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Tim Bradley Jr.: "I Felt Like Taking My Own Life" Following Manny Pacquiao Fight | FAIR GAME

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023
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    FAIR GAME  3 years ago +526

    Who would you have liked to see Tim Bradley Jr. fight during his career?

    • Orlando Redhound
      Orlando Redhound 6 days ago

      The crowd don't lie bro. You lost the first fight against Manny and it's just hard to accept it.

    • Silent HitSuraan
      Silent HitSuraan 12 days ago

      Please interview Manny Pacquiao, Btw.. your very pretty ♥️✌️

    • Oliver Cuico
      Oliver Cuico 15 days ago

      Floyd Mayweather

    • danilo piabor
      danilo piabor 24 days ago

      I think Gervonta Davis.

    • Fern Nan
      Fern Nan Year ago

      I remember that….. he ObViOusLY lost the fight. It’s true brother it was manny belt

  • Sexon Samillano
    Sexon Samillano Year ago +251

    Tim Bradley is one of Pacman's worthy opponent not only because he gave all his best in those three epic fights but the professionalism, respect and humility he showed which is rare in great fighters. He is also an icon to me.

  • Mischa Elman
    Mischa Elman 2 years ago +132

    Bradley is truly a Gentleman. He's not afraid to admit that he was scared. He fought really hard, i think he deserved that first duel. The thing that Bradley is different from the rest, he is NOT Afraid of admiting something. A Humble Person. Kudos to Bradley. I'm a filipino.

    • Brudder Styles
      Brudder Styles Year ago

      I'm glad someone admitted it, there's like 5% who even think the fight was close, everyone else say pacquiao was robbed

  • 2msvalkyrie
    2msvalkyrie 2 years ago +148

    Never realised Bradley was such a well spoken , intelligent guy . A real credit
    to Boxing .

  • Admiral General Aladeen
    Admiral General Aladeen 3 years ago +1130

    Bradley is my favorite opponent of Pacquiao, Why? because he only got knocked down once in 3 fights but he talks like he got knocked out and got beaten which he didn't. He is not afraid to accept and say that Pacquiao is a beast unlike other opponents who says Pac didn't hurt him even they got knocked out lol

    • RapScenePH
      RapScenePH 27 days ago


    • Fatima Dimalen
      Fatima Dimalen Month ago

      Absolutely, you're right. 👍👍👍

    • Freya Khal
      Freya Khal 3 months ago

      But deferent story ifanny is young

    • keyboardwarior
      keyboardwarior 4 months ago

      @James Lawrence hahaha he beat pacquio on running but on fistfights? Hahaha I just do not know

    • keyboardwarior
      keyboardwarior 4 months ago

      @Saul Escamilla hahahha are you serious?

  • ramon lastrollo
    ramon lastrollo 3 years ago +1954

    "Manny Pacquiao is an Icon,He's like Michael Jordan in Boxing World".
    -Tim Bradley

    • Mark Cedy Dabest
      Mark Cedy Dabest Month ago

      That's right

    • BboyBreeze THEムササビ
      BboyBreeze THEムササビ 2 months ago

      @Keno Zamora 🤣🤝

    • Django
      Django 7 months ago

      So we’re supposed to ignore numbers, stats, records & take Bradley’s comments ?

    • Fahad
      Fahad Year ago

      don't take that literally he still got slapped by TBE

    • Carlos Mamilig
      Carlos Mamilig Year ago

      He is the Goat if only he is American.

  • Miku Desu
    Miku Desu Month ago

    im a Filipino and i admire Tim Bradley Jr. he is a great fighter and true warrior! thanks for all the good memories.

  • Carl Mann
    Carl Mann 2 years ago +91

    "He's like Michael Jordan." Wow!
    Respect to you, Tim! Glad you took that trip!
    I was one who felt Pacquiao won but, in fairness, you fought hard and sincere!
    Glad you moved forward!
    And yes, less social media, the better!
    You're one of the best that Manny fought! RESPECT!

  • MugeeMugz Gaming
    MugeeMugz Gaming 2 years ago +1367

    Problem about manny pacquiao is “he’s not american” that’s why people can’t admit that he the greatest boxer.. if he’s American we’ll have different story.. 💯 %

  • David Henderson
    David Henderson Month ago

    Mr Bradley you did win the first fight fair and square and I’m sure manny knows also best thing I love about you is you were the best and you never hid you accepted 2 more fights with manny ,,,,,,admiration to you sir ur a stand up guy

  • throwmeaname
    throwmeaname 3 years ago +52

    Mad respect to Bradley for going deep into this interview. I’m glad you’re at peace. You’re a true warrior 🙏

  • Chuck O'Keefe
    Chuck O'Keefe Year ago +62

    Bradly's humility in this exchange, in spite of the hurt he dealt with, is super commendable. It's a rare thing among many sport's greatest.

  • LEO
    LEO Year ago +23

    So crazy to hear his experience on what it’s like to be on the receiving end of pacs punches. Thank you!!! 🙏🏽

    • LEO
      LEO Year ago +1

      I can listen to Bradley all day! Very intelligent and respectful. Mentally and physically strong 💪🏽

  • Uraggoon_tv
    Uraggoon_tv Month ago

    1 word RESPECT

  •  Ryder
    Ryder 3 years ago +13

    Much respect to Tim Bradley touching story and congrats on your career, wish you and your family all the best. He said the most real thing iv heard in a while too many people are followers and not leaders in the world today. People don't want to be wrong and judged so they follow who they think is right, think for your selves people don't follow trends make trends.

  • Sean Moses
    Sean Moses 2 years ago +61

    I'm Filipino and a Manny fan and I can say that no one shouldn't have ever taken shots at this dude. He's doing a job, and it's the judges who were to blame.

    • Yujiro Goggins
      Yujiro Goggins 3 months ago

      @Brudder Styles real talk

    • Brudder Styles
      Brudder Styles Year ago +3

      Most " people" don't even judge and score fights, they just watch like it's a sitcom,they don't even know the rules but will call robbery when thier guy lost

  • shi zi
    shi zi 2 years ago +13

    I heard what you meant here. Real man, and not afraid to share his heart and admit his fears. You have my respect. Great 12 mins. You fought Manny toe to toe, and you're a true warrior.

  • saved by grace
    saved by grace 2 years ago +18

    No one knows what he has been through. I salute his humility and the courage to admit what he has been through. A real fighter.

  • Armand Raymond Marcelo
    Armand Raymond Marcelo 2 years ago +11

    This guy is a warrior. I am a Manny fan but I wouldn't take anything away from this guy. He was brave enough to fight Manny 3 times and what a battle those 3 were. All 3 fights were classics.

  • Yotnit gaming
    Yotnit gaming Month ago

    Back when the boxer looking for the best Fighter unlike now haha

  • Jhun Almero
    Jhun Almero 2 years ago +14

    I'm a Filipino, obviously a huge fan of Manny Pacquiao but I have to admit I admire this man for admitting and praising his opponent Manny Pacquiao for telling the truth. It takes courage to admit it and not every body can do it. I salute him also for realizing and conquering his fears that made him a better man now👍👌👏

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee 2 years ago +14

    One of my favorite boxers of all time. Love his speed, boxing skills, jaw, his heart... what’s not to like about this guy.

  • Mr. Eric
    Mr. Eric Month ago

    Bradley describing Pacq's missed punches like "bullets" was spine-chilling.

  • Styles YT
    Styles YT 2 years ago +22

    I changed my mind after this interview.
    Lesson learned: Never ever ever be consumed with preconception due to not listening to both sides.
    My apologies for judging this great person. I am nothing compared to you. Be proud you deserve it

  • PrinceV1R
    PrinceV1R 2 months ago +3

    "Fighting the #1 P4P fighter in the game, I was scared out of my mind".... Timmy, if you read this comment, just know that everyone else who faced Manny WAS SCARED. But you had the balls to do it 3 times. Love from the Philippines Mr. Bradley. Bob Arum certainly had plans for both you and Manny in the business when the time was right. Wishing you well Mr. Bradley!

  • Xavier Estallo
    Xavier Estallo 2 years ago +7

    What a great interview. Have a new found respect for Tim. He and Pac gave an incredible trilogy to the fans. Bradley should be extremely proud of himself. He was a great champ.

  • makearunat
    makearunat 2 months ago +1

    As a fan of the sport, my respect goes to you Mr Bradley. I wish to see more boxers like you both inside and outside of the ring. You're a class act!

  • Jahn Christian Gungob
    Jahn Christian Gungob 3 years ago +2831

    Pacquiao was asked, “your 40 years old, what is your greatest achievement in life?
    Pacquiao said, “ *Knowing* *Jesus* *Christ* *is* *my* *greatest* *achievement* *in* *life* ”

    • ジャン
      ジャン Month ago

      Amen 💙 That explains why Manny cares for the poor, gives away his money to build people houses, desires to build a hospital, and is humble even after all his achievements. GOD be glorified!

    • Segn Fegeroua
      Segn Fegeroua 2 months ago

      @stephen tarr you will regret what you say

    • Mikey_16
      Mikey_16 3 months ago


    • RatatRatR
      RatatRatR 4 months ago

      Well, I still like Pacquiao despite him saying this

    • OTISM
      OTISM 5 months ago +1

      Jesus sa crus I kay namatay😭

  • Ands Shure
    Ands Shure 2 years ago +5

    All respect to Tim Bradley, in my eyes you are a true warrior, recognising your shortcomings in public.

  • Tnamoco
    Tnamoco Year ago +6

    This interview represents how great Manny Pacquiao is. 🔥

  • X ACE X
    X ACE X Year ago +2

    It’s sad to hear that Bradley had to go through all that hate. Although I believe he lost that fight, I’ve always liked Bradley because he was a tough fighter, a great analyst, and a humble person. But even if he wasn’t all those things, nobody deserves to be driven to the point of wanting to die.

  • fridz66
    fridz66 2 years ago +11

    He’s a good champion. I was in the hate train when he won because there was no way he won that fight. Pac and him are good friends and they didn’t trash talk each other. Respect to both.

  • Honey, Bunnies, Vineyard and More

    Decision was already made Tim, u couldnt undo it. Sorry to hear about what youve gone through. Your such a good family man, a boxing warrior, a worthy opponent for our Manny! You both are champions!

  • John Alfred Bajuyo
    John Alfred Bajuyo Year ago +4

    Tim, you don't need to feel that way. You're a great fighter. I'm a Filipino, but for me you're a worthy opponent of our champ.

  • rice bread
    rice bread 2 years ago +76

    respect to this guy "Timothy Bradley" he did not do anything wrong, its judges.

  • Ariel Gerard Servillon
    Ariel Gerard Servillon 2 years ago +1

    Ey Tim! For whatever it's worth you are one of the most difficult fights that Manny had. And you truly deserved to be in the ring with. You are a great champion!

  • Archie Miras
    Archie Miras 2 years ago +140

    When I found out the Bradley will fight Pacquiao for a rematch.. He got my respect..
    Real Man will face criticism.. and give his best to prove them wrong.

  • Ceb Jeear
    Ceb Jeear 3 years ago +3

    This is good for telling the true emotions and thoughts.. Respect him as a boxer and a good human being!

  • Rommel Valdez
    Rommel Valdez 2 years ago +10

    I just can't help but admire people that has their feet still on the ground. Humility is a difficult virtue to keep, maybe you have it with you when you were still a kid coz your momma told you to be humble always. But then you grow up, you achieved things and suddenly you feel proud and now it's very hard to accept that there is someone better than you in what you do best. My respect is to this guy, Manny as well, both humble fighters despite having the title and being the champion. In boxing it is easy to be harsh, you see it everytime, the big names, bragging their stuff, trash talking here and there always yelling they are the best of their era.
    If only, I think Manny won the first fight, it is not Bradley's fault though, I know.

  • X L B
    X L B Year ago +2

    We love you Mr. Bradley ! Don't ever let anyone make you feel inferior ! You are a good champion .

  • Hiretsuna
    Hiretsuna 3 months ago +2

    Wow! Thank you Timothy Bradley for sharing your experience.
    Such a great guy!

  • The Savior Gaming Channel

    I knew he was different when I saw him on golden boy commentating on the fights he just spoke and carried himself so humble and has a passion for the sport of boxing I feel bad he went through all that but what he got out of it was relieving for him and his fam and life I’m glad he found a way through dark times good for him bless up man hope his success is endless !

  • Larry Manlegro
    Larry Manlegro Year ago +3


  • Marl Cuer
    Marl Cuer 2 years ago +3

    The best opponent I saw on top of the ring with our senator Manny Pacquiao.. personally I can say he is the best boxer that Pacquiao encountered.. this guy deserves respect ❤️ I'm a fan of a boxing 🥊

  • Long Schlong
    Long Schlong 3 years ago +293

    Tim Bradley. If you read this bro. I just want to let you know that you are a beautiful person. Not being a "follower" in a way just like how you described but I personally feel you during that interview. And I am very happy to see you alive and well at this day onward. I wish all the best to you and to your whole family. God bless.

    • CQV3
      CQV3 Year ago +1

      Right on!

    • Billy Jason Vuelta
      Billy Jason Vuelta Year ago +1

      Too bad Bradley retired early

    • lust4music x
      lust4music x 2 years ago +2

      Utmost respect to Tim Bradley. This interview was beautiful

  • Saelee Rose
    Saelee Rose Year ago +1

    I needed to hear that. 🙏🏻 Thank you Fair Game for giving Tim Bradley Jr an opportunity to voice out

  • Dom-Agui Berlan
    Dom-Agui Berlan 2 years ago +3

    I really appreciate this legend boxer,because he was honest about his feeling in fighting with manny pacquiao and acknowledges the power of his opponent.

  • MTRZ Cabalsi
    MTRZ Cabalsi 2 years ago +1

    One of the warriors who fought the beast. Facing Manny is like a memento of every boxers career. Respect who fought him, and don't throw garbage on Manny by accusing him to use peds, eat kamote and lot of rice, and you know why Pinoy is strong

  • Krsha Ncole
    Krsha Ncole 2 years ago +40

    This is why I like Tim Brad is he's humble. He accepts defeat, ain't afraid to admit it. Also a great boxer. Unlike that trash AB, all talk. What a fool

    ECHO GUTIERREZ, KKQ 3 years ago +19

    Huge respect. The fact that you're acknowledging your opponent that's already a huge reason to give you the respect you deserve.

  • Lex
    Lex Year ago +1

    This man knows deep in his heart he lost that fight , it was a gift to him.

  • Ruben Semilla
    Ruben Semilla Year ago

    I really admire Bradley he's a real person by heart and I didn't realize how hard his been thru but he came back better person than ever. And people really are so cruel.

  • Forgiveness Love
    Forgiveness Love 3 years ago +9

    i'm a Filipino.. we are sorry for what you have felt.. You deserve to win it.. because you have a heart.. im a fan of Pacquio.. but i salute you sir. God Bless

  • Timothy Duaves de Guzman

    He showed his heart against Ruslan provodnikov, he was hurt bad, concussed from the first round and fought the whole 12 round fight hurt.
    He's a great champion, mad love and respect.

  • Vol M
    Vol M 3 years ago +181

    It’s not his fault. He fought with his heart and stayed on the game. It’s the fault of the corrupt judges. They put Bradley’s life in a shitty situation.

    • ninjanizzle
      ninjanizzle 3 years ago +3

      i agree, its not his fault the judges scored the fight correctly. neither is it his fault pactards are the worst fans in boxing history. if they hated the decision so much why didn't they stalk the judges with death threats? bunch of cowards.

    • Clarence Magnaye
      Clarence Magnaye 3 years ago +3

      Insider619 exactly.. contract was up with the horn fight too and he robbed him. arums the biggest scumbag in boxing

    • drei9
      drei9 3 years ago +4


    • mystacyjane72
      mystacyjane72 3 years ago +9

      I agree It was the fault of the stupid judges. bradley just did what he had to do which was to fight manny and survive the rounds. But in my opinion manny won the fight. the pacquiao-jeff horn fight was the worst decision ever. the score of manny was given to jeff stupid horn😤

    • Green Gecko
      Green Gecko 3 years ago +3

      @Culture Mix you're a dick

  • Eltel Rosalejos
    Eltel Rosalejos Year ago

    Love this guy both as a fighter and as a person. very humble....so sad people stole his moment. it was the judge's fault, not his.

  • Mark Elfreine Cipriano
    Mark Elfreine Cipriano 2 years ago +32

    Its not like the Jeff Horn robbery. But this guy has the heart to face pacman. Respect for this guy. 😁😁

  • jesus hernandez
    jesus hernandez 2 years ago +1

    This dude seems like he gave it all on that fight, no matter the result no one deserve so much hate. It isn't his fall that he was declare the winner. God bless you

  • Gm Camille
    Gm Camille 2 years ago +3

    He's a fighter in the ring and also in a real life.I salute to you man

  • Sven Thorborson
    Sven Thorborson Year ago +1

    Always appreciate Tim for his honesty, great fighter and a terrific analyst.

  • monaliuehara0417
    monaliuehara0417 Month ago

    I Respect this man… very well-spoken and humble. A great warrior in the ring..!!❤

  • bluespectrum66
    bluespectrum66 2 years ago +2

    Just imagine fighting with the legend..you loose but you will be part of history. You will be known in the world.

  • Do Fostaine
    Do Fostaine Year ago

    I really like this guy, a really good role model and very articulate too! I think the first fight was controversial but it wasn't totally wrong to give it to Bradley. He took the fight to Pacuiao the fight and stood his ground (wasn't running around), and even won rounds.

  • Carlo Daug
    Carlo Daug 3 years ago +906

    He fought Manny toe to toe and never ran away from. For that, I respect Tim Bradley
    Edit: wow 400+ likes. thanks yall

    • not the one
      not the one 3 years ago +2

      Pretty stupid. Pacquiao don't do well with crafty boxers. Why would you fight the enemies fight?

    • Jeffery G Bergen SR
      Jeffery G Bergen SR 3 years ago

      David Stetler that’s true but he even said he thought he lost at first I would have gave much respected if he would have said that the Judges seen it differently it’s not my fault Manny but let’s go again in 6 months so I can see if I really won that fight!! I will leave it all in the ring Manny!! Much respect would have been like WoW that’s much respected.. but instead he came out swinging not be humble that hey I thought I lost the fight for real but the Judges thought differently

    • Jeffery G Bergen SR
      Jeffery G Bergen SR 3 years ago

      Babyjayyy hey bro I agree with that one but come on he has to be in reality of him self did you go back watch that fight PacMan was the champion you have to knock him down or TKO a champion so in that Bradley you should know that!! In that I don’t respect him he can’t give the belt back but he could have said I thought I lost the fight but my corner said no you won then he should have went over to PacMan say I thought you won so let’s have rematch!! Go with that I would have really respected him for that reason alone!! As Champion especially after the fight come out with the true champion and saids as much I take this one but I will fight you fair and square!!

    • Efren Vergara
      Efren Vergara 3 years ago

      Babyjayyy nail it, thats also the reason this guy deserved respect. He fought as a warrior

    • Vlad Drac
      Vlad Drac 3 years ago

      @Kriss Smith its america...they gotta protect their national pride, making sure they are the best at everything...gotta let it go dude

  • Ryan Mark Agustero
    Ryan Mark Agustero 2 months ago +2

    I think "Depression" really plays a big part in the defeat of Bradley during the second and third fight. Very sad story to tell 😢😢

  • Michael Plunkett
    Michael Plunkett 2 years ago

    Timothy Bradley is and always has been a full-on class act. Always a pleasure to watch and listen to.

  • willieg2110
    willieg2110 3 years ago +4

    A win is a win. I’m glad to see you overcame that obstacle in your life champ

  • allie_allie
    allie_allie Year ago

    Class act, Tim Bradley. Much respect to you.

  • MrMcBrainiac
    MrMcBrainiac 3 years ago +2

    Respect to Tim Bradley. Great fighter, great human being! I enjoyed watching all your fights, maybe the one with Provodnikov, was, at least IMHO, you at your finest.

  • Fue Yang
    Fue Yang 2 years ago +3

    Met Bradly a weekend before pacman and Mayweather fight. One of the most humble fighters out there. He even picked pacman to win the fight.

  • patrick raymond inotao

    Nice interview,big respect for Tim.God bless you man🙏🏻

  • Thomas Kostka
    Thomas Kostka 2 years ago

    Your a great boxer man. Most fighters now just run around avoiding punches. You actually fought so I love watching your fights. Good on you. You are a great boxer and an amazing fighter. Don't listen to the haters. It's all about family. You said it right.

  • Corey Cush
    Corey Cush 3 years ago +27

    Tim Bradley is a real stand up and a great champion/boxer. It takes courage to admit that he wanted to take his life and tell the story how he got through it

  • Silent Assassin
    Silent Assassin Year ago +3

    I’ve always thought Bradley was a great fighter and he’s also a real one who is humble and keeps it real

  • Mojojojo Guzman
    Mojojojo Guzman 2 years ago +1

    Respect to bradley, a real man and a true warrior.

  • Miguel Rojas
    Miguel Rojas 3 months ago

    The two marks of a true champion, the humility to call another his better and the will to soldier on against the world. Tim Bradley bears those two marks.

  • MuscleFreak
    MuscleFreak Year ago +1

    Mr. Timothy Bradley - I have so much respect for you and your honesty. You are true champion and a world class boxer in my book. Thank you for this interview, you are a true classy gentleman! God bless.

    TWISTEDFAITH 2 years ago

    I gave this two Figther a huge respect and Bradley is also a warrior imagine he twist his ankle but still fighting for the fans is a big heart

  • KanTahanan
    KanTahanan Year ago +1

    What an honest man you are Tim. Much respect to you.

  • David Ona
    David Ona 2 years ago

    You're a great warrior Timothy Bradley in and out the ring.

  • Alexander Austral
    Alexander Austral 2 years ago +5

    Timothy Bradley still is one of the greatest boxer that fought Pacquiao. Both of them gave the fans their money's worth. Salute from Filipinos, Tim.

  • rad lopez
    rad lopez Year ago

    Salute to this knightly warrior. 💪

  • Wuck
    Wuck 3 years ago +1

    I understand him truly. This how true boxers felt like.

  • Marl Steven Soriano
    Marl Steven Soriano 3 months ago

    Man, I fell you, Tim. Respect!

  • Hiphx Lophx
    Hiphx Lophx 2 years ago

    Wow! Just saw this. I love Manny, but you are a real man, so much respect for you saying what you said. It's those small things that can just turn things around in your life.

  • Irish Abejero
    Irish Abejero 2 years ago +2

    God bless you, Tim Bradley! You have my respect! I'm a fan.

  • Keanan Rey Garcenila
    Keanan Rey Garcenila 2 months ago

    But still everybody knows he lose that 1st fight.

  • San Mak
    San Mak 5 months ago

    You are a great person Tim. you see the world as is. when you do good or bad people will have negativity on you. Really admire your courage and bravery. All the best to you in your future endeavors.

  • Walo Cruse
    Walo Cruse 2 years ago

    You fought good man. Just take it easy on yourself n your family. Much love from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Sora Hiraga
    Sora Hiraga 2 years ago

    Mad respect for you Sir Tim Bradley 😊

  • The Homie Romie
    The Homie Romie 2 years ago +1

    Mad respect bro. Manny got the last 2 fights hands down and I think he got the 1st too but it was definitely closer than the others. Keep your head up bro. Can’t control the judges.

  • wild zombie online
    wild zombie online 3 years ago +5

    Timothy Bradley Jr is a real man and a great man also, I realized after this interview.

  • Rameb Nevoj
    Rameb Nevoj 3 years ago +1

    Pacquiao punches were like bullets. Wow!!!! SALUTE Mister BRadley.. For being so sport and complementing

  • Freedom Fighter. Tv
    Freedom Fighter. Tv Year ago +2

    At the end of the day fighting Manny Pacquiao gave him a blessing ❤️

  • Bri Berg
    Bri Berg 2 years ago +3

    He genuinely is one of the most likable guys of all time.

  • Art & Les
    Art & Les 3 years ago

    Tim bradely jr is a nice guy. Im glad he became strong emotionally and conquered all the negatives around him.. He is an inspiration by sharing this 👍😊

  • WidowmakerICU
    WidowmakerICU 2 years ago

    Great boxer great fighter! But he lost and in his heart I believe he knows it that’s why it affected him so much.

  • Bruce Lie
    Bruce Lie 3 years ago +30

    Tim Bradley is a good man. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be fine in life.

  • #KakamPink2022
    #KakamPink2022 Year ago +2

    Watching this gave me a new perspective of Tim Bradley.
    This is the most humble way of wanting respect from others. While at the same time humbly acknowledging greatness of Pacman.

  • Plasm
    Plasm 3 years ago +1

    Too much respect for this guy 😊