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Starfall: will House Dayne save Westeros?

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023

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  • Curtis
    Curtis Month ago +100

    I just realized how stacked Aerys' Kingsguard were. He probably had the 3 best swordsmen alive at the time. Arthur Dayne, Barristan Selmy, and Jaime Lannister.

    • Miles West
      Miles West 2 days ago

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    • Isac Strand
      Isac Strand 19 days ago +8

      Of all time

  • Álvaro Corrêa César Santos

    It's incredible how much Brandon Stark was personally close to Robert Baratheon (confident, full of themselves, hot head, fuckboys) and Ned was more close to Stannis.

    • Antidote4231
      Antidote4231 2 days ago

      I feel stannis and Robert are more extreme than Brandon and Ned but the point still stands stannis will break before he bends

    • WarBear Gaming
      WarBear Gaming Month ago

      ​@Spytihněv Stannis the Mannis is all well and good, but My heart belongs with the Starks and The North! The North Remembers the King in the North... who's name is Stark! not to say the Baratheons are not great men, they are.... theirs is after all The Fury! for me personally however it's Winterfell and its Great House alongside the people who make the harsh yet beautiful land home... those things remain a part of me and no westerosian kingdom or people will change that! maybe it's due to having both Norse and Irish blood in my own veins, but The North is in me, The Real North!

    • André Cinelli
      André Cinelli 9 months ago

      Demasiado certo compadre

    • Harry Jones
      Harry Jones 10 months ago

      ah i see- so please don't take this as rude this is totally out of respect/admiration you can write about complex issues in a second language...so because of that feel duty bound to give bit of insight- i think a better word than 'personally' would be 'characteristically' that sort of refers to someone's personality...not just being pedantic was just a little confused as if you say 'close to him personally' that almost implies they are better friends/more intimate! again not criticizing at all purely out of respect as someone who wishes i had such competence in another language!

    • Ottopea
      Ottopea 11 months ago +9

      that's why Stanis and Ned made it further in age that Brandon and Robert

  • feroz0307
    feroz0307 Year ago +1202

    10:20 So Howland Reed doesn't just collect artifacts and secrets, he collects all the missing characters as well? He's like the guys who are doing a 100% achievement run.

    • J Corner
      J Corner 2 months ago +2

      @Carl Rood Since the Daynes are ‘stony Dornish’ with the most similarities to the rest of Westoros, we actually do not know for certain if they follow the Rhynor custom of laws of inheritance.
      Also why would Howland tell his children about the Tourney at Harrenhal? Because, um, it was his story? He was the little crannogman who visited the mysterious Isle of Faces and then the glorious Tourney at Harrenhal? It was how he met Ned and the other Starks? (Which is why Meera tells the story to Bran.) It was a grand adventure, something to tell your kids, and not the “sadder story” of Lyanna’s disappearance and Robert’s Rebellion. (Including killing Arthur Dayne in battle and everything.) I mean, I don’t know about you, but my dad frequently told me and my sibs stories about adventurous things that happened to him years before he met my mom. Also, like, please reread the story as Meera tells it - Lyanna is the major female character in it with an actual personality, Ashara barely rates two sentences (mostly about her eyes). It’s not much of a “how I met your mother” unless you’re a fan of sucky HIMYM finales, I’d think.

    • J Corner
      J Corner 2 months ago +3

      @LeonheartDelta I actually hate this theory so much, and I am consistently surprised by the number of individuals who believe in it.
      Why would Ashara give a shit about Howland? Howland, a spindly crannogman, when she most likely went after the likes of Brandon Stark? Yeah it’s kind of cliche but so is the nerd fantasy of the shy guy getting the hot girl and there’s more evidence pointing to Ashara not hooking up with Ned or Howland but with Brandon. Why would she abandon Dorne, her homeland where the remnants of her family are, to go to the Neck? Why would she want anything to do with any northmen, given everything that happened? Why would she want Howland, who killed, or help kill, her brother? How would she have given birth to Meera, who was born in 283? Why would no rumors spread about Ashara, the purple-eyed Dornishwoman? Why would she let her already-decimated family believe her dead? How would she have faked her suicide so perfectly that no one questions it? If her family knew--how wouldn't they?--why would they harbor that secret?
      That theory has more holes than I can count.

    • Bruhistan TV
      Bruhistan TV 6 months ago +47

      imagine being a character dying, like 1% health and suddenly this swampy looking guy runs up to you and you're scooped up magically into his inventory smh

    • AnExpertOnTheMatter
      AnExpertOnTheMatter 7 months ago

      @Carl Rood well fuck

    • MisterTylerrr
      MisterTylerrr 8 months ago +1

      He's going for his version of the ME2 perfect suicide mission

  • Oaky
    Oaky 3 years ago +962

    I love the fact that dead characters like Aurther and rhaegar and lyanna have such an influence over the story years after they die

      ALPHA GAMER 3 months ago +2

      @NoneOfYour Beeswax basically Varys fucked everything for everyone by telling Aerys to go to the tourney

    • Cam Croney
      Cam Croney 3 months ago

      @NoneOfYour Beeswax and all the crap after it but ya pretty much

    • Cam Croney
      Cam Croney 3 months ago

      but just for his own satisfaction. lol

    • BabyPalpatine
      BabyPalpatine 7 months ago +4

      It also gives sooo much more meaning to people's actions, even after death their actions resonate. Killing people off does not always fix things, sometimes you need scheming and politics which is what GOT shines for

    • NoneOfYour Beeswax
      NoneOfYour Beeswax Year ago +10

      @Adrian Comba No, not really. As it happens, the unannounced presence of the Mad King meant Rhaegal called off the plot which would have saved the Realm. The continued reign of the Mad King is what ensured the future troubles to come. Harrenhal set the future on a different path with many unforeseen consequences.

  • Xaarinth, Lord of the Shadow
    Xaarinth, Lord of the Shadow 3 years ago +3465

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the fact that Martin has said he's kept the Dayne family words a secret because they're too spoilery

    • Potato
      Potato 16 days ago

      @KingSharoz786 😂

    • TheKpa11
      TheKpa11 Month ago +1

      “Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine”

    • John Iadanza
      John Iadanza Month ago

      R+L=JS is that whT therquation was to be?

    • DesolatedChild018
      DesolatedChild018 2 months ago +2

      “Big Skyrock Crush The Snowpeople”
      I know it’s unusual, but it’s a damn ancient house. Older than anyone thinks. The Long Night is closer in time to contemporary Daynes then from the first Daynes. They even went through other 3 Long Nights that nobody even knows about.
      So, what I mean is that they were basically cavepeople. The Neanderthals to the First Men homo-sapiens, if you will. Similarly, they possess bellow average intelligence and hyper-aggressive behavior. People misinterpreted Arthur, they thought he was being straightforward and honorable in his words, when he was just a damn moron. Explain the fighting prowess as well. All we know of Ashara is from second sources, none necessarily contradict the trait. Darkstar requires no explanation.
      But you have to respect such a dedication to tradition.
      It’s not a theory, it’s all canon. Look it up. Martin said it himself. To me, personally. In a dream. Deepest lore.

    • ThatRandomNigga
      ThatRandomNigga 2 months ago +1

      "We are the light in darkness" sounds spoilery lol

  • GammonDorf
    GammonDorf 3 years ago +2049

    Could you imagine the reaction if R+L = J was just a red herring concocted by Martin because John is really Ned and Ashara's child? Part Dayne and most likely worthy of Dawn.

    • earl pipe
      earl pipe 2 months ago

      R + L = DARKSTAR

    • Hypatia Kovalevskaya Sklodowska
      Hypatia Kovalevskaya Sklodowska 3 months ago

      @burneraccount there is plenty of evidence, you just deny to see it because you cling to your full of contradictions hypothesis so bad

    • Jon Stark
      Jon Stark 3 months ago +1

      My dear people the answer lies in the lemongate theory. Daenerys is rhaegar's and lyannas daughter and jon is indeed asharas son

    • Jon Stark
      Jon Stark 3 months ago +1

      @André Yamane faegon is a blackfyre. Have No doubt abt that

    • Brando Calrissian
      Brando Calrissian 4 months ago

      I hope he's the child of Ned and ashara. It would make for a better story.

  • Keven Guimarães
    Keven Guimarães 2 years ago +982

    “Rhaegar got hammered”. Well done, I actually laughed out loud at that one.

    • Faisal kamal
      Faisal kamal 26 days ago

      @Geralt of Rivia different Baratheon

    • Geralt of Rivia
      Geralt of Rivia 26 days ago +1

      @Faisal kamal he literally wasn't tho wasn't he? Didn't he die fighting Ser Duncan The Tall?

    • Faisal kamal
      Faisal kamal 6 months ago +23

      By the king who was hammered 24/7

  • Regal_7
    Regal_7 Year ago +625

    The casting for Sir Arthur Dayne was exceptional. They got a really suitable actor to play him, and he played that character so well that he was so likeable even with one of the shortest screen time. What damned shame really.

    • Tom Merker
      Tom Merker 4 months ago +4

      the actor might be good, but his dialog was a total turd and dawn looked like shit compared to what the book describes. the scene as most scenes in the later seasons was an utterly wasted opportunity

    • Noyamano LOL
      Noyamano LOL 4 months ago

      @TehPWNR Will be this be in house of dragons? Some people were saying its going to be an anthology.

    • AlmightyESSO 47
      AlmightyESSO 47 6 months ago +1

      Bad ass

    • Winners Mindset
      Winners Mindset 8 months ago +19

      @Harry Jones He was the most skilled sword men in westeros and as far as I know he was the only warrior who used two swords in fight
      One sword he carries is house Dayne's ancestral sword called "Dawn", it is made from a fallen meteroite
      Other sword he carries is from the House he pledge loyalty to House targeryen

    • Harry Jones
      Harry Jones 10 months ago +8

      except the fact the amazing thing about his skill was he could use both hands...rendering Dawn irrellevent and so not there but yeah agree with the restr

  • Ross Anderson
    Ross Anderson Year ago +820

    I love that Alt's accent makes it absolutely impossible to pick the difference between him saying "Dawn" and him saying "Dorne".

    • sam
      sam 2 months ago

      @Joanna Szulc you're joking right?
      PS 'british' isn't an accent

    • Joanna Szulc
      Joanna Szulc 2 months ago

      @fkCREW Clips he's from australia??!?!?! He sounds british!

    • Otto JK
      Otto JK 9 months ago +5

      @fkCREW Clips I realized only after he used the word root to mean have sex in the Jamie video

    • Eduardo Chiscuet
      Eduardo Chiscuet 9 months ago +8


    • Izaya Orihara
      Izaya Orihara Year ago +1

      That's just you being used to hearing a certain kind of English.
      I.e americanised.
      To the rest of us in the UK and Ireland it's pretty easy to understood either one and make no mistakes as to what he's saying.

  • Zamp
    Zamp 3 years ago +3125

    "In the TV show Arya pulls a sneaky on the night king, but in the books...." we have actual storytelling, a consistent script, people not acting like idiots.

    • Abeaut TootToot
      Abeaut TootToot 3 months ago +1

      They hinted JS to be the savior on the show, but just like D&D said on a recent interview about forgetting about the Catspaw knife- they forgot about that too.
      GRRM implied that- you can’t change a story just bc ur die hard fans guess the ending bc if u do, everything leading up to the ending would never make sense.

    • FreedomPuppy
      FreedomPuppy 3 months ago

      People really like sucking the GRRM's dick when it comes to the books, even though they've got a pretty significant amount of bad writing, and the fact that it'll never be finished in the first place.

    • UraStr
      UraStr 6 months ago +1

      "people not acting like idiots." except every Lannister enemy in books 1-3...but they were idiots, so they acted idiotic, so it is at least realistic :D

    • lluewhyn
      lluewhyn 9 months ago

      @Hugh Jass "She is very fond of burning people, and is haunted by prophecy, a lot like Cersei is."
      But she's not really "haunted" by prophecy, she just thinks about it some times in the sense of "I wonder if that guy was the "Betrayal for X"?" Her actions are always based upon events from the time (whether or not they are good or bad decisions is beside the point), not because she's trying to enact or forestall a prophecy like Cersei is.
      Cersei's prophecy, which she went out of her way to get unlike Daenerys who keeps having prophecy foisted upon her, specifically talks about her own downfall and gives so much additional information that Cersei could easily stop the prophecy (not become the Queen, have more than three children, have less than three children), etc. The irony and tragedy is that Cersei's prophecy is self-fulfilling from her actions to stop it by harming those she suspects are part of it (Tyrion, Margaery) while not taking any of the steps to really stop it (simply NOT aborting Robert's child would be one way). There's no real irony or tragedy to Daenerys's prophecy in the same sense because her actions aren't really motivated by it, nor does she have the same easy ways to escape prophecy (because hers are pretty vague) that Cersei does.

    • David Kim
      David Kim 10 months ago +1

      winter seemed like fucking going to college in Buffalo from the show.

  • Guilherme Popts
    Guilherme Popts 2 years ago +345

    Correct me if I'm wrong
    But there's this one black dragon called "The Cannibal" during the dance of dragons, and there are some theories that he's from a different lineage of dragons and was in Dragon Stone even before the Targaryens came to Westeros, and no one knows what happened to him, he just disappeared
    So that might add up to the whole ancient dragon Lords thing here

    • Olof Acosta
      Olof Acosta Month ago

      @Lewis Wood Tinfoil time: Cannibal, or atleast it's corpse is in skagos and that is why the island is called the home of cannibals. But more importantly I believe that towards the end of the winds of winter Stannis and Melisandre will become desperate to stop the others
      That is when Melisandre burns Shireen and surprisingly it works and actually wakes the stone dragon cannibal (skagos means stone in the old languages). However things doesn't go as planned, Stannis dies against the others and both him and his dragon are resurrected to serve the army of the dead.

    • Lewis Wood
      Lewis Wood 5 months ago +21

      @Jeroen Zijp It's stated that dragons never fully died out in the world they just became extremely rare only being seen in the far east and in the north.
      It's possible the carcass was one of such dragons.
      I personally like the theory that there are still unknown dragons that will enter the story but have been hinted at unknowingly.

    • Daniel Huesmann
      Daniel Huesmann 7 months ago +14

      ​@Gerard Jagroo Right. And there was also another dragon called sheepthief or something (Im just translating the name)
      And that dragon got a rider in dance of dragons too (some bastard girl) but when Rhenyra Targaryen ordered for her to be killed, she fled with her dragon, was once seen in the mouintains near the bloodgate and never since. Once they fly to Essos you can never guess what happens. And the dragon in the desert, it could be another one even distinct from the Cannibal or sheepthief. Just remember Valyria was full of dragons and there might have been other decents of them

    • Gerard Jagroo
      Gerard Jagroo 7 months ago +13

      @barty116 No that is Grey Ghost that Sunfyre killed not Cannibal.
      In a fight between those Sunfyre would straight up lose and get eaten by the Cannibal

    • Jeroen Zijp
      Jeroen Zijp 10 months ago +17

      One of dany's bloodriders comes across a dragon carcass when she sends them out, before they get to Qarth. I imagined that was the missing dragon.

  • ava
    ava Year ago +132

    it kills me that we don’t know where edric is after the brotherhood separating. a 17-year-old edric wielding dawn and following the undead catelyn stark in the search for arya and revenge for the starks would be so badass.

    • earl pipe
      earl pipe 2 months ago +2

      🙏 + 🤞 that he's going to find Darkstar

    • Pedro Lucas
      Pedro Lucas 10 months ago +9

      One of the reasons why I wanted G.R.R.M to keep the 5 years timeskip idea! (And if this happened, Quentyn's chapters would be replaced by Edric's chapters of him trying to find Arya in Braavos with the Faceless Man with the help of Gendry, Jaime and Brienne!)

  • campbellsoup93
    campbellsoup93 2 years ago +159

    Dude didn't have to rename the sword. It's entirely possible that both Dawn and Lightbringer are just translations of whatever its original name was. "Lightbringer" could be the name translated into the common tongue through a separate valyrian translation while "Dawn" was the translation through the old tongue into the common tongue. Same sword, same name, different languages.
    If the theory is correct of course.

  • paid shill
    paid shill 3 years ago +2179

    im certain the tourny of herrenhal is single most important event in the entire series.

    • Willz828
      Willz828 9 months ago +4

      @Reagan Rambles ashara dayne and brandon stark equals jon, some people think that jon isn't the son of rhaegar and Lyanna, but Danny was their daughter and there was a swap to send the the dark haired baby to the north, and the valyrian looking baby (dany) south to the "red door" which is likely in Dorne based on the lemon tree theory. This would be why Ned went to starfall and edric dayne the current lord of starfall is called "ned" after ned stark. It's a wild theory and not likely to be true, but it ties a lot of the story and plot elements of the major arcs from book one back together. It can kind of work if jon is still the son of rhaegar and danny is the daughter of Ashara, who Barristan even says looks like dany. This would keep jon's lineage the same as the show cannon and is far more likely.

    • Reagan Rambles
      Reagan Rambles 9 months ago

      @Willz828 who does A+B=J refer to?

    • ProtonCoccus
      ProtonCoccus 10 months ago

      Why does every major event almost always happen in the Riverlands?

    • Akua Walters
      Akua Walters Year ago +2

      lol nope that would be Aemon refusing to take crown because he wanted to stay a Maester... if he had just took the damn crown Aegon wouldn't have been king, Duncan the small, Duncan the tall and he wouldn't have died at Summer Hall and the mad king wouldn't have been king

    • Willz828
      Willz828 Year ago +3

      If A+B=J and R+L=D than it def is because both of those relationships started there and mirrored each other

  • Carlos Díaz
    Carlos Díaz 2 years ago +616

    Man, the complexity of the books is overwhelming but so fun

    • Ruven D
      Ruven D Year ago +2

      @Vince Galila he has some of the endings for the big characters in mind (dany going mad, bran becoming king, probably sansa becoming queen in the north and jon going back in the north) and these can be very great if executed correctly (but the show showed that this isnt easy). It is very important how these endings are archived

    • Niranjan Rajesh
      Niranjan Rajesh Year ago +4

      @Vince Galila bittersweet probably means dany going mad,tyrion becoming a bit mental,and some other stuff. It'll be far more planned and intricate than in the show,therefore more heartfelt.

    • Vince Galila
      Vince Galila Year ago +2

      @Sol Invictus don't you usually at very least know what kind of Plant your growing or what the Building your constituting is for?
      Either way I have heard that he plans for a "Bittersweet" ending though that is very general.

    • Sol Invictus
      Sol Invictus Year ago +12

      @Vince Galila I'm not so sure about that, he has pointed out that he's not that kind of a writer with the 'architect and gardener' allegory.

    • Vince Galila
      Vince Galila Year ago +2

      @Niranjan Rajesh well lets hope he at the very least already has the Ending put to pen. Because from what I've heard writers tend to write their beginnings and endings first.

  • GardEngebretsen
    GardEngebretsen 3 years ago +156

    This is one of my favourite theories, and one that I came up with when I read the books too.
    There's only one thing I'd add though. I do not believe Azor Ahai was a Dayne, but I believe Nissa Nissa was. Azor Ahai plunges Lightbringer through her heart to forge it. While Dawn is forged from the heart of a fallen star. And the sigil of house Dayne is a fallen star. Azor Ahai plunged his sword through the heart of a Dayne to forge Dawn.
    Also, I believe the Daynes live with Dawn in Dorne because that is simply as far away from the "night" as possible. To safeguard the sword, and make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

    • kylenaggs210
      kylenaggs210 2 years ago +12

      This will be played out with Jon killing Dany with dawn. The literal blood of the dragon will ignite light bringer

    • Last Quarter
      Last Quarter 2 years ago +5

      Oh, it's quite interesting to bring that up !

  • Colin
    Colin Month ago

    To be honest I actually think long claw might be light bringer

  • Last Quarter
    Last Quarter 2 years ago +69

    Something I might add is that Daenerys dreams of kings with opal eyes, tourmaline eyes, amethyst eyes and jade eyes. These are all the stones of some previous Great Empire of the Dawn emperors/empress. So yeah, there's a possibility they are Daenerys and Jon's ancestors. I love your analysis by the way !

  • Red Hippopotamus
    Red Hippopotamus Year ago +144

    The name Arthur Dayne is also very similar to the realm of Arthedain in the Kingdom of Arnor in Lord of the Rings which could be a reference to heroic fantasy.

  • Son of Jack
    Son of Jack 2 years ago +92

    Maybe the Daynes got their eyes and hair from their founder's exposure to the space rock, and maybe the pieces of blackstone across the planet came from a large meteor that broke up in the atmosphere and the pieces hit in different places across the planet, with the piece that became Dawn being a special bit.

    • Luke
      Luke Year ago +17

      No, Targaryens have Valyrian features because Valyria descends from The Great Empire of the Dawn, and the Dayne's also descend from thr GEotD

  • Rania Minhas
    Rania Minhas 2 months ago +13

    Rhaegar didn’t believe his child with Lyanna would be Azor Ahai. He thought the Aegon he had with Elia was the Prince that was Promised and that the child he had with Lyanna would be a girl- his Visenya.
    I can’t imagine how he would have reacted had they all lived since he’s sort of dead set on his prophecies. I feel like the whole Lyanna and Rhaegar debacle is romanticised when I feel like it’s a lot darker. I mean in her final days she was confined like a prisoner in the tower of Joy. And since GRRM loves his irony I imagine she felt anything but Joy in that Tower.
    So if Lyanna didn’t give him his Visenya he may have discarded her or found someone else to give him his Visenya. I feel like he’s a whole lot more than the ‘perfect prince’ everyone imagines him to be.

    • Krishan Carter
      Krishan Carter Month ago +3

      Yeah I completely agree that Rhaegar is way more fucked up then the perfect prince appearance the narrative pushes. Because do keep in mind, he just straight up abandoned his wife and kids. These 2 other kids who were supposedly extra important to his prophecy, he just up and left with no protection, and that's with him being the one who ends up escalating the situation to war. And let's also not forget that, whilst he was 27 years old, Lyanna was just 15. So the whole idea of "oh he didn't kidnap her, they were in love" just comes across even more creepy. He groomed and manipulated a 15 year old into being his wife, and abandoned his actual wife and kids just to get with a kid. And yeah, you've hit the nail on the head there, about Lyanna's time in the tower being anything but joyous. I doubt she felt much joy hearing that her running off with this man had gotten her father and brother killed and started a war. Not just that, but surely with how fierce she was, hearing that would've made her speak up, and confirm to the world that it "wasn't kidnapping". Yes, that probably wouldn't have stopped the war, but it's better then nothing, and surely Lyanna wouldn't feel ok with herself just sitting by as the world burned. The only way I can see her staying quiet is if Rhaegar either didn't tell her, or made her stay quiet. The fact that those kingsguard protecting the tower (who were undeniably acting on Rhaegar's orders) didn't let Ned in despite the fact that she was giving birth and needed support, says all you need to know about what kind of situation the tower of joy really was.

  • Magnus Engeseth
    Magnus Engeseth 11 months ago +75

    "Like putting down a rabid, fascist dog"
    Just the perfect description of Dany's death in the show.

    • lluewhyn
      lluewhyn 9 months ago +13

      @Nathan Heil That's what D&D were selling with the visuals even though the story wouldn't probably be appropriate to use that term. I believe Alt Shift X was using the term because of the iconography that D&D were shoving down our throats.

    • Nathan Heil
      Nathan Heil 10 months ago +1

      What about her fits the label “fascist”.

  • amanda040
    amanda040 Year ago +52

    The Bloodstone Emperor IS Azor Ahai! OMG!
    He used a sword made from the black stone he worshiped to kill his sister (Nissa Nissa?) as a blood sacrifice since she had kings blood!
    This dark magic might have triggered the long night or the timing might be a coincidence. Either way, he had a magic sword and the dead are rising, threatening his newly established reign. Azor Ahai might not have been a great hero if this is true and just another mad king fighting something that was a threat to his power!
    That seems like something George RR Martin would do, flipping our expectations, since he's know to hate the typical good vs evil trope. An evil King saving the world from the Others for selfish reasons? Yeah, the story of Azor Ahai ain't no tragic romantic tale, it's a story of a jealous younger brother killing his elder sister and anything else in his way to being the Emporer!
    Tell me you cant see Martin pulling something like this? :)

    • Lewis Wood
      Lewis Wood 5 months ago +5

      I like the idea that the others are not actually evil more like a force of nature.
      And the real Azor Ahai myth is just a cover up from some peace treaty that was made.
      And the Wall is actually to keep humans out not keep the others in.

    • Gerard Jagroo
      Gerard Jagroo 7 months ago +5

      I totally could. There are other theorist that agree that Azor Ahai might've been a villain, David Lightbringer as well

    • Nicholas Kenneth
      Nicholas Kenneth 8 months ago +6

      Holy shit

  • MadSweeney
    MadSweeney 3 years ago +75

    Arthur Dayne was always my favourite character, theres just so much to him in the books, and when you see him in the show he's so well acted. Such an amazing character.

  • LManProductions
    LManProductions Year ago +25

    I like to think that Arthur knew he and Ned were on the same side. And as you said, Rhaegar trusted Arthur with all his knowledge and obsession with Azhor Azhai. I think Arthur allowed Ned to defeat him, realizing in that moment that he was the bleeding star, and he allowed himself to die knowing that Ned would protect the baby like Rhaegar would want.

  • MegaKnight2012
    MegaKnight2012 4 months ago +33

    A reason Ashara Dayne didn't die, the name, 'Ashera', means, 'she who walks on the sea', not, 'she who sinks into the sea', so it's likely Ashara didn't drown but walked away using the sea. 'Ashera' also seems to be a Sumerian mother goddess to many gods and goddesses, so Ashara might play a maternal role to the new wave of heroes in ASOIAF. EDIT Though there's also a really upsetting side to Ashara's name. It's very similar to the name meaning of Morgana, which means 'circling sea' or 'bright sea dweller'. Morgana as in Morgana Le Fay, who had an incestuous relationship with her brother, King Arthur, producing Mordred, who tore apart the realm (some people even use footage of Morgana from the Merlin show for Ashara in fan made music videos). Did Ashara Dayne have an incestuous relationship with Ser Arthur Dayne and that was the child? Even if Ashara didn't have a child by her brother, what if her child is someone who will sow chaos in the Seven Kingdoms? What if Young Griff, aka, Aegon Targaryen/Blackfyre is the child of Ashara Dayne, like Mordred seeking to conquer the land of his parents? Ashara also seems similar to the Asura, the Vedic rebellious beings who cause discord for the gods. Mind you, if George goes off of older myths, Morgana and Arthur were not incestuous and Mordred was considered one of Arthur's noblest men, even dying beside him in Arthur's last battle. Morgana was one of the most desired women of Arthurian lore, later myths have fan-coupling with her because she was so desired for pairing with other heroes. So maybe Ashara is based on that older, nobler aspect of Morgana, the kind that took Arthur to Avalon to be healed. Maybe Ashara will heal Jon in a similar way.

  • Abhi
    Abhi 3 years ago +8747

    *Every missing character is Quaithe.*

    • Big bas
      Big bas 8 months ago

      @El Descarriado best comment (and pfp)

    • C.o.R (Lex)
      C.o.R (Lex) Year ago

      I've been telling people that Gerion Lannister is Quaithe for years

    • Pete Podpolucha
      Pete Podpolucha Year ago

      only if they're female. if they are male, they are Howland Reed

    • LG OP
      LG OP Year ago +1

      Quaithe is Logan Paul

    • Benson Fang
      Benson Fang Year ago +2

      Every character is Pate

  • Desphinx
    Desphinx 2 years ago +341

    "Darkstar" has to be the most edgy name in ASOIAF

    • slam761
      slam761 4 months ago

      @Delta 23 martin has been very clear for a long time that this series literally isn't intended to be about "good vs bad".

    • Veknr
      Veknr 4 months ago

      @Delta 23 blah blah blah morals morals morals, no one gives af who you think the "good" or "bad" guys are. The fact you inherently view a story as a good vs bad scenario is pretty pathetic. GRRM isn't trying to write a children's fairytale, maybe you'd be better off reading Horton Hears a Who or something like that. ASOIAF is an incredibly complexed quite contrived story perhaps too good for the likes of dim-witted plebs like you.

    • Delta 23
      Delta 23 4 months ago +2

      @Tom Merker so tywin, cercsi the boltons, the mountain, the freys, littlefinger, book vareys, book tyrion and so on aren't terrible people?
      as for lord of the rings I'm aware that the army of the dead doesn't actually kill the entire army of sauron at minas tiruth it was more or less them being scared off of I can recall correctly.
      As for ASOIAF I never called it bad more so just it's become stale and predictable as the 40k universe has become, maybe winds of winter would have shaken things up but we will never know as martin has more or less lost his passion for writing.

    • Tom Merker
      Tom Merker 4 months ago +2

      @Delta 23 have you even read the books? there are no straight up bad guys, well maybe euron. you also don't seem to have read lord of the rings, since the army of the dead never makes it to minas tirith. maybe read a book befor going on a rant about how bad it is

    • Delta 23
      Delta 23 Year ago +6

      @Billy Baugus yes but what martin doesn't get is that he basically replaced the trope with the good guys always winning with that of the bad guys and it eventually gets old.
      If you want to keep your audience on edge and to continue to pay attention you need a balance of the two, people enjoy a good story where the bad guys are strong and often win but eventually the good ones over come and defeat them and it goes the other way around aswell.
      Bear in mind that what you said about real life doesn't apply to this case because this is a fictional setting in a fictional world, let's use LOTOR as an example the bad guys are often portrayed as overpowering and overwhelming the good guys and it often takes help like with the army of the dead aragon brings to minas tirith to help turn the tide.
      Could you imagine if at the end of the story with how often the bad guys had the upper hand and frodo died and sauron got the ring back? people would be pissed and disappointed.
      Knowing how martian is the books are probably going to end in a very shitty way with either the undead killing everyone or euron getting his way and becomes an eldritch god, like I said george basically became the thing he wanted to get away from because now everyone knows that the worst outcome and people always wins in ASOIAF.
      Sorry for the rant.

  • Luke
    Luke Year ago +42

    5:49 he never thinks about her, but there is one scene in an early Catelyn chapter where she brings up Ashara and Ned very quickly changes the subject and refuses to talk about her at all, very suspiciously.

  • Andi Gandi
    Andi Gandi 11 months ago +26

    Thanks for restoring my love for A Song of Ice and Fire after that horrible show took it away! I've read the books so many years ago and with each season of GoT and each year Martin delayed his next book my interest gradually died down. Thank you for reminding me of the complex storylines, the myths and the pure magic of the books. I even learned a lot of new things in your videos. Thanks for all the hard work and time that goes into your videos. This level of quality is insane! Keep up the good work :)

  • JPK Clutch
    JPK Clutch Year ago +25

    Arthur Dayne is without a doubt my favorite secondary character in ASOIAF. Some of the best fanfics I have read are an AU where he survives and raises Jon/Aemon either in Winterfell posing as Neds bastard or hiding in Essos until he comes of age to return as Rhaegars son coming to take back Westeros.

    • earl pipe
      earl pipe 2 months ago

      The Tower of Joy sequence from Ned's fever dreams was written so beautifully. I think that's one of the main reasons why Arthur Dayne became so memorable and a fan favorite

    • Nicholas Kenneth
      Nicholas Kenneth 9 months ago

      @Kindred Spirit +1

    • Kindred Spirit
      Kindred Spirit 10 months ago +1

      Any recomendations for Arthur fan fic fix?

  • Cancerino
    Cancerino 3 months ago +6

    Note: you marked an area for the Empire of the Dawn, but all indications point to it being centered around Ashai, included the north of Sothoryos, Oldtown (just a fort at the time) and likely even the now corrupted shadow-lands. And no, they didn't move into Westeros after the long-night to make the fort, the Hightowers are said to have lived there before the First Men came, making the Hightowers and the Daynes are the most ancient people of Westeros.

  • Josh Morris
    Josh Morris 2 years ago +20

    The Daynes and the Hightowers... two noble houses I can’t wait to read more of.

  • ZergrushEddie
    ZergrushEddie Year ago +5

    Arthur and Ned basically having the same goals, protect Lyanna and the kid, and not being able to talk it out makes perfect thematic sense. What kills Arthur? Duty and honor. What kills Ned? Duty and honor. If these two inflexible men had been willing to compromise on their honor, they'd both be alive. Arthur could have let Ned run off with the true heir, letting Ned say it is his bastard son, and Ned could have not warned Cersei and basically the entire continent about his discovery of Punnet Squares.

  • Busco.O
    Busco.O 2 years ago +37

    Small correction: During their first exchange of blows the Smiling Knight's sword broke and he requested Dawn to fight on. Dayne agreed and took another sword but slew him nonetheless.

    • burningtime617
      burningtime617 4 months ago +1

      @Busco.O I always loved that story. Made Arthur seem so legendary.

    • Busco.O
      Busco.O 4 months ago +1

      @burningtime617 True. Realized it later

    • burningtime617
      burningtime617 4 months ago

      No. He wanted Dawn and Arthur said "then you shall have it" and killed him with the sword.

    • Concept
      Concept 5 months ago +9

      Based Sword of the Morningstar

  • Rubssi
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    I love how I used to watch these videos in accordance with the show,
    now its going to be in accordance with the upcoming book

    • Niranjan Rajesh
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      @Timon Korff he didnt pretty much rape her. She said "no" was not about not wanting to have sex,but not wanting to do it in front of their sons corpse. If she struggled while having sex,then its rape. She didnt,she enjoyed it as much as jaime did. Completely different from the show

    • Blackhawk
      Blackhawk Year ago +1

      @Ciruk nah, the only videos about the show were the episode breakdowns
      Everything else was always book focused

    • Will Mosse
      Will Mosse 3 years ago

      Adam skers - that’s why he said “the secret” is these vids were always about the books. Yeah, they rode off the back of the show, but ultimately they always drew on and pointed back to the books.

    • Will Mosse
      Will Mosse 3 years ago

      reign orshine - it was said by the lead mummer, played by Richard E Grant, in the theatre that Arya watches in Braavos

    • Ciruk
      Ciruk 3 years ago +1

      @Alt Shift X I love you guys but that's bullshit--you rode the show's popularity hard.

  • Dane Jennings
    Dane Jennings Month ago +7

    In the show Ned tells Robert his bastards mothers name in “wylla”
    Also I wanted to see more of Edric when I was first introduced to him. So changing things is unfortunate

    • Sean Lann
      Sean Lann Month ago

      There's a theory that, secretly, "Wylla" Manderly is Jon Snow's twin sister
      Wylla and Jon are the same age, she dyes her hair green(but it was shown her real hair color is light blonde), and her personality is alot like Lyanna(or Arya)

  • Lazar Soljaga
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    The words of Darkstars house... CRAWLING IN MY SKIN

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      I nearly choked on my dinner reading this comment. Of course I’d die laughing at a goddamn joke with that song

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    " Haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?"
    - Gerold Dayne

    • The
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      Hahaha unexpected but welcome P!ATD reference.

  • Shinobi Drip
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    The amount of detail in your videos is amazing. And I think it's called Sword of the Morning because it finally brought morning from the long night.

  • JoJoModding
    JoJoModding 3 years ago +2558

    I'm still convinced that "Lightbringer" is an analogy for the Night's Watch itself as an organisation. Like, read the oath: "I am the sword in the darkness, [..], the light that brings the dawn."
    Play telephone with that for 8000 years and you get a burning sword.

    • Marvelansh
      Marvelansh 2 months ago

      Makes sense,sadly

    • Tess Hagensieker
      Tess Hagensieker 7 months ago +1

      Plus, the wife dying thing might be related to the fact that the men take no wives on the nights watch.

    • Pepe Esq.
      Pepe Esq. 8 months ago

      @Saqlain Alvi That would make sense, but the oath of the night's watch is to NOT plunge their swords into women, like Azor Ahai :)))))

    • Sketch Stevens
      Sketch Stevens 11 months ago +1

      That's actually pretty awesome

    • Frankie
      Frankie Year ago +1

      Or lightbringer could be Jon and Azor Ahai is Rhaegar’s dic*

  • majestic microbes
    majestic microbes 3 years ago +7

    There was definitely something going on between Rhaegar and the Daynes. I think the Daynes knew about the prophecy and were fully invested in helping Rhaegar fulfill it.

    MUD PIE 2 months ago

    From my experience with beings fun the stars.... Their never innocent angels

  • Hank J. Wimbleton
    Hank J. Wimbleton 2 years ago +56

    Season 8 showrunners: wow that sounds cool, someone should make that "Song of Ice and Fire" thing into a show!

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell 3 years ago +11

    Watching this makes me pine for a time when I was excited about this story. The show has gone down in flames, and nearly ruined by enthusiasm for this universe, but I am hoping that will change after the release of Winds of Winter, and I am glad you will still be there to take a deep dive into book mythology (honestly, what we should have been focused on all along).

  • TheTSense
    TheTSense 3 years ago +5823

    When some guy on youtube spends more time writing a 25 min video about some backstory family than two show writers on the whole finale

    • Jay A
      Jay A 5 months ago +3

      @Tudor Olariu right because forgetting the butterflies or narth or that the unsullied cannot 'found their own houses' or that there is no reason for John to be banished if the unsullied are leaving.....all signs of good writing that could have been better.
      You really are excusing some terrible writing.

    • Ginge
      Ginge 10 months ago

      @Tudor Olariu She's muh kween.

    • Self-Righteous Ideologue
      Self-Righteous Ideologue Year ago +3

      What really pisses me off about D&D, is that if they actually made the show 10 seasons long like GRRM recommended, and added all the extra plot lines like there were in the books, then the viewers would actually get closure for the books. We would know what happens with (F)Aegon, Euron, Victarion, etc. But instead, we have completely different storylines that don't make sense

    • Jorge Chávez
      Jorge Chávez Year ago

      @Shave Data 100%

    • Rayaqin
      Rayaqin Year ago +1

      @B Stan pathetic

  • Meg Paul
    Meg Paul 5 months ago +4

    Re-watching this, I was reminded of how much I adore Klaradox's maps and lore artwork! I bought one of his original posters in 2016 and it's still a prized possession of mine. He has loads of digital maps available for purchase - I highly recommend everyone go check out his highly detailed work!

  • El Escolta
    El Escolta 5 months ago +5

    The more i hear about Howland Reed the more i feel hes this anime co-protagonist that somehow was around for the most importand stuff to ever happens and holds the key to solve everything

  • Eduardo Laviano
    Eduardo Laviano Year ago +8

    I can’t wait for George to tell us that the motto to House Dayne is Lightbringer 😭😭😭

  • Find the Fun
    Find the Fun Year ago +12

    Another reason I think Dawn is Lightbringer is that "Lucifer" in Latin means lightbringer, and Lucifer was a fallen angel, like a fallen star. Something else in support of your theory is that Nissa Nissa is very similar to Mhysa.

    • Yep Yeppers
      Yep Yeppers 3 months ago

      I havent read the books at all.
      I for some reason aslways though Arthur Dayne was officially Arthur Dayne of the Morningstar. I dont know where i got that but though it for years.
      Lucifer brings the light, he gave man knowledge and wisdom, something god wanted for himself.

  • Oreo MoneyMan
    Oreo MoneyMan 3 years ago +26

    Prince Rhaegar knew his son would be Azor Ahai along with two siblings but what he didn't know is those siblings that will help Jon Snow wouldn't be his own children, as it is what Jon Snow believes to be his brother (Bran Stark) and his sister (Arya Stark) so shoutout Ned Stark for being MVP

  • Keighlan Coe
    Keighlan Coe 2 years ago +7

    I wish Arthur Dayne could have ended up at the wall, such an interesting and intriguing character, I can understand why his death was necessary but at the same time, his story arc could have gone on for a bit. Just seeing him interact with Jon at the Wall would be amazing.

    • Pedro Lucas
      Pedro Lucas 10 months ago +2

      There are even theories that Arthur faked his death and is Mance Rayder, the King-beyond-the-wall, alongside Gerold Hightower (who is probably Tormund) and Oswell Whent (who might be Qhorin Halfhands)!

  • Mantas Padegimas
    Mantas Padegimas Year ago +10

    There’s a Mayan myth about the Morning Star and Evening Star. How the former star came first but was over shown by the Evening One who became the more prevalent and beloved. It references the Venus and Sun cycles observed from the Earth. Perhaps it explains the back story of the house Dayne. They might have been the first people to migrate to Westeros from the Valyria, before the Targaryens. Star of the Morning (Morning Star), the purple eyes, Cannibal, The black dragon lineage. Why not

    • Nicholas Kenneth
      Nicholas Kenneth 8 months ago +3

      But a Sword of the Evening already exists in the books - Vorian Dayne, the last king of Starfall

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star 2 years ago +9

    Gerold Dayne "Darkstar" is in one chapter of the books and I hope to read more about him in Winds of Winter...

    • earl pipe
      earl pipe 2 months ago

      Strong agree, bro! 🤜💥🤛

  • Godot
    Godot 3 years ago +1417

    If Arthur Dayne fought Ned Stark in Season 8, Arya would have just jumped in out of nowhere and stabbed him

    • Faisal kamal
      Faisal kamal 6 months ago

      @Sean Thomas but Howland Reed is a man

    • K H
      K H Year ago +10

      I wasn't happy with that fight scene at all. One of the knights they fought wasn't there for some reason and the dialogue was also changed.
      Arthur Dane in the show: I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.
      Then the fighting starts. I was like...WTF? What did Arthur mean by that? Was he expecting to lose the fight against Ned and his companions?? Besides, that line isn't in the books. Why change it??
      He also didn't have two swords, he had one sword called Dawn which was a special sword only the very best were allowed to wield.

    • shaftlamer
      shaftlamer 2 years ago +2

      That's what you get with woke Hollywood.

    • Ryan Bishop
      Ryan Bishop 2 years ago

      F$&@ Howland Arya is gangsta

    • Thomas Kelly
      Thomas Kelly 2 years ago +7

      Stabbed him with the pointy end of course. Lol

  • Ser Jaime Lannister
    Ser Jaime Lannister Year ago +31

    The Daynes of Starfall are one of the most ancient houses in the Seven Kingdoms.

    • Nicholas Kenneth
      Nicholas Kenneth 9 months ago +2

      Ser, might I ask, are you still an Arthur Dayne fanboy?

    • Ser Criston Cole
      Ser Criston Cole Year ago +2

      @Nogalo Grancigul I trained sword fighting so he dead

    • Nogalo Grancigul
      Nogalo Grancigul Year ago +4

      Id pay good money to see you 2 duel it out irl, i wonder how athletic you are xD

    • Ser Criston Cole
      Ser Criston Cole Year ago +7

      Whose this? There is only one Jaime Lannister. I call u for a 1v1 old fashioned way

  • Sean Freeman
    Sean Freeman 2 years ago +19

    The point questioning Arthur Dayne's loyalty to Aerys is interesting, but I can't help but feel they were at the Tower of Joy on royal orders.
    The bulk of the Tower of Joy segment is Ned questioning their whereabouts, to which Ser Gerold answers that the "Kingsguard does not flee, then or now." Which basically answers the question of why they are there: they are guarding their King.

    • Ricardo De silva
      Ricardo De silva 9 months ago +3

      Their king was Jon at the time as heir of Rhaegar so yeah

  • Lxfj 212
    Lxfj 212 Year ago +26

    Remember ned didn’t dump ashara if they dated. Brandon died in kings landing by aerys. Brandon was meant to marry catlyn Tully but since he died, ned had to marry catlyn in Brandon’s place, because he needed the vale man for the rebellion. So that’s why things broke of with him and ashara. If ned didn’t marry catlyn tully, he wouldn’t have enough forces for the rebellion and him Jon Aryn and Robert would have all died

    • earl pipe
      earl pipe 2 months ago

      @Josh Jackson Hoster had more reason to be pissed about that too than anyone else in the Riverlands, since he was both the overall feudal lord of that region & concerned with keeping his family strong as possible too

    • Josh Jackson
      Josh Jackson 3 months ago

      @Otto JK Nah, I think the books don't lie, when they say it was about Hoster wanting to force Blackfish to marry. For me it reads like Brynden is gay and just doesn't want to marry. Not everything has to be convoluted and a tie in to other drama :)

    • Otto JK
      Otto JK 9 months ago +4

      Maybe the forced marriages were the reason why Blackfish didn't like Hoster.

  • Carlos Rossi
    Carlos Rossi 3 years ago +7

    Dear AltShift, I know these videos are less popular than your videos on the show, and therefore generate less revenue. These videos probably take up more time and money. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT STOP MAKING THEM. These videos are hugely important to us fan of the books and are the reason why I subscribed in the first place. 😔

  • closet weeb
    closet weeb 3 years ago +2397

    arthur faked his death and is secretly quaithe.

    • Gerard Jagroo
      Gerard Jagroo 7 months ago

      @Cosmic Snowflake It would totally fit with his character.
      In fact in the books Robert wishes he could put aside his crown and go adventuring through the Free Cities as a sellsword.
      Daario is living his dream life.

    • barbara berenyi esterhazy
      barbara berenyi esterhazy 11 months ago

      @closet weeb No, Arthur (which means "bear man" or "bear king") faked his death with Ned's help and became Qhorin HalfHand. He was Lyanna's lover/husband and Jon's father, so Jon killed his father unknowingly, just like in Bael the Bard's story. Lyanna (aka the maiden) was his shame and his bliss. There are actually plenty of hidden clues all over the books. Could still be R+L of course, as there are also a few clues in there, but Arthur is actually a stronger case than one might think at first. I couldn't believe it when I started discovering this.
      I believe (but might be wrong on this one) that Rhaegar and Ashara are Daenerys' parents, making her Jon's cousin through Ashara, not his aunt through Rhaegar.
      Now sue me :)

    • Misery
      Misery Year ago

      Wrong. Quaithe is actually the friends we made along the way, it is known.

    • PoopaChallupa
      PoopaChallupa Year ago

      Arthur faked his death and is secretly Mephisto.

    • Aaron I think
      Aaron I think Year ago

      Yes obvious

  • Ashley
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    Another FANTASTIC video! 😃 thanks for keeping this up for us book nerds

  • Alejandro Sanchez
    Alejandro Sanchez 2 years ago +2

    Love the whole worthy part of the sword. And also Ned returning the sword as well

  • Dennis Persson
    Dennis Persson 3 years ago +11

    I don't feel like this gets discussed enough: George RR Martin has said Arthur Dayne and Barristan Selmy are equally good fighters although, in a duel Arthur would probably win because of Dawn.
    So they are equally good (remember they will have practiced together many times, eg. Jaime Lannister would deffinetly know that Barristan is an equal swoed fighter) yet Barristan has ended the blackfyres, singel-handed saved King Aerys from Duskendale, fought valiantly in the battle of the Trident and much more!
    All we know Arthur did was fighting a band of outlaws??? (Except turneys)

    • Nicholas Kenneth
      Nicholas Kenneth 10 months ago +1

      Arthur was a lot younger than Barristan when he died, so he had less time to rack up achievements

  • Cole
    Cole Year ago +22

    Would be cool if Jon was a Dayne instead of a Targaryen.

    • barbara berenyi esterhazy
      barbara berenyi esterhazy 4 months ago

      @Cole I actually came to think he is. I have discovered an incredible amount of clues in the books about it. Like a secret within a secret, something that GRRM is quite fond of.
      I wish I had time to gather all of my findings to write an essay about it. Maybe someday, who knows?

  • Nick Kurtz
    Nick Kurtz 2 years ago +2

    I highly believe the Dayne’s Sword Dawn is the true Lightbringer. Besides the idea that the sword Dawn was made from a star with mysterious power and possibly giving the same feeling like the legendary sword before, it could be the missing key to The new Azor Ahia, the burning light in a field of fog. could it be possible when Dany reaches Drone would she be the one to fight against the apocalypse or with the connection with The Starks, is Jon truly worthy? But out of all the swords of Westros, Dawn feels like the true Lightbringer.

  • Revolution Outdoors And Stuff!

    Been watching you for years. Always so very insightful. Absolutely well done!

  • Liz D.
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    I wish the show could've looked deeply into House Dayne (and all of Dorne in general). I don't know where the books are heading but including House Dayne in one of the later seasons would have been too late. I hope we get some answers in the books at least though it's been 10 years since ADWD.

  • TheWhatsdoinglad
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    Love this guy's videos! Keep up the hard work man :)
    Please always keep posting these game of thrones vids!
    You're a legend ! :)

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    "Darkstar is a tryhard emo edgelord who wants everyone to know how dark and brooding he is." the most accurate description of Darkstar.

    • Gabriel Leyva
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      . @Francesca Patti

    • Slaveternal
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      Theon would like emo. Dark star would be into death doom like Shape of Despair and neofolk.
      (Emo is so lazily used for anything like this. By people that don’t know shit about music and subculture nuance)

    • caloy movie recap
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      hahaha putang ina mo

    • Darkstar
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      Darkstar is a tryhard emo edgelord, I agree.

    • Ray Velcoro
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      @Mighty Cousintube lol wtf you know that these are FICTIONAL carachters right? People like them because they are fun to read/watch not because we approve of their actions like wtf

  • Patrick B. Carter II
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    The amount of connections made in this theory is impressive! Imagine if it's right?! That would be some S+ storytelling and worldbuilding

  • A C
    A C Year ago +2

    The Daynes are so fascinating, I'm desperate to know more but the show doesn't seem to think they're that important. I hope the books give us some answers.

  • AngryGinger
    AngryGinger 3 years ago

    I love your analysis. Great insight here. I just hope we actually get Winds of Winter so we can see some more.

    ZOCCOK Year ago +4

    It brings a smile to my face to know that George. R. Martin's first published writing was a fan letter that he wrote to Marvel in his teenage years ❤️

  • Bubblegum Crash
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    Your voice brings me back to a simpler time. A time of wonder, excitement a time before the dark age, before the season 8.

    • Amanda
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      How does your mouth feel Dayne?

    • Lord Roetcisoender
      Lord Roetcisoender Month ago

      How did the writing die?
      Two young men named Dumb and Dumber…

    • Gaius Octavian
      Gaius Octavian 2 months ago

      I could see the series going downhill after Season 3, but I new it was doomed after Arya was stabbed a gazillion times and survived. Like her father she should have paid the consequences for her actions, not saved by plot armour.

    • A B
      A B 3 months ago

      it was already shit by season 5 anyway

    • Toney Montgomery
      Toney Montgomery 3 months ago

      😂 so true

  • Cyra G
    Cyra G 2 years ago +1

    My theory is that Arthur told Ned what was in the tower and fought to the last, not just to retain his honor, but also to remove any suspicion from Ned and the child that he would bring back. If Arthur bent the knees and Ned came back with a child, the clever ones in Westeros surely would have grown suspicious.

  • Bligaderski
    Bligaderski Year ago +2

    I was so intrigued by Edric Dayne when we first see him and really hoped he would play an interesting role in the future of the world but I respect George more for it bc if the restraint he was able to show. Instead of potentially creating some unsatisfactory conclusions to the more important stories he allowed them to grow as needed.

    • Pedro Lucas
      Pedro Lucas 9 months ago

      Pretty sure that Edric would have become the new Sword of the Morning if Martin had done the 5 years timeskip between ASOS and AFFC!

  • JohnFourtyTwo
    JohnFourtyTwo 3 years ago +3

    @Alt Shift X I love how you took all the source material and neatly stitched everything together into a cohesive and coherent story which is something we all know David Benioff and D. B. Weiss failed miserably the last two or three seasons of GOT. At the very least I would love to know what GRRM would have to say about your reviews; we all think you're spot on.
    I spent most of last year re-watching the entire series with closed-captions (taking screen prints), re-reading all the books and official online source material, and taking copious notes for the Season Eight final exam only to find out the Double Dees didn't using any of the study material because they made it all up. Granted GRRM hasn't finished the books yet but he's put out tons of back-story source material that a blind person wouldn't have a problem coming to a much different conclusion than what we received in the last two or three seasons; especially Season 8.
    Everything you're talking about in this video I came across in my studies last year and was quite surprised to say the least that I wasted much of last year doing so. Fortunately I'm not alone because fans worldwide expressed their dismay for Season 8 especially with U.S. ratings going from about 95% for S8E1/2 to 50% in S8E6 which is the worst season for GOT.
    Please keep up the great work with these videos.

  • deepstateflatmoonlizardcultist

    Ashara seems to have been mad with grief for both the stillborn child AND the "man who had dishonored her". So it's probably Brandon, if Brandon hooked up with her.
    Also, another way to explain Dawn being Lightbringer is that the literal dawn physically BRINGS light to the world when night is finished. Hence "Dawn" being an actual "Lightbringer". Seems pretty on the nose.

  • Ruster
    Ruster Year ago +8

    Dawn could be a first Ice. There is mentioned that Stark's sword's name is older than itself. So I think that Azor Ahai/Last Hero was Stark, and his sword was Ice, later renamed to Dawn and somehow given (or given back) to Starfall

  • YeyeJoiJoi
    YeyeJoiJoi 2 years ago +2

    All the hints about the Daynes are what keep me anxious for the next books. Like any more clues about what happened with/to Ashara would be enough for me, but it seems like everyone who could have brought more info is dead now... unless she just shows up, alive, to clear everything up of course...

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  • Ryan O’Rielly
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  • Cobalt360Degrees
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    • otto potatum
      otto potatum Year ago

      @Andrés Falconerhager also committed bigamy

    • Chris McCloskey
      Chris McCloskey Year ago +6

      @Andrés Falcone and, that is why ned was all "I betrayed cat and myself before the gods." Dude not only was married, but had his first born enroute. The irony is that Cats kids were the bastards...for all the shit she gave Jon Snow

    • Andrés Falcone
      Andrés Falcone Year ago +3

      @dead child Ashara died AFTER the war and not long after Ned went back north with newborn Jon. By the time news about her death reached Winterfell, Jon was a baby and Catelyn could just ignore him. If there was something Ned could tell that would make Cat stop hating Jon, he could've spared Jon from a life of suffering Cat's abuse and Cat from being a bitch towards Jon, so that theory sounds "completely inept" to me.
      And again, while Ned can hold secrets, bigamy and adultery are a whole other thing.

    • dead child
      dead child Year ago

      @Andrés Falcone it's possible ashara simply fell to her death and didn't commit suicide rumors like that will spread we will never know the truth, it's possible that ned knew and decided to keep the marriage a secret idea for some unknown reason and if this happened he could of them gone and married catelyn and news of her death only came out after the war cause you know the war is more important news than a single highborn lady killing herself, ned probably didn't want to bring it up because it saddened him and never told catelyn cause she treated Jon badly his whole life and didn't want to make cat feel awful for doing it because he did love catelyn

  • Reirei Barker
    Reirei Barker 3 years ago +7

    Obviously Arthur is in Winterfell posing as Bael the Bard, a hostage in Yunkai, missing beyond the Wall, leading the Ironborn and Moon Boy for all I know

  • Richara Gonzales
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    If you have an imagination you might have noticed already, but the map of Essos, from what we know, has a shape similar to that of a giant dragon head.
    And the empire of the dawn, if you notice, is locked between the mountain ranges and it looks to me like the parts of Essos not claimed by it look to outstrech from it like angel wings.
    What do you guys think?

  • Ryan O’Rielly
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    Arthur dayne was so honorable that he stuck to his orders till the very end or he could’ve been the halfhand that’s a solid theory

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  • Lucía Mota
    Lucía Mota 3 years ago

    I'm still haunted by the fact that the Hour of the Wolf preceedes the Dawn and It's been specified since the beginning... And well, we all know about someone who will most likely be living as a wolf for a while, right?
    Maybe George has tricked us all along and Jon Snow isn't a Targaryen but a Dayne... If only we knew what was the issue at the ToJ...

  • marty2129
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    By any chance, would you be willing to tackle His Dark Materials (both the books and the recent TV show) in the future? :)

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    D&D: Let's just make it 2 plain swords instead.

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    • Fuzzy Dunlop
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      You may actually be right about Ashara Dayne being there, though.

    • books from Windblown
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      Game of Throne has became a joke in the beginning it was something everyone used to respect now it’s a joke and it’s worthless as storytelling

    • Kasino Kaiser
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      - Mance Rayder