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Burna Boy - It's Plenty [Official Music Video]

  • Published on Sep 26, 2022
  • Burna Boy - It's Plenty [Official Music Video]
    Stream/Download: Burna.lnk.to/LoveDamini
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    Director: Troy Roscoe @troyroscoe
    Creative director: Ronami Ogulu @r0nami
    Commissioner: Shadeh Smith @shadehsmith
    Producer: Jordi Estape Montserrat @jordiesmo
    Prod Company: EM Films
    EP / Dir Rep: Marisa Garner (MGA) @marisagarnerassociates
    Line Producer: Jamie Tarr @_jamietarr
    Production Manager: Megan Markley @meg.markley
    Additional Videography: Dumi Siwo @ Firmative
    Additional videography: @shawnogulu
    Additional videography: @hlonicoleman
    BTS photographer/videographer @fabervisualz
    Runner: Tommy Chadwick @thomasjackchadwick
    Runner: Marlon Cang @marlon.cang
    Runner: Otto Shed @sheddyegg.film
    1st AD Freddie Wright @fredbwright
    2nd AD Elsa Collingwood
    DOP Miguel Carmenes @miguelcarmenesdp @itg_ltd
    1st AC Harry Coleman @hcolemanfilm
    2nd AC Felix Wildey
    Gaffer: Ed Smith @ Liteworx @liteworx.tv
    Spark: Stuart Pager
    Spark Trainee: Brody Pugsly
    Jib Operator Mike Drury
    Jib Tech Richard Bradley
    Art Director: Lottie Toon @lottienot
    Art Assistant: Melissa Baugh
    Art Assistant & Cultural Consultant: Maria Alpha
    Art Assistant: Georgia Marshall
    MUA: Daniela Alves @danielaxalves
    Stylist: Rhiannon Lagden @rhiannonlagden_
    Styling Assistant: Jordan Collins
    Medic: Oliver Temple @olivertemple
    Security: Mark Mayers
    Security: Jeff Phoenix-Sealy
    Security: Maxwell Eze
    Winnebago Driver: George Blagg
    Ice Cream Van Mandy Picadilly Whip
    Editor Kaz Ove @kazove @editegg
    Grade Alex Nerzic @alexandre_nrzc
    @ Tag Arts Collective @tagcollarts
    Grade producer Neuma Llusiá dos Santos @ Tag Arts
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Comments • 8 933

  • @tinashekmskanye8463

    Those who appreciate Burna Boy let's gather here

  • @carlanthony3433

    I was at a party and this song came on and the crowd went crazy with it. One of those songs that transcends reality and is a reminder of the power music holds over us. Genuinely wow.

  • @yummyflavr

    I wake up to this song every morning, and go to sleep with this song every night. It is my healing along with prayers that comforts me from the loss of my sister, who was like my rib. Thank you Burna Boy for such a beautiful song. I appreciate you!!! ❤

  • @e-inprofile5025

    Gracias a Burna Boy mucha gente en Latinoamerica conocemos más sobre el Afrobeats y los distintos artistas de todo el continente. Gracias por la genial música Africa...!! 🙌

  • @mbalimashaya7786

    History in the making...we are all blessed to be be experiencing such great African talent...love and appreciate him more after performing in my country South Africa 🇿🇦

  • @Amsterdam101

    "AFRICAN MUSIC INDUSTRY" Im a Nigerian but lets move together. We do this for Africa, not just nigeria, Africa is a movement. Make them feel our music, Naija, Ghana, Southy, Tanzania, Congo etc. It's a Continental ting!

  • @nathankensley92

    Shout out to African people for gathering the world🌍 together through their extraordinary musics👏 keep spreading joy and love✌from Haïti 💙


    One thing I've learnt from Burna Boy is.

  • @ajahbaklava7331

    Sometimes I just go through the comments section to read comments from different nationalities about my country's music and that makes me feel so proud of my country 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

  • @americodeg2640

    As a brazilian i would like to THANK burna boy to introduce me to afrobeat, thats a dope genre! Much love for all the african brothers that are sharing good music with the world!

  • @nonhlanhladube4974

    Gbe mi trabaye

  • @said2mail
    @said2mail  +421

    This is one of the reasons why the Grammies need Afrobeats 🙌. It’s a masterpiece 🔥🔥

  • @bowenvoowy4892

    Shout out to African people for gathering the world together through their extraordinary musics keep spreading joy and lovefrom Haïti

  • @tx3973
    @tx3973  +67

    Im a new fan after he came to Chicago. By far best concert I've been to. An I've been to several hip hop R&B concerts. Nothing even comes close to this brotha. Can't wait for him to come back .

  • @aniyahh.5717

    I love how nigerian music is being shared nationally, as a nigerian its so beautiful to see nigerian music getting recognised WORLDWIDE! Naija on top 🇳🇬🔝

  • @kelvinstafford814
    @kelvinstafford814 21 day ago +65

    People say last last but the amount of hits this man got its plenty

  • @joannenanus168

    Am truly proud to be an African, oooh what a time to be alive 😭🇳🇦🇸🇪🇳🇴

  • @kenytecnologias3064

    Isto é África, não importa como, sempre encontramos o ritmo em nossas canções. As nossas canções literalmente nos mostram que somos descendentes de Reis e de Bravas Rainhas.

  • @CresceMusicOfficial

    Burna Boy my biggest inspiration. Thats cuz he does things the way he likes, he's not riding the wave.. He's the one making them 🔥I'm thankful for his music. Today i released my sixth self produced & edited music video in the span of three months. Ima keep going hard till i get there. To anyone that checks me out and joins me on this journey to success, I will forever be thankful 🙏

  • @marvaeugene2287
    @marvaeugene2287 23 hours ago +14

    Thank you for bringing us all back to our African roots!