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The Expanse S5E01 Explained

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022

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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  Year ago +195

    This video was originally published on the Amazon Prime Video UK X-vid channel.
    More Expanse videos coming soon!

    • Ryan Hoskins
      Ryan Hoskins Year ago

      I love your explanations and recaps! Would love to see you cover the series more and go over each episode / book. It's an incredible series and I want it to receive the recognition it deserves!

    • Robert Cheung
      Robert Cheung Year ago

      Thank you! Just finished watching the finale and I can't wait to hear your analysis

    • Bill Ross
      Bill Ross Year ago

      Ah, thought I've seen it before. Will you be doing any more S5 vids?

    • NukeMarine
      NukeMarine Year ago

      Out of interest, why did you do only the recap and this 1 episode for APVUK? Looking forward to your summary video (if you are making one for this season).

    • Kri
      Kri Year ago

      @Gonçalo Pacheco probably a video about the entire season

  • Listin
    Listin Year ago +74

    The Expanse was a hidden gem. Started watching it after your recap of S1- S4. Even though the storylines were spoiled, the show experience was so good. All credits to you too for introducing to a great show

    • -
      - Year ago +3

      @BlownMacTruck If you're a sci-fi fan it's not obscure, but sci-fi shows sadly tend to be pretty niche in general and unknown to the general public, which is probably why there's the unfortunate precedent of great sci-fi shows getting canceled.

    • Tracy Metherell
      Tracy Metherell Year ago +2

      I’m so GLAD you are now watching it! It is the best Sci Fi show I have ever seen and is in fact one of the greatest shows of any style ever. I’m hoping a lot of people hear about it from Alt Shift X and do as you have done, watch it from the beginning. It deserves so many more fans!

    • Listin
      Listin Year ago

      @BlownMacTruck 🙏👍

    • BlownMacTruck
      BlownMacTruck Year ago

      @Listin Your lack of personal knowledge about it still doesn’t makes this show a hidden gem.

    • Listin
      Listin Year ago +10

      @BlownMacTruckFYI people outside the western hemisphere have their own culture, movies, literature and internet drams to follow. Either a western show has to be extremely popular or it has deep enough pocket for marketing to reach inside our bubble.

  • Scott Douglas
    Scott Douglas Year ago +28

    This show is the best sci-fi around anywhere at the moment. It's consistently excellent. Pretty much the polar opposite of Star Trek Discovery, a show so bad it gave me cancer.

  • Troels Larsen
    Troels Larsen Year ago +69

    One of the best series I have ever watched.

  • Labubs
    Labubs Year ago +7

    Really awesome to see you doing Expanse content again! Love all your stuff, but this is one of my top 3 franchises (if not #1, honestly)...The final book is releasing pretty soon, would love it if you considered continuing the book videos in the off-season!

  • JK
    JK Year ago +21

    Thanks for doing these. A great series. I'm starting to pick series to watch based off what Alt+Shift+X decides to cover...

  • librefy
    librefy Year ago +3

    Been waiting for this, thank you! Your Expanse videos convinced me to recently binge the entire show until s5, after initially thinking it was a boring show after ep101 years ago. I'm glad to have been wrong about it!

  • Lucus Trout
    Lucus Trout Year ago +1

    The Expanse was a hidden gem. Started watching it after your recap of S1- S4. Even though the storylines were spoiled, the show experience was so good. All credits to you too for introducing to a great show

  • Kelkster04
    Kelkster04 Year ago +3

    I LOVE these break downs and will be so happy if you can do all the season 5 episodes!!!! Secretly hoping for some Stranger Things or Umbrella Academy breakdowns as well, but I won't get greedy.

  • DurandanSS13
    DurandanSS13 Year ago +17

    Hell yeah, more Expanse episode breakdowns. I can't wait to hear all the new ways you mispronounce Avasarala.

  • Tracy Metherell
    Tracy Metherell Year ago

    Thank you so much for giving us episode breakdowns for season 5! It will help get the viewership up for the Expanse which is so underwatched! Thanks so much for giving it some buzz! If you were to do the first four seasons episode by episode I would faithfully watch each one. I hope a lot of your viewers start from episode 1 and binge the whole series. It is such a great ride!

  • Sween
    Sween Year ago +3

    You always do such thoughtful breakdowns and you have the same tastes as me, thank you for putting effort into what you do.

  • Frodo Baggins
    Frodo Baggins Year ago +85

    It's weird that this video doesn't show on the subscription feed. I assume it's the case for many because of the low number of comments and views.

  • Nick Torres
    Nick Torres Year ago

    As a book reader I can appreciate all of the back story you put into your video. Let me just also say that I absolutely love this show and would watch every video you post

  • Nick The cookie master

    I'm so hyped you're doing these videos! I just caught up with the show after starting last week because I needed some more Alt Shift X in my life but I had to watch the show first.

  • Sherry B
    Sherry B Year ago

    My husband and I love your videos. Thank you for this one & the recap of seasons 1-4. We definitely want more Expanse videos. You catch all the call backs that flay right over our heads.

  • Patrick J. Adie
    Patrick J. Adie Year ago +2

    Yay, happy to watch again on your channel. Your breakdowns are the best, I hope you do more for season 5. It's getting wild!

  • J P Soso
    J P Soso Year ago +1

    I've watched and loved this series since it first premiered on the SyFy channel. The only thing that makes it better is your episode recaps. Thank you.

  • James D
    James D Year ago

    So glad you're starting up on this show! Can't wait for more.

  • Patrick Moran
    Patrick Moran Year ago +1

    Love your videos and analysis. Please continue to make content based on The Expanse!

  • Jan Fulton
    Jan Fulton Year ago

    This was a fantastic summary, hope you have time to do more.
    The Expanse is turning out to be one of my favorite shows of all time.

  • YouLikeThat?
    YouLikeThat? Year ago

    thank you for thoroughly covering this series.,., i hope when more people catch on to its existence you get more views =}

  • Tw1zt84
    Tw1zt84 Year ago

    So happy the Expanse is getting the full Alt Shift X treatment. Love the Expanse and love your breakdowns.

  • cy-one
    cy-one Year ago +1

    Please please please make more Expanse-content.
    I absolutely _loved_ your content for GoT (your episodes basically became "part" of my experience of watching a GoT-episode).

  • Ian McKay
    Ian McKay Year ago

    Your channel is by far the best spotlight on these great series, and The Expanse is one of my favorites of all time. Thank you for doing these videos.

  • FantasticFunk
    FantasticFunk Year ago +1

    Looking forward to the rest of these! They sure scratch the Expanse-itch!

  • Elly Mizrahi
    Elly Mizrahi Year ago

    Oh yeah... Amos. Lines like the one about pumps are great levity - I think “Tiny,” “Chrissy,” and his talk with Holden about Clarissa without mentioning Clarissa are my faves of this season - but the time when he describes why he beat Roma so badly to Prax about what would happen to Mei if she was trafficked... THAT was when he became my favorite character. This season was hit or miss for me on the first viewing (Naomi’s scenes were AMAZING acting on Tripper’s part, but even they went on a bit too long and no one else really seemed to do much), but Amos’ story was never part of my critique it was great from start to finish - even if it was the least sci-fi/ space-based of a show about the vastness of space. And as for his emotional journey, I think season 4’s finale where he’s regrowing a finger, “Murty” gives him a reason to attack him and Amos just gets that snarl going on his face was a great show of his breaking out.

  • MBThunder
    MBThunder Year ago

    Great Video once again. Im very much looking forward to your next projects!
    I would love more expanse videos, do you plan on doing more episode explanations, or are you just recording a summary after the finale? Anyways, have a great day!

  • E. S.
    E. S. Year ago

    I love this show so much. You introduced me to it. Thank you.

  • The Last R-Spec
    The Last R-Spec Year ago

    Thanks for introducing me to this epic, reality based physics gem....with real people not political messages

  • Kai Clear
    Kai Clear Year ago

    Thanks for these videos ^__^ I love the show. Was wondering if you had any thoughts on the series seems to expand on the ideas from Robert A. Heinlein's 'The moon is a harsh mistress'?

  • Jenkss
    Jenkss Year ago

    Expanse! I'll watch everything Expanse related you do. Great video and analysis. Looking forward to seeing more.

  • Will Sullivan
    Will Sullivan Year ago +1

    Cannot wait for one on episode 4, one of my favorite and one of the best tv episodes of all time!

  • Terry Rodgers
    Terry Rodgers Year ago

    Love this series and your breakdowns add to the enjoyment. :))

  • M3at Boh
    M3at Boh Year ago

    Yes more expanse please. I've read all the books and watched all the seasons, I think expanse doesn't get enough credit for how good it is.

  • Jonathan Reich
    Jonathan Reich Year ago

    The Expanse is the best show on tv with the show honing closely to the books for the most part. Sci-Fi with lots of science based foundation (other than the alien artifacts). Hope Alt Shift X will do more reviews of the shows.

  • Barend Lahm
    Barend Lahm Year ago

    Hey alt shift x, can you also do more book ones on the expanse? loved the one you did for the first book.

  • Scott Alexander
    Scott Alexander Year ago

    I love this show best sci-fi show ever. Bills are amazing too. I love your breakdowns too. Please do more!!! Reminds me of the game of thrones ones you did.

  • MrOxion
    MrOxion Year ago

    People seem split on this season. Some say its been disappointing but its one of the closest adaptations of the books (coincidentally the fan favorite book too). I personally think its a great season and I love to hear your breakdowns.

  • Nicholas O'Leary
    Nicholas O'Leary Year ago

    More please!! This is my favorite show, and I love all of your videos!

  • tomev
    tomev Year ago

    I am very much looking forward to your break down of the Finale!

  • Debaditya Dutta
    Debaditya Dutta Year ago +1

    The saddest part of this season was in the intro watching the lights go out on the Martian settlement

  • Muriel Kramer
    Muriel Kramer Year ago

    As always, a stunning analysis!

  • Faizan Raza
    Faizan Raza Year ago

    Your explanation videos are the best out there. I just wish you could make videos after each episode but before the next one

  • skapunker1986
    skapunker1986 Year ago

    i was so excited when you started with this seasons 1st episode. and slightly disappointed you didn''t cover any of the other episodes one by one. as you have done for other series.

  • Sam Q
    Sam Q Year ago

    Just brilliant. So much that I missed from the episode itself. More more more please! And soon!

  • Ninth_prey
    Ninth_prey Year ago

    LOVE IT!!! More of this please!

  • Ryan Greeney
    Ryan Greeney Year ago +1

    These are great. More Expanse content please.

  • Senor Chang1406
    Senor Chang1406 Year ago +3

    Yes, Ive been waiting for you to do reviews of this gem of a show

  • JMD501
    JMD501 Year ago

    Love the show and your break downs keep it up

  • TimSchnitzel
    TimSchnitzel Year ago +144

    This didn’t show up on my subscription page. Glad I found it.

    • ChesterTester
      ChesterTester Year ago +1

      It's intentional. This originally aired on the Amazon X-vid channel so he didn't want to spam people with the same video again.

    • Adam J
      Adam J Year ago

      Same for me, I just randomly found it. Even went back through my subs to see how I could have missed it!

    • kripposoft
      kripposoft Year ago

      Same. Not sure why but glad I found it

    • C Sullivan
      C Sullivan Year ago

      Same. Also, where’s ep2?

    • darkcloud
      darkcloud Year ago

      me too, i don't know wtf is happening to YT, this isn't the first time

  • A Carroll
    A Carroll Year ago

    This show is finally starting to build up the Momentum GoT had around season 4! I hope they continue the show after season 6 and.... (BOOK 6&7SPOILERS!!!)
    just ignore or work around the Time Jump. They can just age up the actors with makeup (or maybe VFX ala Captain America, albiet that was probably very expensive, maybe just save that for Avasarala), and chalk up the uncannyness to them having anti-ageing technology 300 years in the future.

  • Nishant
    Nishant Year ago

    Great explanation and analysis!

  • Georg Valge
    Georg Valge Year ago

    would love more episodes about this show

  • TheCrystella26
    TheCrystella26 Year ago

    More Expanse content videos please. Thank you for posting this one

  • Sophie Cleverly
    Sophie Cleverly Year ago

    Yes more Expanse please! This was great

  • BigTime Rush
    BigTime Rush Year ago

    Please make more videos for the rest of this season!!

  • J Tdg
    J Tdg Year ago

    Yes, please more from the Expanse.

  • King Remus
    King Remus Year ago

    Such a bummer that there will only be 6 seasons :( to great of a show to stop at 6 did nobody learn from GoTs errors?

  • X X
    X X Year ago

    More please! This show is the best!

  • Pixie Doodle
    Pixie Doodle Year ago

    yes, per episode breakdowns like these are great

  • Victor Meunier
    Victor Meunier Year ago

    Could you please do some stuff on the Kingkiller Chronicles? In any case, thanks for your videos. SO MUCH.

  • Audsoll
    Audsoll Year ago

    Please do more, love the expanse and want to see more, maybe make a community post about this video, like many others I didn't see this video in the feed, I watched the recap and saw it in recommended

  • Thomas Hays
    Thomas Hays Year ago +1

    Damn I was hoping there would be one of these for every episode.

  • Seldom Seen Smith

    I wish you'd cover more than just 1 or 2 episodes or doing a recap of a season. This is the best hard scifi show in a long time and deserves a lot more coverage.
    [Edit] Westworld's a mess, got is dead, this is pretty much all that's left unless you're willing to start covering 'The Last Kingdom' or 'The Witcher'.

    • Seldom Seen Smith
      Seldom Seen Smith Year ago

      @David Bailey True but considering what's been released/leaked about them I'm pretty sure they'll suck.

    • David Bailey
      David Bailey Year ago

      I'm pretty sure there's game of thrones prequels coming out

  • Alfred
    Alfred Year ago

    Can we get a breakdown of the other episodes as well?

  • Alex Hilary
    Alex Hilary Year ago

    Big expanse fan. Keep up the good work!

  • Big Al
    Big Al Year ago

    Thank you good review
    I think this is a better season than the last, but Amazon sucks

  • jon hamilton
    jon hamilton Year ago

    I adore this show so much

  • Stacey Broughton
    Stacey Broughton Year ago

    Yes please! More Expanse videos. Cheers.

  • Елена Черникова

    so happy you are doing the expanse videos!

  • Adam George
    Adam George Year ago

    Love your videos on the expanse :)

  • jonathan hunt
    jonathan hunt Year ago

    Cant wait for more Expanse content from you

  • Houmand
    Houmand Year ago

    More expanse! Love it!

  • David Bailey
    David Bailey Year ago +1

    If they were trying to make Phillip look "ruthless and murderous" when he lets that guy die, they failed. There is a shot that shows about 30 seconds left before the science vessel blows up so it's just a smart decision not to go out there and die. If there was more time on the clock sure

    • David Bailey
      David Bailey Year ago

      @Robert Winslade I haven't read the books yet but that's understandable in this instance to create a little bit of drama I would say from now on he will check for sabotage lol.
      I was starting to think that they ran out of source material. With lines like "thinking of your earther James Holden famous for drinking coffee" at first you're like oh that's cute but then you think about it and you're like wait how does she know he likes coffee and that is most definitely not what he is famous for.
      I know that they shot a documentary but we never got the sense that they showed him drinking coffee or whatever from the show's perspective they didn't even finish the documentary because of peach's sabotage.
      I was so triggered by the awkward editing in the peaches fight scene I tweeted at The Expanse. there's also three jump cuts when drummer screams in the latest episode that just takes me out of the moment.
      They also reuse a technique where they let a sound bite play over the credits they did it in season 1 episode 3 and the latest episode season 5 episode 8 I just found it more impactful the first time it was when the star Helix rookie gets pinned to a wall
      I agree the weekly schedule could be messing with us a bit because we're basically at the end of the second act of a movie and it's about to go down so I imagine the season is going to get more interesting.... I hope

    • Robert Winslade
      Robert Winslade Year ago

      @David Bailey I've been feeling the same about nitpicking little stuff tbh 😅 my only major issue with this season has been that the pacing seems off especially with the plot spread across 6 different story threads, but this is something which I think will be way less noticeable when binge-watching. In fact I've mostly really liked all these plots but a few little details have really bothered me; like inconsistencies in the scale of the attack on Earth, or that they never established that Holden had the Roci checked for sabotage after the attack even though I know that he does in the book and it's such a common sense thing to do, plus that weird fight scene with Peaches. All of these are fairly small issues in the big scheme of things but I feel like they've really bothered me for some reason

    • David Bailey
      David Bailey Year ago

      @Robert Winslade I 100% agree with you. I'm nitpicking little stuff has just been standing out to me this season in particular.

    • Robert Winslade
      Robert Winslade Year ago

      Even if it doesn't suggest he is 'ruthless and murderous' per se, it still shows that he is desensitized to death, even of someone he would consider a friend, and that he has bought into the idea that dying for this cause is heroic and noble. Plus earlier in the same scene we see him calmly give the order for the space station's crew to be executed. All in all, I think it does demonstrate that he is a bit of a fanatic

  • Wizard Michael
    Wizard Michael Year ago

    More of these, please!

  • Ben
    Ben Year ago

    Always glad to see a new Alt Shift X vidéo 🙏

  • Kingstad
    Kingstad Year ago +1

    I didnt even understand the significance of the rocks in the beginning, thank you

  • Cannoli Media
    Cannoli Media Year ago

    More of these pleeeease. You’re the best!

  • Muad'dib2288
    Muad'dib2288 Year ago

    Please keep making these videos!

  • swansonnnn
    swansonnnn Year ago

    You explaining the 2007 "Ming Dynasty 1566" would be a dream come true.

  • Dan J0rdan
    Dan J0rdan Year ago

    Keep these coming! :)

  • Kevin i
    Kevin i Year ago +2

    commenting as requested, I would like more videos about the expanse

  • charleshaughtry
    charleshaughtry 10 months ago

    I want more Expanse videos!

  • AbneyParkMCY
    AbneyParkMCY Year ago

    Duuude so glad you decided to start with this one :)

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    My favorite content creator making content on my favorite show, let's go baby!

  • Sloth the Grey
    Sloth the Grey Year ago

    I'm glad i sometimes come back to watch your old vids or I would've missed this tasty upload

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    Please mooooore about The Expanse! ❤️❤️❤️

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    ChilleDINJerseY Year ago

    My favorite show of all time

  • Matthew Carlyon
    Matthew Carlyon Year ago +13

    Does anyone else not have this in their subscription feed?

    • Tracy Metherell
      Tracy Metherell Year ago +1

      It didn’t show up in mine either. I heard that Alt Shift X was covering The Expanse from it’s authors’ (James S.A. Corey) Twitter

  • David Dang
    David Dang Year ago

    Keep this videos up! Love em...

  • Megumi Hayashida
    Megumi Hayashida Year ago +6

    Anyone else understands Marco's perspective? I mean it's not the right way ofc but if he didn't start acting radically the Belters would still be disrespected by every nations even after "The Rings" appeared. Now I just hope the series will explore more on the protomolecule's potential and new worlds or The Builders... the whole Nagata drama is getting a bit too long almost annoying at this point.

    • oldyyy
      oldyyy Year ago

      Nah, I don't see his perspective. He's just egotistical and power hungry.

  • westerssss
    westerssss Year ago

    More Please, Thank You.

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    jon cracknell Year ago

    more please :)

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    took me some time to realize that I already watched this last month

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    Yessss, was waiting for your videos about Expanse

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