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  • Str1ke
    Str1ke 2 years ago +26756

    I don’t think even Harry realises how funny he is

  • Emma Laudrup
    Emma Laudrup Year ago +3252

    I don't think Harry can feel embarassment anymore, he's just accepting his awkwardness lmao

    • SlSteel
      SlSteel 5 months ago

      Thats kinda what autism does

    • Jou t7
      Jou t7 6 months ago +2

      He also knew it had some humor in it, so he made it for the fun with not talking back to the girl singel bit, when he was not attrcated to the girl, when he was attracted to the bottel of alcohol.

    • olethedeadmidget
      olethedeadmidget 7 months ago +7

      Good girl

    • Tyrone
      Tyrone 7 months ago

      ​@Snorre Thignes Your mum was awkward. L

    • Snorre Thignes
      Snorre Thignes 8 months ago +13

      That comment was awkward. L

  • Agung Fatoni
    Agung Fatoni Month ago +110

    Harry is a legend

  • APDesignFXP
    APDesignFXP Year ago +5153

    ethan saving harry’s emotions in the last date so he won’t be least is a tru bro move. got ma respect, i wish my friends were more like u

    • Tim P
      Tim P Year ago +1

      He's a Fckn good dude

    • Marco Esparza
      Marco Esparza Year ago


    • APDesignFXP
      APDesignFXP Year ago +10

      @Jared O. yoo man i just seen how many likes i got

    • Jared O.
      Jared O. Year ago +28

      Damn I had the same comment over a year ago and got 4 fooqin likes lol props though

    • ayesha
      ayesha Year ago +197

      ++mission failed successfully

  • Stephen Blakely
    Stephen Blakely Year ago +944

    Josh killed it as a normal date. He held a great conversation

    • vibe
      vibe 25 days ago

      @Vinal a great conversation

    • Vinal
      Vinal 6 months ago +24

      “My wife left me”

  • Big Cullum
    Big Cullum 3 years ago +30475

    Harry's second date was quite possibly the best date in history

  • L Baughman
    L Baughman Year ago +827

    can we just take a second to appreciate josh’s conversation skills

    • zack
      zack 5 months ago +9

      @mustafa ahmed wow almost like they're trying to be funny

    • mustafa ahmed
      mustafa ahmed 7 months ago +14

      “My wife recently left me” yeah nice

  • Javeria Khan
    Javeria Khan 2 months ago +23

    Ethan made sure harry wasnt last at the end lol

  • kanika suvarna
    kanika suvarna Year ago +473

    Vikk cringing while the second girl calls herself sweet is a MOOD

  • MrFergus591
    MrFergus591 Year ago +761

    Harry saying “got some charisma this guy” killed me

  • Critical
    Critical 3 years ago +30492

    Harry is not a hero we deserve.
    He's the hero we needed.

  • kazuichi souda
    kazuichi souda Year ago +393

    Simon man I love him he's so funny
    "I like guys anyway" "me and number 1 had a thing"

    • Shayden Prime
      Shayden Prime 7 months ago +7

      its a meme thats he and ksi are bfs lol, but its just a joke lol, they are straight

    • ceal
      ceal Year ago +23

      @Lydia Williams nah they homies

    • Lydia Williams
      Lydia Williams Year ago +3

      is he bi?

  • Daniel Leite
    Daniel Leite Year ago +146

    My respect for ethan just broke the roof, what a lad

  • Mahfk Namsayn
    Mahfk Namsayn Month ago +2

    She said I got that vibe 😭🤣🤣🤣

  • Anna Nicholson
    Anna Nicholson 9 months ago +69

    Going from Harry saying Vikk is one of the most intelligent people to Vikk doing a hand puppet is such an underrated transition🤣 the editors need a raise

  • vince
    vince 3 years ago +8326

    Harry: Vik is the most fascinating person i’ve ever met
    Vik not even 5 seconds later: So I sometimes like to pretend my hand is a talking puppet

    • James Hersom
      James Hersom 3 months ago +2

      @Pranav Bhamidipati especially when they only know their sport inside and out, only like 1/3rd of their year is open for free time and even then they still need to lock in for their sport.

    • Pranav Bhamidipati
      Pranav Bhamidipati 5 months ago +3

      @Jullet That just means Ronaldo is boring. Honestly, how can most sportspersons be interesting?

    • Namatama taba
      Namatama taba 6 months ago

      I laughed so hard

    • Jullet
      Jullet 2 years ago +2

      Mans met Ronaldo and said Vik is the most fascinating...

    • Nospotic
      Nospotic 2 years ago

      @Me * it isn't original anyways

  • Quandale Dingle
    Quandale Dingle 7 months ago +36

    Respect the strategy from Harry, first date didn’t go well so use the second to get drunk and confident for the third well played

  • S P E E D I T U P
    S P E E D I T U P Year ago +133

    i love how when harry finds something awkward he just hides his face in his shirt lmao

  • EP
    EP Year ago +480

    43:35 how did simon say "I can't pick both" with a straight face😭 im cryingg

  • No Shot
    No Shot Year ago +90

    I love how Simon took a bite of the apple aswell so they wouldnt keep laughing at Harry

  • Aytys
    Aytys 3 years ago +30217

    They should do another one and as a prank guest get harries sister

    • Ahmed :)
      Ahmed :) Year ago


    • Kayla goldyyy
      Kayla goldyyy 2 years ago


    • ____
      ____ 2 years ago


    • AnonymousTV
      AnonymousTV 2 years ago

      your pfp is from the music named kingdom hearts!

    • TX150
      TX150 2 years ago

      I feel like callix in a wing would be just as funny

  • Uday J
    Uday J Year ago +43

    PLLEEEEEASE CAN WE GET ANOTHER ONE OF THESE, this video is one i always come back to for the absolute best laughs

  • TheVoicezJtj999
    TheVoicezJtj999 Month ago +6

    20:29 nothing wrong with art & it’s a shame Kelly seems so nice & Harry destroyed her.

  • EP
    EP Year ago +467

    22:28 harry about simon "hes got some charisma this guy" lmfaoo

    • the
      the Year ago +4


    • sammo
      sammo Year ago +1

      hey snoop

  • JR25 G
    JR25 G Year ago +70

    10:27 vik’s laugh has my dead 😂😂

  • Jesse Southwell;
    Jesse Southwell; 2 years ago +12998

    JJ’s effort in the dates differs depending on how attractive he thinks they are 😂

  • Randall McDaniel
    Randall McDaniel Year ago +183

    16:05 Harry is just tooooooo funny

  • PGTV
    PGTV Year ago +28

    Harry best quotes
    He's got some charisma about him, this guy.

  • kqvso
    kqvso 5 months ago +6

    Bro vikk seems like the most humble person taking every bit of embarrassment and insults knowing he gets tons of money

  • TrxpsLD
    TrxpsLD 7 months ago +45

    18:25 the fact u can hear jj laughing is funny af

  • Vizzi
    Vizzi 3 years ago +14974

    The sidemen are the only youtubers i can sit and watch for almost an hour without any regrets

    PADMAJA DAS 7 months ago +3

    Harry is unconditionally funny......no doubt the legend

  • Delta Dan
    Delta Dan Year ago +22

    15:40 35:25
    Toby’s faces always get me 😂

  • Ricardo Pesenti
    Ricardo Pesenti Year ago +8

    Harry is a legend. This guy is just amazing 😂

  • Josh Photography
    Josh Photography 9 months ago +4

    Josh’s performance on the third was class 😂

  • Marlon Martinez
    Marlon Martinez 3 years ago +26071

    Harry needs to be protected at all costs

  • Aaron Gray
    Aaron Gray 7 months ago +1

    When Ethan pulled the table cloth I was sent laughing so hard 😂😂

  • youssof shaban
    youssof shaban Year ago +14

    Harry is an absolute legend

  • Drew Hempwood
    Drew Hempwood Year ago +38

    This show shows how a girl can be pretty and just personality blows

  • ArrowFan
    ArrowFan Year ago +107

    22:30 underrated as hell sidemen moment

  • shankar chakrapani
    shankar chakrapani 3 years ago +2704

    Goes without saying, harry being the funniest of the lot again.

    • bob the builder
      bob the builder 3 years ago +4

      @alright I would say ksi can be funny but Harry the funniest

    • Iwill Hurtyoubuddy
      Iwill Hurtyoubuddy 3 years ago +2

      Ethan killed me with the ' ive got more trickss, there just back at my house' lol

    • Ruan H
      Ruan H 3 years ago +2

      nah simon was

    • Rajan Summan
      Rajan Summan 3 years ago +2

      The alcohol killed me

    • Agnes Vikingsson
      Agnes Vikingsson 3 years ago

      1,2 likes in 32 minutes

  • Max
    Max Year ago +12

    Harry: “I haven’t met anyone that interesting”
    Also harry: *meets Ronaldo*

  • ryan morrissey
    ryan morrissey Year ago +1

    as of today 2 years worth of sidemen videos since this masterpiece i hope they do another one of these

  • sinisa mali
    sinisa mali Year ago +9

    Harry is a type of a person i would like to be a friend with for sure hahahah

  • Debabrat Nath
    Debabrat Nath 7 months ago +4

    The look from tobi after he said "realistic" was life "why am I even here? " 🤣

  • Chloe29
    Chloe29 2 years ago +6872

    I don’t think harry knows how funny he is I don’t understand how people pick him for the worst he’s so funny😂☠️

      SONAM KUMARI Year ago

      I am so confused does he actually do drugs or just the rest sidemen say that he does?

    • Chris
      Chris Year ago

      yah hes my favourite lmao

    • sgt obvious
      sgt obvious Year ago

      He's definitely a funny guy

    • Daniel Chung
      Daniel Chung 2 years ago +1

      Remus Vang he is though. Then it’s my boy babatunda

    • Remus Vang
      Remus Vang 2 years ago

      Daniel Chung lol wtf

  • RJ Hall
    RJ Hall Year ago +2

    Watching this back years later and Vik's hand puppet chat up line hits differently hahahahahaha

  • redcharade
    redcharade Year ago +3

    Honestly, though- I really like Harry a lot. He seems like a great lad, and I think our humour matches up. Sad he got picked last twice.

  • pro grammer
    pro grammer Year ago +13

    30:58 Ethan's face made my day

  • Sto Filipov
    Sto Filipov Year ago +6

    Harry is so funny man, but somehow he managed to ruin all his dates🤣🤣👏🏼

  • Brad Games
    Brad Games 3 years ago +3640

    Ethan: *Wins the Lottery*
    Ethan’s *Dad* : “Yo I’m back with this milk”

    • #T42 LBXTK
      #T42 LBXTK 3 years ago

      @lvlViper yes

    • Clayish
      Clayish 3 years ago +1

      IMadeATrypo Lol

    • Brad Games
      Brad Games 3 years ago

      Ikem Madz lmao it’s not someone stole it off me

    • Ikem M
      Ikem M 3 years ago

      Stolen comment

    • homeless Guy
      homeless Guy 3 years ago

      @Sh Alizadeh it was just a joke even ethan jokes about it

  • emoshoke sebastine
    emoshoke sebastine Year ago +2

    Harry has definitely earned the title of the GOAT
    Amongst the sidemen🤣🤣🤣

  • Nicholas Santoiemma
    Nicholas Santoiemma 7 months ago

    This speed dating was epic need more

  • Mikzey
    Mikzey Year ago +16

    Watched this again I forgot the amount of abuse Emily dishes out at the end 😂😂😂

  • tishanku
    tishanku Year ago +11

    Harry, vikk and tobi are my favorites ❤️

  • Arjun Deth
    Arjun Deth Year ago +10065

    Harry has no filter and he just doesn't care, that makes him funny af 😂

    HOMELESS KOALA 4 months ago

    We need another one of these 🤣

  • ALN
    ALN 3 months ago

    Harry's being funny
    JJ and ethan's laughter
    Simon and joshs' being unpredictable
    Tobi and Vic and their simplicity
    This is a mental massage u know🤌🏼

  • 𝐔 𝐦 𝐛 𝐫 𝐞 𝐨 𝐧

    I like this a lot this video, I'd like repeat again and again! So funny

  • Rick
    Rick 7 months ago +3

    19:42 I exploded in painful laughter😂

  • Joe Campbel-Simpson
    Joe Campbel-Simpson 3 years ago +1153

    They should do this but with earpieces in, impractical joker style

  • Youness M
    Youness M Year ago +18

    09:33 harry is a national treasur .. the nose helps 😂😂😂😂😂 true

  • Kailash Saravanan
    Kailash Saravanan Year ago +7

    43:55 I've never laughed harder 😂

  • George Dunham
    George Dunham Year ago +1

    When Ethan said “naughty” I nearly turned inside out 😂😂😂

  • Owen Stephens
    Owen Stephens Year ago +2

    I like how the dates got more insane as it progressed

  • Leonel
    Leonel 3 years ago +3429

    Harry: I think my friend Vik is the most fascinating being
    Vik: I like to pretend my hand is a puppet

  • Ben XXVII
    Ben XXVII Year ago

    41:35 Harry is innocently hilarious 😂🤣😂🤣😅🤣

  • Kellen
    Kellen Year ago +1

    I don’t know why, but vicstar verbally explaining a meme was it for me 😂

  • Josh Rodriguez
    Josh Rodriguez 5 months ago +1

    18:26 u can hear ethans screams of joy in the back 🤣🤣🤣

  • JB
    JB 7 months ago +1

    This is the first time I've ever watched this and I dying of laughter

  • Prathamesh Shrivastava
    Prathamesh Shrivastava 3 years ago +15303

    They should do another version where the other guys give each other lines through microphone
    Like so they can see

  • sunny
    sunny Year ago

    Ethan nailed it with that magic 😂😂

  • Wertys
    Wertys Year ago +2

    Petition for the sidemen to do this one again 👀

  • Jim Howson
    Jim Howson Year ago +3

    24:55 that moment of terror when Simon fear the girl is underage 😂

  • Beamed Boy
    Beamed Boy Year ago

    I love it how Simon is smiling the whole video

  • Matt Churchyard
    Matt Churchyard 2 years ago +7758

    I like how they show Harry bigging up how interesting and intelligent vik is, then cut to vik telling her how he likes to use his hand as a puppet.

    • thatkiddjay
      thatkiddjay 2 years ago +1

      im rewatching this and I came straight to the comments when i saw that bit

    • Tjaša B
      Tjaša B 2 years ago

      i dieeeedd

    • Kelvin Cortijo
      Kelvin Cortijo 2 years ago +2

      Matt Churchyard z Waze a za a. Wow. A za za .wis. Wow zw ax was w. W a wzwza- I zaazaaa. -. W a-. Zzwzw is a wya w. . Zzz a. Alot zwwaz a. As z we. A. Za. Ais zw z zzawa z. Zthe zw zw za. W the w z. Z z. Za zw. Za zw is. Z the. Z. Z. Zz z c m

    • YKANK10
      YKANK10 2 years ago +4

      Oh bendy

    • Vicky Sharp
      Vicky Sharp 2 years ago +28

      dirty question comes up
      Everyone - looks at jj

    TALUMBA MWENDA 18 days ago

    Harry is effortlessly funny 😂😂
    And... Tobi 😍😍

  • Sashwat Rawat
    Sashwat Rawat Year ago +1

    Harry is the inspiration for "What not to do on a date 101"

  • MrSpicytuna
    MrSpicytuna Year ago +15

    it's not a sidemen Sunday if Ethan doesn't say "OH" dramatically and repetitively

  • Brutherrr
    Brutherrr Year ago +9

    Ya know, I kinda wouldn’t mind a life advice video from Josher, for some reason I’d bet he’s got a pretty insightful view on life.

  • PGD
    PGD 3 years ago +1005

    Imagine if they bring out harry’s sister or mum 😂😂

    • Disrxptxd
      Disrxptxd 3 years ago +2

      B B that would be pushing no nut November to the limits

    • Vincent Meade
      Vincent Meade 3 years ago +2

      ksi wold go crazy

    • Rayan
      Rayan 3 years ago +2

      harry has to speed date his own mother, that would be so weird an funny

    • Henry Hartley
      Henry Hartley 3 years ago +2

      Omg 😂

    • Khaled Elmasry
      Khaled Elmasry 3 years ago +3

      Imagine 😂😂😂

  • Haitham Khalid
    Haitham Khalid Year ago

    9:33 I laughed so hard my roommate came and checked on me

  • Ayaan Pawar
    Ayaan Pawar Year ago +19

    Harry- I haven't met anyone that fascinating
    Also harry- Literally has a video playing football with Christiano Ronaldo

  • _Z.M_1101
    _Z.M_1101 Year ago +30

    “I think she’s feeling him.”
    ~ Behz

  • Hassan A.
    Hassan A. Year ago +4

    27:20: that was a funny Harry and Ethan moment there. I spat out my drink lol

  • Chris Corner
    Chris Corner 3 years ago +1831

    Can only imagine how gutted Harry was when he realised “speed” dating wasn’t to do with dating on drugs

    • Noah Day
      Noah Day 6 months ago

      @ShawrySkillz that’s gonna be a yikes from me🤓

    • PJ Vis
      PJ Vis 3 years ago +2

      @Catch 22 I'm sure they're all on adderall, but Harry's probably on more than just that.

    • Chris Corner
      Chris Corner 3 years ago

      TEO ___ ngl one of my proudest achievements

    • Felicia Mcpherson
      Felicia Mcpherson 3 years ago


    • Reichenza
      Reichenza 3 years ago

      Just leave the likes at 666

  • Adam
    Adam 4 months ago +4

    Second girl is my favourite; she has good morals and I like her personality. First girl completely lost me when she said she'd rather kill her parents than eat her family pet. Third girl seemed a bit arrogant and phony.

  • forever evolved
    forever evolved Year ago

    Don't care what anyone says, Harry is a an absolute king

  • Aiden Kane
    Aiden Kane Year ago +9

    I like how on the last one everyone was just so tired of it that they just messed around.

    • Ryan Murray
      Ryan Murray Year ago

      Harry was the only one that acted some-what normal. Because his last date didn’t count

  • Ali Fadila
    Ali Fadila 7 months ago +1

    42:17 if that is not the best moment in all of Sidemen history I don't know what is!!

  • J S
    J S 3 years ago +6042

    Deadass this is the only reason why Sunday’s aren’t as bad anymore lmao

  • Jabeen Malik
    Jabeen Malik Year ago +2

    Vik's "perrffect" had me dying 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nic ,
    Nic , Year ago +9

    18:59 JJ’s laugh💀😂😂😂😂

  • Koshik Rubamoorthy
    Koshik Rubamoorthy 7 months ago

    The fact that Behz has gone from this to being a soon to be dad.

  • Ichet Hinglak
    Ichet Hinglak 10 months ago

    Harry is a legend 😂😂

  • ZxY Jaxy
    ZxY Jaxy 3 years ago +4663

    Harry: “vikstar is a fascinating person”
    Vik: “sometimes I pretend my hand is a puppet”

    • Brong
      Brong 3 years ago

      ZxY Jaxy OMG I just died laughing

    • hjalte bonde
      hjalte bonde 3 years ago +1

      This might be the best comment I ever read, like ever!

    • NightOwl19 GOD
      NightOwl19 GOD 3 years ago +1

      ZxY Jaxy I was laughing when I saw this part

    • Nuk4lear
      Nuk4lear 3 years ago +8

      X Razorsz X 28:10 he’s very fascinating

    • Razorsz
      Razorsz 3 years ago +10

      does that mean he's wanking or getting head then?

  • shubham A
    shubham A Year ago +2

    Harry is a legend.. 😂

  • Ems
    Ems Year ago +17

    “My dogs named cookie…he will also be eaten like one” -tobi 😭😭

  • sweety1009
    sweety1009 7 months ago +1

    6:45 Innocent little Vik’s face 😂

  • Inga May
    Inga May Year ago +8

    “Sometimes it’s realistic”
    *stares pensively into the abyss*