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Logan Paul LOCKER ROOM After DRAW! vs KSI

  • Published on Aug 24, 2018
  • Interviewed by Radio Rahim for Seconds Out.
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    Logan Paul LOCKER ROOM After DRAW! vs KSI
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Comments • 18 801

  • O36
    O36 4 years ago +1403

    The real winners are the people who sacrificed their channels to stream the fight without paying 🙏

  • Youssef Addas
    Youssef Addas 3 years ago +310

    Who’s here after he lost the second fight

    • Emily Krabill
      Emily Krabill 12 days ago

      @Mario Ramirez I’ve heard him say that he’s 6’2.

    • Travis Ireland
      Travis Ireland 26 days ago


    • Jezril Ginesh
      Jezril Ginesh 2 years ago +1

      @Mario Ramirez 188cm

    • Mario Ramirez
      Mario Ramirez 2 years ago +1

      @Angel Harrington wait how tall is he because he almost like 3 inches taller than jj

    • Mario Ramirez
      Mario Ramirez 2 years ago

      @Angel Harrington i know right

  • Satyen
    Satyen 3 years ago +257

    jeez logan looks so small compared to he is now

    • H.K
      H.K 6 months ago

      He's like 50 pounds heavier now.

    • Internet Fight Sports
      Internet Fight Sports 7 months ago

      @Dirty James Logan is 6 2

    • Dirty James
      Dirty James 9 months ago

      He looks mad tall. I swear Radio Rahim is about 6'4

    • The True Squad
      The True Squad Year ago

      @Se Da wut...

    • Life Lessons
      Life Lessons Year ago


  • Douglass Kemmer
    Douglass Kemmer 4 years ago +509

    Let be honest we all know the real winners are the people that watched the fight for free and let us give a lot of respect to those people that sacrificed their channel for us to watch it free much respect to them.

  • Tye Quadrozzi
    Tye Quadrozzi 4 years ago +1

    From the highlights I watched, it seems to me if he can get his cardio up that he has the better offensive attack when pressuring and/or standing his ground. I didn't see any countering in the highlights so idk about his skill set there but it certainly seemed like he is more powerful and has a much better right hand. Could work on his defense though from what I seen

  • Vex 12986
    Vex 12986 4 years ago +3581

    The real winners are those who sacrificed their channels to stream the fight on TWITCH

    • Matthew Curiel
      Matthew Curiel 4 years ago

      Big facts

    • YoungPunditTV
      YoungPunditTV 4 years ago

      Lmao yess I watched the whole event on twitch

    • sour cookie
      sour cookie 4 years ago

      @Small Might me 2

    • Pvz2lovers [DEAD]
      Pvz2lovers [DEAD] 4 years ago

      Vex 12986 agreed

    • Cat's Cut
      Cat's Cut 4 years ago

      @Small Might oh, your just fucking lucky, I was searching for the stream on youtube but Jakey wants me to pay for paperview

  • Aaron Montague
    Aaron Montague 3 years ago +11

    Logan:“100%, in the the United States, going to get that victory.”
    Also Logan: loses

  • Visvarenais Emīls
    Visvarenais Emīls 4 years ago +463

    Let's just take a silence moment about all twitch streamers who lost their accounts just to make us see the fight for free...

  • Skateobyou
    Skateobyou 4 years ago +20

    I like this interviewer.. he's on point! Has nice flow and actually asks genuine questions

  • Lifeline Cruz
    Lifeline Cruz 4 years ago +109

    i love the raw maturity boxing brought out of him...

    • Alan Cabrera
      Alan Cabrera 4 years ago

      (Looks at your avatar) 😅😓

    • Christian Luczejko
      Christian Luczejko 4 years ago +4

      I can’t stand either of these dudes. But i gotta admit he did sound a bit less of a twat.
      Honestly that’s all some asshats need. A couple beatings to help straighten them out.

    • treis531
      treis531 4 years ago +6

      Ella Cruz He’s still a fuckin tool bag

  • Sean D.
    Sean D. 4 years ago +930

    The only people that lost this fight were the ones who paid to watch it

    • Magic Spot
      Magic Spot 4 years ago

      I watched for free too. Lol. Poor people who spent money.

    • Jancarlo Sanchez
      Jancarlo Sanchez 4 years ago +1

      No you’re just broke lol

    • Baby Groot
      Baby Groot 4 years ago

      SEAN MERCS nog ops gang

    • Joshua Jaimangal
      Joshua Jaimangal 4 years ago


    • X02 Kingzero
      X02 Kingzero 4 years ago

      For real I will never pay for an a X-vidr boxing match I just watched on twitch

  • Fat Kid Terio
    Fat Kid Terio 4 years ago +1169

    people who sacrificed their channel have my *respecc*

  • Yazzy Mercado
    Yazzy Mercado 4 years ago +121

    I say it wasn't rigged. I'd give Logan the first two rounds. JJ the third and fourth. Logan 5th and JJ the last round. I honeslty think Logan could have won if his stamina didn't burn out quickly in the first 3 rounds because he used to movement when hitting JJ, but his stamina got the best of him. End of the day both gave there heart and all.

    • ivan soberanis
      ivan soberanis 4 years ago

      yeah its like alistair overeem in the ufc big dude but gasses out quickly he unleash on ksi in one of the rounds that took a told on his stamina throwing those kind of punches are taxing i think the draw was a fair decision

    • Luca Siebert
      Luca Siebert 4 years ago

      I believe KSI would have won if there was a seventh round.

    • Jaylan Igbinoba
      Jaylan Igbinoba 4 years ago

      Hey! A guy thats has some thought and other then shouting *RIGGED*
      I know this tho, don't think I'm gonna be here for the rematch

    • Mayor of Hueco Mundo
      Mayor of Hueco Mundo 4 years ago +2

      It sounds like the first comment Ive read from someone who actually saw the fight. Everyone else is just repeating what they heard.

    • Helix
      Helix 4 years ago +1

      Kimo Hendo yea thats how it went but I dont really know because did't KSI get three cheap shots or something like that and Logan got 1 too I mean i guess it evens out at the end I thought Logan had the edge but I dont know I guess it was best to call it a draw

  • The Tinted Snorkel
    The Tinted Snorkel 4 years ago +112

    Logan Paul exerted too much energy in the first two rounds. Having to lift and throw that amount of muscle mass around is much more taxing than KSI getting in close and scrappy, which is why KSI he excelled in the later rounds.

    • xOtiKay
      xOtiKay 4 years ago

      @BEN COOK lmao literally no one is getting it

    • xOtiKay
      xOtiKay 4 years ago

      @Nathaniel r/woosh

    • Helene Faltis
      Helene Faltis 4 years ago

      Nathaniel yeah being vegan doesn’t change anything. It can either suit you and help you or you’ll feel bad 10/10 that you stood up.

    • Neon FlexR6
      Neon FlexR6 4 years ago

      The fact that everyone wasted there time on these X-vidrs thinking this was a match of a lifetime got scammed hard. Why is anyone interested in there fake life’s just so these youtubers can profit off of all of you and think there idols? It’s crazy how stupid everyone is getting nowadays falling for these people that think there on top of the world feeding y’all a bunch of horse shit and profiting off of y’all. It’s you people that got these youtubers rich and famous and it’s sad to see what this world has come too. Lmfao

    • Anushka Troian
      Anushka Troian 4 years ago

      Excelled my foot.

  • Pablo Reyes
    Pablo Reyes 4 years ago +1

    00:51 that boy is in serious pain but got to respect the fact that he stepped in the ring with a boxer

  • Zishan
    Zishan 4 years ago +1728

    Twitch users who lost their account coz of streaming have my respect. You people are my hero.

    • Sam Soh
      Sam Soh 4 years ago

      @Betty nah the real losers are still people who paid for this shit.

    • mac
      mac 4 years ago

      i remember watching on ur channel lifesaver

    • Bouwer2100
      Bouwer2100 4 years ago

      twitch didnt have a shot at stopping it, there were hundreds of channels broadcasting the event

    • Rj Ask
      Rj Ask 4 years ago

      @lee elmore Calm your tits.

    • Nickolas Scolaro
      Nickolas Scolaro 4 years ago +1

      Yeah respect

  • bryan phillips
    bryan phillips 4 years ago +1

    Both guys deserve credit. People shitting on their performance DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT BOXING! The both fought very well considering their lack of background in the sport.
    Logan won the first 3, as he says here, the third narrowly. KSI took the fourth closely and came on strong in the sixth. The fifth was a swing round but Logan did enough IMHO to win it and the fight. In the rematch Logan should cut out the clowning and mugging and just fight. Had he done that here he wouldn't have let KSI get brave on him or let the judges have an excuse to call it a draw.

  • the flow of meditation
    the flow of meditation  3 years ago +14

    Damn Logan was small

  • Otaku_ K1
    Otaku_ K1 4 years ago +2

    Wow, hes actually saying true stuff

  • Mark Hassan
    Mark Hassan 4 years ago +3

    As a boxer. I think Paul fought an outstanding fight after 5 months training.

  • Hatty May
    Hatty May 4 years ago +1168

    One minute of silence for all those who lost their accounts to stream it on twitch

    • KyleBro
      KyleBro 4 years ago

      @PETER G was disguised as a fortnite gameplay

    • Biggy Cheese
      Biggy Cheese 4 years ago

      The fortnite streamers saying free fortnite skins still died

    • Dalcn
      Dalcn 4 years ago

      Shout out slamzv2

    • PusheenVibes
      PusheenVibes 4 years ago


    • Pixxilutia
      Pixxilutia 4 years ago

      The last stream I watched it on was called 'MINECRAFT LETS PLAY PART 2' I was dying

  • The future baller
    The future baller 4 years ago +86

    I don't really like logan paul but I respect you bro

  • Tyler Huggins
    Tyler Huggins 4 years ago +6

    I love how the rematch was setup before the actual fight

  • Paul Clarke
    Paul Clarke 4 years ago

    I was there, paid VIP in row 5. Incredible fight and both fighters fought hard. I wore my Team Paul merch and was proud of how Logan Paul (and Jake!) fought.

  • TheAverageChelios
    TheAverageChelios 4 years ago

    Its just really good to see him being an honest person instead of a character.. I really hope he gains respect in the work again..
    I know people will disagree with what I just said.. But people make mistakes.. And I am not saying I support what he has done.. But if he proves himself.. As a Respectful Human being.. I would give him a chance.. He is only 23.. I am 5 years older.. And I did some Stupid things at 23.. But every deserve the right to try to be a better human.. Its just good Luck in life Logan

  • Essy
    Essy 4 years ago +1280

    The real winners are the people that managed to watch it on twitch😂

      WNITE GAMING 4 years ago

      No caus they to poor to pay £6 so they think there sick by watching it on twitch. JUST PAY 6 FUCKING POUNDS

    • Government Name Unknown
      Government Name Unknown 4 years ago

      Fuck paying £8 to watch the fight, i spent £6.50 on a 10 inch chicken supreme pizza and watched the fight on twitch for free.

    • Louise Spencer
      Louise Spencer 4 years ago

      I’m a winner

    • Aalper Safak
      Aalper Safak 4 years ago

      I twitch lol

    • Bazam
      Bazam 4 years ago

      There was a X-vid stream that was streaming it for free with over 200k viewers

  • SAM . O A
    SAM . O A 4 years ago +166

    I tell you what, Logan is a better boxer than KSI who is more of a brawler. Logan used his jab effectively.
    Logan in the first two rounds (despite the showboating) was different gravy, tired rather quickly after that and became an easy target for KSI's overhand right. Both had terrible discipline when it came to defence. I was entertained.

    • Niaz Ahmed
      Niaz Ahmed 2 years ago

      @Greven Griff lol second fight Logan lost round 1,2 and 3 funny how times change

    • SAM . O A
      SAM . O A 2 years ago

      @Sabeel Khan that much is obvious

    • Sophie Bandoni
      Sophie Bandoni 3 years ago


    • Hello K
      Hello K 3 years ago

      KSI missed more of his punches cause of Logan’s reach so it was hard for ksi to get a good jab on him to return.

    • Clix
      Clix 3 years ago +1

      @Greven Griff whose still the champ bitch thats right its Ksi 👍👍👍👍😅😅😅

  • Avery Sims
    Avery Sims 4 years ago

    ya know i never really liked logan paul but after this video and the fight i gained hella respect for him. biggups to you logan

  • Mayor of Hueco Mundo
    Mayor of Hueco Mundo 4 years ago

    Major respect for him, he gave KSI some hard whops to the head, it was a lot of fun to watch. I hope they move on and stop this though.

  • Ruby Dances
    Ruby Dances 4 years ago

    I was sat in that room and my whole stand was cheering lets go Logan we all love u and Jake to

  • Isaac Simpson
    Isaac Simpson 4 years ago

    Who can people say it was fixed 😂 there would have been a rematch either way, with how much money they will make it’s stupid not to, a draw was a fair result, Ksi had every round after 1,2 round 5 could of gone either way, then Ksi smashed him in the 6th.

  • Felix Martinez
    Felix Martinez 4 years ago

    I laughed hard when he said, rd 3 was even and he was cruising in rd 6. He totally looked like Mcgregor against Mayweather in rd 10. Cruising 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kristen Mehl
    Kristen Mehl 4 years ago

    So proud of you logan

  • Babatunde
    Babatunde 4 years ago +1

    the rematch will be soooooooooooo good :> logan and ksi will not be amateur now cause they learned each other tactics but i love how when they punched each other they just smiled and laughed :> lol

  • izzy 2g
    izzy 2g 4 years ago +4537

    The real winners are..
    The people that didn’t pay to watch

  • enchanted wooden hoe
    enchanted wooden hoe 4 years ago

    I am not against logan, i am with him

  • Jesse Mastropasqua
    Jesse Mastropasqua 4 years ago

    I honestly thought Logan dominated the first two rounds and kept even in the third and fifth. JJ threw punches after the bell which should’ve resulted in Logan winning. Idk how it ended in a tie

  • Tellitallnow
    Tellitallnow 4 years ago

    Good fight IMO for what it was. I don't think either of these men are professional boxers so taking this into consideration I think they both did pretty dam good in the ring. I bet Logan would whoop a lot of you guys asses that are talking down about this amateur fight. I don't E ven follow Logan but ya gotta give him some credit, he was swinging the entire fight. A lot of progressional boxing matches are way worse fights then this amateur fight was IMO.

  • alyssa bresnahan
    alyssa bresnahan 4 years ago

    Logan definitely won the fifth round that’s what I’ve been saying. And yes I watched the fight! But he did an amazing job love you so much logan!!

  • Christian Kristiansen
    Christian Kristiansen 4 years ago +299

    I watched the whole fight for free, god bless all the people who streamed the fight on other platforms, u guys are the true heroes

  • Andy Medina
    Andy Medina 4 years ago +1

    Lmao 00:58 got me dying

  • Atox Lord
    Atox Lord 4 years ago

    I am so glad that it was a draw because that match was amazing! 100 times better than the Joe Weller one because both Throw hands like crazy!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 years ago

    Logan: Rds 1, 2 and 5. KSI: Rds 3, 4, 6
    However, I know it's not fair but I wouldn't have been mad if KSi was handed the W. Anyone with a brain knows 10 more seconds, 20, 30 or whatever... Had it continued it was going to end in only 1 way.

  • josuke higashikata
    josuke higashikata 4 years ago

    You earned my respect Logan Paul

  • Dragan Simevski
    Dragan Simevski 4 years ago +1581

    1minute silence for all the people who bought the fight and didnt watch it on twitch for free

    • Edvardas Bagdonas
      Edvardas Bagdonas 4 years ago

      @Artem T-rex arms Lobov i dont go to cinemas, i watch movies for free lol

    • Snuggle
      Snuggle 4 years ago

      @Artem T-rex arms Lobov what are you talking about I didnt have to leave the stream once

    • kerstas10
      kerstas10 4 years ago

      tugo I would better give a homeless man those 7.50, so he could buy alcohol, then payed for that stream.

    • 1000 subscribers with no videos
      1000 subscribers with no videos 4 years ago

      Its a fucking fake fight how dont you realise? They want money so they come up with fake drama. Jake lied "there wont be any other streams to watch except real one " just to make you pay and now they made it draw so you pay for the next match

    • Awxrd01
      Awxrd01 4 years ago


  • Jarrod
    Jarrod 4 years ago

    I believe a draw was fair Logan will win rematch comfortably tho he did well in how long he had another couple of months to rematch that only favours Logan in the first 2 Logan showed he was by far the better technical boxer and in rematch I will have more time to work on his stamina remember not even pro boxers come in and go straight to 6 rounds

  • Destiny Garcia
    Destiny Garcia 4 years ago +1

    I'm a boxer with 54 fights I wish him good when he starts actually fighting

    • Amir Khazan
      Amir Khazan 2 years ago

      You’re a 12 year old girl...

  • Jason Longo
    Jason Longo 4 years ago

    Wow first time I've seen Logan seem half genuine

  • NiceKiller
    NiceKiller 4 years ago

    If Logan had more endurance and could have maintained the pace he had in the 1st 2 rounds it would have been a complete route. I don't know either of these guys but I am into boxing/UFC and KSI looked like a angry frat boy brawling at a bar after 6 beers and while Logan is no professional Mayweather type he showed an aptitude for the sport and had far better technique then KSI which is weird considering from what I've heard KSI has been doing this forever.

  • Robertz1213
    Robertz1213 4 years ago +1755

    Twitch people who streamed and lost their account has earned my _Respect_

    • Lewis Bone
      Lewis Bone 4 years ago

      Yes there the real winners

    • Bill Stevenson
      Bill Stevenson 4 years ago

      Robertz1213 jññ

    • CODED
      CODED 4 years ago

      @oody even if it was a small channel people would find it if they searched ksi vs logan paul. This isnt utube where it shows popular channels it shows everyone

    • Sterncoo54
      Sterncoo54 4 years ago


    • Joe Curtin
      Joe Curtin 4 years ago

      Ikr that's how I watched it.😂

  • 404KYLE
    404KYLE 4 years ago

    Man he sounds so funny when he swears 😂😂😂 still bro I support you no matter what

  • Bernardo Her
    Bernardo Her 4 years ago +1

    now logan makes me scared with him, CAUSE HE FIGHTS SO GOOD! CONGRATS MAN!

  • Kid Power
    Kid Power 4 years ago

    Condition kept him from the win, He'll guaranteed win this time. KSI really has step it up, really work composure, he's good but that guy's just swinging like madman hoping to land.

  • Cristian Guzman
    Cristian Guzman 4 years ago

    i just watched the fight, if you know anything about boxing than you know both KSI and paul cannot box for shit, but regardless of that, i take my hat off to anyone who steps in the ring to fight, you dont play boxing, anything can happen and i respect them both for that.

  • Oumaima maghraoui
    Oumaima maghraoui 4 years ago +1875

    I feel bad for the one's who paid to watch the live stream 😂😂 because I watched it for free on twitch 😂😂😂😂😂

    • keygeNtw
      keygeNtw 4 years ago

      Same here

    • Sister Snapped
      Sister Snapped 4 years ago

      Not used to hearing logan cussing cuz when he does they censor it with a wierd squeaking dolphin noise.

    • RandomShowerThoughts
      RandomShowerThoughts 4 years ago

      me too in hd

    • TehLemonsRUs
      TehLemonsRUs 4 years ago

      Thumbs up if you wasted your money on worse things than KSI vs Logan

    • Nathaniel Evans
      Nathaniel Evans 4 years ago

      fire smurfie same lol

    MDM MDM 4 years ago

    That was hands down a draw, no ifs and no buts.

  • Jadyn Reilly
    Jadyn Reilly 4 years ago

    Logan:good luck ksi
    Me:awwwww!!!!!!!! Now that's being a good sport

  • alyssa bresnahan
    alyssa bresnahan 4 years ago +1

    He did a wonderful job!

    MDM MDM 4 years ago

    Every single miss of a punch means that they lost a huge amount of energy pointlessly. Every punch missed determines who wins.

  • Hou ston
    Hou ston 4 years ago +3207

    I'm so glad I didn't pay for this fight.

    • The Pianist
      The Pianist 4 years ago

      Anthony ! By ur word “lmao broke” means that u are mocking cuz he didnt have enough to pay or it was a hard task to buy

    • Anthony !
      Anthony ! 4 years ago

      @The Pianist I do not think I'm rich for that reason, where'd you get that information from lil buddy?

    • Anthony !
      Anthony ! 4 years ago

      @Ram I'm very happy with my purchase, thanks.

    • The Pianist
      The Pianist 4 years ago

      Anthony ! Cuz u are mocking a guy cuz he didnt pay for a funny youtube boxing match that is 8$ and u think u are rich with 8$

    • Ram
      Ram 4 years ago

      @Anthony ! Nah You're just a dumbass thats mad about buying it

  • Ruby Ortega
    Ruby Ortega 4 years ago +6

    Respect the one who sacrifice their channel to watch it for free 👏😭

  • Eternal Abyss
    Eternal Abyss 4 years ago +4

    So glad it’s a draw after match I was so worried

  • Hayden Gowell
    Hayden Gowell 4 years ago +3

    1:36 to 1:39 you can just tell Logan was using jpg is fists to make his muscles look big and he even looked at them

  • Abaza
    Abaza 4 years ago +15

    is it weird that i'm looking at his abs the whole time 😂😂

    • CK Music
      CK Music 3 years ago

      LoneWolf-Z no hahaha

  • Marlena Beard
    Marlena Beard 4 years ago +1445

    The rematch better be free or I quit with this boxing stuff.

    • overwatch nerd
      overwatch nerd 4 years ago

      @Mayor of Hueco Mundo it was like £7.50

    • Mayor of Hueco Mundo
      Mayor of Hueco Mundo 4 years ago

      The whole thing is for those giant checks they got. Only kids are begging it to be free. It was 10$, thats like 10mins of sitting on the crapper at work.

    • overwatch nerd
      overwatch nerd 4 years ago


    • G Rico
      G Rico 4 years ago

      Lmao just use reddit I watched the whole fight for free🤣 live

    • Idk
      Idk 4 years ago +1

      MsBacon Bot it probably won’t be free but you can watch it on twitch. I watched it on twitch for free

  • NUFC Benarfa
    NUFC Benarfa 4 years ago

    tbf to Logan, though I think he lost 47-46, Him and Jake looked the more technical boxers. If they had the stamina I think they'd have won.

  • Diamond In The Rough
    Diamond In The Rough 4 years ago

    I love you Logan!!!! 💙💙💙💙 keep it up!

  • La diabla
    La diabla 4 years ago

    I love how all these little kids wanna act like they know anything about boxy. Logan should have won that fight. He literally fought like a boxer. I was impressed. Ksi was just hitting with luck. He got his shit rocked. And that’s why he should have lost. But honestly they didn’t want to kill ksi’s career so it isn’t fair.

  • Ali Aldayyeni
    Ali Aldayyeni 4 years ago +15

    Logan only trained for like 4-5 months
    Ksi trained for joe weller and logan so that is 1year of training
    The fight ended up a draw
    THE WINNER IS......
    It is obviously not difficult to think about that logan did a good job so stop saying ksi won when he trained for 1year and logan only trained for 4-5 months and the fight ended up a draw so logan is the winner fuckers

    • GM 7
      GM 7 3 years ago

      Ali Aldayyeni that didn’t age well...

    • BlackOutEmzZ
      BlackOutEmzZ 3 years ago

      Who is the winner now bitches.

    • Frank Mccrohon
      Frank Mccrohon 3 years ago +1

      Ali Aldayyeni just cos someone trained more, doesn’t mean they won

    • Sam Grady
      Sam Grady 3 years ago

      Ali Aldayyeni Logan has the genetic advantage and technically he’s been training for lots more than 5 months because he used to be a wrestler, he was also in shape before he started training for boxing, which is something KSI wasn’t. Furthermore, Logan didn’t have any tactics which I know of, KSI did. It’s just a shame that he got them mixed up and wrong otherwise he would have battered Logan, which is something I expect to see from him in the rematch. No disrespect to Logan tho, I just think KSI did better

  • Christopher Clerveus
    Christopher Clerveus 4 years ago +1907

    The rematch has to be free.

    • Adam
      Adam 4 years ago

      @UCm6-zhz30fL8O1Q-6k5InRw I think if anything, bias judges, if something is up. However, I don't think anything strange happened, 2 or three was a clear Ksi win, and the final two ksi as well. Sadly, I wanted Logan to win, had money on it... Aha

    • Vedant Sharma
      Vedant Sharma 4 years ago


    • Herbs_BeCubing
      Herbs_BeCubing 4 years ago

      It will be free...on twitch

    • Sachin Kumar Samal
      Sachin Kumar Samal 4 years ago

      Never in a million years.

    • izabelangelovaa
      izabelangelovaa 4 years ago

      better be

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz 4 years ago

    Logan got robbed so bad. Logan won rounds 1, 2, 4, and 5. 1 should've been a 10-8 too. Not only because KSI didn't land a single punch during the round, and he got rocked, but especially because of the punch after the bell. That should've been a point deduction. It was so obviously after the bell, he should've lost a point.
    Logan is the better boxer by a mile. When Logan wasn't tired, it wasn't even close. KSI is wild as shit too, his technique is terrible. If Logan fixes his cardio issues KSI won't win a single round.

  • wolfieisbored
    wolfieisbored 4 years ago

    Thank god... there's a rematch

  • Shan said Shush eve
    Shan said Shush eve 4 years ago

    Its ironic how ksi said he was in Logan’s head and Logan was gonna come out angry just swinging but ksi was the one just swinging😂 I think Logan might have got in his head🤔

  • J M7
    J M7 4 years ago +42

    It was worth it paying the fight because ...damm so much pressure in both of them specialy logan paul men ... he had a ruff year men ...but well we got to understand that he is so creative to get money and ksi men they both are extremely postive in a way of doing business they go beyond their limits and i respect both of them and they are a show because all that trash talk has to happen in order the viewer can choose a side and well they are incredible smart ..if you do not agree with me is fine but just giving my opinion. THEY BOTH WON ! Great show guys .

  • Snoop Squirrel
    Snoop Squirrel 4 years ago +1213

    The real winners are those who streamed the game and sacrificed their channels so we could save 10$. God bless you.

    • Snoop Squirrel
      Snoop Squirrel 4 years ago +1

      Mirolan nice lmao

    • Mirolan
      Mirolan 4 years ago

      @Snoop Squirrel I'm also 13 and omg I had the same problem too 😂
      I can't believe ppl literally spent 10 dollars for a draw. I watched it for free because I already know there will be one for free . It's possible tho

    • Snoop Squirrel
      Snoop Squirrel 4 years ago

      Parak eet lmaaaao u can’t take a funny comment. The reason i didn’t bought it was bcs i’m 13 years old and my credit card doesn’t work for that. Also my parents weren’t home so stfu

    • Mirolan
      Mirolan 4 years ago

      @Jent Koster there were many ways to watch it for free without risking urself

    • Mr Jackson
      Mr Jackson 4 years ago

      Jent Koster some of us don’t live with our parents lmao. 10$ is a lot when you have to pay for bills and rent kid

  • luis hernandez
    luis hernandez 4 years ago +157

    KSI was just wildly swinging I reckon that with more practice Logan would definitely beat ksi due to his superior build height and reach, ksi had a good strategy all the hits he was landing tho seem to hit Logan to the side or near the back of Logan’s head if he became more accurate he probably would’ve ko’d him but at the end of the day Logan was the better boxer in my opinion but I do think ksi put up a really good fight especially in the last couple of rounds but somehow Logan still stood Idek how. It is fair to say that the Paul’s beat jj and deji

    • robert williams
      robert williams 4 years ago

      The amount of dumbasses that know nothing about boxing in this thread is overwhelming. If you think ksi is the winner then I'm talking about you. You clearly have no clue how boxing is scored. If so then you would not be saying the dumb shit you're saying now. And by the way i was on team ksi the whole way because i can't fucking stand the pauls but reality is reality. The Paul's won. Hands down.

    • Innit Parody
      Innit Parody 4 years ago

      @Rudie McRudeface there opinion though leave em be

    • Innit Parody
      Innit Parody 4 years ago

      @Ihtisham Hussain His opinion can you read?

    • Innit Parody
      Innit Parody 4 years ago

      @Momodu Rogers it was a draw how did he get his ass beat?

    • Innit Parody
      Innit Parody 4 years ago

      @Gaming Clips Chill its there opinion so what if there a fan obviously your a fan of ksi and deji like why dont you fudge of your the spaz here i guess you cant read though they said there opinion nobody elses

  • Ao
    Ao 4 years ago

    As cringe as he is, Logan is insane, he put up a great fight and I have a lot of respect for him.

  • ChanG
    ChanG 4 years ago

    Imma be honest I was rooting for Logan but even I thought ksi was going to win that match

  • Eishah K
    Eishah K 4 years ago


  • xPostGodx_
    xPostGodx_ 4 years ago +1032

    I feel like they rigged it just so they could get even more money off the rematch

    • The Croissant squad
      The Croissant squad 4 years ago

      ZWOOD3NXROUT3RZ he sucks as a person and he mumbles there

    • xPostGodx_
      xPostGodx_ 4 years ago +1

      @SpeedMechanic They realized how much money they were going to make that's why

    • xPostGodx_
      xPostGodx_ 4 years ago +1

      @skidaddle skidoodle Because it's a big boxing event people do anything for money

    • xPostGodx_
      xPostGodx_ 4 years ago +1

      @The Croissant squad what's wrong with listening to X?

    • Eric 16
      Eric 16 4 years ago +1


  • Tabitha Myers
    Tabitha Myers 4 years ago

    I believe in you logan

    BOXING VITALS 4 years ago

    If Logan works on his foot work and learns how to cut off the ring he would legitimately look like a Boxer. He has some skills that jab looked good so just work more . KSI needs a lot of work he can take a punch and has some stamina but no Boxing skills. Got to give them both a lot of credit for stepping in the Ring.

  • Jack AndTheBeanstalk
    Jack AndTheBeanstalk 4 years ago

    Logan really held his own. Logan seemed to have more brute strength but much less experience.

  • Finn Tomasso
    Finn Tomasso 4 years ago

    1,2 round logan had it but ksi dominated majority of rounds after

  • Hoodoor2002
    Hoodoor2002 4 years ago +1027

    I bet the rematch would end in a draw too 😂😂!

    • rather melodramatic, aren’t you?
      rather melodramatic, aren’t you? 4 years ago

      It better not. I’ve waited so long for KSI to win and now there’s a draw?

    • L C
      L C 4 years ago

      Aha the fight wasnt scripted it was a close fight i had ksi 58-57 but could see where people were coming from if they said logan won

    • Tommy Cha
      Tommy Cha 4 years ago

      Gonna fight in the USA, draw, then fight somewhere that isn't in their home country. Lol

    • Ali Darwish
      Ali Darwish 4 years ago

      Watch it happen

    • Looking for Truth
      Looking for Truth 4 years ago

      jpinho70 it isn't scripted you dumbness conspiracy theorists. No shit they were in for the money. Use your brain. If you can't comprehend my statement yet, let me make it easy for you... Money = Yes... Scripted = Are you nuts?

  • Happy Stone
    Happy Stone 3 years ago +3

    The winner is KSI in the rematch and KSI should of won the first match

  • Alborah
    Alborah 4 years ago

    Every logan fan saying “he hit like 20 more times than ksi” when literally his were just jabs and ksi was throwing super hard punches. But i dont know how boxing works im guessing who gets the most hits. Ksi would have definitely if that didnt apply.

  • charlie kurby
    charlie kurby 4 years ago +1

    I'm logang but "I thought I won?" Are you SERIOUS!!

  • Apex
    Apex 4 years ago

    This dude really said if he trained he could take McGregor...

  • Miss Granny
    Miss Granny 4 years ago +1556

    The real winner is the referee who watched this boxing drama from the closest view and without paying

  • Dah Let
    Dah Let 4 years ago

    I think KSI only won the last round
    Round 1 to 4 Logan won for sure cuz KSI got hit by Logan more and round 5 is draw
    What y’all think?

  • CC
    CC 3 years ago +111

    He looked so skinny compared to him now. Too bad it wasn’t enough to beat ksi
    Edit: I’m on JJs side for this if anyone thought I wasnt

    • Nirdesh_d1
      Nirdesh_d1 2 years ago

      He was already soo big and in the second fight he looked evn more big

    • Goku AUI
      Goku AUI 2 years ago

      Matt from Wii Sports shut the fck up lil btch

    • P A
      P A 2 years ago

      CC 11 I know right I was thinking the same but it was just me

    • CC
      CC 2 years ago +1

      Matt from Wii Sports my guy, I’m a ksi fan😂 I’m saying all that muscle still couldn’t knock jj

    • Stanley GlueGun Kelly
      Stanley GlueGun Kelly 2 years ago

      Sxshi Beats ew

  • Favian Zaragoza
    Favian Zaragoza 4 years ago

    I now have more respect for the Paul brothers for fighting

  • air rick
    air rick 4 years ago

    ksi missed a lot of his hits he won the 6th round definitely but i’d give it to logan

  • Jaelan Brown
    Jaelan Brown 4 years ago +2207

    The real winners are..
    The ones who thanked the bus driver

    • AsRebel
      AsRebel 4 years ago

      On god

    • CallMeJayBo
      CallMeJayBo 4 years ago +1

      😂😂😂 you are a goat

    • Vieren
      Vieren 4 years ago

      Who win i confused

    • Andrew Conner
      Andrew Conner 4 years ago


    • Izunia
      Izunia 4 years ago

      Lazyguydude 10 I always thank the bus driver but only when he goes to tilted....

  • imani jimbah
    imani jimbah 4 years ago

    I want Logan to watch the fight footage back, look straight to the camera and then see if he still thinks he won.

  • Niklas Vilhelm
    Niklas Vilhelm 4 years ago +9

    And i who though Logan and KSI were best friends forever 😄

  • balenciaga slippers
    balenciaga slippers 4 years ago

    Ksi was getting trained by an olympic boxer for an entire year. His technique was awful and his punches were flails and misjudged swings that barely grazed. For a guy that wants to go pro, Logan looked more professional and looked like an actual boxer. Not a fan of logan btw

  • NGC 7635
    NGC 7635 4 years ago

    At least we’ll get see an actual win next match...
    But I ain’t paying for that shit. (I actually enjoyed a couple of the undercard fights better)
    Faze Sensei is a god damn legend. He could actually take on McGregor.

  • crilly HD
    crilly HD 4 years ago +727

    no matter the winner, pewdiepie will be there to roast

    • Fallout boi Sum bish
      Fallout boi Sum bish 4 years ago


    • Thegim Limbu
      Thegim Limbu 4 years ago

      PovilasMarvelousTV you play rust lmao stfu keyboard warrior 😂

    • savannah scruggs
      savannah scruggs 4 years ago +2

      PovilasMarvelousTV lol r u a 8 yr old thinking your cool cussing?cuz your not

    • J
      J 4 years ago +3

      *slips up by saying the N-word*

    • wogzu1
      wogzu1 4 years ago

      Squidy I don't think it was staged but I do think that the referee call may or may not have been influenced by the possibility of another fight (or other motives/pressure)