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Henry Cejudo: Andrew Tate's Last Kickboxing Match SUCKED | Tate Would Be 'Easy Work' For Jake Paul!

  • Published on Jan 10, 2023
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  • James
    James 2 months ago +8333

    The guy called out Andrew so he accepted. He came out of retirement just to kick one more ass 🤣

    • Virtuousone
      Virtuousone 11 days ago

      @Anthony Hernandez nah, he knocked one last dude out in the ring and that’s that. Go get in the ring.

    • Atra
      Atra 12 days ago

      @Anthony Hernandez bro what are you talking about, what do you think would have happened if he didn’t accept it?

    • GG
      GG 12 days ago

      @Anthony Hernandez you think the same about Floyd? because that’s exactly what he did

    • Getsuga Allen
      Getsuga Allen 12 days ago

      ​@BlewGrass Boy 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Daniel Salazar
      Daniel Salazar 18 days ago

      @Anthony Hernandez the guys talking shit about him non stop

  • Mark Rodriguez
    Mark Rodriguez 21 day ago +254

    Backstory: Tate fought that guy because he was talking mad shit and he was coming off a long streak of boozes and cigars since it was also a last second call

    • Xander Heseltine
      Xander Heseltine 17 days ago +1

      ​@Ali Abed the guy you just @ed was making fun of the guy who uploaded this video. There is still time for you to delete your comment

    • Ali Abed
      Ali Abed 19 days ago

      ​@new2thisbro why are you hating the guy didn't even do anything

    • new2this
      new2this 19 days ago +2

      Bro couldn't do research 🤔

  • Rob
    Rob Month ago +867

    Damn not Henry Cejudo trying to make a point about knowing the context and then not knowing the context of this fight 😂😂😂

    • Go Rocketzz
      Go Rocketzz 25 days ago

      @Mr. J ask and you shall receive

    • Mr. J
      Mr. J Month ago

      Does the fact the guy called him out mean it's no longer a debut?

  • John James
    John James Month ago +1988

    Tate was retired when this happened. He was invited to the event as a commentator. That kids opponent backed out and he started running his mouth at Tate, challenging him. Tate accepted and then dog walked him for a couple rounds before putting him to sleep on the ropes.
    Saying he'd have trouble with Jake Paul is ridiculous.

    • O Kay
      O Kay 23 days ago

      Your forgetting that Andrew tate fought in one of the worse kickboxing organization
      That don't even real tough fighters
      He bever even fought in glory
      He fought in a low end kickboxing organization fighting absolutely trash fighters
      In almost every match he picks the smallest dude and was fighting in light heavyweight thise dudes were literally small
      On a losing streak, debut fight, absolutely no killers
      Yall go watch glory kickboxing, ONE, or k1
      Those have the world's best kickboxer and actual killers in the division

    • M2 the Great
      M2 the Great 25 days ago

      Put em in an mma bout and jake paul takes it easily, as long as he isnt too prideful and tries to keep it standing to prove his striking.

    • Mr.Mehoff aka Jack
      Mr.Mehoff aka Jack 25 days ago

      You severely underestimate Jake Paul

    • LoganDC007
      LoganDC007 27 days ago

      In a boxing match he would probably lose

  • Chase Barcus
    Chase Barcus Month ago +86

    Henry looking like the teacher told
    Him to explain the problem

    • Joshua Jones
      Joshua Jones Month ago +3

      Calling someone out doesn't change the skill difference. It's not a fight Andrew Taint should've accepted.

  • Jash Bhavesh Shah
    Jash Bhavesh Shah Month ago +57

    He also said, "Usman. easy money, easy money" 30 seconds before Edwards sent him to the shadow realm where Henry visited when he fought DJ

    • BigFist Dante
      BigFist Dante 15 days ago

      Lol you don't know shii bc usman was winning until that miracle of a headkick, also DJ is literally the goat so ain't nothing to be sad about from losing to one of the greatest of all time 💀

    • Chris V
      Chris V 19 days ago

      You don’t know fighting. Usman is the better fighter

    • Kamtar Bo'l
      Kamtar Bo'l 26 days ago

      Because Leon got lucky. Usman wins the rematch if they'll do it

    • weirdo
      weirdo 27 days ago

      As if Edward didn’t get lucky 🥴


    To be fair, that debut guy called him out. He have something to prove, so Andrew accept.

    • Alex Muccilli
      Alex Muccilli Month ago

      All that shows/proves is that Tate has a fragile ego

    • Dada Dunlol
      Dada Dunlol Month ago

      ​@K G It's not deductible at the very least

    • Rk
      Rk Month ago

      @K G this is after he retired and was out of shape, came as a commentator and that guy comes running his mouth so he jumped in.

    • LemonGrab
      LemonGrab Month ago

      @K G I mean he was already retired by this point so I don’t see the issue.

  • david labossiere
    david labossiere Month ago +32

    Someone roll the cut clip of Paul saying " chill champ it's an exhibition"

    • N/A
      N/A 24 days ago +2

      I just wish Floyd wouldn't have listened to that and just punched his teeth out, the boxing scene has become a circus because of the Paul brothers and it makes my blood boil.

  • Odus Johnson
    Odus Johnson Month ago +42

    Everyone is an expert about fighting especially those who have never been in a fight

    • Michael Terrell
      Michael Terrell 27 days ago +7

      Yeah, because Henry Cejudo, a two time UFC champ and Olympic gold medalist wrestler, has NEVER been in a fight…

    • ludvig
      ludvig Month ago +4

      Are you serious

    • Kireba2
      Kireba2 Month ago +13

      No way you said that about Cejudo...

    • Mitchy
      Mitchy Month ago +8

      Yea Henry is an Olympics gold medalist and had two belts simultaneously in the UFC. One of the best pound for pound fighters ever

  • R W
    R W 2 months ago +1913

    He retired due to multiple detached retinas. He was called out and showed up within days to fight him. That is part of his hesitation to jump back into a ring, he risks permanent vision loss.

    • Getsuga Allen
      Getsuga Allen 12 days ago

      ​@Matt Thai start praying

    • Christopher Le Guen
      Christopher Le Guen 18 days ago +1

      ​@MMArchiveI've got to agree there, Bisping is a badass by reputation because of his accomplishments in the octagon, Andrew Tate isn't even on Michael's level, I'll take Michael's reputation over Andrew's Bugatti anyday

    • Michael Terrell
      Michael Terrell 27 days ago

      @MMArchive Yeah, but Bisping is tough as nails.

    • MMArchive
      MMArchive 27 days ago +1

      @Michael Terrell You used some key wording, Not everyone IS capable of that, clearly Tate wasn't capable of it or of fighting at the highest levels with such an injury. You're right though, Bisping lied his way through medical examinations and got brutally knocked out for it.

  • Don Ra Star
    Don Ra Star Month ago +1

    Henry, your boxing skills have been looking sharp brother! Much respect,sir

  • Pedro Pinheiro
    Pedro Pinheiro Month ago

    When you have a lot of words but really nothing to say. You get this type of content

  • Filipe Paixão
    Filipe Paixão 2 months ago +1799

    This was more like a comeback from retirement than his last fight

    • Michael Terrell
      Michael Terrell 27 days ago

      @Sauce Gotti Not the greatest no, but he’s certainly considered one of them. He’s at least in the conversation.

    • ma ma my mamma said that
      ma ma my mamma said that Month ago +2

      @Zay Money best in the world 😭🤣 what promotion was he world champ in buddy? K1? Glory? Because that's where the best fight

    • Zay Money
      Zay Money Month ago +2

      @ma ma my mamma said that he is a world champion. Guess being the best in the world at some point doesn’t mean anything🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Luke Neill
      Luke Neill Month ago +2

      @Sauce Gotti and Tyson known for fighting bums

    • ma ma my mamma said that
      ma ma my mamma said that Month ago +1

      @DatMFDre so the 1st one ko'd tate.
      2. Was 12-4 in 4 years before fighting tate and mid 40's 😂
      No 3 And 4 are nowhere to be seen on Google, so must be super good to not even have a fight profile or win/loss record online 😂
      Really good try though buddy 👍

  • Crypto Critic
    Crypto Critic Month ago +2

    Jealousy is a very sad emotion.

    • Kireba2
      Kireba2 Month ago +2

      How is that jealousy?

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill Month ago +1

    It's ironic because Henry himself didn't know the facts. 🙄
    Hopefully he reads his comments. 😬🤷

  • Terry Mitchell
    Terry Mitchell 2 months ago +1531

    This is what every single human being sounds like the morning after an 8ball

    • Dutch Van der Linde
      Dutch Van der Linde 25 days ago

      Facts XD

    • Tray Talks
      Tray Talks Month ago

      Bro what lol 😢😂

    • Chris Beam
      Chris Beam Month ago

      He either been sniffing that fast booger sugar or that slow fetty wap

    • RandyR
      RandyR Month ago

      Booga Suga

    • Sean
      Sean Month ago

      Yeah when you run out but keep drinking vodka

  • Shelly.
    Shelly. Month ago

    I can’t believe ppl let this chihuahua beat them in a fight

  • Northside Angler
    Northside Angler Month ago

    Even tho 80 fights I don’t care if they were girls thats alot of fights you need to respect that man.

  • Talia Shoma
    Talia Shoma Month ago +447

    He was 4 time world champ. You conveniently leave that out. Speaks for itself

    • Michael Terrell
      Michael Terrell 27 days ago

      @Slide Yeah. Back in the day ISKA had legends like Don the dragon Wilson and
      Benny the jet Urquides. What happened to it?

    • HMGaming
      HMGaming Month ago

      Champion in a league of plumbers and taxi drivers LOL any decent league in America he getting destroyed

    • James Cooke
      James Cooke Month ago +1

      @Sir world champion has to beat the best in the world but tate never even had to fight any top 10 kickboxer except one Russian guy.
      You can't be "world champion" in a mid tier promotion

    • Sir
      Sir Month ago

      ​@James Cooke he was definitely world champion at one point... literally just google his career

    • James Cooke
      James Cooke Month ago +1

      @Venice in a b tier promotion lol

  • Bobby Charlick
    Bobby Charlick Month ago

    He was called into fight as a late replacement

  • Ahand 28
    Ahand 28 Month ago

    Henry vs a burrito or a corona light henry gets it done fairly quickly

  • Boricua
    Boricua 2 months ago +221

    He obviously told his brother "I'm not even gon try" 🤣

  • james webber
    james webber Month ago

    He's a legend in his own mind

  • Kelemen Raul
    Kelemen Raul Month ago

    Actually, those who saw the full fight know, the small guy didn't have kick at all, but he dominated tate in punches, despite being shorter with a smaller reach. He did well, tate almost got beaten.

  • Alimamul Ma3sum
    Alimamul Ma3sum 2 months ago +331

    Tate was called out by that guy and he accepted. What was he supposed to do!

    • e soss
      e soss Month ago

      I got a lot of ya mad I see
      Am living rent free in the comment section
      Jake will ko this man hands down no doubt about it

    • Leonard Mhone
      Leonard Mhone Month ago


    • Slide
      Slide Month ago

      Not accept tf

    • Thomas Ryan
      Thomas Ryan Month ago

      @Staple_Boi yoi do know tate is in a prison with mounting evidence in a country that doesnt have a very fair legal system to begin with and they are ceasing his assets? He will be in jail for years and years.

    • Staple_Boi
      Staple_Boi Month ago

      @e soss the first time it was squashed cuz he thought Jake was full of shit and then Jake started talking about fighter pay and Tate eased up on him. But I believe they're doing something now

  • JonLuc Chargo
    JonLuc Chargo Month ago

    The circus show of Paul goes on

  • Perry Davidson
    Perry Davidson Month ago +5

    Anderson Silva would beat every last of of these cheese heads in his prime with low difficulty 😂

  • Michael Dinkins
    Michael Dinkins Month ago +321

    When you already have some kind of issue, with a man, you will find something wrong. Playas play and haters hate.

    • Fachri Ranu
      Fachri Ranu Month ago +1

      @LemonGrab your point about Tate retired and didnt have much training actually is in favor of Cejudo argument. Tate retired not much fight training while Jake train and fight.

    • LemonGrab
      LemonGrab Month ago

      @Fachri Ranu I mean there is literal evidence that he is blatantly wrong in this scenario. Just because you're more experienced doesnt mean you're always right. Tate had been retired for a long time at this point, he was mainly going to vlog and commentate but when the dudes opponent couldn't fight the dude called out Tate and Tate accepted. What more is there to breakdown? Tate literally had no training or prep and just went into it already rusty from retirement. No fighter is gonna be perfect when they are retired with no prep at all going into a fight

    • Fachri Ranu
      Fachri Ranu Month ago +1

      @LemonGrab i think Cejudo know one or two about martial art and price fighting. So his words carry some weight.

    • LemonGrab
      LemonGrab Month ago +1

      @Fachri Ranu no it doesn’t in this scenario because the person who made the video was wrong lmao

    • Fachri Ranu
      Fachri Ranu Month ago +1

      When you so deep in love with a man you would never find anything wrong. Lover gonna love.
      See.... the problem with your argiment is it work both ways.

  • alex johnson
    alex johnson Month ago +1

    I don't know enough about this to make a valid comment but I love watching all 3 of you guys. 🥰

  • RipKevinK
    RipKevinK Month ago

    Jake Paul was Scared to sign a contract and then boom Tate gets arrested

  • Rumchata
    Rumchata 2 months ago +691

    “You can’t really tell how good he is when he fights guys like these”
    Brings up Jake Paul 😂😂😂

    • Atom__W
      Atom__W Month ago

      Brought up Jake paul because they are supposed to fight 🙄

    • gr7zzz
      gr7zzz Month ago

      @V please explain to me how you have so much faith in somebody who has yet to fight a actual boxer. And please use actual facts and not opinionated statements.

    • ge
      ge Month ago

      @elias :p He was fighting pro kickboxers in one of the best leagues in the world. I`m guessing you were a champion in a better league for you to be talking about him like this.

    • william miller
      william miller Month ago

      @ge 190 -200LBS same thing, he's said many times in interviews he walks around 200. And bruh you're talking such small differences when they are for a fact around the same size. I also LOVE when someone on X-vid talks about martial art experience since I've been training since the age of 14 🤣🤣 except the past couple years because I'm to busy being a father. And please stop with this " he has 80 fights" when they are tomato cans and you can't name one opponent without googling it. 50 year old Anderson Silva is a harder opponent then Andrew Tate and if you don't think so then whatever. If they ever fight I can't wait to come back to this comment section

  • Deion Davis
    Deion Davis Month ago

    Something very similar happens in boxing, they would fight easy fights to get their numbers up

  • Rangnahan48
    Rangnahan48 Month ago

    Erik is the goat happy he’s getting some shine 🔥🔥

  • Fabian Garcia
    Fabian Garcia Month ago +70

    Bruh Andrew was retired already for some time And this guy calls him out and Andrew accepted

    • Fidelity Gaming
      Fidelity Gaming Month ago +1

      @Son Goku They love jumping on the hate bandwagon

    • Son Goku
      Son Goku Month ago +3

      They don’t care about facts, just clout and fashionable hate.

  • Amir Chavoshi
    Amir Chavoshi 19 days ago +1

    Real talk

  • Alex Chavez
    Alex Chavez Month ago

    Plot twist lol that’s Henry’s best friend

  • Random Piano
    Random Piano 2 months ago +214

    76 wins and 9 losses is incredible by any standard

    • BigBomb303
      BigBomb303 Month ago

      @Ya Boi Teezy you keep saying no one cares that he fought in a trash league against bums, but the entire point of this discussion is “how good of a fighter is Andrew Tate”. People downplay his kickboxing and they’re right, he hasn’t won or fought anyone impressive. He’s a world champ the same way I’m a national champ after winning my school’s chess tournament.
      I’m “triggered” because I’m pointing out that he’s really not impressive as a fighter? He’s not “still a world champ”, there’s a massive difference between winning actual world titles against good competitions and winning an iska title.
      “mma and boxers also fight bums” so? They’re also not impressive if they only fight amateurs in c tier leagues. I also call bs on people like Khamzat who say they have “hundreds of amateur wins” when he fought random dangestani plumbers.
      And iska isn’t even a promotion, it’s a governing body. That’s why it’s full of bums, cause it’s easy as hell to get in. Anyone who’s good in iska goes to other promotions, all I’m saying is tate wasn’t that good. If he was, why would he feel the need to lie about fighting in k1?

    • Ya Boi Teezy
      Ya Boi Teezy Month ago

      @BigBomb303 its not a pretend bro, the guy was a 4x world champ in a "semi pro" league, ok who gives af. You and I both agreed he can actually fight so all this other bs you spatting is non sense. I don't know why you're so triggered about it. People try to down play andrew tates ability to fight so peoples counter is his kickboxing record and the fact he won 4 world titles. Then people want to down play that saying oh it was against bums, he not Alex Pereira or bukraw, like nobody ever even mention them nor compared tate to them. But im dense like come on now. You keep saying "tate fans" this and that but imo you're just triggered and its alright. Like who finna go through at that bs when being an Eastern European champ in a pro division whether its d tier, c tier or s tier is still a world champ. People say he's an actual fighter an he has skill and your counter argument is he fought bums. Ok most mma fighter and boxers have alot of wins on their record in low tier divisions,probably title belts there aswell. Are those not valid accomplishments. Some go to the biggest promotions some don't, thats the way shit goes. The ISKA is apparently known as a top karate/kickboxing promotion, literally listed up there with k1,glory and ome championship,probably b tier with k1 and glory being a tier

    • Ya Boi Teezy
      Ya Boi Teezy Month ago

      @BigBomb303 that is the point, nobody has said that period, nobody has said he was the greatest kickboxer of all time. People said he was a legit fighter which u just agreed to so why u tripping. You call the league he fought in bums, are u a fighter? Can u or any other person critiquing his record get there and be a 4x champ, prolly not, you have no point. You can not like the guy and admit that he's a legit fighter. Most of his losses came after he had a detached retina, very bad eye sight but who cares if he didn't fight k1 or glory. Why does it matter so much too you and these others. 76 wins and 9 losses is a good record. The man was also fighting other professionals at the end of the day. We can sit here and say who aren't good fighters and who is all we want but at the end of the day he was a pro kickboxer, The guy saying a 76 win and 9 loss record is incredible isn't waving his record or his 4x world championships around, its stating a fact that is a good record. Whether u or any other guy says he fought bums or not is irrelevant. 4x world kickboxing champion of whoever he was fighting for. U mad he calls himself a world champ? I mean he won the belts, what u want him to say?

    • BigBomb303
      BigBomb303 Month ago

      @Ya Boi Teezy his fans wave those things around all the time and he himself says he’s a “world kickboxing champion” and says that he fought in K-1 and glory when he’s champion of a nobody filled league and never fought in k-1. Ofc he can fight, that’s not the point

  • T Greg
    T Greg Month ago

    Bruh that’s how it goes, old head fights the new guy. Tate old af in the fighting world

  • Gaszilla *Zilla
    Gaszilla *Zilla 24 days ago

    Why Henry wanna be a X-vidr all the sudden goddamn at this rate my grandma finna be on this damn app 😂😂

  • alsaz_
    alsaz_ 2 months ago +236

    Tate didn’t became famous because of his kickboxing skills. He became famous because of his persona.

    • Mischievous Fish
      Mischievous Fish Month ago

      @Puddles 420 Yeah, I just love the smell of old paperbacks. You got me.

    • Puddles 420
      Puddles 420 Month ago +1

      @Mischievous Fish you don’t read books.

    • alsaz_
      alsaz_ Month ago

      @itziktapia09 sir, he is a headache for those- who teaches no personal accountability, promotes indiscipline and irresponsible behavior at your prime youth, pushing corrupt ideas that directly affect the family system.
      On the contrary he’s someone who advocates personal accountability and self discipline, which sometimes clash directly with the dominant mainstream narrative in a way that has pissed off elites in position of power.

    • itziktapia09
      itziktapia09 Month ago

      Who is he? What does he do? How come a Texas resident in his mid 30s like me doesn’t know who Andrew Tate is?

    • alsaz_
      alsaz_ Month ago

      @justin sprouse you too, take care man.

  • capt twitch on
    capt twitch on Month ago

    You can't fake stepping into a ring! You can't fake a fight career...........

    CANTBETAMMED v2 Month ago

    Fight recorders don't matter I hope you know that it's about skill

  • Dongley Liam
    Dongley Liam Month ago +424

    Bro definitely called him "Daddy Tate" at the end

    • mark baker
      mark baker Month ago

      I listened again. That's a broken nose voice

    • Kingsly
      Kingsly Month ago

      andrew said that the host fixed the marched so it would be in his favor but the host genuinely wanted a world champion so he was bassically retired at that point but andrew wanted the money

    • #PromosMakeCents 2016
      #PromosMakeCents 2016 Month ago +5

      Thats u bud. Freudian slip on your end 🤣😭

    • Matthew Foster
      Matthew Foster Month ago +6

      Thought I heard "Andy"

  • Alan Yujiro
    Alan Yujiro Month ago

    Look up his championship fights. I did mma for 4 years. His technique is very good for kickboxing

  • Weston Klee
    Weston Klee Month ago

    Bro please realize Tate wasn’t even trying

  • KiliKss18
    KiliKss18 2 months ago +342

    Tate was used as a replacement for the event, and the guy called him out. Tate got into the fight without any preparation, casually off the couch lol

    • Senna Don
      Senna Don Month ago

      ​​@KiliKss18hat color is your medal? .😂

    • nolongerblocked
      nolongerblocked Month ago

      How delusional, Tate fought a month before this fight
      PS: Google it u simps

    • Dan Lienheart
      Dan Lienheart Month ago

      @KiliKss18 you're just listening to the people who agree with you plenty other fighters have said he's wasn't that good kinda like this video but okay dude sure

  • Fantastic-One
    Fantastic-One 22 days ago

    There are literally other 80 fights to analyze but Henry says there is no way to tell how good he is……… Henry be trolling like that !

  • Michael Spry
    Michael Spry 19 days ago

    I understand people want to sell this fight so bad but you don't become a world champion by only fighting debut fighters.

  • mhmm
    mhmm 2 months ago +2975

    this isnt even out of ego just what henry sees and its proven time and time again he sees correctly

    • Son Goku
      Son Goku Month ago

      @Bboy Breezi No, you’re just ignoring what I’ve said and doubling down on your hatred for ego’s sake. No one ever said he’s the Mack daddy of fighting that could knock out prime Mike Tyson with his eyes closed and his feet tied. He’s a world champion because he won his titles rightfully. That’s how things go. By your definition of “world’s greatest” fighter, it doesn’t exist. There’s fleeting illusions of it, but all fall from Grace just as all flowers wither and even the mightiest tiger might eventually fall to defeat. Let’s address what this is really about though because it seems you are making up arguments to needlessly tear Tate down and you won’t give him a drop of acknowledgment for what he’s done. What’s it really about? And don’t just double down on nonsense I’ve already addressed or throw more meaningless Ad Hominems. What’s it really about? I don’t see you adamantly going after every competitor in those divisions, or the divisions in themselves, but one person you do.

    • Bboy Breezi
      Bboy Breezi Month ago +1

      @Son Goku I'm just telling you the facts you fanboys are putting him on Izzy and Alex level he's not even close. Nothing wrong with being a great kickboxer he's just not elite. And he's not a real world champion if there's other world champions with better resumes that he never challenged during his career.

    • Son Goku
      Son Goku Month ago +2

      @Bboy Breezi Okay and? Nobody ever said Tate was a God among men, prodigy of hand to hand combat, undefeated drunken master laying upon the cloud. Be honest, it isn’t about the boxing but more about fashionable hatred so you disparage and tear down literally any of his accomplishments while having absolutely nothing to say for yourself.

  • Tom San
    Tom San Month ago

    4 championships from rookies is that were the conversation is going.

  • cobrakaiser
    cobrakaiser Month ago

    Damn Henry will do anything to become relevant again 😂

  • FactOverFiction
    FactOverFiction 2 months ago +627

    40 year old retired guy is right up Jake Paul's alley. Pretty sure Tate came outta retirement to fight this guy also.

    • Ruben Garcia
      Ruben Garcia Month ago

      @BigBomb303 oh that person definitely a fangirl

    • BigBomb303
      BigBomb303 Month ago

      @Ruben Garcia you said the other guy was a Tate fanboy for watching his fights but how else can you criticize his skills without watching them.

    • Ruben Garcia
      Ruben Garcia Month ago

      @BigBomb303 me? Who did I criticize? The dude who beats up old retired mma fighters? And a Floyd that's just putting on a show for a check, contracts with all kinds of clauses and stipulations. Idgaf about tate. He's just a troll that started to believe what he was saying. I don't watch his fight but other fangirls on here do

    • BigBomb303
      BigBomb303 Month ago

      @Ruben Garcia how can you criticize a fighter’s skills if you dont watch their fights?

    • Joe B
      Joe B Month ago

      ​@Gooders you can't really philly shell when you kick box. It's just ineffective, not saying Tate is world class best ever but he definitely has the fight iq and experience which would make him hard to k.o

  • LautsprecherFan123
    LautsprecherFan123 2 days ago

    He was world champion…

  • Mictian Follower
    Mictian Follower Month ago

    Exactly what I've beeen saying. Jake will clap Andrew tate.

  • Randalmcdaniel
    Randalmcdaniel 2 months ago +325

    imagine being in a coma for the last 5yrs, waking and hearing henry cejudo say something like "I dont know if he could handle a guy like jake paul" EXCUSE ME DOCTOR I THINK MY COMA IS STILL ACTIVE

    • Dr. Ignant
      Dr. Ignant 2 months ago

      @Max Amilion understandable. I was speaking from a general perspective

    • Max Amilion
      Max Amilion 2 months ago

      @Dr. Ignant fair enough I’m just speaking off personal experience, I fought a couple of pro k1 fighter in aus, and found no difference as it was to fighting amateurs

    • Dr. Ignant
      Dr. Ignant 2 months ago

      That’s an obvious take but there’s been people who’s had 50+ amateur fights then gets bullied or has a hard time in the pro ring. Just goes to show that who you fight can give you a better experience than how just getting in the ring. And training won’t mean much without experience while but it isn’t the same the other way around

    • Max Amilion
      Max Amilion 2 months ago

      @Dr. Ignant fighting in the ring is experience itself regardless of who you fight, ring time itself and consistent training will give anyone an upper hand

    • Filippo Cappi
      Filippo Cappi 2 months ago

      Cejudo is a real fighter, tate is a fake

  • BeepGoesTheSleepSheep
    BeepGoesTheSleepSheep Month ago +1

    It takes alot more to knock out a fresh fighter than an experienced one.

  • Jiezer Games
    Jiezer Games Month ago

    What happens when a great fighter is at the end of his career he usually gets matched against a much younger fighter or usually someone on the lower ranks of the weight class.

  • Jon Clavet
    Jon Clavet 2 months ago +33

    He took the fight on like 48h notice, the guy's opp backed out and then the guy called Andrew out, he said 'fuck it' thats why

  • Lord Καίσαρας ζαρθριανός

    Being biased really does make a fool out of people.

  • kenneth miller
    kenneth miller Month ago

    Tate looks stronger now.

  • J Taco
    J Taco 2 months ago +748

    He only fought like 2 guys with wikipedias lol. Kickboxing has a lot of bums.

    • The Kickboxing Community
      The Kickboxing Community Month ago

      @Chicken Nugger paparyan was pretty decent in his early days. The reason his record now is bad is because he simply won't hang the gloves.
      No he is not legit the number 1 of his time, but he was definetely top 20 of the world, and that isn't terrible I guess

    • The Healthy Pill
      The Healthy Pill 2 months ago

      @Neil what kickboxing promotions do you consider to be a-tier?

    • The Healthy Pill
      The Healthy Pill 2 months ago

      @Chicken Nugger he is also known for being a very good fighter, and we're talking about now, where even guys on negative records were dangerous fighters

    • Neil
      Neil 2 months ago +4

      ​@The Healthy Pill Ain't a world Champ at some C tier org. Tate was a nobody in kickboxing. Welcome to reality.

    • Chicken Nugger
      Chicken Nugger 2 months ago +3

      @The Healthy Pill he lost decisively to paparyan. paparyan is currently 2-7-1 in his last 10 fights, meaning he won 2 and lost 7, most of those losses coming by way of knockout. he is a bum.

  • Matthew Hernandez
    Matthew Hernandez Month ago

    I forgot who said this but the quote reads “I won’t fight jake Paul cause if I beat him it’s what I’m supposed to do if he beats me the world will go crazy” and even then andrew and any other opponent jake has/will face is worn down by atleast 20 years experience or lack of experience striking Jake know knows what he’s doing when it comes to picking his opponents

  • Ranger_Cez
    Ranger_Cez Month ago

    Someone needs to do their homework before even putting up a video talking about someone's record.

  • GunBacker
    GunBacker 2 months ago +158

    It's always "no matter what you're tough if you're willing to get in the ring" until you want to hate on someone.

    • Minye West
      Minye West Month ago

      @Stayniel Herbayn Tate fans in a nutshell

    • Stayniel Herbayn
      Stayniel Herbayn Month ago

      @Lando1gamez did you reply to wrong person or just ignored my comment cos you know I’m right? 😂

    • Lando1gamez
      Lando1gamez Month ago

      @David Jackson i dont really care for the bs you just said. Beating over 70 other men in any physical form of combat is impressive

    • David Jackson
      David Jackson Month ago

      @Nelson Mandela wait what? Tate was a couch potato? That goes against every tick tok he ever made......lol

  • BeamRider100
    BeamRider100 Month ago

    Silva threw about 5 punches over 3 rounds.
    Obvious Silva could have turned up the dial from 15% to 25% and he starts winning.

  • Kyle Hudak
    Kyle Hudak Month ago

    Won’t have to worry about Tate vs Jake Paul because one of them is in jail for sex trafficking. 🤣

  • Public Note
    Public Note 2 months ago +126

    Henry’s truly an expert in mma in analyzing and being able to break this stuff down for everyone to understand I don’t understand why ESPN doesn’t give him his own show

    • Arron Clapham
      Arron Clapham Month ago +1

      @Terry Williams I totally agree, boxing was great in those days so many great fights and fighters who weren't scared to go out there and scrap

    • Terry Williams
      Terry Williams Month ago +1

      @Arron Clapham yea two dudes with all the boxing skill and talent in the world just threw all that shit out the window and started brawling. They don’t make boxers like that no more

    • Arron Clapham
      Arron Clapham Month ago

      @Terry Williams yeah dude! That first round in particular was just madness!

    • Terry Williams
      Terry Williams Month ago

      @Arron Clapham you ever seen Tommy Hearns vs Marvin hagler. Shit was an absolute war.

    • Christopher Radtke
      Christopher Radtke 2 months ago

      ​@gangford rockstein punctuation is important

  • Thomas Perry Jr
    Thomas Perry Jr Month ago

    Tate went to uncle chael school of prize fighting. Take the highest slot on the card against the easiest person you can. Make your money and go


    Its not like jake messed up Anderson silva it was proven he basically slipped

  • Manny the German Shepherd
    Manny the German Shepherd 2 months ago +186

    People just can’t keep Jake Paul out of their mouth

    • Chris woodson
      Chris woodson 2 months ago

      I mean, it’s what comes with fame people are going to have their opinions

    • Marco Esteban
      Marco Esteban 2 months ago

      Cause he's the Ultra fixer.

    • Rigdon Westervelt
      Rigdon Westervelt 2 months ago

      Jake Paul is low key a genius, dude is getting EXACTLY what he wants and everything is going according to plan

  • moe cortez
    moe cortez Month ago

    This vid means your challenging Andrew right ✅️

  • Snoer 1
    Snoer 1 Month ago

    They hate da tate low key

  • FireintheHole 007
    FireintheHole 007 2 months ago +135

    Tate is living rent free on everybody’s head no cap bro

    • Jaguar Man
      Jaguar Man Month ago


    • Chicken Nugger
      Chicken Nugger 2 months ago +4

      he's living rent free in a 10 foot by 10 foot jail cell

    • Ian Farris
      Ian Farris 2 months ago +4

      He's living rent free in prison bro.

    • Aedan Pepin
      Aedan Pepin 2 months ago +1

      @Ben Ward brooo💀💀

  • Joshua Rosario
    Joshua Rosario Month ago

    Also Jake fights guys who are either retired or on there way out. Put him to fight a heavy weight that is in his prime and you will see Jake get schooled and that's a fact.

  • Slava Ukraine
    Slava Ukraine Month ago

    Henry would absolutely ragdoll both taters

  • Jordan Phoenix
    Jordan Phoenix Month ago +11

    That's some professional level cherrypicking right there

    • Juan Juan
      Juan Juan Month ago +1

      Listen to the back story before calling something out. Research is key before one speaks empty words. And this is in general not simply because I’m saying this cuz the man is Andrew Tate

  • TABB
    TABB Month ago

    The guy begged to fight Tate. He retired years before. Analysing this fight kinda shows how little this little fella knows.

  • Christopher Townsel
    Christopher Townsel Month ago +1

    Man's got a point. If these were the types of dudes Tate was fighting back in the day, he'd definitely struggle against Jake Paul. But then again, people don't follow him because of how good of a fighter he is.

    • iamthatguy1126
      iamthatguy1126 Month ago

      These aren't who he was fighting lmfao 😂 he was fighting real fighters his age and weight. The guy who made this has no idea wtf he's talking about just wants attention

  • Bronson Miller
    Bronson Miller 2 months ago +625

    tate was fighting in borderline amateur b-league kickboxing promotions and fought mostly cans. him parading himself like a world champ is like me calling myself the greatest academic mind in the world after winning a 1st grade spelling bee competition

    • BigBomb303
      BigBomb303 Month ago

      @Erik Andreas Nymoen average in terms of a professional fighter. I’d say he isn’t even a pro considering who he fought at iska, more like a semi-pro

    • Erik Andreas Nymoen
      Erik Andreas Nymoen Month ago

      @BigBomb303 define average fighter bro. As If the average fighter at your average fighting gym could beat prime Tate. World champion i agree is CAP but calling him average is a joke. Everyone not in k1 og UFC is an average fighter then?

    • BigBomb303
      BigBomb303 Month ago

      @The Healthy Pill he didnt fight in k-1

    • BigBomb303
      BigBomb303 Month ago

      @Erik Andreas Nymoen no its more like calling yourself a “world chess champion” after winning a tournament of 1800 elo. Like sure, youre better than the average amateur fighter, but not much else

  • BoostrGold
    BoostrGold Month ago +1

    Henry literally started this video wiping snot off his face. He is so obviously sick while filming this.

  • John Williams
    John Williams Day ago

    This guy found 1 Debut out of 80 fights, he’s trying to make it sound like every person he’s fought was their debut

  • Kyle Pomeroy
    Kyle Pomeroy 2 months ago +30

    “ I smoked his cigar and now he has challenged me to a straightener “

  • Shawn Pate
    Shawn Pate Month ago

    I think andrew is doing this for his pride and paul probably knows about his eye already so tate should watch out

  • Drs Radulescu
    Drs Radulescu Month ago

    You need to fight a romanian that kid Have so much power

  • Greg_ohhh
    Greg_ohhh 2 months ago +31

    Facts. His awareness is not of a seasoned fighter but a intermediate fighter

  • Hetzerg
    Hetzerg Month ago +1

    Bro if this amateur guy called out andrew to fight but andrew rejected, then yall be calling andrew a pussy. When he accepted the fight yall calling him fighting a bum 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Julius Reed
    Julius Reed Month ago

    And then Henry proceeds to meat ride jake.

  • Sosa
    Sosa  2 months ago +53

    Great analysis by Henry. Just no context on why this fight even took place. Apparently this guy called out Tate for his debut. And got smoked.

    • BohemianKhichdi
      BohemianKhichdi 2 months ago

      Point being? Doesnt matter. Henry just did an accurate analysis.

  • Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones Month ago

    Tate is a joke.
    He made his entire career fighting tomato cans.

  • C
    C 22 days ago

    Andrew got himself arrested so he wouldn’t go through that fight.

  • alex beau
    alex beau Month ago +55

    This guy called Andrew out. Andrew came out of retirement to beat his ass. Yet people still criticize him saying how embarrassing it is to fight at that level for tate. Jake Paul fans are deal quiet rn.

    • TheBloggme
      TheBloggme Month ago +1

      @Mike Relva lol if you were a real fan youd know IKBF isnt the greatest promotion in terms of fighter quality. Its like titan fc promotion compared to the ufc.

    • Silent Assassin
      Silent Assassin Month ago

      So what? Is Andrew gonna fight a bus driver too, if he gets called out? A professional fighter should not accept fights against bums.

  • Rodolfo Gonzalez
    Rodolfo Gonzalez Month ago

    Imagine being a seasoned pro and wanting to actually prove something to a guy making his debut. All because he called him out? Is this high school? LMAO

  • Boe Jiden
    Boe Jiden Month ago

    Nobody is following andrew because hes a good fighter. Hes a great speaker and motivator.

  • Mateos Mind
    Mateos Mind 2 months ago +4

    Tate had his 49th fight against a guy who was 2-3. 🤣 True story.

    • T190
      T190 2 months ago

      @The Healthy Pill stop lying he fought in iska wasn’t even a org at the time. It was low tier

    • The Healthy Pill
      The Healthy Pill 2 months ago

      @Neil he beat world champions to become a world champion,

    • Neil
      Neil 2 months ago +2

      ​@The Healthy Pill Against who? Other bums. Tate beat nobody good, and lost badly to the best guys he fought - who were still bums.

    • The Healthy Pill
      The Healthy Pill 2 months ago

      His 4th title fight was against a huy with well over 100 wins

  • no
    no 11 days ago

    in Jon Jones Debut he ran through the division against vets

  • aiden mai
    aiden mai 12 days ago

    bro why did andrew punch him in the back of the head

  • Patrick
    Patrick 2 months ago +17

    I'm sad to say it but Silva laid down for Jake Paul and nobody can convince me otherwise. The knockdown punch didn't even connect man... His instinct wouldn't even let him get hit there he just sold it and fell but those big-ass gloves are slower and easier to see than a 4-ounce ones Anderson has been slipping for years

    • Silent Assassin
      Silent Assassin 2 months ago

      @John Smith Take a deep breath and try to understand what I just said.

    • Palaecro
      Palaecro 2 months ago +1

      Silva thought he was sparring. He never once even attempted for a knock out.

    • dr. light
      dr. light 2 months ago

      @Silent Assassin ikr

  • Hans Bauer
    Hans Bauer Month ago

    Tate so scared that he goes into prison rather fighting jake

  • ll Kryuel ll
    ll Kryuel ll Month ago

    Most people have no idea that kickboxing fights are matched up between fight managers not the actual sport… fighters get to choose who they fight…..

  • Zaim
    Zaim 2 months ago +37

    This guy challenged Andrew Tate and then they fought.