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Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley 3 | Ultimate Highlights(Manny showing who is the boss)

  • Published on Apr 6, 2018
  • Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley III (billed as "PacBrad III" or "The Legacy Fight") was a professional boxing match for the vacant WBO International and Lineal welterweight titles. It was held on April 9, 2016 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The bout was on HBO PPV and, according to Pacquiao, was to be his last fight as a professional. The winner of the bout would also be awarded a Special WBO commemorative title belt, that of which was billed as a "Legacy Belt".
    Pacquiao knocked Bradley down twice and outpointed him throughout the fight, winning by unanimous decision after all three judges scored the bout in his favor, 116-110. According to compubox, Pacquiao landing 28% [122/439] of his punches thrown and 46% of his power punches thrown [92/201], in comparison to Bradley's 33% [99/302] of punches landed and 40% [87/218] of power punches thrown.
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  • DemKiKun
    DemKiKun 3 years ago +1254

    Touch of gloves in each round, these two really respect each other. Incredible sportsmanship from the two!

    • iqmal 123
      iqmal 123 3 months ago

      @Yugi Roxas pp

    • Karimi Bakih
      Karimi Bakih 4 months ago


    • sirC TV
      sirC TV 5 months ago

      Before and after of the round

    • Tony Montana Malverde
      Tony Montana Malverde 9 months ago

      Anyone know why Bradley call himself desert storm? Is he a vet? Did he serve during desert storm? Or is he one of those the almost signed up and joined but he would beat up the drill sergeants if they’d yell at him… haha

    • clarkie A.
      clarkie A. Year ago

      @The Savior Gaming Channel bradley said their first fight is he is scared

  • drewby613
    drewby613 3 years ago +619

    Love how Bradley clapped for Pacquiao at the end. Class act.

    • Mark andrei Coronel
      Mark andrei Coronel 3 months ago

      Thats true brandley is best fighter very sportsmanship..and kindness..fight 1 dont judge brodley bcouase the jdges is so very lying...

    • AX7 Duran
      AX7 Duran 5 months ago

      Lost all 3 fights

    • Hermie Nuestro
      Hermie Nuestro 6 months ago

      @TNT zmm

      NEMIN / BANG DEBLENG 10 months ago

      @Mr. Hyper • 100 years ago by hi Dr GT GT

    • Vladiator
      Vladiator Year ago

      Classy would be that he admits he lost the first fight. Pacquiao got him all 3 times.

  • LMD
    LMD 2 years ago +40

    Those touch gloves every start of the round are really heartwarming. Respect to both fighters. Bradley's amazing skill at mitigating Pacquiao's punches is something else.

  • militar3rd
    militar3rd 2 years ago +574

    Bradley is one of generational greats. He didnt duck Manny or anyone, he got my respect for that.

    • ViNSANiTY PH
      ViNSANiTY PH Year ago

      @A Kon mannys 3 losse# was robbed!

    • A* Huss
      A* Huss Year ago

      @The Forex Fanatic lol he lost to pacquiao with your logic Jeff horn is a great 😂 if you can’t bring facts to back up your argument don’t bother you lost this one

    • A* Huss
      A* Huss Year ago

      @The Forex Fanatic hatred as a human? I stated facts Tim Bradley is not an all time great he’s good had a decent boxing career not a great one though come at me with facts leave your emotions at home

  • Just Some Wandering Omen

    6:10 Bradley thought he dodge it but as soon as he gets up the same hand he dodge is already at his face again, what a punch by Pacquiao. All respect for both fighters, class act in all 3 matches 👏👏

    • Plus Sign
      Plus Sign 8 months ago +2

      i love watching Pac's face, man said "Bam"

  • Kuya Arbee
    Kuya Arbee 3 years ago +22

    Pacquiao is the GOKU of the fighting world, just when you think that KO loss would stop his career! you'd be so wrong! dude is a LEGEND! works hard and still impresses today!

  • White Owl
    White Owl 2 years ago +20

    Much respect to Mr. Timothy Bradley for showing sportsmanship rather than arrogance. Even if you lose the fight but still both of you are Champion

  • Ryszard Kiliński
    Ryszard Kiliński 2 years ago +74

    I love Bradley's attitude, you can see he's a good guy, after the first fight didn't claim he won it, just said he wanted to do it again to prove himself... humble, well-spoken and competetive

    • Ryszard Kiliński
      Ryszard Kiliński Year ago +1

      @Buffalo Bills So Wavy Well, I listened to that interview of his when he admitted that he almost killed himself because of all the hate aimed at him after the 1st bout.... there's a human being behind that boxer

      FRIENDS FRENZ 2 years ago +1

      But at the moment he really though he won it

    • Soya Beans
      Soya Beans 2 years ago +4

      Yeah he's a good guy and competitive, for sure he did not say AT THAT TIME that he won that game because Obviously he knows he did NOT win that fight...

    • Buffalo Bills So Wavy
      Buffalo Bills So Wavy 2 years ago +1

      What do u mean well spoken?

  • Locutus Borg
    Locutus Borg 3 years ago +11

    I just loved the #RESPECT moments with both fighters touching gloves at the beginning of most of the rounds and at the end of round 7. Also loved that Bradley applauded the decision. Great sportsmanship all round by both fighters. Another great all or nothing fight with no fighter dying wondering but Pacman ate Bradley up again.

  • Josh Marquez
    Josh Marquez 2 years ago +3

    Sportsmanship all over the fight. Magnificent! They are both winners!

  • Emy Saldua
    Emy Saldua 3 years ago +114

    Manny Pacquiao
    He's all time GREAT boxer ever!!
    THE one and only Eight Division world champion!!
    The living legend

    • Sil Ver
      Sil Ver 2 years ago +2

      @Bakbakan TeeVee Mikey is good but I will root for Pacman. He is at his 40's already. You gotta respect that.

    • Bakbakan TeeVee
      Bakbakan TeeVee 3 years ago

      Mikey Garcia Vs paquiao who ya got ?

  • Javier Fraire
    Javier Fraire 3 years ago +4

    Muy buen triunfo de Manny y muy rápidos ambos boxeadores, de poder a poder.

  • Hoshi
    Hoshi 3 years ago +682

    i like timothy bradley accepting his loss..true champ!!you earned my respect

    • Natsuki
      Natsuki Year ago

      @Michael tf

    • K Twine
      K Twine Year ago

      Only because Manny beat some humility into him over three fights, he was a typical American clown following their first fight

    • Michael
      Michael 2 years ago

      Pacquiao should accept his loss against Mayweather as well

    • mikA zir
      mikA zir 2 years ago

      talented chikens box thats what u call hahaha.... the art of boxing not the art of running that the reason even he wins the audience booeed him hahahah.... great boxer pcman and bradley people enjoying while watching... u matching u sing hahah

  • roderick williams
    roderick williams 2 years ago +72

    Bradley didn’t really win any of their fights, but props to him for lasting 36 rounds with Pacquiao and giving us three good fights

  • Joper Cusi
    Joper Cusi 2 years ago +8

    Big Respect to Bradley...a real good and brave boxer...Congrats Sir Manny...

  • jayyboogie64
    jayyboogie64 2 years ago +5

    So much respect for Bradley for never backing or ducking anyone. 💥 🥊

  • Buenas Diaz
    Buenas Diaz Year ago +6

    The foot work, the angle, the speed, the power... Pac-Man riddim.!! 🔥

  • Shorts Ram
    Shorts Ram 2 years ago +5


  • Harry Miles
    Harry Miles 2 years ago +18

    What a great technical fight. I love to watch Manny's footwork. Absolutely beautiful!

  • Eddie Vang
    Eddie Vang 7 months ago +1

    I’m glad I get to witness this legend in my time. Truly a great legend. 👍

  • XAPHM_Tres
    XAPHM_Tres 3 years ago +4

    i think this was the Pacquiao starting to realize that he's not in his prime and started to use his experience against the younger opponent. that's why he can still knock them down with a bit of power mixed with technique. very wise.. #legend 🙏🙏

    • Erwin Acobe
      Erwin Acobe 5 months ago

      Yeah, he looked little slow and tired on this one, and to be honest Bradley for me win this fight.

  • Z06 Drip
    Z06 Drip 11 months ago +5

    I wish we had this manny with ugas it woulda been over at 43 he threw 800 punches man the foot work angels speed power is amazing when manny was in prime thanks for everything god bless hope your enjoying retirement legend 🙏🏻❤️

  • Exodus Rise of Empire
    Exodus Rise of Empire 2 months ago

    The great Respect I got for Bradley is enormous. Brawler but also tactical fighter ! 💪 I also notice they touch gloves every round. Peak of the sportsmanship

    TODO AMARELLO 3 years ago +1

    Alguien se dio cuenta que en esta pelea Manny uso una técnica parecida a la del mismo Bradley? Golpea se aleja, lo estudió bien ese Pac-man

  • Maniacal Orange18
    Maniacal Orange18 2 years ago +3

    Both of these fighters earned each other's respect throughout the 3 fights. Gotta love it 🥊

  • gsimon123
    gsimon123 3 years ago +2

    You know what is crazy is Bradley came in and boxed so much smarter this time around and I think him and Atlas had a really good gameplan. Pac was older too. It is crazy that of all three fights Pacquiao was the MOST dominant in this one. Even with an improved Bradley, fighting smarter, better trainer, better gameplan, and an older Pacquiao... the answer is simple: even in his old age Pacquiao is still learning and increasing his already deep level of experience. He still adapts.

  • Jasper Lada
    Jasper Lada Year ago +2

    Big respect for Bradley he's a great fighter 💪

  • Jesus Mauro Ynga Canales YNGA CANALES

    Con sus múltiples recursos, con su técnica depurada, con sus golpes y combinaciones rapídisimas Pacquiao se lo pasó por encima a Bradley...Bradley durante toda la pelea dio muestras de impotencia y frustración...LA MARAVILLA MODERNA DEL BOX LE DIO CLASES DE BOXEO...

  • Rubin Turner
    Rubin Turner Year ago +1

    Tim fought a great fight. Made a few mistakes but this is about as well as you can do against Manny's style without making yourself a punching bag or running the whole fight or going for a one hitter quitter. Great sportsmanship between the two as well.

  • John Hendrix
    John Hendrix 2 years ago +2

    It's amazing how styles really makes fights. Pacquiao was ragdolling Bradley in 3 fights. The same Bradley who schooled Marquez. The same Marquez who fought Pacquiao in 3 extremely close and competitive fights and knocked him out in their fourth showdown.

  • Michael H.
    Michael H. 3 years ago +69

    What a couple of class acts! Pacquiao is a legend, of course, as he deserves to be, but Bradley deserves to always be remembered as one helluva scrapper.

  • Schäfer G.
    Schäfer G. 2 years ago +1

    Beside Manny, Bradley has to be one of the most humble boxers ever. People only hated him because he beat Manny in their first fight, but this guy has massive heart and a hell of a chin

  • Cheese Peese
    Cheese Peese 2 years ago +2

    From the first time they met to the last fight, you could see Bradley's respect for pacman grew significantly. On the first fight the way they fought wasn't as clean as the 2nd and 3rd fight, and now on the third fight they touch gloves every round :)

  • Boxing World channel
    Boxing World channel 3 years ago +8

    two legends.. no questions..!!
    salute this both fighters!!

  • iggs67
    iggs67 3 years ago +11

    Manny - what a legend!!!

  • G-Dragon
    G-Dragon 3 years ago +2

    Bradley the only one who made Manny go on defensive mode. Also, the touch gloves at the start of each round. Much respect for this guy from 🇵🇭

  • MrCandour
    MrCandour 3 years ago +134

    2:03 that footwork goddamn

    • dik2bik
      dik2bik Year ago +4

      Pac was floating

  • Nick Pilgrim
    Nick Pilgrim 4 months ago

    Got a lot of respect for Bradley. He's a quality boxing analyst and a real gentleman. Class.

  • LoveJones
    LoveJones 8 months ago +1

    Much respect to Tim Bradley for daring to be great. Not once but three times he fought Pacquiao.

  • Daisy Hernandez
    Daisy Hernandez 2 years ago +17

    Respect and Salute to Bradly. He is also a humble boxer, a good and clean fighter. 👍👍👍

  • ethan hunt
    ethan hunt 2 years ago

    Manny isnt just a power puncher with combination of speed, he was also a very very intelligent fighter, his stance is highly adaptive to any foe he is fighting.

  • Vampire Lord
    Vampire Lord 3 years ago +941

    Bradley is a legend too he fights manny pacquiao without excuses and clean fight.

    • Rob Schneider
      Rob Schneider Year ago +1

      He's definitely up there, Beat Marquez too

    • Stan Hathcoat
      Stan Hathcoat Year ago

      Legend??? WHEW, WHERE'S THAT SMOKE COMIN' FROM? Ugh, Manny!

    • shinjiprofile
      shinjiprofile 2 years ago +1

      @Charles Concepcion the first fight wasn't his call, if you want to blame anyone it's the corrupt judges and boxing officials.

    • Cee Lee
      Cee Lee 2 years ago +1

      Well, the first fight was a robbery

    • Tory Beckford
      Tory Beckford 2 years ago

      Alejandro rubion yeah and he got a bogus win against manny

  • Dean Zarsosa
    Dean Zarsosa 3 years ago +7

    So nice seeing two athletes touching gloves before their fist fight. That's a true sportsmanship!

  • Saul Alvarez
    Saul Alvarez 2 years ago

    Pelea arreglada ,es increible

  • Island Boy
    Island Boy Year ago +1

    This was supposedly pac's last fight but everyone was shocked on how good he looked that they want another fight out of him after that.

  • Glenn Francisco
    Glenn Francisco 3 years ago +238

    7:47 Pacquiao hit him so hard that made him think its his team's corner and hugs his coach 😂😂

    • evelyn retiza
      evelyn retiza 2 years ago +3

      Pacman beat the man who beat marquez lols😂 marquez could not even k.o. bradley. bradely stunned marquez many times that makes marquez almost fell on the canvas lols 😂 it only shows that marquez win against pacman was a lucky punch😆😆 all along

    • Daisy Hernandez
      Daisy Hernandez 2 years ago

      No. He just respect and obviously congratulate Paquiao's corner.

    • Dev ̇
      Dev ̇ 2 years ago

      realtalkboys777 harris
      we still have rising stars
      wait for it when all is okay

    • i farted and i sniff it
      i farted and i sniff it 3 years ago +1

      It's obviously respect man you can see he's hugging coach freddie because he's showing respect and Pacquiao do the same

  • Miko Solayao
    Miko Solayao 2 years ago

    What a sportsman. Hat off to bradley. Congrats to Manny!!

  • BayArea Spearo Shore Diver

    that left hand by MP at 5:42 is epic, Bradley was daze there and MP followed it up. BRILLIANT!
    same punch that Hatton got put to sleep with.

  • Abid Khan
    Abid Khan 3 years ago +30

    Manny Pacquiao is the Tyson of this generation!

  • Uchiha_Shadow
    Uchiha_Shadow Year ago +2

    He's HUMBLE Outside The Ring But He's Like BEAST When He's In The Ring

  • Mr. Hyper • 100 years ago

    Bradley is like the Shawn Porter of this generation. A strong tactical pressure fighter.

  • Adventurous Wolf
    Adventurous Wolf 3 years ago +2

    We can't underestimate Bradley in all his fight with pacquiao even he lost twice. He's like Marquez who also can fight pacquiao without intimidation and toe to toe. Such an impressive fighter . 👍🏿

    • Jasper Eggs
      Jasper Eggs 3 years ago

      Correction he lost thrice.

    • STR33T TUN3R
      STR33T TUN3R 3 years ago

      ropa cute Bradley is good, he’s got the skill to keep up with pac

  • MekaniNOTS
    MekaniNOTS 10 months ago +1

    The way they touch their gloves every round is so amazing to see❤️❤️❤️

  • Juan carlos Orozco quiñones

    Sin duda el Pacman packiado es por su historia el mejor y más completo peleador de la actualidad, y también un gran ser humano.¡Saludos desde delicias Chihuahua!!!!

  • pang rosko10
    pang rosko10 2 years ago +70

    Salute you Bradley here from the Philippines! You've fought clean and with sportsmanship! You're one of the great boxers!

  • Smith Conislla Garcia
    Smith Conislla Garcia 2 years ago

    Que grande es Pacquiao!!!

  • Hardcore Jubul
    Hardcore Jubul 2 years ago

    Tim bradley true sportsmanship. A humble boxer will be respected forever.

  • Blairash87 Ubba
    Blairash87 Ubba 2 years ago

    I love them both.not a waste of time to watch coz they both loved to punch and ready to be beaten 👏🏻🙌🏻salute to the both of them❤

  • nTRUDER Official
    nTRUDER Official 2 years ago +2

    Look at that sway dodge by pacman 6:02. Thats insane.

  • Max Baba
    Max Baba 2 years ago

    Now this is boxing. Respect to Bradley for going toe-to-toe with Pacquiao. A strong, fast and clean fighter just like Pacquiao. The difference is Pacquiao’s boxing IQ which is in a whole different level. These two are fun to watch.

  • Jayvee
    Jayvee 2 years ago +17

    Bradley earned my respect 🤘he fights fair and square .he has acceptance 🤘💯

  • Тигр и есть Тигр &&&

    Манни! Настоящий живая легенда!

  • Joseph photography
    Joseph photography 2 years ago +2

    Anyone who had the COJONES to earn and fight Pacman 3 TIMES, win or lose, has my Total RESPECT. Salute to Bradley & Mammy. Both great warriors!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tla
    Tla 2 years ago +2

    5:42 such high level skill in counterpunching by pac. did it instantly at perfect opening.

  • Peter Rose Sales
    Peter Rose Sales Year ago

    I'm No. 1 fan of Pacquiao,. After seeing the 3 fights between them.. Nobody comes second but Bradley, great boxer.. 2 LEGENDS..

  • Carlos Matamoros
    Carlos Matamoros 2 years ago

    Mis respetos al manny

    MOTHER EARTH 2 years ago +3

    I love it when they touch gloves before the round start. It shows respect and sportsmanship.

  • Ryszard Kiliński
    Ryszard Kiliński 2 years ago +2

    In my opinion, Pacman won all three fights, I like the effort of Bradley however... He came forward, risked a lot and exchanged hard leather. Great matchup!

  • Briscoe Greenwell
    Briscoe Greenwell 2 years ago +1

    The last 10 seconds of the 12th round.. Pacquiao hurt Bradley pretty bad with that short left cross. Bradley almost fell through the ropes and his legs looked very heavy as Pacquiao started to flurry before the bell rang to end the fight.

  • TheFishfinderman
    TheFishfinderman 3 years ago +4

    I love Bradley, he’s such a sport!

  • Tiger Tiger
    Tiger Tiger 3 years ago +881

    This was the third time Pacman won over Bradley

    • G1án
      G1án 2 years ago

      Bradley needed to pay for his father's retirement

    • Kicksonmyfeet
      Kicksonmyfeet 2 years ago


    • Michael Dizone
      Michael Dizone 2 years ago

      Why 3?

    • Radio Nation
      Radio Nation 2 years ago

      Yeah pacquiao loses oin first fight because the enemy cheat

    • Psychopomp Sniper
      Psychopomp Sniper 2 years ago +1

      @Second-Guess Always yeah. The 2nd fight, Bradley fight the best its debatable. 1 and 3 clearly wins for pacquiao

  • Shareluck
    Shareluck Year ago

    Bradley’s such a good sport. Great fighter

  • kenty mashmilo
    kenty mashmilo 2 years ago +78

    7:37 Pacquiao really waited for Bradley to get up.

  • Eli O
    Eli O 2 years ago

    Bradley is well respected he goes in to Fight against a Legendary fighter boxers taking chances that’s what we’re here for No Hugging Clinching every time a brawl happens that’s why people Love Pacquiao fights never know what’s going to happen also brings the best out of his opponents slug fest

  • strongarud
    strongarud 2 years ago

    Bradley one of the best fighter that come toe to toe with Manny. a classic and true sportsmanship. a great boxing show.

  • Mhadz Arrojado
    Mhadz Arrojado 3 years ago +1

    Manny is a boxing legend. Respect for Bradley. He has shown great sportsmanship.

  • Spencer Young
    Spencer Young 2 years ago +2

    Bradley and pacman are both humble warriors, what fight. Good sports

  • KelLingkOii 59
    KelLingkOii 59 2 years ago

    This is the true boxing sport .. full of respect ang sportsmanship 👏👏👏

  • Romel Anthony Camilo
    Romel Anthony Camilo 2 years ago +12

    Bradley earned my respect. Though Im a Filipino, and I've seen many fights of Pacquiao and obviously Im his fan, Bradley is one of those worthy opponent. :)

  • D D
    D D 2 years ago +1

    Gotta give Bradley love man. Sportsmanship and legend as well. Marquez/Pac and Bradley/Pac some of the best series I've seen.

  • Ric Bakar
    Ric Bakar 2 years ago

    Wow...what a fight...Bradley did good too...he never give up.. kudos to him

  • Logevian Bayron
    Logevian Bayron 2 years ago

    Very humble person , deserves respect

  • Luthando Law
    Luthando Law Year ago

    Thumbs-up for Bradley he is enjoyable and gifted with a good spirit of humbleness.
    Also like his forward attitude he knew not Pacquiao as a dangerous man like others who fear him Pacquiao is just a man like others that is what is understood by Bradley
    For sure Manny respect this guy for his Many punches 🤣🤣
    Congrats to Manny congratulations to you all🙏👏🙌

  • Taladro Eugene T.
    Taladro Eugene T. 3 years ago +30

    4:36 he's about to punch manny but the side step is 😯

    • Bryan Yambao
      Bryan Yambao 3 years ago +6

      But Bradley is also amazing he immediately go defense ... Bradley is amazing fighter too bad he can't defeat the pacman ...

  • RJay King
    RJay King 3 years ago +16

    4:32 The speed of a legend.

  • Jimbo Baggans
    Jimbo Baggans 3 years ago +1

    Bradley tried really hard but just couldn't do it. He looked frustrated a few times. Especially after that second knock down. But, he did his best and stayed right in there until the end. Bradley out boxed Marquez but Pacquiao, he is a different animal.

  • Eikichi Onizuka
    Eikichi Onizuka 2 years ago +1

    Bradley is a true fighter. One of the best opponent by Pacquiao.

  • Henry Herrera
    Henry Herrera 3 months ago +1

    We also love bradley how they fight he is a true legend😊😊😊

  • Keannu Reevezzz
    Keannu Reevezzz 3 years ago +2

    bradley caught pac with some counter punches early in the fight, but around the 5th round pac started dodging those left hooks or would usually have his guard up, bradley didnt win enough rounds plus he got knocked down a couple times

  • Hashim Unda
    Hashim Unda 2 years ago

    a very clean fight for the two true warriors.

  • Two Wheels, Eating meals - Moto Joto

    Damn this was an underrated fight. Great show

  • Airsoft Hobbies PH
    Airsoft Hobbies PH 2 years ago +1

    What a good sportsmanship, always touch gloves, give respect for each other❣️

  • dtdjnavida
    dtdjnavida 6 months ago

    one of the fighters that can go toe to toe with pacman

  • Santiago De Jesus Ozuna Lopez

    Igual Márquez pelea muy parado, y manny peleó de la forma que pelea timothy y eso se le dificultó, pues es difícil andar corretiando al rival y mas que no se faja, solo pega y corre. Y manny lo tenia bn estudiado, sabia que si le peleaba parado timothy tendría ventaja al andar bailando alrededor de el entrando y saliendo.

  • NO WAR!
    NO WAR! 2 years ago

    Respect for Bradley one of the all time Greats

  • Marjhun Diez
    Marjhun Diez 2 years ago

    A tactical fight with respect 👏

  • tim Dangate
    tim Dangate 3 years ago +206


    • rai adriano
      rai adriano Year ago

      hes like swimming side stroke

    • MarkTianz TV
      MarkTianz TV 2 years ago

      Handspeed at 12th round of the fight unbelievable..

    • Phantom JellyAce
      Phantom JellyAce 2 years ago +1

      @Pungent Sauce lmao maybe you need a new pair of eyes.

    • Pungent Sauce
      Pungent Sauce 2 years ago

      what speed lmao. pacquiao is so overrated.

  • jiuyoo
    jiuyoo 3 years ago

    Bradley's a warrior. Unlike Floyd and Broner, he doesn't hug and run a lot, and fights toe to toe.

  • Rubén Nieto
    Rubén Nieto 11 months ago

    Baradley es un excelente Boxeador !!

  • popeyevalls
    popeyevalls 3 years ago

    Timothy Bradley needs to keep his chin up. He is an incredible fighter and needs to keep on keepin on!! Great fight you guys!! You both never seize to amaze your fans. We love yall!!