ago +8

      Pac speaking facts. Cant use your mouth in the fight.

    • JLDG
      JLDG 2 years ago +17

      Bro Imm filipino and I'm just as motivated as anyone just by looking at Manny, he is not intimidated and just can't he just can't

  • Zee
    Zee 2 years ago +14

    16:29 Manny I bet was laughing inside when Keith said that 😂

  • K Nasheed
    K Nasheed 2 months ago +1

    Thurman crossed a line. Seeing him lose in such a humiliating way was thrilling. High fives for Manny!

  • Strive4GRness23
    Strive4GRness23 2 years ago +13

    Everytime I hear Pac-Man saying “I fought cotto Marquez margarito morales” I’m like, “there is nothing you can say to back that up” 🤣 he fought the best and beat the best

  • Agent Orange
    Agent Orange 2 years ago +28

    Like Pac, I love how Thurman's trashtalk. It's not a annoying trashtalk.

  • Fiona
    Fiona 3 years ago +464

    I can’t stop laughing seeing Pacquiao laughing at Thurman’s trashtalks 🤣

    • zeus 1111
      zeus 1111 2 years ago

      Me tooo...are you from ireland fiona)?

    • Mi Mitos
      Mi Mitos 2 years ago

      @Blu Cyd we sometimes laugh on serious stuffs sooo not only wise people

    • Carlon Buinji
      Carlon Buinji 2 years ago

      He's too kind for trashtalk

    • Pawan Rai
      Pawan Rai 2 years ago +1

      Fiona Fiona yes bebe I can't stop laughing right after the real game remembering what Thurman said 😂😂😂😂. Nobody can beat pacquiao next 5 to 7 years for sure

    • Blu Cyd
      Blu Cyd 3 years ago +11

      Wise enough Filipinos does that everytime.

  • Emey 1
    Emey 1 2 years ago

    Manny Pacquiao
    The most greatest And humble fighter ever I've ever ever seen,
    The legendary fighter!!
    The one and only Eight Division world champion 🏆

  • zarville MCMXCVI
    zarville MCMXCVI 2 years ago +3

    "Let my fist talk in the ring"
    The Legend 🔥

  • Mike
    Mike 2 years ago +14

    This was more funny than anything lmao. You can’t trash talk Manny he’ll just smile and laugh

  • Mae Alipio-Valdez
    Mae Alipio-Valdez 2 years ago +4

    Manny P. is the most humble boxer i've ever watched for interview..He has few words and proves himself on the ring..What he says is true, no matter how they bash him, he keeps his cool ,he is very respectful..That is a true legend..Mabuhay ang Pinoy.

  • Kathleen Ragaza
    Kathleen Ragaza 3 years ago +1608

    “ i keep my mouth shut and ill let my fist talk in the ring” i like that Pacqiuao 😊

    • Gaming 343
      Gaming 343 Year ago

      That's why he lost so badly against Mayweather lol

    • Roski Chan
      Roski Chan 2 years ago

      Thurman new what that means too.

    • Kane Nicholai Romarate
      Kane Nicholai Romarate 2 years ago +3

      Super duper humble

    • LukaDoncic
      LukaDoncic 2 years ago +17

      Most humble sports players
      Manny- Boxing
      Messi- Football
      Kawhi- Basketball
      Gale Sayers- NFL
      Wonderboy Thompson and GSP- UFC

    • Toby Ho
      Toby Ho 2 years ago +2

      Kathleen Ragaza 🤙🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Dany Han
    Dany Han 2 years ago +7

    Thurman was speaking highly of Manny here and there. He packaging manny nicely while promoting the fight. Respect for veteran is one of many signs of great learner

  • Shareluck
    Shareluck Year ago +2

    Thurman’s just sales talking. You can see in his eyes that he has so much respect for Manny, even during the post fight interview, he honestly and humbly admitted his defeat.

  • Mark Lester Batang
    Mark Lester Batang 2 years ago +2

    Who missed Manny Pacquiao seeing fighting again?👊

  • ArturoFrancisco Mapula
    ArturoFrancisco Mapula 2 years ago +6

    Keith is an intelligent man--a good man, he knows how to promote. He's admirable.

  • Gabster Rivera
    Gabster Rivera 3 years ago +222

    Interviewer: "Have you ever been hurt by his [Thurman's] words?"
    Manny: "Those are just words; they motivate me instead. I've been in the ring for more than two decades, what we do is only our job in the ring."
    The most mature thing a veteran fighter can say

    • MOLINA Molina
      MOLINA Molina 3 years ago

      Professional 😇😇😇

    • paulo lugtu
      paulo lugtu 3 years ago


    • John Nuñal
      John Nuñal 3 years ago

      When did Keith started reading bible!?😂😂

    • Ronda Brigz
      Ronda Brigz 3 years ago


    • Panic
      Panic 3 years ago +1

      If that was Broner
      Broner: Go get your speech together man!

  • Torab Abdullah
    Torab Abdullah Year ago +1

    Something tells me Keith Thurman is very fun to hang out with. His trash talk to older Manny is like an elder brother talking to his younger brother.
    I am here after watching the match and my respect for both of them just increased even more

  • Cinco Star
    Cinco Star Year ago +44

    I swear Thurman words out all his lines likes he's some anime protagonist 😂

  • Iñaki Echarri
    Iñaki Echarri Year ago +5

    TBH Thurman did a great job selling this fight, behind all the trashtalk is just a man who is determined to prove he got what it takes to take out a legend. Even his expression while speaking shows how much he respects manny.

  • Miller Jings
    Miller Jings 2 years ago +7

    The most humble fighter Manny Pacquiao 🙏❤❤

  • Pavan Nair
    Pavan Nair 3 years ago +3965

    Who's here after manny schooled Keith? 😂

  • Venger25
    Venger25 2 years ago +15

    Lol love Manny, “let him talk, my fists talk in the ring” then Thurman lost lmao

  • Sans the animator
    Sans the animator 2 years ago +85

    Thurman: trashtalks*
    Pacquiao: trying hard not to laugh*
    In Pacquiao's head: dude,he's like the whole comedy show

    • WanderBoy
      WanderBoy 2 years ago +2

      Filipino antics are more humorous than the other countries 😁

    • JLDG
      JLDG 2 years ago +1

      innit loooll

  • limput2
    limput2 2 years ago

    I love Thurman man he really sold this fight outside and inside the ring. What a warrior.

  • Jesus Torres
    Jesus Torres 6 months ago +1

    I have seen men of integrity and kindness, Pacquiao left me breathless with his cool minded personality, his outstanding an impressive behavior is impeccable, very few to non can get close to Pacquiao, please keep up the good work, congratulations 👏🎉, please don't change that humbleness, from the endless summer paradise Puerto Rico, Jesús Torres.

  • Mad Jack MacMad
    Mad Jack MacMad 3 years ago +134

    My prayers are with Manny. Great Man, a gentleman. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Robert McDevitt
    Robert McDevitt 2 years ago +10

    Thurman really should start a talk show he’s good at talking

  • Rodney Maylas
    Rodney Maylas 2 years ago

    I love how the way Thurman speaks, for me, it's not a trashtalking, it's just a motivation and promotional words. HE'S really good in speaking, having a rhyme and meaningful words, he's just looking forward for their fight, and having a high self confidence that every fighter must have.

  • Eric Eugenio
    Eric Eugenio Year ago +3

    We gonna ignore the fact that Keith Thurman is a poet with his words? 😂

  • beatles
    beatles Year ago +1

    This is probably the best face off Manny had in his career.

  • Magusato
    Magusato 3 years ago +309

    Pac is like a giggly kid, he just can't stop smiling lol

    • Miles Dejapa
      Miles Dejapa 3 years ago

      @Lawrenz Carl HAHAHA nakuna na ni thurman ang yabang nya gagag

    • Lawrenz Carl
      Lawrenz Carl 3 years ago +15

      Ganyang kami pinoy kahit pinapagalitan na natatawa parin

    • Alexis Grace
      Alexis Grace 3 years ago +3

      Magus Ato different in the ring huh

  • life in the arc lane

    You cannot help but just to love Manny Pacquiao, he is one of the greatest fighters to ever step in the ring, and me frankly I personally believe that he beat Floyd Mayweather! that's just my belief I watch that fight he beat him!

  • Bhem Peñaflor Franco
    Bhem Peñaflor Franco 2 years ago +8

    😂 😂 I love how Manny smiles to thurman🤣🤣🤣

  • Jericho Viloria
    Jericho Viloria 2 years ago +3

    I think Thurman is just taunting manny but at the back of his mind he respects manny.

  • Ieuan Owen
    Ieuan Owen 2 years ago +11

    Manny looks like a nice middle aged man in interviews but in the ring he’s one of the scariest guys ever

  • Jarrod Stewart
    Jarrod Stewart 3 years ago +43

    I've always loved Manny's response and reactions to prefight hype. He looks like he feels so silly having to participate in such things that are beneath him. It's like he's watching children playing.

    • majah paine 69.
      majah paine 69. 3 years ago

      That's part of the game/promotion what are you talking about! Its pacquiao so so english which make him kind of quiet.

  • Bryant Santos
    Bryant Santos 2 years ago

    2020 rewatching this Manny is just plain simple nice guy but learns to turn it on when he gets in the ring rare one in a lifetime fighter

  • Pull Counter
    Pull Counter Year ago

    Among the welterweight champs I still give credit to KT for stepping on the plate. He’s got the real balls in the business.

  • akmal r
    akmal r 2 years ago +22

    thurman really respected many in anyways, he's just selling the game. look at his eyes man true respect, he admire manny

  • Eli O
    Eli O 2 years ago

    It’s great watching the fight highlights after this interview how humble Keith is after the fight

  • Mark 12:30
    Mark 12:30 3 years ago +79

    This proves that confidence and humility results victory. Congrats Champ Manny!!!

  • Uchiha_Shadow
    Uchiha_Shadow Year ago

    He's HUMBLE Outside The Ring But He's Like BEAST When He's In The Ring

  • Jay Tech
    Jay Tech 2 years ago +2

    rolling on the floor while laughing at keiths words.. hahahaha

  • Mocmoc Gueye
    Mocmoc Gueye Year ago +4

    7:34 🤣🤣🤣 I have to admit he's a good Showman

  • Jaime Albarran
    Jaime Albarran Year ago +3

    Many inspire me with his humbleness, not only that , he’s an inspiration for Christian believer. He managed the situation like a real man. God bless you Many

  • Joey Bronola
    Joey Bronola 3 years ago +616

    I admire Thurman. I can see in his eyes that he respects Manny behind his words to sell the fight. And Keith did not disappoint. Way to go Thurman. Good Luck to your next fight.

  • Sandeep Mahat
    Sandeep Mahat Year ago

    The humility in packman. My respect my man...

  • Jonard Custodio
    Jonard Custodio 2 years ago +4

    2020 .
    I am watching this Video again, Thurman convincing the host and Pacman that he's not afraid of fighting Manny, but deep inside in his smigle smile, he's nervous that time

  • Puno Del Gato
    Puno Del Gato 9 months ago

    If you really think about it, as I watch this all over again I see Yhurman wasn't really disrespecting Manny. Thurman was just being funny and trying to sell the fight here. Plus he has always been gracious in accepting his loss to Manny.

  • Betta House
    Betta House 2 years ago

    Just Pacquiao holding his laugh 😂

  • Armando Ramirez
    Armando Ramirez 3 years ago +182

    They're trying to instigate so hard but Manny is so calm 😂

    • Athan Perez
      Athan Perez 3 years ago +7

      Manny is gonna slap this dude

    • passtheBuck Canuck
      passtheBuck Canuck 3 years ago +15

      Manny dont do flash....Manny does SMASH.....LOL

    • Craig Chastain
      Craig Chastain 3 years ago +21

      He keeps it cool. That is for sure. Manny has peace of mind.

  • RJ Valderrama
    RJ Valderrama Year ago

    11:05 "It's just a fight, It's just a blackeye, it's just a body shot" words coming from Thurman, and words that he experienced the night he got demolished 😅

  • RH Ph
    RH Ph Year ago +3

    When you try your best to tilt your opponent but he just keeps smiling, you know you got nothing on him.

    THE MECHANIC 9 months ago

    The little man Lionel Messi, The little man Manny Pacquiao The Kings, the bests ❤️

  • Daniel Nicolas
    Daniel Nicolas Year ago +2

    I love how thurman talk and being confident to his opponents keep doing the good works.

  • Rolland Curtis
    Rolland Curtis 3 years ago +162

    Keep real though, Manny is genuinely entertained by Keith's verbal game, and so am I.

    • Eric Williams
      Eric Williams 3 years ago +2

      Thurman's got the gift of gab for sure. I hope he can back it up with an entertaining fight.

    • Dj
      Dj 3 years ago +1


  • GuanchyBinko Binko
    GuanchyBinko Binko 2 years ago +1

    Thurman was just selling the fight further more. But he was such a classy boxer in defeat. Great guy!

  • Joshua Dela Cruz
    Joshua Dela Cruz 2 years ago +3

    Keith was spouting facts about Manny wanna say "I wanna f**ked him up! I will knock you out too! But didn't want to say it." He felt it first hand last year. 😂

  • HINATA_-
    HINATA_- 2 years ago

    I remember Mosley said that during their weigh in that there is no way this small guy can beat me but when they get into the ring it’s different so maybe it’s similar to Keith’s feelings when they weigh in that he feels that he can beat this smaller guy.. he always get underestimated .

  • lust4music x
    lust4music x 2 years ago +1

    This is so funny to watch after knowing that Manny schooled him😂

  • Astro Destra
    Astro Destra Year ago

    Those name drops were enough to scare Thurman lmao 🤣🤣

  • Jeff Ramos
    Jeff Ramos Year ago +2

    9:37 I love this part😂

  • Eagle Fang Hawk 🦅🔥

    Manny: I let my fists do the talking
    Thurman: We’ll see when I dodge them
    Later in the ring: *gets folded on Round 1💀

  • Holy_Inferno
    Holy_Inferno 2 years ago +11

    Thurman: “of course I can, he’s like this big”
    Pacquiao: Margarito would beat you

  • Mirza singgih
    Mirza singgih 2 years ago +1191

    Thurman just having fun talking , i see repsect in his eyes

    • Bunny T11
      Bunny T11 11 months ago

      I see that too

    • jian Dog
      jian Dog Year ago

      @Jean yep he is just trying to sell the fight. thurman's a chill man.

    • POTUS 2020
      POTUS 2020 Year ago

      Yup 😊

    • De Villa
      De Villa Year ago +1

      They're already good friends

    • Jin Gua Hira
      Jin Gua Hira Year ago

      I 'll let you know he's getting crucified, Thurman said. Manny afraind no man but he is afraid of God. And Manny won. Praise God in the name of Jesus.

    JPAPS TV 2 years ago

    I like how Manny Pacquiao responded with Thurman's trash-talk. Indeed, no one can intimidate the "Legend".