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House of the Dragon S1E03 Explained

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022

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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  2 months ago +287

    Crabs in the chat 🦀
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    • Ruben Soeteman
      Ruben Soeteman 19 days ago

      @AlwaysNerdy TV she didn't choose to die this way though

    • 25charlene
      25charlene 2 months ago

      Wheres episode 4 explained?

    • AlwaysNerdy TV
      AlwaysNerdy TV 2 months ago

      The king doesn't "sacrifice" his wife for the son that dies... she was dead already. Maester literally said its either both or we can try to save the baby. The producers did try to make it seem like a sacrifice, even though it MADE NO FUCKIN SENSE.

    • JTooSpicy
      JTooSpicy 2 months ago

      Where is the Westworld explanation videos 🤧😓

    • Yuri Nabesima
      Yuri Nabesima 2 months ago

      @Geo Viserys doesn't like the agegap, also, this would kind of undermine Rhaenyra's position: Westeros is a very sexist society, so if she marries another Targaryen heir people would not see her as their Queen and ruler, just as the King's wife (even if the King stills wears diapers).

  • David V
    David V 2 months ago +2551

    George was absolutely correct when he said Paddy Considine gives Viserys a “tragic majesty” that isn’t present in the book. Loving the portrayal in the show.

    • Benjamin Saunders
      Benjamin Saunders Month ago

      He just full on proved it in this latest episode.

    • Tree Fiddy
      Tree Fiddy 2 months ago

      @Pengalor the hounds actor is another hot fuzz actor as well

    • Welshhomie
      Welshhomie 2 months ago

      Considine is a fantastic actor and he always brings something special to a role in my view.

    • Charalampos Koundourakis
      Charalampos Koundourakis 2 months ago

      ​@Pengalor Oh Holy fuck I just saw it.

    • RicksTalentedTongue
      RicksTalentedTongue 2 months ago

      @Joe Reno He had a similar role in the series that we won't speak of, and I suspect the later seasons the trap will be sprung on us. But it is quite good right now, and Viserys is my favorite portrayal so far.

  • Alessandro Dragoti
    Alessandro Dragoti 2 months ago +4938

    Crabfeeder getting killed off-screen is a giant signal from the writers: the only enemy of the Targaryen dynasty are the Targaryen themselves. Absolutely love it.

    • Thomas Shirley
      Thomas Shirley Month ago

      @theresurrection so is your mother but everyone is courteous enough not to say anything

    • theresurrection
      theresurrection Month ago

      The show is dog shit

    • Skiron
      Skiron Month ago

      @Alt Shift X Even in Bobby Bs case, the Targaryen mostly destroyed themselfes with "fighting" between Aerys and Rhaegar, Aerys killing of important people and going ape shit crazy and Rhaegar "kidnapping" an important political subject. I think thats much more important than his 1/4 Targaryen blood...

    • Thomas Shirley
      Thomas Shirley Month ago

      @Alt Shift X I feel like the Targaryen's almost go out of their way destroy themselves

    • Its Blitzø
      Its Blitzø 2 months ago

      Well also a signal for possible bad writing a bound.

  • simbob_
    simbob_ 2 months ago +1691

    "Lady Redwyne will remember that" it's the small details that you never fail to put in that makes these videos superior to all else

    • theresurrection
      theresurrection Month ago

      Bro m everyting he said was wrong in got. The writers are trash

    • PaleBrownDot
      PaleBrownDot 2 months ago +62

      "This kills the crab" is another great caption at 24:43.

  • rafeang
    rafeang 2 months ago +934

    watching alt shift x's episode recaps is like drinking wine while it's being explained by a wine connoisseur: on its own you might enjoy the wine simply for its taste and enjoyability, but with the connoisseur you can appreciate it way more for all its subtleties, history and complex layers. a big thumbs up from me! 👍👍

    • Dan Walker
      Dan Walker Month ago +1

      Absolutely agree

    • Salifyanji
      Salifyanji 2 months ago +11

      This is well said, my Internet friend. Very well said

    • Jim Beam
      Jim Beam 2 months ago +16

      Not just a connoisseur, but a sommelier.

  • Mary Karberg
    Mary Karberg 2 months ago +1330

    The only time Alicent begins to fidget with her finger nails/rings is when she meets Rhaenerya by the Weirwood Tree. Rhaenerya is also reading the same story Alicent read to her there when they were younger, before the politics divided them. Excellent touch by the actresses and writing.

    • Daniel DaPonte
      Daniel DaPonte 2 months ago +7

      She also does that when the king tells her about possibly marrying the velaryon girl

    • books from Windblown
      books from Windblown 2 months ago +6

      These actors clearly love Asoiaf

    • CrazyFanaticMan
      CrazyFanaticMan 2 months ago +20

      Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by all of the actors and how good the dialogue is. Although, maybe it shouldn't come as a shock that the dialogue is so good when I remember G.R.R Martin played a big role in the shows development
      This meme made me binge the first three episodes and thank god I did, so far really enjoying it.

    • Carolina Lucio
      Carolina Lucio 2 months ago +67

      The actress playing young Alicent seems super thoughtful (going based off her interview on the HOTD podcast) I hope once the show is done airing she’ll be able to share some enteres from her journal. Both of these girls are doing superb, especially rhyanera🥰❤️

  • Wrangle McDangle
    Wrangle McDangle 2 months ago +918

    I think the actress who plays Allicent is doing a really good job of portraying someone who was pushed into a position of power that she didnt necessarily want, but understands its value to her family. she clearly cares about her children and does well talking to lords and ladies... but there is an insecurity behind her eyes, she isnt fully comfortable talking down to people (especially her friends) and is a little overwhelmed by her new royal life. she knows what needs to happen to have her son sit the throne and she knows what Rhaenyra will do if that happens. She's fearf

    • Wrangle McDangle
      Wrangle McDangle 2 months ago

      @Aaron whats the difference between being retarded and pretending to be retarded if the bit completely fails to get across?

    • Aaron
      Aaron 2 months ago +5

      @Wrangle McDangle I think their name is indicative of being a troll

    • Wrangle McDangle
      Wrangle McDangle 2 months ago +10

      @Woosh Bait why are you watching this video then lmao

    • Woosh Bait
      Woosh Bait 2 months ago

      @Wrangle McDangle Not all of us have watched the show yet or read books. Be better

    • Wrangle McDangle
      Wrangle McDangle 2 months ago +4

      @Woosh Bait in what way is this a spoiler? this is entirely speculation based off what the show has given us so far. sit down champ

  • Ruven D
    Ruven D 2 months ago +747

    Finally George got his hunt

    • Fellington
      Fellington 2 months ago +1

      Heraldry too a hit this episode tbh.

    • Alfredo Alastor Martínez-Tapia
      Alfredo Alastor Martínez-Tapia 2 months ago +3

      @Alt Shift X cursed reply

    • books from Windblown
      books from Windblown 2 months ago +1

      @profo hunting was a luxury European aristocratic and monarchs keep it private. It’s like Golf and race games, it’s just a private party

    • JohnFourtyTwo
      JohnFourtyTwo 2 months ago +2

      @Alt Shift X Now he needs to get off his ass and give us what we want, the rest of the Game of Thrones books, "The Winds of Winter" and "A Dream of Spring." 😉

    • MistressDistress
      MistressDistress 2 months ago


  • Jake Roman
    Jake Roman 2 months ago +418

    Paddy Considine is really giving an award-winning performance so far. Loving his portrayal.

    • Roberto Clemente
      Roberto Clemente 2 months ago +3

      He is dismay incarnate-- not easy to pull off. I also love his vicious smile when he's trashed. Kudos!!

      MDNBLUES 2 months ago +8

      He carried this episode.

    • flpndrds
      flpndrds 2 months ago +17

      Dude is becoming one of my favorite characters in GOT lore in only 3 episodes. His portrayal is incredible

  • Krozur
    Krozur 2 months ago +599

    Nice to see you still uploading these extemely detailed videos. It's always made me see the stuff I missed and understand a lot more. Makes the shows in general more fun aswell. Appreciate it man.

  • Aegon the Dragon
    Aegon the Dragon 2 months ago +244

    Imagine if the thing that finally motivates George to finish his books is getting his hunt.

    • RicksTalentedTongue
      RicksTalentedTongue 2 months ago

      @A - cat I think George knew their agenda and didn't want evidence to be clear that they were intentionally ruining the show. So he told people it isn't finished. He is one of them you know.

    • D Double E
      D Double E 2 months ago +3

      @A - cat i want this to be true lmao it’s not but one can only hope

    • Victor Silva
      Victor Silva 2 months ago +26

      @A - cat Oh my sweet summer child.

    • A - cat
      A - cat 2 months ago +15

      I still thing George finished that book years ago and just didn’t want to give D&D the easy dialogue. Like he’s holding that book hostage

  • A L
    A L 2 months ago +153

    I’m torn between being happy that George is extremely hands on with this, and wanting him to sit down and finish Winds already

    • LessCommonKnowledge
      LessCommonKnowledge 23 days ago

      Winds and Dance are both secretly finish, and will be publish once George eats himself to death, so that he never has to hear the criticism.

    • TheWhistler
      TheWhistler 2 months ago

      He probably has it done and ready to be published when he "moves on".
      His story will be complete, people will be happy, and he won't have to listen to the crybabies about how it didn't pan out the way they wanted.
      It's his story.

    • A L
      A L 2 months ago +1

      @The Hoopman lol okay edge lord, go back to playing Minecraft

    • A L
      A L 2 months ago

      @D Double E haha he’s been ready for years but he can’t get a girl to go anywhere near him

    • D Double E
      D Double E 2 months ago +2

      @The Hoopman if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready lol

  • generous 1 star
    generous 1 star 2 months ago +401

    "Jason Lannister is grossed out by the blood but Harwin Strong is /visibly into it/" that killed me lmao

    • Matt M
      Matt M 2 months ago +23

      It's so weird not seeing the Lannisters as the most powerful family ATM

    • msbabycakes79
      msbabycakes79 2 months ago +18

      And you gotta love that freeze frame image. 😅 Nothing subliminal about that imagery.

  • mst3KGf
    mst3KGf 2 months ago +355

    Larys Clubfoot getting lowkey introduced in this episode is great, given he's someone who makes an asset of being overlooked. Little do they know he's basically the Littlefinger of this series.

    • Andi Sanchez
      Andi Sanchez 2 months ago

      @mst3KGf Jesus lol relax

    • Blue
      Blue 2 months ago +5

      Why do you spoil? people watch alt shift videos to have the episode explained without being spoiled you should at least put a spoiler warning in your comment...

    • Greywolf757
      Greywolf757 2 months ago +1

      I'm just curious how the actor can have his foot like that without breaking it.

    • Ah yes daddy
      Ah yes daddy 2 months ago

      Stfu with ur spoilers

    • mst3KGf
      mst3KGf 2 months ago +12

      @Andi Sanchez No, Otto is Twin. Seriously, ambitious Hand of the King who manipulates the king he supposedly serves, marries his daughter to the king and wants his grandkid on the throne? How much more parallels do you need?
      Mysaria is the Varys equivalent; being the foreign-born spymaster with sympathetic qualities. Larys is Littlefinger in that he has his own agenda and everyone is a pawn in it, even his supposed allies.

  • batgurrl
    batgurrl 2 months ago +753

    George finally got the hunt he wanted.
    Excellent breakdown of the episode - your choice of words made me smile.
    I’m still compelled by Rhaenrya’s story. She’s acting like a grumpy teenager 😂😂 isn’t that exactly what she is? How would you feel if your former BFF married your daddy and got her pregnant and has a son who usurped your Royal chances 🙏😎

    • r3d0c
      r3d0c 2 months ago +1

      @God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 have you ever interacted with other human beings? terminally online auties forget how humans work

    • jude m
      jude m 2 months ago +1

      @God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 alicent didn't have a choice, being pressured into it by her father and then having her king promise they keep their conversations secret. but people aren't pure logic and reason, alicent marrying viserys hurts rhaenyra and rhaynera is entitled to those feelings. that doesn't mean its fair to alicent either because as you said, she really was backed into a corner on that account.

    • Matt M
      Matt M 2 months ago

      Haha...IMO Robert Baratheon was among the greatest characters in the OG GoT show and any scene with him in it is gold...still both him and Ned Stark dying in seasn 1 set a precedent not to expect plot armor for main characters(we didn't know the insane plot armor Tyrion had yet lol).

    • M e i a
      M e i a 2 months ago +2

      I honestly dont mind Bobby B's small hunt. He hunts to run away from the politics of KL whereas Viserys hunts as showmanship and to connect with other people.

    • Blackfish
      Blackfish 2 months ago +3

      Yeah, that exchange in the carriage where Rhaenyra says something snarky under her breath and a snippy Viserys goes "I'm sorry, what" made me chuckle. A strangely relatable family moment.

  • Darius Drake
    Darius Drake 2 months ago +194

    I love when Viserys mentions "marrying Aegon to Rheanyra," the scene shows little Aegon just rolling back in a fit.

    • Kavurcen
      Kavurcen 2 months ago +11

      Did anyone else lose their shit laughing with the expression Otto makes and the way he rotates his head very slightly.

    • Raine I
      Raine I 2 months ago +11

      Lol! I think the absurd part of the suggestion from the Kings perspective is it stops Rheanyra from having children and strengthening her line for another dozen years or more. Considering Alicent is already on her second child, the suggestion was much too transparent in its political positioning.

    • Kevin W
      Kevin W 2 months ago

      have the Targ's ever actually LIKED doing the incest? or was it something they just talked themselves into grinning and bearing it for the sake of a dynasty

  • BrightBeard
    BrightBeard 2 months ago +175

    Also something to think about is, that even if Rhaenyra had killed the white hart and brought it back, since it was still the birthsday if Aegon, Viserys could have also interpreted it as a sign, that he should marry his children to each other. That Rhaenyra will make Aegon into the great King of his dreams.

    • jude m
      jude m 2 months ago +3

      yes that's what i thought. i think she spared it because she just didn't want it killed. but also the whole camp is a celebration for Aegon - Rhaenyra dragging the white hart into that camp could just as quickly be declared a sign in favour for Aegon and his sister simply brought it to him - just as Viserys killing the hart would also have been for his son.

    • João P
      João P 2 months ago +1

      @Sufnsk Anne The way she is sturborn she would ve refused and th ewar would ve happenned anyway. Just look how she betrayed Laenor multiple times along the years

    • Matt M
      Matt M 2 months ago

      Very true.

    • Vojtěch Korhoň
      Vojtěch Korhoň 2 months ago

      @Sufnsk Anne incest saves lives

    • Sufnsk Anne
      Sufnsk Anne 2 months ago +25

      Would have saved alot of heartache if they were married

  • Kate Hunter
    Kate Hunter 2 months ago +318

    No breakdown of this episode that I've seen has mentioned Rhaenyra's entrance to the camp. She walks in front of the cookfire, covered in blood. Fire and blood are the words of her house. I doubt this is just coincidental filming.

    • Matt M
      Matt M 2 months ago +1

      Yeah, clearly symbolic but not sure it has much more meaning than that. It was meant to show she can take care of herself in front of everyone, who until they saw her as just a spoiled little princess(a rep she kinda earned)

    • Goktug
      Goktug 2 months ago +5

      Daemon and Rhaenyra have been framed through fire multiple times in the last 3 episodes. It's a common motif.

    • Original J
      Original J 2 months ago +25

      It’s not, Daemon was covered i blood fire all around. Viserys was just staring at fire in the episodes. Shows the differences between the three.

    • my name is jeeeyf
      my name is jeeeyf 2 months ago +21

      General symbolic composition and framing? I dunno might not have a specific point.

  • Olorin
    Olorin 2 months ago +193

    Paddy flawlessly played drunk so well. I never imagined I would enjoy Viserys this much. From Criston Cole's nevervous reply to the king, to his heartfelt appreciation of the princess, I feel like he was a subtle standout.

    • Welshhomie
      Welshhomie 2 months ago

      I mean he has lived in Burton his whole life

    • darthlucas0027
      darthlucas0027 2 months ago +4

      "Not to be suffocated by this fucking politicking!" is a line that impacted me so much I will quote it as much as I can now

  • Michael Murgo
    Michael Murgo 2 months ago +65

    The Lannister spear killed the stag - also foreshadowing how the Lannisters will kill the Baratheons

  • Carl Rood
    Carl Rood 2 months ago +129

    The thing is, that Alicent really doesn't "outrank" Rhaenyra. She's Queen Consort, wife of the king, which has no actual official power. Rhaenyra is officially the heir to the throne.

    • NoneOfYour Beeswax
      NoneOfYour Beeswax 2 months ago

      @Matt M Phil was never in the royal hierarchy because he is related to the British monarch through marriage, not blood - just like Lady Diana Spencer, who lost her title as HRH Princess of Wales once she was divorced from the Prince of Wales. Of course Phil does actually come from the Greek (ex)Royals.
      In situations where a Queen accedes the throne after the King dies, it is because the Queen has royal blood and a claim - such as with William and Mary, who (in theory at least) ruled jointly.

    • Matt M
      Matt M 2 months ago +2

      @NoneOfYour Beeswax Doesn't consort mean if other married royal member dies, they cease having that role?
      I.E. If Elizabeth had died before Philip in the UK, Philip would have ceased being in that royal heirarchy?
      There are some royal situation where if the king dies, the queen assumes control, and thus wouldn't be a consort.

    • NoneOfYour Beeswax
      NoneOfYour Beeswax 2 months ago +3

      She's not Queen "Consort", she simply the queen. Kings always outrank queens thus the nomenclature "consort" is superfluous.

    • Meghan Elaraby
      Meghan Elaraby 2 months ago +1

      Alicent is like Camilla parker bowles

    • Matt M
      Matt M 2 months ago +7

      Well, clearly the bard thought otherwise. The Queen's power is 100% derived from her marriage, but while married, I think she does have more power than the heir. Like Cersei had more power than Joeffrey in season 1(well early season 1...)

  • Samarth Prabhu
    Samarth Prabhu 2 months ago +143

    There are plenty of X-vid channels which rush to upload an explanation video within a day or two of the episode airing. But Alt Shift X takes his time and delivers like no one else. The amount of details captured in the breakdown videos is incredible.

  • The Humanity
    The Humanity 2 months ago +63

    Martin's focus to detail is impeccable. It makes so much sense that Targaryen women have a tradition of being rebellious and being problems for their fathers. They're essentially told that they're just below Gods, yet within their families, they are still treated lesser than common folk men.

  • Infinite Voyager
    Infinite Voyager 2 months ago +672

    Viserys has been such a great character so far: lovable but immensely flawed at the same time. Can’t wait for what is to come!
    Also, your vids are fire and blood; great job as always.

    • slitor
      slitor 2 months ago

      Plot armor? Can you read the damn scene? It was littered with wreckage. He was a difficult target to even hit. I wish people would expand their vocabulary.

    • D
      D 2 months ago

      Yes got has plot armor that's a not a good thing

    • Kritigri
      Kritigri 2 months ago

      @Khusi Zwane I dunno man. Go watch the danger Jon gets put through in some of his later battles. Battle of the Bastards, for instance.

    • slitor
      slitor 2 months ago

      Yeah...if i were into ranking everything...I would put Viserys and his actor on top on the matter of performance.

    • Brian Wescott
      Brian Wescott 2 months ago +3

      @Khusi Zwane What plot armor? This is actually probably closer to reality much much more than the impossible arrow shot killing Rikon. You have sailors (IE not professional archers, not elves, not English longbowmen with godlike accuracy) firing at a fast and erratic moving target at long distance with their vision obscured by smoke and fog...outside of Hollywood, he would have been hard to hit with a modern sniper rifle, let alone arrows.

  • ssjdeadpool1227
    ssjdeadpool1227 2 months ago +43

    I feel like the comparisons between Viserys and Robert are kind of unfair. Viserys wants to be a good father and King, But the situation he's in is incredibly stressful and it's incredibly hard to do both. Bobby B was just out here for it, living like that, didn't give a fuck about either one, the Kingship or his family.

    • Sokar Rostau
      Sokar Rostau 2 months ago

      I haven't read the book in a while but there is something to the symbolism of killing the stag isn't there? One of the Targ's is half Barratheon and the first duel of the Dance take place over Storm's End with the Barratheon descendant losing. Bit of a stretch since it's not super important to the plot but it's still a Targ killing a Barratheon, in a one-sided duel under a banner of peace and against explicit instructions, ending any chance of a peaceful resolution.

  • Rania Minhas
    Rania Minhas 2 months ago +82

    Love the parallels between Rhaenyra and Daemon.
    Both are underestimated, both have anger towards being underestimated, both violently kill to unleash their anger.

  • DaSracasticFish
    DaSracasticFish 2 months ago +9

    The Stag being killed by a Lannister made spear is an incredible detail

  • Benjamin White
    Benjamin White 2 months ago +55

    Re: Greyscale, did anyone notice that Daemon was dragging the Crabfeeder’s torso by a piece of driftwood to which it was nailed? I think that’s why he’s avoided greyscale; he crucified the Crabfeeder before cleaving him in two.

    • cautare pvp
      cautare pvp 20 days ago +1

      @Benjamin White Maybe Targaryens resist greyscale better than other races.
      or maybe he will catch it but he later dies anyway from Dragon 🐉 fall

    • Benjamin White
      Benjamin White 2 months ago +12

      @Jalanko13 Yeah, I noticed. Hehe. Perhaps greyscale isn’t a blood borne disease, but more of a contagious skin condition? I’m aware it’s problematic, but I’m trying to find a decent, logical reason Daemon won’t contract greyscale instead of it just being an illogical scene/detail. 😬 I’m 99% sure Daemon won’t get it, but I read up on my Targaryen history years ago (well before HOTD) so I know the spoilers. Unless they decide to really change things with his character.

    • Jalanko13
      Jalanko13 2 months ago +9

      But he’s caked in his blood.

  • Dandy Chiggins
    Dandy Chiggins 2 months ago +83

    It took Daemon three years, but he finally got the secret formula and served his men some krabby patties.

  • Michelle Hummingbird
    Michelle Hummingbird 2 months ago +85

    I"ve seen a handful of other channels explaining each episode of HotD, but this one is by far the best. The narrator's voice is calm, clear and highly informative. Now I have to catch up on the book since E3 is far ahead of it. Thanks, Mr. Narrator ☺

    • Michelle Hummingbird
      Michelle Hummingbird 2 months ago +2

      @Stuwi Yes, I AM new here....kinda obvi, don't you agree? And Yes, these vids are Brill! Thanks for the warm welcome, Stuwi 😉I have 6 videos of his that I need to watch before I get into E4. Take care!!!

    • Stuwi
      Stuwi 2 months ago +2

      You're new here? A lot of us have been alt shift x fans all through got, brilliant videos.

  • marjoe32
    marjoe32 2 months ago +90

    Honestly from the book to show, the I love what they have done to flesh out the politics of the time. Explaining the tension and ambitions, I love it.

  • Urjune 101
    Urjune 101 2 months ago +78

    I just want to say how grateful I am to this channel. I watched GoT so very late just early this year and as we all know it gets confusing at times. I stumbled upon Alt Shift X looking for answers and a deeper understanding of symbolisms, the characters, and even some details in the book. It's just funny how old the videos were and it almost felt for me like watching an older person tell stories about their passion. I know that there are other Alt Shift X videos but the Game of Thrones series is just different and honestly well made (compared to other channels I've seen).
    And now that HotD is streaming on HBO now, I finally felt like I belong at the older people's table. I feel the hype even more now and more engaged compared to when I was watching GoT so late which I regret. I'm just so proud of Alt Shift X and thankful for doing these analyses for us.

    • Darkaero
      Darkaero 2 months ago +1

      @Wveth I'll never tell someone not to read the books, I know i blasted through them all after the first season of GoT ended. I watched the first episode on HBO on a whim since I'd always enjoyed HBO series' (especially Rome which I'd been salty was cancelled still at the time) not knowing anything about it going in. The pilot hooked me and bought and read all the books to get my fix while waiting for the second season to come out.
      But I do wonder that if someone were to wait until finishing the show to read the books if they may enjoy some of the later seasons a bit more lol. I know that I, and a lot of others who had either read the books early into the show's run or had already before the show came out, kept being disappointed when x or y didn't make it into the show more times than I can count. Especially after season 3, there were pretty major storylines being left out that left a lot of people wondering if maybe they were just waiting for the next season in order to devote enough time to it, only to be disappointed the when it became obvious they had cut it out entirely. Then having the same hopes for a different storyline or character all over again the next season. Rinse and repeat until there was no more book material left to adapt. There was definitely enough disappointment to go around well before the last season.
      100000% If someone hasn't read the books they definitely should though, there's a reason the show resonated with so many people and became a cultural phenomenon and it definitely wasn't because of the showrunners.

    • chrisgsayshello
      chrisgsayshello 2 months ago +2

      Agreed, nothing beats Alt Shift X! I will say though- if you haven't seen them, DEFINITELY check out the animated "Game Of Thrones Histories And Lore" they did for each season. The actor's voices really help with the immersion and it filled in a lot of blanks for me and was quite entertaining in it's own right. I think they were like a DVD extra but a lot of people missed 'em.

    • Urjune 101
      Urjune 101 2 months ago +1

      @Wveth I agree with how rushed it felt the second part of GoT was. Thanks for the insights I will definitely read the books. However, I'm merely pointing out how Alt Shift X helped me and was thankful for it. I'm loving HotD so far, I wish it was the same with you I assume?

    • Wveth
      Wveth 2 months ago +5

      Honestly, just read the books. The second half of Game of Thrones is uh, to put it as politely as possible, light on literary craftsmanship. I am glad you're coming in now when House of the Dragon is on, since the writing is actually good. Hopefully it will stay good and you won't have to endure the horror of watching the plot fall into nonsense, the character arcs get ruined and of course, the complete lack of a thematic layer entirely. One of the showrunners of GoT, David Benioff, once said "Themes are for eighth-grade book reports." So that should tell you how qualified he is as a writer lol

  • direcircumstances
    direcircumstances 2 months ago +24

    I love how GRRM comes up will all sorts of cool, unusual names for his large cast of characters and then randomly throws in a guy named Jaime or Jason.

  • Honored Madman
    Honored Madman 2 months ago +15

    Viserys is a character that on paper I didnt like particularly. But holy shit I really enjoy him in this. He really is tragic and I totally feel for him, he's in a rough situation and it is his fault of course but the fact I feel bad for him is a damn testament to the portrayal

    • Kyle
      Kyle 2 months ago

      Yeah, I'm enjoying the portrayal too. He is a weak king but a good man deep down.

  • nvimvd
    nvimvd 2 months ago +93

    if rhaenyra killed the white hart all the lords would spin this against her and say that she stole it from the king who was supposed to kill it and justify to viserys that they couldnt find it for him becouse it was already killed by her

    • nvimvd
      nvimvd 19 days ago

      @cautare pvp they had other game to hunt for. that was the plan from the begining. they learn that the white hart is near on the spot. if it wasnt there they would just hunt anything else like they end up eventually

    • cautare pvp
      cautare pvp 19 days ago

      @nvimvd then what was the point of the hunt for others to participate??

    • nvimvd
      nvimvd 20 days ago

      @cautare pvp only kings party was looking specifically for white hart and they did it so the king could killed it so im pretty sure it would be punished if any other lord efound it and killed it at that time

    • cautare pvp
      cautare pvp 20 days ago

      ye but that's poor excuse, since everyone was searching for it, so whoever finds the white hart first, finds it.

    • cautare pvp
      cautare pvp 20 days ago

      @All The Artsy the Deer runs out

  • Olorin
    Olorin 2 months ago +30

    I wonder how people will take to the older versions when they switch actresses. The younger actresses have done so well. It will be a tough act to follow.

  • Nick Fernandez
    Nick Fernandez 2 months ago +84

    I love Daenerys always will but it’s refreshing to see a Targaryen (daemon) with actual battle field skills

    • TheWhistler
      TheWhistler 2 months ago

      @Nick Fernandez Raised by wolves. 👌

    • kaloC aploC
      kaloC aploC 2 months ago +4

      @The Electric Prince At what time? he was never and will never be one of the best fighters. The show portrayed Ned being competitive with Jaime in 1st season lmao, Jaime would've killed him in less than 30 seconds if he wanted to. You don't start as trash and then suddenly become one of the best. All the best swordsmen were already some of the best by the time they are 16-17. No matter how much work you put in, if you have no talent you will always be average at best, and Jon has no talent in fighting.

    • The Electric Prince
      The Electric Prince 2 months ago +1

      @kaloC aploC Cap. Jon is one of the best fighters at that time no question .

    • The Electric Prince
      The Electric Prince 2 months ago

      Jon Snow (Aegon Targerean)?

    • KK and sims 4
      KK and sims 4 2 months ago +1

      @kaloC aploC I also feel tho like so wildling could out fight all of them and I bet u money gendry is like Robert and Arthur Dane put into one

  • BPJ
    BPJ 2 months ago +26

    you are the very top of the food chain when it comes to explaining GoT sories and episodes. very nuanced and detailed. and never boring. as a video creator myself, i understand the aount of time and work that goes into making these

  • Gary Ermann
    Gary Ermann 2 months ago +20

    13:51 - That's cool that Otto used the same phrase as a historical Targaryen book. It's something that would have flown over almost every viewer's head (I had no idea until watching this video), but it's neat to appreciate the extra little details the writers added in.

  • Madock
    Madock 2 months ago +7

    I love the fact that Alt Shift X gives us 25+ more minutes of extended fun to every episode. Thank you man

  • Blake Robinson
    Blake Robinson 2 months ago +102

    Kept checking X-vid every day for the explained videos, always nice to see when there's a new one out!
    Even though I've read Fire and Blood and kinda know how it ends, HOTD is honestly so refreshing considering the dumpster fire ending the parent show had

    • Rocket Small
      Rocket Small 2 months ago

      @Salifyanji woot thanks. im go watch again. yay

    • Salifyanji
      Salifyanji 2 months ago +1

      @Rocket Small you would be referring to Talking Thrones. He also does HotD video updates....especially concerning casting, future episode names and behind the scenes interviews !

    • Rocket Small
      Rocket Small 2 months ago

      someone on yt rewrote some esp for the crappy show..and re did the ending. it made alot more sense and just way way better all around.
      i dont remember who did it tho.... sry

  • The White Dragon
    The White Dragon 2 months ago +10

    I like how in the scene revealing the color of the deer, while the deer isn't white, the reveal happens as the camera pans up behind the white hair of the king. There's just so many layers to the camerawork and is just absolutely gorgeous.

  • Ríastrad5409
    Ríastrad5409 2 months ago +121

    Alicent’s arc kind of resembles Daenerys’s arc in season one of GoT. She starts off as meek, nervous pawn in her family’s plan to gain power, but through marriage becomes a powerful political figure who uses her intelligence, empathy, and sway over her husband to reign in his worst impulses (to a degree), becoming a confident, determined young woman as a result

    • CrazyFanaticMan
      CrazyFanaticMan 2 months ago +11

      Honestly, so far, I'm liking all of the characters. If I had to pick a favorite I'd say Rhaenyra is my favorite and Otto is my least favorite, but they're all pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised by all of the actors and how good the dialogue is. Although, maybe it shouldn't come as a shock that the dialogue is so good when I remember G.R.R Martin played a big role in the shows development
      This meme made me binge the first three episodes and thank god I did, so far really enjoying it.

    • God Emperor of Mankind 3.0
      God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 2 months ago +24

      yeah she is very misunderstood by the fandom, pretending like she had any choice when she didnt

  • FelipeWalker2
    FelipeWalker2 2 months ago +23

    I eagerly await these episodes more than the ones in the show, lol.
    Thanks Alt, these have been therapeutic to me. And also very nicely done, like always.

  • Daemon Targaryen
    Daemon Targaryen 2 months ago +29

    I actually prefer if reactors are clueless about Daemon and that he's growing on them. Happened with Jaime Lannister too. People hated him in S1 & S2. Season 1 Jaime looked like Prince Charming from the Shrek movies.
    Daemon is complicated. Newbies who never read the books will love him and hate him at the same time. He's a grey character as George R.R. Martin has said numerous times. GRRM described Daemon as dashing, daring, and dangerous. He's popular with books fans for a reason.
    It's more satisfying when your feelings changes for a character after each episode. Some of my best friends were people I hated when I first met them. The unpredictability is exciting. I hated Jaime initially and only grew to love him by S3 when he saved Brienne from getting gang raped.
    Daemon has that compassion in him too. There is good in him like Anakin. Bad*ss with a heart of gold (towards his family) are the fun ones to follow. But when Blood and Cheese happens, some may hate Daemon forever after that. All these characters can be bad including Rhaenyra. You'll see. GRRM likes them grey.

    • Cassandra Nightshade
      Cassandra Nightshade 2 months ago

      That moment when I liked Daemon from the first moment and I like him more and more with every episode. He doesn't need to grow on me, he's my favourite character besides Rhaenerya 🤷‍♀️

    • Marcos MC
      Marcos MC 2 months ago

      100% Agree with this entire statement

  • Rose H
    Rose H 2 months ago +24

    Maybe crabfeeder's greyscale has become non-contagious thanks to crabs picking some of it off, that would also partially explain his crab obsession

  • Filip Levec
    Filip Levec 2 months ago +9

    Might just be my interpretation of it, but the way Viserys gradually went from annoyed to angry while speaking with Jason seemed to me like a subtle sign of Targaryen madness. I thought it really showed when Viserys paranoically started questioning Jason about a secret rebellious movement being planned by the lords, similar to the delusions of the mad king

    • hez
      hez 2 months ago

      Yeah but he was also shitfaced lol

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 2 months ago +6

    can someone talk about how spectacular Rhae's gowns and powersuits are; each are so finely detailed and correspond to the mood, tone, and context of the scene.

  • Jan-Erik Bätz
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    Was waiting for this the entire week. Thanks, mate.

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      Same. Everyday, I checked his channel 😅

    • Balthus
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      @Alt Shift X David Lightbringer pointed out the dragon falling out of Aegon's hands as foreshadowing.

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  2 months ago +19

      Thanks for waiting!

  • kezia
    kezia 2 months ago +13

    I always wait for your breakdowns slightly more than the episode itself. I'm a long time fan and I've watched lots of 'breakdown' channels, but yours is the best!

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    I'm actually excited for Fridays and Sundays again. 3 for 3 so far. Let's hope they keep this up

  • VELutke
    VELutke 2 months ago +4

    "And no one has fun except for this pug". That had me giggle far longer and louder than it should. Thank you.

  • Wouter van Binsbergen
    Wouter van Binsbergen 2 months ago +10

    Also: Greyscale was supposedly a curse of Mother Royne sought by Garin the Great on the Valyrians (see World of Ice and Fire) after the destruction of the Roynar with 300 dragons (slight overkill, no?). So no, no specific defence against grayscale.

  • Carl Rood
    Carl Rood 2 months ago +15

    The great thing about the whole "second son" thing is the number of ASOIAF characters who are, in fact, second sons and are more prominent in the story than the first sons:
    Jon: Kind a of second son twice over. Officially Ned's second biological son, albeit a bastard. In actuality, Rhaegar's second son
    Bran: Officially Ned's second legitimate son, but actually also his second biological son.
    Tyrion: While Jaime is indeed a major character, Tyrion was POV character much earlier in the story.
    Daenerys is a third child, but at the time of start of the story she's the second in line Targaryen as far as anyone knows.

  • M.M.
    M.M. 2 months ago +4

    I interpreted the final siege against the Crab Feeder as Daemon basically stating with his action "I could have ended this when I wanted to, on my terms, but I enjoy War and if the Kings Army arrives after I win, he will claim credit and use this aid against me."

  • elijah rodriguez
    elijah rodriguez 2 months ago +12

    Mr Shift X I just want to say thank you for picking this series up. One of my family’s favorite things to do a few years ago was wait for your review episodes so seeing these again floods me with nostalgia .

  • HousedHorse
    HousedHorse 2 months ago +10

    ASX: "Daenerys never gets sick" ADWD: "the more she drank the more she shat"

    • Captain Weekend
      Captain Weekend 2 months ago +1

      to be fair he did say it was only when they had dragons, at that time Daenerys didn't have her dragons.

  • kapreysun
    kapreysun 2 months ago +4

    This episode was full to the brim with signs and portents! Absolutely loved it. Also I would die for Seasmoke he is so beautiful, I wish we got a few more shots of him 😭

  • Jack Ashmore
    Jack Ashmore 2 months ago +4

    They are doing amazing job with the pacing of the story. Setting up the side really well and showing how it’s all going to effect down the long stretch of everything.

  • Yaell Ramirez
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    Along with In Deep Geek, these are far and away the best analysis of GOT on X-vid. I’ll be joining Patrion today

  • No name
    No name 2 months ago +3

    Impressive! You all's work is outstanding. I can't say enough that we're so happy for the return of your weekly breakdowns. I Know a lot of work goes into your episodes. Combining the books, original show with the new show material into something eloquently yet simply organized for those who have not and those who have read the source material, into one cohesive unit for all of us, show and book readers alike, to enjoy.
    Thank you so much for the great work you and your team does.

  • Ja Yoyo
    Ja Yoyo 2 months ago +4

    That’s crazy the actor who is playing both Jason and Tyland Lannister was in Game of Thrones but only he was in one episode it’s good we are going to see him more in HotD.

  • Arkios
    Arkios 2 months ago +37

    Rhaenyra defending herself against a boar attacking her directly, but choosing not to actively hunt the White Hart for the glory of it really feels like foreshadowing on so many levels.
    She WILL defend her claim to the throne. She WON'T kill Aegon to take the easy road to the throne.
    She recognizes that the Hart might be one of those signs that people believe in, but won't become obsessed with chasing after those signs.
    She will use violence if necessary, but also restrain herself from actively seeking conflicts.
    She is faster to act than Viserys, but doesn't go as far as Daemon. The men she looks up to BOTH make her who she is.

  • jackasom
    jackasom 2 months ago +4

    Regarding the stag I think it was symbolic of how Viserys being too empathic and indecisive leads to people around him being hurt.
    Had he not hesitated when dealing the first blow, the stag would have been spared a slow and painful death.

  • Cuba Blue
    Cuba Blue 2 months ago +9

    Woh, I didn't catch that Casablanca link! You might well be right haha. Another strong episode and it sure feels good to be having these GOT conversations again. I LOVE Lyonel Strong, his wisdom, subtle influencing and injection of humour at key moments, I also like that little pat Viserys gives him at the end of their little exchange.

  • Captain Weekend
    Captain Weekend 2 months ago +3

    I love Viserys, at certain times he seems like he's the only sane man in Westeros. When Otto suggested Rhaenyra marry Aegon, Viserys' reaction reminded me of the Jontron "what the absolute fuck did you just say to me right now? Get out of my sight" meme. I also really like Lord Strong, he seems to not be as much of a schemer as the other lords and seems like he actually wants what is best for the kingdom. It will be interesting to see how things play out for him and house Strong going forward and whether he is actually up to something, or if his trying to do good will end badly for him.

    • Well known
      Well known 2 months ago

      when he said that, I was like lord strong is a good guy in my book. However, imagine if he was actually told velaryon to marry his son to rhaeynera instead of trying to marry off his daughter to the king. It would be much better

  • Sean Gannon
    Sean Gannon 2 months ago +4

    I think it's a bit unfair to compare viserys kinging to Robert's. Viserys at least takes an active role

  • George Jackson
    George Jackson 2 months ago +13

    Sure, it was a cool scene when Rhaenys didn't kill the white hart, but can you imagine all the problems solved and doubters silenced if she'd brought it back to the camp, rather than just a boar

    • rdh
      rdh 2 months ago +3

      they could've spin the narrative into marrying aegon and rhaenyra because rhaenyra would make aegon a great king. It's more powerful in symbolism that she let the deer go.

    • Olorin
      Olorin 2 months ago +6

      Let's be real. They never showed them with a bow and arrows. The odds of Cole killing it with a sword was non-existent.

    • Andy
      Andy 2 months ago +25

      They'd probably just spin it in Aegon's favor, since it appeared at his birthday party

  • Original J
    Original J 2 months ago +13

    Love the scene when Daemon turned into a vampire and told the Crabfeeder he would pay in “Fire and Morb.”

  • Anthony Avon
    Anthony Avon 2 months ago +9

    I'm struggling to care about Rhaenyra getting to be the Queen. Worst case scenario she remains one of the most powerful people in the world instead the most powerful (technically still in line for the throne), and I don't see what's at stake if anyone else rules. She's certainly not showing that she understands what it means to rule in the laws of that universe. She just wants it too much.
    I hope the show changes that as it goes on. It's too well filmed for it to have a bad story.

    • Aleksandar Pešić
      Aleksandar Pešić 2 months ago

      I don't think she wants to rule. She just wants to be loved by her Dad, and being replaced feels like being rejected. She doesn't even realize how contradictory it is to rule while dreaming about freedom and cake. She's just a kid lol

    • D Double E
      D Double E 2 months ago

      @Anthony Avon I hope so too 🤞

    • Anthony Avon
      Anthony Avon 2 months ago +1

      @D Double E That is true. I hope I'm seeing a good character arc story in this show. I just feel like the good seasons of GoT trained me to ask these questions. For example, Sansa is unlikable at the start but her situation is interesting.

    • D Double E
      D Double E 2 months ago +2

      She’s 17 at this moment in the show lol Plenty of time to mature

    • God Emperor of Mankind 3.0
      God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 2 months ago +5

      i think she will mature alot when she becomes Emma D'arcy.

  • SalMcDal
    SalMcDal 2 months ago +3

    Daenerys absolutely got sick! She was wandering in the great grass sea after Drogon had left her, and drank polluted water. The diarrhoea was described in some detail as I recall!

  • Hayden Schuetze
    Hayden Schuetze 2 months ago +4

    Really appreciate the quality in these videos. The visual family trees and the names labeling the characters when you bring them up makes for a great flow and video!

  • _carbon.acid_
    _carbon.acid_ 2 months ago +1

    Seeing these explained videos feels like a whole new episode with the same story but with more insights, and the narration and explanation is so damn good.

  • MistressDistress
    MistressDistress 2 months ago +9

    I guess if Targs were fully immune to disease, Vizzy T wouldn’t have gotten gangrene either
    Also doesn’t Dany get the flux at some point(in the books)?

    • MistressDistress
      MistressDistress 2 months ago +1

      @Urobolos yep! I was just offering some reasons why it was unlikely to be true, since it was brought up.

    • Captain Weekend
      Captain Weekend 2 months ago +2

      @Urobolos Except then why does she not get burned earlier by the dragon egg which burned the hands of the dothraki girl that also touched it?

    • Urobolos
      Urobolos 2 months ago +6

      Targaryens have no special immunity to anything. It's just a urban legend in Westeros, like IRL medieval french people believed their king could cure people by touching them. Dany entered the fire tha hatched her dragons without dying thanks to a special magic ritual, not because she is immune to fire.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 months ago +1

    Dialogue really picked up this episode, I thought the first 2 episodes were a bit boring and slow (which isn't because I can't enjoy political fiction I just thought nothing happened in them), but I'm getting into it now.

  • deepeye1328
    deepeye1328 2 months ago +3

    You are the only person I have heard to mention this symbolism of "dying boar resembling child squeal" and later her killing the boar mercilessly. Regardless of what happens next, this was extremely strong symbolism.

  • Yoni Rais
    Yoni Rais 2 months ago +2

    I love the moment between otto and his brother
    Makes me think that otto was talked down to his whole life because he is a second son and is now doing everything not to secure a place for himself, but to prove to his brother and everyone else that he is able to contribute to his family and elevate their station
    Its this kind of generational trauma that he is now giving to his daughter by commanding her to try to secure her son as heir to the iron throne
    Makes me feel kind of sorry for him

  • Kyle Murray
    Kyle Murray 2 months ago +20

    I notice you still have the unedited footage of 19:44 where they don’t correctly remove the two fingers on Viserys and you can see the green screen tape on them.

    • Kyle Murray
      Kyle Murray 2 months ago

      @D Double E Apparently, they caught shortly after the air date and fixed it. It’s not a huge error like the Starbucks cup. It’s so quick it’s easy to miss.

    • D Double E
      D Double E 2 months ago

      Good catch. I wonder how many people that little mistake got past. How many people down/up the line are suppose to pick something like that up on a show of this level?

    • Kyle Murray
      Kyle Murray 2 months ago +8

      (This is what video editing for years gets you, an annoying eye for everything on television instead of just enjoying it)

  • Mark Dowding
    Mark Dowding 2 months ago +2

    I absolutely love your recaps! they're almost as entertaining as the show itself.

  • M30
    M30 2 months ago

    Thank you for your amazing well made and detailed videos! I really love them and they became part of a weekly routine after watching HOTD.

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    These breakdowns are like a mid-week episode of the show. They had become a must before the next one airs.

  • Socij
    Socij 2 months ago +1

    I love these videos, you do the best at explaining the lore of the show while throwing in a good joke here and there. I didn't even notice the tie in to Rhynira comparing the squeel of a boar to a child and her killing that boar 🤯

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 Month ago +1

    Haha that out-take of Paddy slipping and almost falling when egressing the carriage, and recovering into a little spinny dance thing!! 🤣
    I bet he was a blast to work with, every day.

  • hen-ryebread
    hen-ryebread 2 months ago +1

    i absolutely loved this episode, i thought the development between rheanyra and alicent was lovely and the hunt was great plot progression, not even mention how AMAZING the opening attack by caraxes was. there is such a focus on targaryen power in this episode and how strong they can be, very excited for what’s to come

  • Quinn The GM
    Quinn The GM 2 months ago +43

    🦀(Some book spoilers in this comment)🦀
    I had the thought that the White Hart appears not only to Rhaenyra, but also to Criston. The White Hart itself is an omen of a righteous leader, making it a Kingmaker, of sorts. Perhaps the White Hart appearing to him could be a justification as to why Ser Criston Cole feels he has the right to crown a ruler, if you catch my drift. I made a whole video going into depth on this, if you'd be interested in a bit of a longer explanation! I love your work and have for years, this was another excellent video.

    • atmo
      atmo 2 months ago

      @I need no channel X-vid! i got the kingsguard mixed up calm down lol

    • atmo
      atmo 2 months ago

      @Victor you're right my bad

    • GhostGar
      GhostGar 2 months ago +1

      @I need no channel X-vid! oh 100% agree. the fire and blood book is cool because it shows how certain details can be lost to time , and although we can recall what happened, we can't always recall what EXACTLY happened. much like in real life history. so awesome.

    • I need no channel YOUTUBE!
      I need no channel YOUTUBE! 2 months ago +1

      @GhostGar It's also going to be very interesting comparing the records to what we see happen, be cause "book loyalty" means much less here, especially in the details.
      They've already done this with Daemon's mistress, Misaria. She's portrayed in a very dark light in the books, and is probably pure evil for all we see her do, but the show gave her some sympathetic motives that the records would miss or overlook because she's just a scheming wh*re to them. I'm really interested in seeing what happens with her character, as I didn't expect these details to crop up.

    • GhostGar
      GhostGar 2 months ago +1

      @I need no channel X-vid! fascinating, apparently George rr martin is using this show as a objective fact on what actually happened during this time. so i guess we will find out what exactly happended.

  • Lᴜɪ́s
    Lᴜɪ́s 2 months ago +9

    So far i am loving the show, it definitely surprised me. I was thinking it was gonna be so bad.

  • Constantinople 2017
    Constantinople 2017 2 months ago +4

    Rhaenyra did not show mercy to the white hart. Mercy implies she could have killed it, but under the circumstances, that would have been impossible. Criston was on foot at the time, Rhaenyra had a dagger, they had no long range weapons and nothing to subdue or trap the white hart. The only way they could have killed the white hart is if the white hart let them walk up to it and stab it to death. That seems unlikely.
    Criston drew his sword because that was the only chance, albeit minimal, of surviving if the white hart charged.
    Criston had his sword drawn when the boar attacked the night before and the boar ran over him as if he were nothing. He was only able to stab it (in the neck?) because Rhaenyra held it off with her plot armor. Then it collapsed, revived Halloween style and Rhaenyra went all Lord of the Flies on it. If Criston hadn't already had his sword available, Rhaenyra would've been killed and likely Criston would as well.
    The white hart was vastly bigger and stronger than the boar. We saw what a stag could do to a direwolf in the Game of Thrones pilot. Rhaenyra and Criston weren't in the position to decide whether or not to hunt the white hart. They were only in a position to arm themselves if the white hart attacked, or in Rhaenyra's case, to try to race off on her horse.

    • Aleksandar Pešić
      Aleksandar Pešić 2 months ago

      I hated that whole scene. Well both of them. Best case scenario Criston's legs would be fucked up if he wasn't gored

  • Mehraj Uddin Shartho
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    I absolutely love your HOTD explanation videos. I just wish they were out a little sooner.

    • dirty pure
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      Nah fam having the Alt vids closer to the next ep is much better imo, all the details will be fresh in memory for next viewing when you're thinking about and analyzing what's happening.

    • callmecatalyst
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      Maybe you should change all of your clocks to be like a day or two slow. That way these videos would be dropping a lot sooner.¹
      [1]: Your mileage may vary.

    • CJ
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      Yeah, this much context and insight must take an ENORMOUS amount of time. And worth it.

    • Active G
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      then they wouldn’t be as good quality

  • Logan Fodrie
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    Goddamn these breakdowns are so thoughtfully and painstakingly researched. Always blown away at some of the connections you make and ties back to previous lore.

  • Hari Krishnan
    Hari Krishnan 2 months ago +4

    Paddy and Milli are outstanding. My favorites from the show.

  • Joshua Henely Thornhill

    Paddy Considine is such an VP amognst all those amazing performances. The man never misses a beat conveying Viserys' perils.

  • Jef
    Jef 2 months ago +6

    I've been on a borderline problematic Shifty, Shwifty Glidus & Glames (& Materia 👌🏽) deep dive since HOT D came out and it has been so elite. Been a huge fan of ASX for years (& Glidus, since the piss was taken) but there are so many layers of excellent content I'd never noticed. Thanks, props, and keep up the good work! You guys are hilarious. I wish you'd all get along a bit more though

  • SJ
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    Pug was the star of the show. Paddy Considine does such a good job with what could be a very unlikeable character.

  • war2theren
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    The reason I love your channel so much, is since you started doing these types of videos you make connections and point out symbolism that I would have otherwise missed, so thank you so much for that. I hope GoT has a thousand spin offs so you never run out of content.

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    awesome video as always. all these explained videos take me back to when GoT was on tv, i didnt realize how much i missed your content. cheers

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    Great video as usual. You keep reminding me things from the books that I read long ago and giving detailed explanations on subtle things in the series that I sometimes fail to see. Keep up the good work!

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    Rachel D 2 months ago

    Really look forward to these videos. The effort you put forth to combine all the different stories and references make watching the show way more enjoyable. Please keep it up!

  • Paddy M
    Paddy M 2 months ago +2

    great analysis, which deepened my appreciation for the show’s writing - as well as the comparative blandness of RoP!

  • Mimi
    Mimi 2 months ago +3

    I love your reviews because you tell us more than just what happened.