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The real Dune

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022

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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  6 months ago +506

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      MES SAMURAI 5 days ago

      @Alex Sauce ?

    • Alex Sauce
      Alex Sauce 5 days ago

      Yo so the couch scene in IASIP is a homage to Jim Carrey being birthed by a Rhino

      MES SAMURAI 29 days ago

      @Sean Gonzalez M

    • Sean Gonzalez
      Sean Gonzalez 29 days ago


    • AdamantineKing37
      AdamantineKing37 Month ago

      Incredibly disappointed that you didn't do that dune philosophy vid.

  • Hannah Avila
    Hannah Avila 5 months ago +2291

    First of all, cheers to you for citing evidence via quotes for almost every claim you make. That must have been time consuming and annoying but *boy* does it add a lot to the video. Also, the visual aids were so incredibly helpful for a person who hasn’t read the books (like me). Without them, I would have gotten confused with all the names, plot lines, and locations. Amazing video, keep up the stellar work!!

    • Cameron Montgomery
      Cameron Montgomery Month ago

      even reusing the same quote doesn’t feel like faking it, there are a lot of layers to what people say. a few words can convey a lot of information in multiple ways

    • I'm_Doing_IT
      I'm_Doing_IT Month ago

      @Woody A standard for him, but a stellar upgrade to all other content. Literally the only reason I subscribed because my man is spoon feeding me while tucking me in at night.

    • Stephen Sullman
      Stephen Sullman Month ago

      ] Z Zaza

    • Stephen Sullman
      Stephen Sullman Month ago


    • condorX2
      condorX2 Month ago

      I think Yueh is the most interesting character. I remember watching Daniel Wu starring in the TV show call 'Into the Badlands' . The show has stellar martial arts choreography.
      In Dune, he's a doctor and an assassin.
      It sucks when the show make him betrays the house of Atreides instead of infiltrating Harkonnens to save his wife Wanna by putting on a disguise.

  • Kyle Wolfe
    Kyle Wolfe 4 months ago +733

    This video is unfathomably well produced. I can't even begin to imagine how much work was required to pull everything together into this cohesive masterpiece

    • Thewhiteandorange
      Thewhiteandorange 18 days ago


    • Justin Morales
      Justin Morales Month ago

      @TOMAS no, it just shows a heighliner above caladan where you can see a planet on the other end of the wormhole. It’s when Helena mohiam is flying down to caladan.

    • Jaime Pereira
      Jaime Pereira 2 months ago +1

      Alt Shift X is the son of a god of lore with a god of history

    • TOMAS
      TOMAS 2 months ago +2

      Is there a place in the movie that shows when they were "Folding Space " to travel ?

  • Thay Ray
    Thay Ray 5 months ago +537

    Thanks for pointing out that Duke Atreides was not so morally pure in the book. The movie weakens the story a lot by expurgating this unseemly side of House Atreides which so accentuated Paul's accomplishments in the book.

    • Relugus
      Relugus Month ago

      Well, Atreides are in a power struggle with the Harkonnen, so they would have to be ruthless.

    • Luech Millionz
      Luech Millionz Month ago

      @ArnoCobra he’s illegitimate..he legally isn’t going to inherit anything.

    • ArnoCobra
      ArnoCobra Month ago +3

      @Luech Millionz you're objectively wrong

    • Luech Millionz
      Luech Millionz Month ago

      If he never married Jessica how is his son a legitimate heir to house Atreides? Technically he’s a bastard smh…

    • Julio Reyna
      Julio Reyna 2 months ago +1

      is a movie and there is many stuff to say, nuances like that are always lost in translation on the script of a movie

  • Darth Futuza
    Darth Futuza 5 months ago +482

    This movie was one of my favorite book adaptations, and while it takes some liberties with the story to adapt to the movie format, I was impressed by how closely it resembles the book. Perhaps my favorite thing about the movie is that they don't feel the need to explain things, they show instead of telling. The only thing I really wish they would have changed is showing Jessica as a schemer, and much more manipulative - its weird having her be such a flat mother template character and she lacks a lot of depth as a result of being reduced to basic motherly tropes.

    • Jacob McDorman
      Jacob McDorman 29 days ago

      @Steve Pickford Dune

    • Steve Pickford
      Steve Pickford Month ago

      @Jacob McDorman what the hell are you talking about?

    • Jacob McDorman
      Jacob McDorman Month ago

      @Steve Pickford As if you'd read it if I gave you the play by play. But the idea is that all peoples don't deserve to be treated as garbage and have their wealth taken from them by invaders. Who is oppressing whom btw? The empire's hands are completely clean in all this? The spacing Guild, the bene Gesserit? The Harkonens? The Attreides? Everyone is using the Fremen. They aren't allowed to fight back? Why? Because it would legitimize the wars being fought in the middle east?

    • Steve Pickford
      Steve Pickford Month ago

      @Jacob McDorman ok but what's that got to do with what I was commenting on?

    • Jacob McDorman
      Jacob McDorman Month ago

      @Steve Pickford The idea in the book was that Paul was trying to stop this from happening via using politics instead of war. You only find out in the second book that he fails.

  • Herpy Depth
    Herpy Depth 6 months ago +3754

    As someone who finally is deciding to get into Dune, it’s really weird realizing that “oh… everybody in all of fiction stole from this” even more than LOTR it feels like

    • Wynfrith Nichtwo
      Wynfrith Nichtwo Day ago +1

      @Alex Coffey exactly the last Star Wars movie nearly went full 40k with undead emperor and planet killers everywhere . . . So 40k is being copied in parts nowadays. Edit to add being the old gen xer. RIFTS and GRUPS copy all sci fi and fantasy at once for their rpgs.

    • Lucifer
      Lucifer 4 days ago

      War hammer was/is a fun read but it's not on the same level as Dune. (Frank's books/not Brian's) Brian isn't his father but his are probably on same level as 40k

    • Lucifer
      Lucifer 4 days ago

      Frank's Dune series was and still is probably the greatest sci-fi universe ever imagined. It been heavily borrowed from. I've re-read the original series atleast 6 times and I still find stuff I missed. Enjoy the read, the books will be the exciting and you will be hooked!

    • Man of Culture
      Man of Culture 4 days ago

      @Razor Light it also takes from Asimov and the Tyranids are basically goblins/orcs/ogres from DND with H.R. Giger aesthetics.

    • mediumvillain
      mediumvillain 4 days ago

      Dune is to sci-fi what LotR is to fantasy

  • katiehughes828
    katiehughes828 5 months ago +237

    Well done! I was so bummed that they completely skipped the dinner party as it sets the tone for pretty much everything.
    I thought the movie was done reasonably well, it captured all the "feels" that the book carried.
    I think you're right that this book is not filmable in a way us book nerds would like.

    • Adina Kruijssen
      Adina Kruijssen 13 days ago +2

      Yes - this was my favorite scene/chapter in the book. It also was very dialogue/look heavy, so it seemed like it could work in a movie.

    • Filipe Siilva
      Filipe Siilva 17 days ago +1

      I'm a new dune reader. a few weeks ago I finished the first book. I think the scenes I needed to see in the movie and didn't see, as well as the dinner scene was Paul's way of dealing with everything that was happening from his father's death to the moment they left the tent.

    • danceyrselfkleen
      danceyrselfkleen Month ago +1

      Why do you look so old

    • Matic
      Matic 4 months ago +20

      Agreed, it’s unfortunate but that’s what makes books so irreplaceable as media

  • Lana Morning
    Lana Morning 4 months ago +84

    This was easily the best summation and clearification of Dune's essential ideas and plot points thus far! Thank you so much for the extensive effort you obviously put into this video!!!

    • terry landess
      terry landess Month ago

      I was curious how he made a comparison video when only part one of the story had been released at the time of this video.

  • Smoove J
    Smoove J 4 months ago +147

    I read Dune when I was 15, because my Klingon-speaking genius friend said it was awesome. 25 years later I read it again and I was still in awe of the depth and detail of this world.

  • Katherine Rasmussen
    Katherine Rasmussen 3 months ago +65

    I'm really sad they didn't include my favorite scene in the book, the dinner scene from the first part where you really see how much Paul has learned from his parents. The word fighting and tension in the scene is just beautifully written. Also, my father wouldn't let me see the movie till I read the book and once I got my hands on it I read it within three days. And I'm so glad he made me read it, it's such a good book, honestly one of my favorites now. It also gave me a chance to ask him questions about the content prior to watching the movie. I'm seeing a lot of people in the comments talking about how they didn't read the source material before seeing the movie and being so confused and I totally understand, it's such a strange movie and and even more complicated book.

    • Leon Brooks
      Leon Brooks Month ago +4

      @James Black I watched the movie and decided to read the book after and I must dissagree with you. I didn't feel confused when watching the movie. The only thing I didn't quite get was how the shields worked. I think a lot of people are used to movies blatanly laying everything out and they don't have to think a lot and can relax mentally while watching. I personally really enjoy movies where I have to think along and read between the frames, as long as stuff actually makes sense and isn't completely random.
      Reading the book just made me appreciate the whole world and the movie even more. It added a lot of detail and nuance, but I also belive the movie is probably the best adaptation you could have wished for. It captures so much of the essential themes and vibes of the book that the details that were changed/not perfect seem miniscule in comparrison. Personally I wouldn't have minded if the film went on for another 30 mins, but it was already quite long and I've seen many reviews that were complaining about it being slow paced. Although I completely dissagree with that, I can see why the creators had to make sure that the patience of mainstream audiences isn't strained all to much.

    • James Black
      James Black 2 months ago +1

      @emilie smart I agree the pacing was dreadful, the film felt so rushed. The mentats were completely left out as was one of my favorite plotlines from the book: the suspicions of treachery within House Atreides, which made Yueh's betrayal feel out of nowhere. And because of that we didn't get the intense confrontation with Hawat and Jessica either. I still enjoyed the movie but no one should ever watch it without having read the book.

    • emilie smart
      emilie smart 2 months ago +3

      The movie really was confusing if you hadn't read the book - the movie left so much useful information out of the story. Like you, I thought the dinner scene was really important and think leaving it out left a plot hole. I also disliked that the movie didn't establish a real relationship between Paul and Thufir, Gurney, and Duncan. They were integral to his success and yet they were treated as throw-away characters in the movie. You'd think that splitting the book up would have allowed time to be dive deeper into the story. My opinion is that the 1984 movie version was more faithful to the book in every way. (also TC is way too scrawny to be Paul)

  • magister343
    magister343 6 months ago +2600

    The film really needed a scene where they explained the importance of Mentats in a society where thinking machines are illegal, and reveal to Paul that he has what it takes to become a Mentant himself.

    • Sakura Natsume
      Sakura Natsume 17 days ago


    • Andrew Putnam
      Andrew Putnam Month ago

      @Thergood hopefully they use him better in the second movie. The argument between him and Jessica is my favorite scene in the first book

    • MrahMrahMrahMrahMrah
      MrahMrahMrahMrahMrah 2 months ago

      It’s not even super explained in the book it’s mostly in the sequals

    • Lx Dead
      Lx Dead 2 months ago

      Fact is Paul was not only trained in BG ways by Jessica. He also received mentat training. Trained by two the best sword masters in Dune universe - Duncan Idaho and Gourney Halleck, and thought in BG and mentat ways, Paul was a force to be reckoned with.

    • The real DJ Boring
      The real DJ Boring 2 months ago

      I agree, they didn’t explain it at all and I remember the book seeming like it had lots of moments of advanced mental calculations. Movie had that one “how much did it cost to fly here?” scene…

  • Meris
    Meris 4 months ago +55

    I really appreciate how even for significant thematic changes in the movie you maintain a neutral, explanatory tone. It's encouraging (and well in the spirit of novel itself) to leave the burden of consideration to the viewer. Well done!

  • Vmac1394
    Vmac1394 4 months ago +88

    “To yield and give way to our passions is the lowest slavery, even as to rule over them is the only liberty.”
    - St. Justin Martyr
    This quote is so pertinent to what humanity is in Dune. Despite his power, Harkonnen is a slave to all his urges.

    • Wynfrith Nichtwo
      Wynfrith Nichtwo Day ago

      Vulgarity, etc, etc, etc is always to illustrate the soullessness of low art versus the high ideals of high art, which is to guide humanity to it’s greatest virtue. It fits the baron is base because it illustrates this difference since he is a living example of the base, the low. It is also his undoing because he cannot imagine beyond his low self.

    • cosmic doggo
      cosmic doggo 3 months ago

      That is also a definition of sin

    • Alex S
      Alex S 3 months ago +3

      @JeThoreau It's from the book The Ante-Nicene Fathers, a collection of book about the early christians.

  • AegisRick
    AegisRick Month ago +2

    The movie was incredibly dull to me, but watching this made me appreciate just how faithful of an adaptation it was. To it's detriment I'm afraid. They didn't even get halfway through a single book in the trilogy in 3 hours of film and even yet, failed to capture a lot of the themes Frank Herbert was trying to touch on.
    There is an art to film adaptation and quite frankly, some liberties must be taken to adapt such an epic tale rich with lore and meaning. LotR is the perfect example of a great screenplay adapted from a far more deep source material. A good film will make you so deeply invested that you'll want to pick up the book to get the "true" story. And as much as I love those books, I'm not sure even I'm ready to sit 18 hours straight to get as truly a faithful adaptation as this one.
    Good book retelling, boring film.

    • Peaceonedacreator
      Peaceonedacreator  Month ago

      That’s so true, and honestly I don’t think movie goers will fair well with how the characters and story evoles. They’ll be mad Paul may be portrayed more of a villain as the baron. Then the fact one of the twins becomes a straight monster lol

  • Tom Mc
    Tom Mc 5 months ago +29

    I first read Dune back in the 80s when I was 20, after I had to endure the shitty 80s movie version of Dune. I've always loved the book, it even made the first movie more tolerable. I've been waiting for a first-rate movie version, and Villeneuve has finally done it!
    But I post this to salute you! This is the best breakdown of the "Duniverse" in both its movie and book versions I've ever listened to. Well done!

    • Smoove J
      Smoove J 4 months ago

      I don’t acknowledge the existence of that first Dune movie. It’s one if the worst things Ive ever seen. The worst offense was turning the cold, calculating Baron Harkonnen into basically a rabid dog. They completely ruined one of the series’ most complex characters.

    • I will go With that cat
      I will go With that cat 5 months ago

      Very interesting I do ask though as somebody who has basically saw the early dune works and is certified OG I do ask what did you think of the newest dune movie and why you think it

  • Krystal C Cameron
    Krystal C Cameron 4 months ago +106

    It's a miracle that you managed to summarize the Dune universe and make it sound like a story about real people and not a bunch of androids.

    • Krystal C Cameron
      Krystal C Cameron 4 months ago +17

      @M K I don't deny that, but when I read Dune I found myself not caring what happened to any of these people. They didn't feel like real people, just robots with large egos and rivalries.

    • M K
      M K 4 months ago +3

      That's because they're characters. Even if the characterization isn't as big as we're used to seeing now, the characters do have goals and grow

  • The Sober Life _   B_Ack in the Studio

    Being an experienced video editor I can apprieciate the enormous amount of work that went into this project. May I ask how many hours you put into this masterpiece?

  • Radzna Saudia
    Radzna Saudia Month ago +7

    I'm currently reading the book, and I appreciate your detailed analysis. It has helped me understand some of the concepts and metaphors in the book. Thank you.

  • David Floren
    David Floren 4 months ago +13

    In the Villeneuve rendition, the seed of Yueh's betrayal narrative needed to begin at the beginning (i.e., when Yueh makes his first appearance), and not at the tail end, when he'd already accomplished his vile and short-sighted evil plan. And even then it felt unexplained, and we only got a barely adequate taste of motivation in the seconds before the malevolent Baron "took action". And absolutely zero tangible mention of how Yueh is supposedly locked into a loyalty function and is by the nature of his kind unable to betray the masters that they serve. That's what sets up the dramatic twist. That omission was problematic for the uninitiated. I had the benefit of having read the book immediately prior to going to the movie theater to see this. I felt good for myself, but not so good for the non-initiated.

  • Curious Archive
    Curious Archive 6 months ago +8348

    Alt Shift X releasing 86 minutes of analysis on Dune. Bless the Maker and His water.

    • cantfindaname123421
      cantfindaname123421 3 months ago

      Wha? Most of it is summary, not analysis.

    • sp10sn
      sp10sn 3 months ago

      Frustratingly introductory level analysis.

    • Mary Ann’s Crochet Hands
      Mary Ann’s Crochet Hands 3 months ago

      @Caliban at large thank you for this. I am a true super fan of the books. I view them as cannon, and the first Dune movie did a slightly better job explaining some things but not all, because it would be too long for a movie 🤷🏽‍♀️ But the 2021 movie? No I couldn’t watch it again without seeing as you did that they changed too much. Like no one watching the new movie would pick up that Jessica is the daughter of Mohiem and the Baron……🧐🧐🧐

    • Mary Ann’s Crochet Hands
      Mary Ann’s Crochet Hands 3 months ago

      @Vidrigsson nah you are correct, hence The God Emperor of Dune 😘

    • Mary Ann’s Crochet Hands
      Mary Ann’s Crochet Hands 3 months ago

      @self biased “May his passing cleanse the universe.”

  • GohulGhouleh
    GohulGhouleh 3 months ago +10

    Thank you so much for doing this video. As a person who read the entire Dune series when I was young, and likely forgot many of its nuances, your video has single-handedly galvanized me to re-read this masterpiece of a series, especially after watching the movie, and feeling the absence of the dinner party scene like an emptiness in my chest.
    I still really liked the movie, and hope to see them capture some more of the spirit of the books. I hope us Dune fans end up pleasantly surprised with what is to come.

  • Planet X TK
    Planet X TK 4 months ago +20

    I never read the book and saw the movie with a friend who happened to be a fan. I wasn’t interested in this video, but it played automatically after a video about the game SOMA and I’m glad I kept listening. I listened to the whole thing while working and it felt like I was learning world history. You’ve inspired me to read more, read all of the dune series, and read about history, so thank you. The way you speak and structured your script made this video so entertaining.

  • Eric M
    Eric M 4 months ago +13

    I enjoyed both, but man was the movie just done incredibly well. So freaking good!!

  • Daniel Azulay
    Daniel Azulay Day ago

    I love how the new dune movie gets the lighting right, they filmed using a giant video screen for the backdrops so the light from it would interact with the acting and create reflections on shiny objects. Makes it look more realistic.

  • Átila Conceição
    Átila Conceição 6 months ago +1013

    "Game of thrones, in space, on drugs" is such a formidable pitch: it sounds so 60s yet Dune talks about such fundamentally human topics it manages to be timeless

    • KL OA
      KL OA Month ago

      made by a republican catholic no less

    • PeRK
      PeRK 3 months ago

      ​@Christopher H For me the value of Dune is mostly in how it jostles you around with no clear idea of whether the protagonists are doing the right thing or not. It asks a lot of interesting questions and leaves it up to the reader to parse what the answer should be. I won't spoil anything, but if you go beyond book 1 you'll get what I mean. Also some of the premisses are just a lot of fun to play around with.
      ASOIAF and LoTR are far more complex than Dune in terms of worldbuilding and individual plot lines. The prose is also significantly better, particularly Tolkien's. There are a few nuggets in the Dune series where you'll undoubtedly pause, look up and think "wait, WTF did I just read?!" ^^ Especially after book 3. But too direct a comparison probably doesn't do anyone justice. They're each doing their own thing, and I doubt Dune would be as interesting as it is if Herbert had interwoven as many plot lines as ASOIAF or detailed the history of his world as much as LoTR.
      As a titbit, Tolkien absolutely hated it when people lumped LoTR together with Dune. And I get that. In a very real sense, Tolkien and Herbert are polar opposites. That said, Tolkien only would have read the first novel, or at most the first two, since the rest of the Dune series was published after his death. Though tbh, if I were to wager a guess, I'd imagine he would've disliked Dune even more had he been alive to read the rest of the series.

    • M S
      M S 4 months ago +1

      Game of Thrones
      Lord of the Rings
      Brave New World
      Brilliant stories written by geniuses & the list goes on

    • varelion
      varelion 4 months ago +1

      @M K You didn't read my comment thorougly, did you?
      Dune is more of a mythological theater. We have THE good prince, THE good duke, THE evil baron etc.
      It is a very structured story with structured pure characters, exemplary in their functions. Each character has a certain cultural background and ethos which has to be followed.
      So, the story is constructed to play out historical and philosophical questions about the way that mankind may take in the future.
      In GoT the characters are not so pure. They are more realistic and down to earth. Characters are thrown into the turmoils of the world and have to adapt to the mud.
      What I criticize here, is the overly vulgarity that always prevails. Blood and sperm to the pleasure of the spectators. After watching this you wouldn't think that there was a strict etiquette in European medieval courts.

    • M K
      M K 4 months ago

      @varelion Nah
      Dune is better at worldbuilding but the characters and story of GoT is easily better

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 3 months ago +5

    This was thorough and having read all the books twice and seen all the movies multiple times, I learned a few things. I am looking forward to Gaius learning her place in Paul's presence in the next movie.

  • Patricia Yarrow
    Patricia Yarrow Day ago

    Having read Dune and the sequels since a young teenager, I now recently realized that the astonishing attraction and durability of Dune is that it is based on geopolitics...the uber game of power, influence, and finance, on an intergalactic scale. Whew!

  • Reginaldo Nepomuceno
    Reginaldo Nepomuceno 4 months ago +1

    I think what makes the movie (almost) unfilmable is exactly the plot's complexity. One needs to read the books to understand what the movie tried to show in 2h. It's a "meet me halfway" experience that takes commitment from viewer/reader and movie producers/director/cast.

  • mody
    mody 3 months ago +4

    thank you so much for making this video. I’ve never read or seen any of the source material so this was extremely informative and helpful. can’t wait for part 2!!

  • Eastern Lights
    Eastern Lights 6 months ago +848

    I feel like Leto and Jessica are one the deepest, most tragic love stories you could ever read. It's not about two people who sacrificed everything for their love, but rather of two people who sacrificed their love for the greater good, because they knew that in the grand scheme of things, their relationship was not important to anyone but them. They would never give up their duties just to be together, because they know that that is not what the other one would have wanted.
    I think this is a much deeper and much more selfless form of love, one that makes me shed a tear every time I read this book.

    • eqw alle
      eqw alle 12 days ago

      Deepest my ass/most tragic my ass

    • eqw alle
      eqw alle 12 days ago

      Tristan Isolde
      Wuthering Heights
      The Hunchback of Notre Dame
      Madame Bovary
      Heloise and Abelard
      Ines de Castro and King Pedro

    • Enric Martinez
      Enric Martinez 5 months ago +8

      @StruggleOn Even worse than that: Lady Jessica chose to bear a boy instead of a girl as she was meant too. Bene Gesserit had this much control over their own bodies. This is no small feat, as she herself was a valued Bene Gesserit member, trained by Gaius Helen Mohiam herself. It was pretty clear to her and the Sisterhood, that she was one step away from giving birth to the Kwisatz Haderach, and she had been trained for this specific purpose. Her decision to mother a boy as a sign of love to her husband was also a sign of the depth of her love to Leto Atreides.

    • Enric Martinez
      Enric Martinez 5 months ago

      @Susie Grieser It's books, actually. 6.

    • Enric Martinez
      Enric Martinez 5 months ago +1

      Herbert puts an extra layer of complexity on that one too in Children of Dune. Not that it changes the story, but there are aspects in Lady Jessica that are not obvious in the first book, like her relation to the Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam and how involved she herself was with the Bene Gesserit.

  • Slim Rhyno
    Slim Rhyno 5 months ago +9

    Wow. This video was amazing! Thank you so much for making it. I can't even imagine how much time and work went into it.

  • MuteMusicalMorgan
    MuteMusicalMorgan 4 months ago +3

    What a well thought-out and thorough review of the story up to this point. Thank you for giving us this treat! I place the 2021 movie amongst my top 5 favorite movies, but when you listed the important scenes that were left out, I found myself shouting "Yes!" after each one!
    Having said that, I cannot wait for pt2 to come out next year.

  • Pratibha R
    Pratibha R 2 months ago +3

    Wow, this was brilliant! I listened to this while I was travelling on road. I was transported to the world of Dune & writing & thought provoking comments about life. Thanks a lot Alt Shift X for making this incredible video.

  • Johnny Stob
    Johnny Stob 3 months ago +8

    As a hardcore fan of the book. You did an amazing job explaining the book so that it was easy to understand. Great video!

  • Otto Beats
    Otto Beats 6 months ago +1210

    The name Harkonnen comes from a Finnish surname Härkönen which comes from the word härkä meaning bull. So in a way Paul is also fighting a bull

    • condorX2
      condorX2 Month ago

      @armr6 Nice read.
      Leto fate remind me of Ned Stark.
      Both was at the height of their life until they got betrayed.

    • armr6
      armr6 Month ago

      @condorX2 No. Leto knew before arriving on Arrakis. He knew the Emperor had a hard-on for him because he was more popular. Also (and perhaps more importantly), along with Thufir, Gurney and Duncan they'd trained a group of Atreides soldiers beyond Sardaukar ability. And they had the formula to make more.
      There's a balance of military power between the Landsraad and the Imperial House, Leto was disruptive so the Atreides had to go. However, had the Baron's plan taken a month longer, Leto would've had time to befriend the Fremen and perhaps been ready to blow the Harkonnen assault away as it landed, with the added bonus of scaring the shit out of the Emperor when so few of his Sardaukar return, defeated.

    • condorX2
      condorX2 Month ago

      @armr6 exactly.
      Yueh should tell Leto about his wife and all his plan because the emperor want to destroy Atreides by using Harkkonnen regardless.
      Leto knew about this when they sabotage his spices retrieving carrier.

    • armr6
      armr6 Month ago

      @condorX2 wut? Betraying the Atreides is the biggest mess he makes. You could say Yueh unleashes the Fremen Jihad on the known universe because of that.

    • condorX2
      condorX2 Month ago

      Paul didn't do anything beside running away. It was his his teacher and Aquaman doing all the work to keep him alive.
      Nice breakdown. I learned a lot from this video.
      I think Yueh is the most interesting character. I remember watching Daniel Wu starring in the TV show call 'Into the Badlands' . The show has stellar martial arts choreography.
      In Dune, he's a doctor and an assassin.
      It sucks when the show make him betrays the house of Atreides instead of infiltrating Harkonnens to save his wife Wanna by putting on a disguise.
      His aoe poison and paralyze gun along could take out anything in his path.

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    Think you missed the fact that when he has these visions he is actually having experiences as well like with jamis. He learned from him as if he was there and spent the time with him. It would be amazing to see him transcend time this way and learn skills in seconds from experiences that would of lasted months or years

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  • -xX666Archain666Xx- I Approved by China 1927-1949

    1:20:58 my interpretation of it was that the movie wanted to give a more metaphorical meaning to Paul's visions. by killing Jamis, Paul truly ceased to be "just Paul" (which is reinforced by the "vision voice", telling him that taking a life means taking your own), which could be why he saw himself being killed by Jamis before the fight. Jamis also seems a lot more rational/calm/Mentatlike in Paul's vision, in contrast with how he actually acts. Jamis really wanted to challenge Paul because his ego was wounded after being pushed away by a kid.
    even if Paul did end up winning in reality, Jamis is his friend and he did teach him the way of the desert. Arrakis is a horrible place that will require adaptation to survive, and Paul will need to change even further because of who he is. losing his innocence then was a necessary step for him to truly become fremen.

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    DENNIS BABER 3 months ago +3

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    One small detail. Spice does not smell like cinnamon. Due to its psychological effects it smells different to every single person, but specifically of cinnamon to Dune's main character, Paul

    • fruity garlic
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      Frank Herbert's deleted chapters in 'Road to Dune' say that spice does smell like cinnamon because of its composition. The cut chapters aren't canon, especially since they contradict Jessica and Yueh's canon conversation, but then spice is described as cinnamon-scented throughout the rest of the series and from other characters' points of view.

    • B Hedgepig
      B Hedgepig 4 months ago

      @Phil The Philosopher it probably means there's a distinct smell to it, but very few have smelt Cinnamon before so bracket into the nearest smelling object. I dont know though so perhaps it does.

    • B Hedgepig
      B Hedgepig 4 months ago

      "Due to its psychological effects it smells different to every single person," matter of perception. only the Kwisatz Haderach would know how individuals actually perceive the senses. Is my idea of blue the exact same blue as yours? probably quite close but after eons on different planets maybe not so much.

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      @Paavo Bergmann To be honest from his perspective everything has be falling apart during his reign no matter what he does.

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    "Bless the Maker and his water. Bless the coming and going of him. May his passage cleanse the world, and keep the world for his people."
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    Without having read the books, I like that the movies just tosses you into Dune's world. It feels authentic, like a world with a long history and its cultures have their own customs, traditions and ways of speaking. You just KNOW that there's some proper world building behind all of it and don't need boring exposition to explain every detail.
    Similar to how Mad Max Fury road forces the audience to accept the new world without explanation. To me that's strong and immersive world building.

    • Maverick5588
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      I felt that the movie didnt accomplish that but to each their own i guess

    • seeburgm100a
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      This version looks to me like it was made with one thought in mind.. an Oscar for Cinematography. Overall my ticket to see it was a waste of money. Won't be looking forward to the second one. Sorry as an avid fan of the books, this movie missed the mark by a longshot. To start with choice of actors.. then changing a very main character to fit an audience segment. Once I saw these two very important things the movie almost immediately lost any credibility in my mind. Then we come to find Jason Mamoa's Duncan Idaho is a laughing boob.. sorry that just doesn't fit. Why did they cast Mamoa as Duncan Idaho? No character development for the baron. I felt too much emphasis on the camera and not enough on the script. Sorry.. it's a fail for me. The mini series got closest to the mark..

    • Knight Loltrec
      Knight Loltrec 5 months ago

      @Jerome Alday You're incorrect. There's several implications in Fury Road about how the culture there works but it's never explicitly explained, most of it is implied through language and set design. One example would be the warboy cult and V8 worship. None of this is explained and can only be inferred from what you see on screen. Another good example are the 3 seconds of people on stilts. They're never explained on screen and serve as subtle world building.
      Also Paul landing on Arrakis is essentially the same setup as an audience insert since Paul also doesn't know about the planet and culture and we learn with him...

    • Nurlinda F Sihotang
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    • Jerome Alday
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      WRONG, In Mad Max, You have Max as an audience surrogate. He's just some dude who stumbles into Immortan Joe's kingdom. This is new to him as its new to us and characters explain things to him throughout the movie.
      the more accurate description is that Mad Max doesn't tell the whole picture, only parts that were pivotal to the story.
      So no, Mad Max doesn't force you to accept the world without explanation. You experience and learn it with Max.

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    • Neil Johnson
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    • Neil Johnson
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      Then I thought what the hell... And its probably one of the best books written.

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  • Phillip Sardinha
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    I never heard that coital explanation for the pacing ... Reading the book the second half jumps so fast and abruptly and races towards the end...someone should have introduced Herbert to tantric sex because the first book leaves out so much story telling, years worth of interactions and development just skipped for the grand finale to come to pass....always wondered why he chose to do that to the final part of the story.

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    Denis makes a lot of sacrifices to make the movie more consumable to a broader audience. But not so many that the story is completely unrecognizable or suffers for it. Takes a lot of skill to do that.

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    7:40 The spice doesn't just taste like cinnamon. Yueh responds to Jessica saying it does by saying it's "never twice the same." He then explains that some believe that the spice "produces a learned-flavor reaction. The body, learning a thing is good for it, interprets the flavor as pleasurable--slightly euphoric." Jessica just tasted cinnamon. (This happens at the end of chapter 8 of the first book.)

    • Josh Marden
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    -Jessica doesn't change her palm to open the door, she knows how to apply required pressure on contact points to force it open.
    -The prophecy created by the Bene dessert is common and used in other worlds as well. And Paul happens to fit perfectly to it not because some it is tue but because he has been raised in the Bene dessert ways. (He knew how to perfectly wear the still suit because of his education and perfect knowing of his own body, not because of some kind of magic).
    Amazing video for all the rest ! It was a pleasure seeing an analysis this complete !Thanks a lot :D

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    • Pablo Penovi
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    One thing though, didn't Yueh already know his wife was dead in the movie, similar to the books?
    They don't show his defiance in the movies, but he already knows he's outsmarted House Harkonnen, so he doesn't die a fool.

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    I've always found the Yueh betrayal too "easy" whether it's in the book or the movie. So this guy is supposed to have endured a mental training like no other in order to prevent him from betraying his "master". Yet the first time in the book we meet a guy like that, it's him, and he betrays his master immediately... The reason ? His wife. If it's vital that these guys don't betray anyone, why are they allowed to have a family ?

    • Jake Chinn
      Jake Chinn 2 months ago

      It's a bit more complicated than that and it's never fully explained how they broke his conditioning other than it involving his wife. In the books one of the reasons the Harkonnens instantly kill Yeuh (Other than just because) is they now know how to break Imperial Conditioning which would bring the Emperor down on them hard.
      The fact that his Yeuh's wife was a Bene Gersserit might have something to do with it but in general I do agree it's a bit underwhelming.

    • Grant Withers
      Grant Withers 2 months ago

      "If it's vital that these guys don't betray anyone, why are they allowed to have a family ?"
      Not just that, but if it's vital that they not betray, then their wives etc. would be protected if they're allowed to have them. Such obvious means of attacking their loyalty wouldn't be easily overlooked.

    • Elina
      Elina 2 months ago

      You forget that his wife is bene gesserit. It’s written in the book that yueh was always stuck between his loyalty to atreidis and his wife. Just as he has undergone tremendous conditioning to be fot for his job, his wife, with her bene gesserit ways, has had a strong hold on him as well. Not to mention that harkonnen torture is canonically enough to break the strongest of imperial conditionings

    • SendarSlayer
      SendarSlayer 3 months ago

      @Alfred Hitchcook The character doesn't contradict the book at all. I never said that. I said a person was ignoring the text to make it seem as if Yueh was weak minded when he was the opposite.

    • Alfred Hitchcook
      Alfred Hitchcook 3 months ago

      @SendarSlayer lmfao if the very first character we meet directly contradicts the “intent and literal meaning of the book,” you don’t stop for two seconds to think about what the author is saying? Instead you whine and say “but this already told me that’s wrong!” instead of actually thinking about why a story so much about the power of the human mind and its infinite capabilities would do that.
      Passing training doesn’t mean shit. There is no physical barrier preventing a doctor from turning on his patient. And even if there was, Yueh wasn’t acting as the Atreides’ doctor, he was acting as a husband. As a doctor, though, he gave Leto the ability to go out on his own terms and potentially kill the Baron.

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    Seems like they did a pretty good job so far, hope they can do the same in the sequels.

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    The material is extremely complex and history has shown how hard it is to make a good adaptation.

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    • Adina Kruijssen
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      @Average Alien they refer to the planet interchangeably as Arrakis and Dune. I'm reading Dune Messiah now and Paul refers to it as Dune in literally his first chapter. I do think it's probably more common for off-worlders to call it Dune?
      Still kinda annoyed with this dude's comment though bc he's spamming it under every thread instead of just making it its own comment and leaving it at that lol

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      @bataviaborobudur You mean the planet Arrakis?

    • bataviaborobudur
      bataviaborobudur 6 months ago

      Dune is a weird scifi. The main plot never leaves the planet Dune, yet it's scifi you see spaceships coming and going or there are scenes in other home planets, yet the main plot stays in the planet Dune even in future movies/books as far as i know. It's like the planet Dune is the center of the universe and everything revolves around it. I know it's spice but it's not working for me, and I cannot get past it. You know what stories stay in one planet. LOTR and GOT, they are fantasies.

  • Robin
    Robin 5 months ago +1

    This was incredibly well done. Bravo!

  • Multi Vitamin
    Multi Vitamin Month ago

    This was more enjoyable than actually watching the movie (not to diminish the movie itself, it was fantastic) but this way of presentation really works to understand and dig deeper, great job man

  • Sue Evans
    Sue Evans 4 months ago +1

    Got to agree with this. So far (I haven't seen the latest movie yet), I prefer the the tv mini series shot - I believe - in North-Eastern Europe. It's the closest; but it's still short of the books.

  • MTU
    MTU 4 months ago +1

    Thanks for this AMAZING lore! Before the movie, all knowledge that I had was the Dune2 Game. And like all the Dune2 players, we are sad that the HOUSE ORDOS was made just for the game. We were eager to see them in the movie lol!

  • cloudbloom
    cloudbloom 6 months ago +343

    The only book I've read over fifteen times since I was a teenager, there is so much to unpack in the six Frank Herbert Dune books. I thought the recent movie did a pretty great job on many aspects of the first half of the book and was pretty faithful to a lot of details in the story

    • Crepitus
      Crepitus 6 months ago +1

      the first 3 books are easy to read, 4th is a must read, but can be a bit rough and to be honest in 5th i have no idea what is going on. Lets just say writing varies.

    • CoralCopperHead
      CoralCopperHead 6 months ago

      If Dune is the only novel you can read more than fifteen times... I'm sorry.

    • Lunatic MD
      Lunatic MD 6 months ago +1

      I did enjoy the 2nd book of the series but haven't finished the 3rd yet although not necessarily because of any hatred towards it. Just haven't felt the urge to finish it

    • Lunatic MD
      Lunatic MD 6 months ago

      @Z.A.Y.N - the beginning of Dune can seem daunting because the intro to the world it is unveiling is an immensely intricate and complex world. This beginning as everything is introduced almost scared me off originally when I was younger, I read it off and on up until I suddenly couldn't put it down. I have now reread that book more than any other

    • Novus Nihilum
      Novus Nihilum 6 months ago +3

      I like all the bits where teenage girls fall for much older men.

  • Pat
    Pat 4 months ago +1

    Wow. You put a lot of work into this breakdown. The effort really shows. Good stuff!