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The Last of Us HBO Episode 3 - Angry Review

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023
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Comments • 6 174

  • AzzaFDU
    AzzaFDU Month ago +1594

    When the trap kills the one infected, Bill says "never gets old", indicating he's been dealing with lots of infected the whole time.

    • I Can't think of a name
      I Can't think of a name Month ago

      @Alesi Ngemi lmao pole smoking. I liked it lool. I'm sure there will be plenty of zombies in the coming episodes

    • Shawn Summers
      Shawn Summers Month ago

      @Attila TheHUN what's low is the amount of people that understand sarcasm nowadays

    • Eduardo Castellanos
      Eduardo Castellanos Month ago

      Wow great observation.

    • C1_Jester
      C1_Jester Month ago

      @Alex well, unless he traded someone for it.. smuggling is a big job in the last of us universe

  • Bran
    Bran Month ago +161

    we've only seen the men eat two meals during the span of 20 years, but wouldn't it be safe to assume Bill and Frank would have been eating throughout the years? So with that being said, I think it would also be safe to assume Bill and Frank had to deal with raiders and infected on more than one occasion.

    • Edward Scissor Hands
      Edward Scissor Hands 18 days ago

      ​@The snail is coming .. in the game their relationship was implied. That was all we needed. Do we really need romance in a horror/survival show?

    • Damien
      Damien Month ago +1

      We eat food regularly that is common knowledge. But getting raided multiple times is not common knowledge. It needs to be told/shown that they've survived
      multiple assaults.

    • Mefo
      Mefo Month ago +4

      @The snail is coming .. that bugged me so much.. literally wall of cars piled up, i guess thats just for 1 raid and not what joel probably told and helped him to do it as bill trusted joel to take care of frank if hes gone

    • Nate Lundstrum
      Nate Lundstrum Month ago +6

      Exactly they just don't have time to show every occurrence over the last 20 years.

  • Sergio Soltero
    Sergio Soltero Month ago +36

    I think we are purposefully not getting nonstop gunplay/violence because we are going to get that towards the end of the season. Though we see this world is brutal, we are mostly being shielded from the immediate violence by the storytelling. (We don’t see the two Firefly gun battles, for example.) This is to set up the devastating violence that will happen to lead characters later. Thus adding to their overall narrative impact.

      CIOCCOLATO ! Month ago +1

      you were right, episode 3 was needed so that episode 5 could be so violent

  • Fatema Khan
    Fatema Khan Month ago +80

    There's better ba a 5 minutes in each episode where Joel upgrading his gun on a random convenient workbench 😆🤣

    • Jesus Leyva
      Jesus Leyva Month ago +5

      I can do that in one minute on grounded difficulty. Upgrades don't mean squat when you have barely any ammo

  • Venkat Ram Saran Tummala

    Bill and Frank’s town not being raided as much or infected not appearing as much is kind of justified because of two reasons. The town is a on the country side where there is not a lot of chance of population being around as much. It also felt like really small town by the number of people FEDRA evacuates from the region at the beginning of their story. Fedra would have cleared up the other near by towns as well so less likely that infected would be around. Humans are also less likely to find their town because the town does not have any highways passing near by it. Joel and Ellie both take a small road to get to Bill and Frank’s which does not feel like an interstate or a highway. In the game Bill lives in a more city type region so it makes more sense to have infected there and not here. It also makes sense for the game because it gives the player something to do. The second reason would be because of the time jumps. They might have had previous raids as well but showing the raids for the sake of showing it to wouldnt really work for the story they were trying to tell i think. This could also explain why Bill got so cocky and didnt take cover while shooting at the raiders. Because in the supposed previous off screen raids the protected, electrified and apparently gasolined up fence would have taken care of a majority of the raiders and infected giving Bill over confidence in his ability to stop the raiders.
    The point of the love story is to make audience feel that there could be love in an apocalyptic grim dark world like this as well. At the same time Joel understanding the same thing as well is important to the story. He needs to understand and realize that his failures to protect the ones he loved shouldn’t make him lose all hope and stop him from trying or atleast this story is supposed to nudge him ever so lightly toward hope and not despair. In the game (unless you go back to the place), Tess’s death was never really shown to be processed or grieved by Joel. While in the HBO series, Ellie stopping short of reading Tess’s name aloud from the letter, Joel walking out to take a breather all make Tess’s death feel much more impactful than the game.
    In some ways the choices made in the series elevate the story even more than an already stupefyingly fantastic game.

    • Erik Groen
      Erik Groen Month ago +2

      @Akmal Ibrahim Frank brings everything to the table. I think people view Frank as naive. I don't believe that he is. Frank is potentially the last surviving human from Baltimore, a city that in 2000 had a population of about 650k. He was one of ten that fled together the QZ together and he is the last surviving member from that group, seemingly unarmed. Upon meeting Bill, he was immediately able to read him and put him enough at ease to be invited inside for a shower and a meal. He correctly, and quickly, realized something about Bill that was likely Bill's deepest and darkest secret. He built up a home and community around Bill, showing him that it wasn't enough to survive, but he needed to live. He gave Bill a live worth living, not just surviving. He correctly realized through limited interactions with Tess over the radio that she was someone not only worth trusting with their location, but trustworthy enough to work with for over a decade. Remember, without Frank, those gates that kept Bill protected would have fallen apart. Without Frank, they likely would not have the gauze that he used to patch up Bill after he was shot. Frank did that, through his connections. Not Bill.
      Some people are good at surviving and building like Bill. Some people are extremely talented at reading people, judging their character, and immediately putting others at ease. That was Frank. Bill wouldn't have made it to 2023 without Frank. Frank wouldn't have made it to 2023 without Bill. They needed each other. Even when the world is falling apart, there is love and there is hope. Without either, you're doing what Bill did, merely surviving. That is not a life worth living and I speak from experience.

    • Akmal Ibrahim
      Akmal Ibrahim Month ago +1

      @Nerdy Movie Nights This would help because to me, it felt like Frank doesn't bring anything to the table and is just using Bill for his base and resources, at least early on.

    • SueMyChin
      SueMyChin Month ago +1

      @Meneer Bert to each their own, I was expecting action and adventure but fingers crossed there is some in the next episode...

    • Meneer Bert
      Meneer Bert Month ago +2

      @SueMyChin no, i wasnt expecting just a stream of blood and gore. I do expect story as in a series. The romance was a nice change of pace. ;)

  • Matthew Ryan
    Matthew Ryan Month ago +9

    I liked this episode, it was done really well however I prefer the video game version of episode 3. Finding the clues to what happened to frank was so entertaining. The different traps and obstacles they had to do through to get the car was insane, it brought a lot of moment for character development and building more trust and father daughter relationship between Joel and Ellie. I hate how they just waltz on in and get a car. How was bill and frank supposed to defend themselves if it’s that easy to get in. Also why wasn’t there any signs of attack? Damage or burnt buildings when it cuts to 2023? They could have easily had frank mention that all his hard work repainting had been destroyed by raiders. Something to indicate that they’ve struggled a lot more as time has past. Also I felt really uncomfortable with the ex scene, it went on for too long. Just imply they’re doing it by them walking into the room together and closing the door behind them. I did not want to see their god dman chest hair rub on each other lmao.

    • John Linton
      John Linton Month ago +5

      I did some fast forwarding as well. The s*x scene made me uncomfortable as well. I feel it could have been done differently with the same effect.

    • Hadeks Marow
      Hadeks Marow Month ago +7

      Yeah, homophobic is supposed to refer to "fear". Uncomfortable by something is what fear is. Just like watching a ranchy scene with your parents makes you uncomfortable. Because of that, it's perfectly fine to FEEL uncomfortable by this stuff.
      I only point this out cause people will try to demonize the claim of "don't make me watch this" as homophobic. You pay for entertainment, that means the goal is to pander to what is entertaining. If a medium pushes the boundaries to the point of making you uncomfortable in an unwelcomed way, then it's completely failing it's primary directive.
      This is the ONLY episode of anything, any series, any movie, anything in ever, where I actually fast forwarded past some of the content. That's because my real issue with this episode. . . is that they made the characters even LESS important than they were in the game. Their entire significance to the plot could be summarized in the tea party flashback. That's it. Everything else could have been skipped with no significance lost. In the games, they mattered cause they gave you quests, objectives, interactions, banter. Here, they are nothing but a distraction from the plot rather than having an active role WITHIN the plot. That bothers me cause that means they objectively boil down to a waste of time. That's not fun for me, that's not what entertainment is. . . . that's what filler is.

  • Rob Bernavich
    Rob Bernavich Month ago +758

    I do not think we can say there was only one raid. I think they just only showed the one raid, and how effective his defenses are. That said. Why in the f*ck does Bill stand out in the open and shoot? That was more unbelievable than fungus zombies.

    • DonT-ToucH-Me PG13
      DonT-ToucH-Me PG13 Month ago

      Ummm because they Joel told them the raiders will come and bill didn't believe him and then they came. Their in the middle of no where and the show never had a comment like, I'm tired of fighting raiders, or repair the fence we don't know when the next attack will be. Ur the one adding information that wasn't given.

    • JoeGrizz1y
      JoeGrizz1y Month ago

      @Ki11A QuEEn well you realize he limps in the game right. As an Easter egg/ game reference that have to have him get injured somehow. In a situation where the Emmy is far away. If he hid, that part of his character would’ve been lost. Called critical thinking. Understanding the purpose for the writing. It’s not just dumb lol

    • Ki11A QuEEn
      Ki11A QuEEn Month ago

      @JoeGrizz1y yet he still got shot…..

    • JoeGrizz1y
      JoeGrizz1y Month ago

      @Ki11A QuEEn when you realize the raiders have no visual on him cause the whole gate is covered from flames and rain…lol, he had the upper and visual on them. They were just blindly shooting through the hat cause Bill was firing at them. And he probably started at the wall of the house but moved his way closer to get a better visual himself

  • Brenden Riche
    Brenden Riche Month ago +72

    I like both versions in the game and tv adaption… overall the point of each Bill’s story was to show Joel that there is more to living then survival… the game version shows Joel not to become a bitter old person who shuts everyone out… while the tv show gives the same but while showing to have someone you love to bring your life meaning

    • Tim Peter Jensen
      Tim Peter Jensen 29 days ago

      @Declan O'Sullivan best episode of the six so far.....

    • QxO Tuffy
      QxO Tuffy Month ago +3

      @Declan O'Sullivan Lol right what was the point of this episode. At least when we meet him again in the future and ellie reminds him of his lover, make him have flashbacks and nightmares. Imagine the viewers feelings seeing how much not being with him is torture but because he didn't take his own life. We see how strong he really is emotionally. Obviously joel will be around to witness and even get a story out of him.

    • Declan O'Sullivan
      Declan O'Sullivan Month ago +6

      Show him how? he didnt sit through this boring ep

  • D8 L8
    D8 L8 Month ago +9

    Just because they only showed one incident with infected and raiders doesnt mean it only happened once. He even says something along the lines of "it never gets old" when you see on his security cam that infected trip his traps lol
    I would love to see more of it, but it was alluded to that this was a regular occurrence.
    I wish bill was a larger part of the series because ron swanson in a pandemic is genius

    WALKERxBAIT Month ago +4

    I was thinking about them splitting Part II into two seasons recently and I think it would make a lot of sense. The game is already two games in one so from a storytelling and structure standpoint it would make sense.

  • Billy Tran
    Billy Tran Month ago +5

    If they can set the seeds for Abby and her father to be characters to be people we give a shit about instead of having us root for our main characters almost the entire time. With good execution we may actually see it be really compelling. I hope it’s good whatever the case

  • Patricio Núñez
    Patricio Núñez Month ago +1

    About the only infected getting near to Bill in the past i think he said "im getting use to it" refering to the trap working. I think the time jumps gives emphasis in the crucial points as they should, why put other raids if it doesnt has any important effect. It was for me a great episode, making me think about if it is just the beginning lets see whats next. Andor did kinda the same but with a slower timing. Always great to watch another video of this channel, is there a review for Amsterdam (movie, 2022)?

  • crackcorn0404
    crackcorn0404 Month ago +1835

    Why do people think that they only got attacked once? Do we need to see every attack? I only saw them eat 2 meals, but I assume they ate more than that over 20 years.

    • Vive
      Vive 11 days ago

      @ghostface320 what’s the point in a short story when this is supposed to be about 2 other characters. Like you said a short story but why here. They died the same episode they appeared in which does nothing for the show. What’s seriously unbelievable is no one else had a car? No one had a brain? To drive through the fence? Joel and Ellie walked right up to the gate so clearly no defenses were set there…

    • Austun Chapman
      Austun Chapman 24 days ago

      Sure looked like they only got attacked once… did that beautiful neighborhood look like it got attacked to you?
      Maybe they just attacked but never got close to the fence so that’s why they just ran into the traps.. hmmm
      Yeah dude I can use my context clues. Also with frank getting up and reacting the way he did kinda made it seem like he was unprepared.

    • Alice Vibrant
      Alice Vibrant Month ago

      Lol all happened off scene

    • teewhyeee | TYE
      teewhyeee | TYE Month ago

      @adam harmal But there are 2 dudes making tons of noise, there are loud generators and there are, or at least should be, other people that find the town which would make more noise. So, again, why wouldn't there be any sort of infected?

  • Lala
    Lala Month ago +2

    Thank you guys for your perspective and for explaining what happens in the storyline of the game versus the HBO show.

  • Para will
    Para will Month ago +3

    In the The Last of Us universe (TV Show), I think they nailed how Bill and Frank wouldn't face raiders on a bunch of occasions. They were outside of an metro area and population was sparse for the most part, so they wouldn't have seen many raiders finding their spot out in a rural area.

  • stevezio99
    stevezio99 Month ago +11

    Having not played the game yet, I am watching it fresh. So far I am hooked on this story. I would have liked to see more of Bill doing his survivalist thing. I did think the best scene was when Frank tells Bill he traded one of his guns for seeds and Bill's reaction. That would have been my reaction as well "which one" like those are my children and Frank doesn't get that.

    • A Wild Moose
      A Wild Moose Month ago +4

      dang, hope you get to experience the story in the best format out there (the game)

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago +3

    To be fair, they did Tess dirty in the game as well. I think it was intentional because Joel is so shut down from his feelings in the beginning he refused to deal with or talk about Tess. I also think that by showing Tess in Episode 3 really goes to show that they've been a thing for a long time, and yet Joel is so emotionally damaged he doesn't want to think about her or even hear her name.
    I think the reason that Joel stashed the gun is to show that he's planning on returning to the QZ. It means that he's still thinking he's going to dump Ellie off and come back to his life. Just my guess though!

  • katattack0908
    katattack0908 Month ago +3

    After the episode finished I was like, "Okay, so we've had our soft interlude... Next episode is going to rip my heart out." That's the formula I was sensing.

  • MikeRios
    MikeRios Month ago +955

    This episode was a tough pill to swallow... But, they really crushed it in the end.

  • MagashiSaizen
    MagashiSaizen Month ago

    I didn't have an issue with the amount of attacks shown in the episode by raiders, we have to keep in mind that the episode has a certain amount of time available to tell a story and otherwise I don't think they would have been able to if they have to make multiple attack scenes, you can leave it to the imagination that more than one attack happened in the span of 16+ years. The thing about Bill shooting while out in the open did rubbed me the wrong way but its not that big of a deal.

    MGCXIII Month ago +2

    This episode threw me off initially because I didn't get the context, but it was tied in beautifully at the end.
    This is a 10/10 episode for me as well.
    I kept telling my gf that they should've just stayed there, perfect place to live.

  • Integer0verload
    Integer0verload Month ago +1

    An hour is plenty of time to meaningfully cover 20 years of a person's life. I agree in that aspect that it felt rushed. I think sometimes a slice lets me get to know the character better than an overview.

  • Sir Kngofkngs
    Sir Kngofkngs Month ago

    Love catching up with some AJS episodes for series that I am watching.
    Might have to avoid the spoiler sections if you’re gonna have whole Story-Wide spoilers and not just spoilers from the episode being reviewed, though :(

  • Matt83
    Matt83 Month ago +1

    After just replaying the game for the first time since 2012 or whenever it came out I would have liked to have seen the Bill, Joe and Elly chapter done faithfully to the game, but what they did was ok I guess, decent story and acting.

  • daogenify
    daogenify Month ago +406

    Did you guys miss the big pile of cars stacking on eachother? I found it pretty obvious that they had being attacked more then once.
    What a great actor Nick Offerman is by the way

    • Corbyn Alvey
      Corbyn Alvey Month ago

      Or maybe Frank was sick of looking at the pile of cars and convinced Bill to use other methods? Maybe the cars failed to act as an effective barrier in a raid? Maybe Bill didn't like how they obscured his vision?

    • MaGarthur
      MaGarthur Month ago +1

      They miss a shit load of stuff because they are clearly not observant (or mature) enough to see the deeper details in some of these episodes. For a channel that is so large and so influential it's a damn shame. They shouldn't be such an influential channel but they are and with that comes responsibility they just can't match.

    • Max
      Max Month ago

      @Combustion69 no its because Bill finally accepted the aluminium from Joel. The fence is much cleaner, shinier in the end of the ep

    • Summon theminions
      Summon theminions Month ago

      @topgeorge ah thanks, must've forgotten that part. @thomas ledwidge

    • Thomas Ledwidge
      Thomas Ledwidge Month ago +2

      @Summon theminions there is an Home Depot in town. At least two forklifts in there

  • ShadowProject01
    ShadowProject01 Month ago +2

    About the 3 year later fight Bill and Frank had. It was actually an important point of their arc. Bill is trying to survive. Frank wants to live. Hence the line “we show love by paying attention to the little things. Let me love things how I want.”
    The whole point of that argument is to contrast that Bill needed to live and not just survive.

  • Red Kraken
    Red Kraken 5 days ago

    This episode was so good it wouldn't have taken much more to turn this into an amazing stand alone movie. It had so many great show but don't tell moments. Which was kind of needed if you didn't want to turn this kind of episode into an endless series of exposition via narration. They managed to turn virtually every scene into a mini slice of life as to how their story was progressing. Absolutely beautiful love story. Nick's performance was surprising and completely sold me on his character. I cried hard at the end of the episode. Even though Im in a straight relationship the scenario of being in an apocalypse and being with your partner all alone with noone to take care of you. Right in the feels man. The writers and the actors deserve some kind of award.

  • Jonathan Kirk
    Jonathan Kirk Month ago +6

    Incredible episode. Max Richter music soundtrack always hits hard. Saddest track ever.

  • shayne_62
    shayne_62 Month ago +1

    If HBO wants to truly “milk” the show and do it well they could always expand on characters or fill in portions of their travels looked over in the game.
    We could also see more background on other side characters.
    I loved the story of Ish in Pittsburgh, it would be interesting to see that expanded on.

  • Ravena-B
    Ravena-B Month ago +49

    I 100% thought Bill would survive the 'poisoning' right up until the end so we could see him help Joel and bicker with Ellie, I was sad that didn't happen, but I found the episode moving and enjoyed digging into some Bill back story.

    • Tomb
      Tomb Month ago +3

      Yeah i totally agree. Really wanted to see the interaction between Bill and Ellie from the game. Kinda missed that

  • Conetic
    Conetic Month ago +1683

    Rest in piece Annie Wersching 🙏 💔 what a phenomenal VA and actress

    • I SA
      I SA Month ago

      tf? i just google her and she is gone! can't believe it i really liked her! she was great in bosch , 24 omg

    • YertleTheTurtle8
      YertleTheTurtle8 Month ago


    • Wardog
      Wardog Month ago

      @M P yes thank you I realised that after I posted this.

    • M P
      M P Month ago +1

      @WardogMindhunter was Anna Torv, who played Tess in the show.
      Wersching played an agent in the show “24.” Annie Wersching voiced Tess in the videogame. She is the one who passed away, not Torv.

    • SnifferSock
      SnifferSock Month ago +1

      @GasTheWeebs bruh she died very close to a character so voiced dying in a show. That is the definition of strange coincidence.

  • benblitzkrieg
    benblitzkrieg Month ago

    I wished we get to to see the "I was just fixing your stupid pile" where Ellie promptly flipped Bill off. The interaction between them are just too genuine and amusing at the same time.
    Some notable line:
    "F**k you, you handcuffed me"
    "By the looks of it you could lose some of that food"
    "Listen here you little shit"
    Would probably seal the deal for me in Bella Ramsay as Ellie with these interactions. At the moment I'm still trying to adjust with her playing Ellie, although she does sound like her.

  • Urboyroly
    Urboyroly Month ago +2

    It's very clear that Bill had to deal with multiple infected being that he set up a whole routine and alarm to deal with them whenever they do get trapped, and when he said it never gets old when that one infected gets killed

    • Jarvis
      Jarvis Month ago +1

      Too bad we got the BORING version. I came to watch zombies & danger. All I got was this garbage.

  • gamer21
    gamer21 Month ago

    Great review i like that what they have done so far mixing it up keeps it fresh looking forward to episode 4

  • HoosierMarineMAK
    HoosierMarineMAK Month ago +2

    The way that things are playing out and how they are starting to go into detail on the backstories of certain characters, it isnt unbelievable to think that maybe the story of The Last of Us (part 1) might take multiple seasons. They could even out have an episode or two which are flashbacks to during the initial outbreak where it explains how Joel and Tommy made it to where they are now. I personally wouldnt mind that. Things like this gives the show longevity while still maintaining some continuity with the game. Then of course, for unimportant aspects they could create something new or introduce characters differently. I think moving towards the future, the more I watch this series, the more hopeful I get that they'll rewrite the events that transpired in the second game. The show is amazing so far and I'm reluctantly becoming a fan of Neil Druckmann again.

  • Natsu Salamander
    Natsu Salamander 25 days ago +1

    The fact that it was Ron from Parks and Recreation made it even better and it made it more emotional for me. Very good performance by Nick Offerman👏

    • 猪
       13 days ago

      Its how i imagine ron handling that situation.

  • thomas Jones
    thomas Jones Month ago +453

    I actually wanted to see Bill doing his survival stuff more

    • Bobby Fischer
      Bobby Fischer Month ago

      @rulando rafaela Lol.. Sounds like you don’t know anything

    • rulando rafaela
      rulando rafaela Month ago +2

      yeah me too i dont like this guy stuff they should focus more on survival. especially if you straight you dont want to see this crap. i dont like this episode. i hope the next episode is much better cause i liked episode 1 and 2. And i have played the games so i know this episode could be much better

    • J.G.
      J.G. Month ago +3

      Instead the made it about being gay in the apocalypse

  • wllmmttwht
    wllmmttwht Month ago

    I didn't think I was going to like this episode, but I ended up really liking it. Also, why didn't Bill build a tower? He was using a scoped rifle. He could've picked raiders off a lot easier.

  • Adrián Vargas
    Adrián Vargas Month ago +22

    I just hope that if they showed almost a full episode of 2 characters for 20 years just so they could get a car and show some emotional backstory, then they should do the same for Sam and his brother, Ellie and Riley's DLC or even Marlene and the fireflies
    They're already kind of missing an oportunity with Tess and Joel being mysterious

    • Nikolas Tiscareno
      Nikolas Tiscareno Month ago +4

      Oddly enough I feel like we get more of Tess and Joel throughout the show

  • Corey Brundige
    Corey Brundige Month ago +1

    My theory as to why the M4 was left behind (in terms of lore) is that FEDRA is mostly concentrated in QZs which they are explicitly avoiding. Ammo would be fairly rare, then, if they are avoiding those areas. Even if they do eventually come across supplies, it’s likely in disrepair. It’s been 20 years. Joel also assumes he’ll be making his way back to Boston at some point where he can secure more quality-assured ammo eventually.
    Not only that, but extra weight is a huge factor for long hikes. If you run into a situation that requires fully automatic fire or long range combat, you’re better off cutting your losses and running. Being light and fast is better than going loud when you can aggro runners.
    And, finally, maintaining an M4 is more difficult. It has more moving parts and loading it quickly (if you don’t have extra mags) would be more difficult. Joel seems to favor a revolver, which are more rugged and less likely to jam after long periods of maintenance neglect. I suspect bolt actions chambered in a more common civilian caliber will be more prevalent where they’re seeking to go.
    I’ve played way too much DayZ back in the day..

  • Joseph Strouse
    Joseph Strouse Month ago

    They are lovers in the game, and the notes allude to it as does Bill's reaction to Franks's death. At least that is how I interrupted it way back in the day when I played it. So I didn't think that much of it in the show.
    I missed the interaction between Bill and Ellie though. That was my biggest complaint about the episode. I agree with the standing in the street as well... there should have been a bell tower he was in snipping mofos out in. I've been enjoying the show and the fleshing out of the world.
    It looks like ep 4 is going to deviate from Pittsburgh and go to Kansas City which will be an interesting change moving things along a little faster it seems.
    Keep up the great review guys!

  • J
    J Month ago

    The emotional impact of this episode makes me scared for how they'll do with Henry and Sam. In the sense that I'm scared if I will be devestated.

  • Robert Farmer
    Robert Farmer Month ago +666

    Bill didn’t only have to deal with “one” runner. We only SAW him deal with one. He actually chuckled and said “never gets old.” Inferring it happens often.
    I could guess similar for the raid. We only saw one, but they may have had more than one

    • K. B.
      K. B. Month ago

      @Babyjoker2222 Bill literally had a gay point magazine. I'll concede that it was never explicitly stated that Bill and Frank were a couple in the game (though there was subtext) but Bill having gay points is a pretty clear indicator of his interests.
      Source: the cutscene right before pittaburg where Ellie reads Bill's magazine to make Joel uncomfortable

    • Robert Farmer
      Robert Farmer Month ago +1

      Exactly. If someone needs direct examples he calls Frank his “partner” and the magazine Ellie looks at to “see what all the fuss is about” that she took from Bill is a homosexual magazine

    • FangTehWolf
      FangTehWolf Month ago +2

      @Mouad Chaali Theyre the kind of people who will complain if the show is too blunt with exposition, but clearly also complain when the writers want the audience to make a inference for themself. End result: Their opinions are often irrelevant.

    • Metamorpheus
      Metamorpheus Month ago +1

      exactly. Bill had to deal with runners on a daily basis. They didn't have to show multiple scenes of it to prove a point. All we needed was one one scene and one quote from Bill to let us know. How can you say you don't care about Bill? He is still alive in the game (not in the movie) and he was a badass. His part of the game in TLOU was fun and his interaction with Joel and Ellie was the best. Come on now Angry Joe. You're slacking.

    • DeShawn McDonald
      DeShawn McDonald Month ago +1

      Preach guys great shows always "tell don't show"

  • Throwaway Supreme
    Throwaway Supreme Month ago

    The Last of Us pt 2 had an extremely compelling story even if it felt rushed in the game after not seeing the characters for years. The Show format will make it hit even harder.

  • Fenyx Weisz
    Fenyx Weisz Month ago +2

    i think theres a clever sidenote to the whole episode. it shows the possible character arc of joel. he finds someone that makes him feel better about everything and forget about being alone. eventually things go wrong and he finds himself facing the possibility of being on his own; surviving not living life.

    • Fenyx Weisz
      Fenyx Weisz Month ago

      @Kolvarg im not sure if you can technically include part 2 in the arc shown necessarily. i see it more as the pre ellie arc and the survivor joel mostly dying off and becoming more of a parent again

    • Kolvarg
      Kolvarg Month ago +1

      That's what I don't like about this change. [SPOILERS]
      Bill has basically already experienced Joel's two-game character arc in a single episode, including getting hurt and eventually dying as a consequence of having opened up to love.

  • Joshua Donohoe
    Joshua Donohoe Month ago

    For my Episode list I think
    4 and 5 will be the Sam Hemry stuff and conclude the Summer section of the game
    6 will be the Autumn section
    7 will be the section with Ellie and Left behind
    8 and 9 will be the rest of winter and spring

  • Riley Teichman
    Riley Teichman Month ago

    As an Albertan (where most of the show is filmed) I appreciate Joe calling the scenery beautiful

  • Obsidian1985
    Obsidian1985 Month ago

    Everyone is down playing the idea that being in love with Frank has caused bill to act out through emotions rather than his cold logical personality when he was alone, he was in the middle of the street because he was enraged by the threat, and afraid that harm will come to Frank. The whole episode shows how people change when they care about something

  • william planas
    william planas Month ago +728

    Its implied when Bill says "it never gets old " when a runner dies from one of his traps that he regularly deals with the infected. There could also have been more raids from hunters that just isnt shown because the episode isnt really about that stuff . its about Bill and Frank.

    • Keith D.
      Keith D. Month ago

      @Streets IsWatching play the game then, I liked seeing the character expanded upon, all you do with Bill in the game is look for a battery before finding a truck, the outcome is the same

    • Cjspyker
      Cjspyker Month ago

      @GrayWolfStudios you guys are thinking so small this episode shows how people continue to live life and now that Joels friends are dead he only has Ellie left after reading that letter. we don't know if his brother is even alive

    • Jack John
      Jack John Month ago

      @John Ferdinand “majority” yet the score drops everytime. And it didn’t respect the source material or the characters. Prove to me otherwise. Bill and Frank were happy together until they split apart because Frank wanted to go out and Bill wanted to stay. Where’s the apocalypse aspect of the episode?
      And i will give you a funny thing; the episode was positive review bombed before even airing. That’s how you know something was up

    • Charlie Masters
      Charlie Masters Month ago

      @Vlad the3rd They’re not in a city, they’re in the middle of nowhere. Even Joel says Fedra would never go up there.

  • ivan GG
    ivan GG Month ago +8

    I think that this episode is all about Joel. Some people think that this has nothing to do with joel, but this teaches you that joel (and most people) in this world want one thing… protect the people they love. Joel failed multiple times to do this, and he doesn’t want it to happen again.

  • Lungfull drummer
    Lungfull drummer Month ago

    I hope they go all out and do the second games story as it was in the game. Just because you personally didn't like it doesn't make it bad.

  • DJ Whitlow
    DJ Whitlow Month ago

    When they do season two I think they should still kill off Joel but do the big time jump from season 1 to season 2 and have joel in episodes through flash backs to give context and further show the relationship of joel and ellie and the strain that Joel's decisions placed on their relationship. All of this while Ellie is searching for Abbie

  • Kurt
    Kurt Month ago +24

    This episode absolutely does relate to Joel. People who say otherwise need to rewatch it. In fact, this episode explains the end of the game better than the game itself does. They draw a number of express parallels between Bill and Joel. In the end, in Bill's suicide note, it says that he was _glad to watch the world die_ but then he found one person to protect, and that that is Joel's purpose as well: to protect that special person. And what happens at the of the game? *[SPOILERS FOR A DECADE OLD GAME]* Joel protects Ellie, the person he has come to care about, and he does it at the cost of the whole world. It is 100% clear from the suicide note that Bill (at least as depicted in the show) would agree that Joel did the _right thing._ Playing the game, one kind of understands Joel's unstated reasoning...but this episode really foreshadows Joel's choice in a nice way. If the show ends the same way as the game, then one can easily imagine Bill's advice spurring Joel's actions.
    Could the same point have been made differently, say in 15 minutes rather than 45? Sure. The writers can write anything they want on a page. The episode worked so well, though, that I have trouble gainsaying that the artistic decisions they made were the right ones. It seems to me like they could have tightened up the Bill/Frank storyline, but maybe that would have thrown off the impact of Bill's character arc. Joel would have been aware of the depth of their relationship, and perhaps showing us (rather than telling us about) that depth may have helped sell Bill's observations about Joel.

    • Kurt
      Kurt Month ago +1

      @LetoAtreides82 The reason he protects Ellie (that he sees her like a daughter) doesn't negate Bill's advice, which was to protect those you love and to understand that that's his purpose in this world. That is true even though Ellie would absolutely *not* have wanted Joel to save her (which is why he has to lie to her about it).
      I dont recall prior immune people in the game...I recall Joel *_lying_* about there being other immune people to Ellie, but when he talks to Marlene he tells her to "find someone else" and she says "there is no one else." If there were more immune people out there, then she was lying or just too lazy to look for them. Remember that, in the game, she knew Ellie from when Ellie was just a baby, Ellie was family to her before Joel ever met Ellie. (And, of course, Joel also murdered a room full of doctors in a world with no more medical schools...so even if another immune person is ever found, there may be no doctors left to use that person, as was mentioned in the Last of Us Part II.)
      I also remember the Fireflies being pretty definitive in their statements about being able to make a vaccine once they harvested the cordyceps from Ellie. No one ever said it "might not work" that I recall. That it might not work was, I think, just an _inference_ from the fact that could have been lying about knowing how to make a cure. Given Marlene's readiness to sacrifice Ellie, and given how stupid they'd have to be to sacrifice the only immune person they know of on an unsupported "hunch," it makes sense that the Fireflies were probably reasonably sure it would work. So the cure was probably at hand...and even if it was 100%, Joel would have done same thing, I think.

    • LetoAtreides82
      LetoAtreides82 Month ago +1

      I don't know I thought he protects and loves Ellie as a daughter because he sees Sarah in her. I loved the ending in the game because if that was my daughter I too wouldn't have sacrificed herself even if that means we never get rid of the cordycep pandemic. Besides there's no proof that they could have made a cure from her, and it is mentioned in the game that they've already tried to make a cure from other people who like Ellie were immune.

    • ibebrett
      ibebrett Month ago +2

      Couldn't have explained it all better myself..
      & their comment on the recent TLOU Podcast was so perfectly said..
      "Bill knew how to survive, Frank taught him how to live" 👌🏻

  • Nan Tasarion
    Nan Tasarion Month ago

    Might be a bit of a stretch, but I felt that when he was standing in the street, firing at the raiders, I can imagine Bill having had run through this situation a million times in his head beforehand. Maybe he had though it was his final stand, and that the raiders would get through his traps and get to him regardless of what he did, where he stood or whatever. He dives out of bed, grabs his weapon, he hadn't even thought to wake Frank, just on autopilot, thinking of the scenario he'd thought of before, even before Frank came into his life.

  • Sweet Funny Cake
    Sweet Funny Cake Month ago +612

    I saw in another vid a comment, "Bill knew how to survive, Frank knew how to live" I think this encapsulates their relationship very well, and I love it.

  • CALUM 89
    CALUM 89 Month ago +6

    Great review. I agree completely on this one, great acting by all.

  • camdon king
    camdon king Month ago

    to make Part 2 make more sense, theyre really gonna have to emphasize Joles past as a raider. we get told so many times that joel was a bad guy because he did bad things before ellie, but were never shown it in the games.

  • Lux
    Lux Month ago

    My only problem with the episode was the plothole about how a plant can work for 30 years without maintenance. I guess Bill was an expert on that regard and didnt need help from a whole team

  • Adam Westrum
    Adam Westrum Month ago

    Also another reason there wasn’t as many infected is due to the military forcefully removing citizens in the area to go to a QZ (or to get shot in some ditch). So there really wouldn’t be that many people in the area to get infected in the first place.

  • Shmiegel
    Shmiegel Month ago +9

    My only problem with the episode is that the banter between Bill and Ellie in-game was hilarious. I'm annoyed that the adaptation of Bill in the show never actually met her, and we never got to see the three of them (Joel, Ellie, and Bill) work together

  • bitbat9
    bitbat9 Month ago +327

    If they can flesh out Henry and Sam like they did with Bill and Frank, it's gonna be rough seeing how their story ends.

    • Deathly Badger
      Deathly Badger Month ago +1

      @kato093 Imagine typing a bible that long and being completely wrong lmao

    • Jerimiah Jackson
      Jerimiah Jackson Month ago

      @Porter94 child

    • Jerimiah Jackson
      Jerimiah Jackson Month ago

      @tokyorift it was nothing like the game so in that sense yes it was horrible. N if you feel differently don’t complain about any book series that goes to the big screen that gets deviated from.

    • Vitinho
      Vitinho Month ago +1

      Omfg bigots you didn’t like the episode? Bigot!
      Episode was filler lmfao. Well made but straight filler.

  • ORO323
    ORO323 Month ago

    My only beef was how they changed Bill's character. In the game he was cynical and irate but in the show he was quiet and a bit awkward. I loved his squabbles with Ellie in the game. It built a lot of character. But overall it wasn't a bad episode. Great acting. 8.5 for me.

  • ScottishThor
    ScottishThor Month ago +62

    I was so crushed when bill and frank died, I truly enjoyed the episode and I barely remembered bill from the game. It was just an episode done great and it built up that connection with the audience as it did with the two characters. Great episode and the two main actors of the episode were superb.

    • Devin C
      Devin C Month ago

      @Lost Cosmic that ain't what woke means

    • Devin C
      Devin C Month ago +6

      @RemusKingOfRome5 Lmao, bro why do fictional characters bother you that much?

  • Shaun
    Shaun Month ago +2

    In addition to what everyone else said, the fact that he stacked cars on the outer perimeter is a clear clue that he had to beef up his defenses over time due to constant attacks.

    • Dragiša Milenović Grok
      Dragiša Milenović Grok Month ago

      Yeah...could be...but strawberries are way more important...not even Joel's and Ellie's plotlines can't compete with sweet strawberries

  • Just Wondering Tv
    Just Wondering Tv Month ago

    Could you imagine the back In forth banter between a Ron Swanson/Bill and Ellie I feel that would have been a very comedic relief moment to leave in, not saying what they did in the episode was bad but the moment I found out Bill was Nick Offerman I was wearing nostalgia goggles unfortunately.

  • Luke H
    Luke H Month ago +8

    I was a little bummed they left out so much of the game content from this episode. Was still a good episode, but I wanted to see some bill and Ellie interactions/bickering. And I was really hoping they would do the gym bloater scene.

    • Tokuto _
      Tokuto _ Month ago

      The gym bloater was just a mini boss for the game purposes. It didn't change anything in the story just a cool thing that you could do in game

    • Luke H
      Luke H Month ago +8

      @OneTyler2Many yeah for me EP 1 and 2 were 10/10 but ep 3 was 6/10. Good acting by Nick Offerman but to just skip over so much good content from the game in favor of what we got, I was disappointed

    • OneTyler2Many
      OneTyler2Many Month ago +9

      Can't believe they cut all that out just so we could spend a hour with Frank a character we never met in the game that bill only brings up once. Episode was going great until they made it all about Frank imo

  • DtWolfwood
    DtWolfwood Month ago +292

    The "hehehehehehe" from the letter cracked my wife and I up! Says something about the character writing to get a good laugh from a suicide letter.

    • Helljumper
      Helljumper Month ago +16

      @Yoda yes he would’ve. He found happiness. He found purpose. He’s going to die. He has a morbid side. Doesn’t hurt to laugh in the most awkward of places.

    • Yoda
      Yoda Month ago +2

      @BigBampot I know, I just think the whole letter was kinda written childishly, I don’t believe Bill would’ve actually written a letter like that. Not even just the hehehehe part.

    • BigBampot
      BigBampot Month ago +16

      @Yoda he basically has the actual laugh when he eats the strawberry

    • SicK_SKITSO
      SicK_SKITSO Month ago +2

      Same we replayed it several times hehehehehehehehehehehe

    • Yoda
      Yoda Month ago +11

      I felt like that was really out of place and didn’t make much sense, didn’t find it funny either.

  • The Mike G Show
    The Mike G Show Month ago +1

    It was a amazing episode. I think it was a very good story to help build the world around Joel and Ellie. Bills role in the game was very important really and the letter that Frank left behind in the game made me feel like they were more then friends. It’s a masterpiece of a story and was executed perfectly. Bill was a gentleman that knew who he was but never got a chance to live his truth which turned him bitter. Frank gave Bill a piece of him that he was always searching. They lived a amazing life for 20+ years as the rest of the world crumbled around them. I believe that showing the infected person and the night of the home invasion it was just showing some of the trials and tribulations that came with that world. I don’t think it was the only time that happened. Leaving the assault rifle made sense as well. Very heavy item to on a 5 hour hike when you know you have a couple rounds left and know that running into this type of ammunition will be little to none. That was also a place he normally store things for emergency or use later on. I think it made sense. Run into a jam around that area some other time, those rounds might count more at that time then while on this travel as you already have a piece on you with ammo. When you talk about a award winning tv episode.. This is the type of stuff that will get you some hardware.

  • JP8924
    JP8924 Month ago +1

    God damn Alex’s opinion was spot on. Love his input.

  • Cinematic Tendency
    Cinematic Tendency Month ago

    Yeah, Ep. 3 has a drastic change. Obviously, changes are valid but usually shows don’t deviate in huge proportions.

  • threeagainstfour
    threeagainstfour Month ago +1

    I would say don't worry about this taking time away from other stuff that is more important. I think this episode is huge for the development of Joel. When he hears that suicide note read to him by Ellie it is the first big crack in the wall he's built around his heart after Sarah was killed. I think when we get to the end of the season we'll look back on that moment as the moment he started to really let himself bond with Ellie. For us the viewers seeing the backstory of Bill and Frank gives tremendous weight to the reading of the letter because we know Bill and Frank actually were, as opposed to the versions of them we get in the game.

  • Chu Morgan
    Chu Morgan Month ago

    We know "the sickness" spread differently in the show. So long as he keeps the floor fungus out of his zone he'll never have a horde of runners at his door.

  • Amartya Singh
    Amartya Singh Month ago +261

    I loved the moment where Joel's so far gone that he couldn't even cry over tess, pedro is killing it

    • Rogue Spartan
      Rogue Spartan Month ago +1

      Home boy cries in the shower, like we all do

    • KoRnFlakes1408
      KoRnFlakes1408 Month ago

      @DeShawn McDonald lmao true

    • DeShawn McDonald
      DeShawn McDonald Month ago +2

      Pedro always acts like he still has the Mando helmet on and just forgets his face is also being filmed.

    • Gnome Sniffer
      Gnome Sniffer Month ago

      @wvusmc I disagree

    • wvusmc
      wvusmc Month ago +2

      Joel was more emotional in the game.

  • OrangeKrushed
    OrangeKrushed Month ago +2

    Amazing ep. Loved where they took it

    • Big Blonde
      Big Blonde Month ago

      It was okay. I liked their relationship, but I could’ve done without seeing them pre-coitus…the scenes of them climbing into bed together, they could’ve alluded to it without that. They sacrificed the development of Tess onscreen for this made up relationship. They could’ve shaved off a 1/3 of this episode leaving part of this out. I liked the duo but am mad they did so little with Tess.

  • Magnite Productions
    Magnite Productions Month ago +2

    There's actually good episode potential for the people that lived in the sewer tunnles but someone left the back door open.

  • Dogon Backwards
    Dogon Backwards Month ago +2

    Amazing episode!

  • Ryan Engala
    Ryan Engala Month ago

    Personal Opinion: Season 2 can be great with 3 basic changes.
    1. S2E1 Focuses on Abby and her life prior to S1E9 ending with her stating Joel's name at the end. Give us the weight and emotion to ride into "The event".
    2. Follow Abby's story throughout S2. Allow the Jackson crew to be boogie men who are in the background but not really shown until 1-2 episodes before the finale. Honestly, you can cut Ellie's entire story in the game into 1 episode. This allows us to understand Abby is the protag of the season and makes her journey more impactful. Seriously, the pacing in LoUP2 was horrible.
    3. No, and I must repeat for the back of Druckman's writing staff. NO UNNECESSARY ANIMAL KILLING FOR EMOTIONAL EFFECT. We know that this would happen in a real apocalypse, and we understand that this change wouldn't be realistic, but that is the whole point of suspension of disbelief. A crying dog in the aquarium will be more impactful than seeing a dead animal with characters.

  • Phillip Carey
    Phillip Carey Month ago +1

    What if somehow they found a way to get Kwan to be an infected host and put her down? I know it wouldn’t make sense but I somehow think I would make an exception for this. 😂

  • diddy dong
    diddy dong Month ago +407

    In the game, the outbreak also started in the food supply, albeit not flour and grain specifically. In the beginning of the game when playing as Sara, you can find a newspaper in Joel's house with a headline about the fungus contaminating crops on a wide-spread scale.

    • Loogiemusmaximus Oftides
      Loogiemusmaximus Oftides Month ago

      @diddy dong Wrong comment, oops. lol

    • diddy dong
      diddy dong Month ago

      @Loogiemusmaximus Oftides okay? I never said anything about corn or how it is a grain

    • RageABoo
      RageABoo Month ago +2

      think of it as a parallel universe, hbo last of us style

    • W1llKi11edSnake07
      W1llKi11edSnake07 Month ago

      @GleipnirZERO The my did it because the fungus mainly grew in buildings. Buildings are warm so infected would go there.

    • GleipnirZERO
      GleipnirZERO Month ago

      @W1llKi11edSnake07 to neutralize the infection because the fungus kept mutating and growing and they were trying to keep it under control you can also just watch the show the beginning of episode talk about it in the game they don't really talk about why they did but the show covers that

  • LtLetdown
    LtLetdown Month ago +6

    The infected kiss could be also that Tess was already infected. If we go by the world war z state, which the infected weren't going for people with fatal diseases, that mustve been the main reason none of them rushed Tess straight up. And the kiss mightve been the way of the fungus to actually check in a way 😉

    • Corbyn Alvey
      Corbyn Alvey Month ago +1

      I also wondered if it had something to do with "plugging" her into that hordes' tendril network? Or maybe just speeding up the infection. They did show that a head wound was faster transmission than arms...

  • alienliwil
    alienliwil Month ago +10

    The point of Bill being reckless is that his character got progressed to being more protective of his loved one (Frank) than himself which is why he's literally risking his life to protect him

    • alienliwil
      alienliwil Month ago

      @Browncoat then I'm done

    • alienliwil
      alienliwil Month ago

      @Browncoat It's been a week since the episode. I don't remember every single detail. I assume there was an explosion after the flamethrowers tho

    • Browncoat
      Browncoat Month ago

      @alienliwil You realize that not all were immediately hit by fire right? The episode showed plenty standing right beside the fence shooting. Now eventually they were all hit by it because they were idiots and never moved away from the flamethrower fence

  • Photic
    Photic Month ago +5

    I think 1. They just didn’t want to use time on multiple raids or infected 2. The reason Bill stands in the middle of the road is exactly because of Frank. He is so afraid to loose Frank to the raid that he just takes the quickest way to be able to shoot at them instead of thinking about himself.

    • Jesus Leyva
      Jesus Leyva Month ago +1

      Yea he didn't want them to shoot at the house

  • Mat Cooper
    Mat Cooper Month ago +6

    My favourite part is where he shows Nick Cage the statue of him holding the golden guns.

  • Michael A
    Michael A Month ago

    On the Tess non-backstory issue Alex talked about, and why they focused more on a side character (Bill/Frank)… I actually think it’s on purpose we didn’t get a Tess backstory (yet). From the perspective of Joel, he’s angry that she died and we are meant to feel his pain in some sort of unfinished story between him and Tess. The story of Bill and Frank accentuates this and is confirmed in Joel’s reaction to the letter.
    Also, about the traps Bill set, he did say that it never gets old when that infected got blasted, insinuating that this happens quite often.

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown Month ago +113

    It was very easy to grasp that the infected and raiders weren't the only ones he had to contend with. He even said "never gets old" while watching the infected walk into the shotgun trap.
    Also, I heard them say that episode 6 or 7 is going to be the flash back of Ellie in the left behind dlc

    • Hadeks Marow
      Hadeks Marow Month ago

      That flashback sounds sick!

    • Browncoat
      Browncoat Month ago +3

      Though there were implications that he regularly dealt with infected there was not that same implication he did so with raiders especially with him shooting out in the open and nearly being killed for that foolish mistake. That made it feel like Bill did not know how to handle himself in a gunfight and was solely reliant on his traps. But I think where many people get the feeling that they did not contend with much was the other scenes of Bill and Frank living every day life like they were just in a suburb and not on guard like they had to constantly deal with attacks. Honestly it made it seem like they were cut off from the world where barely any infected or people ever bothered them.

  • Dan Fish
    Dan Fish Month ago +2

    Really mature look at the episode guys. Looked at the valid complaints (losing Bills banter with Ellie) and standing in the street for a gunfight, but balanced with how good the episode actually is. And it really is. One of the best episodes of TV I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot.

  • Steve Bonario
    Steve Bonario Month ago +2

    Aw c'mon Joe -- go listen to Linda Rondstadt. Check out her "Canciones de mi Padre" album and her Greatest Hits Vol 1 & Vol 2. She is a legend. She was the #1 female rock vocalist of the 1970s. The song "Long Long Time" (name of the ep and the song) was key to the episode. And the episode is the theme of the entire series distilled into one story: love is what gives life meaning.

  • BeanHead Tweevis
    BeanHead Tweevis Month ago

    The bill and frank backstory was fine until I realized it was going to take up the whole episode .. only for one of my favorite side characters to die at the end

  • Daniel Munguia
    Daniel Munguia Month ago

    Great storytelling butttt bill was a survivalist therefore I wish we would have seen either an extended attack scene or him coming across more of those zombies.

  • Scarecrow7x
    Scarecrow7x Month ago +1

    I liked the back story. I liked that we got confirmation in full about them being partners. I just think changing it so drastically so it seemed like filler sucked. I think they could have had Frank go to leave, regret it and go to return to Bill only to be bit and die. We then cross back to Joel and Ellie where they meet a hardened Bill 10 years after the fact. It then goes more into alignment with the game. Bill can then have a redeeming arc, have the banter and moments we also wanted while honouring their story from in the show.

  • Hollyweeds
    Hollyweeds Month ago +305

    I loved the part in bill's note with the 'hehehehe'

    • BaNgInHeAdS
      BaNgInHeAdS Month ago +1

      @Black Parade Tess's death and her final wish for him served that purpose. Episode 3 was redundant in that respect. Bill, who literally spent his entire life preparing for and then building the town for himself didn't need some outsider to come in and give him a reason to live. He had a reason to live and it was all established prior to Frank randomly showing up.
      Frank had no character arc at all. He was introduced to us requiring help at the dinner table and we last see his character in nearly an identical scene. There was no development or no aspect of his character beyond being gay.
      They just randomly get on the radio and reveal their location to anyone who wants to listen? But Frank says it was Tess that answered him? That isn't how radios work buddy. Anyone out there can listen. Poor writing. That entire sequence where they forced Joel and Tess into the story was also unnecessary. Another example of poor writing. It was already established in Episode 2 that Joel and Tess knew someone named Bill.
      Bill, supposedly an intelligent and knowledgeable person walks out into the middle of the road with a hunting rifle to fight the raiders and gets shot? Poor writing. Bill gets shot and looks like he is dying.......but he just lives on which renders the whole him getting stupidly shot in the road sequence meaningless is another example of poor writing. Episode is full of similar examples of just incredibly bad writing.
      Furthermore, the whole subplot goes nowhere and serves no purpose. The series establishes the relationship between Joel, Tess, Bill, and Frank in episode 2. We see no interaction between those four characters other than re establishing (in the most awkward and clumsily written way) the fact that they all know each other. The scene with the note that Joel and Ellie found is all that you needed to advance the plot. And if you want to make the point that Bill is gay then the way they hinted towards it in episode 4 was perfect. The episode was so unnecessary that I got the feeling it was added after the fact and they brought Joel and Tess in to film the bizarre meal on the lawn scene in a desperate attempt to tie it back in to the series for the people not intelligent enough to see that they already made the connection in the prior episode.

    • Black Parade
      Black Parade Month ago

      @BaNgInHeAdS it was not poorly written, it was masterfully written. And it had a huge purpose for the show. It gave Joel the motive he needs.

    • BaNgInHeAdS
      BaNgInHeAdS Month ago

      @Black Parade The 10 minutes of lore stuff was fine. The 45 minutes of poorly written love story that provided minimal (Bill) to no (Frank) character development for characters that serve no purpose or exist at all within the story is bad writing.

    • Black Parade
      Black Parade Month ago

      @BaNgInHeAdS this episode was *not* filler. Lore expansion or character studies are never filler. This episode directly affects Joel as well.

    • Devin C
      Devin C Month ago

      @triggerhappynumskull yeah, if they just had this episode be a copy of the game then it would be filler. The Bill and Ellie banter adds nothing to either character and is just comedic relief. Joel does not grow as a character nor does his relationship with Ellie during that chapter of the game. The only valid thing you can say about the game version of this part is that Bill is likely what Joel will become if he had lost Tess and never met Ellie. Alone, cold, solitary and unfeeling. Just living day to day.

  • ss4stef
    ss4stef Month ago

    Changing Joels death would completely change the motivation for the entire story of part 2

  • Omar Cabrera
    Omar Cabrera Month ago

    Great episode. But I was hoping to see Bill and Ellie interacting. That was enjoyable in the game.

  • Sonic Telephone
    Sonic Telephone Month ago +1

    The episode was just truly stunning and brave 👏

  • Tony C.
    Tony C. Month ago

    Would have loved to see a longer story for Bill and Frank. Man, what a damn good episode!

  • philberto78
    philberto78 Month ago

    I like Joe and Alex sparring off a lot but I also miss hearing from OJ in these videos.

  • maestro4202 2
    maestro4202 2 Month ago +265

    What is impressive to me is that this episode was more like a separate movie. I also like how the episodes have different lengths.

    • FreeSpeech orDIE!!!
      FreeSpeech orDIE!!! Month ago +2

      @im sentinel prime go watch cartoons kiddo. I'm allowed to disagree that the episode wasn't perfect

    • FreeSpeech orDIE!!!
      FreeSpeech orDIE!!! Month ago +2

      @im sentinel prime also no I don't think I'll shut up. Sorry you got offended because your favorite episode was about two gay bears making out

    • FreeSpeech orDIE!!!
      FreeSpeech orDIE!!! Month ago

      @im sentinel prime it's not lol but it was a good filler episode

    • Jack John
      Jack John Month ago +4

      @christian h I explained it dude. These aren’t their personalities, that’s not what happened, they removed alot of story progress. How they impact Joel and Ellie. That’s like changing everything just because they wanted to do a basic romance episode.

  • xSteaky
    xSteaky Month ago +1

    I’m hoping since lou 2 is gonna be 2 seasons that they will give us a satisfying and earned scene with joel and abby.

    • Jesus Leyva
      Jesus Leyva Month ago +1

      They should get Gina Carano to play Abby

  • tankmaster1018
    tankmaster1018 Month ago

    I am SO curious to see what HBO is gonna do with the second season, because they have already proven they are willing to change aspects of the game (for the better) and really flesh out characters and situations that were just small parts of the game. So knowing they are willing to do that, maybe it also means that (SPOILERS FOR THE LAST OF US PART II, SCROLL DOWN TO READ)
    they may be willing to write the second season so that Joel dies at the end instead of the beginning. I mean they have the perfect way to do that, have Joel and Ellie both temporarily go their separate ways after Ellie figures out that Joel lied to her about the fireflies, have the show follow both of them throughout the season with them each doing their own thing and maybe crossing paths here and there, and then at the end once Ellie has forgiven Joel and they've both moved past that, THEN you introduce Abby and her group and have her kill Joel. Imagine if while Ellie was on her own, she met Abby and got close without realizing that she had sworn revenge on Joel, and then it would be one of the most shocking and gut wrenching scenes on television to have the person Ellie has known and bonded with suddenly realize who Joel is and beat him to death in front of her. Holy shit would that be amazing, and would give the writers an entire season to make Abby likable and develop her character, so its completely different then the game where a completely new character just shows up and murders one of the most beloved video game characters in recent memory...

  • Tumod
    Tumod Month ago +4

    I wanted to see Bill survive. Reinforcing the thematic elements of loneliness and loss.

    • str1xt
      str1xt Month ago +1

      My goodness, that would have destroyed me even more.