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  • Published on Aug 24, 2018
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Comments • 3 444

  • Jack Finn
    Jack Finn 2 years ago +12

    Seeing chloe in this absolutely breaks my heart. The love, dedication, care she has for Logan and making sure he’s ok makes me super happy, but super sad too. I wish they could of worked out, but she played her part in Logan’s life and helped him become a better person. That’s all you can ask for

  • Obed .R
    Obed .R 4 years ago +73

    Omg just imagine the atmosphere, the anxiety, the vibes there before the entrance. I'm getting goosebumps right now

  • Moghster
    Moghster 4 years ago +154

    That looks so scary, this whole thing before you go out. it's so intimidating. OMG

    • Michael Mant
      Michael Mant 7 months ago

      Done is hundreds of time I’m amature champ no really scaredyy

    • JoKena
      JoKena Year ago


  • VeNuS2910
    VeNuS2910 4 years ago +38

    the support this family gives for each other is amazing. they've gained my respect.
    Logan and Jake have good potential as boxers, but i prefer they don't. because it is such a dangerous sport.

    • 신우정
      신우정 4 years ago

      VeNuS2910 ?ㅔㅔ9

    • tony tucket
      tony tucket 4 years ago +1

      Money talks
      Bullshit walks

    • tony tucket
      tony tucket 4 years ago +1

      When monies being put in to their pockets,they will do anything.It's nothing to do with being families.

    REBECCA LYNNE EVANS 4 years ago +130

    I love how supportive all of their friends are even Jake's friends are wearing maverick shirts

    • Akiko Hayami
      Akiko Hayami 4 years ago +4

      That's not to be supportive, that is just for plugging their merch.

    • kelly h
      kelly h 4 years ago +2


  • ScyThe 01
    ScyThe 01 4 years ago +1

    Logan Was Really Good , His Defense was So Quick ❤️ Just if He had More stamina He would have Won Easily

  • Alex FB
    Alex FB 3 years ago +1

    Respect to anyone willing to step into that square circle, takes so much guts going in knowing the opponent your facing is trying to take your head off.

  • Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson 4 years ago +51

    I got respect for Logan Paul and he is dangerous! He is a alright human after all.

    • Dylan Eaton
      Dylan Eaton 2 years ago +1

      2020 this makes it even more true

  • gladiumcaeli
    gladiumcaeli 4 years ago +1283

    I really don't see why people are complaining that it was a draw. That fight was a really close fight, and they both gave a hell of a performance.

    • Brody Osterbur
      Brody Osterbur Year ago

      @Cristofer Marcia Dejis team threw in the towel witch meant he quit the fight and gave Jake the win, unless you mean Logan. And don’t know which brothers which but yeah Logan would of probably lost if there was another round

    • JJ
      JJ 2 years ago


    • brohammed95
      brohammed95 2 years ago +2

      mad hoes yeah exactly. KSI didnt get any points deducted in the first match after blatant fouls that were far more worse. Logan hits KSI in the back of the head and Loses 2 points when KSI should have gotten points deducted in the first match, but instead it ended up being a draw. KSI made 3 fouls in the first match and received 3 warnings and, lost no points, Logan makes one foul in the second match, and loses the whole match. Not sure how fair that is 🤔

    • xxvii
      xxvii 2 years ago

      @brohammed95 well well well

    • brohammed95
      brohammed95 3 years ago

      KSI fouled Logan 3 times in the match:
      #1, KSI punched Logan after the round had clearly ended
      #2, KSI hit Logan towards his groin area
      #3, KSI got frustrated with Logan’s clinch and threw him to the ground.
      These 3 fouls were not accounted for because it was an amateur fight. If KSI pulls that shit in the professional fight he’s definitely gonna lose. The match was not a draw considering those 3 fouls didn’t deduct KSIs score. Logan was dominating KSI in terms of clean hits and jabs while KSI slapped and didn’t know how to land clear cut punches. Logan spent 2 months learning how to box against KSI who boxed for a year and a half and fought joe weller. Even after all that experience he couldn’t even finish off Logan the guy who learned everything from scratch in just 3 months and relied solely on just his athleticism alone to dominate KSI in round 1,2,5.

  • Dave Ali
    Dave Ali 4 years ago +32

    I can’t believe that after all this training ksi had his technique still didn’t improve. It’s crazy the only thing he improved was his reaction speed but besides that he stills swings like faze banks, wide asf lmao I was surprised at how Logan actually had good technique but got gassed early

    • buzz lightyear
      buzz lightyear 2 years ago

      i’m laughing my ass off reading these🤣

    • Dave Ali
      Dave Ali 4 years ago +1

      David c. Yep it’s guaranteed win for Logan if he improves his stamina, I would believe Logan going pro rather than ksi

    • David C.
      David C. 4 years ago +9

      I noticed also. Ksi had a awful technique. But he had better stamina then Logan. If Logan gets his stamina in the raps he is guaranteed a win at this poin.

  • Don Man
    Don Man 4 years ago +176

    Ksi talking about Floyd Mayweather, Loma, and how he wants to pro, but yet he punches like a wildan, swinging like a drunk bum...I was impressed by how good Logan Paul technique was. For a big dude and only 5 months training, his jab was crisp and lightning fast and his defense was pretty good. I thought his stamina would be better though since he was a wrestler. He gassed pretty fast. I got Logan Paul stopping Ksi in the rematch tbh.
    I want to see Logan Paul vs cm punk in the octagon, he beats cm uni easily

    • Hunter Mc
      Hunter Mc 2 years ago

      That’s what I’m saying and I still thought logan won the first fight.

    • Jxyywrlld
      Jxyywrlld 2 years ago +1

      Well.... lmao

    • Dynamic
      Dynamic 2 years ago

      Shut the fuck up Jake Pauler your making it seem you can do better then him fucking kid, guess who won in rematch fucking not Logan Pool.

    • YoungSpunkY
      YoungSpunkY 3 years ago +4

      this comment didn't age well at all fam (and i'm a longan supporter) xD

    • ryuzaki
      ryuzaki 3 years ago +2

      Ok boomer

  • Fili Films
    Fili Films 4 years ago +294

    woah this is the longest I've ever seen Loagan Paul on camera without saying a word

    • low_ instinct_
      low_ instinct_ 2 years ago

      Skyler DeCoteau who won the second fight bitch?

    • ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎
      ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ 2 years ago

      @John Carter Nice English kiddo. Your English teacher must be very proud of you.

      CC HW TRAILRIDERS 2 years ago

      umr des hahahha

    • VII
      VII 2 years ago

      @Lil Monster Looking dumb now kid

    • Lil Monster
      Lil Monster 3 years ago

      CitiZen Fili He's serious when it comes to boxing he's taking it serious unlike deji and ksi he's a real man and a real fighter

  • Swapy Bond
    Swapy Bond 4 years ago +39

    Logan is like wine, he will get better and better with each fight. KSI on the other hand is like a hyperactive kid with loads of stamina.

  • Francis Francis
    Francis Francis 2 years ago +1

    WTF. I'm no pro boxer but everyone can see how the whole team being so hyped up when he was just warming up is sapping away his energy, not to mention Logan was actually going quite hard on the pads. No wonder he gassed out in the first fight.

  • Sam T
    Sam T 4 years ago +73

    Imagine what Logan could have done if he would have had the same amount of training as KSI.. wow

    • Greven Griff
      Greven Griff 3 years ago

      xTrick you don’t box like that in mma u dumbass, he said that he had done mma, but grappling not proper boxing in the face to face conference

    • The Conspiracy Trifecta
      The Conspiracy Trifecta 3 years ago

      @C C while training for mma you box

    • BNG 01
      BNG 01 3 years ago +3

      I think what affected Logan's stamina was that he had to lost weight. The guy went from 215 to 189.

    • xTrick
      xTrick 3 years ago

      @C C Logan has had far more matches in front of crowds than JJ and JJ only had one boxing match so i don't think that he had a big advantage with that.

    • Zachary Mills
      Zachary Mills 3 years ago

      He had more than ksi

  • Kevin Fulgado
    Kevin Fulgado 4 years ago +1

    Thing is, endurance will always be a problem for Logan Paul in the sport of boxing. There's no improving his stamina unless his body goes catabolic. I knew his wrestling background would help him tremendously in his transition to boxing, but it would also be his downfall in the stamina department.

    • True crime: Street Stories with GENISE
      True crime: Street Stories with GENISE 4 years ago

      He is young and he could indeed improve his cardio, if an older person can do it I am sure an already fit 23 yr old can. He is just not use to boxing. Improving his cardio means improving his endurance as well. He also should pace himself let his opponent wear himself out early on while he study his pattern and then move in for the kill. KSI wanted to get in Logan's head so that He will be angry at things he said about his mom, dad and Chloe and he will fight from his emotions and wear himself out early on, let his guard down and disregard using strategy. It almost worked.

  • Justin 55734
    Justin 55734 4 years ago +256

    I love the fact that Ksi fans before the fight were like “wrestling and boxing is different and it doesn’t matter if he did wrestling cause Ksi has had more training” and now when people point that ksi had more training then logan and still drew they are like “well ksi was a fifa gamer and logan was a wrestler so he had experince”. I just cant sometimes🤦🏻‍♂️😂

    • Major Frazier
      Major Frazier Year ago +1

      Lmao ksi won

    • HJRK clogs
      HJRK clogs Year ago +1

      Hahaha KSI won

    • Justin 55734
      Justin 55734 2 years ago

      it Sxmmy ahahhaha funny to see people still havent grown out of this, have a good one while it lasts

    • yo
      yo 2 years ago

      Bruh ksi won that not Logan Paul , ksi normally would have won the the most rounds, Logan was tired. And Les not talk bout "I was sick" shit. Grow up Logan fans

    • it Sxmmy
      it Sxmmy 2 years ago

      Justin 55734 and then the 2nd fight happened and now look at you you fucking clown KSI W baby let’s goooooooo

  • KarlIsYourPapi
    KarlIsYourPapi 4 years ago +378

    Lets pay respect for those who streamed the fight on Twitch!

    • olavi
      olavi 3 years ago

      I payed it and now I live on the streets

    • Raspberry
      Raspberry 4 years ago

      I was there

    • Hhh Yoghurt
      Hhh Yoghurt 4 years ago


    • _ SpiceWell
      _ SpiceWell 4 years ago +1

      Thanks for them who saved our money.

    • BiasLIVE
      BiasLIVE 4 years ago

      Lmao I did and got suspended for 24 hours

  • Oscar Cordova
    Oscar Cordova 4 years ago

    I think the draw was the right result logan came closest to a tko in the 5th it looked bad for jj for a mimute their, but the exact opposite in the 6th. If logan is able to better his cardio for the next match it might be lights out for jj. Logan already caught up to him on skilll in less training. Next fight may be slightly close but Im pretty sure logan will win by a tko

  • Cairo McGriff
    Cairo McGriff 4 years ago +1

    They both fought hard. They can make millions if they keep fighting. Definitely see Jake having a future in boxing

  • tony taylor
    tony taylor 4 years ago +711

    I wanna see Greg Paul fight KSIs dad lol

    • danyalwastaken
      danyalwastaken 2 years ago

      ksi's dad got the belt experience so he would end it by round 2

    • LRH
      LRH 2 years ago

      Beamer Boy Greg Paul is 50

    • PZ90 the ultimate fighter
      PZ90 the ultimate fighter 2 years ago

      Beamer Boy or They Can Film A Video

    • Zinmar Maung
      Zinmar Maung 2 years ago

      There is gonna be a chance of Greg paul winning
      I'm not saying this because I'm a Paul fan it's just the truth

    • SkinnyLizard246
      SkinnyLizard246 3 years ago

      Talia Anderson DONT talk about jide like that kid, also Greg Paul is a nonce

  • Diamond Xtracts
    Diamond Xtracts 4 years ago

    A lot of people forgot that this was a 2 fight deal . One in the uk and one in the states . If ksi won he got to keep full payment from the fight . Same goes with Logan in the states but if ksi opt out of the rematch then he would be forced to pay Logan half of what he won, same goes for Logan . So I’m sure they said let’s just split it and both walked away happy

  • Bryan Adam Jones
    Bryan Adam Jones 4 years ago +4

    He's actually impressive.

  • Connor
    Connor 4 years ago

    this is the first time ive seen logan look serious, still had all his clowns behind him though, but logan did well 1st 2 rounds but after that his stamina had gone which is kinda embarrassing

  • Ammaar Kadiri
    Ammaar Kadiri 4 years ago

    The thing I was most annotated at was the fact that ksi in the last round missed so many big opportunities to knock out Logan but this chances came out sloppy for him

  • Simply Me
    Simply Me 4 years ago +1

    I love Logan and Jake way more after the fight! Both of them did extremely good

  • Alex D
    Alex D 4 years ago +591

    Let's be honest, Logan looked like an absolute beast in that outfit

    • Bobby Dazzler
      Bobby Dazzler 3 years ago +1

      Brandon yeh I like both KSI and Logan but it’s pissing me off how all the KSI fanboys will make up bullshit to support him

    • Strucid Drillsz
      Strucid Drillsz 3 years ago

      Yousef Alumtairi dress? 😂😂😂

    • Yeet44
      Yeet44 3 years ago +1

      Ksi lokked like a amature in that outfit Logan lokked like a beast whith that outfit and abs

    • xanie 81
      xanie 81 3 years ago

      @Almutairi it's a not an

    • xanie 81
      xanie 81 3 years ago

      alex Debroux it's a not an

  • Patrick Sumagaysay
    Patrick Sumagaysay 4 years ago +147

    If logan had the experience like ksi back in joe weller fight man logan surely will win never thought logan is such a beast but your punch combo is good try enhancing your stamina mah boi #RESPECTFORLOGAN

    • id k
      id k 3 years ago

      Logan should have won bc thay were good both of them but ksi played dirty like when he hit logan after the bell and if u wach it slow u can see ksi didnt hit and tho hits he was trying to hit him but he was missing and if u dont like logan why are u here?

    • Pelin Kizilkus
      Pelin Kizilkus 3 years ago

      Yea Logan was great

    • Patrick Sumagaysay
      Patrick Sumagaysay 4 years ago

      Liam Mathers really? Booohoooo im really sad rn 🙁🙁🙁 so cute

    • Patrick Sumagaysay
      Patrick Sumagaysay 4 years ago

      Liam Mathers pull out 💦

    • Alfie Doyle
      Alfie Doyle 4 years ago

      @Patrick Sumagaysay still makes no sense

  • yScars
    yScars 4 years ago

    Man, I am a ksi fan but it's nice seeing what Chloe and Logan have... That support is an amazing feeling. Gratz to both but I thought JJ Won it

  • Dan Kelly
    Dan Kelly 4 years ago

    Idk honestly the fight seemed pretty even so a draw seems like the right call. Even though with ksi hitting after the bell and cheap shots should have resulted in a loss to him. In my opinion

  • molly m
    molly m 3 years ago

    you can see the confidence in his eyes, HOW THE HECK WAS IT A DRAW

  • Free Kodak
    Free Kodak 4 years ago

    You know you lost when you’re fighting in your own country and they call it a draw 😂

  • Shauntrell Prince
    Shauntrell Prince 4 years ago

    I don't give a damn what anybody says about Logan and Jake them boys have heart, it takes heart to get your ass in that ring in front of the entire world watching !! # Respect

  • anwar ul islam high school dinga

    That security guard must be 7 feet tall

  • James Snyder
    James Snyder 4 years ago

    As a person who mma for a bit never practice right before a fight man that shit wears you out 😂😂 but Logan fought well and so did ksi but a draw kinda shocked me

  • sᴇɴᴘᴀɪ ʟᴜᴄʏ

    I wish the best of luck for Ksi and Logan for there rematch and whoever wins or loses you guys still have my respect...I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT MATCH!!!! 😃 Oh and congrats to Jake and Deji for their AWESOME performance!

  • H Hussain
    H Hussain 2 years ago +5

    Watching this back proves that Logan had yes men

  • steven angelico
    steven angelico 4 years ago +1

    if logan stays calm as hell no pacing conserving all energy for fight he's got a very good chance plus way more training got to have state of the art equipment to work out use iron weights not tree stumps although trees are heavy iron is much tougher.

  • El Diablo
    El Diablo 4 years ago +21

    This might’ve been why he lost, too much exhaustion prep before the fight even starts. Maybe just a regular warm up would’ve been better

    • El Diablo
      El Diablo 4 years ago

      I personally think he should have

    • Jamie Sanders
      Jamie Sanders 4 years ago

      El Diablo he didn't lose

    • Mr. G
      Mr. G 4 years ago

      He didn’t lose they tied

    • Matthew Izzo
      Matthew Izzo 4 years ago +4

      El Diablo he didn’t lose

  • 03_AustinDrake
    03_AustinDrake 4 years ago +10

    KSI got so lucky that Logan didn't knock him out in the first two rounds. Logan definitely won 4 out of the 6 rounds. Maybe if they had real boxing officials/judges, they would have gotten it right and the judges wouldn't have been biased. #TeamPaul

    • M'aiq Tyson
      M'aiq Tyson 3 years ago +1

      @The Conspiracy Trifecta 5th round was a definite win for Logan. He landed far more punches than KSI did. Do yourself and rewatch the 3rd round in .5 speed and you'll see that nearly all of JJ's punches skim Logan's head. Almost none of them count towards points, whereas almost all of the punches that Logan threw connected.

    • The Conspiracy Trifecta
      The Conspiracy Trifecta 3 years ago

      @M'aiq Tyson the fifth round was close

    • The Conspiracy Trifecta
      The Conspiracy Trifecta 3 years ago +1

      @M'aiq Tyson he didnt win the third it was a ksi round but it want as good of a round for ksi as the first two werw for logan

    • M'aiq Tyson
      M'aiq Tyson 3 years ago

      @The Conspiracy Trifecta Why so mad? Logan DOMINATED in the first 2, won the third, got battered in the 4th, won the 5th and got battered again in the 6th. The thing that people get muddled up was that it looked like JJ won the third round on camera, but if you slow down the footage and pay attention, he only landed 2-3 significant shots. (Watch Logan's or Joe Weller's videos about it). JJ was also never punished for his dirty fighting (punching after bell, throwing logan etc). There was clear bias against Logan and he'll definitely win the rematch.

    • The Conspiracy Trifecta
      The Conspiracy Trifecta 3 years ago +1

      What 4 rounds did he win you fucking idiot?

  • Nr.1
    Nr.1 4 years ago +140

    If im beeing honest . Logan definetly won the First two rounds . 3 couldve been a draw . Lets say ksi won round 4 . Logan definetly won round 5 and 6 goes to ksi . Lets keep it 100.
    For 6 months of Boxing trairing , Logan lookes sharp and the better boxer. Give him another 6 months let him fix his stamina and he would smoke ksi .

    • Brandon
      Brandon 4 years ago

      So Hard Yaa no it was a draw you Mellon they had roughly landed equal hits and Logan kept the centre of the ring the whole round

    • Brandon
      Brandon 4 years ago

      Adi Da Gamer he don’t deserve to win it was either a draw or a win to Logan Logan won the first two 3rd round was a draw 4th was ksi 5th was Logan and then 6th was definitely jj. So that’s 3 to Logan 2 to ksi and a draw it was confirmed that ksi couldn’t win by round 5 unless he knocked out Logan

    • Brandon
      Brandon 4 years ago

      Sethae no that’s not what he means he means Logan Paul being an athlete you fool

    • Brandon
      Brandon 4 years ago

      hi im proper fucking solud mate so dont fuck way me he was a lot bigger than ksi

    • Souhardya Saha
      Souhardya Saha 4 years ago

      Round 3 was definitely ksi. How was it a draw?

  • La diabla
    La diabla 4 years ago

    Logan won it he did so well and looked so professional. His punches were on point. He actually punched like a boxer.

  • Darcy Doherty
    Darcy Doherty 4 years ago +1

    Tony is hilarious 😂(Show time)

  • Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving 4 years ago

    For those who watch on twitch. Your a legend

  • Tails _the_discovery

    Logan looks so good I bet he would of won against ksi in Manchester arena if it wasn’t for him messing around and getting to cocky. Idk if it’s me but I think he looks more better there then how he is now when he fought ksi for the 2nd time

  • iChase
    iChase 4 years ago +931

    Logan really surprised me with how good he was. If only he had better stamina would’ve won. He got gassed by round 4.

    • Dilzaa
      Dilzaa Year ago

      if ksi had a another round logan get knocked fam

    • Jack Finn
      Jack Finn Year ago

      Round 3 to be more realistic

    • Scruff D0g
      Scruff D0g Year ago

      ​@Sexy Beast KSI Was getting his but handed him the first 3 rounds, Logan was gassed at the end and KSI survived ever blow he took at drawed.

    • Renata Bielinska
      Renata Bielinska Year ago

      @Cameron Carter who

    • Cameron Carter
      Cameron Carter Year ago

      He still won the first and the second fight

  • CJK
    CJK 3 years ago +4

    6:19 it gave me insane chills when Logan saw KSI on the monitor

    • buzz lightyear
      buzz lightyear 2 years ago

      HUNTER MCWHIRTER except he never did🤣

    • Hunter Mc
      Hunter Mc 2 years ago

      Yea he was like “I’m finna kill this man”

  • Faithful is He
    Faithful is He 4 years ago +1

    I know Logan was seen as the underdog cause this was his first fight but respect to KSI cause he came in there fighting a bigger guy. Logan's at least one or two weight classes bigger. KSI looked like he had to pack on weight whereas Logan looked weight drained during the weigh in.

    • Emilee Kendl
      Emilee Kendl 4 years ago

      Faithful is He they were like 2 pounds apart

  • Ryan Tate
    Ryan Tate 3 years ago +1

    Logan Paul is literally like Drago in this rematch

    MR MAD BARNEY 4 years ago

    Logan won the first 2 but JJ pulled it back so well. Frankly in my eyes if JJ had another 30 second he could of KO'd Logan cause Logan was just exhasted and JJ still had morr fight in him. Either way both fought really well you know when Logan wasnt being a cheap ass bitch and JJ too. 😂😂

  • Thomas O'Reilly
    Thomas O'Reilly 4 years ago +31

    Logan’s gonna win in 2019, he can’t lose if you think about it logically.
    1. He will have the home crowd with him and ksi will feel a different nerve in him without as many fans.
    2.the training gap will close because he will have more time to train and the 6 months ksi had won’t mean as much

    • Sudd 32X
      Sudd 32X 3 years ago

      @Marilyn Chavez not anymore cause right now because oh his maturity and podcast called Impaulsive he is gaining more older subscriber while ksi is ksi

    • Ciaran Eley
      Ciaran Eley 3 years ago

      And also KSI is bUlKiNg atm

    • The Conspiracy Trifecta
      The Conspiracy Trifecta 3 years ago

      @Ashketchup pretty much no one in the copper box arena for the joe fight was team ksi

    • Ashketchup
      Ashketchup 3 years ago +2

      @Marilyn Chavez you sound 12

    • Marilyn Chavez
      Marilyn Chavez 3 years ago

      All of logan paul fans r 12 year olds but KSI fans are older so ksi will be fine if they have a rematch in america

  • Thundercat Cyro
    Thundercat Cyro 4 years ago +7

    Logan’s reminding me of Conor Gregor if he uses to much energy he’ll be out and lose somehow he manedged to tie it but he’s gotta work to keep that energy for the later round or ksi will get more cocky

  • PaPa POVEY
    PaPa POVEY 4 years ago

    Only reason they left it a draw was to try and draw more views on the rematch. Making it seem like there more evenly matched then they were. If Logan has been training for the last year or more like KSI I think the outcome would’ve been much different. And shout out to neighbor Susie love that women.

  • Hot Spit
    Hot Spit 4 years ago

    the final decision was set up!!! remember when they showed the contract? they were going to fight twice? in the uk and US. whether ksi or logan won they were already planning a rematch

  • MoothTeef
    MoothTeef 4 years ago

    give logan 4 months & its a wrap for the rematch. he knows he needs to work on stamina now, mans was gassed by the 4th/5th round. i got him winning back in america

  • Adam Robbo
    Adam Robbo 4 years ago

    He looked scared fairplay to logan..think I would of felt the same in that moment

  • INT 3
    INT 3 4 years ago

    I must say there were points in the fight where he looked good.

  • youngsamsta
    youngsamsta 4 years ago

    5:45 😂😂 his face lolol my mans is rlly gettin into it😂😂

  • Brian Cheng
    Brian Cheng 4 years ago +205

    Logan had better technical boxing skills. KSI had the better power punch and definitely better cardio/stamina. Logan looked gassed out after round 3. Logan just needs to work on his cardio and stamina.

    • Zoeyy Lmao
      Zoeyy Lmao 4 years ago

      @Leon Anderson
      Haha, ikr

    • Callum Docherty
      Callum Docherty 4 years ago

      Taegen Smith hahahahaha, that’s like saying if ksi had more power he would of destroyed him. Stamina is part of the game

    • Etlsmith 05
      Etlsmith 05 4 years ago

      Michelle Prior go back to being an cam girl lol

      FLUIDITY- VNM 4 years ago

      I dont really care for choosing sides right now but I'am gonna have to disagree with you if ksi has more punching power then how did he get that big bruise at the end let alone wearing head gear

    • K A
      K A 4 years ago

      Your so wrong JJ is technically better he is fighting someone bigger than him in every way and stronger he can’t box like he did against joe and in training etc ... and guess what he still won 😂

  • Watcher
    Watcher 4 years ago

    At 12:00 you can hear the crowd boo so loud. Logan looked pretty focused there. Not phased by the crowd, although, that must be something big to deal with.

  • Cheat Day
    Cheat Day 4 years ago

    Wow they have to walk that far to get to the ring 😂

  • Cristian Gutierrez
    Cristian Gutierrez 4 years ago

    At 1:38 he went ultra instinct

  • Mohammad Khan
    Mohammad Khan 4 years ago +1

    Why do people keep on saying bullshit like Logan didn't have stamina or he needs to improve stamina. Like you already know Logan comes from an athletic background he should already have stamina covered, and also people saying JJ should have got points taken away from him for dirty shots Logan isn't any better. Did you see when Logan punched JJ at the back of his head, kept on pushing him against the ropes. They both should have had points taken away. But really i think JJ should have won that he had such a good game plan and it was actually effective on Logan. But now it doesn't matter. We just have to wait for the next fight in the US and see who comes out the victor!

  • bruno
    bruno 4 years ago

    Milton Supreme, known for making a boxer in 3 months. He definitely did that!

  • JosephBNo.
    JosephBNo. 4 years ago

    Ahhha i know what logan is feeling now 😂😂😂 killing it

  • ArthyzLive
    ArthyzLive 4 years ago

    Like a real gladiator entering the arena full of screaming people, logan looked really cool in that outfit and he did really good in the fight probs to him man respect, hes not just a talker.

  • Ben Roberts
    Ben Roberts 3 years ago

    if logan improves his stamina for the next fight he is for sure going to win

  • Zaynab Kanji
    Zaynab Kanji 4 years ago +3

    i love how evan is just chilling ob andys back

  • Mateo Villarreal
    Mateo Villarreal 4 years ago

    my god, i cant imagine the nerves before a fight

  • Thundercat Cyro
    Thundercat Cyro 4 years ago +1

    The thing is ksi is lazy when he doesn punch he punches angryily which might honestly make Logan need some more a
    Stamina as he really goes for jabs or some body shots

  • Menessavak
    Menessavak 4 years ago +4

    He seems kinda tired even before thr fight..or stressed out

  • shubham sharma
    shubham sharma 4 years ago

    Logan did so well even when everyone was shouting ksi's name.. Sooo focused.

  • steven angelico
    steven angelico 4 years ago

    I think the mind game worked cause I noticed logan you were pacing waisting energy never waist the energy unless you have done so many redbulls before you fight which is stupid anyways cause you would burn out too fast but enough about redbull just next time stay completely calm and focus.

  • Cleaste :
    Cleaste : 4 years ago

    I actually respect Logan after the match like I use to hate him but now I I think he’s a hard working person

  • sophi
    sophi 4 years ago

    Some of you people are forgetting the fact that Logan is an experienced athlete... KSI should’ve won

  • Giari Knaapen
    Giari Knaapen 4 years ago +93

    Ima post my theory and resolution, I personal believe Logan won the fight I believe that the scoring was 3-3. Logan winning 1,2,5 rounds and KSI winning 3,4,6. But when you look deep into the rounds you look at control time and how far they won the round. You look at the rounds ksi won and see that KSI won the round but how close was Logan? None of KSI’s round wins were by a long shot compared to Logan’s where in his three rounds the first two were by a long shot and the 5 round was a close one. I also think that KSI shoukd have had a point or a few taken away for a hit after the bell, the elbow, and the two hits after the red stepped in to have them back up. Since one of you ksi fans will try to reasons this and say it was a combo it wasn’t ksi had not thrown a punch. Now since there a rematch, I think the rematch should be a MMA match. Then we can see who the better fighter is becuase in a street fight it’s not just punching!!

    • Charlie Gibbs
      Charlie Gibbs 4 years ago

      You're spouting all this shit like you have actual knowledge of the sport when you clearly don't, points were deducted by the judges at the end of the match hence why the decision took so long.

    • Derrieck Slosson
      Derrieck Slosson 4 years ago

      Deucalion exactly u peice of shit, these are ammautures start learning facts u bitch

    • Brandon
      Brandon 4 years ago

      Charlie Gibbs no he wouldn’t you fuckin idiot do you even know anything about boxing

    • Brandon
      Brandon 4 years ago

      Deucalion lol I did boxing for a year I’ve been watching it for a good 3/4 years I can tell you’re trying to pretend to know about boxing though lol I just stated to you how they base the points and clearly Logan won just like everyone else has said apart from you you dumb ass little jit

    • Brandon
      Brandon 4 years ago

      Ricky Patel round 3 wasn’t a long shot

  • uguess94
    uguess94 Year ago +1

    Logan messed up not keeping Milton on as head coach for the rematch. Briggs just shouted yes men shit at logan & let him think he was the greatest. Tbh this version of logan looks like he would have beat the logan that fought on the night of rematch

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 4 years ago

    Logan definitely strong and professional he should of won. KSI appeared desperate throughout the entire fight.
    It’s all BS... but hey we enjoyed it.. 👍

  • True crime: Street Stories with GENISE

    Did all the fighters get physical exams to say that they were fit to box? Logan ran out of oxygen, his body could not keep up with his oxygen demand, and I do not think that it would of been the punches that would of knocked him out if the fight had of went an extra round it would of been from low oxygen levels, because he got tried too fast, so that looked like he was not getting enough 0xygen.

  • Synergy
    Synergy 4 years ago

    imo i think ksi held up really well but i think logan should have won

  • SryWutDAFuq
    SryWutDAFuq 4 years ago +68

    After watching the fight I thought ksi won for sure, but rewatching it I believe Logan won as unpopular as my opinion is I suppose a draw was not a bad call. In ksi’s rounds where he won he didn’t win by a lot. He had his explosive moments but a lot of his punches missed and Logan countered. Ksi has the chance to knock Logan out at the end and almost did but he couldn’t finish it.

    • triple pee
      triple pee 4 years ago +1

      I don't think KSI could knock anyone out, he can't throw a proper punch, just wild swings with nothing behind them. I believe Logan would of collapsed from exhaustion if they had to fight another round but that is irrelevant as it was a 6 round fight

    • TwilightsBlad3
      TwilightsBlad3 4 years ago

      They usually score by counting the number of legal landed punches between the two competitors. I can see how this can be objective but honestly if this had been an 8 round match or god forbid a 12 round fight Logan would have been KO'd for sure. Logan was clinching so hard by Round 6 to make sure it went to points. KSI also lost points for the after bell punch in round 2 costing him the win.

    • triple pee
      triple pee 4 years ago +1

      i never heard of either of them but watched the fight and think the Logan one won relatively comfortable, KSI reminded me a bit of Eubank jnr vs Groves, big wild lunges, constantly missing, but he definitely won 2 rounds so can see how they scored it a draw

    • The Strikeforce
      The Strikeforce 4 years ago +5

      ksi has trained for like 9months yet he still boxes like he did in the joe weller fight, i dont think 3 months will be enough

    • Joshua Bell
      Joshua Bell 4 years ago +1

      @Last name First name yes there is because ksi will train as well

  • Levani
    Levani 4 years ago

    not a fan of logan but kinda scared of rematch but let's understand that ksi also has 6 rounds of logan so he can outbox him maybe? let's wait

  • Mooncake
    Mooncake 4 years ago

    I was so not expecting a draw between KSI and Logan

  • Victor Langton
    Victor Langton 4 years ago

    round 1 and 2 logan won, 3 was ksi 3 idk i think it might have been ksi, 5 was defenetly logan but 6 ksi dominated logan just didnt have the stamina maybey cause he has to move more muscle

  • ShockBass
    ShockBass 4 years ago

    *That energy.*

  • boofy
    boofy 4 years ago +42

    logan and ksi were actually impressive boxers

    • boofy
      boofy 4 years ago

      Daniel his punching technic but his footwork and head movement was pretty damn good

    • Daniel
      Daniel 4 years ago +1

      yes logan was really surprising for me too, but ksi was just swinging around like you would do in a street fight. ksi has no boxing skills he jus has the power thats is.
      i could see the effort that logan put in with the technique but he didnt have the stamina.
      for me it was better to see logan boxing than ksi cos ksi was just streetfighting like the past 5 months boxing training didnt make any difference on his technique

  • Grumpy Vortex
    Grumpy Vortex 4 years ago +1

    Just remember all you geeks don’t know what a real fight is so respect to anyone who can honestly fight because 99 per wouldn’t fight

  • Anna Piliposyan
    Anna Piliposyan 4 years ago

    I love Logan but the look in his eyes scares me 🔥🔥🔥😍😱

  • m0niSx
    m0niSx 4 years ago +1

    This was more interesting than the actual fight ...

  • Ranger Dean
    Ranger Dean 4 years ago

    The fight was close but I thought Logan landed more big shots and should of won

  • Cory
    Cory 4 years ago +6

    Logan will easily win the rematch, the skill he had after such a short time of training and the way he used his reach was on point until he got gassed, so work of that stamina.

    • Cory
      Cory 4 years ago

      David Duben I agree, I was so impressed, until Logan started throwing marshmallow punches cause he was gassed 😂

  • Meta Physical Entity
    Meta Physical Entity 4 years ago

    You can do all the pad work but at the end of the day your performance in the ring says wether or not your can apply what you've learned.

  • Radostin Angelov
    Radostin Angelov 4 years ago

    Was really close fight, can't say fore sure KSI won but if was not a draw was a KSI win. Logan's cardio was awful, otherwise he did even better than KSI, Logan showed some skills for that short period of time.

  • Adam Benfield
    Adam Benfield 4 years ago

    he shouldnt be putting in that much power on pads before the fight, just lightly for a warmup

  • T R
    T R 4 years ago

    When Logan put the good and mask on he looked like a fucking dark angel!!

  • Mariela Saldana
    Mariela Saldana 4 years ago +9

    5:51and 5:55 was the cuties couple goals ever😍have me tearing in the corner😭😭😭❤❤❤❤

  • Eddie Rufus
    Eddie Rufus 2 years ago +1

    damn. i wish logan won the rematch.

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller 3 years ago

    Logan looked really calm

  • S_ vlog101
    S_ vlog101 4 years ago

    I can tell that Jake is being so supportive of Logan and Jake is nervous for Logan but he is going to win xx 😘

  • Don'taskme
    Don'taskme 4 years ago

    if you are ksi fan i think your opinion about JJ changed when he throw that hook after the bell.... just saying