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Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman FULL POST FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE | Fox PBC Boxing

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
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    Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman FULL POST FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE | Fox PBC Boxing
    Pacquiao vs. Thurman will pit boxing’s only eight-division world champion and Philippine Senator Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao against undefeated WBA Welterweight World Champion Keith “One Time” Thurman in the main event of a Premier Boxing Champions on FOX Sports Pay-Per-View event Saturday, July 20 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.
    The pay-per-view begins at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT and will also feature undefeated former world champion Omar “El Panterita” Figueroa Jr. taking on Yordenis Ugбs in a WBC welterweight title eliminator, plus hard-hitting former world champion Sergey Lipinets goes toe-to-toe against rugged veteran John “The Gladiator” Molina, Jr. and undefeated power-puncher Luis “Pantera” Nery faces slick-boxing Juan Carlos Payano in a bantamweight bout.
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Comments • 12 998

  • RomeoTangoCharlie_78
    RomeoTangoCharlie_78 3 years ago +2987

    Thurman stayed in there and fought Manny, didn’t run. Took his shots, took the loss and congratulated him. Respect, both great boxers and a great fight.

    • Renzo469
      Renzo469 Month ago

      Stfu lmao homie talked all that shit to a living legend & paid. That’s that

    • Rudy
      Rudy 2 months ago

      He respect many afther the match, not bifore trach talk. He leurn his lessens. 😜

    • Cornelio Dimaangay
      Cornelio Dimaangay 3 months ago

      Romeo tango Charlie are u blind? Thurman run in round 10 the body shot of Pacquiao.

    • grrgrr gang
      grrgrr gang 9 months ago

      Also talked too much smack and got his ass beat

    • COMBAT vampire
      COMBAT vampire 10 months ago

      Stf he talked so many trash

  • Rhani Cabudoc
    Rhani Cabudoc 2 years ago +332

    You fought a legend
    Learn from a legend
    Train hard and be humble like a legend
    Soon you'll become legend

    • james Deer
      james Deer 2 months ago

      @GODSPEED_SMC Don't be silly of course I can argue that. More people have always come out to see Floyd fight than Manny. Look at their PPV's. Floyd also has more followers on social medial than any boxer dead or alive. 😂😂

      GODSPEED_SMC 2 months ago

      @james Deer Even though Floyd had a better record than Manny you can't argue about the fact that majority of people loves Manny and Manny's fights and performances gave more excitement and satisfaction to the crowd. So yeah WDC about Floyd being better, just us knowing how many people loves Manny is more than a victory

    • james Deer
      james Deer Year ago

      ​@Angel CatzimMayweather hasn't. Charlo hasn't. Benevidez hasn't. Lopez hasn't. Pac sucks. 😂😂

    • Rosendo Guevara
      Rosendo Guevara Year ago

      Pac man is the best pound for pound boxer ever im not saying this his showing us this viva el pac man mayweather if u beat pac man then u could say ur the best but right now no u outer there

    • Tahsin
      Tahsin Year ago

      It wasn't that close. The judges and are so biased

  • AE JEO
    AE JEO 2 years ago +406

    Look how humble and kind person Manny Pacquiao is.
    G O A T 💯🔥

    • Darryl Caminos
      Darryl Caminos 10 days ago

      @Sakuragi ibañez look at Manny sleeping. That indicates that he's telling you to come sleep next to him.

    • Darryl Caminos
      Darryl Caminos 10 days ago

      @Sakuragi ibañezmy shoulder is broken. I need painkillers.

    • Sakuragi ibañez
      Sakuragi ibañez 11 days ago

      @Darryl Caminos when did you lost your fucking brain idiot

    • Sakuragi ibañez
      Sakuragi ibañez 11 days ago

      @Darryl Caminos what drugs are you on bruh🤣🤣🤣

    • Sakuragi ibañez
      Sakuragi ibañez 11 days ago

      @Darryl Caminos it's marqroids that should had been tested..look at his skin that indicates he's using peds

  • Calditodepollo
    Calditodepollo Year ago +43

    Genuinely, respect for Thurman. He definitely earned a fan after watching the fight as well as how humble he took his loss and knew exactly what adjustments must be made next time around.

  • Yogesh Patel
    Yogesh Patel 2 years ago +2

    Keith is a talent, a professional, and most importantly a true warrior. Even after his knockdown, he gave a solid fight for 11 more rounds and lost by a split decision. He accepted his defeat like a man and showed tremendous sportsmanship and respect to Manny to the point where even Manny praised him. Pre fight smack is all marketing and promoting the fight, he didn't mean a thing he said to Manny because if that was the case, no mans ego would allow you to be this humble. Keith def in my top 3 favorites currently with porter and and ofc Manny!

  • Lan Maru
    Lan Maru 3 years ago +3552

    *At least he got his first loss from a legend.*
    Edit: Woah I never expected to get this many likes 😮

    • warlock machine
      warlock machine Year ago

      hahaha hindi na makakabawi kay marquez

    • warlock machine
      warlock machine Year ago

      putang ina mo

    • eddie delacruz
      eddie delacruz Year ago


    • elton reid
      elton reid Year ago


    • elton reid
      elton reid Year ago

      @Lan Maru READ THE HATERS COMENTS AND FIND OUT, when you coment about a person family and personal life that's call envied and jealousy, FLOYD FANS dont talk about pac man family.

  • Coach Rev
    Coach Rev 2 years ago +55

    16:00 is the moment of friendship that was built between the two fighters.

  • Baldski
    Baldski Year ago +23

    Even if Thurman lost, rather than losing fans he actually gained more cause he accepted the L like a true fighter. Props to Thurman, looking forward to your future fights

  • Jon Bune
    Jon Bune Year ago +10

    I just saw this fight like this week. And now watching the after fight interviews Keith Thurman showed great sportsmanship behavior. Really, showed his effort building the fight because Manny really doesn't do shit talking except that 4th time he fought Marquez. The build up in the 4th fight Manny really wanted to put the fight between him and Marquez to an end but he got knocked out. Life and fate has a weird way making the expected go to the unexpected.
    Anyway, great fight, Keith had his moments which really gives props to his power and skills but Pacquiao just had the answers. Not a bad first loss in Keith Thurman's record. You know in US College Football that saying "an SEC loss is better than AAC or MAC win"? Yea, in this case, a loss to a legend is far better than a loss to your peers.

  • H L
    H L Year ago +84

    Manny praising Keith was kind of emotional. Even in victory he humbles himself

  • Bossbry Saligay
    Bossbry Saligay 3 years ago +677

    Manny Pacquiao should be listed on the Hall of Famer for boxing. He's a living legend

    • warlock machine
      warlock machine Year ago

      tang ina mo

    • Jonald Gobaton
      Jonald Gobaton Year ago

      To be able to be HOF, maybe he needs to retire.
      He is absolutely there already

    • Miss E
      Miss E Year ago

      He can’t because he’s not American. And as always America likes to tell the rest of the world what’s best and what’s not.
      (FYI I’m saying this as a joke, but we all know jokes have some truth in it).

    • Troy Benigla TV
      Troy Benigla TV 3 years ago

      hes all ready a hall of famer because of OLDEST WELTER EEIGHT CHAMP AGE 40. 8 DIV CHAMP. 5 LINEAL CHAMP. #2 GREATESTNOF ALL TIME ETC.

    • Spiritual Warrior
      Spiritual Warrior 3 years ago


  • Daniel Trivino
    Daniel Trivino Year ago +62

    Manny just taught Thurman some humility and Empathy. You can't buy this you must live it. Bless them all.

  • From The Far East
    From The Far East 2 years ago +3

    Like Manny said, trash talk is just for promotion . The amount of respect Thurman had for Manny and the humility in his loss is amazing. Its just a beginning 🤗 Thurman. You are young and the Legend in the making

  • Peter Sampayan
    Peter Sampayan 2 years ago +83

    I became a Thurman fan for him being a man with his first loss and accepted it like a real champ to be again much respect

    • J
      J Year ago +2

      @nonrepublicrat dayum

    • nonrepublicrat
      nonrepublicrat Year ago +2

      @Cobra Kai Boy nobody will lose respect for you because there never was any.

    • warlock machine
      warlock machine Year ago +1

      putang ina mo

    • Cobra Kai Boy
      Cobra Kai Boy Year ago

      I lost respect for Manny wearing sunglasses. Its a small thing but says a lot

  • Wargasm644
    Wargasm644 Year ago

    Respect to Thurman. Good fight, bad break with the first round knock down. But he got up and fought like a warrior. He took the decision like a man, and will be stronger and better next time. 👊🏻 PAC still a badass at 40. Nice fight all the way around.👍🏻

  • JSar
    JSar 3 years ago +2284

    At first I hated Thurman but i'm amazed by how clean he fights and how he accepted his loss..respect to you man..
    Peru solid pacquiao parin ako.😁

    • Ras Cricket
      Ras Cricket 4 months ago

      Dude, I just came to comments to say the same. He took his first loss like a man. HE's got absolute balls to stand proud after getting beat by one of the best fighters ever. Manny is a better boxer and kicked his ass, it was a good fight.

    • gamosky
      gamosky 2 years ago

      Yup me too. I hated thurman at first but after this fight i respect to him. He did it so clearly.

    • Yogesh Patel
      Yogesh Patel 2 years ago

      Tha truth okay buddy...lol look at you pathetic as hell

    • Yogesh Patel
      Yogesh Patel 2 years ago

      Marc Leon agreed

    • Robinson Vargas
      Robinson Vargas 2 years ago

      Yeah it's a big step up from Jeff Horn isn't it. 😂 You better pray Manny never fights Shawn Porter lol gonna be a lot of angry Filipinos when Porter beats him

  • Kurtio
    Kurtio Year ago +35

    Keith Thurman can talk but he’s also humbled, he has all my respect💯

  • L J
    L J 2 years ago +1047

    Adrian broner if your watching this is how a man accepts a loss .

    • prince rebs
      prince rebs Year ago

      Still broner talks thurman was cook too🤣🤣

    • kiwibuddy
      kiwibuddy Year ago

      Broner should retire and go to clown school.

    • james Deer
      james Deer Year ago

      Are you sure? The other claimed he had an injury after losing to Floyd. That's not how a man accepts a loss. 🤣

    • DevonGotRizz
      DevonGotRizz Year ago

      @Jrfrm919 Floyd fucked manny up

    • DevonGotRizz
      DevonGotRizz Year ago

      @ΑΡΗΣ stfu floyd pissed on manny

  • _
    _ 2 years ago +2

    Class act. No excuses. Good fight both fighters.

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson Year ago +3

    Respect to Keith✌️
    He didn’t try and hide his bruises and gave an honest appraisal of the fight.
    Best wishes for your next fight😀

  • Kryziahjem Amora
    Kryziahjem Amora 3 years ago +1507

    Its better to lose to a legend than an ordinary boxer👊👍
    Respect to Thurman

    • Kenny Frank Pascua
      Kenny Frank Pascua 3 years ago

      Poli Gonzo naw man Marquez was roided out he was bigger and had back acne so I was suspicious then it solidified those facts that he was juicing by not fighting Pac again .... Marquez was about to go down from Pac flurry’s but Pac got caught plain and simple that’s boxing that’s mma or any type of fighting sports

    • Raizer Ratunil, CPA
      Raizer Ratunil, CPA 3 years ago +1

      Great fight. Both did well in the fight

    • Stphoonnyy
      Stphoonnyy 3 years ago

      @jayvee Corpuz Yes. Pretty sure he is a Pacquiao fan.. The respect is High, and all the trashtalking is just sellouts for the fight..

    • aishah villar
      aishah villar 3 years ago

      @dongon richard
      🤣🤣ginawa mo png rhyming words yung
      senaTHURMAny Paquiao

    • dongon richard
      dongon richard 3 years ago

      Congrats THURMAN!
      senaTHURMANy Pacquiao

  • Conjure Corpse
    Conjure Corpse 2 years ago +3

    My family’s had a history of adoring this sport
    My great gramps loved ROCKY MARCIANO
    Grams loved MUHAMMAD ALI
    Dad had MIKE TYSON
    I’m in the era of MANNY PACQUIAO
    And my kids are gonna love RYAN GARCIA
    mark my words, he will be up there

  • Ed Smith
    Ed Smith Year ago

    When you listen to these two Champions speak and the level of respect and good sportsmanship they have for each other, it really creates a level of respect for these two that is unlike big mouth braggers of other classes who fight.

  • Smile jan_alexis78
    Smile jan_alexis78 Year ago +5

    Love these two! 2 humble men and great fighters!

  • Μιχ Λαζ
    Μιχ Λαζ 2 years ago +2

    Pac is a legend props to Keith for the great fight that made Pac look even better!

  • Jaime Chaves, L.Ac.
    Jaime Chaves, L.Ac. Year ago +2

    I appreciate Thurman’s humble and honest interview. Pacquaio is my fav fighter all time but a new fan of Thurman for his attitude. Looking forward to seeing him fight again in the future.

  • T P
    T P Year ago

    Even though Keith lost and spoke so much garbage before the fight, he replied with no excuses. I commend Keith for being a standup boxer and not avoiding any question. Keith is a real warrior that took risks because he wanted to fight the best boxers. He will be remembered as a great warrior that never avoided or ran away from anyone.

  • marknash666
    marknash666 2 years ago +2

    Hat's off to Keith, he fought well, didn't deserve to win but wasn't thst far behind. The way he spoke after the fight was great. Hope he goes on to have a great carreer

  • Mirthumos
    Mirthumos Year ago +17

    I love how he encourages thurman... after badly beating him. He is so humble.

    • J
      J Year ago

      @Mirthumos nah not really. Pac had a fair bit of blood in his mouth too. Keith got beat but it definitely wasn't bad

    • Mirthumos
      Mirthumos Year ago

      ​@Mark Brown It was a fight yes and thurman got beat up badly. he was coughing out blood and his wind got knocked out of him.. i'd say that constitute as being beat up badly.

    • Mark Brown
      Mark Brown Year ago +1

      Badly beating him? Is that what you saw? This was a hell of a fight

    OJ SPUNKMEYER 3 years ago +810

    Thurman just showed he's a true sportsman. You can tell he's not happy with the lost but he still accepts his lost like a man and only blames himself for the lost. Good Fight!!!!!!!

  • L A
    L A 2 years ago +6

    Pacman taught Thurman humility. I really like the way he praised Pacman post fight. Nothing to be ashamed man. You have fought valiantly.

  • Ronald Lapaz
    Ronald Lapaz 2 years ago +1

    theres nothing wrong losing to a legend.

  • Ilustrado
    Ilustrado 2 years ago +6

    Looking forward to Thurman's next fight! This is only the beginning. An "undefeated" title is not really that glamorous, it only means you haven't faced the best opponent yet. Thurman never ducked anyone. It's better to be an undisputed boxing champion with a colorful career!

  • Be happy
    Be happy 2 years ago +4

    I am a Filipino and honestly I really love Keith's personality, He looks arrogant before the fight but I know He's just promoting the fight and in real life He's a real humble man. Keith Thurman is a real Champion.

  • Ian Toco
    Ian Toco 3 years ago +382

    I gave my respect to Thurman. He is a perfect match of Pacquiao. He gave pacquiao a clean fight and showing his sportmanship at the end. God bless you Thurman. Congrats senator Manny Paquiao.

    • Anita Hufana
      Anita Hufana 3 years ago

      I gave also to respect to thurman because this kind of fight is so clean and clear no cheating to each other Thurman you have a lot of chance to fight because you still young not like manny he is getting old so God Bless both of you

    • Tess Casison
      Tess Casison 3 years ago +4

      Agree, good fight from thurman, not like the other boxer, just running around...

    • retirement Travelogue
      retirement Travelogue 3 years ago +3


  • Allan Moral
    Allan Moral 2 years ago +14

    When a defeated Trash-Talker gets praised and encouraged by the one he previously insulted to bits. Manny Pacquiao is indeed one classy person in the world's boxing history.

  • Ryan Sims
    Ryan Sims Year ago

    Mad respect for both great fighters.

  • Rohan P
    Rohan P Year ago +2

    Yes RESPECT to Thurman! He gave his best shots and gave a good show. Bravo!

  • Nick Vazquez
    Nick Vazquez Year ago +3

    Thurman handled the loss the most classy easy I have ever seen much respect to Thurman

  • DevJ
    DevJ Year ago +5

    Amazing sportsmanship and respect for each other.

  • Sticky Rice
    Sticky Rice 2 years ago +1

    A Big Respect for Thurman, He can fought toe to toe to manny and he fought clean. A true warrior right there💪

  • Chito Oclarit
    Chito Oclarit Year ago +1

    A lot of respect to Keith. I'd definitely watch him fight next time.

  • MASTER JC 03
    MASTER JC 03 2 years ago +19

    salute to thurman!a true champion accepts defeat.respect this man!

  • mike12345807
    mike12345807 3 years ago +661

    Keith Thurman gained more fans through this loss than he ever had. I think this will make him a better champion in the future. He gave a great fight and he's making no excuses. Real standup guy

    • cold face
      cold face 3 years ago

      @scorpion H. agree

    • cold face
      cold face 3 years ago

      he could've had a hurt shoulder and was just stating it as a fact not as an excuse, if a boxer seem to always point out his disadvantage after losing a fight then I would get suspicious of him, but if hes the type of fighter that doesn't do that then I don't and I see manny as that type, notwithstanding i'll never forget many lookin' like a cheater after floyd asked him to take a more comprehensive drug test @seahawker seattleite

    • Renzoe Aguado
      Renzoe Aguado 3 years ago

      thurman sucks really in the ring.. hahahaha blah blah blah.. talk shit

    • Trez Equiz
      Trez Equiz 3 years ago

      @Peaceful4You You should have your eye check my friend! Don't know what fight you were watching. If your basis is Compubox, then my friend boxing isn't for you! Congrats to Pacman. Thurman made me a fan out of his lost. Respect for both guys. Definitely FOTY candidate.

    • seahawker seattleite
      seahawker seattleite 3 years ago

      Unlike Manny Pacqiaou who made excuses about a hurt shoulder after he lost to Floyd Mayweather.

  • Earl Morton
    Earl Morton 11 months ago

    Both champions.
    Both with respect for the other.
    Pacquiao at the end.
    Thurman at the beginning.
    Keith will go a long way as a true Champion.

  • TzV357
    TzV357 2 years ago

    In all honesty I felt Pacman slowed down after round 10 (mainly after that heavy body blow to Thurman) because Thurman earned his respect during the fight... I felt he knew Thurman have a whole career ahead of him and he did not want to completely destroy him in this fight... That's what I saw... Maybe other's will see it differently... but that's just what I saw... Still the greatest fight of year of 2019...

    DEX SPITS Year ago

    *this guy can fight*
    *This guy has a future*
    *He's a warrior*
    *He's heavy handed*
    Thurman got Pacquiao's respect

  • Aj De Leon
    Aj De Leon 2 years ago

    Lot of respect for one time. A true warrior and a gentleman. #keiththurman

  • Life and Cars by Ram Ram
    Life and Cars by Ram Ram 3 years ago +786

    I think Manny's strength comes from his heart.
    Thurman deserves so much respect for being able to accept defeat, pronto.

    • Rodolfo Ydia
      Rodolfo Ydia 2 years ago

      Mayabang sya talaga, pg na Ali sya lalo nya kawawain si many sa pagbbunganga nya

    • Rajeev Kalangi
      Rajeev Kalangi 2 years ago

      No it comes from his hard work and discipline.

    • monkey killer
      monkey killer 2 years ago

      Oh come on Thurman hated Pacquiao he was just faking

    • Steve Stone
      Steve Stone 2 years ago

      MR.OVARY MASSAGER prick ppl like u only a mother could love you’re a bellend 🥊

    • Ang ML ni MANOY
      Ang ML ni MANOY 2 years ago

      No, I think his power is given with our God in heaven. Senator Manny is a good man, good father and a good Senator here in Philippines
      Sorry if my grammar is wrong. Peace God bless us all.

  • Chris Baltazar
    Chris Baltazar Year ago

    Manny I salute you for your humility and faith. I may not be a boxer but I’ve learned so much from you. You’re such an inspiration

  • Arvinder Bains
    Arvinder Bains 2 years ago +6

    Both legends! Respect 2both ov them, Keith lost to experience, PacMan always amazing they both went in!

  • LoV.2.G
    LoV.2.G Year ago +8

    Manny is so humble 😭

  • Rashaad Price
    Rashaad Price 2 years ago

    Respect to both fighters....good fight...humbling for both fighters

  • Orion 07
    Orion 07 3 years ago +605

    A man who accepts his defeat. Keith, you are the real person... Wish you a great Career.

    • Fitness Only
      Fitness Only Year ago

      Unlike Adrian I Do It For The Hood Guy Broner!

    • Neil Ferrer
      Neil Ferrer Year ago

      i remember broner lol

    • Yogesh Patel
      Yogesh Patel Year ago

      @Arcaneus Exactly

    • Yogesh Patel
      Yogesh Patel Year ago

      @Arcaneus Manny will forever be a legend and a true professional, but that doesn't take anything away from Thurman. He is also a warrior and a gentleman. There are very few fighters like these left in the sport, so we better cherish them

    • Ray Klein
      Ray Klein Year ago

      Manny could have got up there and gave it to Thurman after all the shit he came out with (how's them dinosaur hands now) but like a true champion he had nothing but praise for his opponent. A remarkable boxer and remarkable man.

  • Hector Gramatica
    Hector Gramatica 2 years ago +5

    Manny is a humble legend

  • Serio Fernando
    Serio Fernando 2 years ago +1

    I love d way he speak.. very straight .. after d fight I understand y his very confident to win d fight.. d fight was very close.... And for those bashing him because of trash talking , u know in any sport d more drama d more viewers.... I respect diz guy😤😤😤😤

  • clark superman
    clark superman 2 years ago +1

    it was a great fight a lot of action,even Keith lose the fight he shon a heart of a real fighter not runnin runnin the whole 12 rounds.Congrats to pacman.

    YAHUSHA KING 2 years ago +6

    Paquiao reconfigures every opponent's faces at will.He is a Beast.

  • BTS x MBTI - W W H
    BTS x MBTI - W W H  3 years ago +159

    Manny: "This guy is a warrior"
    *I CRIED* 😭
    I can feel Thurman's heart, it's happy to be called a warrior and be recognized by Manny even though it doesn't show in his face, I know how he's heart felt.

  • beneelchicano3ce
    beneelchicano3ce Year ago

    It's impressive that these fierce competitors are both humble Champions! GOD bless you, your families, coaches and all your fans.

  • francis abolencia
    francis abolencia 2 years ago

    Damn... That man is a great sportminded man... He knows how to handle it. After all those talk before the fight, he shows humility after it. I think he just wanted to hype the fight. But he is a humble man.

  • Nette3 CharmTV
    Nette3 CharmTV Year ago +2

    I love Thurman he is a real warrior in the ring. 😍 ❤️❤️❤️

  • angel DR
    angel DR Year ago +7

    Manny Greatest fighter, leader and mind boggling gamer! praising his mocker. wow i love him

  • Modeezy23
    Modeezy23 3 years ago +80

    Keith is a true champion taking his loss and being honest with himself and everyone else. I’m a pac-man fan but I am now also a Keith Thurman fan. Great fight from both fighters👊🏽. #PacquiaoLegacy

  • Jeffery Maxfield
    Jeffery Maxfield 2 years ago +1

    Very humble and respectful! Much respect!

  • Luis Donado
    Luis Donado Year ago

    A guy that shows up after losing is a real man and a real champ. Thurman had my respect when I saw him speak about his first loss.

  • Mark jovel Ibea
    Mark jovel Ibea 21 day ago

    Humble man 😇 the real GOAT 👊

  • Ja LAN
    Ja LAN 2 years ago

    Keith is a humble guy and we’ll spoken -- this is what makes a champion. -- didn’t know him before this but I’m convinced he’ll be back and he (and pac man) and the best role models for the sport

  • tiismuna
    tiismuna 3 years ago +359

    Maybe one of the cleanest fighter if not the cleanest Manny fought all throughout his career..
    No dirty tactics.. just pure brawl..

    • Cool Kidd
      Cool Kidd 3 years ago

      Marquez , Cotto and Thurman is the best brawl fight Manny face

    • Kelly R
      Kelly R 3 years ago +1

      Marques and Manny was a better rival fight

    • Mars the War god
      Mars the War god 3 years ago +7

      yes, it was great fight ....Thurman is a clean fighter...he earned manny's respect.

  • Lula viva frita
    Lula viva frita 2 years ago

    I just wanna know why Crawford or Spence haven't got the guts to take on Thurman... That shows the clear difference between champs like them and all time legends like Pacquiao

  • ThuKang1994
    ThuKang1994 Year ago

    No complains no excuses, no conspiracy theories or accusations. A true boxer, greatness is not being undefeated its taking your defeats like a man.

  • james Deer
    james Deer Year ago

    It was a split decision. A difference of one round and Keith outlanded him. If it weren't for the knock down, who knows. But Floyd neutralized him easily.

  • Việt Hearts
    Việt Hearts Year ago +3

    As a Manny fan, I congratulated KT for this fight, and becoming his fan after this classy interview.... Broner: learning how to speak great English and style from Mr. Kieth Thurman, a class act!

  • Niall Cnoc
    Niall Cnoc 3 years ago +167

    Big Respect to ☝️ Time Thurman. He’s taken his first loss like a true Champion. No doubt he’ll be back better from this experience 🥊

    • jjman9
      jjman9 3 years ago

      Thurman is a very good fighter, but it has been a while since Thurman had an impressive showing. But he has been injured.

    • Victor Dela Torre
      Victor Dela Torre 3 years ago

      Haha haha yabang kc

    • Phenom Facemob
      Phenom Facemob 3 years ago +1

      I'm not a thurman fan but I had him winning

    • mugii
      mugii 3 years ago +2


  • Aline Santiago
    Aline Santiago Year ago +2

    I've been following keith and he is one of my favorite champion.. he talks trash Pacquiao and he lost. but after he returns humble - salute to you Keith - we need champ like you! Dream then accept reality..

  • Jose Garza
    Jose Garza Year ago +20

    Humble people always get respect

  • Danny Cuevas
    Danny Cuevas Year ago +1

    Great fight keith did talk mad trashed but he owned up to it and was real about losing no excuses on his part !!

  • Jan Maverick M. Diaz
    Jan Maverick M. Diaz 2 years ago

    That man right there has a bright future. He learned a lot from this fight. It's like when floyd defeated canelo. After that fight canelo evolved a lot from what he learned.

  • Ryan Rxs
    Ryan Rxs 3 years ago +808

    A trashtalker but a clean fighter, i pay my respect to Thurman.


      it was an experiment on his end if he won we would've saw a diff thurman

    • Marky Lincoln
      Marky Lincoln Year ago

      100%percent i respect thurman.he has a clean fight.

    • SAKTO TV
      SAKTO TV Year ago

      he just selling the fights

      BOXING TV 2 years ago

      not like mayweather

    • Sticky Rice
      Sticky Rice 2 years ago

      @enzocarl He did that to sell the fight lol you know nothing about boxing kid

  • night watch
    night watch 2 months ago +1

    In terms of its effect on Keith's career, he didn't lose. In fact, his performance here proved his abilities in my eyes. He lost only because HE DID NOTHING after this fight. He has squandered the opportunities his raised profile gave him. I just shake my head and think, what a waste

  • felipe giron jr.
    felipe giron jr. 2 years ago

    Congrats sir Boboy and coach Freddie for your teamwork that leads to victory, specially in Manny's every fight!

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown Year ago +1

    Yo I really respect Thurman after this fight and press conference

  • Akuma Shinichi
    Akuma Shinichi Year ago +10

    Never underestimate Manny Pacquiao's God cause his God gave him the speed and the power.Great fight tho

  • Inos DJ
    Inos DJ 3 years ago +44

    The world's hearts goes out to Manny Pacquiao!!! He is the best example what a true legend is and should be!!!

  • Felix L
    Felix L 3 months ago

    Thurman is displaying such great sportsmanship. He accepted his loss and was humbled by Manny. I guess in a sense, Pac-Man did teach him a lesson. Lol 😆 🤣 If you're reading this Thurman (which I know you will) it's nothing but love and good laughter. Respect to you and Pac-Man for such a spectacular fight! 💯 well done sir! 👏

  • Brendan Kyle
    Brendan Kyle 2 years ago +1

    action speaks louder than words💯💪

  • Austin The Son
    Austin The Son Year ago

    Respect for Thurman for giving good fight!

  • Nana Sec
    Nana Sec Year ago

    My respect for Thurman is growing more n more..he lost but still he is not like other boxers who lost but talk trashes..he respect Manny n admit his defeat..a person who admit defeat will soar high for sure..he is still young n will be a boxing lagend in his later years..respect Thurman

  • Jack Kali
    Jack Kali 3 years ago +296

    Hate by Few
    Love by Many
    Congratulation Manny Pacquiao.
    The greatest ever....🤜🤛

    • Philip Wenceslao
      Philip Wenceslao 3 years ago

      Joshua kelly vs manny pacquiao

    • Miyagi FatGhost
      Miyagi FatGhost 3 years ago +2

      Pac is a Legend buttttt when yo ass gets slept like he (Face down on canvas) that automatically takes you out the run for Greatest Boxer ever!!
      He is a Great Man tho that 4real

    • bmpc1984
      bmpc1984 3 years ago +6

      @Sean P. Lmao!!! You must be a Floyd fan, because everything you said is completely false!!! 😂😂😂

  • Paul Furnival
    Paul Furnival Year ago +1

    Great to see someone lose in that fashion Thurman just gain a fan in me so humble he will definitely go far 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Tony Amaya
    Tony Amaya 2 years ago

    Some fighters need to learn how to accept a defeat just like Thurman did. My respect for him.

  • Jake Flo
    Jake Flo 2 years ago

    This is example of a real man, honest and true to everyone and himself, I respect you Kieth.

  • Mik Jagger
    Mik Jagger Year ago

    he lost to a really great fighter. a legend in boxing, and the one and only 8 division champ in the history of boxing.

  • The 10th Man
    The 10th Man 3 years ago +436

    Thurman deserves respect, it was a good and clean fight...

    • Teddy Tadd
      Teddy Tadd 3 years ago +2

      @Lamar Williams i hope many retires soon! He did the impossible already. i would not like to see him turn out to be like Ali, crippled! pray that you stop Pacman! Your family needs you more! Boxing will still pay you with other kinds of jobs! America loves you too and me!

    • Christian Joseph
      Christian Joseph 3 years ago

      True,,he almost beat pacman..Filipino here

    • DarnelltheGemini
      DarnelltheGemini 3 years ago

      No he do not deserbe respect. How you gone call Pacman out and not deliver

    • Poli Gonzo
      Poli Gonzo 3 years ago

      Yeah Manny at 30 will be to much for Thurman, to much, 40 is good, he won't beat him to much 🤣

    • Kris Susan
      Kris Susan 3 years ago +1

      You are so right Hisoka baby 👍🏻

  • Herbert cabral
    Herbert cabral 2 years ago +3

    Thurman: A blessing and a lesson... True enough🙏

  • MojoTV
    MojoTV Year ago

    A legend inspiring upcoming legends. Pacman has that effect of people.

  • Yoan Ngada
    Yoan Ngada 2 months ago +1

    Pacquiao "Mudah untuk mengatakan sesuatu,tapi sulit untuk membuktikannya!!!

  • Nathan Hymphone
    Nathan Hymphone 3 months ago +1

    Pacquiao admire Thurman because He knows how great Thurman was. In the Philippines we're just hoping that Thurman can beat Errol and Crawford. These 2 guys scared to Pacquiao but thurman choices Pacquiao to be his opponent.

  • Kevdogg
    Kevdogg 3 years ago +290

    I like it when a elite fighter knows he’s lost and doesn’t blame anyone but himself. Thurman is a great analyst.

  • Leanard Poon
    Leanard Poon 2 years ago +2

    Manny just raised Thurman up as a warrior, gave encouragement as an excellent fighter and that his boxing journey was just starting. Actually, in the boxing world Thurman should end his career like Hatton and De La Hoya, lest he get embarrassed again in a rematch.