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Pet Imposter Role in Among Us

  • Published on Nov 23, 2022
  • GamingGaming

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  • Deborah Marchant
    Deborah Marchant Month ago +17

    I'm chilling with my cat she was very confused about the sounds haha

  • MiguelDiaz
    MiguelDiaz Month ago +13

    Make part 2 please this was funny u work so hard 😄

  • Zack Vasquez
    Zack Vasquez 2 months ago +10

    I kinda miss the old SSundee with all of his strategy's and adult jokes and stuff but at least he's making people smile i guess

  • Bryce Wilson Fortnite
    Bryce Wilson Fortnite Month ago +9

    “Finally my eyes are free and I can see” Lol

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 2 months ago +5

    Every video i watched from SSundee is always entertaining for me. Keep up the awesome work! :D

  • BE3J
    BE3J 2 months ago +21

    I love this mod! Is it possible to come up with another animal mod? Here are some ideas...
    Idea 1... cat mod
    The cat impostor can chuck hairballs, throw a mouse at someone, and ring a bell. As well as become invisible. The crewmates can vote out the impostor cat. But they have to have their tasks done first. As crewmates you get a ball of yarn to distract the impostor.
    Idea 2... eevee mod.
    As imposter you have to find the evolution stones as well as race the crewmates to go through all eeveelutions. Imposters can corrupt evolutions and other eevee players.
    I hope these can get put into a video or at least another animal mod!

  • Random_Apple
    Random_Apple 2 months ago +5

    Can we appreciate the effort he puts on these videos.

  • Marshal59
    Marshal59 Month ago +6

    Fitness gram passer test🤣🤣

  • MyLizardGaming
    MyLizardGaming 2 months ago +5

    I miss when he would be the crewmate it was fun to see imposter and crewmate

  • DragoPlayz
    DragoPlayz 2 months ago +5

    Thank you ssundee and friends for this amazing content I really appreciate it.

  • Mineleague360
    Mineleague360 2 months ago +17

    Because it keeps getting married and divorced.

  • Smithtrooper
    Smithtrooper 2 months ago +4

    I like how he called his dog the name of the task just for the end

  • Bass Kitten
    Bass Kitten 2 months ago +2

    this mod is a bomber. cant wait to see who gets dragon! hope u had fun. love ur videos!

  • Amberly Gentry
    Amberly Gentry 2 months ago +3

    You always surprise me with your outstanding videos

  • DA bestiez
    DA bestiez 2 months ago +2

    Are we not gonna talk about how biffle’s pet is named: ‘the fitness gram pacer test’ 💀👍

  • Selena Brown
    Selena Brown 2 months ago +2

    The fact that he just keeps changing his dog's name to different puns

  • Marimar
    Marimar 2 months ago +18

    I started watching you when I was an elementary student and now I'm in college. Glad to see you're still bringing smiles to your viewers. Keep up the good work!

  • Gary Alexander
    Gary Alexander 2 months ago

    Every video i watched from SSundee❤ is always entertaining for me.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  • ItzSeekPlays
    ItzSeekPlays Month ago +4

    It's not a mistake it's a master piece ✨

  • Joseph Lawrence
    Joseph Lawrence 2 months ago +3

    i love how sigil’s dog’s name is “Biffles wiffle”

  • Amberly Gentry
    Amberly Gentry 2 months ago +1

    Ssundee how do you make such good videos it’s really making me so happy keep up the best work you have🎉😂❤🎉

  • Neplays Animations
    Neplays Animations Month ago

    14:46 I have a dragon!!!😈😈😈😈cyeheheheheh
    15:14 That’s right, HE DOES HAVE A DRAGON!!!

  • Fwog
    Fwog 2 months ago +1

    this kind of content gives me some time to be happy

  • Reniel Alonso Ruiz
    Reniel Alonso Ruiz Month ago +1

    what if you play this mod but as a crumate

  • Creeptacious
    Creeptacious 2 months ago +123

    Everyone: gives their dogs normal names.

  • Hunter
    Hunter 2 months ago

    Are we going to ignore how the cat spray ability is literally just a skunk ability

  • Anitra Jones
    Anitra Jones Month ago +5

    You are the best among us. I watch your videos a lot.

  • Panda12x_
    Panda12x_ 2 months ago +2

    Amazing! Love your content!! Make more vids like this NOW!!!!!!

  • Ready2Wynn
    Ready2Wynn 24 days ago

    This is truly, one of the best mods

  • Kenji Nishino
    Kenji Nishino 2 months ago +3

    Lookumz speaking french to guide people xD

  • fazle mahmud
    fazle mahmud 2 months ago +2

    keep up the great work

    MRTURBOXTTV  2 months ago

    I'm just saying I miss the days of old lucky blocks challenges and I would love to see him do a series of servers again

  • clonedpanda
    clonedpanda 2 months ago

    I wish i could play mods like this in among us!

  • SMToon World
    SMToon World 2 months ago +6

    *SSundee's dad jokes are getting better.*

  • Remene Fanfan
    Remene Fanfan Month ago

    I love pets because I already subscribed to ssundee

  • laura jukes
    laura jukes Month ago +2

    I feel so bad for zud he was so confused of the name changing also love your vids

  • Aengly Tong
    Aengly Tong Month ago +1


  • Zach341
    Zach341 Month ago +6

    I felt bad for zud

  • Ember
    Ember Month ago +3

    Didn't they already do a pet one

  • The Minecraft Expert
    The Minecraft Expert 2 months ago

    you should do remastered versions of your older mods

  • Royale Paige
    Royale Paige  2 months ago

    You should do a bowling mod!
    Imposter: has multiple sabotages but collects them by killing everyone else at least once and has a minigame button
    Crewmate: has 2 lives do their task and try to beat the imposter and bowling at the end!

  • rosescutei14
    rosescutei14 Month ago +2

    How do u make the mods?

    • Ellis I
      Ellis I Month ago

      Lookumz makes them

  • Wolfie Afton
    Wolfie Afton 2 months ago +3

    Yall always make me smile. Theese mods keep getting better and better. Love you all❤❤❤

  • Lucky
    Lucky 2 months ago +1

    This video is AWSOME I love your Content Ssundee 😍🥰

  • vanbeta
    vanbeta 2 months ago

    Ssundee: Finally helps Zud*
    Also Ssundee: Kills Zud*
    Me: Before you kill him, just let him see his dog for the last time

  • Crunch your chocolate backup acc

    Everytime he wants to do a certain task he changes his dog's name

  • KaiWasHereBefore
    KaiWasHereBefore Month ago +1

    You can literally hear mitz trying toaster to be better

  • Marker!
    Marker! Month ago +1

    Welcome to pet simulator-X

  • Emma does Radom trends!

    At 0:39 seconds what if you have a fish or a horse

  • James Hill
    James Hill 2 months ago

    I have 2 cats Real name is shifter Bell tiger is 6 bill is 9 shifter is 13

  • Tezsaw
    Tezsaw 2 months ago +13

    this was a really good among us mod, I liked this one a lot

  • Lavender•☆•Popsicle  :Þ

    Zud was blind for the whole last part of the video😂 I was actually dying-

  • Rion Klick
    Rion Klick 2 months ago

    you should do a horror mod in among us that would be so cool

  • Daniel Velasco
    Daniel Velasco 2 months ago

    Hey SSundee! I have a mod idea! It's the battle royale mod! Each character should have: 100 HP, 5 lives. There should also be some items so the players can use against eachother. The last one standing is the winner!

  • Auren The Absolute
    Auren The Absolute 2 months ago

    I love how Biffle dog is the finest gram pacer test

  • 𓆉 Turtlez play
    𓆉 Turtlez play Month ago +1

    I watched this like a week before I posted this but I loved it so much I’m watching it again😂😂

  • DuO thE oWl
    DuO thE oWl 2 months ago

    I literally just saw one of their dogs names was fitness gram pacer test 😂😂😂

  • kimberly garcia
    kimberly garcia Month ago

    Hey Sandy I want you to make a Luigi's Mansion mod but but the but the pasta are The Ghost and Lou and and the ghost catcher is the

  • Assassin cult
    Assassin cult 2 months ago +14

    These creators work so hard to give us stuff to watch in the morning

  • Bgamer8
    Bgamer8 2 months ago +7

    Happy thanksgiving Ian!
    I hope you the best thanksgiving ever!

  • Christopher KUCHINKE
    Christopher KUCHINKE Month ago +3

    7:02 can you do one as a crew mate

  • LARVA en Español
    LARVA en Español 2 months ago +5

    Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how much time and work he put into these videos?
    It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that 🌈 🌈

  • Cheeto Puff
    Cheeto Puff 2 months ago

    if i was like zud or something i could find out the impostor by simply just figuring out who has the level dinosaur

  • Zameria Stewart
    Zameria Stewart 2 months ago +1

    I bet if SSundee has a dog he will teach it to play among us lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Evan Durham
    Evan Durham 2 months ago +43

    Zud at the end: "I can see!"
    "... I don't want to see."

  • •Fazbear entertainment•

    the best video I ever watched on SSundee's channel this mod is cute!!

  • Issac Granger
    Issac Granger 2 months ago

    Every time you turn into the imposter Anita’s last name changes so you know what you need to do with her

  • Xd LamboETK drifter
    Xd LamboETK drifter 2 months ago

    Lol I love when he does that to zud

  • Dany Nadour
    Dany Nadour 2 months ago

    It’s been 3 years of me asking for a new hardcore series that’s completely normal no mobs or anything just like 3 years ago and he would always come up with exploits I miss that😅😅

  • laurensia handayani

    Zud is right

  • Ayra Wast
    Ayra Wast Month ago +4

    I like How the dogs are like among us and are so cute❤🎉

  • Meya Roberts
    Meya Roberts 2 months ago

    his dogs name is like names in the book "dieing to meet you"

  • ࿐ཽ༵༆༒Unknown༒༆࿐ཽ༵

    Mod idea 💡 Giant mod
    The impostor is a giant when transformed impostor abilities:Smash:Creates a giant crack in the ground if someone walks in it while the crack is being created they get flung across the map Stomp:same as smash but makes a giant foot print and whoever steps in it they fall in and die
    Grab:Will grab any crewmate Sweep:Sweeps a hand all over the map the crewmate can jump over it Minigame:Survive sweeping hands controlled by the impostor crewmate abilities: Jump: used for jumping over the sweep Roll: will roll away from any giant attack like the smash Pls like so ssundee can see

  • Ethan Matthews
    Ethan Matthews 2 months ago

    Keep up the good work Ssundee

  • cooljtoosaucy
    cooljtoosaucy 2 months ago

    God Loves You Remember That 🙏🏾❤️✝️

  • Blanket
    Blanket Month ago

    im watching this while cuddling with my doggo

  • Rocket GAMING
    Rocket GAMING 2 months ago

    6:57 wait, it is me or lookums talked french ? is he french ?

  • Daniel Natzke
    Daniel Natzke 2 months ago +37

    Has anyone noticed that he ends each mod more toxicly than the last one?

  • Tiffa
    Tiffa 2 months ago

    May I play the Among Us heart mod in my mom’s Ipad?
    I’m 7 years old

  • Doors glitch
    Doors glitch 2 months ago

    I love the bit once the dog barks and you zoom on him

  • Mahdi El-Hadi
    Mahdi El-Hadi 2 months ago

    Bruh how is among us still alive 😂

  • money bag
    money bag 2 months ago

    Ssundee it would be awesome if you do lucky block races again for old times sake

  • Ankit gaonkar
    Ankit gaonkar 2 months ago +60

    I like these daily but i liked it more when he did both the crewmate and the imposter pov's . Still love the videos .

  • A random user on the internet

    at 6:59 Lookumz started to speak fluent french

  • strawberry headed 1di0t (ryth fan)

    Biffles dog name is fitness gram pacer test 🤣

  • Exosity
    Exosity 2 months ago

    Can there be multiple rounds like the old days

  • Jameso
    Jameso 2 months ago

    I'm subbing because of this mod edit: I found out I'm subbed already

  • Savi Byrne
    Savi Byrne 2 months ago +1

    The mod I’m thinking of includes dogs so u should do a dog mod. The imposter is a dog. He can pee on the ground and stun someone. They can poop and if someone touches it they die. They can burry bones underground and whoever falls in it has a 50/50 chance to survive, someone has to try to pull them out. The mini game is u have to find dog bones and whoever finds 5 can choose someone to die.


    Has anyone noticed that he ends each mod more toxicly than the last one?

  • Tristan Pearce
    Tristan Pearce 12 hours ago

    So interestingly enough I literally just got a new dog, and this was at the top of my suggestions page

  • Gael Robledo
    Gael Robledo Month ago +1

    you have to make a mod of countries, countries: Chile, Germany, Japan, Brazil, the U.S.A, Russia, France, and Italy Impostor: you must invade countries without leaving any, buy objects and materials for your country and develop it or have more valuable things such as copper, steel and others, crewmates: build your country and have all kinds of allies and be careful with their separatist movements there you will have an idea of what you can do, data: companies create materials to have money that if you have to make exchanges or improve your economy, you must have something to defend yourself with, right? buy tanks, soldiers, planes, and artillery the innocent must protect themselves from the invader

  • Anish vernekar
    Anish vernekar 2 months ago +7

    Ian u just always make my day 🤣🤣🤣 love u bro

  • Amber Devine
    Amber Devine 2 months ago

    If I watch 700 more of these my brains gonna explode

  • PonzuPanzu
    PonzuPanzu 2 months ago

    how can someone still play among us? thats what i wanna know.

  • Stray Reaper
    Stray Reaper 2 months ago

    ssundee: lemme quickly change my dog's name
    everyone else sees anita kill you all: (it was at this moment they knew they messed up

  • Sam Helmsin
    Sam Helmsin 17 days ago

    Your shows are solo cool I wish I could do them with you

  • William Chandler
    William Chandler Month ago +1

    I have a dog and it’s crazy she is a girl and her name is sapphire

  • Full Moon Shadow
    Full Moon Shadow 2 months ago

    Hilariously toxic to his friends as always. I hope they're all close enough that Ssundee's personality doesn't breed bitter ties.

  • 𝖍𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖔
    𝖍𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖔 2 months ago

    Zud was like huh I can't see what's happening