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House of the Dragon S1E01 live Q&A discussion

  • Published on Aug 20, 2022
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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  3 months ago +388

    Weekly HOTD livestreams every Sunday at ~10:15pm Eastern Time, right after each episode -- then an Explained video later in the week!

    • Shi Yuan Jiang
      Shi Yuan Jiang Month ago

      Those kids look very "Strong", LoL you sly bastard ahahahahah

    • Michael Fetter
      Michael Fetter 2 months ago

      "injustice of childbirth" has to be one of the stupidest fucking things ive ever heard in my life
      Don't Recommend This Channel

    • Kaka The Chavvy
      Kaka The Chavvy 3 months ago

      @Leonardo Alfonso I

    • Ousman Jallow
      Ousman Jallow 3 months ago


    • kingj1337
      kingj1337 3 months ago

      @Martin P. this x2

  • Rey
    Rey 3 months ago +3089

    Feels nostalgic hearing you again talk about Westeros again.

    • Mercurydylan89
      Mercurydylan89 2 months ago

      It got nostalgic for me when I read that last use of “Again” in your post. Nostalgic for the earlier time you said “again” 1/5th a second earlier.

    • hunt
      hunt 2 months ago

      Real shit

    • M R
      M R 2 months ago

      Again it's nice again. Again.

    • Pauline Burdette
      Pauline Burdette 2 months ago

      @WoodBlock707 usou II II i II oi iuuuuu

    • Delta0451
      Delta0451 3 months ago +1

      @Unfinished CGI nostalgia doesn't mean you like it JUST because it's from the past. You're the one who doesn't know what you're talking about.

  • Aware Crab
    Aware Crab 3 months ago +1595

    the birth scene was actually so hard to watch. I knew the character for 20 minutes and was still actually horrified and sad during that scene

    • Cara Stone
      Cara Stone 2 months ago +2

      @Mark Peralta - why though? The point was with the baby being breach, she was going to die regardless. The question was whether they should let them BOTH die or attempt to save the baby getting it out of her. You hate him for wanting to TRY to save their child?

    • Cara Stone
      Cara Stone 2 months ago

      Same here.

    • The Big Dawg
      The Big Dawg 2 months ago

      Her acting was superb.

    • orphanedhanyou
      orphanedhanyou 3 months ago +1

      Why? It's sad but what choice did they have? Either they leave the baby inside the mother and hope when the baby dies because it can't be born, the dead body can be passed and the mother survives. That is unlikely. So do you kill both to put the mom out of pain? Or do you try and save the child? (Who most likely only died because of incestuous bloodline defects).

    • Delta0451
      Delta0451 3 months ago +1

      @Tywin Lannister gaming lmao what noble cause dude?

  • A.E. Licup
    A.E. Licup 3 months ago +1336

    The first episode actually made me think of a funny theory:
    All Arryns Must Die
    Game of Thrones starts with Jon Arryn's death
    House of the Dragon begins with Aemma Arryns' death
    Basically, if an Arryn dies, shit's about to go down.

    • valar morghulis
      valar morghulis 2 months ago

      My cat has black hair but I really think she’s Targaryen. She acts like she’s at least part Targaryen…🐈‍⬛

    • Delta0451
      Delta0451 3 months ago +1

      @Lynchiest Lynch her father is an arryn

    • Ousman Jallow
      Ousman Jallow 3 months ago


    • Lynchiest Lynch
      Lynchiest Lynch 3 months ago

      @Starspark Studios Arryn

    • Carson Casmirri
      Carson Casmirri 3 months ago

      Seven Hells you’re right!

  • Robin Foss
    Robin Foss 3 months ago +1519

    I think Aegon's dream was of the long night, but his conclusion that a Targaryen needs to rule the world is something he reached on his own. Like how everyone sees the red comet as a sign that means whatever they already want to believe.

    • Nikolai DaVinci
      Nikolai DaVinci 2 months ago

      Not quite Daenerys was basically queen sersi was just occupying the red keep

    • Jeanne Bouwman
      Jeanne Bouwman 2 months ago

      Yeah basically all targ dreams we know about (except daenys the dreamer) are wildly misinterpreted

    • Comic Crossing
      Comic Crossing 3 months ago

      @Ethan Young I think this could be true as well. This wont happen in the books of course, but I do think that HBO clearly wants to course correct with what happened in the last few seasons of GOT. By doing a sequel show and showing that the danger isnt over they can essentially redo the Long Night. Jon goes beyond the wall and sees that the Others are reforming their armies already, maybe with their monsters and spiders on their side this time, and he has to go back to Westeros and unite it properly this time.

    • Ousman Jallow
      Ousman Jallow 3 months ago


    • Pepe Silvia
      Pepe Silvia 3 months ago

      Something to note is that a lot of these dreams came true but never 100% true in detail. Like in the big picture they would become true, but they weren’t as “flamboyant” in real life.

  • Mourning Coffee
    Mourning Coffee 3 months ago +1346

    I could tell Daemon is George’s favorite. He’s written and played very well in the show, and Otto Hightower scheming is exactly what I like in my Game of Thrones.
    Also, Syrax might be my favorite looking dragon so far. I couldn’t be happier with how different all the dragons look.

    • Johan Paudel
      Johan Paudel 3 months ago +2

      @Emprahs Finest GRRM said Daemon is his favorite of all the characters he created.

    • 7deuc2e
      7deuc2e 3 months ago

      I knew going in he was going to be my favorite character and he did not disappoint

    • Kyle's Money
      Kyle's Money 3 months ago +1

      @Manather yeah how they shot that was strange. But I really do think who they did damage to actually did the crime, now that I think of it. It was just portrayed very strangely.

    • Chrissie K
      Chrissie K 3 months ago +2

      ​@Carlton Taylor everyone is hot for Criston 😅🔥

    • Reception Holmes
      Reception Holmes 3 months ago

      @Manather They went to the roughest part of town to do it. Evil I agree but don't forget he is loved by the ppl in the slums. His style is to hit hard and fast then chill

  • bearholdensharks LUX
    bearholdensharks LUX 3 months ago +372

    I love Matt Smith's Daemon so far. He looks like he really enjoys himself with this role. I really thought that each season of HOTD was gonna cover a different part of the reign.

    • BREAKocean
      BREAKocean 3 months ago +7

      Yeah he's gonna relish in the unsavory things daemon will do and we're all here for it

    • Dan Clark
      Dan Clark 3 months ago +50


  • snangebrain
    snangebrain 3 months ago +560

    Things like Corlys refusing the wine and Viserys getting cut by the iron throne, that’s the delicious cinematic visual story telling shit that the later GoT seasons were BEREFT of.

    • Kree Lesley
      Kree Lesley 3 months ago +1

      tywin also denies wine and tyrion when he is being serious

    • Ousman Jallow
      Ousman Jallow 3 months ago

      @Darkstar True

    • Osmund Kettleback
      Osmund Kettleback 3 months ago +1

      @TM tbf in the books a king is literally said to have died from bleeding out (not infected, but bleeding out) due to the iron throne

    • TM
      TM 3 months ago

      I don't know. I thought that the whole metaphor around the throne cutting/slowly killing Viserys was extremely heavy-handed.

    • Michiel
      Michiel 3 months ago +1

      i still miss a lot of personality in the characters. S1E1 of GOT was full of character: Robert being a swine, Cersei being a biatch, Joffrey being a prick, Tyrion being sympathetic, Arya not following the rules, Jon being determined... I don't really see that in the new characters.

  • SparkJoy
    SparkJoy 3 months ago +403

    Mark my words: Matt Smith (Daemon Targaryen ) and Rhys Ifans (Otto Hightower) are going to steal the show. This is a very, very promising start. I hope they can keep this tension going right up until the end.
    I also thought it was interesting that the same moment that Viserys is telling Rhaenyra the secret of the Long Night, it’s the same moment Rickon Stark pledges allegiance to Rhaenyra

    • Juke 2016 Nissan
      Juke 2016 Nissan 2 months ago

      Otto is like little finger!

    • BlameTheFlame
      BlameTheFlame 3 months ago +1

      I think the young princess so far is the one who will steal the show. Both Doctor Who and Lizard are well known actors, so them having good performances is not exactly a surprise.

    • Eoghan Yore
      Eoghan Yore 3 months ago


    • Kampffeire
      Kampffeire 3 months ago +4

      Yeah Matt Smith as Daemon was amazing already, Otto Hightower and his scheming have definitely been set up well, I anticipate that growing more and being wow.
      For me Paddy as King Viserys was the standout this episode though! And Rhaenrya had one of my favourite moments (her line about her brother at the funeral)

    • Crazy Babuska Man
      Crazy Babuska Man 3 months ago +12

      This episode was everything I hoped and more. Genuinely so impressed with how it turned out. If the whole show keeps this quality it's going to be a masterpeice

  • Miguel Forster
    Miguel Forster 3 months ago +426

    The worst part of the last seasons was definitely the dialogue for me, so badly done. So this is already much better

      FACILE GOOSE 2 months ago

      Exposition puppets are the hallmark of bad dialogue, and D&D were masters of it.

    • Alexander Smith
      Alexander Smith 3 months ago +3

      Didn’t they say that their trying to make a jon snow show that’s based after GOT. Kit is more or less spear heading it . So maybe they plan on reviving the knight king and they plan on doing it right this time and Jon is the one that kills the knight king and the prophecy comes true

    • Crazy Babuska Man
      Crazy Babuska Man 3 months ago +47

      The dialogue in this show is feels so REAL. It reminds me of the old seasons of GoT. Every scene feels carefully crafted

    • BREAKocean
      BREAKocean 3 months ago +9

      The book this story is finished and george r Martin is heavily involved in this show

    • Human100
      Human100 3 months ago +6

      ye they use very good language

  • David Jensen
    David Jensen 3 months ago +340

    I thought about the violence at the tournament. If I remember correctly, the violence didn’t start until King V left. so maybe this is some kind of foreshadowing for what will happen to the realm once he’s gone. or maybe it’s foreshadowing for future events that come as a result of his inability to control the realm.

    • The🚫Hermit🍞Man
      The🚫Hermit🍞Man 2 months ago

      Foreshadowing sounds right but a sudden death battle among knights doesn't make sense. Especially at a King's tourney for the arrival of a new child. The Brothers w/o Banners have that talk about a battle royal that the fiery sword red priest carried to put fear into others and probably to showoff. It's supposed to be blunted weapons knocking opponents down or making them yield. Nobles killing nobles just leads to retribution or war.

    • Luna Merci
      Luna Merci 3 months ago +1

      @Munken This actually would be perfect and makes total sense, I feel like his character doesn't have much of an arc otherwise, but this would give him a great purpose, albeit a depressing one, his death would be the perfect catalyst for conflict.

    • kevincarter2020
      kevincarter2020 3 months ago +3

      a lannister bashed a stark's brains out

    • Millie H
      Millie H 3 months ago +1

      Ooh I like that, didn’t notice it while watching.

    • Munken
      Munken 3 months ago +25

      @Ad Bylsh than Can only mean one thing,
      That the Jon Snow spin-off is gonna kill of Robin Arryn.

  • Jackson Ellis
    Jackson Ellis 3 months ago +140

    Can I just say that something as simple as seeing the colorful costumes again brought me such joy, the later seasons of Thrones seemed so averse to characters wearing anything that wasn't a shade of black and white

    • Ousman Jallow
      Ousman Jallow 3 months ago


    • Michiel
      Michiel 3 months ago +3

      i still miss a lot of personality in this episode tho, in GOT s1e1 you got so much personality: Robert being the unmannered drunk guy, Ned being loyal, Cersei being reserved, Joffrey being a prick, Catelyn being a lovable mother yet an absolute jackass to Jon.... All the characters in HOTD are so bland

    • SharkPoems
      SharkPoems 3 months ago +2

      See: “these are the kings colours”

  • Laughman
    Laughman 3 months ago +402

    He wasn't playing with it, he was sculpting it. He's holding a tool for chiseling and a brush. I think he's an artist like many of them are.

    • Paul Strife
      Paul Strife 3 months ago +4

      @Sam Owen I'm starting to think that Dragonstone architecture was built as homage to Valyria, which makes sense?

    • Laughman
      Laughman 3 months ago

      @Guccifer LMFAO

    • Ole Nickel
      Ole Nickel 3 months ago +1

      @Sam Owen Dragonstone would make some symbolic sense. It's the seat of the heir.

    • Urubis Soldat
      Urubis Soldat 3 months ago +4

      @Guccifer This was my first thought

    • Sam Owen
      Sam Owen 3 months ago +13

      @ardaraith I thought it was dragonstone from the weird design but Valyria makes sense too

  • Moobeus
    Moobeus 3 months ago +100

    In the late Middle Ages, injuring an opponents horse during a joust was a severe crime, and the knight responsible would often be stripped of land and title as punishment.

    • NavidIsANoob
      NavidIsANoob 3 months ago +21

      @Markus Laitinen I think the overbearing violence of the tourney serves to show that king Viserys is not in control of the realm that is falling apart before his eyes.

    • whynotcaptaincrunch
      whynotcaptaincrunch 3 months ago +13

      Tournaments in the high middle ages were far more violent and chaotic, and apparently a good way to get rich since you could ransom anyone you captured. So that seems to be more what they're going for. But I somehow doubt that just openly murdering opponents was ever an accepted part of the deal.

    • Markus Laitinen
      Markus Laitinen 3 months ago +17

      I found a the tourney a bit odd. I thought aiming for opponents horse is a nono that would need to be defended "Oh I kinda slipped, Bro" like Prince Aerion in Dunk Ashford tourney.
      And also the continuing on foot. I thought that you could continue on foot if you felt discraced like Gregor vs Loras when Loras used a horse on heat that messed up Gregors horse. You could in that situation go and seek redemption like he does, but depending on organisers of the tourney the organizer enforcers would come and break up the fight. And it depends on the organizer if they find the breaking of etiquette reasonable.

  • TFE Blu
    TFE Blu 3 months ago +290

    I would say them making aegon seem like a hero makes sense because it’s the POV of the targaryens history is written by the victors, they wouldn’t make themselves seem like murders lol

    • The Doctor
      The Doctor 2 months ago


    • The Doctor
      The Doctor 2 months ago

      @Pyotr Growpotkin yes, but that doesn't mean the character still don't have their own biased about events in the past. the events aren't depicted meaning they wouldn't be objective

    • Greywolf757
      Greywolf757 3 months ago

      @Pyotr Growpotkin They only promised an objective version of the events on screen. They didn't promise an objective version of events just talked about.

    • Shaheen Shad
      Shaheen Shad 3 months ago

      @Darkstar yeah but the showrunners said they were going in objective direction. So both the mushroom and Eustace opinions are taken into account

    • Darkstar
      Darkstar 3 months ago +2

      The history was written by the Maestors and Citadel is located in Oldtown the seat of House Hightower and possibly paid by them I seriously think they tried to portray the Blacks in a negative light and Daemon as a completely awful piece of shi!

  • NateDaGreat19
    NateDaGreat19 3 months ago +220

    Viserys is my favorite character so far. He’s the only King of the Seven Kingdoms that’s a relatively decent human being. He’s not a drunk, adulterer like Robert. He’s not insane like the Mad King. He’s not power hungry or authoritarian like Tywin and he’s not manipulative or sadistic like Cersei and Joffrey. He loves his wife, he loves his asshole brother and he has wisdom enough to believe in his daughter despite the stigma against women having power. It’s very refreshing.
    And Viserys’ comfort-hobby being sculpting models of Valyria is very endearing.

    • Tearsong
      Tearsong 2 months ago

      @Chase He said something to the effect of "the father must make a difficult choice. Sacrifice one or lose them both." Which I took to mean you've got no choice your wife is dead so cut her open and save your son.

    • NateDaGreat19
      NateDaGreat19 2 months ago

      @stupideyks this i believe is the third instance of the writers showing us how much Viserys is afraid of interpersonal conflict. The first was his handling of Daemon’s brutality to the citizens of Kings Landing, pretty much giving him a slap on the wrist instead of setting him straight as his council wished. The second was initially deciding and heir between Rhenyra and Daemon. He flat out refused to choose one above the other. This is no different. He lacked to courage to give Aemma the worse news imaginable. He just nodded and let it happen.

    • BlameTheFlame
      BlameTheFlame 3 months ago +1

      @itsMJ I disagree. Ned was a pure good guy and an honest and proper leader. Viserys lacks the quality to lead and at some point he seems a bit more worried about the prophecy than actual rulling

    • stupideyks
      stupideyks 3 months ago +2

      @Nyleah Jones yeah the direct quote is
      “During a difficult birth, it sometimes becomes necessary for the father to make an impossible choice.. to sacrifice one, or lose them both."
      Which I think is just a case of bad phrasing in terms of dialog. I could see some people taking that to mean he had a choice between which one to sacrifice and which one to save. They should have gone with "to sacrifice the mother for the life of the child, or lose them both." I couldn't understand why the hell Viserys didn't just explain the situation to her. MOST mothers would sacrifice their own life for their child, I feel like telling her that she was going to die regardless but there was a chance to save the baby would have made things a lot easier for her. Going about it like they did was HORRIFYING and like super panic inducing. Just an extremely cruel and inhumane way for someone to leave this world.

    • Nyleah Jones
      Nyleah Jones 3 months ago +4

      @Chase Tearsong is right. Maester pretty much says that either Aemma AND the baby die or that Aemma is given the c-section and the baby could live. She was doomed regardless of Viserys's choice.

  • Jello_Cudgel
    Jello_Cudgel 3 months ago +291

    “This is about the Targaryens being nice and kind and good to each other all of the time”, lol. Man if GRRM wanted to get back at all those rabid fans pestering him and complaining about everything that would have been a hilarious way to do it.

    • Kushagra
      Kushagra 3 months ago +4

      @Bruh Bruh you don't even have any videos

  • KaritKtana
    KaritKtana 3 months ago +205

    Whatever they're paying the Dragon Keepers - it's not enough 😅🔥

    • Ousman Jallow
      Ousman Jallow 3 months ago +1


    • Fluff
      Fluff 3 months ago

      @ThornInTheEye It seems more like an organization like the Maesters or the Nights Watch, where it’s a group entirely devoted to a “single” purpose with a dogmatic set of rules or traditions to follow rather than a straight up cult.

    • Billy Mays
      Billy Mays 3 months ago +11

      @ThornInTheEye Fire and Blood goes into some detail about them, but not much

    • ThornInTheEye
      ThornInTheEye 3 months ago +16

      It looks almost like a religious cult or something, is there a backstory to how they're chosen/trained?

    • Skynet1
      Skynet1 3 months ago +6

      You better give me an estate.

  • Tellthe truth
    Tellthe truth 3 months ago +38

    By Otto trying to take power away from Daemon he has lowkey given Daemon experience with the laws, money and military of the kingdom making him more apt to be king

  • Shaddicom
    Shaddicom 3 months ago +86

    Viserys is literally playing with fire when he tells Rhaenyra she is to be his heir

  • hj 3876
    hj 3876 3 months ago +134

    i actually loved that alicent gave daemon a favor at the tournament. to me it shows that she is already politically canny enough to know that it is better to ingratiate herself to all the members of the targaryen royal family rather than let her own emotional reaction create further tensions between them. and, perhaps it also shows that she is rightfully afraid of daemon.

  • Vesten ziRnis
    Vesten ziRnis 3 months ago +120

    You know what makes the long night especially dissappointing?
    It's that no consequences are felt beyond the place were the battle takes place.
    A couple of reaction shots from accross established locations in Westeros and Essos could've helped with that.
    Like have Dario look at the darkening sky and remark about a drop in temperature.

    • orlando actab
      orlando actab 2 months ago

      White walkers speedrun [No Prophecy run] (100%)

    • ThornInTheEye
      ThornInTheEye 3 months ago +5

      @Vesten ziRnis that's cause D&D couldn't write script to save their lives. They didn't know what to do with them

    • Vesten ziRnis
      Vesten ziRnis 3 months ago +9

      Yeah but from season 7 onwards the white walkers picked up this habit of just standing around menacingly waiting the plot to give them something to react to, while looking kinda grumpy.

    • ThornInTheEye
      ThornInTheEye 3 months ago +16

      @DPH 1314 overall they had a solid setup for the white walkers up until season 6.
      Hardhome was very well done

    • DPH 1314
      DPH 1314 3 months ago +7

      @ThornInTheEye the whole way the white walkers operated in the show is pretty goofy now that I read the books

  • hezekiaB
    hezekiaB 3 months ago +59

    I thought the episode had a few moments that would have been faux pas in established Westerosi culture. When Daemon tilts against the young Hightower he beats him by using his lance to essentially trip Hightower’s horse, which in both book and show cannon would have been considered a disgrace. Alt Shift also already noted the actual deliberate killing of competitors which also would have been out of line. Also, I don’t think Viserys was “playing” with a model of Valyria, I think he was actually sculpting it, and I think it was a model of King’s Landing which was meant to show he’s got an artistic side but which also could have had many practical uses for a ruler of said city.

    • Tearsong
      Tearsong 3 months ago +4

      I thought he was sculpting a model of King's Landing as well.

  • Joe
    Joe 3 months ago +136

    The new Jon Snow show should start with a recap of season 8, then all of a sudden Jon wakes up from a vision Bran was showing him and Bran tells him “this bullshit will happen if you don’t tell the world you’re the true heir to the Iron Throne!”

    • Joe
      Joe 3 months ago +5

      @orphanedhanyou literally anything NOT what we got, would’ve been better. It’s that simple.

    • orphanedhanyou
      orphanedhanyou 3 months ago

      Because you think a good ending is Jon on the throne? 1) why would you want to force anyone to play the game of thrones? Freedom beyond the wall was the best bittersweet end for him 2) did you really think Jon and/or Dany would be on the throne vs the wheel finally breaking and ushering a future one step closer to democracy and the people having say and power in their lives?

    • Shaheen Shad
      Shaheen Shad 3 months ago +1

      @Kian Hall jon and dragon, a better love story than twilight indeed.

    • Kian Hall
      Kian Hall 3 months ago +8

      It starts with Jon Snow waking up and hearing a familiar voice saying: “Hey you, you’re finally awake!”. Turns out Jon is being sentenced to death for killing Daenerys, but at the last minute, Drogon arrives to save him. Sound familiar?

    • Bio
      Bio 3 months ago +2

      @Shaheen Shad not yet but It was confirmed Jon snow would get one

  • Jaq
    Jaq 2 months ago +4

    I LOVE this version of the iron throne. I know it’s still not as grand and deadly looking as it is in the books, but man I love it.

  • T J
    T J 3 months ago +23

    I love that this show is more closer to The Doom and Aegon’s conquest than it is to the events of GOT. These targareyans are so proud of their history and culture. Danaerys never seemed to care for her Valyrian heritage almost as if she would forget she was even Valyrian at all and that always bugged me.

  • DaMannisStannis
    DaMannisStannis 3 months ago +130

    Daemon sounds like ramsey and the fact he calls the goldcloaks his hounds

  • Dhruv
    Dhruv 3 months ago +109

    I had a different perception on the scene where Aemma says that Rhaenyra wants to name the sister 'Visenya', and Viserys saying that they already had a Visenya. I figured they were talking about Daemon, because he's the most like Visenya, and even has her sword, and it shows how the King has issues with him being heir and needs an heir who is anything but a Visenya and a Maegor. Rhaenyra never gave Visenya vibes because she's not a hot-blooded warrior type, which Daemon is the definition of.

    • Shaheen Shad
      Shaheen Shad 3 months ago

      @Dhruv the northerners are bitter and unconventional, they were less organized and professional. Also the north do not possess any great warriors from the kingdom, the only name that made any mark was cregan stark, who was rumored to be better than the dragon knight himself. North certainly has some capable fighters but the only one earn legendary status was cregan

    • Dhruv
      Dhruv 3 months ago

      @Shaheen Shad Northern fighters are more brutal and melee oriented than Knight-like (mostly because knighthoods are rare there, they worship the old gods, knighthood is a Andalosi concept). The North has great warriors from house Umber, Stark and even Bolton Lmao. They were never conquered by the Andals (Moat Caitlin helps but still skill is required too). I admit the stormlands and Dorne probably have better fighters than the north, but the north is also way older than the other kingdoms so they probably have a lot more great warriors because of the time difference too.

    • Shaheen Shad
      Shaheen Shad 3 months ago

      @Dhruv well north has the worst warriors. Stormlands and dorne produce the greatest knights. North in the show has been glorified a bit.

    • Dhruv
      Dhruv 3 months ago

      @Shaheen Shad true, only Aegon the Conqueror, Aemon the DragonKnight, Daemon Blackfyre,Bittersteel, Maegor Targaryen, Baelor Breakspear, Rhaegar Targaryen and Daemon Targaryen have ever been considered great warriors(idk if Duncan Targaryen The Prince of Dragonflies was a great warrior or not because it's unclear) in the history of their house. All the other dragon riders were considered meh at best, Even King Jahaerys was considered 'adequate' by his own Kingsguard. Idk abt Baelon Targaryen and Aemon Targaryen(son of jahaerys) because they were always considered to be formidable with their dragons being present. Most great Targaryen fighters emerged after all the dragons died, like Aemon the DragonKnight and Daemon Blackfyre, because they didn't have the crutch of dragons. This is just a handful compared to the other houses in Westeros. The houses in the stormlands and the North are considered legendary and the knights of the reach are considered the best jousters. House Dayne is litered with great warriors because of their Sword of the Morning title. Tbf House targaryen is fairly new compared to the other houses, and v only know their Westerosi history. They may have had more great warriors in valyria but it's unlikely there were that many because they had dragons as a clutch when they were in valyria.

    • Shaheen Shad
      Shaheen Shad 3 months ago +2

      @Matteo L baratheons and great houses of drones had the most capable warriors but compared to other knights targareyens had relatively few warriors.

  • Dustin Johnson
    Dustin Johnson 3 months ago +109

    I hope your recap episodes are coming, good to see you back!

    • ShoutManTCG
      ShoutManTCG 3 months ago

      what about westworld season 4? :( i wanna hear the shifty thoughts. maybe that unscrupulous heathen alt shwift x has some opinions..

    • Abraham Hurtado
      Abraham Hurtado 3 months ago +10

      @Alt Shift X l I love u

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  3 months ago +73

      Thanks! Yup, there'll be an Explained video summarising and analysing each video -- will be out around Thursday or Friday

  • Zachariah Wiedeman
    Zachariah Wiedeman 3 months ago +134

    The problem with constantly saying "In the books..." when discussing Fire & Blood, is that those books, by design, are all written by unreliable narrators. Part of the conceit of Fire & Blood is that it is a collection of histories written by people in Westeros who all had their own motives for portraying history they way they did.
    The books must be assumed to be inaccurate and incomplete histories, therefore any changes this show makes to them is not necessarily in conflict with the books, but rather adds a layer of intrigue to the books by saying, "This is what really happened. But the books say this is what happened. Now it is up to you to figure out why the person who wrote this history changed it."

    • some donny
      some donny 3 months ago

      @Zachariah Wiedeman ahh interesting thanks for the info

    • Zachariah Wiedeman
      Zachariah Wiedeman 3 months ago +1

      @some donny He has creative control over both the books and the show. So it doesn't really matter. And in case you haven't noticed, GRRM can't and won't make up his mind about anything, so good luck squeezing some confirmations out of him about what is "cannon" and what isn't, lol.

    • some donny
      some donny 3 months ago +1

      @Zachariah Wiedeman yah sure but it's dependant on Grrm and what he decides is in the same timeline as the books or not. Unless ur making a biblical reference I'm not seeing

    • Zachariah Wiedeman
      Zachariah Wiedeman 3 months ago

      @some donny I hate to break it to ya, but it's all equally fictitious. 😉

    • some donny
      some donny 3 months ago

      This assumes that the show is canon in relation to the books

  • Ásþór Loki Rúnarsson
    Ásþór Loki Rúnarsson 3 months ago +44

    I absoloutely loved all the Targaryens in this first episode. Viserys, Daemon and Rhaenyra all seemed to have so much depth to them and were so well acted. I'm excited for Game of Thrones agian

  • PatientTangent
    PatientTangent 3 months ago +7

    "-...no, it's the children who are wrong."
    I understood that reference! Good show, sir!

  • Itsashane
    Itsashane 3 months ago +84

    Matt Smith kills it as Daemon

  • Scrubje
    Scrubje 3 months ago +60

    Do you think Aegons Long Night dream influenced Tohrren Stark to bend the knee instead of fight? Would be a very Stark thing to do.

    • MumOfMany
      MumOfMany 3 months ago

      @Chrissie K Not just Northers manned the wall. I believe there was an early Lord Commander named Pyke(? Or some other Iron Isle surname) and many First Men families scattered across Westeros, like the Royce's, Blackwood's, possible Dayne's. Even if they were Andal families it was an honourable way to get rid of younger sons by sending them to take the black. Upon Aegon's conquest the wall may not have been favoured by families other than First Men, but it still happened

    • Chrissie K
      Chrissie K 3 months ago +5

      Hmm, the wall previously was manned just by the northerners, yes? Maybe the idea to send more men, even if they're criminals, to the wall was Aegon's way to sweeten the deal for Starks?

    • Noah Thornburg
      Noah Thornburg 3 months ago +19

      That was my thought too. “We need ur help or humanity is fucked bro also I have magic living nukes” “my king 👑 “

  • Muchtar Tidak Bahagia
    Muchtar Tidak Bahagia 3 months ago +3

    One thing that Game of Thrones always excel at is costume design, and this series costume design is soo good, that Daemon armor looks amazing

  • Wonderment
    Wonderment 3 months ago +58

    Tbf Aegon possibly dreamed of the Long Knight and the Prince that was Promised and just went "well that HAS to be about me and my descendants". This is one Targaren telling another Targaren a vauge prophecy that just so happens to justify their rule, that's convenient

    • Targaryen
      Targaryen 3 months ago +2

      Exactly how I think it went down.

    • Olorin
      Olorin 3 months ago +9

      Exactly. They have a vague dream and make it all about themselves.

  • Amin
    Amin 3 months ago +40

    I love how the motive of how the women suffered and died as a result of providing an heir and aemma mentions it even as childbirth being their battlefield

  • ThornInTheEye
    ThornInTheEye 3 months ago +47

    I was sitting the first ten minutes of the episode with the dumbest grin on my face
    It feels good to be back

  • Number Fortyseven
    Number Fortyseven 3 months ago +319

    Tywin Lannister died on the throne too.

  • Jordan Kelly Parrott
    Jordan Kelly Parrott 3 months ago +17

    I was very skeptical of the show but the fact it’s a prequel actually allowed me to divorce it from the show and just feel like I was deep into the lore and history of the books.

  • Eddie Harding
    Eddie Harding 3 months ago +83

    When watching this show I'm forgetting everything that happened in GOT, so the prophecy about the long night is still cool to me as I'm sure it will play out a lot better in the books. This kind of just adds to the intrigue of the long night, if I consider this show cannon but not GOT (or at least more cannon if that makes sense).

    • my name is jeeeyf
      my name is jeeeyf 3 months ago +2

      @Prize Thought You're not getting any more books bro lmao

    • Prize Thought
      Prize Thought 3 months ago

      Yeah, I feel like GRRM will actually give us the full long night in the books, extremely extended version ... its even possible things like Dany & Jon marrying can happen. It would be a real plot twist if she suddenly become fertile and had another child though.
      GRRM feels really happy that House of the dragon is being made, could he be playing a hidden poker hand wanting people to think of HotD as the new basis for the canon lore in the television universe so he can play off of it in the Wind of Winter? I honestly don't know, maybe there is a tiny bit of truth in that.

    • Underscore _
      Underscore _ 3 months ago +7

      Yeah, I'm just gonna pretend that this story takes place in a different universe than GoT.

  • Olorin
    Olorin 3 months ago +55

    I always hoped the dragonkeepers used treats and positive reinforcement. Wildfire is like dragon-nip and they glaze giant chunks of meat with it.

  • D VDV
    D VDV 3 months ago +5

    "HOT D will do for childbirth, what GOT did for weddings."
    Holy sh** quite the quote lol.

  • Hi Daßer
    Hi Daßer 3 months ago +4

    A little correction, in the show the maester actually said they can only save one, so he implied that he can save the mother but the King chose the baby instead and they show how much he struggled before he answered.

  • Pepe Silvia
    Pepe Silvia 3 months ago +3

    I disagree with the notion that Vyseris’ speech to Rhaenyra demystifies the whole prophecy. I believe it has to do with the fact that he NEEDED to see his daughter as worthy when he realized his brother wasn’t. And part of that worthiness was for every Targaryen to understand Aegon’s prophetic dream. They don’t know _what_ the threat is, but they know it has to do with the Long Winter/Night. And her understanding that and reacting to it was a part of him knowing he’s picking the right heir. If all Targaryens are aware, even obsessed with this prophecy, like Aerys and Rhaegar, it makes sense

  • daroe23
    daroe23 2 months ago +2

    The “Visenya” in the family that the Viserys refers to is, in my opinion, Daemon.

  • Acolyte47
    Acolyte47 3 months ago +4

    15:00 I have a point on that. While watching the jousting scene, I was appalled that he won by basically cheating and severely injuring the knight in a dishonorable way. I resent that there were no consequences for that and everyone was just like: "oh wow!" and clapped. It could have been because he was the prince, but the show never addressed it in the episode and seems to just accept it as "this is what happened" but it makes little sense to me. There were several more of those moments, like people just killing each other and everyone seems to think its okay while it feels out of place for us. It made the scene very weird to me. I don't know what to think. It would have been nice to have those things addressed. What are you thoughts on this?

    • Sourman
      Sourman 2 months ago

      Agreed. The tournament was a great chance to familiarize modern audiences with the medieval knightly code of ethics. Instead they squandered it by having deplorable behaviour go unadressed.

  • Snonon01
    Snonon01 3 months ago +9

    If you take prophecy revelation from a book/non show perspective it could actually make for a really interesting change. Makes the early targaryens into almost tragic characters obsessed with prophecy that they think might be about them. Then the knowledge is lost or ignored but maybe picked up again by egg which causes him to make the decisions leading to Summerhall. Then explains why rhaegar was obsessed with prophecy. I think it could add an intriguing level of depth to the books

    POEN POTZU 3 months ago +7

    One of my favorite moments in this episode is seeing Otto show a tiny smirk when his son almost beat Daemon. It's a nice detail as most of the time he acts cold and calculating he has moments of emotion and indulgence.

  • Simon Schu
    Simon Schu 3 months ago +9

    I feel like the spheres on the council table were added to be used further on in the show (eg: a character of the council refusing to put his sphere down, or breaking it, or being kicked out and in refusal he would take the sphere with him...).

  • Kathryn Kochanowicz
    Kathryn Kochanowicz 3 months ago +32

    Had no idea Graham Mactavish was going to be in this show! After watching him play Dougal in Outlander and voice Dracula in Castlevania, I hope they really make the most of his talent here.

  • K Bru
    K Bru 3 months ago +13

    My head canon was Bobby B removed a lot of the swords, they mention him removing reminders of Targaryen rule. Reducing the size of the throne could make people question the true power and legitimacy of the stories of Targaryen rule?

  • ColorBlind Vision
    ColorBlind Vision 3 months ago +4

    I’m so glad this show started. After Better Call Saul ended I need a new show to invest in

  • Crystal Owens
    Crystal Owens 3 months ago +25

    Dark Sister was indeed the sword Cole disarmed from Daemon in the melee.

  • Ronald White
    Ronald White 3 months ago +18

    Game of thrones removed a lot of the fantasy elements from the books so I'm really hoping with this show they make sure to really touch on those.

    • Cash Tilton
      Cash Tilton 2 months ago

      I remember someone saying the big difference between GOT and LOTR was that LOTR had more magic and GOT had more sex--of course, it's very easy to have more than nothing.

  • Bmega81
    Bmega81 3 months ago +44

    People in power always keep stuff under wraps to avoid panic and to keep control. Knowledge is power. Also explains why kings of old actually gave a shit about the wall. Especially if after all of this dance of dragons event the prophecy is lost. Until Raegar Targaryen. Kind of makes sense.

    • 1MUST
      1MUST 3 months ago +1

      Governments and the great Reset

  • $lutDragon
    $lutDragon 3 months ago +24

    Surprisingly, I enjoyed the episode. I'm interested in seeing more. But it also look like they're putting more importance on Arya's Night King Killer knife, which is low key funny. But I'm curious what bs lore they're gonna put on it since the viewers know the truth.

    • Shaheen Shad
      Shaheen Shad 3 months ago +1

      The bad ending of the got show shouldn't take away from the fact that the knife isn't important. Also that knife is the main reason for the civil war in game of thrones.

  • Luxemburgist
    Luxemburgist 3 months ago +7

    The chat about Viserys touching the flames makes me think of a fan project I watched where an old Targaryen tradition involved tossing newborns into open flames to see if they were "true dragons." Maybe in the show universe, certain historical Targaryens (probably including Aegon I) were said to be entirely fireproof, and Viserys is testing whether he can be burned after cutting himself on the throne so many times. He's too scared to really confirm it, though, because he knows deep down that he isn't "worthy" like the Conqueror supposedly was.

  • Lucas Knie
    Lucas Knie 3 months ago +14

    When Viserys talked about the prophecy I just assumed that it got lost when the mad king was overthrown

    • daroe23
      daroe23 2 months ago

      I think the prophecy gets lost in the dance, Aegon III Is quite young when Rhaenyra gets eaten, And all the greens are dead in the end, so I’m not sure who would carry the prophecy on if it’s only passed down from monarch to Monarch.

  • Brett D
    Brett D 3 months ago +25

    20:00 This makes S8 GoT looks even worse, but given GRRM's increased involvement in HOTD, I think it's likely that this prophetic lineage will be part of the book lore as well. The ending of the books might actually make use of it instead of just "subverting expectations." I think it's likely that the constant infighting in Westeros and the loss of the prophecy - as Dany has no idea - will lead to a much more severe threat from the Others than the "one and done" fight from the show.

  • YT Cast
    YT Cast 3 months ago +7

    i feel like watching this after the episode is like a group study, lol. i recently watched GOT in anticipation of HOTD and i can say i understand the hype during the GOT era but this feels much more interactive and exciting. like my "own" GOT era. imo i like this show more than GOT already!

  • Sam C 95
    Sam C 95 3 months ago +5

    I'm struggling with the addition of this prophecy being passed down which is a shame because I loved everything else about this first episode. I like the idea that Aegon had a dragon dream which in part motivated his conquest (and I can see that coming from GRRM), but to pass it down from king to heir as a secret makes little sense.
    Firstly, why is it a secret? There is no reason not to share a prophesied end of the world - everyone knows about Daenys' dream. If it wasn't a secret the knowledge would be much more likely to survive history and they would have been much better prepared for the event during the time of GoT - the Watch would be more supported and respected, belief of the threat would be easier to find, etc.
    Secondly, how did the secret make its way to Viserys "from king to heir"? King Aenys was usurped by Maegor so he can't have been told the secret by Aenys. Perhaps Visenya told Maegor instead, it's plausible Aegon I told his sisters about his dream. Literally just one generation after Aegon I and the secret is already getting messy.... but then Maegor had no heirs of his own and had disowned his successor King Jaehaerys so how would Jaehaerys be told the secret? Maegor regarded the infant/child Aerea to be his heir for a time but she wouldn't have been told the secret due to her age, and regardless, I struggle to believe Maegor would even care to pass on his father's secret dream to anyone. The idea of passing a secret from king to heir relies on there never being a messy succession and never having a king who doesn't care for superstitious dreams, both of which are more unbelievable than the secret itself.
    Thirdly, the prophecy isn't even right or relevant - it isn't clear how the catspaw dagger ties in but regardless, it isn't in Targaryen possession come the "Long" Night - Arya Stark has it because D&D wanted a cool scene for her. It's pure fluke it ended up as the weapon she had anyway - for it to be lost by Aerys II to Robert to be stolen by Joffrey to be obtained by Catelyn who wasn't supposed to be there to be passed to Baelish who randomly gave it to Bran who finally knew to give it to the one person who happened to kill the Night King... And then the need for a Targaryen on the throne is wrong too because come the "Long" Night, Cersei Lannister is on the throne, unless Dany's claim to the throne is enough to count.
    I am only left to assume one of two things: either Aegon's dream only meant that dragons/Targaryens are needed to defeat the Night King and that this specific dagger needs to find its way to kill the Night King regardless of the wielder (both of which occur in GoT, although this encounters its own problem because without Targaryens and dragons the Night King would never have got past the Wall in the first place making the prophecy moot and self-defeating); the other option is that Aegon I or one of his descendants misinterpreted the dream and assumed that Targaryens were important to the prophecy when in reality all the dream did was forewarn of the event and nothing more - all other meaning attributed to it could be due to interpretation.
    As for how the secret even reached Jaehaerys, I can only assume that Aenys' heir, Aegon the Uncrowned (who could have been told the secret by Aenys) told his brother Jaehaerys because he treated him as his heir instead of his two infant daughters. Or perhaps due to their age Aegon the Uncrowned (or Maegor even) could have told Aerea's mother Rhaena instead, who in turn told Jaehaerys after she fled the capital.
    But it gets real messy how this secret ever survived the messy order of succession even this far and requires lots of tenuous assumptions, and it's barely even important considering what we know from GoT. This is why writers should just stick to the source material where things have been actually thought out. HotD never even needed any ties to GoT, it could have just been a stand alone story. I'm worried they're going to make a big deal out of this (especially with mention of the Prince Who Was Promised in the video released on what's to come in the following weeks) which it shouldn't be considering the source material story and that none of it makes much sense if you spend five minutes thinking about it. Everything else about the show I loved but let's please just drop this pointless link to the most hated moment in all of GoT.

  • Omer
    Omer 3 months ago +4

    Only a few minutes in, but this livestream feels more like an unfiltered, yet detailed and packed explanation/analysis video than it does just an unfiltered episode reaction livestream. And I love it already.

  • Michael Booth
    Michael Booth 3 months ago +25

    I think people were just expecting the choice to be between the mother or the baby and so that's what they heard. But unless I'm mistaken the choice in the actual text of the episode is between both dying or killing the mother right now to have a chance at saving the baby. She's going to die either way; the choice is if it's worth brutalizing her to try and save the baby.

    • mejuliie
      mejuliie 3 months ago

      @Yellow House sorry, misunderstood your comment then!
      Don't know how much/if there is time between it kicking in for the mother and entering baby's bloodstream.

    • Yellow House
      Yellow House 3 months ago

      @mejuliie a regular c-section yeah for sure, but they cut her up and took the babe out in like 2 minutes max, that's why I'm questioning if that would have been an option. But again, at the end of the day, a pillow would suffice...

    • mejuliie
      mejuliie 3 months ago +2

      @Yellow House because substances that enter the mothers blood stream (like Milk of the Poppy, which kind of seem to work like an opiate), will also enter the baby's blood stream through diffusion. same way as nutrients enter the fetus' bloodstream. the c-section takes a while. so giving the mother a high dosage (basically enough to knock out an adult) of Milk of the Poppy, would probably lead to an overdose in baby.

    • Yellow House
      Yellow House 3 months ago +1

      @matenzo if they continue regular birth, yes, but how if any would it affect the babe with the c section?

    • matenzo
      matenzo 3 months ago +2

      @Yellow House they mentioned at one point that giving her any more milk of the poppy would further endanger the baby

  • EON1
    EON1 3 months ago +19

    I think the marbles they put in place at the small council meetings could serve as a symbol for their position, and allow someone else to speak for the people in said positions.

  • Karce
    Karce 3 months ago +1

    Knowledgeable and objective, very refreshing for a contemporary commentator. Thanks for this thorough breakdown of ep 1 and the extra explanation of the background info👍🍿

  • deathbytheblade
    deathbytheblade 3 months ago +36

    Man, I was really wanting the sequel to be a bit earlier, just to see the looks on the faces of the first Westerosis to go to Dragonstone.

  • Joey Raczynski
    Joey Raczynski 3 months ago +12

    The king hoping for a male Heir also could have been him hoping to bring the prince that was promised. He even has them stab into his wife in order to bring out the child. Seems a little too symbolic to be a coincidence

  • Targaryen
    Targaryen 3 months ago +52

    The only thing that i disliked was the last prophecy scene, they are still hyping The Long Night only to last 30 minutes.

    • Ousman Jallow
      Ousman Jallow 3 months ago

      @Priya Kumar Correct

    • Priya Kumar
      Priya Kumar 3 months ago +3

      @Targaryen it’s in a separate interview. I can’t remember if it was with Insider or some other source but yes, they did confirm that it came from George

    • Targaryen
      Targaryen 3 months ago

      @Ad Bylsh In the INSIDE THE EPISODE, ryan condall said it was to tie up 2 series, no one mentioned books with that prophecy.

    • Ad Bylsh
      Ad Bylsh 3 months ago +4

      @Targaryen its book canon they got the idea from George Martin that will happen in the books

    • Targaryen
      Targaryen 3 months ago +2

      @Ad Bylsh no it doesn’t, for me. Aegon conquered because he could, he had the dragons, he had an ambition and it just is Brutal and now they are giving him reasons and it just doesn’t make sense.

  • Luigi -
    Luigi - 3 months ago +42

    I was kind of weirded out when they mentioned The Prince That Was Promised prophecy/theory because there is no mention of Aegon I having this dream in the books canon. In fact, there's no mention of a previous palpable link betwen the prophecy and house Targaryen before Jaehaerys II's encounter with the woods witch now is there?
    Maybe this was a cute wink/roast to the original GOT for forgetting/bypassing the nuance of the prophecy?

    • Kian Hall
      Kian Hall 3 months ago

      There’s an interview from a few years ago where George was talking about the Targaryens, and when he spoke of Aegon and his conquest, he mentioned Aegon wanting the realm to unify and be better prepared for a threat coming from the north.

    • Kian Hall
      Kian Hall 3 months ago

      @A_ Lundgaard you say that, yet Game of Thrones only started to go down hill when they ran out of source material, which effectively disproves your point, since the writing drastically declined as they didn’t have any more of Martin’s work to adapt, and had to make it up themselves. Get out of here.

    • Shaheen Shad
      Shaheen Shad 3 months ago

      @A_ Lundgaard george rr martin is currently one of the greatest fantasy writers out there, his ice and fire world is the one of the most thorough and complex stories ever made. On what metrics are you actually saying his writings bad?

    • Immortal Science of Hauntology
      Immortal Science of Hauntology 3 months ago

      GRRM hints at it in interviews from a few years ago. It makes sense of Aegon V and Rhaegar and maybe even Bloodraven. I like it personally.

    • John Rebelet
      John Rebelet 3 months ago

      @Charles Ford lol gottem

  • Suveshan Nadasen
    Suveshan Nadasen 3 months ago +6

    So glad you’re back with ASOIF content , honestly really looked forward to your videos

  • Jessica Lund
    Jessica Lund 3 months ago +3

    Ah man this is giving me so much nostalgia. I used to binge watch all your videos when GoT was coming out whilst I was in highschool/college/uni, I've missed you so much Alt Shift X!

  • Treyvon Jackson
    Treyvon Jackson 3 months ago +3

    This show is gonna have some of the most epic fights. Can’t wait for the battle above gods eye

  • TWildyM
    TWildyM 3 months ago +4

    Speaking of cheeky Daemon, one of my favourite exchanges was Viserys saying that he hoped bringing law and order wouldn't mean mutilating the whole city and Daemon just going: 'Time will tell... ' 😅

  • Steph P
    Steph P 3 months ago +2

    Brilliant live stream mate! Cheers 🍻

  • mejuliie
    mejuliie 3 months ago +5

    Your livestream made me watch the episode, and I loved this one episode so much more, than anything the GoT TV show had to offer.
    I honestly felt for the characters; their hopes, fears, dreams, joys, and heartbreak. Hadn't planned on watching House of Dragons, as GoT left a really bad taste in my mouth. Thankfully, watching this live changed my mind. I am very happy about it. So, thank you :)

  • Matt
    Matt 3 months ago +24

    The guy is just balls deep right in the middle of the room during the “heir for a day” incident.

  • Sergio Mendoza
    Sergio Mendoza 3 months ago +66

    I like that daemon is portrayed as this Tyrannical rabid dog, especially once he establishes the gold cloaks. But in reality he does what he does because he’s seeking validation from Viserys. I really can’t wait to see the future dynamic between them. Especially once Aemon is born by Alicent. Which has even more layers because daemon is already quite privy to Otto’s scheming.

    • The Stranded Artists
      The Stranded Artists 3 months ago +1

      @diegofrgc this is the kind of video for those spoilers. It's hard not to talk about it when you're watching it with your friends and you wanna talk about how good they got everythingf

    • Sergio Mendoza
      Sergio Mendoza 3 months ago +6

      @diegofrgc I mean I assume most people watching alt shift X are book readers. It’s also kinda strongly foreshadowed, I really doubt that’s gonna come as a huge shocker to general audience members anyways. Plus what are the odds of me spoiling someone who are maybe watching X-vid channels related to this show? And possibly reading my not very popular comment? Not very high.

    • diegofrgc
      diegofrgc 3 months ago +5

      Thats a huge spoiler bomb you dropped there

  • Cassandra F
    Cassandra F 3 months ago +64

    I’m just happy these videos are back!!

  • Snag Prophet
    Snag Prophet 3 months ago +10

    Something I liked is that we find out that Viserys's Hand is a Hightower and he had had drama with Daemon earlier in the episode. Then when Daemon picks someone to challenge he points at a Hightower and I knew why he picked him based on the heraldry alone.

    NO LIMITS 3 months ago +7

    In the books, it is said that 5 dragons flew from Valyria (before its doom) to Dragonstone. Of these 5, Balerion was the youngest. So were the other dragons even bigger than the Black Dread.

    • gmotdot
      gmotdot 3 months ago +3

      That’s an unsubstantiated conclusion. Yes four dragons were older, but those 4 died and did any of them live to be 200 to reach the size of Balerion (dragons never stop growing)?

  • Zeroviss T
    Zeroviss T 3 months ago +9

    “Heir for a day” daemon is a savage tho

  • Ousman Jallow
    Ousman Jallow 3 months ago +1

    Great stream, I loved the first episode👍!!!

  • TNQAmme92
    TNQAmme92 3 months ago +6

    I've been thinking about the whole bloodbath at the tournament. Recall the first season of GOT the King Robert stopped the fighting. In this series the king isn't there to stop it. He had already left. So the fighting continued

  • Johnny Axel
    Johnny Axel 3 months ago +27

    That c section scene damn near brought me to tears. I'm no soft person but that was truly a brutal thing to watch, I can't even feel the disgust for King Viserys that I should because he really had no real choice.

    • Radiocorrective
      Radiocorrective 2 months ago

      @Johnny Axel It is her body so it is her burden to carry. Denying her of a choice is taking away the only freedom she has left and that is a burden worse than any other because it is rendering a person an object instead of an individual. Not just that but to die in betrayal.
      I can understand why he chose to do this but I cannot condone it. What if she wanted to live or at the very least die as a person? It'll never be known.
      I do agree that any way would've been a sad way.

    • Johnny Axel
      Johnny Axel 3 months ago +1

      @Radiocorrective That is very true, but that's such a burden to place on a woman whose lost 3 or more children already. Viserys probably knew, being the woman she is, she would sacrifice herself for her child but didn't want to burden her with the decision of that choice like he was. It's a lot of ways to look at this. They all end sadly though.

    • Johnny Axel
      Johnny Axel 3 months ago

      @Trifa Rasuly This too, there was so much happening and she's too drugged up to realize until it's too late. It's so fucking sad man, it really is. Top it off with the child dying anyways, I'm surprised Viserys didn't go mad.

    • Radiocorrective
      Radiocorrective 3 months ago +4

      He did. But not that kind of choice. He had the choice to give her a choice.

    • Trifa Rasuly
      Trifa Rasuly 3 months ago +8

      As if it wasn't horrifically brutal enough, the realization on Aemma's face and the betrayal she must have felt was gutwrenching.
      I've never been squeamish in any way, but seeing them cut her stomach open and put their hands in her stomach gave me chills

  • Ronald White
    Ronald White 3 months ago +65

    I think if a Jon Snow TV show does end up happening they could really rectify the whole prophecy and White Walker situation by having that initial long night in season 8 have been a false one. I mean it's kind of revealed in season 8 that Bran isn't really all seeing anyway he's more or less a vegetable boy.

    • orphanedhanyou
      orphanedhanyou 3 months ago +1

      Yeah being possessed by a mythical being makes them a "vegetable"

    • zzzeric
      zzzeric 3 months ago +3

      Yeah the 7 seasons of build up was actually all just a false long night. That would be great. Lets just not make a jon snow show

  • Baelthazar
    Baelthazar 3 months ago +2

    Honestly, i'm more excited for diving deep back into the youtube commentary than i am for returning to Westeros! I have to say though... it's good to be back in Westeros!

  • Joseph Ellis
    Joseph Ellis 3 months ago +1

    I found the scene where they have to cut open Aemma Targaryen to be very powerful. It makes me wonder if Tywin had to make the same decision, and go through the same experience when Tyrion was born...

  • Sean Poore
    Sean Poore 3 months ago +1

    Some tournaments (particularly early medieval tourneys) did allow for bloodshed and killing if the opponent didn't yeild. Also it's likely that the lower ranking knights; the retainers and hedge knights and younger second and third sons of minor houses that engage in the less gentlemanly brutal spectacle killing

  • Buster Scruggs
    Buster Scruggs 3 months ago +4

    Nice video. You are one of my favorite channels.
    I think the "We have already a Visenya" from Viserys refers to his brother Daemon

  • orlando actab
    orlando actab 2 months ago +1

    Im really liking it so far, its enjoyable enough to not make me stop watching it when I think of the clusterfuck that is sesson 8, whenever me and my gf decides to rewatch GoT i always stop around season 2 when I realize all the complex and interrsting plot point would be useless, D&D really removed GoTs rewatch value

  • Kevin Pascual
    Kevin Pascual 3 months ago +3

    I like this episode a lot. Since the source material is basically a history, we know what happens to the detail but how it unfolds is fascinating. Kind of like reading about a WWII battle or Tsarist Russian history.

  • Kyle Konzman
    Kyle Konzman 3 months ago

    I’m so glad this universe is back in live action. Can’t wait to see where this story goes.

  • TWildyM
    TWildyM 3 months ago +2

    Amazing recap, great detail as always! Just a note on Aemma's death, I'm pretty sure the Maester does give Viserys a choice? Mother or child. I thought they set that up so well, with Aemma saying this would be her last child to bear and with Viserys having complete faith in his dream... you can understand why he then made the choice he did, as horrible and injust as it was.

  • Liz Becker
    Liz Becker 3 months ago +1

    My understanding is with Robert's Rebellion, once he moved into the castle he had every "Targaryen" item that could be removed, removed and stored down by the giant skull of the 200 yr old dragon, which is why we see the smaller dragon skulls down there and the throne room has the pieces of swords that could could be removed, like the ones on the floor, removed and taken to the basement.
    It is also my understanding not everyone in Valerya was able to ride dragons and they were wild creatures like horses who ran around and did eat people's flocks of sheep and herds of goats, etc. That the Targaryen's specifically used blood magic in order to be able to ride them and "control" them to a degree and have this unnatural bond. Hence needing to keep the incestous relationships going or loose the ability to ride or even be able to have dragons. The Starks did similar in the North when they had to drive the white walkers back 8,000 years ago and were given the worg ability the children of the forest had so their worg ability is said to be from the children of the forest's magic in order to help drive the white walkers back and erect the wall.
    I also see Otto Hightower like Little Finger. He is manipulative and an earworm to turn brother against brother for his own purposes and has no morality. Daemon even listens well at counsel meetings and eavesdrops at counsel meetings he doesn't attend and it's Otto's Son he puts thee joust down to dismount in the tourny and Otto's daughter he asks for her favor. This is how he gets to Otto and Daemon is much more cunning than his brother.

  • Petr Fedor
    Petr Fedor 3 months ago +3

    Bit sidenote but I found fascinating how Daemon in the Věry first scene looks more like Geralt of Rivia than he looks in any adaptation.

  • Nathan Kearns
    Nathan Kearns 2 months ago +1

    Agree with you about favourite TV show on TV right now. This really feels like GoT season 1 & 2 but maybe better already. Rhaeneyra and Daemon are especially compelling. I can't believe Matt Smith is playing Daemon

  • Lilac and Gooseberries
    Lilac and Gooseberries 3 months ago +2

    Hey Alt, are you planning on doing an in-depth Sansa's current situation in the Vale video? As in analyzing her WoW chapter, the party, the Hardyngs etc.? I somehow feel that WoW is very near, and the whole Vale storyline is, in my opinion, going to be very central and important for the plotline, and it's bubbling with many plots and storylines merging together. I'd love to hear your insight on it!

  • DaMannisStannis
    DaMannisStannis 3 months ago +8

    It makes sense for not being in fire and blood cause it was a history of house targareyn written by maesters

  • Zinou Bensalah
    Zinou Bensalah 3 months ago +1

    this man's explainations make more sense than the show itself! what a legend!