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  • Published on Jan 30, 2023
  • We got HUGE new for The Sims today! (The Sims 5, infants, new expansion pack and more!)
    Playing Sims today on stream! www.twitch.tv/lilsimsie
    Today's patch notes! forums.thesims.com/en_US/disc...
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  • lilsimsie
    lilsimsie  Month ago +2668

    AHHHHHHHHHH! We have gotten SO much news today. I made a whole separate video on the update that I'm going to post tomorrow (otherwise this video would be an hour long lol) but if you wanted to read the patch notes and see what came in the update today: forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/1006136/more-fixes-more-new-content-and-more-console#latestnews

    • SiimpllyxGia
      SiimpllyxGia Month ago


    • hamster67
      hamster67 Month ago

      I made a reminder on calender on March 14th for the infant update BUT I MADE IT THE BIRTHBAY CAKE STICKER

    • Claire Elizabeth
      Claire Elizabeth Month ago

      @Brigid I'm soooo excited!!! I love the representation 🥺

    • Tiffany Dangerfield
      Tiffany Dangerfield Month ago

      Lilsimse I know you don't know much but what's happening with consle players for the sims 5 or you guess

    • Edits!!!
      Edits!!! Month ago +1

      @LilliethShadows I play on ps4 but with a keyboard and mouse

  • EbbyCarolina
    EbbyCarolina Month ago +2439

    If we’re getting a generations expansion pack I really hope they fix the family tree so my sims recognize their distant relatives

    • Dawson Ingle
      Dawson Ingle 15 days ago

      You’re speaking to the choir

    • TheDivineT
      TheDivineT Month ago

      @Madij25 it’s confirmed a growing together pack which is basically generations

    • dana
      dana Month ago


    • KyLa’shay
      KyLa’shay Month ago

      @Caitlin Wheeler omg yes

    • Swiftnoodleowo
      Swiftnoodleowo Month ago


  • Sarah Dawn
    Sarah Dawn Month ago +1095

    The underwear kit, shapewear and binders make me hope they add an underwear category so sims could "Wear" these under their clothes if desired.

    • Orion.star.boy.123
      Orion.star.boy.123 24 days ago +2

      @Jim Raynor we do accept ourselves, that's the thing. We accept that our body's don't match our brains.

    • Jim Raynor
      Jim Raynor 24 days ago +1

      @animal crossing nerd 🏳️‍🌈 I'm not the one who doesn't accept myself for who I am. you're the one who doesn't accept yourself for who you are and force everyone else to accept you for something you're not. kind of ironic huh 🤔

  • kay !!
    kay !! Month ago +696

    Okay but I love the breastfeeding element and the fact that you can pass the baby to another sim, AND THE INTERACTIONS WITH PETS !!!!

    • Definitely not in love with Harry Styles👀
      Definitely not in love with Harry Styles👀 Month ago +1

      Ok that’s what I’m most excited for

    • indigowulf
      indigowulf Month ago +1

      What's killing me is the baby backpack having a NECK STRAP! lol I don't want my sims to strangle their babies.

    • Sophie Macdonald
      Sophie Macdonald Month ago +11

      I wish children can teach toddlers.

    • Nisha Wendy
      Nisha Wendy Month ago +13

      I loved that too, i know they said they added interactions between infants and all the other life stages, but I also hope that includes new interactions between other life stages.

  • Sophitoph
    Sophitoph Month ago +396

    I'm glad the medical wearables was added to base game and not turned into a pack or a kit. I'm hoping to see wheelchairs added to the Sims at some point!

    • Caitlin Brown
      Caitlin Brown Month ago +5

      yes, thank you! I've been a wheelchair user for almost my entire life and I have always wanted wheelchairs in the game. love seeing the disability representation!

    • MsLilly200
      MsLilly200 Month ago +16

      @GardenOfEd They could probably do prosthetics without changing animations much if at all. Also maybe small casts.

    • GardenOfEd
      GardenOfEd Month ago +39

      I hope for other mobility aids as well! Canes, walkers, forearm crutches... I know they'd have to redo animations, but frankly? They have the money and resources to do it.

  • Eggadoodle
    Eggadoodle Month ago +103

    I work in childcare (specifically the one year old room) and oh my god the way they animated the kids crawling and wobbling moving and everything is so spot on, I was absolutely floored
    also when they all started screaming at the party it was like a horrible flashback to when I first started at my job 😭😂

  • Paige
    Paige Month ago +426

    Now we really need pre-teens! That would be the icing on the cake. Cause I come across a lot of times where I don't want a kid or a teen, but I want a pre-teen.

    • *Nah they usually tell me I look like Shalissa*
      *Nah they usually tell me I look like Shalissa* Month ago +2

      @Freddy Krueger
      Bro, most of the teens I’m around are short as hell

    • SapphireDoodle
      SapphireDoodle Month ago +2

      @Freddy Krueger teen is literally 13-19. thirTEEN to nineTEEN. nobody wants the only options to be kids, who look 11 max, and adult-sized teens.

    • Athena
      Athena Month ago +1

      @Freddy Krueger yeah but they look too much like adults and it goes kids, that look like 8 then to 16 yr olds?

    • Amanda Pizzolatto
      Amanda Pizzolatto Month ago

      @Hope Zwanziger true, true.

    • Anna Kern
      Anna Kern Month ago

      @Ev how’s it called the mod?

  • Elia_Edits
    Elia_Edits Month ago +2439

    The thing I've got actually VERY excited about is that they FINALLY found a host who KNOWS HOW TO HOST. Like... I've felt her joy and excitement through the screen. I felt like she IS a simmer. Most of the time during livestreams I got bored to death because the gurus did not seem able to be the first people actually excited about the game. She's a keeper

    • Nirax
      Nirax Month ago +2

      @Anna Reed thanks, both of you! That's really good to know and so interesting - in Germany it's totally different because it's such a heavily gendered language, we have binary gendered terms for *everything* and used to only use the male ones as a standard (meant to include all genders) for practical reasons but studies showed that this use of language erased everyone but men from people's thinking so now we're trying to agree on another standard to include all genders and ofc it's a heavily heated debate... I wish we at least had a singular non-gendered pronoun like "they/them", but we don't :c anyway, I'll keep in mind to avoid gendered terms in English from now on, thanks!

    • Anna Reed
      Anna Reed Month ago +2

      @Nirax yeah at least with progressive English speakers, we're trending away from using gendered words like hostess, actress, waitress, seamstress, etc.

    • RedLionKNC
      RedLionKNC Month ago +2

      @Nirax It’s a bit of both of for simplicities sake and because of the connotations, I feel. It definitely really depends on who you ask. For the most part, on the internet at least, you’d more often find non-gendered use of most terms

    • Nirax
      Nirax Month ago +1

      She is amazing!! I have a question for native English speakers though: I always thought the female equivalent of host was hostess. Is that something else entirely, is it just not used to make things simpler or is it a dated word that has sort of sexist connotations nowadays and you shouldn't use it anymore if you want to be respectful? Thanks in advance!

    • amethystangel228
      amethystangel228 Month ago +2

      I think part of why they did it this way is also that having it pre-filmed and then just having the video posted avoids a lot of the issues they were having when they livestreamed. She's great and I hope she sticks around for the long haul!

  • mollycatrin
    mollycatrin Month ago +345

    What I loved about toddlers in the sims 2 and 3 is that they needed help. Toddlers in the sims 4 can do everything themselves except for bathing. They can technically get food if you open the fridge and drag a plate out, they can play and even put themselves to bed. With infants you actually need to take care of them. Which makes me so excited!

    • Amy Wilson
      Amy Wilson Month ago +3

      They can’t use the potty until level 2 someone has to teach them

    • Heltsuki
      Heltsuki Month ago +22

      If you use the food display thing from Get To Work, you can just make the food and leave it there, it won't spoil and the toddlers can pick it up from there without the player intervening, but I agree with you tho

  • Gabriella Custodero
    Gabriella Custodero Month ago +219

    Petition for them to add preteens!! Because now I think it’s weird that we got a lot of life stages for little kids and not much for older kids

    • Kate Boyd
      Kate Boyd Month ago +51

      And make teens look like teens and not adults.

  • DCreates
    DCreates Month ago +173

    Don't get me wrong, I really love the upcoming infants update. However, I am BEYOND thrilled and honestly in tears with the sims having different thing for disabilities and conditions. I never knew how much I wanted to have diabetic items for my sims until now, and it honestly feels so great to know that many many people, including myself, will get some representation in the sims like this 🥺

  • Synthetic Goth
    Synthetic Goth Month ago +64

    I really wish they would add Underwear to the accessories category and put the binder and shapewear in there, because those are things you usually wear under clothes. It just makes more sense. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Aiyana Sharai
    Aiyana Sharai Month ago +89

    The last couple of minutes of this video made me cry! My spouse is trans & they often listen to me watch your videos. You have always been so incredibly supportive of the LGBTQ+ community & they make comments about how awesome you are.
    This new update finally allows my sweet spouse to display their top surgery scars on their sim. Thanks for bringing attention to it & even putting focus on it ♥️🌈

    • jcw
      jcw Month ago +8

      this is how i feel :) i found this channel in my recommended and thought, ok cool, i like sims. but seeing how Kayla speaks KINDLY and OPENLY about LGBTQIA+ people **particularly us trans people** makes me so happy. and also to see/hear disabilities be talked about as a fact of humanity that should be represented instead of some unspeakable curse is incredibly comforting :')

  • Junk Mail (BroccoliAndCheese)

    The BIRTHMARKS!! I really hope this update also comes with birthmarks for other life stages, and stuff like smaller body scars, surgery scars and vitiligo.

    • #1 noodle fan
      #1 noodle fan Month ago

      We got top surgery scars !!!!

    • Cheyenne Barber
      Cheyenne Barber Month ago

      It might come with the expansion pack

    • The Everything Kid
      The Everything Kid Month ago +5

      @Lauren Malone I have a scar on my stomach from a birth defect repair, I too want my Sims to have scars

    • Lily Wilson
      Lily Wilson Month ago +4

      The surgery scars seems likely because one of the screenshots I've seen of content added showed top surgery scars :D
      I do hope they add those, cause right now I use cc for those types of stuff, fingers crossed!

  • ⭑ gigisaviators !! ◡̈ -roadto300 -dead channel

    Imagine if the infants have little walkers, and there could maybe be something almost like a skill, and when they become toddlers they could have a movement skill!

    • Chele
      Chele Month ago +1

      And I’ve learned something new today. I’ve never heard of infant walkers. Though I have seen like those bouncy swing/chair things…and play mats with mobiles. Hopefully there will be some infant-specific toy/furniture beyond the crib. 🤞🏻
      Toddlers already have a movement skill to learn to walk better, but it would be fun if infants have a similar movement skill for crawling/sitting up

    • ⭑ gigisaviators !! ◡̈ -roadto300 -dead channel
      ⭑ gigisaviators !! ◡̈ -roadto300 -dead channel Month ago

      @Abelha Pedras there was one in the sims 3.

    • Elaine Chan
      Elaine Chan Month ago +5

      Perhaps a trolley type of pushing toy, I see my niece uses it to practise walking, and i think it's super fun and cool

    • GardenOfEd
      GardenOfEd Month ago +10

      @French Fries "I turned out okay so it's fine" and "everything is unsafe so we shouldn't bother with not using dangerous things" are not actually good arguments. Lots of things Are unsafe for babies, and it's a parent's job to not allow those things around their child. Just because you didn't have lasting damage from it doesn't mean another kid won't.

    • French Fries
      French Fries Month ago

      @Abelha Pedras everything can be unsafe for babies though me and my siblings have all used walkers

  • The Gimpy Chicken
    The Gimpy Chicken Month ago +43

    Had to pause so I could cry. That birthmark thing, I think that will normalize it. My little cousin has that exact face birthmark, she is 7 and I have seen her cry more about her appearance than anyone I know. That makes me so happy dude.

  • Alice Trevor
    Alice Trevor Month ago +73

    Disability and visual difference coming to the sims, so so happy. I honestly thought we would just be ignored like in the real world and pretend we don't exist because it's "easier". So happy to have hearing aids and glucose monitors today, and birth marks i saw in the baby video, that's amazing. FINALY!!

  • Kitsunrise
    Kitsunrise Month ago +44

    Simsie needs the shirt, the Bob Pancakes figure, and one of the pillows! Sims team! Give them to her!

  • Steph
    Steph Month ago +19

    My favourite thing about Lilsimsie, is how inclusive she is! 💜 to the Trans community, LGBTQ community in general, disabled community, etc... This is an amazing human being 💜💜💜

  • Claude
    Claude Month ago +1596

    I really hope we get a "first birthday" as an event, given that they showed a baby party I'm guessing that'll be it and I think it will be super cute

    • Sim with Char
      Sim with Char Month ago

      Omg that would be super cute

    • cool name
      cool name Month ago +4

      @felicia rundqvist well, highschool pack is really just based on US school system, and so is the thanksgiving inspired holiday from seasons, so that's not really important

    • felicia rundqvist
      felicia rundqvist Month ago +4

      @AchiKat The US is pretty much the only ones that do baby showers though, but I agree it would be cute

    • Emma
      Emma Month ago +4

      @AchiKat hopefully that will come with the expansion

    • ToastPandaPlays
      ToastPandaPlays Month ago +40

      @AchiKat yeah I hope that the addition of babies also comes with a bit more pregnancy related things

  • Liam Ross
    Liam Ross Month ago +35

    really feels like the 2020s are the decade of the sims team really listening to us and actually trying to give us what we want which is so nice

  • Tenchigirl15
    Tenchigirl15 Month ago +71

    As a woman with over 50 degree curve on the spine of scoliosis, I would love the Sims team to make a body brace or a long surgical scar on the back, we scoliosis surviors need love too. 😁

    • Mitchie
      Mitchie 29 days ago

      @A.B. not wanting anxiety to be in the game is different than having an aid that represents you in the game

    • A.B.
      A.B. 29 days ago

      @Mitchie if it’s an escape why do you want your daily struggles in a game. I don’t ask for my anxiety to be in the game

    • Mitchie
      Mitchie 29 days ago

      @A.B. the sims is an escape for a lot of us and we like living as ourselves in the game. What about people who have to use wheelchairs and canes for example? It makes no sense to have everyone walking in a life simulator game. We should be able to have different types of people. It might just be a game to you but to some of us it means a lot more.

    • A.B.
      A.B. Month ago

      It’s just a damn game, they don’t need every disability on the game

    • Mitchie
      Mitchie Month ago +1

      I have scoliosis as well but mine is a minor case. Yes I agree I hope sometime soon they add a brace.

  • Nightfire-613
    Nightfire-613 Month ago +7

    Better disability and trans representation has got me even more hyped than the infants NGL. My dad wears hearing aides, so, gonna be adding those to his simself, and while I don't personally know anyone who uses glucose monitors/patches, I'm so glad that they were also part of this update! My only complaint is that the "top surgery" scars are exclusive to male assigned sims, like women and femme nonbinary people don't also get breast alterations/removals. My grandma had breast reduction due to back pain, and a former family friend had a complete double mastectomy (full removal of both breasts) due to cancer, they both have scars similar to the new ones and they're both cis women. Like even though I'm AFAB and use a female assigned sim for my simself I am non binary, and have looked into top surgery to be more gender affirming. I love the fact that there is more trans rep in the form of gender affirming surgery scars, particularly as someone who is considering getting top surgery, but the fact that it's locked behind the arbitrary category of "male" when other people also get surgeries that result in the same scars or maybe get that same surgery, but don't identify as male in any way, seems kinda nonsensical.

  • Curly Bug
    Curly Bug Month ago +12


  • Jack Bot
    Jack Bot Month ago +9

    As a trans guy, I'm really glad to finally get representation from the sims team. I didn't really realize how badly I wanted top surgery scars/binders for the game until I got them, and it really makes my trans sims feel more complete!

  • spxrkle
    spxrkle Month ago +4980

    You guys do realize that infants aren’t that small irl right? They are literally about 2 sizes smaller than toddlers, so the sims team did a decent job portraying that through the game. Infants start growing rapidly around 3 months and by 6 months are huge😭 you can tell they’re a little bit smaller than the toddlers

    • Mitchie
      Mitchie Month ago

      Unless you're like my nephew who grows super fast between ages 😂 he's only 4 and is basically 4 ft tall

    • Katie Martin
      Katie Martin Month ago +1

      I mean we can agree to disagree. As a parent to an almost 1 year old who hit milestones pretty early, and an aunt with 10 niblings. I'm pretty confident in what I'm saying. Toddlerhood starts at 1 year regardless if they're are walking or not. (:
      Also, if you quote something you should cite it.

    • jazzie
      jazzie Month ago +1

      @Jamie if your 5 month old baby is almost big as a friends 20 month old baby I’d expect you know that all babies are different sizes…..

    • GardenOfEd
      GardenOfEd Month ago +1

      @scarletsjazz I was born w/ hair and had a thick head of it pretty quickly. It all depends! Childhood development, physically and otherwise, varies a lot.

    • yeehaw
      yeehaw Month ago +1

      Yep! Claire the youtuber just posted a picture of her baby who was born in October and was comparing his growth so far. He’s an infant and is that size so the sims team did a good job with the sizing

  • im bad at usernames
    im bad at usernames Month ago +135

    i cried at the top surgery scars, real actual tear. it makes me so unbelivably happy! im trans and pre-T and pre-opp, i so happy and euphoric that i can actually make myself in a body that actually feels like mine. seeing the in game scars kinda felt like when i wore a binder for the first time, pure and utter euphoria. this is why representation matters!!

    • Frybouche
      Frybouche Month ago

      Whopper Whopper Whopper Whopper

    • Claire Elizabeth
      Claire Elizabeth Month ago +2

      i'm so happy about it and i'm glad it gives you euphoria :)

    • Silver Howl
      Silver Howl Month ago +8

      I’m very happy for you mate! Trans rights!

  • Magpie
    Magpie Month ago +16

    lol at me being neutral (positive) for the entire announcement series only for the excitement to ramp up at medical accessories, top surgery scars, and binders. TBH I half expect I'll end up quick-aging infants the way I already do babies (*cannot* deal with crying) but the inclusion of an entire new *CAS category* makes me a little hopeful they plan to expand those in the future. I've had a CC hearing aid in my game for a long time, glad to see one available to all :>

  • Skyler Brown
    Skyler Brown Month ago +12

    Omg it’s all so exciting!!!!! Can’t wait for the baby update! Super excited for the added realism especially with things like having wipes, I assume a change table, baby gate, etc.
    Also, as a deaf person, I really appreciate you advocating for closed captions

  • The Sojourner Diaries
    The Sojourner Diaries Month ago +14

    I have never been more excited about an infant update! They clearly put a lot of thought into this!!!

  • Rebecca Lynn
    Rebecca Lynn Month ago +5

    As a mom myself. This is so AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to have this type of gameplay with babies.

  • MinJKim
    MinJKim Month ago +2672

    Seeing Kayla on the verge of tears for infants made me almost cry LMAOOO I am so excited for infants to come out AHHHH

    • Bailey 🍞
      Bailey 🍞 Month ago


    • Victoria V.
      Victoria V. Month ago

      I didn't care about the new pack until I saw the trailer🥹

    • Me^is^Raven
      Me^is^Raven Month ago


    • ChiaSeed
      ChiaSeed Month ago +8

      Tbf I was too like OMG and the update comes out thr day before my birthday

  • Star
    Star Month ago +10

    Loving that you highlighted the accessibility issues with the stream! It's super good to see people talking about how important that is.
    For in-game stuff, I desperately want a wheelchair, but I know they would have to re-animate.... basically everything X)

  • simmerscrossing
    simmerscrossing Month ago +2

    Thank you for using your big platform to ask for closed captions!❤️This is so important. Especially if they are trying to represent deaf and hoh people in game, they should be taking the time to make the live streams accessible in real life.

  • Josie Blue
    Josie Blue Month ago +3

    the interactions with the pets are so cute😭😭

  • PumpkinMaximus
    PumpkinMaximus Month ago +9

    As a person with diabetes, I actually *cried* when you said they have glucose monitors in CAS now 😭😭I didn't even know I wanted this and now I'm so excited

  • Random Random
    Random Random Month ago +3

    The disability representation as well as the trans representation was SUCH A PLEASANT surprise 💓 I’m overjoyed that I can stop using the free earbuds as faux hearing aids and actually make sims like me in the game :’D

  • Starburstorbust
    Starburstorbust Month ago +3

    I really hope in the future that they add things like wheelchairs and canes in the sims. This is fantastic progress and I’m seriously looking forward to all of it!!!

  • Macaroni Cheesecake
    Macaroni Cheesecake Month ago +3


  • Lindsay Robinson
    Lindsay Robinson Month ago +4

    The wearables are amazing! My daughter is deaf and how fun to be able to finally make our family in the sims and have hearing aids for her Simself to where. Literally made this sim loving momma sob

  • BtheBumbleBee33
    BtheBumbleBee33 Month ago +6

    Yeah totally, disability representation is so great. I remember when I was like eleven I wanted to make all of my family and our houses in the sims. My granny had to have her legs amputated due to an illness and it felt so wrong to make her with legs, so I just stopped playing in that save all together. Wheelchair and amputee representation would be really tricky to do with animations and stuff but it would make so many people overjoyed.

  • NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    Sims community when infant update was announced : *hella enthusiastic*
    Sims community when Sims 5 was announced : "ok"

    • egg nog
      egg nog Month ago

      Tbh yeah! I’m not rlly excited for the sims 5 it looks rlly good and fantastic!! But just not something id like

    • Alexcya G
      Alexcya G Month ago

      @Jay Bee May I ask what you find too woke about the sims? I’m just curious

    • Wafaa
      Wafaa Month ago +1

      Probably because it’s years away and we just have little info about build mode

    • Emmy Shadobie
      Emmy Shadobie Month ago

      I’m not really excited for sims 5, like at all. As much as I’ve came to love sims 4 I think they’ll do what they did with the 3 to 4 transition when it comes time from 4 to 5, they’ll let 4 get glitchy and just not fun anymore. Aswell as they’ve put SO much work into 4 and really cash grabbed it’ll be a little frustrating like always .

    • Caitlin Knoop
      Caitlin Knoop Month ago +1

      Also like we’ve spent so much money on 4 now it’s gunna start over on sims 5 lol so I get why people are like eh

  • daiseafield
    daiseafield Month ago +10

    I’m so happy that the infant update going to be in March, I have to sit for SPM which is a very big exam for high school seniors here in Malaysia & my last subject is on March 8th! I can’t wait to play with the infants 👶🏻

  • Christina Heber
    Christina Heber Month ago +6

    So wholesome. I like how they included Deli's reaction in this lol.

  • MsEpiphany
    MsEpiphany Month ago +5

    Ok freakout aside, despite how teasy they were I love how blunt they were this stream. And we got top surgery scars so I am currently sobbing

  • Briana Milligan
    Briana Milligan Month ago +1

    Thank you for always having closed captions! I’m hard of hearing, especially with voices. I really appreciate you and the person who makes them 💜

  • sakura_snail
    sakura_snail Month ago +2

    I hope we can bath twins and triplets together ❤️

  • Melissa Rozing
    Melissa Rozing Month ago +1901

    I just really hope strollers and playpens come in the expansion

    • Rose Garden
      Rose Garden Month ago

      The sims 4 rockin and rollin game pack (29.99)

    • dragyn
      dragyn Month ago +1

      @Alice Trevor i do think theyve said before theyve been working on various mobility aids for sims but itll take a while because its a big change. seeing the update with dex coms and hearing aids today gives me hope that maybe we'll get them soon!! i want my sims to have a matching cane to me😭

    • Michelle Pittman
      Michelle Pittman Month ago +1

      expansion? they will def be in base game

    • ToastPandaPlays
      ToastPandaPlays Month ago

      Or just come in base game. It would be nice if I didn’t have to pay 40 dollars for a stroller

    • belle michelle
      belle michelle Month ago

      there will be a stroller game pack and a playpen stuff pack for 4.99 each

  • Chele
    Chele Month ago +2

    I really hope the toddler clothes conversions means they’ll have also added infant clothes to past packs with more conversions. Can you imagine them in the wolf onesie? But that may be too much to ask…

  • 99heather99
    99heather99 Month ago

    Thanks so much for commenting about the captions, and for always putting captions on your videos! It’s so appreciated

  • Vanessa C
    Vanessa C Month ago

    the baby grabbing the spoon and just shoving it in their mouth is just so cute ;o; god I'm so psyched they're so precious

  • gabby mcmillon
    gabby mcmillon Month ago +4

    I feel fine with the news. I don't mind waiting until March for infants. It'll be here before we know it. And I assume they'll touch up more stuff between now and then. And the update was great! More Trans representation, glucose monitors and hearing aids!!! LOVE IT! I'm all for getting CAS objects (and hopefully new traits soon) to create more diverse sims. Give us wheelchairs and canes next!

  • Ramona Clawson
    Ramona Clawson Month ago

    When I saw the baby announcement WITH a date, I literally screamed out loud. I am so EXCITED for this. I've only been playing Sims 4, for four years but I have every pack, except some of the kits. The babies needed updating or made better from the beginning and now they will be better. It's so exciting, especially since they will no longer be stuck in a crib once they age into infants. This is so exciting. I l ove all the animations for the babies I'm seeing, the clothes, etc and I'm also excited about this new family they have coming to the Sims game. I hope when infants do drop, they will also include strollers so you can take babies for a walk. This is so awesome. Judging by the family they're going to introduce, the pack will probably be not long after infants drop because she's holding an infant so we probably don't have to wait too long. I am with you. I want this right now. It's so hard to wait but it'll be worth it I'm sure. I hope they select you in the future for testing the Sims 5, that would be cool.

  • HXNCY_
    HXNCY_ Month ago +2750

    Honestly so excited, probably more excited about their BEAR SUIT than the actual infants 😂

    • KS squad
      KS squad Month ago

      @Jorden Alexis True true

    • Jorden Alexis
      Jorden Alexis Month ago +1

      me but with the little baby overalls 😍

    • KS squad
      KS squad Month ago

      Ummmmmm You can't have the bear costume without infants duhhh🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    • Katana H
      Katana H Month ago

      YEAH! I saw that and RAN to the comments! I hope they can cuddle teddy bears or hug pets or older Sims or something adorable, I swear every single infant I have is gonna wear that cute bear suit! Baby bears, adorable, can't wait to do the "bear challenge" and have adorable AF cubs!

    • janniegurl05
      janniegurl05 Month ago +3

      Me too!!!! I’m obsessed with babies dressed as animals for some reason. I think we also have one for dogs where they can dress up like bears that I love as well.

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +5

    i love that we're probably going to get the ability to make baby food, that one shot at 7:31 with the pop up in the corner makes me think that. also we don't have chickpeas so i wonder how we're going to make hummus

  • Jacinta Rogers
    Jacinta Rogers Month ago

    I love that they are doing live streams similar to Minecraft live where it is like interview style meeting the people working on it and showing little clips to get us excited!

  • Sasha Denae
    Sasha Denae Month ago +1

    I wonder if they'll keep adding more health related content? I'd like to see c-section scars! With the introduction of so much family and baby content recently, I feel like those would fit right in with what they've been working on.
    I also suspect ostomy bags will be the next medical wearables! I just think those are more difficult since they might be deciding if they'll make them 3D like in real life, and if so, how to make them interact with clothing without clipping or warping. Hopefully we get them soon!

  • Alain Martel
    Alain Martel Month ago +2

    At least, we have a date for the infant arrival. Wouldn't be surprised if it get delayed a few days, as it's a pretty BIG update.
    Looks like they used real peoples and motion capture to make a good part of the animations. At least, for the older Sims.

  • Venus C
    Venus C Month ago +1

    All I need to see is that one shot where it's the infants crying and the text "chaos" I'm gonna cry and I can't tell if it's joy or not lol
    Edit 1: "freeing the babies" I don't know man the 100 baby challenge about to be different frfr 😭
    2: ok I'm dead ass crying they added helmets for them and aweee I can't I love that

  • CheapKetoCanuck
    CheapKetoCanuck Month ago +1284

    HELMETS for infants! Such a common thing I'm glad they chose to include them! A good friend of mine had twins and they both ended up needing them and I know it can be such a point of shame for new parents and it shouldn't be! And the bear suit. The beeaaaar suit. Ahhh!

    • Marlopoly
      Marlopoly Month ago

      @Awkward Manatee Is that an american thing? I've never heard of a helmet for babies, and generally most people I know do have weird bits on their head.

    • Pigeon
      Pigeon Month ago

      @Awkward Manatee Thank you, but what's the point of shame?

    • Cheshiregrinn
      Cheshiregrinn Month ago

      @RhaeLT While the skull plates start to fuse when a child is around 2 years old the helmets are usually for younger children because the helmet is meant to shape the skull plates in the right position BEFORE they fuse together. Helmets on actual toddlers are probably for actual protection of the head. I assume since they are learning to walk and could potentially fall into furniture etc.

    • Awkward Manatee
      Awkward Manatee Month ago

      @Pigeon often they need helmets because they sleep on one certain spot which causes their still soft and developing skull to form misshaped. It can in most cases be avoided by using a donut pillow with a newborn which keeps their head shaped well. But some children will need them regardless

    • Cheshiregrinn
      Cheshiregrinn Month ago

      @Amber B. My cousin needed one as a baby but with him it was because his skull got a bit of a weird shape from the birth because the skull plates aren't merged yet so the helmet made sure the plates grew together in the right shape.

  • Clara Prado
    Clara Prado Month ago

    Honestly infants is so fun bc it makes me excited that maybe they will add other stages of life like preschoolers and preteens, right now I just feel like my sims grow up way too fast and I'd love to have more time bonding with them. The teens look 15-18, the children look like they are around 7-9, and the toddlers look 2-4, I'd love to see the in between stages of all of that and maybe smaller, transition life stages where we get to see them go to preschool for a shorter time, make some truly terrible drawings in the drawing table and full, huge towers with the building blocks or even castles and houses, maybe they'd be able to go in the pool with help or only swing with an adult pushing them. Preteens could start having outbursts, maybe have whims to wear makeup or listen to pop, maybe feel embarrassed to be playing on playgrounds but still want to play every once in a while etc. This could even end up giving us more traits like we had in the sims 3 since they have more life stages!

  • MuirlySims
    MuirlySims Month ago

    This first quarter is seriously full of awesomeness from The Sims team!

  • Mari Nicks
    Mari Nicks Month ago +1

    I’m so freaking excited OMGGGGG WE ARE FINALLY GETTING THE INFANT UODATE SND GENERATIONSSSSSS! I’ve spent so much money on sims😂 and I do not regret a thing😂👏🏽

  • Suzy Simmer
    Suzy Simmer Month ago +1

    Tbh I wasn't really that excited for the infants update because I was thinking it will be a toddler figure like they did with the teens and adults being the same height but after seeing this OMG Now I am super excited! This update will fall on my mom's birthday! Now hopefully, I'm not the only one that keeps saying this...We Need Pool Tables Back!

  • jazzy lazar
    jazzy lazar Month ago +2

    Who else is excited for the baby CC that’s boutta come out?

  • Anthony
    Anthony Month ago +132

    the sims: acknowledges the existence of deaf people by putting hearing aids in their game
    also the sims: refuses to add closed captions to their streams

  • Sophie Alsbury
    Sophie Alsbury Month ago +2

    I am so excited for the birthmarks! Now I can make a sim that really looks like me

  • Brianna
    Brianna Month ago +5

    I’m so excited about the top surgery scars! Ever since they introduced body scars I’ve been hoping to see that in an update and it’s finally here!

  • Messy Animations
    Messy Animations Month ago +3

    I am seriously so excited for the infants update! I love making families with babies, but past the aesthetics its such a hassle to care for them and get them in the game in general. So excited!

  • Evora The Sylvurr
    Evora The Sylvurr Month ago

    I can absolutely relate to the "I got emotional thinking about how important it will be to [others]" bit. When I saw the infant with vitiligo I was like "BASE GAME VITILIGO?" and went back to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I paused for a couple seconds while tearing up because, while I don't have vitiligo, nor do I know anyone with vitiligo, I know for a **fact** that this addition will be important for a lot of people.

  • Eating your hands
    Eating your hands Month ago +2

    Okay but the room the main host was so cute. Plus! I'm glad that the infants don't look all that creepy!!

  • Samantha Thomas
    Samantha Thomas Month ago +945

    i literally cried when Kayla talked about the medical add-ons. My mom has type 1 diabetes which limits the things she can do and also shortens her life which devastates those around her including me. It is so amazing that a game is finally adding a glucose monitor. I hope this will at least spread a little more awareness of diabetes and hearing loss. ☺

    • l c
      l c Month ago +2

      Also a t1, I was so thrilled to see the cgms! As a diabetic, I rarely see representation of my condition, so it made me really happy :)

    • dead human
      dead human Month ago

      @Colleen Quinn ME TOO OMG AHHH

    • Tikvah Lanz
      Tikvah Lanz Month ago +3

      I’m hard of hearing and have been downloading hearing aid CC for ages to make my sims like me. SO excited it’s coming to base game!!

    • Samantha Thomas
      Samantha Thomas Month ago

      @Amanda Baule Thank you so much for that reassuring note! I feel a bit more optimistic now. 🥹

    • Samantha Thomas
      Samantha Thomas Month ago +1

      @Sara That is so sweet of you! Your comment really touched my heart and I wish the same to you! 🥹

  • Monica Miranda
    Monica Miranda Month ago +3

    The expansion pack is def coming after the babies drop. I mean the “main” characters from the family have an infants with them. I’m so so so excitedddd, sad I have to wait until March but I’m so glad I have date to look up too.

  • Andrea
    Andrea Month ago +1

    It would be cool if meet the family could also mean a new family of townies for the base game. I think base game townies with stories is also a really cool thing they can add to the game. New lore would be fun to dig into!

  • Danielle Brooke
    Danielle Brooke Month ago

    A bunch of the interactions remind me so much of the sims 2 😊 I wonder if they’ll ever add preteens? I never expected a life state between babies and toddlers. The gap between child and teen seems so much bigger

  • Rosa Moreno
    Rosa Moreno Month ago +1

    Kayla asking for Sims merch was so relatable 😂

  • Kara
    Kara Month ago +1

    I'm so glad Project Rene is going to have player feedback! This makes me so excited.

  • Morgan Didion
    Morgan Didion Month ago +833

    Can’t wait to watch you start the 100 baby challenge over again with infants lol

    • A'ryah Renée
      A'ryah Renée Month ago +1

      Literally omg can’t wait

    • suicidenet
      suicidenet Month ago +5

      @Andrea thats what i'm saying, hell no lmao

    • Andrea
      Andrea Month ago +16

      A hundred crawling infants sounds like the stuff of nightmares

    • # thewobbinator
      # thewobbinator Month ago +16

      It would be so chaotic, I can't wait! 🤣🤣🤣

    • ToastPandaPlays
      ToastPandaPlays Month ago +7

      Yes please!?

  • Ashley Keaton
    Ashley Keaton Month ago +1

    I just had a baby and seeing the breastfeeding made me emotional and literally gave me chills lol I was not prepared!

  • NONA‏꩜
    NONA‏꩜ Month ago

    No one noticed the personality they even have baby personality I’m excited for it the banny icon look so cute

  • Ramona Clawson
    Ramona Clawson Month ago

    If you remember, in that one picture the Sims teased, there was a family going for a walk and one of the kids was in a stroller so maybe they will include strollers in this baby update. That would be amazing.

  • Matthew005
    Matthew005 Month ago

    The infants update looks better than I was expecting I honestly was basically expecting just toddlers but smaller with a few different interactions.

  • Paisha Krystine
    Paisha Krystine Month ago +2

    I’m soo excited for infants! I literally was trying so hard not to wake my actual infant up. He’s so cute and I can’t wait to make us in the sims 😭😍

  • Charlotte Fuller
    Charlotte Fuller Month ago +410

    I hope they continue adding ages! It would be so fun to have a preteen/middle school aged sim since the jump from child to teen feels a bit big.

    • Scoodlywoo
      Scoodlywoo Month ago +1

      I agree, I think preteen to teen will be fun and more like real life like young adult to adult, I image a young adult is like in the 20's to early 30's and adult is late 30's - 40's and then there's elder

    • Revas
      Revas Month ago +8

      I think simply adjusting the teen's heights would make them feel a lot more like an in-between stage. they're the same height as adults now, which just makes them look like young adults, but thinner.

    • dj
      dj Month ago +4

      I don’t think there needs to be a buffer between teen and kid, I think the teens need to actually be teens

    • KStar
      KStar Month ago +8

      Or they could update teens to be less adult

    • AchiKat
      AchiKat Month ago +8

      I've felt like that too. When they age up to teen, they look like adults. Then when they age up to young adults there's pretty much no change. Most of the time, I give them a complete makeover when they age up to young adults so it feels like they actually aged up.

  • pelin
    pelin Month ago

    I think its time for Kayla to be a mother as her gasps tell whenever she sees a baby sim hahaha

  • Fae Theriot
    Fae Theriot Month ago

    im actually soooo excited for them giving sims an option for multiplayer. I feel like it’s gonna be way more developed if they’re thinking about being able to play with other people. I love the idea of sims being sims, but also having the option for multi

  • Bequerel Mae
    Bequerel Mae Month ago +1

    i'm so so so excited for the infants update, but also oh my god the addition of the medical wearables and top surgery scars and etc has me so excited. i extremely so so bad want mobility aids in the sims its unreal. like actual, usable mobility aids, like canes and wheelchairs. on my hands and knees begging sims team.

  • Lauren Malone
    Lauren Malone Month ago

    I’ve been taking a bit of a break from the sims 4 but I am so excited about this. Infants look like they are going to be an excellent addition to the game and going to make playing my families so much more fun

  • Aléxis
    Aléxis Month ago +3

    the infants, the live, AND THE NEW UPDATE got me crying like never, so thankfull to the sims team

  • welschels
    welschels Month ago +616

    as a longtime simmer, every sims announcement for this game all I can say is "that sounds great, please don't mess it up!" 😅

    • dumbelion
      dumbelion Month ago +7

      My first thought also! That's great but please no stretched infants 🤣

    • ILuvAyeAye
      ILuvAyeAye Month ago +35

      Right? Like "aww cute! I'll believe it when I see it, but I'm glad you're trying!"

  • Samantha Adams
    Samantha Adams Month ago

    I loved how in sims 3 let you have a pet bird and interact with them. I have an English budgie and she is always on my shoulder in real life and we are best friends. For me, having this element would make the game play more realistic. As well as having boats.

  • Skylar Collins
    Skylar Collins Month ago

    Honestly, I’m very excited about the infants! I love that they added hearing devices and other new base game stuff. I’d love to see more inclusivity with medical stuff. I’d LOVE to see wheelchairs and feeding tubes.

  • Júlia Dallos
    Júlia Dallos Month ago +3

    The updated babies are so cute!! I have a 14 months old so this makes me sentimental. The finger bite! So realistic!

  • MyChemicalCoffee
    MyChemicalCoffee Month ago

    Words can not explain how excited and happy I am for this update!
    March 14th seems so far away... :(

  • Adrian Maxwell
    Adrian Maxwell Month ago

    “It looks like a party. A party of babies.” Kayla, it’s a birthday party 😂

  • Cait B
    Cait B Month ago +253

    As a woman who has had a double mastectomy and failed reconstruction, I'm so excited to be able to make myself with the scars!

    • MoonpoetessZ
      MoonpoetessZ Month ago +20

      There will definitely be a mod that makes them available on any gender soon, if they are restricted now. The community is great for that stuff. But please share with the official channels so they know what kind of things people would like.

    • Cait B
      Cait B Month ago +11

      @froginatub oh no really i totally just assumed the scars would be available on both frames. That's okay, i can just make my simself male.

    • froginatub
      froginatub Month ago +41

      @Hooked by Crafting you can do them on either frame, but only on male sims. Which is a bit of a shame for what Cait is talking about with the option for women who have had mastectomies, but I believe the focus is on gender-affirming scars (which I am excited about as someone who had gender-affirming top surgery myself!) but I hope they add more surgical scars too!

    • Hooked by Crafting
      Hooked by Crafting Month ago +10

      Can you do it on a female frame? According to patch notes it said "male" for the scars. So I immediately thought heart attack survivor

  • 𝐀𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐄𝐥𝐢𝐳𝐚 🤍🎄

    The baby update looks so good! I am so excited!!!!

  • bawarrals
    bawarrals Month ago +1

    Thank you for the hype video today! I’ve had quite a bad day so far and this gave me the energy I needed to finish some chem work! ☺️❤

  • neenabalina
    neenabalina Month ago

    I recently made my trans best friend and diabetic sister in law in TS4, and seeing the top surgery scars and glucose monitors getting added literally made me shed tears

  • Star
    Star Month ago +2

    I'm so excited about all the new base game cas stuff that was added today, and the infant's!! So excited