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Wedding Speeches, Halloween & a Podcast?!

  • Published on Aug 14, 2022
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Ramisa Ahmed
    Ramisa Ahmed Month ago +1216

    A Zoe and Mark podcast would literally be the best thing ever

    • meg b
      meg b 29 days ago

      true omg

    • Lone-Mari Bjerkan
      Lone-Mari Bjerkan Month ago


    • Bianca Ericsson
      Bianca Ericsson Month ago +3

      And on Spotify please! Films, holidays, travel, beauty reviews, food

    • MF NV
      MF NV Month ago

      It’d be so funny

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      Philosophy_Bot Month ago

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  • Katie Bigglestone
    Katie Bigglestone Month ago +937

    We need a Zoe and Mark podcast! I love your friendship and you feel like family to me!

    • glitterbaby00
      glitterbaby00 Month ago +1

      @Philosophy_Bot random

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    • Hannah OReilly
      Hannah OReilly Month ago +1

      @Christina Locker stop i do the same thing

    • Christina Locker
      Christina Locker Month ago +8

      OMG YES i literally sleep to make and zoe every time i’m scared or anxious a podcast would be perfect 😍

    • glitterbaby00
      glitterbaby00 Month ago +7

      This is such a great idea!!! Weekly catch ups, I’d be listening 😄

  • Ili
    Ili Month ago +640

    Podcast idea: people send their relationship or general problems and you guys give them advice 🤩🤩🤩 that would be sooo good! Cause it’s wholesome but can be funny just like you guys

    • Ana C
      Ana C Month ago


    • Peach Y
      Peach Y Month ago +1

      Oh my gosh YES!!!!!

    • Philosophy_Bot
      Philosophy_Bot Month ago

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    • Jenna Comerford
      Jenna Comerford Month ago +1

      Yes absolutely this is the one!!!🤩

    • Lozzy Loves Life
      Lozzy Loves Life Month ago +3

      Came to say the same x

  • Emma Wood
    Emma Wood Month ago +317

    a podcast would literally be the dream! just chilled chatting, current events, advice, q&a all sorts❤️

  • Jonny Hibbs
    Jonny Hibbs Month ago +108

    Podcast Idea: 'Memory Box' where you pick random days gone by, find out the the headlines of the day and chit chat about them as well as what you got up to on that day (if you were born)

    • toom cona
      toom cona Month ago

      random and I’d listen just for your banter

  • Erin Knickerbocker
    Erin Knickerbocker Month ago +53

    What blows my mind is when they talk about the length of their friendship and I realize I have been there for every single video they posted. Because I remember when mark started showing up in Zoe’s vlogs and I was like who is this man’s that makes Zoe’s videos even more fun and funny. Time is flying! I started watching Zoe when I was a literal child but now I’m and adult! I can’t even grasp that!

    • toom cona
      toom cona Month ago

      Would love to see you guys doing advice, talking about friendships in general, or picking a topic each week that you can guys can discuss and then have people send in their

  • Rhiannon Crocker
    Rhiannon Crocker Month ago +35

    I would love if you guys did a Seasonal podcast, where you chat about all things Halloween, Autumn, Christmas etc!! Seasonal movies, recipes, fav things! Id be obsessed!

  • Braedy Blake
    Braedy Blake Month ago +159

    going through a depressive episode at the moment and ive been binging all the mark and zoe christmas videos (coz obvi christmas is the best) and this video could not have been uploaded at a better timmmeee! instantly given me a little boost of happiness, i love you both so much, thank you for helping me get through so many hard times 💕

    • Shannon Rosetree
      Shannon Rosetree Month ago +1

      A lil dopamine boost to the brain always feels nice. I feel the same way watching Mark(&Zoe). Get lots of outdoor time/walks in if you can! Really helps with feeling balanced mentally. You got this, you'll get out of your funk!

    • ladolcevita
      ladolcevita Month ago +3

      I literally binge the christmas videos all the time, including TODAY!
      Hope you are doing ok. 💖

    • Jasmine Sparrow
      Jasmine Sparrow Month ago +4

      Hope you feel better, glad that your taking the time to make yourself feel better and doing what you enjoy ❤️

    • juliet
      juliet Month ago +3

      so glad im not the only person who does this lol

    • Bob Bob
      Bob Bob Month ago

      Hope you feel better soon 🥰

  • iSAFAE
    iSAFAE Month ago +23

    "where are we going today mark??" that single sentence literally brought me so much joy omg, if you know you knowwww

  • Fiona Hansen
    Fiona Hansen Month ago +26

    I would die for a Mike & Zoo podcast!!! Movie chats, life & relationship advice, scary stories & true crime, storytimes, etc. Anything would be amazing!!!

  • Chloe Newnham
    Chloe Newnham Month ago +74

    I can't cope, you two driving out from Zoes with the car roof down, freaking out because of a leaf and then putting the roof of the car back up as you leave. I'm absolutely creased

  • Theresa Lyon
    Theresa Lyon Month ago +64

    Yes!! And please have a podcast with Zoe!!!!! Omg…will be listening all the time!! Also I love Fall!!! I bought some fall decor and my husband gives me a look and walks on..lol he knows not to say anything.🤣

  • CS9469
    CS9469 Month ago +39

    I’d love a podcast based on nostalgia and talking about/comparing childhood things! Each episode could be about something different: tv shows, films, toys, Christmas, sleepovers etc 😆💜

  • Zoe Trabs
    Zoe Trabs Month ago +52

    a vlog that makes my heart full. you and Zoe are such an incredible human being. that everyone loves ❤️

  • Aline Albano
    Aline Albano Month ago +16

    Podcast idea: a lifestyle podcast where you talk about mental health, home décor ideas, books, music, movies and give life advices for whoever sends messages. You could also talk about general news or just focus on the good things that are happening. You can have a fixed part of the podcast where you each can mentioned a sad thing (even if it's something silly like mushy bread lol) that bothered you that week, a happy thing that happened that week and recommend something you used/watch/read/listen to that week that you enjoyed. You could read people stories, any type of stories, and comment on them. I could go on lol

  • Miah Booth
    Miah Booth Month ago +61


  • Miriam Sinead
    Miriam Sinead Month ago +32

    I was actually cry a stupid amount of happy tears for a zoo and moo podcast 😭😭😭❤️

  • Lea
    Lea Month ago +12

    Would love to see you guys doing advice, talking about friendships in general, or picking a topic each week that you can guys can discuss and then have people send in their thoughts or stories relating to that topic. To be honest anything you guys decide to do we’re all going to love. You could literally choose to do a podcast about something so random and I’d listen just for your banter😂

  • Megan Jarrett
    Megan Jarrett Month ago +19

    I would LOVE a podcast where you both look at murder mystery stories together! You’d both be unreal at it 😍

  • AKA LilBlu
    AKA LilBlu Month ago +28

    You both love autumn and Halloween so maybe you could do one where you tell each other ghost stories and could invite listeners to share theirs too? You could talk about your experience going to the haunted prison with Alfie in one episode or get guests on to share theirs too or an ep where you share your favorite scary movies or review a scare advent. Love you both xxxx

  • Millie
    Millie Month ago +12

    1:08 hahaha literally when it’s winter I’m like “can’t wait for summer” and then when summer comes and the heatwaves start I’m like “I can’t wait for autumn/winter” 😭💀

  • claire
    claire Month ago +6

    SEVEN YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP!! Wow! Can't believe I've been hearing since the start of your beautiful friendship. Also, if you two ever made a podcast, I'd imagine it'd be a similar format to Armchair Expert where Dax and Monica interview/chat with someone else, and then at the end the two of you debrief and chat together.

  • Patricia Marcaida
    Patricia Marcaida Month ago +3

    The mugs looks wonderful!? Would defo get the “Hey Boo!” and the cauldron ones!!!

  • Macy S
    Macy S Month ago +11

    *i would literally pay for a zara and mike podcast!*

  • Millie
    Millie Month ago +9

    Omg yes! I’ve been wanting you two to do a podcast together! Even just doing random chit chat nonsense but also maybe deep chats like mental health, and how you cope with bad days etc

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith Month ago +11

    I’ve been saying “TICKLY MECISIN” all day😂😂😂 absolutely love you guys! Can’t wait for more spooky Halloween vlogs xx

    • Miami Beach
      Miami Beach Month ago

      omg this was one of those moments when you are watching a video and u read a comment the second the moment the comments referencing happens😂 I laughed sm too

  • tessa
    tessa Month ago +7

    I would absolutely LOVE a podcast with you two!! Just talking nonsense or doing some quizzes or games like movie trivia or something!

  • PriscillaReads
    PriscillaReads Month ago +12

    My cousin’s wedding was just this past weekend and I had to do the speech as the maid of honor and I was soooo scared but once I was up there it went so well! I’d diiiie to see your speeches to each other.

  • yvettedls
    yvettedls Month ago +6

    Ive been there from the beginning of you and Zoe's friendship and it has always felt like being with true friends every time you guys upload together. Thanks for these videos!

  • Maddison Maloney
    Maddison Maloney Month ago +2

    A 90s throwback or just a nostalgic podcast. Honestly, I’d listen to you guys talk about paste. ❤️

  • Pink Bettas
    Pink Bettas Month ago +3

    I so needed a Zoe and Mark vlog after a long day, really enjoyed this video. Feels like I’m back in 2016 autumn time, the good old days 🥹 Also I would LOVE a podcast of you guys just talking about random stuff, I would literally watch for hours.

  • Laura K
    Laura K Month ago +3

    Whenever you're in a video together I'm having as much of a good time as you when you were in that moment when I watch it. LOL, not even 10 mins in and I'm already cry-laughing. Just love both of you so much! A podcast with both of you would be the most funniest thing ever, PLEASE make it happen 🤍

  • Merry Clark
    Merry Clark Month ago +7

    for the podcast, would love a general chat/catch-up section, then a section where you give advice on viewers’ struggles!! it would be really cool to have a mix of comedic and genuine pieces of advice :)

  • Judi McDonnell
    Judi McDonnell Month ago +5

    No matter what is happening you guys make me laugh and that’s very special, thank you 🌸💕🌸

  • Isabelle Slocombe
    Isabelle Slocombe Month ago +6

    A podcast where you read and react to ghost stories could be fun!

  • L D
    L D Month ago +3

    I can’t tell you enough how much I love Zoe and Mark shopping vlogs. They are just Happy. Everyone needs a friendship like that. Hugs, from across the miles, Elizabeth S USA 🇺🇸

  • Rebecca Mitchell
    Rebecca Mitchell Month ago +4


  • Rachel Black
    Rachel Black Month ago +4

    It could be an advice podcast, I would listen 24/7!!!

  • Angus Hume
    Angus Hume Month ago +1

    Everytime I watch Mark and Zoe together, it always makes me feel like I'm a part of their friendship and bond with each other. I'm surprised how there hasn't been a tv show with both of them, Alfie and Otilile as the main cast!!! I would watch that show for years and never get bored 😉😉

  • Laura Chm
    Laura Chm Month ago +13

    Omg these vlogs are like my favourite type of vlogs❤️ I literally aspire you have a friendship like u and Zoe have🥺

  • Julie Dale
    Julie Dale Month ago +3

    Best uncle ever 😊 ottie going to love when you visit, my favourite season is spring, its been to hot here in the uk I will never complain about British weather again

  • Ellie Brooks
    Ellie Brooks Month ago +2

    Zoe and Mark vlogs are my favourite to watch especially when I need a good laugh. This friendship is everything! xx

  • Crys Maldonado
    Crys Maldonado Month ago +3

    I’d love a podcast with a different theme every week. And you can have people email for advice!

  • Alexes Bowman
    Alexes Bowman Month ago +4

    We absolutely need a Zoe and Mark podcast!
    You could ask your guests to tell you about what the movie of their life would be about - who would play them, where would it be set, who would direct it, who would star in it! Or you could ask your guests to talk you through their ultimate play list!

  • Hannah Thomas
    Hannah Thomas Month ago +14

    Mark and Zoe videos in 2 days - life is complete! 😍💕

  • Daniela Liebster
    Daniela Liebster Month ago +3

    We need a podcast with you two rn❤️

  • Aesthetic edit
    Aesthetic edit Month ago +3

    Yesssss my favourite duo in a vlog! Loved the vlog mark can't believe you've both been friends for 7 years! i was here at the beginning!🥰

  • nuz chady
    nuz chady Month ago +2

    Love this duo, lots of love to you both 💕

  • Annebel X
    Annebel X Month ago +3

    the perfect video to watch after work. Always super wholesome content. I CANNOT WAIT FOR AUTUMN! xx

  • Sophie Dickinson
    Sophie Dickinson Month ago +1

    I started secondary school in 2015 and I collect my A-Level results on Thursday, I remember coming home and watching yours and Zoe's videos and they still make me smile just as much xx

  • 朱利娅
    朱利娅 Month ago +1

    Here since 2015, still in love with you guys and your friendship. ❤️

  • Yoana Yavasheva
    Yoana Yavasheva Month ago

    Podcast idea: take contemporary themes and news and just discuss them! I love listening to people discuss decisions around LGBTQ news, issues in school, friendships, relationships. Anything that makes you passionate! Any topic, and you can have a QandA section that leads you through it if you want.

  • Charlyne
    Charlyne Month ago

    I would absolutely love a Zoe and Mark podcast :) I was listening to Zoe's episode on Good Influence at noon, so great! Loved her's on home decorating too! :) Maybe you could talk about lifestyle, home decorating, business, creating things,... It's really up to you, I know I'll be listening to both of you anyway ☺️

  • Neko Paws
    Neko Paws Month ago +1

    I'm going through a bad breakup right now, and watching you guys together always cheers me up. ❤️ Please keep making videos together. Love you!

  • Charlotte MacDonald
    Charlotte MacDonald Month ago +2

    Omg I went into this home sense on Wednesday and all I could think about was you two when I saw all the Halloween stuff!! 😍

  • Holly Latimer
    Holly Latimer Month ago

    This is the wholesome content I’ve been waiting for, the autumn vibes 🧡🍂😂 amazing! Also yes a podcast would be incredible. 😄

  • JMN727
    JMN727 Month ago +4

    An advice podcast! People can send in or submit issues and you both react/respond to it! It would be so funny and heartwarming!

  • Olga
    Olga Month ago +1

    I was rewatching some of your old Autumn vlogs with Zoe just yesterday! I've really gotten into the Autumn spirit early even if it's still 40 degrees outside where I live. We're gonna need some Zoe and Mark autumn vlogs this year!!!
    Update: Just got to the part where you talk about the digestives and marshmallows vlog and I legit just watched that yesterday! Scary!

  • Carlsers
    Carlsers Month ago

    Oh my goodness. I swear I laugh until I cry with these two. Love them so much 🤣🥹❤️

  • Liv Wallace
    Liv Wallace Month ago

    Loved everything about this video!! Never fail to make me crack up laughing 😂

  • Emilie Kristine
    Emilie Kristine Month ago +2

    I am SO over the heat too! Can't wait for autumn/winter ❤

  • Missylou_art
    Missylou_art Month ago

    I needed this video in my life today. im isolated in my room with Covid and feeling icky and a bit sad. You both make me smile so much. Love you both!!

  • Grace Priestley
    Grace Priestley Month ago

    a “how to hygge” podcast from u guys would be so good, that feeling of contentment and cosiness is both a summer and winter thing! u guys define hygge to me! defo worth the research!

  • PriscillaReads
    PriscillaReads Month ago +4

    For your podcast, you could have guests talk about their best friends. Either childhood best friend or current or whatever. Or friendships in general. Anything friend-related! Movies and shows about friends. Iconic TV friendships. You get it lol

  • IrishShyGirl
    IrishShyGirl Month ago

    It's gotta be a video podcast though! I love watching podcasts, seeing reactions is so funny!

  • Megan Williams
    Megan Williams Month ago +1

    i’ve been so excited for halloween/christmas the past week, this vlog is what i needed 🥹🥹

  • Ana Payot
    Ana Payot Month ago

    this literally made my day, made me smile to the moon. love you mark❣️ sending you all the love all the way from the Philippines 🥰

  • linzertube
    linzertube Month ago

    Oh my gosh! I’ve been watching this fun relationship for 7 YEARS!! I am so lucky!😊

  • Autumn Manning
    Autumn Manning Month ago +1

    100% do a podcast! I love a podcast but honestly lose interest so easy in them as they just aren’t funny or captivating but with you two it would be amazing! A series of agony aunt questions or hot topics with your twist on things! However I feel you two could just talk about a brick wall and make it sound interesting and funny 😂 please do a podcast!!!

  • Alisha Ice 17
    Alisha Ice 17 Month ago

    Aww I love your friendship it’s so cute to watch you guys grow together ❤️

  • Emma Louise
    Emma Louise Month ago

    Haven't even finished watching the video and I am crying with laughter 🤣 love these two ❤️

  • Natalie Cupac
    Natalie Cupac Month ago

    A Mark and Zoe podcast would be so good loving the content as always Mark. Hope your doing well xx

  • LaLunaLatina
    LaLunaLatina Month ago +3

    So happy right now! Missed the Mark and Zoe vlogs!!!

  • Sophie Dymond
    Sophie Dymond Month ago +6

    🤣 I genuinely cried laughing at zoe with the leaf

  • JosiahTaitingfong
    JosiahTaitingfong Month ago +2

    Literally rushed here after watching Zoe’s video 🤣 love you guys so much. I literally had Covid and watched all your videos while in quarantine by myself because it helped me get through the day. It also had me craving a lot of food lol. All love from Guam 🇬🇺

  • Chels
    Chels Month ago

    A podcast on friendships from you guys would be amazing ❤️

  • Erin Kroh
    Erin Kroh Month ago

    Mark watching you gives me so much joy! One of my go to comfort people and I can't wait to see you're upcoming fall content! I relate so much in that way of feeling at home during the fall/winter its when I thrive and I have a feeling you will too, you're so appreciated love you!!!

  • oswegosas
    oswegosas Month ago +6

    Do a podcast on friendships interview others that have had long time friendships

  • Ncl
    Ncl Month ago

    Whenever I don‘t know what to watch or whenever i‘m alone i put on one of your Videos (mostly the ones with Zoe), so please DO A PODCAST! I‘d bloody love it! 🥰❤️

  • Gemma Ariss
    Gemma Ariss Month ago +1

    Can't wait for more Zoe & Mark autumn/winter vlogs ❤️

  • Ellie Hayes
    Ellie Hayes Month ago

    A Zoe and mark podcast would literally make my day I would never stop listening to it xx

  • Theresa Lyon
    Theresa Lyon Month ago

    Please do a podcast!!! Would definitely love to hear what the best duo’s chat about.🥰


    You two Beautiful Humans! Just love your laughs, makes my day!💐🤗

  • L M
    L M Month ago

    Podcast format: read and react to write in stories or Reddit stories about life issues 😍 still get to hear you guys chat but you’d have a juicy story to spark the conversation

  • Claireabell Hayward

    So heart warming, you two are so in sync with each other, beautiful friendship... Infectious.

  • Erin Barry
    Erin Barry Month ago

    I love your friendship and vlogs together! If you had a podcast I would listen to every episode no matter the topic. Maybe to keep it simple instead of having a specific format you could choose a topic for each episode like movies, or memories whatever you feel like chatting about and let the conversation flow from there. Have a wonderful day!!

  • Shanna
    Shanna Month ago +1

    These are my favourite videos because I always feel apart of them, thank you for posting❤️

  • Crystal Deliz
    Crystal Deliz Month ago +1

    You guys are literally my comfort zone!!
    Podcast topic: home decor ideas and trendy fashion ideas

  • Freya
    Freya Month ago +1

    Your vlogs together are my favvvv!!! they always make my day xx Can't wait for more cosy vlogs

  • jenna streich
    jenna streich Month ago

    the two of you will never fail to make my smile the hardest and just cry laugh, i've MISSED yall together so much omg. LOVE YA!

  • Melanie Shirkey
    Melanie Shirkey Month ago

    You both are so much fun! Just sitting in the car and sing would be a great podcast!

  • Shannon Rosetree
    Shannon Rosetree Month ago

    You guys are too cute, and really bring out the best in each other! I love your friendship 💛 lol.

  • Aphrodite D
    Aphrodite D Month ago

    I've been there from the start and just love anytime you two get together! ❤️

  • Kimmixo
    Kimmixo Month ago

    Yes to a podcast! This is so needed in life! 🤣

  • Jerri DolanMoses
    Jerri DolanMoses Month ago

    I have been here through your entire journey, and Zoie & Alfie’s as well, you are all the same ages as my younger children and I started watching you all when I was home healing from surgery, I got addicted to X-vid and I’m still here

  • Rukhsaar
    Rukhsaar Month ago

    Zoe’s reaction to the leaf thinking it was a bug is so me 😂

  • Alie B
    Alie B Month ago

    I’ve been here since the beginning of your friendship!! So glad you two found each other.

  • Paige Stephenson
    Paige Stephenson Month ago

    Loving the Autumn/Halloween content already, the best kinda vlogs xox

  • Lindsey
    Lindsey Month ago

    Please start a podcast! Maybe a “Things I’m loving at the moment” format?

  • Katie Bigglestone
    Katie Bigglestone Month ago +2

    Zoe and Mark autumnal video is here! 💕💕💕 love to see the duo back.