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Conan Reunites With Jordan Schlansky | Team Coco

  • Published on Aug 15, 2022
  • Conan confronts Jordan about his new look.
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Comments • 6 668

  • Andrew Brown

    The two of them need a travel show on Netflix. They could go anywhere and I would watch

  • SlowMobius

    I'm seriously relieved to see that Jordan is still preparing his body in various ways.

  • Miro Caro

    A year after his show ended, and he’s still the funniest out of all the late night hosts

  • Sunshine

    I love how Conan mercilessly bashes Jordan's appearance- but then loses it completely when Jordan makes the slightest, gentlest remark about his own appearance 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mastadon the Destroyer

    "I didn't let myself go, I just went."

  • Mohammad Hammad

    The best part is when Jordan has the slightest hint of a smile but he is holding in the laugh. Good to know there is a human inside that robot.

  • James Evans

    "I did not let myself go, I just went" is one of the greatest lines ever.

  • Shiruo _
    Shiruo _  +963

    Without the crowd laughing in the background the duo is still hilarious.

  • dr._danimal

    “This beard is incredibly groomed…I don’t have angular cheilitis!”

  • Jorge González Muñoz

    This's been the funiest I've laughed in months. These two truly deserve a show.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 14 days ago +55

    The fact that Conan kept grabbing and pulling Jordan and kept patting his back and Jordan doesn't mind; it just makes me feel that they're the best of friends. Conan was just too happy to see his bestest old mate and Jordan, as well. They're nearly pushing past 60 and 50 respectively, but how they act around each other is a true, genuine, act of sincere camaraderie you don't see alot these days.

  • anon
    anon  +471

    As much as he's in on the joke - I don't think everyone could tolerate this role. Jordan really is and has been a good sport. Makes me like him even more. 👍

  • deetjay
    deetjay  +7

    “I am adequately progressing through this period of my life” is the perfect phrase to describe the last couple of years.

  • Tokiya Kills In Sight
    Tokiya Kills In Sight 14 days ago +25

    I love how Conan embraced X-vid before any other Late Night talk show host, and he makes content exclusively for X-vid. He really does know how to change with the times in order to stay relevant. When Covid hit, Conan was one of the few late night talk show hosts who carried over to X-vid without issue.

  • Graham Van Dyke
    Graham Van Dyke Day ago +24

    It's honestly strange not hearing the crowd laugh for 30 seconds or so, but then once you ease into the transition it just reminds me how Conan is hands down the best and funniest talk show host ever.

  • Dudeomfgstfux
    Dudeomfgstfux Day ago +17

    I love that Jordan remembers a obscure child hood story just to call out Conan

  • Casey Hayes

    I was worried Jordan wasn't adequately progressing through this stage of his life. Great to hear.

  • Only Fam Oli


  • The Real Mr. Robinson

    I lost it when Jordan basically referred to Conan as he said “when people decay physically” 🤣

  • Kira1Lawliet

    I'm gonna echo what others have said and say that I would watch ten seasons of a show revolving just around Jordan and Conan traveling to different countries around the world. Their chemistry together and hijinks are some of the funniest comedy I've ever seen. They are a golden duo.