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The Expanse Season 6 Finale Explained by Alt Shift X *SPOILERS*


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  • Amazon Prime Video UK
    Amazon Prime Video UK  Year ago +317

    What do you think Naomi and Holden's future looks like?

    • Phillip Nunya
      Phillip Nunya 5 months ago

      Hopefully you guys will adapt the last three books and show us.

    • Hermit Card
      Hermit Card 9 months ago

      Wokeness NOT PUSHED... wokeness tolerated...

    • 1 2
      1 2 11 months ago +1

      Started production on season 5 yet ?

    • Random Realistic Tone
      Random Realistic Tone 11 months ago

      You should make the next season 3D animated. Just like Clone Wars.

    • niteshad9
      niteshad9 Year ago

      @AAJIV Asimov's Laws of Robotics would have prevented R. Daneel Olivaw from engaging in such a raid. Plus, R. Daneel turned out to be far more subtlely powerful & central to Asimov's universe.
      I'd suggest Golan Trevize for the Foundation reference here. He had served in the Foundation Navy, was handy with a blaster & a neuronic whip, & familiar with combat.

  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X Year ago +2052

    Thanks for watching, everyone! Now we just wait 30 years for Season 7...

      SHARCRASH Month ago

      I know this voice! 😉 Always complete and logic. Thanks! Now i understand that Kara's story and the protomolecule intrigue are unfinished. Really disappointed as when i watch sci-fi it's not for politics and war, it's for sci-fi obviously.

    • Garland Remington III
      Garland Remington III 8 months ago

      @Gaming Extreme I won’t be alive, in 30 years from now!!!!

    • Hermit Card
      Hermit Card 9 months ago

      I love how even Amazon likes the "wait for 30 years for season 7" ☠

    • Needy
      Needy 9 months ago


    • Geoff Burrell
      Geoff Burrell 10 months ago

      Been watching your content since you first started your GoT Explained videos, super cool to see you featured on Amazon's official channel! Do you plan to cover the remaining episodes 2-5 on your channel? I'd love to see it

  • ๔เгɭ * Շг๏ย๒ɭє

    i'm so glad amazon hired you to do recaps. you've always done my favorite recaps with the quotes, and splitting screens--- you make even complex shows and stories easy to follow.

    • madhatters crafts
      madhatters crafts 9 months ago

      I did not know this i have been following since raised by wolves as he is the only one that explains it the way i like he gives extra information that opens the up the story and goes in depth. I can truly understand why they chose him

    • Sorenkair
      Sorenkair Year ago

      why isn't he doing all of them tho?

    • Doradexplora
      Doradexplora Year ago +4

      Shame HBO didn't hire him to write or do a test screening season 8 of GOT

    • rayneoftera
      rayneoftera Year ago +2

      Wow, used to watch this guy for his game of thrones breakdown and he's now working for amazon, I guess I can't be accused of being a groupie, haha!

    • alb cas
      alb cas Year ago


  • Guillaume Demers-Loiselle

    Thank you Amazon for polling talented youtubers like Alt shift for this. It was a great run, and it would not had happenned without your decision to take on the show to it's acceptable conclusion. I do hope you will finish the last 3 books, but still apreciate you ended it without too much of a clifthangner.

    • Patrick Henry
      Patrick Henry Year ago +9

      I think I’d cry the happiest tears of joy in my life if they decided to continue the series.

  • Urosh Uchiha Novakovic
    Urosh Uchiha Novakovic Year ago +134

    The Expanse is definitely something else. Sad that it's over, but happy that it happened and that there are more books to go through at least.
    Best thing to happen to sci fi in more then a decade in my opinion.

  • Yohanes
    Yohanes Year ago +401

    On behalf of Admiral Duarte, i would like to see season 7,8,9 and spin offs.

    • Varion117
      Varion117 Year ago

      @Logic Plague It's supposed to be a space platform that can build and process many things using and made by protomolecule.

    • Jaffa Rebellion
      Jaffa Rebellion Year ago +1

      @Logic Plague I think the noodle looking thing with the spider webs coming out of them were one of the construction platforms. The thing at the center was either the Proteus or the Tempest.

    • Logic Plague
      Logic Plague Year ago +3

      @Jaffa Rebellion So, was that thing in orbit a Magnetar, or the dock that builds them?

    • Jaffa Rebellion
      Jaffa Rebellion Year ago +39

      The High Consul has spoken. The Tempest stands ready for departure.

  • Sander van de Donk
    Sander van de Donk Year ago +136

    Since the 'dogs' are apparently repair drones.. That immediately makes me think of the creatures in the Citadel in Mass effect, these were called 'Keepers' and made by the protheans .They maintain the citadel and are mostly hidden out of sight. Do you think that these strange dogs were inspired by the mass effect keepers?

    • Tanako Skyler- The Tabletop Shogun
      Tanako Skyler- The Tabletop Shogun 8 months ago

      No, because the setting of the Expanse was thought-out as an RPG before Mass Effect. Though the comparison to the Keepers is not unexpected to me.

    • Reid Simonson
      Reid Simonson 8 months ago


    • Average Alien
      Average Alien 9 months ago

      I think the entire thing was inspired by elite dangerous

    • César Henrique Kopp
      César Henrique Kopp 11 months ago

      @Maxawe Some right! Even Zelda Skyward Sword has these little bot-creatures who keeps working after all the OG creators died.

    • Eugene the Philostopher
      Eugene the Philostopher Year ago +1

      @Maxawe Some yeah. I can also name Daktaklakpak and Mycon from Star Control, created by Precursors ("Protheans"). There are Dabus from Planescape D&D setting too, etc.

  • Tom
    Tom Year ago +71

    Everyone involved with this show has done a wonderful job, a quality project to be proud of. The best sci fi show since the Reimagined Battlestar Galactica, if you ask me. We've been fortunate to get 6 seasons of such an amazing show, based on an awesome series of books.
    The idea it might be picked up again in the future is a nice thought, and I want it to happen quite badly, but I think it is grasping at straws.

    • erick
      erick Year ago

      I'm really hoping they're just taking a few years to nail down a new cast for the older version of some of the characters

    • Trisha Ray Ganguly
      Trisha Ray Ganguly Year ago +5

      Yessss! I'm surprised the BSG fandom didn't show up in huge numbers for The Expanse, it's the only truly valid comparison tbh

  • Xander
    Xander Year ago +288

    Kara "Starbuck" Thrace from Battlestar Galactica is also listed as part of the group attacking the railguns!

    • Scott O
      Scott O 11 months ago

      Epically underrated classic!

    • Paul Furey
      Paul Furey 11 months ago

      I'm guessing many of you didn't watch the video......duhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Tracy Metherell
      Tracy Metherell 11 months ago

      @kousetsuhana then she brings in the cat 😎

    • Gabe Ramirez
      Gabe Ramirez Year ago +1

      Sarah Connor!!

    • Emperor Claudius
      Emperor Claudius Year ago +2

      Edward Buck from Halo

  • Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    "Young Ashford" would be a great prequel series. like pirate Hornblower in space set 30~50yrs before the events in the book. please include the authors of the original IP.

    • MrHan
      MrHan Year ago +2

      The Pirate Adventures of Ashford in the style of would be awesome!!!

    • B. P.
      B. P. Year ago +5

      Agreed, I'd like to see him "fly dark past a Martian Battlegroup", as he tells Diogo. Maybe see how he got his scars.

  • greg
    greg Year ago +79

    Loved this whole series. Brilliantly made and well thought out. I forgot about Alex, it was a shame he had to go, he was a funny and entertaining part of the show.

    • peggy davis
      peggy davis Year ago

      The actor had big
      problems , though

    • trevey11
      trevey11 Year ago +4

      He lives on in the books!

    • Main Source
      Main Source Year ago +11

      @Fatal Shore everybodys a creep these days, quit judging and mind your business

    • Fatal Shore
      Fatal Shore Year ago +13

      Pitty he was a creep show irl

  • Joe Lin
    Joe Lin Year ago +134

    Come on Bezos, you can spare some pocket changes for this extraordinary series! It can motivate kids to learn more about space better than your millionaire joyride!

    • jeff f
      jeff f Year ago

      Exactly 💯

    • RedSnt
      RedSnt Year ago +5

      Riight; For the kids 😉

  • Amara Winchester
    Amara Winchester Year ago +16

    This was such a beautiful ending! I cried so many times this season! Also the short story with the “dogs” and the kids was just too amazing!

  • Dae
    Dae Year ago +23

    Drummer also had experience running Tycho station, right under Fred Johnson. I also believe she used to work for Anderson Dawes. And after working closely with Ashford, she probably understands the politics of the Belt and the OPA the best. There isn't a soul in the solar system better fit to run the TU!

  • DJB
    DJB Year ago +61

    So sad to see it go off the air. I LOVE this show! Smartest sci-fi on TV.

  • kousetsuhana
    kousetsuhana Year ago +40

    thank you Prime for hosting Shifty. he's the absolute best and we revere him. Simply no other recap or review can compare with his ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • rdecredico
      rdecredico Year ago +2

      This is for idiots. There is no reason to recap such a straightforward narrative.

  • Peranor79
    Peranor79 Year ago +50

    This is the best space SciFi show ever produced. I loved Battlestar Galactica, but it's beaten by The Expanse. I just hope there will be more episoded produced in the future.

    • Stener Gut
      Stener Gut Year ago +2

      @Maxawe Some Babylon 5 was also amazing, but it is a completely different experience.

    • Maxawe Some
      Maxawe Some Year ago +4

      I still think Babylon 5 was the best.

  • leeuniverse
    leeuniverse Year ago +15

    It's actually disappointing they canceled it already... There was SO MUCH more story they could have done in this new universe.
    I mean, this really could be a new Star Trek or Star Wars universe.... story's that can go on forever.

  • trevey11
    trevey11 Year ago +5

    Beautifully done. I hope, like you, that they manage to bring the final three novels to the screen. Ty Frank and Naren Shankar make it clear that this is their hope as well. Shankar said “I’m working on it” in one of his tweets during the finale twitter live tweet. Ty says we should not harass Amazon because we need their goodwill.

  • Ken Holuta
    Ken Holuta Year ago +8

    What a perfectly clear, concise explanation of so many nuances that I missed, and how everything relates to the books. I'm anxious to read the books now, and will start a rewatch of the series soon.

  • Nanofication
    Nanofication Year ago +39

    For the people reference, Quaid, D is probably Douglas Quaid from Total Recall. Such a small scene, but I love the call back to all the sci fi big shots.

    • Paul Hawkins
      Paul Hawkins 11 months ago

      I want to think that the Hicks, D is a reference to Dante Hicks from Clerks. Which would be the ultimate odd one out joke since he's "not even supposed to be here today!".

    • Lewis Taylor
      Lewis Taylor Year ago +3

      @Torthak "Its O'neill with two L's. Theres another Col. O'neil with only one L and he has no sense of humor at all.":D
      edit: Thats O'neill with two typos

    • Lewis Taylor
      Lewis Taylor Year ago +2

      @Stanislav Stoimenov I want to say that Ochiai, H. is a reference to Knights of Sidonia, but more likely it is for Hidy Ochiai. Starr, L. is from Asimov. Rogan, A. is Alex Rogan from The Last Starfighter. Nesmith, J. is Tim Allen's character from Galaxy Quest.

    • Torthak
      Torthak Year ago +3

      O'Neil, J is Jack O'Neil from the Stargate Movie. The TV series was O'Neill, J

    • Stanislav Stoimenov
      Stanislav Stoimenov Year ago +5

      Yes. And Thrace, K. is Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace from "Battlestar Galactica".

  • larry zhou
    larry zhou Year ago +53

    9:50 So these are some of the greatest badasses in scifi history. And Bobbie Draper and Amos Burton are right there with them

  • Joji Okami
    Joji Okami Year ago +27

    Man I am going to miss the Expanse. Best sci-fi show of all time by far! Thanks for making these videos guys.

  • maccabee7
    maccabee7 Year ago +105

    “Filip Nagata” feels like a cliffhanging teaser. Perhaps season 7? Hopefully; surely!

    • Erik
      Erik 11 months ago

      @Shining Pecan "Baby"?

    • Shining Pecan
      Shining Pecan 11 months ago

      @Erik Stop being such a baby. It's not a spoiler.

    • blusafe1
      blusafe1 Year ago +2

      @FatPaws The fact that you think reading YT comments and hiding from spoilers is possible makes me realise the average intelligence of trolls on the internet is probably an imaginary number.

    • B. P.
      B. P. Year ago

      @7gromojar It should be a sitcom with a laugh track!

    • lesley chima
      lesley chima Year ago

      Nah..I don't think we need anymore Nagata story....

  • Rob Harrison
    Rob Harrison Year ago +9

    2:15 The reaction the parents had to their son coming back to life was extremely similar to the _Babylon 5_ episode Believers (s01e10). The episode dealt with the moral and ethical implications of Dr. Franklin performing life saving surgery on an alien child instead of letting him slowly suffocate despite the objections of the child's parents. The parents, after seeing their son cured, are horrified, and the reaction is mirrored in this episode.

  • Sarita Angie
    Sarita Angie Year ago +6

    The whole series has been amazing .. but this last episode.. the emotions it triggered in me.. I can’t remember anything else doing this in me.. above all the pearls of human love and care.. one for all Peaches gift of the little jewel to Amos .. no words only vibrations of gratitude 🙏🏻🥰💞

  • Mark Twain
    Mark Twain Year ago +10

    This is how you reward your community and do brand deals with creators. So glad they didn't censor anything and just let Alt shift do his thing.

  • Covers and Commentary

    I loved this show! Haven’t been excited about a sci fi show in a long time. I’m sad it’s over.

  • David Partlow
    David Partlow Year ago +14

    I'm gonna miss The Expanse. It was 6 seasons of the finest hard sci-fi.

    IMPALA_KNIGHT Year ago +4

    Sad that this is the last season :( , this crew who build and adapted the book are some of the best out there, hope we got more amazing work for them. Also thanks amazon from saving this show from syfy

  • Vít Zeman
    Vít Zeman Year ago +105

    Note that between books 6 and 7, there is a significant time jump.
    So ending series here seems reasonable.

    • Filthy Peasant Gaming
      Filthy Peasant Gaming Year ago +1

      @Daniel B What? I just started book 7 and peaches is still there at the beginning.

    • Tom
      Tom Year ago

      Its why I'm not holding out hope for new seasons. With a few centuries of medical advances, the average life expectancy being 112 or whatever and being even better on Mars, they could do this, believably right now, with makeup, maybe CGI. That they will pick it up in 10 years to let the actors age is grasping at straws.

    • Daniel B
      Daniel B Year ago +2

      @James Royce-Dawson (maybe you are right… not for very long if so)

    • James Royce-Dawson
      James Royce-Dawson Year ago +1

      @Daniel B You must be misremembering this. Peaches is definitely still alive at the start of book 7

    • Daniel B
      Daniel B Year ago

      @Daniel Harborne literally the first scene with the crew.

  • Kozi03
    Kozi03 10 months ago

    Thank you I needed this. Man I'm so sad this series has ended :'( One of the greatest series of all time for me

  • Chris Musix
    Chris Musix Year ago +22

    Nobody important sacrificed themselves; no real mysteries solved; everyone lives happily ever after.
    10/10 would elect Holden again!

  • Weets
    Weets Year ago +2

    Great follow up and final summary. Explained a lot to me that I missed and questioned. I just started the books so this helps me in my Expanse Journey.
    Ps. Love the troop Easter eggs and shout out to some of the great scfi peeps that I luv. I definitely missed that one. Glad Riker made the troop cut. Make it so number one. Make it so.

  • schvantzi
    schvantzi Year ago +2

    Incredible finale! Thank you for the in depth explanations of certain scenes and dynamics to make it even better!

  • Greg Corker
    Greg Corker Year ago +5

    Great summary of episode 6 and how it “pauses” The Expanse”. it was a fantastic series.

  • Tez
    Tez Year ago

    What an awesome review! It is even compared and contrasted against the novels.

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago +2

    The Expanse, a brilliant story with an excellent cast.

  • KnowYourHistory
    KnowYourHistory Year ago +6

    Another fantastic recap by Alt Shift X. I didn't read the books yet so I appreciate that you help bring some context from the books without spoiling anything.

  • Diego Valentino
    Diego Valentino Year ago +11

    La mejor serie de Ciencia Ficción que he visto en mi vida. Disfruté al máximo cada milisegundo, del último capítulo, de la última temporada, por que sabía que era el final de una serie espectacular.
    Mil gracias tío Amazon por esta maravillosa serie!!!!

    • Silvia Bianchi
      Silvia Bianchi Year ago +4

      Excelente serie, muy bien hecha , me gustaría mucho ver la continuación de los otros libros, espero que la hagan!!!

  • גבריאל פאלקאו

    That drop scene is pure Amos-type. All the action and deaths and chaos all around him, and he's just going through it all until the end.

  • TehMorbidAtheist
    TehMorbidAtheist Year ago +4

    I did my part by writing to Amazon asking them to pick up the series and by buying season 3 on their website.

  • Melad Kareme
    Melad Kareme Year ago

    Love that your doing the recap for amazon bro! Welldone to amazon for finding great talent! Hope they give us more seasons 🙏🏻

  • HOGO
    HOGO Year ago +2

    i'm so satisfied with this finale which makes me so sad at the prospect of waiting indefinitely for S7

  • Dieter Bastian
    Dieter Bastian Year ago

    What a great summary. 👍🏼 Gave me a more fresh perspective overhaul of the series. Forgotten some stuff and their connections.

  • aggrobreaker
    aggrobreaker Year ago +5

    What a great show! And an awesome explanation by Shifty!

  • Spare 6 Keystone
    Spare 6 Keystone Year ago +6

    The thing I enjoy most about The Expanse is that literally everything has a reason. Big stuff, small stuff, and everything in between. Not one thing was without merit or purpose.

    • Quinstol
      Quinstol Year ago

      Yep, excellent economy in the writing. If you appreciate that, you should check out The Wire if you haven't already done so. One of the show's mottoes is "all the pieces matter."

    • trevey11
      trevey11 Year ago

      Exactly! The best example of that is when Avasarala is on the roof with her grandson in the first season watching falling stars and says she is “afraid of people who throw rocks”. BRILLANT foreshadowing that pays off in the FIFTH season!

  • Jezzie A
    Jezzie A 16 hours ago

    i just finished watching all 6 seasons of The Expanse i i can't remember the last time i was this HOOKED in a series. i really really REALLY hope they continue to show the rest of The Expanse huhu

  • Jaume Singla Valls

    Thanks to amazon to continue with this TV-Show, and I hope some day more soon that later we can see the complete history in a tv-show!

  • Tuomas Holo
    Tuomas Holo Year ago +5

    This was a brilliant summary. Hope to see you when the story continues.

  • Rob DeMillo
    Rob DeMillo 11 months ago

    Bravo - really nicely done! Somehow you combined the intent of the last show, the arc of the last season, it's continuity to previous seasons, and key differences between what was on screen and what was in the books. That's tough to do - hat tip to you.

  • Liam Allgood
    Liam Allgood Year ago +25

    I saw Kara Thrace (Starbuck) in the list of names. A little Battlestar Galactica nod in there too.

  • Remco V
    Remco V Year ago +2

    I loved the last episode, great ending of a great show.
    Hopefully the future brings us more seasons.

  • Nickolas Smith
    Nickolas Smith Year ago +1

    Great job with the recap there’s a lot of things that I loved with expanse. One was the characters, The acting and personality and how they grew through the show was great. I also love the sense of humor. Second, The special effects were great. Third I know the TV show goes based upon the books but the storyline was just not right for me I did love the ending. I hope we get more of The Expanse. I also love sci-fi because it lets us know that hopefully we’re not the only ones in the universe. I love the stars. Thanks for your breakdown and recap I know you don’t get paid for your prediction but what do you think Amazon‘s gonna do?

  • Zachary Ng
    Zachary Ng Year ago +1

    I am so glad I randomly stumbled into this show, it has become my favorite by far. It would be a tragedy if they don't finish up the last 3 books. I really hope someone extends them for 3 more seasons.

  • Nadia Petrova
    Nadia Petrova Year ago

    Thank you for this video and especially well written final recap of the show. Well said. Glad that Amazon saw the value in sponsoring this video as your “Easter eggs” spotlights make me appreciate the depth and complexity of the show itself. Thank you!

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith Year ago +21

    Great season, great show, really well done.
    Can't say I was surprised and a little disappointed to find out that it was only 6 episodes long though, and especially so because none of the questions about Laconia or the ring entities were answered.
    It would be a shame if those questions were deliberately left unanswered and this season cut short to better set up future spin-offs, but my cynical mind thinks that it is a real possibility...

    • The Dude Abides
      The Dude Abides Year ago

      The Books 7 - 9 carry on the Laconia & Entities story lines. To me, the best books of the bunch. I'm glad they did not try to finish those story arcs. Leaves a chance for a future series.

    • ChiChi Vladinski
      ChiChi Vladinski Year ago +1

      If they had tried to quickly resolve everything, it wouldn't have worked as well. In real life the end to some people's story won't answer the grand universal concerns. The Expanse shows that life continues and transforms, rarely with resolution. If they tried for a forced ending, it would've echoed Game of Thrones end ,and no one wants that.

  • RJ
    RJ Year ago +1

    SUCH a great recap of the "finale". I have enjoyed all 6 seasons of The Expanse. Camina Drummer has been my "Odds On Favorite" so I was pleased to see DRUMMER FOR THE WIN! In the end.

  • WanderfalkeAT
    WanderfalkeAT 11 months ago

    I loved that show as much as I loved BSG! Amazon did great with keeping the Show running!

  • darthmorbous
    darthmorbous Year ago +20

    This series is a masterpiece I tell you. A MASTERPIECE.

  • Alberto Sanchez
    Alberto Sanchez Year ago +6

    I am really sorry this series comes to an end, it was to my point of view the best scifi content since Battle Star Galactica. I really hope at some point they will pick it back and give us the rest of the books. Meanwhile I am thinking of reading the books to see the diference and judge the adaptation.

    • Fatal Shore
      Fatal Shore Year ago +1

      @trevey11 Epic indeed! Magnetar class warships!

    • trevey11
      trevey11 Year ago +1

      You will not be disappointed. The books are just different enough to let you have some surprises but mostly the story is there in both the books and the adaptation. The final trilogy wraps up the protomolecule storyline and are epic.

    • Fatal Shore
      Fatal Shore Year ago

      Yep, I got impatient waiting for the last season on tv so went and read the entire series from the start so I could see the spoilers "the right way" lol. Def worth the read.

  • A Barakat
    A Barakat Year ago +1

    Your explaination and story telling is great! thanks for this nice video. Maybe we see more expanse.

  • Vicky Strudwick
    Vicky Strudwick Year ago +2

    Thankyou so much for such a brilliant closing explanation - really joined all the dots for me, great work @AltShiftX. Subbed

  • kikikatme
    kikikatme Year ago

    I binged this show in a month and I can't wait for more! I'll be reading the books if I come across them. Great video!

  • Inazarab
    Inazarab Year ago +1

    It didn't feel like an end to me. In a weird way, it felt more like a midpoint (which I guess it is in the books). I hope there's a sequel series someday because there are so many questions left unanswered. I'll miss this show a lot, guess I'll finally have to read the books.

  • James
    James Year ago

    Such a great show with a great cast! I really hope they finish the books in the future.

  • Hari Seldon
    Hari Seldon Year ago

    Great summary and thanks for the work you put into it!

  • Victor L
    Victor L Year ago +1

    We need more of this show!!!

  • S
    S Year ago +1

    How can they discontinue one of the best sci fi creations brought to television?

  • Harry
    Harry Year ago

    I really hope we get a season 7, 8 and 9 (maybe more) to finish the books

  • Maximi Maxima
    Maximi Maxima Year ago

    Thank you for the video. It's such vast material, a few explation help.
    My personal view, it's not really a series finale. More of a season finale. They decided to stick with the books. Even though it might be disappointing for some viewers. Not to learn about the protomolecule, where it all started.

  • Gecko raw asg
    Gecko raw asg Year ago +3

    I realy hope for season 7. Show is amazing. I am going to read books now. Thanks very much. 😊

  • Caleb Witt
    Caleb Witt Year ago +6

    Great summary of the last episode. The ending demands a continuation of this great series.

  • Rafael Santos
    Rafael Santos Year ago +19

    23:50 Amos lost the pin when he went to visit Clarissa in the prison. He had to leave it there.

    • jeps1973
      jeps1973 Year ago +2

      I felt bad he lost the pin and the mug he got from his trip to Baltimore.

    • Shawn Putnam
      Shawn Putnam Year ago +6

      well, he had to leaave the jacket it was on to go down, and when he came bak up, the entire building containing it was obliterated >.

  • hawk7825
    hawk7825 Year ago +3

    A 2 part movie could close out this epic story with dignity.

  • adidaskorn12345
    adidaskorn12345 Year ago +11

    Glad they allowed ASX to mention there are more books and amazon is canceling the show without finishing the story. This way people who don't read the books can maybe check them out.

      SIXminWHISTLE Year ago +2

      Amazon does sell books and own Audible after all :^)

  • Nebraska Rooster
    Nebraska Rooster 22 days ago

    Amazon should do the last 3 books (seasons) of the series. Such an amazing series - a true masterpiece. They could have paid for an entire season of Expanse for the cost of a single episode of that lousy LotR series!

  • S P
    S P Year ago +1

    Great video. Beautifully explained!

  • Cyboogie The Cyborg
    Cyboogie The Cyborg Year ago +3

    It's madness to me that the show is stopping at this point... really disappointed...

  • Waltham1892
    Waltham1892 Year ago +1

    How am I going to live without Amos?
    He is my spirit animal.

  • Jonathan C
    Jonathan C Year ago +3

    This is how you end a awesomely superb and loved by its fan base series! I hope D&D from GOT are taking notes.

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