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This is why we believe... (w/ GeorgeNotFound & Wilbur Soot)

  • Published on Aug 13, 2022
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    Sam and Colby took Minecraft youtubers GeorgeNotFound & Wilbur Soot from the Dream SMP ghost hunting overnight at Ireland's Alcatraz, aka Spike Island. The Shadow figures and evidence captured at this haunted, scary prison is what made George and Wilbur believe just a little bit more..
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    Asst Editor: Benjamin Cook
    Producer: Zach Bell
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    This is why we believe... (w/ GeorgeNotFound & Wilbur Soot) | Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby

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  • Sam and Colby

    Huge thanks to George and Wilbur for coming out! Who do you think was more scared haha? ALSO we just dropped NEW MERCH out today!

  • Scarlett Elizabeth

    Wilbur: “I don’t believe in ghosts.” Wilbur: knows a lot about ghosts and explains it to everyone while being somewhat respectful to the spirits

  • Kumar Amritanshu
    Kumar Amritanshu 28 days ago +1

    why is no-one else talking about how George is probably the only person who can walk into a haunted prison with a balenciaga hoodie

  • Dat ThiccPanda
    Dat ThiccPanda 28 days ago +1

    Sam and Colby: We’ve been ghost hunting practically our whole X-vid time

  • SleepySundew
    SleepySundew 21 day ago +746

    To everyone asking why the spirits keep choosing Wilbur. From my experience with working with spirits, they can often tell who’s safe to communicate with. Like how we get good vibes off of someone. The more you keep yourself respectful and open minded the more approachable you’ll be. As well some people are just better or easier to use for communication.

  • Person
    Person  +2

    I like how George looks genuinely interested when everyone else is being weird lol

  • Saba Usman
    Saba Usman 21 day ago +884

    To the people who need this. You can't be haunted through a screen. You are completely safe at your house/place. No need to be scared.

  • Evelyn Chaires

    Wilbur: Doesn't believe in ghosts

  • Brad Wagler
    Brad Wagler 28 days ago +447

    I love how their investigating ghosts, but get freaked out by simple things such as spiders, and pigeons

  • Shampoo
    Shampoo 21 day ago +453


  • Kookeh
    Kookeh 14 days ago +102

    Wilbur: "We're not scared." Visibly shivers. "Give us another sign."

  • nyom
    nyom 28 days ago +395

    Guys, being a skeptic whilst also knowing everything about ghosts go hand by hand. Genuinely. A lot of ghost skeptics are interested in the subject because they have to analyze and prove why a mug flying off isn't a ghost, therefore knowing a lot about ghosts.

  • Sounhart G. Nuwshii
    Sounhart G. Nuwshii 21 day ago +112

    I would genuinely love to watch Wilbur be part of more of these. I love the fact he’s a sceptic and tries to prove that things aren’t paranormal. Because every time he can’t find a solution, I feel as though it gives better evidence than EMF just going off. Because it could be dozens of different things setting it off. Wilbur would be a good investigator.

  • Wyllow North

    Wilbur saying he's a sceptic and doesn't believe

  • Watcher oftheLastLight
    Watcher oftheLastLight 28 days ago +198

    i love how george is the most calm of them all throughout the whole thing and its fun to hear the tall lanky British man scream in fear

  • Bob Gerald
    Bob Gerald 28 days ago +211

    you guys should get body cameras so when something like Wilbur seeing a shadow thing it can be caught on camera

  • ×Ñézukö-Çhån×
    ×Ñézukö-Çhån× 14 days ago +43

    My favourite Wilbur clips✨

  • Jules TheSlytherin
    Jules TheSlytherin 28 days ago +150

    One thing that fully freaked me out was how accurate the Estes Method was when Wilbur was doing it. It was pretty much exact with the questions and answers

  • A
    A 21 day ago +59


  • ᴀɴɢʀʏ ʟᴇᴍxɴ 🎗

    Wilbur being respectful to literally anyone EVEN GHOSTS is so wholesome