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  • Published on Sep 26, 2022
  • Undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney speculates on future fights with Gervonta Tank Davis, Teofimo Lopez, Vasyl Lomachenko and others.
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Comments • 185

  • AirRick
    AirRick Month ago

    Devin never counts anyone out, never says who has he fought. That’s much respect he’s young and undisputed can’t argue he’s not on the P4P top 5 at the moment give him his credit.

  • KG 1874
    KG 1874 2 months ago +13

    Tank has a better resume than Haney fighter wise not belts obv 😂
    Some cheek saying he’s fought nobody when you literally fought Gamboa a year after he did.
    That whole division needs to start fighting with each other instead of avoiding and talking shit to sell future fights years down the line.
    One of if no the best divisions going at the moment and all the top fighters no fighting each other. tank Haney loma Garcia zepeda Martin Rivera get fighting fs 😂
    Haney is atleast in a position where he can’t duck any of them if they become mandatory. Then we will see if he’s the real deal he will fight or vacate.

    • Kevin Mckay
      Kevin Mckay Month ago

      @Skinsolve Sk yeah you don’t know boxing at all did you say tank only beat Gamboa lmaooo? Did you say he got knocked out by pitbull? Yo ass need to watch soccer or some because boxing not your sport

    • Kevin Mckay
      Kevin Mckay Month ago

      @Skinsolve Sk teo didn’t beat Loma easy he literally loss like 5 rounds in a row lmao… and kambosos has one good win literally under his belt I hate when people bring him up like he was considered a top guy before the lucky teo win… he was going to split decisions with a 40 year old Mickey bey and lee selby like come on now kambsosos was NEVER a top light weight he’s just a boxer who got a good win in like buster Douglas

    • Kevin Mckay
      Kevin Mckay Month ago

      @Skinsolve Sk he fought jose pedraza at 22-23 years old… pedraza literally a better boxer then anyone Devin has faced 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Skinsolve Sk
      Skinsolve Sk Month ago

      @BoxingLivity365 agree devin beat the man who beat the who agin beat the man tank T rex short as only beat gamboa niggas ass he got k o by pitbull

    • Skinsolve Sk
      Skinsolve Sk Month ago

      @Kevin Mckay lets be real at tank at 22 years old who did he fight devin is the youngest light weight undistpuited an it will remain like that tank will loose against loma Devin beat the man kambosos who beat the man Teo who beat lomachincken easy

  • OMI Tony
    OMI Tony 2 months ago +4

    Who's has Haney fought? C level Kambosos? Lmao those belts got to his head. He literally beat 1 C level fighter.

    • baytownklownable
      baytownklownable Month ago

      Lmao he is fighting the right C level fighters while take just fights c level fighters with no belts.

    • B Hatch
      B Hatch 2 months ago


  • George Strait
    George Strait Month ago

    Tank would knock out Kambosos in 8 Rd..Devin fought him and didn't really get him hurt... Keith Thurman couldn't even knock out Mario Barios and y'all say Tank's name without respect.

  • Ash Thrash
    Ash Thrash Month ago

    Devin locked in for 3 fights now how tf is the tank fight gonna happen let’s be real nobody ducking him

  • C P10
    C P10 2 months ago +1

    Wtf has Devin fought but Kambosos ? Ain't noone scared to fight a guy who has no k.o power and wins off points that these b.s judges give him

  • Light warrior
    Light warrior Month ago

    💩🤣😂 Tank looks great and very skilled because he faught NOBODIESSSS... NOBODY NOBODY!! CANT SAY HOW GOOD HE REALLY IS!!!

  • manish gurung05
    manish gurung05 2 months ago +3

    He fought gamboa , pedraza, Leo Santa Cruz, mario barrios , pit bull Cruz, Devin is jealous of tank because he is not getting any recognition even being unified😂🤣 it’s funny no wonder he calls himself the dream because people fell sleep in his fights😂. I don’t get with the rematch clause while he could have fought tank but he in contract.
    You need to give tank his credit when it’s due.and stop mentioning tank name to sell your fight🤫

    • baytownklownable
      baytownklownable Month ago

      And out of all those guys how many of them had real belts.

    • YRG_JR
      YRG_JR 2 months ago

      Boing boing

  • JJtoosmoove
    JJtoosmoove 2 months ago +2

    New subscriber keep grinding

  • Jonathan Mccaughern
    Jonathan Mccaughern 2 months ago +3

    Well said Devin any 1 can get the masterclass boxing and schooled . Bring them on .. he's the king 👑 100%

  • B Hatch
    B Hatch 2 months ago +21

    Early in the interview he claims Tank hasn’t fought anyone and Later admits that he’d Love to face Issac Cruz, one of Tank Davis past opponents 🥴 You Can’t make this 💩 up 😂

    • Coldgamekev
      Coldgamekev Month ago

      Cruz is good but he needs some more fights

    • Kevin Mckay
      Kevin Mckay Month ago +1

      @Perry Robinson lmao you slow Af Santa Cruz is a 4 division world champion, pedraza, pitbull Cruz and barrios> 37 year old linares, jojo diaz and kambosos if you denying that you either a Haney fanboy or you just don’t know wtf you talking about

    • Kevin Mckay
      Kevin Mckay Month ago +1

      @Perry Robinson he’s telling the truth tank has better names on his resume then Haney

    • Kevin Mckay
      Kevin Mckay Month ago +1

      @Julian Gamboa it’s funny you said it took tank 11 rounds to take out Gamboa when Devin couldn’t even do that lmao he went the full 12 on to decision lmao

    • Kevin Mckay
      Kevin Mckay Month ago +1

      @Julian Gamboa lmao tank knocked out Gamboa Devin went 12 rounds with Gamboa a whole year later lmao… tank beat Gamboa in better fashion go back and watch the fight it’s on yoitube

  • Mz. Tee
    Mz. Tee 2 months ago

    People put their resumes side by side and circle the same opponents they both fought and date then the names and watch how dev gets exposed , dev fighting tanks leftovers and had his first want 20 plus fights in Mexico lol , resumes speak loud especially when your chin won't hold up against tank

  • Brad Dalton
    Brad Dalton Month ago

    You mean you're ducking Tank because you know he would knock you out.

  • Notsonice !
    Notsonice ! 2 months ago +1

    Who the FUCK has Haney fought? He not tank have fought ONE elite fighter in the division. Haney was fighting part time boxers in Mexico the first half his career, and fought a small Jojo dia before the sheer luck of him getting a fight with George, who nobody ranked as elite.

  • B Hatch
    B Hatch 2 months ago +6

    Ask him why is 🦆 Shakur Stevenson instead Clout Chasing Tank trying to get his views up, knowing his Boss Bob Arum won’t allow him to fight on PBC, also Tank has faced better opposition than Haney so WTH is this kid talking about 😂

    • B Hatch
      B Hatch Month ago

      Haney is 🦆 duck Shakur and Anything else is 🧢

    • Filimoni Rokonadravu
      Filimoni Rokonadravu Month ago

      Dude, wake up. Sharkur is a nobody at 135. Devin right now is the king of the division so basically he can say what he wants.

    • B Hatch
      B Hatch 2 months ago

      Anything to Avoid the fight 😂

    • Filimoni Rokonadravu
      Filimoni Rokonadravu 2 months ago

      Dude, Shakur is a nobody at 135. You don't just come and clout chase at a higher division when his last outing was really unbecoming of a champ - a weight cheat. Regardless of what we think of Devin, he is king of 135.

    • Eric Santiago
      Eric Santiago 2 months ago

      Shakur was at 126 moved 130 and he finally just moved to 135 hoe he ducking if he wasn’t at 135 the whole
      Time Haney was at 135 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • CampaignDont'e
    CampaignDont'e 2 months ago +1

    The haneys talk about tank in every interview kinda weird at this point

    • manish gurung05
      manish gurung05 2 months ago

      It’s because they clout chasing🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep Month ago +1

    Lol they all want tank because they all know that’s the pay day lol rolly talked all that sht about he sold the fight but when has any of them ever filled an area up lol they all need tank but I wanna see him shut rayan Garcia up , that kid is getting on my last nerve with all that fake bs , the kid is trying to be something he’s not and it’s so obvious, all he’s gotta do is be himself and he will be fine

    G. ILLISH 2 months ago

    actually you all do more talking then fighting each other in this generation unlike sugar ray Leonard Roberto Duran Marvin haggler Thomas hitman Hearns. so its just more talk

  • George Strait
    George Strait Month ago

    Devin pretends like he is not ducking and say shit..he can't beat Tank I'm 100% sure!

  • Jordan Murphy
    Jordan Murphy Month ago

    Tank brings excitement, this idiot brings yawns. Also, Tank has fought better men than this guy.

  • Practice Makes Paper
    Practice Makes Paper 2 months ago +25

    I rather watch a Tank fight than a Haney fight anyday

    • B Hatch
      B Hatch Month ago

      @fatbobrell Wifredo Benetiz is the youngest champion in boxing history but no one knows this (including you) bcos no one cares except the die hard fans, At the end of the day those records are cool but being a ppv attraction is much better by far and I like Devin but i call it how i see it, He’s been calling out any & everybody but when Shakur calls him to the floor he’s mum and attacking everyone except the person who called him out 😂 Just relinquish the titles and run to 140 already

    • Keystone Driver02
      Keystone Driver02 Month ago

      @FatBobRell You're a lame hatin on a man you don't know clown. You're deflecting because you went from talking about Tank "ducking" Loma to Tank fighting at 135! Now you're bringing up his stats and amateur career as if that has anything to do with Lomachenko being at 135 chasing belts while Tank was at 130! So how could Tank duck him clown!

    • FatBobRell
      FatBobRell Month ago

      @Keystone Driver02 you’re a real like clown bruh here throwing Pom Poms lying over a man you don’t know. Why would I have to deflect from loma when he’s a real 3 division champion, 5x champion former unified champion and former p4p king. Has the greatest amateur record in the history of the sport. He can retire right now and be a more accomplished fighter than tank will ever be.

    • Keystone Driver02
      Keystone Driver02 Month ago

      @FatBobRell You can watch the fight and see the fight night weigh ins for some of them you Boxrec Warrior! That's wtf I'm talking about! Now stop deflecting from Loma!

    • FatBobRell
      FatBobRell Month ago

      @Keystone Driver02 those numbers I gave you were official weigh ins not fight night weigh ins. Pbc does not do fight night weigh ins anymore. So wtf are you talking about?

  • Papi Owen
    Papi Owen 2 months ago +2

    Bro don’t want the smoke w Teo

    • Baby Ro
      Baby Ro  Month ago

      @Papi Owen how lol teo at 140 haney at 135 and did what teo wanted to do but couldnt

    • Papi Owen
      Papi Owen Month ago

      @Baby Ro now he ducking Teo

    • Baby Ro
      Baby Ro  2 months ago

      teo ducked him he was been suppose to fight him

  • G1Main
    G1Main 2 months ago

    Nice shirt man

  • Curtis Hill
    Curtis Hill 2 months ago +1

    No it aint

  • Jerry Watkins
    Jerry Watkins 2 months ago

    Devin Haney is not generating enough money yet gervonta tank Davis is getting money Devin Haney is a nobody he got all the belts he not making no money per fight like tank

  • Juan Paulino
    Juan Paulino 2 months ago


  • Anderson Cunha
    Anderson Cunha 2 months ago +1

    There is only 2 truth tanksexuals will not admit, devin is undisputed and his best win is better than any of tanks best wins

    • Keystone Driver02
      Keystone Driver02 2 months ago

      His best win wouldn't beat Cruz, Pedrzaor Barrios. Foh

  • Andrew Saltykov
    Andrew Saltykov 2 months ago +1

    Tank is a cherry picker with a padded record

  • Anderson Cunha
    Anderson Cunha 2 months ago +1

    Devin just speaking facts