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Patchface: the strangest Game of Thrones character?

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022

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  • dunts
    dunts 4 years ago +6409

    I really love how Melisandre is scared of Patchface and Stannis is like, "eh, he can hang out alone with my daughter. No big deal."

    • TheUnloadedRPG
      TheUnloadedRPG 15 days ago

      based on the show patchface isnt the one he should be worried about with his daughter

    • Hunter Tedrow
      Hunter Tedrow Month ago

      It’s because stannis is the mannis and nobody can stand to him without bending the knee… or being destroyed

    • Ryan "Aviation" Reynolds
      Ryan "Aviation" Reynolds Month ago

      @[Insert funny name here] So...what you're saying is, my dad left me to keep me safe?😃

    • alzndjsnsmwjsj
      alzndjsnsmwjsj 2 months ago +2

      Patchface is Shireen's only friend though

    • Kalmer Olsen
      Kalmer Olsen 2 months ago

      Stannis the Mannis

  • I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

    You had me at "Stannis' jester".
    That would have been hilarious to see the guy whose job it is to make Stannis laugh.

    • Broadway JR
      Broadway JR Day ago

      @Mr Hot Salsa He was apparently quite witty before he drowned

    • Ryan Boggs
      Ryan Boggs 28 days ago +2

      "Alas, no one ever taught Stannis how to laugh, least of all patchface" Maester Cresson

    • James Leon
      James Leon Month ago

      Funniest person of all time.

    • 0Ne
      0Ne 2 months ago +3

      @Faisal kamal not only that but the only person who comes alive out of the journey is damn jester speaking out of his mind even more than usual jester (to the people not listening to him/with different belifes) who lost all his memories/skills/languages even if you stannis was that kind of guy who has fun seeing whole family trauma poured in slave-jester. kind of like tyrion is everything tywin hates about him

    • Dustin Gaethje
      Dustin Gaethje 2 months ago +4

      @Tin Can O-Beans Well, not just a loon. A loon with weird, magic powers and serving god knows what

  • Nathan Rogers
    Nathan Rogers 3 years ago +7221

    Season 8 would have made more sense if patch face assassinated the Night King and started riding dragons.

    • Lord Vong
      Lord Vong 2 months ago +1

      Having a night king is plot armor for the heroes. So all they have to do is kill him and all the others die. Prefer the books all day

    • Krzysztof Kuźniacki
      Krzysztof Kuźniacki 2 months ago +1

      "Here the Night King kills men. Under the sea, I kill the Night King. I know, I know, oh, oh, oh" - Patchface in the Winds of the Winter

    • Johannes Grote
      Johannes Grote 2 months ago +2

      @Juniper Rodley I totally agree. This Information is semi canon and Mel definetly doesnt know what she is talking about half the time

    • Juniper Rodley
      Juniper Rodley 2 months ago +1

      @Johannes Grote That kinda just strengthens the point I was making about how Melisandre doesn't know what she's talking about. We also don't have solid confirmation or too much evidence that Essos is connected to that same polar region.

    • Johannes Grote
      Johannes Grote 2 months ago

      @Juniper Rodley The others aren’t really Westerosi. It’s just that Westeros, just like Essos, is connected to this huge North Pole like thing

  • Enceladus
    Enceladus 3 years ago +7519

    Goddamn the Books are so much more intense than the show. I love it.

    • Wingnut1989
      Wingnut1989 11 days ago

      @Enceladus there's a lot to be said for being the architect, something tells me all authors who go the "gardener" route, fall on this blade.

    • Diego Fernández
      Diego Fernández 13 days ago

      Yes. The show is tame compared to the books

    • Enceladus
      Enceladus 13 days ago

      @Wingnut1989 The Rumor I heard was that GRRM had killed off a character he needed to write the ending he wanted. So he's been trying to rework the story since he fucked up.

    • Wingnut1989
      Wingnut1989 13 days ago

      It's 3 years later and still no winds of winter, dudes gonna pop his clogs before a dream of spring, fact

    • INTpleb
      INTpleb 2 months ago

      @Yessir. Yeah, it's been 12 years and George is one foot in the grave. We might get something pieced together by his family once he's gone, but we can't be certain. I like to headcanon the ending. It's probably more satisfying than anything else they could give me on my fav characters.

  • Rachel K Darklight
    Rachel K Darklight 3 years ago +1815

    It's a awful pity patchface was not in the series he would added a creepy element to it

    • Yuvraj Yadav
      Yuvraj Yadav 9 months ago


    • Samuel Bankston
      Samuel Bankston 10 months ago +3

      True but I have a feeling that would be hard to pull off to not look goofy

    • D V
      D V Year ago +3

      D&D will make him sing songs of cock jokes

    • musiquefrique
      musiquefrique Year ago +1

      *Hodor ❤️

    • J J
      J J Year ago +3

      He would have been a great character almost sort of joker.

  • Young Ha Kim
    Young Ha Kim 2 years ago +4776

    Fire god : skilled righteous warrior
    The Great Other : scary ice zombies
    Drowned God : fat clown boiii

    • Abraham El-Gothamy
      Abraham El-Gothamy Month ago +1

      Faith of the Seven: a bunch of rules…that is all.

    • Pedro Lucas
      Pedro Lucas 3 months ago +1

      Don't forget the psychotic hanging woman as the other champion of the Fire God!

    • PepperPeterPiper Pickled
      PepperPeterPiper Pickled Year ago +15

      Old Gods: children of the forest and a human tree seer
      the great other: the dead that dance in the darkness
      drowned god: a fat Juggalo

    • Neolexious Neolexian
      Neolexious Neolexian Year ago +12

      Death god: Removes masks to reveal that Azor ahai, Patchface, the Others, and the Weirwood trees were all just Faceless Men.

    • Neolexious Neolexian
      Neolexious Neolexian Year ago +10

      Nature god: Evil trees

  • Misha
    Misha 3 years ago +3072

    "Come with me beneath the sea, away away away." He took the little princess by one hand and drew her from the room skipping
    - Sounds a lot like - "Ocean man, take me by the hand, lead me to the land that you understand "

  • Gallowglass
    Gallowglass 4 years ago +3599

    Patchface's artwork is really disturbing. The empty eyes, the dried-up spit on the side of his mouth... Just makes him seem that much more inhuman.

    • Josie Haertzen
      Josie Haertzen 2 years ago +78

      @Admin. Slayer Enryu It has a lot to do with how honorable and "letter of the law" Stannis is, I think. His father wrote home and specifically mentioned the patch-faced slave boy he'd freed and was bringing home to serve his family. Everyone aboard may have died and Patchface may have gone mad, but that isn't his fault, and he's still a capable entertainer in his own way. His antics amuse Shireen, which I think would be enough to hold Stannis to the care and keeping of this disgusting fool.

    • Cynical Chimp
      Cynical Chimp 2 years ago +1

      Try harder.

    • Duckboiii
      Duckboiii 2 years ago +16

      Top TVGames Stuff to be fair, Dragonstone isn’t exactly a nice holiday destination: not many people live there, and none would live with a princess. If I were Stannis, I’d either get Edric Storm to stay with me before shit hit the fan, or sent her away to one of my rich banner men (Velaryon, Celtigar) while I was in K.L

    • Admin. Slayer Enryu
      Admin. Slayer Enryu 2 years ago +73

      Yeah now that I think about it why does Stannis the Mannis allows him to be anywhere near Shireen? I get that her crazy mother and the religious arsonist aren't the best company for the princess but I don't see how being with a disturbingly looking, crazy and mad jester is any better?

    • Natã Tavares Bocampagni
      Natã Tavares Bocampagni 2 years ago +7

      I got chills with him

  • The Roach Den
    The Roach Den 3 years ago +2213

    See, Varys was right, don't trust anyone who uses magic.

    • Diogenes' Lantern
      Diogenes' Lantern 8 months ago

      @Sgt Nubbings yes you are correct. I feel a little foolish now for not even having picked that up

    • Sgt Nubbings
      Sgt Nubbings 8 months ago

      @Diogenes' Lantern The topic veered from Melissandre to a guy claiming a relative of his was a real life "witch" of some description, and that's what the person you replied to was requesting more detail/proof on.

    • Diogenes' Lantern
      Diogenes' Lantern 10 months ago

      @Flyhr she birthed shadow assassins to kill Renly, and did some freaky deaky with Gendry to birth even more. She also comes from Asshai which is the very heart of dark magic in the books, so it doesn't really beg the question, it goes without saying.

    • Flyhr
      Flyhr Year ago

      @Elixir Golem and how was this proven

    • Elixir Golem
      Elixir Golem Year ago

      @Flyhr she had connection to the other side

  • no name
    no name 3 years ago +2731

    "Underwater the fish eats us"
    "The afterlife is a feast under the sea"
    The afterlife dosen't sounds fun

    • Laurence Hoffelder
      Laurence Hoffelder 10 months ago +5

      @UBERMENSCH well the seven have heaven and hell so...

    • Bernardo Lacerda
      Bernardo Lacerda Year ago +20

      The underwater feast in the halls of the Drowned God isn't for the ironborn, the ironborn ARE the feast.

    • Espo Sexy
      Espo Sexy Year ago

      I masturbate and shit into the sun

      UBERMENSCH Year ago +38

      Bruh the afterlife in ASOIAF is either
      a) the unending flames of R'hllor, which sound a lot like HELL
      b) absolute DARKNESS, which may or may not include becoming a creepy-ass tree, or
      c) darkness AND you get eaten by Cthulu
      None of these sound very pleasant.

    • Thedemonhater
      Thedemonhater Year ago +61

      Jesus Christ that’s terrifying to think about, but it seems fitting that a culture of murderous rapists would spend the afterlife being abused and eaten and whatnot.

  • Bob Bunton
    Bob Bunton Year ago +261

    I've always wondered if Patchface is partially intended to serve as a preview of how Euron's plan is going to backfire. He gained some powers through a mass sacrifice at sea, not dissimilar to what Euron is planning in the preview chapter. But Euron seems to think he will just gain these powers and become a god able to act on his existing ambitions. But maybe like Patchface (and similarly Beric and Lady Stoneheart), he is going to lose himself in the ritual and just become either a thrall of some higher power or a barely thinking force.

  • Hey There
    Hey There 3 years ago +837

    The idea about patchface biting people seemed to make sense, but it'd make more sense if a plague of grey scale was started by Patchface (or someone else) kissing Shireen's cheek. Since Patches had bloody lips in Mel's vision, and Garin is supposed to rise from the sea to spread greyscale with "a grey kiss." And there was even that part in ADWD where Selyse made sure to kiss Shireen on her non-grey cheek.
    P.S. Is it a coincidence that Asshai, home of the "fire god" is the city furthest to the East, and the Iron Islands, home of the "water god" is the furthest to the west?

    • Commanber
      Commanber 2 years ago +66

      Pretty sure the biggest temple of R'hllor is in Volantis, the religion being very popular in the free cities and Asshai is not home to any particular god that we know of. It's more like a dark, twisted hub for all kinds of strange sorcery.
      The reason Melisandre is associated with Asshai isn't her priesthood but the fact that she is also a shadowbinder who are said to be the most sinister of sorcerers in Asshai.

    • Neo587
      Neo587 2 years ago +68

      Asshai is not the home of R'hllor. The entire city is built of creepy black stone and constantly in darkness. That never sounded like a home for a fire god.

    • Matthew
      Matthew 3 years ago +94

      Asshai is... something else it's connected to Necromancy and shadow magic and all types of weird stuff like blood mages and demons but it never gives me the same vibe as something Eldritch it's more... Gothic in nature which is a really interesting parallel.

  • NeoTenic
    NeoTenic 3 years ago +222

    As someone who used to enjoy writing, I can't imagine having the foresight to create such a well constructed and interconnected world the likes of which Martin has made.

    • Women should cook And clean unprompted
      Women should cook And clean unprompted 5 days ago +1

      @Jonathan Winter it won't happen

    • Jonathan Winter
      Jonathan Winter 5 months ago +13

      Let’s pray that we get an end to all these interconnected stories 😢

    • vinicius sardenberg
      vinicius sardenberg 7 months ago +7

      @Toshiro Yamada the most, Tolkein made an entire lore to inspire his books and give them depth then wrote those 3 bricks while teaching at oxford and after ww1, hopefully martin'll be able to finish his own books.

    • Toshiro Yamada
      Toshiro Yamada 8 months ago +3

      Martin says he took heavy inspiration from the works of Tolkein. He was a brilliant writer too.

    • hollywoodshopaholic
      hollywoodshopaholic Year ago +30

      His world building skills really are incredible.

  • Tamalice
    Tamalice 4 years ago +594

    It seems more and more obvious that "A Song of Ice and Fire" doesn't stand for the meeting of Jon and Daenerys, and even less for the conflit between North and South, but rather for the song (songs used to be poems which narrated gods' and heroes' adventures) describing the Lovecraftian epic battle between the Death God and the Light God and their respective champions.

    • Ethan Winters
      Ethan Winters Month ago

      Nah. The author said the point is Jon and Daenerys meeting.

      GHOSTTIEF 2 months ago +1

      Maybe that’s why it’s called game of thrones all these gods using their pawns to play a little game

    • Theophrastus Bombastus
      Theophrastus Bombastus 2 months ago

      Why can't it be about all those things?
      If there's one thing I've learned from the beginning is that George writes in layers - and you get something new and different from them every time you read them
      That's what makes them so amazing and fun to re-read.
      People want him to rush this next book, but I'll bet they'll be disappointed if it doesn't have the same magic I've mentioned above

    • Collin Harris
      Collin Harris 2 months ago

      I think it is just Jon, the fire being Rhaegar and the ice being Lyanna. The theory that Jon (music, song, the protagonist) versus Euron (literally called the Silence, the antagonist) is very compelling to me

    • The Low Effort Channel
      The Low Effort Channel 4 months ago

      @Matthew More like 2 players with countless burners and alt accounts

  • Patrick Jones
    Patrick Jones 4 years ago +1732

    Shireen sings one of patchfaces songs during the credits of a season 3 episode.

    • The Existential Shrew
      The Existential Shrew Year ago +2


    • Josh Morris
      Josh Morris 2 years ago +47

      “Unda da sea... unda da sea! Dahling, it’s betta, down where it’s wetta, take it from me!”
      These are the lyrics, if anyone’s interested.

    • LincolnGuy
      LincolnGuy 2 years ago +3

      @Emma Clarke episode 5 I think, but I'm not sure

    • Emma Clarke
      Emma Clarke 2 years ago +2

      @LincolnGuy In What episode does Shireen sing the song?

    • anthony elenga
      anthony elenga 3 years ago +23

      @LincolnGuy Sebastian from the little mermaid would have been so proud of patchface 😂🤣

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 3 years ago +2283

    I don't know man. It sounds to me like Patchface just saw the Little Mermaid and took it a bit too seriously.

    • Allan Kuria
      Allan Kuria Year ago +1

      Under the seeeaaaa🦀🦀🦀

    • Tim The Guy
      Tim The Guy Year ago +2

      @Ben Dover dammit you're too good

    • Ajinkya Tarodekar
      Ajinkya Tarodekar 2 years ago +4

      @Mohit Sharma you are a bold one

    • Rikkiwentshoppin
      Rikkiwentshoppin 2 years ago +9

      Don't lecture me obi wan

    • Bazkoa 52
      Bazkoa 52 2 years ago +8

      Your just trying to assert your high ground dominance over patch face. Give him a break dude he's already dead.

  • Igor calixto da silva
    Igor calixto da silva 3 years ago +1382

    Baratheons sigil Is just an ancient Ferrari

    • Faisal kamal
      Faisal kamal 4 months ago

      If it was up to Robert he would have Bessie's tit as his sigil

    • Edvin Larsson
      Edvin Larsson Year ago +4

      Lmao, the Westerners are so proud of their luxurious rides.. Until the Dothrakhi Sultans from the middle east show up and everyone of them has BMW M5

    • Adam Michaud
      Adam Michaud Year ago

      I don't get it isnt a ancient horse just a horse

    • DMG
      DMG Year ago

      That's house Bracken. Baratheon is more like a Volga.

    • Q Gasela
      Q Gasela Year ago


  • Rachel W
    Rachel W 3 years ago +594

    I’ve only watched the show, but your videos about the more complete storylines found in the books show me I really need to read them

    • Toshiro Yamada
      Toshiro Yamada 8 months ago +1

      They can be a tricky read because they use some kind of tricky language in parts. I listened to the audio books. Its just a shame the dude who did the ones I have died, so he won't be able to do books 6-7 unless we can get enough kingly sacrifices.

    • Serry
      Serry Year ago +1

      @Anna Harcoz I hope u decided to start reading anyway because GRRM already said he wouldnt want anyone to complete his series after his death.

    • Gabriel Kenneth Marinas
      Gabriel Kenneth Marinas Year ago +1

      @Arraik Cruor I dare say his last two books are least exciting compared to ASOS since ASOS is the climax of the starting characters of ASOIAF, and the last two books are exposition to the larger world that would clash in the succeeding books

    • Arraik Cruor
      Arraik Cruor Year ago +1

      @D.R. His 4th and 5th books were his least good ones. His 3rd book was amazing! One of my favourite if not the favourite book of all time.

    • The Mariner
      The Mariner Year ago +2

      @Anna Harcoz lol how do you know you'll outlive George?

  • Zefiris
    Zefiris 3 years ago +33

    I forgot just how dark the world of the books is. Everything is bleak and there are all of these different powerful forces in competition with each other and all of them are essentially terrifying Eldrige horrors (Rhllor, The Others, The Drowned God, the tree dude, etc.)

    • KrakenBoot
      KrakenBoot 3 years ago +4

      it's ironic because the world of the books is described as so much more colorful. People dying their hair so many different colors and clothing being so abstract

  • IRBitterSoB
    IRBitterSoB 4 years ago +121

    Perhaps the Deep Ones were the original 'salt wives' of the Iron Isles and started their worshiping of the Drowned God. Over time, their relationship with the men of the Iron Isles ended and the men replaced the mermaids with women they took while raiding.

    • Thedemonhater
      Thedemonhater Year ago +9

      That’s pretty fucked to think about. The drowned gods taking the deep ones as sex slaves and than over generations becoming the slaves of the eldritch god that is the drowned god is terrifying.

  • Lord Odysseus
    Lord Odysseus Year ago +66

    If Shereen's grayscale wakes, it could lead to a plague in at the Wall. There are hundreds of thousands of people there, a lot of whom will likely leave now that Jon is dead and the Wildlings are out of control. Shereen might infect a Wildling and then go south with the Queen's men, continuing to spread it. Then there's JonCon in the Stormlands. He's a military commander who spends all his time around soldiers and servants and washerwomen. And if I remember correctly, the Tyrell army is coming to Storm's End. And the Dornish army will be headed north as well. And then there's the plague in Slaver's Bay. Winds of Winter has a lot more than winter and wind and battles. There might be 3 different plagues landing in Westeros.
    Covid was just a marketing campaign for Winds of Winter.

    • Pedro Lucas
      Pedro Lucas 3 months ago +8

      Excellent, not only Westeros has to deal with Mad Queen Cersei, Grand Northern Conspiracy and the Starks Restaurationists (and don't get me started about the Stark children's situation here), the Brotherhood Without Banners with Lady Stoneheart as leader planning a Red Wedding 2.0, the return of the Blackfyres and the coming of the 2nd Dance of the Dragons, Euron and his Eldritch Lovecraftian apocaliptic magic at Oldtown (and let's not talk about Sam, Gilly, Aemon Steelsong and Alleras), Jon Snow becoming a Otherized Wolf-Man post-resurrection and the New Long Night knocking the door, now they have to deal with a Greyscale plague as well?! What a horrible time to be alive!

  • shawn6669
    shawn6669 4 years ago +316

    It just hit me that when you were saying of Patchface and the sacrifice aspect of the men on the ships when he died being part of the offering that would work the magic that made Patchface what he is, that not only did shiploads of men die, but Steffon Baratheon who has "Kings Blood" dies as well. Big Juju dat!!!

    • neuralmute
      neuralmute Year ago +61

      @Arraik Cruor Studies have shown that childhood trauma *can* fuck up a person's later abilities to perform advanced eldritch magic.

    • Arraik Cruor
      Arraik Cruor Year ago +6

      @Camilo Ruiz Castellar Maybe his powers are repressed by his childhood abuse?

    • Camilo Ruiz Castellar
      Camilo Ruiz Castellar Year ago +31

      Wow, This made me remember that DampHair is the only priest ever with a perfect record of reviving people with the kiss of life in the Iron Islands. (Feast for Crows - Chapter "The prophet")
      He has in fact powers but not as powerful as patchface for the quality of the sacrifice. It makes sense, if Aeron didn't had any power the ritual Euron is going to perform in Oldtown wouldn't work.

  • RawReviewsII
    RawReviewsII 3 years ago +61

    I think GRRM has a lot more planned for Stannis. While he was destroyed in the show by poor writing and utter hate, I believe that there will be some kind of link in the future between himself, R’hollor, patchface, Jon, Melisandre, and the others. I personally would love to see Stannis succeed in the battle of winterfell and then help defend the attack from the others coming down from beyond the wall.

  • Courtney Coulson
    Courtney Coulson 3 years ago +136

    This is genuinely creepy, I love all these mysterious elements of Westeros.

  • Live from My Parents' Basement

    When I read the books years ago I always found Patchface to be the creepiest character. I thought I was the only one, but apparently not. Great video and I hope GRRM does use him in big ways in the story's future!

  • George Black
    George Black 4 years ago +186

    I've just started reading the GOT books. and I'm at book 3. After watching so many theories about what will happen next I just realised the magnitude of George R.R.Martin genius . In the beging I thought about the books as being a larger and more complex story about the song of ice and fire presented by the show( I watched it first ) , but after a while it hit me. This is not just a story , this is so much more . The books contain so many things far beyond what is presented in the show. Wow , this is amazing , and thinking about my journey to finish them , gives me goosebumbs . I've stepped into something so complex and misteryous , that makes my mind go wild . So many peoples that didn't read the books , are missing the story of they're life , and I've just stepped into it. Amazing and eye opening . I take a bowl and I pledge to this incredible story .

    • tim gimmy
      tim gimmy Year ago +4

      @The Conspiratorist you can draw tangible meaning from any work of art. lord knows fast & the furious isn’t high art, but it’s shaped some aspect of my character, and a song of ice and fire is full of meaningful human stories that can leave an impact or provoke introspection.

    • Arraik Cruor
      Arraik Cruor Year ago +1

      @The Conspiratorist He meant eye opening to how amazing the books are.

    • The Conspiratorist
      The Conspiratorist Year ago +1

      How could Martin’s writing be eye-opening? Martin doesn’t write his work with any tangible meaning that could be applied to real-world thinking. He’s not writing Of Mice and Men or The Man in the High Tower.

    • Sourmen
      Sourmen 2 years ago +5

      Giving something a bowl is the highest honor

    • The Dumb Dog
      The Dumb Dog 2 years ago +2

      Yeah a lot more going on in the books

  • Silent Kaine
    Silent Kaine 3 months ago +10

    I wonder if there is a god for each season, the old gods for spring, R'hallor for Summer, drowned god for Autumn and The Night King for Winter. Would explain why the seasons length fluctuates wildly as their attributed to the strength of each seasons god.

  • sonicwingnut
    sonicwingnut 3 years ago +289

    Patches' talk of "under the sea" could very well relate to Valyria - someone noted in a theory that nearly every single thing he said could be directly translated to be about Old Valyria -
    "The fish eat us" could be referring to dragons, or simply Valyria falling into the sea.
    "Under the sea, the birds have scales for feathers." - almost certainly referring to dragons.
    "The merwives wear nennymoans in their hair and weave gowns of silver seaweed." - "Nennymoan" could very well be a Sea Anenome, but it is also the name of a flower which is commonly purple in colour. This sounds like a reference to the silver hair and purple eyes of the Valyrians.
    "Under the sea, smoke rises in bubbles, and flames burn green and blue and black." - The area around Valyria after the doom is known as the Smoking Sea. This sounds like an accurate description of that area.
    "Under the sea the mermen feast on starfish soup, and all the serving men are crabs." - one of the old houses of Valyria who served the Targaryens were the Celtigars - whose sigil is a crab. The starfish could be referring to the star of the Andals, who Valyria conquered in Essos and drove to Westeros.
    "Under the sea no one wears hats" - Could be referring to crowns - In Valyria, there were no kings.
    Perhaps the weirdest one was "Under the sea, you fall up". OK Tinfoil time - When I thought about this I think it has WAY more significance than we realise - he could very well be referring to resurrection magic, and the biggest mystery in ASOIAF is what actually caused the Doom of Valyria. If the Valyrians found the secret of resurrection and abused it, that could account for the Doom. We know that magic in this world has a price, and blood magic has the highest price. If the Doom was caused by this, then the resurgence of resurrection magic in Westeros could be cataclysmic.

    • Tay
      Tay 2 years ago +8

      Really reaching

    • Yashfin Kazmi
      Yashfin Kazmi 2 years ago +10

      The faceless men caused the doom of Valyria theory sounds more believable

    • Montblanc
      Montblanc 3 years ago +28

      Nah, the doom was caused by volcanic eruption as the relentless digging underneath its land eventually cuased ruptures in the underground lava pools which in turn caused a huge volcanic quake. The abuse of magic might have dulled them into thinking the city would be eternally invincible though, as prophecies had been made about the doom. The Targaryens left precisely because one of their members had a prophetic dream about it and they tried to warn others, the Velaryons are one of those families who listened, and why they lived near Dragonstone and were closely tied to Targaryens.

  • TheFiresloth
    TheFiresloth 4 years ago +5504

    A guy Melisandre is afraid of is a guy you better not take lightly.

    • Leopard Tree
      Leopard Tree 5 months ago

      @Francesca Heather-Hayes there right but she’s stupid and can’t read it right. Stannis victory is winning the white walker fight or battle of winterfell but dies and jon snow is the true champion she is looking for bc when she asked for a vision of the champion she just see snow as in jon snow

    • Niranjan Rajesh
      Niranjan Rajesh Year ago +1

      @lluewhyn Her POV in the book is imo the best,or at least a candidate for the best chapter in the books. Absolutely riveting.

    • ME RINDO
      ME RINDO 2 years ago

      @David Ryan mmm your point of view feels more ad hoc.

    • Livy
      Livy 2 years ago +25

      @Francesca Heather-Hayes her visions aren't inacurate per say, she just interprets some of them wrong, like when she saw alys and thought she was arya. That ended up killing Jon because he didn't believe her when she told him about the "Knives in the dark". Patchface is definitly weird, and if you just look at him plainly, he seems like a poor fool who had shit luck and ended up living a life worse than death, with his sea connect songs and rhymes being easily connected to his traumatic experiemce to water and his near death experience. But Melisandres vision is what makes it so creepy. We know that without a doubt that R'hollor exists, and that he can send visions. If a MF God of fire, who has the ability to ressurect is sending you warnings about a clown who says some weird shit, that's when you start to wonder what that clown really is

    • Jonathan Absher
      Jonathan Absher 3 years ago

      Very true

  • Radio Bam
    Radio Bam 4 years ago +718

    Someone probably already commented this, but, in the very first chapter of the very first book. The epilogue of Game of Thrones. Ser Waymar Royce says "lets dance" to an other as he draw his sword, meaning lets fight - "The shadows come to dance my lord"
    good video ty bye

    • Martin Genero
      Martin Genero 7 months ago

      @ARandomGuy Also he fight back some minutes, he was very skilled to fight an other. Respect that guy

    • ARandomGuy
      ARandomGuy Year ago +8

      Ser Waymar Royce was an arrogant brat but encountering monsters out of legends from thousands of years ago and telling them to dance with me while being surrounded like 8 on one is a pretty damn badass.

    • Mike Trujillo
      Mike Trujillo 2 years ago +13

      @xDamage absolute Chad honestly

    • xDamage
      xDamage 2 years ago +32

      CHADmar Royce, telling an other to fucking dance with him then. What a way to go

    • Công Duy Trần
      Công Duy Trần 3 years ago +12

      holy shit. And I thought that is meant for Mel's shadow demon

  • AtlasPrime619
    AtlasPrime619 3 years ago +13

    I remember reading “Dragons of Ice and Fire”, a damn good AU fanfic that made some of its own predictions of what “Winds of Winter” could bring. It mentioned that with all of the chaos spreading in Westeros, what we are likely to see is instead of the War of the Five Kings, it would be the War of the Five Monsters:
    The Others on the North
    The Drowned God of the Ironborn
    The Red God with Stannis
    The Dragons with Dany
    And likely the rise of the Mad Queen, Cersei

  • Ιωάννης Μωραΐτης

    Also the name Shireen is very similar with the word Siren, the mythological creatures that enchanted sailors with their songs. Show Shireen likes singing (I can;t remember if she also likes it in the books) and Patchface is also related with singing. A bit far fetched but still :P

    • Kate Glew
      Kate Glew 2 months ago

      Interesting note, but Shireen's name is actually Persian in origin, specifically an alternate transcription of Shirin (شیرین), which means "sweet".

    • Kendra Charters
      Kendra Charters Year ago +18

      She also sings along with Patchface in the books, it actually makes people even more nervous and uncomfortable.

  • Marcus The Death of Rats
    Marcus The Death of Rats 3 years ago +5

    Now why would Stannis allow this creature live with his house at Dragonstone? I know he isn't aware of Patchface's connection to magic but still, we know Stannis is a stern man that doesn't really laugh (so he isn't fond of fools). Furthermore, the fact that Patchface is the sole survivor of the shipwreck that killed his parents shouldn't make Stannis any more fond of this guy?
    And who in their right mind let this creepy and wierd individual near his daughter?

    • Pedro Lucas
      Pedro Lucas 3 months ago

      Even If we received a POV for Stannis, we'll probably won't get the answer!

  • Ellen
    Ellen 3 years ago +7

    Shireen inadvertently infecting others with grey scale after they think her disease is dormant could explain George R R Martin’s claim that there will be a huge twist coming involving a character that is dead in the show but not in the books. Just a thought...

  • Odin Satanas
    Odin Satanas 4 years ago +14

    That commonality between all the gods was always really interesting to me, that they all have the resurrected champions just under slightly different packaging, it's always seemed like Martin has magic be real but people just attribute it to gods
    I mean the line with patchface giving his seed is really similar to the nights king and his bride
    It is odd how much the wildlings distrust greyscale and the ominous visions around patchface are concerning

  • The Senate
    The Senate 2 years ago +12

    Here's my theory, Patchface was blessed with ominscience by some divine being, and the sinking of the ship was his sacrifice to that god, but the ship had so many people on it that it went to beyond a secrifice and just a mass murder, so as a punishment, he could only convey his knowledge in the form of these rhymes.

  • Reginald Cockwomble
    Reginald Cockwomble 3 years ago +4

    I always found Patchface unsettling when he appeared in the books. From his bizarre outward appearance, to his obsessive wittering about the things he knows he knows that go on under the sea. I never stopped to think he might be relaying useful hints - a prophet, for want of a better word. And that would seem to be the point: he's GoT's version of Cassandra - the character from Greek mythology whom the Gods gave the gift of prophecy, together with the curse that none would believe her, until, of course, it was too late. He is too far removed from humanity to be taken seriously. Only an innocent and lonely child, pays any attention to him. The reader might even be more inclined to look for meaning in his aquatic ramblings if he were Shireen's imaginary friend, rather than the worst.jester.ever whom everyone can see (and presumably avoid, whenever possible). So, as always, it's refreshing to stumble across a cogent fan theory such as this one which not only makes perfect sense, but perhaps reveals even more layers and nuance to Martin's staggering craft

  • RainMinded
    RainMinded 4 years ago +1113

    I enjoy the interpretation that Patchface saw thousands of the dead wights on the ocean floor just sitting there waiting and lost his mind. It’s unlikely at this point, but still a chilling image of the dead emerging to invade from all sides of Westeros rather than just marching straight down south from the North.

    • Nix Cipher
      Nix Cipher 25 days ago

      @Johnny H. D&D has a multitude of water oriented undead

    • Pedro Lucas
      Pedro Lucas 3 months ago +13

      Holy shit, this could be a badass epilogue/prologue for TWOW/ADOS!

    • Gandalf Greyhame
      Gandalf Greyhame 3 months ago +27

      Your 4 year old comment really took me on a mind bender! Just imagining the wall suddenly falling while dead people rise from the sea all over Westeros is a truly epic thought. Would be awesome reading all the POV characters reacting and dealing with it

    • Johnny H.
      Johnny H. 3 years ago +63

      @Deus sive Natura D&D would never thought of anything that cool. Shame really.

    • Deus sive Natura
      Deus sive Natura 3 years ago +52

      .... RIP GoT

  • Heretic Life
    Heretic Life 3 years ago +63

    It’s just Stannis’ luck. In the book, his dad writes something like, “ maybe this new guy will even bring a smile to Stannis’ face”. What happens happens and now Stannis is yet to suffer another fool for the rest of his Life. Stannis Baratheon ≠ Jan Brady

    • Reid BH
      Reid BH Year ago +4

      Lol Stannis can't catch a break

  • Darth Wick
    Darth Wick 8 months ago +16

    3:52 it could also refer to the witch attempting to cure Kal Drogo in his tent, as the book describes Dany seeing dancing shadows

  • Madelyn Morgan
    Madelyn Morgan 3 years ago +59

    "the shadows come to dance, my lord, the shadows come to stay" always reminded me of how the dead come dancing in the tent when mirri maaz duur works her blood magic--- the shadows come to dance when she says the prayer, and once daenerys enters the tent, death comes to say (rhaego)

  • Mario Jorge
    Mario Jorge 3 years ago +5

    How cool would have been that instead of the ending to Stannis' story, the burning of Shireen would have infected most of Stannis' men with greyscale, including Stannis himself, and his mad, rambling march towards certain death with his few remaining loyal men was quite literally a death march, penance for his sins?

    • Commander Daniel Cousland
      Commander Daniel Cousland 3 years ago +3

      That would have been George RR Martin level of disturbingly awesome. And now the north is filled with a brutal grayscale epidemic.

  • Lilly
    Lilly 2 years ago +4

    I began to wonder here, what if the drowning rituals of the Ironborn are simply the equivalent of cargo cultism for magical phenomena?
    Thoros doesn’t seem to expect his resurrection ritual to work the first time he raises Beric Dondarrion. Similarly, the Ironborn’s drownings aren’t much like Patchface’s death. Being drowned and CPR’d thirty seconds after is a crude imitation of what Patchface went through - maybe the Ironborn, far in the past, were lead or influenced by a previous avatar of the Drowned God, and have built their faith around an imitation of it, without understanding the mechanism behind it. Similarly, perhaps much of the magic of Rhllor doesn’t fully work - it’s a crude imitation of some genuine magical force the devotees of the Red God came across centuries past.
    Or maybe I’m talking out my ass. Who knows?

  • samuel O'Conner
    samuel O'Conner 3 years ago +12

    Honestly it’s crazy how many people have been inspired by Lovecraft, I ended up putting him in some of my writing without realizing it. He really has obtained a fascinating degree of influence.

  • Michelle Serenade
    Michelle Serenade 2 years ago +18

    Patchface and his relationship with Shireen always bothered me and I just became more and more horrified watching this.

  • DrRockkso
    DrRockkso 7 months ago +7

    Patchface reminds me of the Greek mythological figure Cassandra, who was cursed by Apollo with the ability to see prophetic visions of the future that no one else would believe when she tried to warn them. I wonder if this was a deliberate allusion by GRRM.

  • Ontario AtOrion
    Ontario AtOrion 2 years ago +14

    When Shireen is burnt it will release the grey plague. That is my prediction. Burning greyscale, dormant or not, creates a fuming gas and smoke that spreads the deadly grey plague. That is why in the past they had all people with greyscale exiled to somewhere isolated and distant instead of just burning them. That was an effort to prevent the deadlier grey plague. So Melisandre will awaken a stone dragon, a misinterpretation of dragon actually meaning a weapon of mass destruction. And the stone part had to do with the appearance of grey scale looking like a person made of rock.

  • Winerunner
    Winerunner 3 years ago +33

    Whenever Patchface mentions "..under the sea.." he's speaking of Valyria. Worth looking into, very interesting theory.

    • Arraik Cruor
      Arraik Cruor Year ago

      @rhys oneill That would be epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rhys oneill
      rhys oneill 2 years ago +1

      Valyria might be game of thrones version of atlantas.

  • donald deluxe
    donald deluxe 2 years ago +2

    We can also add that kings blood was spilled in patchface’s resurrection. The Baratheon founder was a bastard of the Targaryen bloodline in aegon the conquerer’s time we king. And stephon fathered rob, Stannis, renly, and after rob came gendry. By which genry May use rob’s war hammer as he is/was a smithy in order to make killing blows.

  • Emily A Foster
    Emily A Foster 3 years ago +33

    I can't wait for the conclusion of the show...but I'm even MORE excited for the conclusions in the books tbh. Way more plot ends to tie up, way more potential options on how shit could go, and just way more shit to take into account

    • D00M
      D00M Year ago +1

      Show was crap

    • Stick-It Productions.
      Stick-It Productions. 2 years ago +9

      Oh my sweet summer child...

    • Blümelein
      Blümelein 3 years ago +10

      Hi, I came from the future to tell you that yes, there's definitely more to look forward to in the books

    • Duke
      Duke 3 years ago

      Books always win

  • Nihilo
    Nihilo 3 years ago +13

    In the quote, "We will march into the see and out again", I inferred that Patchface was having delusions of grandeur about being the saviour of the Wildlings stuck at Hardhome; they don't have enough boats to escape so his addled mind wants to merely lead them under the sea to escape.
    In the books there is a little fear of the Others walking under the sea and thus circumventing the wall, but in the show they seemed to have an aversion to entering it at Hardhome. Is this the show hinting that the Drowned god resents the Great Other? (In contrast to that quote from Mojorro)

  • Dick Mobster
    Dick Mobster 4 years ago +9

    This was one of the most enjoyable videos I've seen. Thanks so much for the great content you create, its my favorite way to "chase the dragon".

  • Big Bug
    Big Bug Year ago +37

    "He didn't find a wife but he did find a slave boy."
    Uh oh

  • freely124
    freely124 3 years ago +10

    The drowned god, Patchface, and Damphair all make for some of the most somber and terrifying characters I know of, and they are just chilling in the background of a huge and wonderful world, GoT is so good damn.

  • Nichola Temple
    Nichola Temple 3 years ago +427

    Never trust a man named patches.

    • Another Guy
      Another Guy Year ago +1

      Jolly cooperation will not be found with this one, I'm afraid!

    • Avital Alef
      Avital Alef Year ago

      *neko atsume cat

    • boch
      boch Year ago +3


    • Ben Godfrey
      Ben Godfrey 2 years ago +5

      What about Patches o'houllihan

    • James Downs
      James Downs 2 years ago +3

      Are you a cleric or something?

  • Juramento
    Juramento 2 years ago +1

    This char is with no doubt a profet... i'm gonna enjoy re-read his speches when the book series finally get complete (if happens before R R die ) and see that Martin actually spoiled us since the profecy of the direwolve killed by the stag in first book.

  • Serotonin Scavenger
    Serotonin Scavenger Year ago +6

    I love how you call Melisandre "Mel," in the way you would call an old friend

  • Jon S
    Jon S 8 months ago +1

    I think the Drowned God and Melisandre's "Great Other" are *actually the same being*. This theory requires assuming that Melisandre is unaware of exactly whose influence Patchface is under, despite that influence being the exact enemy she's obsessed with defeating. But Melisandre is, if we're being honest, a bit shit.

  • Divinemakyr
    Divinemakyr 3 years ago +9

    Patchface is creepy, I remember reading about him in Clash of Kings Prologue and I saw sort of creeped out.

  • Randomheart0
    Randomheart0 4 years ago +126

    "This is no swish and flick shit. The gods only give at great, terrible cost."

  • David M
    David M 3 years ago +33

    My GOD, if someone could portray the books as they are written in a series, then GOT would go on forever and would be so much more interesting,.....

  • Melissa Magnus
    Melissa Magnus 3 years ago +3

    I got chills watching this video...the way GRRM flips the use of magic in ASOIAF from what most audiences are used to is incredible. Its like there is no good use of magic...Varys was right

  • DarkSendo94
    DarkSendo94 4 years ago +654

    in a world where there tonnes of characters that are slavers and rapists
    Patch face is the one character that freaks me the f**K out

    • rock is dead
      rock is dead Year ago +8

      He is made of what nightmares are made of

    • Neolexious Neolexian
      Neolexious Neolexian Year ago +33

      @Taza y Charla Yeah. You can protect yourself from slavers and rapists by killing them. Pretty simple, even if scary. You can mentally prepare to deal with things you can understand.
      How the fu*ck are you supposed to defend against an insane zombie clown which apparently channels a drowned aquatic Eldritch god? Even if you kill yourself, that apparently just puts you in an afterlife under the sea where you'll be eaten by fish or something???

    • Taza y Charla
      Taza y Charla 3 years ago +89

      Brcause slavers are people who sell people for money and rapists, well, they rape. We can comprehend them and what they want and do. We have no concrete idea of what Patchface does or what he wants. We can only speculate, and doing so only takes us down some honestly cary paths

  • Scott S
    Scott S Year ago +1

    I was under the impression that "the great other" was really just what the followers of the god of light called the old gods. The old gods are associated with the wierwoods and therefore the three eyed Raven, therefore the children of the forest. The children of the forest created the white walkers to combat the god of light's dragons. Song of ice and fire no?

  • Madeleine D
    Madeleine D 2 years ago +1

    You know, this video made me realize that there might be something even weirder going on at Hardhome than I first thought.
    "Dead things in the woods" makes sense from what we've seen/read: The dead people that can still move (and the Others).
    But what about "Dead things in the water"?
    I believe the books have at least strongly hinted that wights and the Others avoid water, like in the show.
    So how can there be dead things in the water??
    I feel like this could be another small clue to link the Drowned God, the Great Other, Patchface and maybe even the crazy shit that Euron is doing.

  • TenebraeXVII
    TenebraeXVII 3 years ago +6

    The shadows come to dance could also refer to the blood magic of Mirri Maaz Duur which would have been at a similar time, with the shadows of the dead dancing in the tent

  • Tom McDermott
    Tom McDermott 3 years ago +4

    Those are some really interesting theories for sure. It might be a bit of a reach, but when you mentioned Patchface as a potential prophet of the Drowned God it got me thinking; the points of his fool's cap and bells (or coxcomb) could be interpreted as an allusion to the tentacles of the kraken as the Greyjoys in service to their Drowned God. Just a thought.

  • Trinity Chambers
    Trinity Chambers 4 years ago +3

    Love this. It's a shame he got cut from the show. And symbolic in the way that Shireen and he were friends, she dies to fire and him to water.

  • thomas lao
    thomas lao 4 years ago

    "Only a king's blood can wake the stone dragon stone." Havent read the books to that point, but I think this can refer to the mining of the dragon glass after the king, probably Jon Snow, talks some senses to the half wits who think White Walkers are a myth, or Stannis triggering Patchface to bite someone and cause a disease outbreak.
    Or Stannis himself gets infected, keeps silent, and spreads it among the living.

  • Colleen Trodge
    Colleen Trodge Year ago +2

    THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO BTW. I love these deep dives into characters the show forgot about. For me, without having a face for each name its very difficult to *enjoy* the story when I read it for some reason.... so these videos have really opened my eyes to how great this atory actually is is

  • Vicenzo Stella
    Vicenzo Stella 2 years ago +1

    Patchface probably sings so much about mermen, the drowned god, fish eating people, the sea, etc. because he's seen it: remember, he was the only survivor of Steffon's shipwreck. He probably saw everything he sings about while floating in the Narrow Sea. And since we know jack shit about mermen and Deep Ones, they could probably have Magical powers, which Patches probably learned or got assimilated with it (like what happened with the old gods and humans) because what else can you do when floating in the middle of the sea?

  • Joe Jonah Jameson
    Joe Jonah Jameson 4 years ago +1302

    I think Patchface has greensight like Bran (and maybe Euron). Maybe his near drowning was some kind of triggering event like Bran falling out of the tower? Maybe he stayed in greensight too long while dead and "drowned", losing his sanity when he saw the future before returning to his body?

    • Reid BH
      Reid BH Year ago +1

      Honestly completely forgot about the greensight and I was wondering how patch face could predict all this stuff, but this makes sense if it is the case

    • Ace Clover
      Ace Clover 3 years ago +1

      R Nickerson, I agree. Patchface can see into the future but due to his insanity now, he has no way to understand what he see’s or comphrehend it to others.

    • Pumblechook 1
      Pumblechook 1 3 years ago +1

      Patchface could be similar to Hodor. Both were mentally damaged by greensight

    • Big G
      Big G 3 years ago

      Mister Doctor Professor Idiot S.M.D. Yeaaaa Euron doesn’t have green sight or he would’ve see Victarian betraying him.

    • R Nickerson
      R Nickerson 3 years ago +6

      Honestly, I came up with the idea while watching the video. But I've re-read the books since then and the more I think about it the more it makes sense to me.

  • Theodore
    Theodore Year ago +8

    Shit like this is part of the reason I love the story. Patchface prophesied stuff in the first chapter of ACOK that wouldn’t happen until mid-ASOS and beyond. Like how far in advance had all this stuff been planned out? And likewise, if/when the story is eventually finished, how much stuff that seems innocuous now are we gonna be able to go back and say “oh shit that’s foreshadowing”

  • Archie Pelligo
    Archie Pelligo 3 years ago +2

    I've not read the books, but by the references you gave, I'm pretty sure there's a kind of easter egg to Patchface in the show. The first scene (or one of them) with Shereen Baratheon in it, she's singing a song that goes "The birds have scales and the fish take wing, I know, I know, oh oh oh" which sounds very similar to what Patchface sings about the whole under the sea kinda thing.

  • Anas Irfan Ahmed
    Anas Irfan Ahmed 4 years ago

    The amazing thing about game of thrones is that the powers of gods like the drowned God, or the Lord of light are shown vaguely, but it seems like it's magic or sorcery. I think that all the foreshadowing done by characters and fanatics like Melisandre, prove this. These beings are never shown, but their presence is strongly felt.
    P.S. read the books they are quite fleshed out.

  • MD Æ
    MD Æ 3 years ago

    The idea of a greyscale plague would fit very well into the medieval spirit of a song of ice and fire. Almost all aspects of medieval history are to be found in the series but there have been no large scale plagues as were prominent in the history of Europe in that time period

  • Cheap Codes
    Cheap Codes 4 years ago +959

    but maybe he is just crazy and weird

    • R Nickerson
      R Nickerson 3 years ago +1

      @Ibo Eshak
      I'm actually more and more leaning towards "R'hllor" being Bloodraven/Bran.
      When we see Beric resurrected, they're in a cave under a wierwood, for example. They can possess people... they're the opposite of the Night King/great other...
      I think there is death, and there is life's memory... the great other, and R'hllor/Bran/Bloodraven.

    • Grizz Desu
      Grizz Desu 3 years ago +2

      ...i actually want this theory to be true haha

    • Ibo Eshak
      Ibo Eshak 3 years ago +8

      @Công Duy Trần All your idols are false and hopeless. The Lord of Light has shown Himself a thousand times and has granted His grace and power a thousand more times, while your so-called "gods" sit in silence. His might is undeniable. Even the dead rise when He bestows His grace upon them. His mercy is endless and He always comes to our aid, while you pray to made up heroes and non-existent "gods" only to get no answer. Abandon your decieving idols and come to Him! The Lord of Light is waiting with open arms! Repent and convert.

    • Ibo Eshak
      Ibo Eshak 3 years ago +12

      The Lord of Light is the only true God. Only He has shown His almightyness, His powers ,only He has blessed those that call upon Him, only He is gracious. Nobody that has ever invoked all the false "gods" on this Earth has ever gotten a proper answer. The Lord of Light answers the calls of all those that want His divine intervention and shows Himself to all those that seek Him. With Him is all the force, all the strength and all the prosperity. Unlike your idols, He has always shown Himself and blessed us with His mercy, for He rewards those that have faith in Him and forsake their false idols. Your mind is clearly engulfed in darkness and you are utterly blind to His truth. I pray that you may see the Light one day

    • Công Duy Trần
      Công Duy Trần 3 years ago +21

      @Ibo Eshak R'hollor's nonsense propaganda smh

  • Megan Wright
    Megan Wright 4 years ago

    I've always wanted to know more about patchface, his strange words always seemed prophetic when I read the books. I'm not sure about all the other stuff about him serving the gods and greyscale and stuff, but it was fun to watch :)

  • Duke
    Duke 3 years ago +3

    As someone who watches only the show this is fucking deep. There is so much untouched lore.

  • 360223
    360223 3 years ago +1

    Could it be possible that the Others and the Drowned God really are one in the same? Since one is water the other is ice which is obviously water in a different form. Thanks for making me aware of that, this story got so much deeper.

  • vetri murasu
    vetri murasu 4 years ago +26

    A scene where Aeron Damphair meeting Patchface would be nice.

  • TLDR
    TLDR 3 years ago

    The references so stone dragons could mean Dany's dragons that came from the three stone eggs. And Shireen dreaming about dragons eating her could refer to Dany coming to Westeros to rule over those who claim themselves king (such as Stannis). There were other things that loosely fit, but still I found it very entertaining!

  • Andrew P
    Andrew P 4 years ago

    I think Windproud might have been taken by Greyjoys and that's who introduced Patchface to the stories of the Drowned Gods. Likely Tywin had a role in hiring them: Steffon's mission was to find a bride for one of the king's sons, and Tywin took a young Cersei to court that same year and even Tywin just didn't want competition. Tywin would have been able to exert influence over Greyjoys because once again the Lannisters had helped put down one of their rebellions. If Greyjoys did take Windproud, they might have done so earlier at sea, and kept the crew and Patchface hostage until they scuttled it in a storm in sight of Storm's End so there'd be no question what happened to it. Why didn't Tywin call off the Greyjoys if Steffon was unsuccessful in returning with a potential bride? Could be it was just too difficult to call it off, like news got there too late. Could be Tywin wanted Baratheon advice on future Targaryen marriages to be less either way. Could be Tywin didn't trust Steffon's mission to have failed, maybe there was a secret hopeful bride that could win favor for the Baratheons.
    I think magic was less likely the rational for Patchface's condition. Likely he just watched all the crew terrorized and slaughtered or drowned one by one by the brutal Greyjoys. He may have not even been dumped into the storm to die. He may have 2 days later just been dropped off or escaped the small scuttle crew's clutches.

  • EndOfSmallSanctuary

    Patchface will definitely have some relevant role in the final books. Martin wouldn't have spent so long describing him and his backstory in the Clash prologue if he was just a weird jester.

  • Aaron Landry
    Aaron Landry 4 years ago +2

    I can see why he was cut from the show. He doesn’t seem to be very important outside of foreshadowing and being friends with Stannis’s daughter, but the show already had the illiterate knight for that.

  • Gamez R Hard
    Gamez R Hard 3 years ago +291

    Patches?! How many clerics has he pushed into the pit inside the catacombs?!?!

    • boch
      boch Year ago

      @The Lonesome Wanderer How about our lovely smith? Or that bitch of a handmaiden?

    • Zer0 Sum
      Zer0 Sum 2 years ago +1

      Praise the Sun

    • Big Butter
      Big Butter 3 years ago +2

      Damn, and I was about to comment something like that, Came down here just to see I have been beaten

    • ArDroNaut
      ArDroNaut 3 years ago +3

      The gift of the Godhead cometh!

    • Red headed Sojourner
      Red headed Sojourner 3 years ago +2

      Not enough

  • Stavi_Deluxe
    Stavi_Deluxe 3 years ago +6

    Man had forgotten the name of the 'Goat dude' from Harrenhal, Vargo Hoat, i really liked him and i didn't like that composite character 'Locke'(?) they replaced him with. Locke also began the magic teleportation that seems to have become a trend in the show.

  • Josh Morris
    Josh Morris 2 years ago +1

    So when we left Patches he is at the Wall with Shireen. When Justin Massey arrives back at the Wall escorting Jeyne Poole, I think he will inform Lady Baratheon of Stannis’ dire situation. I think this will be the catalyst for Shireen’s mother and Melisandre to burn Shireen, egged on by Val and, possibly, Patchface. Her death will, perhaps, give Melisandre the power to bring Jon back to life-only death can pay for life.

  • Jose Fuentes
    Jose Fuentes 2 years ago

    I thought so!! As soon as i first heard the Ironborn say "What is dead may never die", i knew it sounded almost exactly like "Not dead which eternal lies, and with strange aeons even death may die". And reading more about their religion worshipping the Drowned God, i couldn't help but think it sounds exactly like a Cthulhu cult, or the cult of some other Great Old One. Idk how missed the connection between mermaids and the Deep Ones, though hahaha yea we really ought to keep an eye on the Ironborn, those signs don't lead to anything good.

  • The Patriarchy
    The Patriarchy 2 years ago +1

    Wow, that has to be the most entertaining X-vid video I've watched in a long time! I have a touch of ADD, so I have to listen to the books rather than read them. I skip around a bit as well, and consequently I miss a lot. Thanks to you, I now know just how complex the Patchface mythos is. He is a far more interesting character than I'd originally thought.

  • David MB
    David MB 2 years ago

    I've read the books and they are amazing, but they are so packed with details that one sometimes misses… your videos are great

  • Matt Ronson
    Matt Ronson 4 years ago +1

    I absolutely love your work, and your channel! Your videos on GOT are wonderful! Keep up the good work!

  • Young M.D.
    Young M.D. 4 years ago +77

    I was always sad Patchface never appeared in the series. He’s one of the eeriest parts of the whole novel series and he would’ve given people the chills. Such an underrated supporting character

  • innocentorotherwise

    Another interesting point hinting at the association between the Drowned God and the Others :
    Both the red priests and the ironborn sacrifice people to their Gods, but when someone is sacrificed to R'hllor's flames, they stay dead. The drowned men come back to life, like wights.

  • Oolie
    Oolie 3 years ago

    I had completely forgotten about Patchface. The show has ignored so many good characters, like Lady Stoneheart, and Victarion Greyjoy with his double tributes to the Drowned God and R'hllor

  • Ryan O’Rielly
    Ryan O’Rielly 5 months ago +1

    I think shireen’s burning will bring Jon back but at the same time patchface is going to freak out and possibly kill a few of the queen’s men but I don’t believe it will cause a spread of grey scale because they don’t have time for that to be a plot line in the north and if that does happen it will be a huge mistake in my opinion(LIKE YOUNG GRIFF!)but bottom line patchface will die with shireen but goes down swinging lol

  • MrUser10001
    MrUser10001 2 years ago +1

    I love how in the books John is constantly shocked by what the characters say
    Val kill her she is unclean regarding Shareen.
    Stannis wife let them die. Regarding the wildlings at Hardhome.
    Mel wanting to kill patchface.

  • Kaylee F
    Kaylee F 3 years ago

    It would have been really cool to see Patchface in GoT. However, the character I really wanted to see was Vargo Hoat just because I wanted to hear him call Jaime Lannister "Kingthayer".

  • Ali Almuhanna
    Ali Almuhanna 4 years ago

    7:56 It seems odd that Victarion would let Moqorro live after calling the drowned god a "thrall"; Vic doesn't strike me as a tolerant man ... but I guess he saw the power of Moqorro's work & decided to keep him alive until they reach Slaver's Bay.

  • Elliott Hartup
    Elliott Hartup 4 years ago

    The idea of the gods having their own zombie prophetic types is such a cool concept, wish I'd realised that before ha ha