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GLAZERS Forced to SELL! TEN HAG's Wants HOJLUND & KOVACIC!? Man Utd News

  • Published on Mar 25, 2023
  • Man Utd manager Erik Ten Hag is look at Rasmus Jojlun and Kovacic in the summer transfer window. Plus The Glazers are forced to sell United. Mark Goldbridge has the latest Man Utd News. 🔔 Get Your United Stand on Tour Tickets Here buff.ly/42HdpBN
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Comments • 321

  • Gladstone Screwer
    Gladstone Screwer 2 months ago +433

    Remember what Maguire allegedly said to those Greek cops. "I'm Manchester United Captain, we can do a deal..." The guy has always been full of himself without reason.

      WATCH NOFACE 2 months ago +49

      Great point! I didn’t believe it at the time but now I 100 percent believe he could say that to the Greek cops.

    • Suvareh Kantuba
      Suvareh Kantuba 2 months ago +17

      You spot on

    • Barbarian
      Barbarian 2 months ago +16

      Yup, he is delusional

    • Rocky
      Rocky 2 months ago

      Calm down.

  • Critical Hit Seeker
    Critical Hit Seeker 2 months ago +30

    Another issue with Maguire is that he thinks his critics are trolls. He actually believes he is playing at an elite level when in fact the players around him are carrying him

    • ligerpride
      ligerpride 2 months ago +2

      I think he might be a bit simple minded.

  • Infernus 25
    Infernus 25 2 months ago +103

    I would love Højlund, first international debut for Denmark vs. Finland and he scores a hatrick.

    • Paul Lewis
      Paul Lewis 2 months ago +2

      He's on for another hatrick against Kazakhstan, looks a good player.

    • Sheik obama
      Sheik obama 2 months ago +2

      @Paul Lewis he does look like he could develop into a good player but I rather get Ferguson from Brighton if we are trying to get a young striker along with a experienced one like osimhen or kane

    • Paul Lewis
      Paul Lewis 2 months ago +1

      @Sheik obama can't agree more Ferguson is a good young player, would be a good sighning for United. I'd prefer Osimhen over Kane to be honest.

    • Ali Osman
      Ali Osman 2 months ago +7

      Mate holjund is much better then fergusan his pace is unreal strong and good holder of the ball

    • Kaizinho
      Kaizinho 2 months ago +1

      scandinavian gonçalo ramos vibes but also haaland vibes because he has a uncle and 2cousins playing football 😂

  • Guz989
    Guz989 2 months ago +78

    Kovačić would be a great adition to our midfield. Definite upgrade to McFred. Don't see it happening though

      DIRECTOR ME 2 months ago +15

      I wouldn't want him anywhere near Man united... He's good but let him stay at Chelsea. We need to aim for better midfielders especially No. 8

    • Bachar BARIDI
      Bachar BARIDI 2 months ago +3

      @DIRECTOR ME so you think he's worse than mcFred ?

      DIRECTOR ME 2 months ago +3

      @Bachar BARIDI can't see anything that points to him being better than Fred. It's an embarrassment that Fred is the standard we are being forced to use to measure what we want but I would say we need a player levels above Fred and kovacic isn't that for me. Note that I didn't mention McTominay anywhere because he shouldn't even be a Man united player

    • Wolfs Winkel
      Wolfs Winkel 2 months ago +2

      I prefer Sabitzer. This season Kovacic's first touch has been looking really sloppy.

    • Sheik obama
      Sheik obama 2 months ago

      @Bachar BARIDI he’s not worse but we have sabitzer who is similar profile we don’t need another aging midfielder

  • spoiledballotpapers
    spoiledballotpapers 2 months ago +4

    Højlund and Ferguson would be great signings. Enzo Le Fee and Kovacic would also be good.

  • Chriis
    Chriis 2 months ago +10

    Hojlund was after haaland the best striker in Austria He Played only a half year at Graz and Atalanta paid 17 Million Euros for him, very high Potential Player

  • wayneebrilliant
    wayneebrilliant 2 months ago +46

    I've been saying Højlund is the striker we should be looking at.

    • GGMU
      GGMU 2 months ago +3

      He’s more of a prospect than a right now though he isn’t coming in and getting us 20 plus goals

    • alehandro ah
      alehandro ah 2 months ago +3

      *Højlund ffs

    • mahiA InuoaJ
      mahiA InuoaJ 2 months ago

      You've been wrong. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS PLEASE FFS!

    • wayneebrilliant
      wayneebrilliant 2 months ago

      @alehandro ah Thanks for the correction.

    WATCH NOFACE 2 months ago +15

    What needs to be mentioned is that Maguire fully knows the WH UTD fns feel as a whole about his play, so making these continuously narcissistic statements is putting up the middle finger to am the fans.
    In comparison, Rashford said before that he he doesn’t enjoy playing badly and is his own worse critic. This is importantly why players like Maguire will also stay at the crap level they are at.

  • Memphis Martin
    Memphis Martin 2 months ago +7

    Maguire is part of the poison from before Ten Hag. He absolutely needs to go on an ability and attitude level. You're right, he should never play for us again.

  • saad wani
    saad wani 2 months ago +29

    Hojlund would be a brilliant signing. Very similar to haaland and very young

    • Reece
      Reece 2 months ago

      What cuz they have similar name?

    • saad wani
      saad wani 2 months ago

      @Reece both are very tall physical and quick. Both have bright futures and both are young, one more so than the other.

  • James
    James 2 months ago +3

    Hojlund is a player. He is one of those rare talents that Utd would foolishly pass up and then go on to be a haaland. Seriously, the kid is really really good. An old-fashioned 9 who actually runs the channels and good at inter-play. As for Kovacic, he is better than nearly all our midfielders but age, injury rec?

  • Yelloman7
    Yelloman7 2 months ago +22

    Would love hojlund and Ferguson from Brighton for the future

  • Kimkim Yeo
    Kimkim Yeo 2 months ago

    Wow, didn’t know Ten Hag wants so many new players. Every week you name one or two new players that Ten Hag want.

  • ryan bern
    ryan bern 2 months ago +37

    Hope Maguire keeps talking him self in to a early sale.

    • mahiA InuoaJ
      mahiA InuoaJ 2 months ago


    • Prakash M
      Prakash M 2 months ago

      There is Piers Morgan to help him out if he cannot

  • Noah Williams
    Noah Williams 2 months ago +2

    This summer is interesting because we can go for a more experienced ST like Kane or Osimhen and a young midfielder like Jude; Veiga or Le Fee

    • ThirdEye
      ThirdEye 2 months ago

      Forget those players…

  • G B
    G B 2 months ago +1

    The "some Glazers want to sell, some don't" is a ruse meant to ramp up bids. It's all about the bottom line to them. This is all just a slow crawl to £6bn.

  • kbsutton3
    kbsutton3 2 months ago +2

    If the Glazers don’t sell now, they will have compromised their ability to be taken seriously when they actually want to sell in the future. Anyone looking to bid at a later date will want assurances that the Glazers are selling, which will undermine the Glazers’ leverage the next time around. If they don’t sell now, they will need to expect significant gains in value to justify sticking around, since they cannot stay around and ignore the investment of £1+B required to update Old Trafford and the training grounds. The valuation isn’t close to what the Glazers think it is. They should accept any bid for £5+B since the club’s value is closer to £3.5-4B.

  • OofYouDead
    OofYouDead 2 months ago +47

    Kova is class, would welcome signing

    • Danny Music
      Danny Music 2 months ago

      Dream on Kova will never go to your Club 💀 he's staying at Chelsea so pipe down 😂

    • Hussien Jammal
      Hussien Jammal 2 months ago

      And Erikson isn't

    • Michael Higgins
      Michael Higgins 2 months ago +22

      @Danny Music why would he stay at 10th place chelsea when he could join united and play in the champions leaugue next year

    • Danny Music
      Danny Music 2 months ago

      @Michael Higgins because he's Loyal unlike Ronaldo who left your club lol 😂

    • Danny Music
      Danny Music 2 months ago

      @Michael Higgins because he couldn't stand bean at your club anymore haha 🤫

  • The Irish Movement
    The Irish Movement 2 months ago +9

    The Glazers will bleed this deal for everything they can get, including side deals for their other franchises. JUST GO!!

    • Dickson
      Dickson  2 months ago

      I think you very right about that.

  • Christian D Frost
    Christian D Frost 2 months ago +3

    Højlund is the Danish edition of Håland, the only differencen is that nobody knew about him before he went to Atalanta.

  • Jay A
    Jay A 2 months ago +1

    The glazers own 70% that percentage is splint between the kids. I’m sure if the 4 that want to leave sell, then the glazer remaining percentage is a minority stake, whoever wants to buy it just need to buy the open market and then buy the investors stake to have majority

  • Bryan Nield
    Bryan Nield 2 months ago +1

    Very good point Mark. Would we be signing Maguire in the summer. No. Likewise with others like McTominay etc.

  • Ben Fletcher
    Ben Fletcher 2 months ago +3

    I'd love kovacic at united

  • Polle
    Polle 2 months ago +18

    As a dane, i would really like Højlund at the club.

    • TonyG81
      TonyG81 2 months ago

      Som en irer boende i dk, så gad jeg godt se ham hos Utd sammen med Ferguson. Og ikke for noget, hvad fanden skete der idag?????😂

  • CELA
    CELA 2 months ago +8

    We all pray that the Glaziers leave United and buy Liverpool...

  • SciTrek
    SciTrek 2 months ago +3

    I think at this point if they don’t totally sell and sod off there will be riots again.. the fans can’t be teased

  • Shadow
    Shadow 2 months ago +7

    Mcquire's speech is a message to EtH, telling tH he has nothing to prove to him. Let's see what happens after the international break.

    • Spencer Chapman Barra
      Spencer Chapman Barra 2 months ago

      I agree also an advert for himself for other to come get him. I will be surprised if ETH let's him get away with contradicting him.

  • Bilal Brown
    Bilal Brown 2 months ago +8

    I think we're sleeping on Ivan Toney, look at the damage he is doing at Brentford, he could easily get 30+ goals a season with us.

    • madan mohan Saha
      madan mohan Saha 2 months ago +6

      The off the field stuff more or less rules him out.

    • Donna Cromarty
      Donna Cromarty 2 months ago

      No st will score alot with us,as long as we get rid of rasshy and bruno

  • T S 7
    T S 7 2 months ago

    Could get Holland and ferguson cheaper than kane or osihmen.. ferguson especially (as seen more of him) seems to have so much potential.

  • Life in Slo-mo
    Life in Slo-mo 2 months ago +9

    Horjlund and Evan Ferguson please!

  • HOEY182
    HOEY182 2 months ago +13

    Surely it’s not a bluff to sell! They will be currently paying the rain group millions to deal with this

    • Rareș♐
      Rareș♐ 2 months ago +1

      Paying "a few" millions is nothing compared to trying to increase the stock price, shares and so on. Definitely, if it's a bluff, they analyzed it so that they can come on top and profit more.

    • Dean Downey
      Dean Downey 2 months ago

      Good point👍

  • Haruna Bah
    Haruna Bah 2 months ago +2

    Utd help other clubs for scouting and then end up missing out.
    They make lots of talks instead of acting. That's our weak point. I believe other clubs are watching and listening, and will do something fast about it.

  • Mancunian
    Mancunian 2 months ago

    Hojlund is top draw.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Sean Boyle
    Sean Boyle 2 months ago +1

    Mark, the 30% that is publicly trade (Class A Shares) isnt worth nearly as much as the Glazers 70% (Class B Shares) because of how the voting works (Class B shares have significantly more voting power than Class A due to the corporate structure). So the Glazers shares make up approximately 90% of Manchester United's value.

  • Alan Yorwerth
    Alan Yorwerth 2 months ago +13

    Watched hojland a few times and looks a real handful,

    • mahiA InuoaJ
      mahiA InuoaJ 2 months ago

      Nice but not good enough yet. Maybe in a year or two if he improves exponentially and stands out against all the other young players you fans want us to buy every other week

  • Naren Raj
    Naren Raj 2 months ago

    Kovacic is really underrated midfielder. Would be a good deal if we get him less than 30 mil

  • chelsea Daddy
    chelsea Daddy 2 months ago +1

    Kovacic trading Chelsea for United! Behave! He's only leaving if Chelsea don't WANT him.

  • blue eyed boy
    blue eyed boy 2 months ago +2

    it's no shock about them needing to sell they have not alot they can make 5 billion and not even include paying off their debts , so yeah i expect a sale. they can not expect to make much more from us without the stadium upgrade etc...

  • Dan Sullivan
    Dan Sullivan 2 months ago

    Sir Jim's offer is for 100% not just the Glazers piece

  • Ian Baldock
    Ian Baldock 2 months ago +2

    Time for protests. Tired of seeing that we are getting all of these players we never get. The Glazers must get out.

  • young muncha
    young muncha 2 months ago

    Hojlund looks reallly class but I don't know if he's ready for Man United yet, and Kovacic would be a good backup midfielder

    • young muncha
      young muncha 2 months ago

      @Mr. Plenty we need a striker right now, Hojlund would be a good investment for the future too ig

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews 2 months ago

    Don’t think mark understand how this percentage works, because of the type of shares that the glazers have, even if they own only 50% of the club they still have all they say

  • eslermanu47
    eslermanu47 2 months ago +6

    Glaziers must have got the message get out now.

  • Florence Nzenwefi
    Florence Nzenwefi 2 months ago +1

    Høljund and Retegui would be a shout

  • D F
    D F 2 months ago +8

    Kovacic definitly

  • Stéphane Vu-Hoang
    Stéphane Vu-Hoang 2 months ago +4

    Let me just add that if the Glazers stay, then we may as well kiss goodbye to ANY transfer. Not even Ferguson. It's no exaggeration. It's pure finance. The Elliot group would only help the Glazers stay clear of debt. They won't fund ANY transfer. Worse even our deadwood FC players i.e Maguire, McTominay even Telles and Brandon will stay so there's no way we could buy anyone if the Glazers stay. That is finance. So I'd rather clarity from our owners!!

    • Giorgio B
      Giorgio B 2 months ago

      Glazers are selling. Nothing else makes any sense from a financial viewpoint.

  • the legend of punch
    the legend of punch 2 months ago

    The problem with Harry maguire is when he plays for united he's playing to settle when plays with England he's playing to win. That's why verane and licha are both starting over him they play to win he plays to settle

      VINCENT MOKUA 2 months ago

      To settle what? He is a crap defender worrying he will be exposed by the rapid EPL forwards. For England, the level of International football is slow giving him breathing space.

  • brian kenome
    brian kenome 2 months ago +2

    Remember when English pundits turned maguire's incompetence on lindelof and said maguire needed a world class center back partner?

    • Lawman the one true King
      Lawman the one true King 2 months ago

      Yes Brian I remember and I also remember Lord Gareth said Harry was the best defender at United. You couldn’t make it up.

  • suyash shukla
    suyash shukla 2 months ago +1

    kovacic is more of a de jong player than an eriksen player, he has v good dribbling attributes from the midfield and has decent vision and a good shot on him as well

    • Hussien Jammal
      Hussien Jammal 2 months ago +2

      Erikson had proved that he can play with current united players and we have missed him, why buy and spend on funds on a player we already have his like.

      DIRECTOR ME 2 months ago +4

      No, he's got very little similarities to De Jong. Not a quality 8 and he's old. We have enough old players

    • Hussien Jammal
      Hussien Jammal 2 months ago

      @DIRECTOR ME well said Sir

    • suyash shukla
      suyash shukla 2 months ago

      @DIRECTOR ME i was talking abt his style of play, u r on point abt the other things

      DIRECTOR ME 2 months ago

      @suyash shukla what does he offer honestly because in my opinion we need a ball carrying midfielder (8) with high passing accuracy. Not sure kovacic is that midfield
      I keep saying if we can't get De Jong or Bellingham then Mac Allister is a great option

  • CELA
    CELA 2 months ago +3

    The Glaziers should sell the club and take 5 billion or 6 billion and run...

  • Rocky
    Rocky 2 months ago +1

    Get avram grant on the show so that he gets the tottenham job (zambia won't miss him).

  • alan. jeffs
    alan. jeffs 2 months ago +1

    Nothing is over till its over, the Glazers are having second thoughts😂

  • Simon Campbell
    Simon Campbell 2 months ago

    If the Glazers don't sell , after 50 years, I'm done😢

  • Oliver Heaney
    Oliver Heaney 2 months ago +1

    Glazers don’t have to do anything .. nonsense to think they will sell if they don’t get the price

  • atherstone55
    atherstone55 2 months ago +3

    The other four Glazers together have more voting powers

  • Vankai
    Vankai 2 months ago +2

    We have such a disjointed squad.. i guarantee some 'favourites' won't be playing as regularly in the future due to flaws in thier games that are being masked by a brilliant coach..im talking front 6 especially

    • Dave Elcock
      Dave Elcock 2 months ago +1

      You talking about Bruno?

    • Richard Mason
      Richard Mason 2 months ago +1

      We don't talk about Bruno..no. no. no

    • Elaine Cameron
      Elaine Cameron 2 months ago +1

      We do not have a disjointed squad at all, that was last season. If we did, we wouldn't had won the carobao Cup or so many wins.

      DIRECTOR ME 2 months ago +1

      @Elaine Cameron Simplistic

    • Vankai
      Vankai 2 months ago

      @Elaine Cameron been seeing our results?

  • Ian Bentley
    Ian Bentley 2 months ago +2

    It's all theatre to push the price up

  • Josh Groom
    Josh Groom 2 months ago

    I'd love us to go for Balogun- aged 21 - we need a striker

    • Ethan
      Ethan 2 months ago

      He will cost loads, he's still an arsenal player remember

  • Juddah James
    Juddah James 2 months ago +1

    I Wanna Know Ten Hags Reaction To Harrys Statement

    • Mick Foskett
      Mick Foskett 2 months ago

      Harry's disillusional no one cares what he says 😉👹

  • Brian Mccabe
    Brian Mccabe 2 months ago +2

    Mark, that would be market manipulation. Orange jumpsuits for glazers.

  • Carol Steele
    Carol Steele 2 months ago +1

    To be fair to Maquire Mark, he did have two decent games when he first joined United 🤣

  • Between Three Ferns
    Between Three Ferns 2 months ago +2

    Watch when the stock price drops, they will be begging to sell

  • Space Mechanic
    Space Mechanic 2 months ago +2

    Kovacic to Utd so Chelsea can go and get the next best press resistant CM in Lavia/Caicedo 😂 no thanks.

  • Akw......
    Akw...... 2 months ago +18

    United need to be a well oiled team, get my point 🤔

    • Apote Tavio
      Apote Tavio 2 months ago +1

      😂 got your point 👍👍

    • A K
      A K 2 months ago +1

      I don't think there will be shortage of oil now😂

    • Spencer Chapman Barra
      Spencer Chapman Barra 2 months ago


    WATCH NOFACE 2 months ago +21

    Hojlund has the clear attributes of a top striker and his style is Haaland-esque. ETH is the perfect person to develop him.
    I’d still buy either Oshimen or Kane and have Hojlund as an understudy at this point or I would buy both Hojlund and Ferguson from Brighton and have them competing and developing together and covering all the games we will now be involved in.
    Not bothered either way about Kovacic, to be honest, plenty of other options that are ready made or who ETH can develop.
    Glazers out! Exciting times ahead once they are gone.

      DIRECTOR ME 2 months ago +2

      Why do people want kovacic? Can't we get better number 8s?
      Napoli are smart... They gonna sell Osimhen for 150M and buy Hojlund on a cheap. Two years he will be valued at 200M

    • ThirdEye
      ThirdEye 2 months ago

      Not true at all Yesterday Napoli president talked: No Napoli players are on any transfers moves and talks unless “scandalous” offers: means nothing less than 250 Mlns. each players at least!

    • ThirdEye
      ThirdEye 2 months ago

      Forget any Napoli players

  • Andy BKK
    Andy BKK 2 months ago +2

    I have to say I REALLY hate the Glazers, we need to be put out of our misery GGMU

  • Eddy's football waffle
    Eddy's football waffle 2 months ago

    I've always wanted kovacic since he was at Madrid, utd have been blind for too long to recognise ballers that can actually dribble and carry the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Levey
    Daniel Levey 2 months ago

    If Kovacic is going anywhere in the prem, it's someplace like Arsenal or Liverpool, notably Liverpool. They have been heavily linked to him and mount this summer. It's clear enough that they do not have any midfield or dept in that area of the field. They are going to lose 4 midfielders minimum this summer so they would be fighting hard for a player and he'd get thrown in the starting lineup very constantly. It makes more sense than united.

  • Kai
    Kai 2 months ago +1

    Covacic another Nemja Matic?

  • Hatim Saif
    Hatim Saif 2 months ago

    That’s for the whole club not just the owners stake

  • creepingbrain
    creepingbrain 2 months ago

    The offer of £5b would be for the equity value of the club, not just for the Glazers shares. That would give the Glazers about £3.5b for their shares. Or the offer of £5b could even be for the enterprise value of the club, which would give the Glazers about £3b for their shares.
    The Glazers only own 69% of the shares but have 96% of the voting rights (class B share = 10 votes, class A share = 1 vote). So they can in theory sell some shares and retain control of the club. But, Avram & Joel (the only ones who want to keep the club) don't have enough shares between them to keep control, so they'd have to use financing to buy shares from the other siblings.

  • Leslie Haigh
    Leslie Haigh 2 months ago +1

    they not forced they own it and if they was forced a sell would already happened

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas 2 months ago

    If you don’t watch England and follow the progress then you have no right to judge on anything regarding the team or the manager. Period

  • Akshay Kumaar Murali
    Akshay Kumaar Murali 2 months ago +1

    Force to sell!

  • Rob Johnson
    Rob Johnson 2 months ago

    Avram sold class a shares last year to buy a cricket club.

  • E Jack Y
    E Jack Y 2 months ago

    Kane and Ferguson would be the dream

  • Margaret Cronin
    Margaret Cronin 2 months ago +2

    Like caicedo we were offered him for 5mill euros b4 he went to Brighton.check the us videos

  • Adam
    Adam 2 months ago +1

    Fair play to Ben.

  • Tim collins
    Tim collins 2 months ago

    Which Real Madrid player are we getting this year? 🔴❤️.

  • Victor Frost
    Victor Frost 2 months ago

    Højlund is CLEAR of Ferguson. I love Ferguson, but Højlund is on a different level

  • parky_1712
    parky_1712 2 months ago +4

    Please do some research, Mark.
    The Glazer's aren't even getting 5/6 billion (or whatever the actual amount of the bid ends up being). Each bid is for what 100% of the value of the club is, and then the Glazer's get 69% of that figure for their shares.
    So if a bid of 6 billion gets it, then the Glazer's get about 4 billion

      DIRECTOR ME 2 months ago

      Exactly... 6B is for the full value of the club....not 69% nonsense

  • chapinENnyc
    chapinENnyc 2 months ago

    i find it very interesting how anytime either when mark mentions a player that no ones evers heard of that he would like to be signed or there are rumors surrounding a player the United might be looking at all of a sudden everyone in the chat knows about that player and wants united to sign them just because maybe they saw a 2 minute video on youtube now they’re the next best thing
    hey do you know who we really should be going after in the summer??? forget kane, or oshmien we really should be going after that 19 year old striker who plays in the taiwan premier league shinzo bruma i think he would be great

    • Janette Muchiri
      Janette Muchiri 2 months ago +1

      😂😂😂😂yeah, I know about him. He can be the next Ronaldo

  • Rosinante
    Rosinante 2 months ago

    Mark your humility is dwindling by the week..

    ROCKETSN@IL 2 months ago +2

    Id rather sign a player called Ronodo

  • Lenny Russell
    Lenny Russell 2 months ago +3

    Never heard Robson,Rooney,Keane,Scholes or Giggs say that. Maguire is a product of our snowflake generation.

  • Bryan Nield
    Bryan Nield 2 months ago +1

    Gary Neville won't do it Mark because you are far superior.

  • Paarker
    Paarker 2 months ago +2

    Maguire would suit David Moyes or Sam Alladyce.

  • chapinENnyc
    chapinENnyc 2 months ago

    the glazers may own the buccaneers but they don’t decide where and who they play. the NFL decides that

    GLAZERS OUT 2 months ago +3


  • GlazersOut
    GlazersOut 2 months ago

    *Except Casemero* ,, Kovacic, is better *(at CDM)* than everything United have got.
    Covavic is a *ball carrying* midfielder and don't lose position- something we want de-Jong for.

  • A.S 10
    A.S 10 2 months ago +1

    Kovacic is a baller anyone who doesn’t clock it has no Football IQ. Would be a great signing - the rule of thumb for all United fans: If Ten Hag wants him, we back Ten Hag.

      DIRECTOR ME 2 months ago +1

      So having a different opinion is lack of football IQ?
      Well I don't think he's a bigger a baller. I think he's a 6/10 player. He's not the best 8 out there plus how old is he? Our midfield is full of players past 28

  • joel miranda
    joel miranda 2 months ago

    Maguire, utd legend. Facts!

  • Marty Smith
    Marty Smith 2 months ago

    Fury Usik is happening

  • Sean R
    Sean R 2 months ago +1

    Can we stop talking about the sale, its boring tbh

  • st don bosco
    st don bosco 2 months ago

    If united could get these two players wow

  • RedDevils20
    RedDevils20 2 months ago +1

    Huh how uninspiring Kovacic would be.

  • Danavan Allen
    Danavan Allen 2 months ago

    Why those guys want to keep the club?

  • Daniel Lyons
    Daniel Lyons 2 months ago

    Humble Harry 🤣

  • Jonathan Spence
    Jonathan Spence 2 months ago +2

    Harry really forget Ten makes the rules Ha ha

  • trevhan west
    trevhan west 2 months ago +1

    "I rather watch paint dry😂"