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Demetrious Johnson: The Man the UFC Erased

  • Published on Aug 25, 2022
  • What happened to Demetrious Johnson? (Exile of the Mighty Mouse, 2022)
    #ONEonPrimeVideo1 | Fri Aug 26 at 8PM ET
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  • Patrick Gavia
    Patrick Gavia  6 months ago +696

    Thank you all for watching! Here's my Patreon if you want your name in the credits on the next video 😉 www.patreon.com/patrickgavia

    • moshpit89
      moshpit89 2 months ago

      damn dude. one of the best videos i've seen on the internet, and i'm here for about 22 years by now. incredible footage, editing, script.

    • naruto00nix
      naruto00nix 2 months ago

      was this video meant to be a documentary? because the entire thing was made up like it is the intro to a documentary XD

    • Warren Nicholson Y. Fernando
      Warren Nicholson Y. Fernando 2 months ago

      This is one of my biggest gripes with the UFC. Johnson got a raw deal. He's had his share of knock outs and submissions.

  • Motocross Supercross
    Motocross Supercross 6 months ago +4414

    DJ seems like the exact type of man you want in the spotlight to show us young men what it means to be a true gentleman. It’s sad that I haven’t heard of him and his amazing values more!

    • False HXPE
      False HXPE 20 days ago

      Check out his youtube channel

    • Big D
      Big D Month ago

      Yes I hope whoever is reading this, don’t get too caught up in this UFC or Circus. They’re getting payed to do this. Focus in real life, on yourself more.

    • DaKrawnik420
      DaKrawnik420 Month ago +1

      DJ doesn't represent the clowns in North America. He has honour.

    • Chai
      Chai Month ago

      @Rambi people always want 2b superior than others while watching fight vids even though they can't fight, but they think they can, on some other things, like volcab. Its like if u go 2 school much, u can earn more respect,....n start doing the bulling in yt .all over the place 😎

    • Moshe I
      Moshe I Month ago

      Because it's not profitable to them and it would be profitable to us.

  • Henrique Matias
    Henrique Matias Month ago +434

    Knowing that he didn't even make championship money in the UFC (500k) and is now making more than 800k per fight is insane. Super happy for him, what a guy and what an athelete.

    • Po1arz
      Po1arz 3 days ago

      @Jayreid98 making a promise to your dead father isn’t running away? He promised that whenever his father passed he would retire guess you didn’t get the memo

    • Mike Perry MMA Clips
      Mike Perry MMA Clips 8 days ago

      @E. Nicholas Relevo That's because the average height in the Philippines is like 5ft 2

    • Phillip Petschow
      Phillip Petschow 15 days ago +3

      How do you know how much he makes? (No criticism) hard to find reliable info these days.

    • E. Nicholas Relevo
      E. Nicholas Relevo 17 days ago +6

      @Jason Olinger nah, we like faster fighters more than heavyweights. Like in the Philippines there is Manny Pacquiao and such.

    • Jason Olinger
      Jason Olinger 20 days ago +6

      I believe it is because a large number of the asian population is smaller so they appreciate the little guys which is why Dj get paid more in other organizations.

  • Arthur Daffos
    Arthur Daffos 3 months ago +436

    Seeing where DJ is at and Conor is at right now, really speaks a lot. DJ may earn less, but he seems to have a more stable life with a better environment to support him

    • Avery Johnson
      Avery Johnson Month ago +21

      ​@Steven GwaP so it's not a persona lol

    • Steven GwaP
      Steven GwaP Month ago +5

      @what you mean my Boi good point, let me rephrase what I said. IF Connor wanted to, he could have a more stable life while still being able to capitalize on his drama. But he CHOOSES to put himself in dangerous situations and environments

    • what you mean my Boi
      what you mean my Boi Month ago +34

      @Steven GwaP Conor has ties to the irish mob and sometimes drives in extreamly load cars through his home town and knock people out at the pub you call that stable?

    • Steven GwaP
      Steven GwaP Month ago +10

      I disagree....Conors fighting persona is mostly fake, Conor just understands the value of entertainment and capitalizes on it. DJ doesn't care for it. To each their own. Doesn't mean Conors environment is less supportive and less stable.

  • Leo Mathlein
    Leo Mathlein 4 months ago +630

    This story is so unreal it could actually be turned into a movie. Demetrious deserves everything

    • God's Will
      God's Will 3 days ago

      God's Will
      0 seconds ago
      You are correct and again not. Blame the machine that is the UFC and those that support wanting unstable fighters as the face of the UFC.

    • solomon
      solomon 9 days ago

      @Luke Powell Dude refused to move up in weight class in the ufc. Wanted to stay at flyweight where he could dominate. One of the worst rated divisions in the ufc that was going to be shut down. He was scared to move up to bantam or feather and somehow he’s the greatest? Dude was ducking Dillashaw at bantam. Dude refused to compete in a stacked weight class that he should have been in to begin with.

    • solomon
      solomon 9 days ago

      @Luke Powell because he was in one of the worst rated divisions in the ufc.

    • Luke Powell
      Luke Powell 10 days ago

      @karv so why is has he won a championship twice?

  • L P
    L P 3 months ago +205

    What the hell? I can’t believe I didn’t know about him and his life. Thank you man, I’m a huge fan now of him and you as well for doing good in the world. Ah god that ending with Cejudo brought tears to my eyes..

    • theorjan1
      theorjan1 Month ago +13

      @Henry Cruz Ever heard about movies? You know, the ones with people you don't know? Yeah, people sometimes cry at those too, what a crazy concept

    • Anonymous Anonymous
      Anonymous Anonymous 2 months ago +12

      @Henry CruzYes, that’s… what he said…

    • Henry Cruz
      Henry Cruz 2 months ago +2

      You didn't know him till this video, and it brought tears to your eyes???

  • badbabybear1
    badbabybear1 2 months ago +87

    As a smaller guy and fan of the technical aspect of MMA, I've always been a Mighty Mouse fan. Guy is so well-rounded and a class act outside the cage. He deserves way more attention and respect.

    • Markus Wilson
      Markus Wilson 18 days ago +1

      I’m glad this video is getting millions of views. It’ll spread the message of DJ’s greatness, and show what an honorable man looks like to all these Conor and Masvidal fans.

  • Adam Largent
    Adam Largent 6 months ago +4936

    This is one of the most epic stories never told about one man becoming bigger than the UFC. Fighters deserve to be valued. I'm rooting for you DJ.

    • Avijit
      Avijit 4 months ago

      Frankly speaking, nobody cares about DJ anymore. UFC is the only organization that people care about.

    • The Wolf of Debt Collections
      The Wolf of Debt Collections 5 months ago

      This is a job and at the end of the day it's how you Market yourself. So he could be as good as he wants to be but if he's not doing his job at all aspects then this is what happens to you and you can go find a nine to five instead

    • mac deradder
      mac deradder 5 months ago

      This is a mad confusing video.

  • Bon S
    Bon S 4 months ago +84

    8:36 gave me goosebumps. ONE's showmanship is on another level. What an awesome decision for DJ to go with them.

    • just sayin'
      just sayin' 15 days ago +1

      @F CON me too. One is all about fighting and their rules are very interesting, while the UFC is more like WWE

    • F CON
      F CON Month ago +11

      It took all the best parts of Pride and brought it back to life! I've been so glad to see another league able to shake off the stranglehold UFC has had on the sport. I watch every event Amazon airs, and have even started looking forward to One FC cards MORE than UFC's.

  • mano a mano
    mano a mano 2 months ago +40

    I've NEVER thought of an MMA top five without including Mighty Mouse. Undisputable. People who appreciate the fighting arts know he is among the all-time greatest.

  • Jeoni Tao
    Jeoni Tao 3 months ago +82

    In a world driven by money and popularity, there is still a star that shines in the sea of art. Much respect for dude

  • Joshua Allen
    Joshua Allen Month ago +17

    An intentional father, humble fighter, and a work horse….. officially my favorite MMA fighter.

  • K K Peru
    K K Peru 2 months ago +6

    Wow the fact that he replied so humbly “still working on it,” and “not quite there yet,” makes him a great person in my book.

  • Barry wHite F.T.W.
    Barry wHite F.T.W. 6 months ago +1457

    “I'm nervous because I don't know what a father does.”
    That hit me right there.

    • xdeevex
      xdeevex 3 months ago +2

      100% honest and relatable. Being a parent is fucking scary, especially when you didn't have a solid father figure in your life growing up.

    • Anthony Pensero
      Anthony Pensero 5 months ago

      My eyes watered up immediately

    • GEEK B.
      GEEK B. 6 months ago

      On god that hit me hard asf

    • boundbyhonor
      boundbyhonor 6 months ago

      @Areté who said anything about replicating? lol

  • Gían Torres
    Gían Torres 2 months ago +36

    Mighty Mouse is honestly a great role model, he has what we all want in life. I nice comfortable life, family man and no drama. I’m striving and I think he makes me feel better for doing what I’m doing today. Hustling at two jobs and taking care of business.

  • Tim Pool, Beanie Civil Warlord

    What a truly great story! I love fighters that have the wherewithal to possess some humility, like GSP. Hearing that Cejudo came out to help DJ train is awesome and really heartwarming.

  • Nick S
    Nick S 4 months ago +63

    seeing henry and dj together training gave me goosebumps. What a training duo that would be, monsters!

  • William Charles
    William Charles 3 months ago +23

    What a fantastic video. Very well done. I first met DJ years ago at AMC in Kirkland and when not training he had one of those travel rigs with his Xbox at the gym. He really is just as chill and approachable as he appears and I love that no matter what he was always himself. Nothing wasted and nothing fake. While he may not market well in the US next to "acts" like Conor he is easily the hardest-working man in MMA.
    Keep up the great work on the videos.

  • Little Motivation
    Little Motivation 2 months ago +20

    This is like watching a 'Rocky 'film. A nice guy working his way up and getting helped by his opponent. Truly inspiring!

  • mcdick
    mcdick 6 months ago +1618

    imagine being such a prime specimen of what a man could and should aspire to be in but even more important outside of the cage just to get sidelined because you are such an awesome down to earth man and father.

  • Digby Skellington
    Digby Skellington Month ago +14

    This is incredibly well made, and it makes me wish I'd understood DJ better as a human being during his UFC run. Thanks for this.

  • 1KSandbergen
    1KSandbergen 22 days ago +5

    Holy crap this gave me goosebumps and a greater appreciation for Mighty Mouse even though I already loved the guy! I'll be sure to follow him more closely.

  • Wael Taji
    Wael Taji 2 months ago +5

    What an amazing documentary. So much love for Demetrious Johnson and the spirit of manhood and chivalry that he embodies in all aspects of his life

  • Borja Urrea
    Borja Urrea 4 months ago +24

    You’re my champ DJ. What an example of how a MMA superstar, a father, and a man of his community should behave in and out of the cage. P4P king

  • AdequateQuality
    AdequateQuality 2 months ago +14

    I can only take solace in the fact that some of the greatest UFC fighters still pick DJ to be their GOAT in MMA and speak so highly of him. Goes to show how vastly different the understanding and perspective is from the fans and the actual fighters.

  • Ronny ChristEnjoyer
    Ronny ChristEnjoyer 7 months ago +4076

    He's actually really incredible, like, in and outside the ring.

    • Ashraf Ramadhan
      Ashraf Ramadhan 6 months ago

      @Frank E ahh then what?

    • Frank E
      Frank E 6 months ago

      @Ashraf Ramadhan No, I'm not talking about his height.

    • Ashraf Ramadhan
      Ashraf Ramadhan 6 months ago

      @Frank E
      Nah he would say the opposite, are you talking about him being short? There's a video online about what tate says about short dudes, he says you play with the cards you're dealt, and if you make it then you're better. I am paraphrasing, watch the vid.

    • carlito.m
      carlito.m 6 months ago

      As an Enrique fan, I’ve been blindsided, I never realised DJ was such a great person. aúpa

  • Valerie Карреон • 80 years ago

    Thank you for sharing such an awesome man’s story, truly a gentleman that’s worthy of admiration. Can’t believe that because he isn’t willing to disrespect his opponents he’s shat on by the UFC. A righteous warrior. 👑

  • Arun Gopi
    Arun Gopi Month ago +1

    He is the real warrior, sports world needs more people like him.

    INFO PERANG 23 days ago +4

    I just know him when he fought Rodtang and i hate him because he beat Rodtang. But when i know he is humble guy just like Rodtang, man he got my respect. And now i'm the new fan of him 😊😊😊

  • Aion
    Aion 2 months ago +3

    Think I may have found a new role model. That's what real men act like. Family is so important and he's humble. I vibe with this man on so many levels

  • Robs Onez
    Robs Onez 3 months ago +3

    Very sad that fighters like this aren't held up as lead examples.

  • Samuel James
    Samuel James 5 months ago +1346

    God damn man, what a doc. The part where Cejudo shows up and they're training together actually got me choked up. This was a hell of a video man - from one film maker to another, you crushed this.

    • Rashid Sa'di
      Rashid Sa'di 2 months ago +4

      Henry cejudo and DJ working together give me rocky balboa and Apollo creed vibes lol 😂

    • Dave
      Dave 2 months ago +1

      Cejudo seriously needs more recognition for that

    • Taliban Elohim
      Taliban Elohim 2 months ago

      It genuinely put a smile on my face 😁

    • Dante Kai Ren
      Dante Kai Ren 2 months ago +1

      totally agree!!! the music too was super fitting. the moment Cejudo came up, WOW, just like a movie scene.

  • Clemens Limberg
    Clemens Limberg 5 days ago

    What a beautiful and sad story at the same time! Thanks for making such epic content!

  • Joel Martinez
    Joel Martinez 2 months ago +3

    Makes me happy someone made a doc about him. He has always been my favorite fighter…the most complete fighter you’ll have in MMA.

  • diamondrmp
    diamondrmp 2 months ago +3

    There is nothing in the fight game better than a humble beast!!

  • HKSMan05
    HKSMan05 2 months ago +5

    between this man and GSP MMA has given us some rolemodels to be proud of

  • Arpan Bhowmik
    Arpan Bhowmik 2 months ago +3

    Not a fan of UFC or any martial art games. But I think I can get behind a person like him. Humble and wise.

  • Collin
    Collin 7 months ago +8540

    I literally just watched DJ beat Moraes the same way Moraes beat him in the first fight and become the ONE flyweight champion. Absolutely incredible. What a legend

    • Alexander Martin
      Alexander Martin 18 days ago

      The timing on DJ’s knee was absolute perfection.

    • Aldo Garcia
      Aldo Garcia 6 months ago

      @AceHachimanGuitar 😂

    • Apocalypse Now
      Apocalypse Now 6 months ago +1

      How beautiful was that knee. It was Sagat Tiger Knee in real life. This man is an absolute legend and for me, the greatest UFC champ of all time. A good man, nice guy and absolutely deadly in the cage.

  • Mind Slayer
    Mind Slayer Month ago +1

    DJ is the greatest champion in UFC history. He carried himself like a champion and he performed like a champion. He never acted out of his element and he stuck to his own code of conduct. Mighty Mouse is what every champion should strive to mirror.

  • MCguy52
    MCguy52 3 months ago +6

    I've always been a Mighty Mouse fan. He's the type of guy you aspire to be.

  • Tagavedu
    Tagavedu 2 months ago +5

    Might be a "boring" character,but man what an amazing story arc this guy has.

  • Doctor Pedro García Arteagoitia

    DJ was the fighter most appreciated by people who really know this sport . He and Jon Jones are the most complete fighters. They really set the highest standard of MMA. After ten years, in the future, all the fighters will be as complete as they are now. Then the MMA will achive age of majority.

  • Mike
    Mike 3 months ago +4

    I had the privilege of meeting DJ at AMC in Kirkland while training and I can honestly say he the best type of person truly a stand up guy

  • Never Look Back
    Never Look Back 7 months ago +2581

    Dana mentioning Conor and Ronda Rousey as top goats instead of the likes of Demetrious, Khabib, and Aldo made his list such a joke 😂😂

    • Ibro Treeshalot
      Ibro Treeshalot Day ago

      Dana List Is About Who Made Him The Most Money

    • m
      m Day ago

      You forgot Jon Jones

    • Leonardo Devinci
      Leonardo Devinci 4 days ago

      Khabib ain’t a goat, he doesn’t have enough fights in the ufc or title defences

      CMLAFLAMME 6 days ago +1

      ​@7moz Khabib was dominant, and the number 29-0 is impressive. That said, of those 29 wins.. 4 were against top ranked fighters, and he only had 3 title defenses.
      All those things considered.. he doesn't have the resume to be in the GOAT conversation. Definitely in the top ten conversation though.

    • TheGuestOfHonour
      TheGuestOfHonour 8 days ago

      @7moz khabib is not top 5, half of khabib fights are against street beefs level opponents.

  • Snazzz
    Snazzz 5 days ago

    I didn't know all this about DJ
    Now i respect him to the fullest capacity.
    God bless him , his family and his career.
    Men like him are the type of men needed in this crazy world.

  • Morgan van Humbeck
    Morgan van Humbeck Month ago +1

    Greatest father. Worst champ. He's got his priorities dead on. So much respect to this man

  • Andrew Pirie
    Andrew Pirie 2 months ago +2

    This is an awesome short doc. Not many MMA videos get me a little choked up, but Demetrious seems like the kind of real hero the should be on the pedestal.

  • Bob Arnolf
    Bob Arnolf 3 months ago +7

    I never found DJ's fights boring, he always puts on a master class in his bouts. I spend half the year in the Philippines so I still get to see him fight regularly.

  • Jalruz Rodriguez
    Jalruz Rodriguez 3 months ago +3

    Dj doesn't need to prove himself. He's completely happy with what he does and he's proud of it. His performance in the ring always speaks for how a type of fighter he is. He's a legend, I personally respect him. I'm happy he is doing very well in ONE championship 💪🐭⚡

  • c0der1020
    c0der1020 6 months ago +1217

    It's honestly amazing how successful the UFC has become when you realize just how bad they are at marketing their fighters. There was absolutely no need for DJ to be a loud mouth trashtalker. All the UFC had to do to get people invested in him was show his true story. Make a documentary just like this one. Sure people like drama, but people also like an underdog that they can relate to.
    DJ was not seen as an underdog because all we saw of him was the professional side where he dominated. Had we been shown his personal side and his struggles in life he would have been seen as the underdog that made it, plus he would have been extremely relateable to a lot of people.

    • Blayne Greiner
      Blayne Greiner Month ago

      @Cody Garbrandt Letting someone make an asshat out of themselves by keeping a camera on them is not "promoting" a fighter. That's the absolute bare minimum most lazy thing an organization can do.

    • Jabran Ali Babry
      Jabran Ali Babry 6 months ago +3

      @Evan Payton it's a WWE model

  • Bwaas
    Bwaas 2 months ago +2

    This was quite fascinating to watch. For me somebody who actually saw UFC 1, And has kept up with the sport over the years. I did not know of the political ins and outs, And Downfalls of DJ's style. I guess the sport has always had a fair amount of WWE type hype around it. Interesting to see how they did DJ dirty, And how he's come back.

  • Isaiah Stackleather

    I would love an analysis of DJ’s and Cejudo’s relationship. I haven’t watched either of their fights but thought it was a beautiful gesture that Cejudo helped him prepare for a rematch. Talk about sportsmanship and comraderie

  • RobeRonin
    RobeRonin Month ago +1

    Not just a GOAT in the sport but a good man!

  • Wullie
    Wullie 4 days ago

    This man is the definition of a champ

  • CK ONE
    CK ONE Month ago

    DJ is everything you want as a fighter. Character, integrity, honor. He has the warrior spirit. He’s a Shogun. He’s Yamatodamashi!

  • hccmath87
    hccmath87 7 months ago +735

    He’s exactly what we need to look up to in the sport yet Dana didn’t like him. He’s a good family man and a fighter, so many young men without fathers could’ve benefited from seeing his story here in America

    • O-Wolf
      O-Wolf 6 months ago +1

      @Vish exactly! It's funny how when Jon Jones first started out they SPECIFICALLY went out of their way to market him as this clean cut perfect dudley do right who demolishes ppl in the ring.. then when he failed to live up to that as anyone would &ended up going even further in the other direction they cast him aside
      So yeh Dana is definitely the problem

    • Mark
      Mark 6 months ago

      @D Watson Really? I got the sense he always wanted Francis to become champ over Stipe.

    • Obi Amajoyi Sr., MD
      Obi Amajoyi Sr., MD 6 months ago +4

      @MelonWaterMelon he should because most men want to be remembered. It legacy. When Dana is gone, no one will miss him. No one will remember him. He’s just another shady businessman, plus he’s got that don king promoter shit goin on. Wants to be all in the cameras and shit.
      The fact is he can make money hand over fast, AND do something special. They are not mutually exclusive.

    • Benicio Navaira
      Benicio Navaira 6 months ago

      @Nick H Can we ignore his losses at Bantam weight tho. He was one of the best at Bantam weight, to never hold the belt.And when the UFC started the flyweight division it was late in the game. Because 90% of flyweight division had already fought in the Bantam division. If you followed the Bantam division, then you knew the flyweight division, was a bunch of fighters ranking under DJ.The ufc was basically recycling Bantam fighters into the flyweight division. It's like when Rhonda fought in the women's division, there wasn't enough competition at the time.

  • Oliver Earnshaw
    Oliver Earnshaw 2 months ago +2

    The absolute embodiment of what martial arts should be

  • griggy_
    griggy_ 2 months ago +3

    I know next to nothing about the world of MMA and such but what a documentary man. The part where "guess who decides to help him" gave me goosebumps man.

  • Masterpiece
    Masterpiece 2 months ago

    Mad respect for DJ for the man he is!!!
    Great documentary 👍🏾

  • Jugi
    Jugi Month ago

    I didn't know about Cejudo helping DJ. That literally sent shivers down my spine in a good way.

  • Davis Tyer
    Davis Tyer 4 months ago +1

    Amazing story of an amazing fighter and gentleman. Such an inspiration the UFC does not know what kind of mistake they made!

  • Ricky Rushton
    Ricky Rushton 7 months ago +837

    It's a damn shame how the UFC treated him. Literally one of if not the greatest fighter of all time and a great human being on top of that. But I guess it's all about the headlines and not about skill, hard work, and being a good role model. Real fans know how good he was and still is! And I'm greatful that I was able to watch him compete. He's what a martial artist should be. Glad he is getting some respect over in ONE FC. Let's go 🐐🐁

    • TKG TKG
      TKG TKG 5 months ago

      @Black Is power clowns recognize clowns

    • Black Is power
      Black Is power 6 months ago +1

      DANA WHITE is a 🤡

    • Andy
      Andy 6 months ago +1

      @Ricky Rushton Colby is a bad example because he’s a great fighter.

    • Gregg
      Gregg 6 months ago

      @Baal Berith yeah, basically DJ doesn't like unfairness so he left.
      He's beaten guys bigger than him his whole career because he's smaller than everyone... He just ran because he got butt hurt essentially.

  • egg
    egg 3 months ago +2

    So poetic how cejudo and mighty mouse came together as friends and training partners

    • Jaylen Link
      Jaylen Link 3 months ago

      Basically the plot of rocky 3.

  • OompaLoompaFu
    OompaLoompaFu 2 months ago +1

    This was really well done!
    Fight documentaries on X-vid are a dime a dozen and so I had overlooked this a number of times, but honestly the graphic with Demetrious Johnson getting "dusted" ala The Avengers Infinity War had me click it for a moment. You can usually tell within a few seconds if the quality will be high, and it was, so I finished the whole thing. Next up I'll watch your video on Tyson Fury. And I just hit "subscribe".
    You gotta amend the video showing that DJ won the rematch against Moraes in the exact same way he had lost! Henry Cejudo's training, to quote Israel Adesanya, is "some movie type shit" and it worked. Brilliant conclusion to the DJ saga thus far

  • Kushy Couch
    Kushy Couch 5 months ago +2

    To make it better he just got one of the cleaning kos I’ve seen a while. Slipped a strike, stumbled Adriano with a counter straight then tracked and finished him with a flying knee. Dudes just a beast

  • João Marcos Souza
    João Marcos Souza 28 days ago

    He's not being erased, he just made his division insignificant and his loss was the great thing that happened to the division

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith 3 months ago +3

    I feel like ONE has always been a fantastic fit for him. DJ being a passionate martial arts purist in ONE with other guys that are assassins in that company made that place even better and more interesting.

  • Jermaine
    Jermaine 7 months ago +822

    The “guess who decides to help him” part mixed with the music damn near brought a tear to my eye. Epic job.

    • Virat Yadav
      Virat Yadav 6 months ago

      Anyone got the title of the background music towards the end ?

    • C Davidson
      C Davidson 6 months ago +1

      Good on Henry...its the least he could do after that bs decision he was gifted.

    • Mike D
      Mike D 6 months ago

      @Peter McDonald Darude - Sandstorm

    • Edward Amaral
      Edward Amaral 6 months ago +1

      Me too. I got chills.

  • SkillfulScott
    SkillfulScott 2 months ago +2

    Thanks for making this I’ve always loved watching him and wish he got the credit he deserved

  • F CON
    F CON Month ago

    Man, this highlights what I always loved about DJ. Not only is he one of the most talented fighters of all time, but he respects every opportunity life has given him, and values what he's earned. That's the biggest thing that separates him from McGregor and Jones - not only is he a better fighter, he's a better human being. Khabib is the only other recent fighter that I think exemplified that as well as DJ (even if he did let McGregor's goading get the better of him on occasion).

  • Podge McLeod
    Podge McLeod 2 months ago +2

    DJ is a true legend. A true champion.

  • GreyException
    GreyException Month ago

    Well rounded fighter and person. A true GOAT.

  • Kowareta Kenshi
    Kowareta Kenshi Month ago

    He is the best pound for pound fighter who has ever stepped in the octagon. Khabib is a close second for me as his destruction of the league was unseen from a stranger like him before, he couldn’t be touched but mighty mouses run, his defences, his ability to shift to one and take on and beat some of their greatest YOUNG talent just proves the man is adaptable no matter the show, the fight vs rodtang was a masterclass, he doesn’t need the fake drama of the UFC he just needs to continuing proving he is the best to those of us who don’t care about the numbers.

  • None None
    None None 7 months ago +997

    That fucking killed me man, when he said he was nervous cause he didn’t know what a father does.
    He was, and still is, one of the GOATs.
    As a person, as a fighter, as a father.

    • Apocalypse Now
      Apocalypse Now 6 months ago +1

      For me DJ is the MMA goat. His record is impeccable. His loss to Adriano came because he forgot the rules in One about knees to downed opponents. But he came back with that epic knee to win the belt back. What a champ and what a great guy overall. UFC made a HUGE mistake letting him go. But he is way more appreciated in Asia. The crowd love the flashiness but first and foremost,, they repect fighters and arw knowledgeable fans. They all know DJ is THE GOAT

    • Pax Humana
      Pax Humana 6 months ago

      @None None , correction, he always had one, namely, his Heavenly Father.

    • stephencarlsbad
      stephencarlsbad 6 months ago

      @None None Makes perfect sense. And sometimes thats actually better than having a bad father.

    • None None
      None None 6 months ago +2

      @stephencarlsbad yeah, we do.
      But he didn’t have a father around, and for him to say that, hit different for me.

  • Endre Eftevand
    Endre Eftevand 3 months ago +1

    Thank you for telling the story the UFC refused to tell

  • Asogan Moodaly
    Asogan Moodaly 24 days ago

    Going to give ONE FC much more attention going forward. Good on them. It’s appalling that a true role model like DJ was shafted this badly. Thanks for this great video that creates more awareness

  • Kyle Buddo
    Kyle Buddo Month ago

    Mate the way you put this together was beautiful. I’ll admit I don’t watch pride and didn’t know much about what DJ did after he left the UFC. This was incredible.

  • Lol1976
    Lol1976 3 months ago +1

    Agreed. Most talented guy we’ve ever seen. He could do everything

  • Marcus Route
    Marcus Route 12 days ago +1

    Credit to Dj and Cejudo for helping with his camp. Respect!

  • Truc T
    Truc T 6 months ago +598

    One of the most humble fighters ever to grace our presence. Nothing but respect for this man!

    • Emmitt Maximus
      Emmitt Maximus 6 months ago

      ay man i just uploaded my first amateur boxing match lmk what you think 🔥🥊

  • Jesse Charity
    Jesse Charity 2 months ago +1

    DJ is the man. So happy for him and his family. Love his gaming streams. Wish him nothing but success

  • DangerMouSe
    DangerMouSe 4 months ago +2

    DJ is the goat in mma. Any martial artist with enough experience under their belt know this. American mma audiences unfortunately haven't been trained to appreciate the incredible level of skill he displays & that's the fault of the UFC. We also need to elevate ppl like him who triumphed in their personal life.

  • Rob E.
    Rob E. 3 months ago +1

    And the story book ending with DJ knocking out Moraes with a spectacular knee. He’s the GOAT

  • Jordan Roberts
    Jordan Roberts 4 months ago +1

    The humbleness of this guy to ask for help from someone who people put against you with such a strong dislike shows how much of a class act this guy is UFC took the L on that trade btw

  • Tristan Edwards
    Tristan Edwards 4 months ago +4

    DJ is an incredible fighter, it's more a reflection on our culture then it is a knock on DJ. People are more interested in people with low values like Jones and Connor that cheat on their wifes than people with strong morale code like DJ. Make your money DJ and enjoy the good life you have earned!

  • it's me
    it's me 7 months ago +490

    Beautiful mini documentary. Makes you really root for him in life. Everyone deserves a father and husband like DJ.

  • Eric L
    Eric L 2 months ago

    It's crazy how much this video still resonates, DJ deserves better from the UFC

  • Thomas Davies
    Thomas Davies 3 months ago

    wow, wow wow wow…that made me emotional at the end what a story what a guy what a sport bunch of savages but it’s good to know the best has their head screwed on right, what a warrior

  • DubcityTX
    DubcityTX 4 months ago +2

    Such good quality. Well done sir. You made it all feel like a movie and unlike hollywood, no BS dramatization. Just facts and events how they played out.

  • Rob O'Brien
    Rob O'Brien 2 months ago

    He's a legend 🙌

  • zero11010
    zero11010 3 months ago +2

    This was really beautifully produced. 👍
    Thanks for putting out such great content!

  • Godd
    Godd 6 months ago +554

    The fact Cejudo came through to back him up and train with him amazed me that was real brotherhood there, made me cry.

    • Aplias 20
      Aplias 20 4 months ago +1

      Henry NEVER WON

    • Dustin A
      Dustin A 4 months ago

      The real Rocky Apollo story right here

    • Dan Al
      Dan Al 4 months ago

      @Ingemar Oskar well good he has talent so attention is what he needs. Awesome job for the agent.
      The point of the video was to show that talent alone doesn’t sell tickets.

    • John Garrett
      John Garrett 4 months ago +1

      @Ingemar Oskar nah, people just get emotional sometimes, its not that complicated

    • Ingemar Oskar
      Ingemar Oskar 4 months ago

      You do realise that it was his agents decision to train with his ex "nemesis"? I'm not an insensitive guy at all, but this "oh I'm crying now" bs has just recently become a thing. Why? Because it's draws attention

  • Gunnar Peterson
    Gunnar Peterson 3 months ago

    The way he won the rematch is insane as well, the exact same combination he got caught with

  • Rafael Santos
    Rafael Santos 3 months ago +1

    respect for this guy, supper humble, always profissional, its a shame dana white can't see that

  • Remainder
    Remainder 2 months ago

    I wish I was a kid again and I wish I knew of DJ at the time. What a hero.

  • C. Richardson
    C. Richardson 2 months ago +3

    can't lie, i was in the feels when he spoke about his childhood and not knowing what a dad is supposed to do.
    Then 10:52 had me 😆😢 i didn't realized CCC reconnected with him to help him train to win in ONE. That's some moving shit.
    Excellent video!

  • Erik Capozzi
    Erik Capozzi 3 months ago +2

    To see him and cejudo together training gives me chills..I know cejudo is a loud mouth but man is he good

    TRANSFORMATION 7 months ago +455

    His strength of character is immense. He had every excuse to cultivate a destructive lifestyle but he made a positive & progressive paradigm shifting choice. An awesome family Man, an inspiration to all & a great fighter. Multiple Championship belts but still humble.

    • Gustavo Silva
      Gustavo Silva 6 months ago +4

      Dang, you wrote beautifully (I'm gonna steal "paradigm shift")

    • Ahighshowdownthrowdown
      Ahighshowdownthrowdown 7 months ago +8

      I think you can tribute that too Matt Hume.DJs coach and mentor.Hr probably had an immense impact on DJs life as a father figure

    • ThinkBefore YouType
      ThinkBefore YouType 7 months ago +13

      Exactly! He has what some of the biggest fighters don’t have which is RESPECT from basically every other fighters.

  • Fernando C West
    Fernando C West 4 months ago

    What a humble man.

  • Ezio
    Ezio 3 months ago +1

    DJ was my fave UFC fighter. Very consistent, no drama outside the ring, and very professional. An exemplary fighter and individual outside the ring.
    But at the end of the day it is a money-making endeavor.
    I just wish the best for DJ and his family.