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Manny Pacquiao announces retirement from boxing - Skip & Shannon discuss | UNDISPUTED | PBC ON FOX

  • Published on Sep 28, 2021
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    PBC ON FOX  Year ago +3410

    Is Manny Pacquiao a Top 3 boxer of all-time?

    • gia đình Gang
      gia đình Gang 4 months ago

      So if so many ppl say yes that means Floyd the goat

    • Beautiful World
      Beautiful World 4 months ago

      @RefillForever hahahaha you clown

    • RefillForever
      RefillForever 4 months ago

      No maybe top 15 of all time.

    • jake30 impon
      jake30 impon 4 months ago

      True fighters don't care about losses. They care how to fight entertaining people. Mayweather is a good fighter but he's cherry picking.

    • AskMeWhy
      AskMeWhy 4 months ago

      His ring resume speaks for it self, ducked no body, cherry picked no body. He might not be top 3, but he is definetly the best pound for pound fighter of all time. From Flyweight to Super Welterweight, it will never be done ever again.

  • KatimaGaming
    KatimaGaming Year ago +392

    Thank you Manny for 3 decades of absolute entertainment and inspiration. One of a kind. Rags to riches. Humble and down to earth. Underdog for most. Won't be surprised if someone would do a movie about him someday. Feeling very lucky to have witnessed him from beginning to end. Here's to the future of boxing!

    • Marceline
      Marceline Month ago

      There is a movie that inspired by him. It’s called Kid kulafu

    • Adam
      Adam 11 months ago

      @Greater Done thanks 😊

    • Adam
      Adam Year ago

      If love to watch a Movie of his life one day

    • John 1 yes
      John 1 yes Year ago +6

      @BradTVit's 4, he become champion in 1998

    • BradTV
      BradTV Year ago +7

      Nor 3 but 4 decades

  • DancingMad17
    DancingMad17 Month ago

    Pacquiao and Mayweather are in the top 10 greatest boxers of all time

  • Marco Paculan
    Marco Paculan Year ago +275

    I know that time would come and this video will hit up to generations. So I'm leaving this comment to let y'all know that I existed during Manny Pacquiao's Legendary career. I swear, he's a Legend! Incomparable! An all time great! ❤️❤️❤️ Love from his Fellow Filipino fan.

    • Angelo
      Angelo Year ago +3

      All time great 🙌

  • Mario Duane
    Mario Duane 10 months ago +105

    He will be missed! Dude was a true champion. Best ever in his division! Period! 💯💪🏾👑

  • Maria
    Maria Year ago +771

    We’re going to miss watching him fight in the ring. He’s a true boxing champ and yet remained so humble, a trait you’ll seldom find in professional boxers. All the best Manny, we’ll miss you 👏👏👏

    • A Banks
      A Banks 5 months ago

      Floyd beat pacq.shut up and get over it..beat more hall of famers too 😂

    • LIFE
      LIFE 9 months ago

      @Marko vlog haters be haters I guest

    • youwatch2muchtv
      youwatch2muchtv Year ago

      @Marko vlog lol

    • D DIESEL
      D DIESEL Year ago

      @Jam Bee sure. I'm loosing sleep over it 😆😆😆

    • Jam Bee
      Jam Bee Year ago

      @D DIESEL even you, would also show your expensive stuff when you get much money. You just jealous cause he is miles richer than you 😆😆

  • Ricardo Martinez
    Ricardo Martinez Year ago +675

    Pacman fought everyone who was somebody in the game. He is one of the GOAT.

    • keyboardwarior
      keyboardwarior 4 months ago

      @Tank White. Yes he's not goat but a lion

    • keyboardwarior
      keyboardwarior 4 months ago

      @John Martin if not him, who? you?

    • I AM TUROK
      I AM TUROK 5 months ago

      @John Martin Pacman is the best boxer in history, no one is getting even close to his records.

    • Darkness Playz
      Darkness Playz 7 months ago

      @Jeff Christian C. Tabigue if he was American different story.

    • Jeff Christian C. Tabigue
      Jeff Christian C. Tabigue 7 months ago

      @Tank White. Yeah coz hes not american

  • Gj Lipana
    Gj Lipana Year ago +320

    Pacquiao vs Marquez was a classic. All of their fights were legendary to watch. Yeah, the last one was tragic but it was great fight from 1st to the last.


      @Paul Albert yet marquez only won 1 time in their 4 match, so who won the rivalry?

    • Less than TEN Dollars
      Less than TEN Dollars 3 months ago

      @Lodispark funny but true

    • Ulysses
      Ulysses 4 months ago +4

      Agree the 4 fights were a delight. It didn't matter who won. The spectacle will forever be remembered

    • LUCABA, Crisanto V.
      LUCABA, Crisanto V. 8 months ago +1

      It was like a Movie with a tragic ending.

    • Beej
      Beej 8 months ago +9

      @Paul Albert The last Marquez fight Pac was actually winning until the unfortunate KO

  • Short Collection
    Short Collection Year ago +76

    Manny Pacquiao shows how the sports of boxing must go on, throw punches, defend himself, sportsmanship, and humbleness in and out of the ring♥️🥺

  • Macky Limbos
    Macky Limbos Month ago

    Manny is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME

  • Sad Child
    Sad Child Year ago +1207

    I was expecting a run down on Pacquiao's great career and just appreciation for all he's done for the sport then it immediately turned into a floyd - manny debate all over again lmao

    • Lashaun Beazer
      Lashaun Beazer 8 months ago

      @Po R Boxing in it's most literal form... I'm talking the MASTERY of boxing... Is to hit and to not get hit. Floyd was the best at that. Simple.

    • pogi lang mabaitpa
      pogi lang mabaitpa 10 months ago

      black dudes gotta stay together lmaoooooooooo

    • Alex Tseng
      Alex Tseng 11 months ago

      It got embarrassing

    • Kallen Ace
      Kallen Ace 11 months ago

      Yep 😂😂😂

    • AL G
      AL G Year ago

      Skip can't help himself

  • ʇıɯɹǝH ǝɥ⊥
    ʇıɯɹǝH ǝɥ⊥ Year ago +46

    The _only_ boxer that achieved world titles in 8 divisions, he's done enough for our entertainment, definitely one of the greatest. What a career he's led.

  • mjunks
    mjunks 10 months ago +29

    I will surely miss his fight. The feeling when you go out and see little to no people in the street. That was unforgettable. The air that feels so different because everyone knows it's his way fight.

  • John Palcon
    John Palcon Year ago +95

    Mayweather just didnt want Pacquiao at peak… defense is easier when youre older lets be real.

    • C C
      C C 3 months ago

      @tsav32 you know what’s the worst argument between manny and fmw? Their 2 yrs age gap. Come on man do you have something that makes sense to talk about?

    • Francis Abellana
      Francis Abellana 5 months ago +12

      @tsav32 yeah the secret is too keep running

    • tsav32
      tsav32 5 months ago

      Huh? Defense is tougher as you get older because your reflexes are diminished. And Mayweather is several years older than Pac. 😏

  • Mr Fantastic yellow
    Mr Fantastic yellow Year ago +11

    Man I grew up watching him and was the reason I got into boxing. Seeing him retire feels like a piece of my heart is torn. But at the same time it's a good thing so he won't get hurt. He has so much accomplishment in boxing and I am so proud of him

  • Dav1d15196
    Dav1d15196 Year ago +546

    8th division champ. He beated almost everybody from his era. He won welterweight at 40 years old. Gave a lot of money to poor and he is still humble and kind. He belongs in top 3 of boxers of all time. He is GOAT !

    • Ralph brian Samarita
      Ralph brian Samarita 2 months ago

      @sebastianchavez602 haha

    • Se7nn
      Se7nn 3 months ago +3

      @What's This? Of course. The best offense won't stand a chance against the best defence. No matter who it is.
      I agree with you. Floyd waited for time and years to slow Manny down and used it for his advantage. He was cheated a couple of times hence the title "People's champ". And he gets back out there no matter what because once a fighter, always a fighter. When he got knocked out and people thought it was the end of his boxing career, they proved him wrong and continued to fight.
      When you're a fighter by blood you fight whoever and whenever. Not like those who pick which fights bring more coverage, fame, and money. No, Manny fought for the glory of the sport.
      Manny's son is an upcoming boxer. He may not be able to reach the success his dad reached but I do hope he makes a name for himself in the sport adored by his father.

    • What's This?
      What's This? 3 months ago +4

      Not to mention he was cheated a couple times, and Floyd waited for him to pass his prime so he can have a better chance lol

    • Gaming with Lucid
      Gaming with Lucid 5 months ago +1

      @Hec he’s Senator of the Philippines, not just his hometown. You know how much he’s donated?

    • Hec
      Hec 5 months ago

      @Gaming with Lucid He fed his hometown not the country.

  • Tim Rogers
    Tim Rogers 11 months ago +21

    The thing that really sets Manny's achievements above every other professional boxing World Champion, for me, is that he was The People's World Boxing Champion, at those eight weight catagories. Being a 'peoples' champion, elevates a man or woman's profile immesurably. It sets those Champions apart as a 'different breed'.

    • No Excuses
      No Excuses 3 months ago +1

      Is like princess diana still to this day princess diana is nvr forgotten

  • john ny
    john ny Year ago +47

    GREATNESS is a cheap word to describe Manny Pacquiao. He is beyond the shadow of a doubt a TRUE champion. We will be missing him fight!

  • SDB
    SDB 4 months ago +11

    I completely agree with Shannon. the only thing I hate is that we didn't get to see Pacquiao/Mayweather fight when both fighters were at the height of their physical peak. what a fight that would have been. I hope Manny find equal success in his new life. thanks for the great memories Pac-Man.

  • country life
    country life Year ago +39

    The Greatest Of All Time The Destroyer PacMan Manny Pacquiao 👊🌏💕
    8 Division World Champion
    World Champion in 4 decades
    a true and pure Boxer, fought everyone, anytime and anywhere
    and end of an era, thank you Manny 💕

  • Eleven Quest
    Eleven Quest Year ago +346

    He always showed us what fight really is, what's the real fight. He fought all the best , he was in flyweight and able to fight in Welterweight no one can do that again in boxing history .. He deserved to be remembered in boxing's history WHAT A LEGEND

    • No Excuses
      No Excuses 3 months ago

      He didnt show us but he let the other fighters the heads up to not be a runner and hugger inside the ring. To have an action packed match.
      He will be missed! It will be for long time since we will see another action packed inside the boxing ring

    • Blake Stegeman
      Blake Stegeman Year ago

      Correction he fought at flyweight up to Jr. Middle weight.

    • Ethan Pasok
      Ethan Pasok Year ago +1

      @Jeh Dee No he didnt got that knockout power no more rrly hes political career rrly was a big distraction

    • Ethan Pasok
      Ethan Pasok Year ago +1

      @Jeh Dee still pac was rrly a shell of himself and his knockout power was gon e that knockdown by marquez rrly hurt him

    • Ethan Pasok
      Ethan Pasok Year ago +3

      @KyokonKyochin pac was old at that time and pass his prime lol also he was already busy doing his political career

  • Tjay Metal
    Tjay Metal Year ago +582

    I respect him more than mayweather.
    The saying “he fought literally everybody” is actually faxxxxxx dude fight champs from 8 different division, and defend against top dogs.

    • Noob Mastah96
      Noob Mastah96 9 months ago

      @Aye Yo Boxing with Madiba! Floyd beating Pacman hardly makes Floyd a better boxer than Pacman 😂

    • Aye Yo Boxing with Madiba!
      Aye Yo Boxing with Madiba! 9 months ago

      @Noob Mastah96 idk what you’re trying to say?

    • Noob Mastah96
      Noob Mastah96 9 months ago

      @Aye Yo Boxing with Madiba! even an 8 division champ will receive an L if they keep taking matches head-on and not backing out with opponents weaker than Floyd 😂

    • Firell Parker
      Firell Parker 11 months ago

      Doesn't make him better.

    • lol U
      lol U 11 months ago

      @Aye Yo Boxing with Madiba! no man it’s the facts not just me other country like 🇪🇸 said it also manny win hand downs Floyd was fighting scared I know the truth hurts I feel u

  • Robert Griffin
    Robert Griffin Year ago +30

    I am so impressed with Manny, so proud and humble.; someone to look up to. I wish him good fortune and smooth sailing. Cannot say what might have been, but he didn't have anything to prove to me. I knew him to give his best effort at all times, and for that I have much admiration for him.

  • gabrielK
    gabrielK Year ago +29

    Can we just appreciate that we witnessed greatness? Im a pacman fan, but i believe mayweather won the fight. Both Pacman and Mayweather are so great, that after their fight, debates are still going on and people want to see more. Thats Greatness Personified for both gentlemen. And this was just a great reminder on how time has flown.

    • random 1
      random 1 5 months ago

      @Harrel Lee those punches landed on Mayweather gloves

    • X Blast
      X Blast 5 months ago

      Manny won in my eyes

    • Yu ーリ
      Yu ーリ Year ago +2

      @Harrel Lee As difficult it is to accept, Mayweather won that bout, he’s a smart brat and that’s why no one has gotten the best of him after all those fights. Sure Pacquiao was the aggressor, and he may have thrown more punches I would think, but Mayweather is good, VERY good, he was able to steer clear from most of Manny’s lightning quick shots, and still found ways to retaliate effectively. For me, I still believe Pacquiao was the best offensive fighter of his era and of welterweight history, but Mayweather is the best defensive fighter in boxing history (IMO). Once you see more of Mayweather’s highlights, you’ll see how awesome he is, he’s not a knockout machine, but there’s a kind of brilliance to his fighting. This is also coming from someone who grew up watching Pacquiao, I like both fighters regardless. ✌️

    • Harrel Lee
      Harrel Lee Year ago

      Hahahah what????? See the punches landed from mannny paquiao to mayweather😂💪

  • Samson Gabriel Michael Immanuel García

    Manny Pacquiao is all heart, a warrior, a soldier, a gladiator , a true people s champion 🏆 🥇 🏅 forever, God bless you Emmanuel Pacquiao and your family and friends and your goals and dreams and endeavors champion 🏆 🥇 🏅

  • Thomas Carlo Educalane
    Thomas Carlo Educalane Year ago +437

    What I like most about Pacquiao is that he fights anybody, not afraid to anybody and not afraid to lose. He just wanted to from bell to bell.
    Not to forget his humbleness!

    • Karl Bayson
      Karl Bayson 5 months ago

      @stop the cap🧢 fake acc

    • edmon soriano
      edmon soriano 7 months ago

      what about the first fight kiddo? manny git robbed

    • Thomas Carlo Educalane
      Thomas Carlo Educalane Year ago

      @exsebio I agree!

    • exsebio
      exsebio Year ago

      @Thomas Carlo Educalane alright I agree with most of the pacquiao things but you can’t say he dominated marquez lol. Let’s not forget that he robbed that Marquez fight and it should’ve been 2-2.

      LILYGIRLY CODM Year ago

      @Jeh Dee floyd was nothing agaiants pac..floyd won 5 weight classes, pac won 8 weight classesmm and you say that 5 is greater than 8? Even a first grader kid know the difference!😆😆😂😂😂😆😆 are you a Preschooler?

  • kiosy
    kiosy Year ago +7

    It will probably take a long time before we get another boxers like these legends in the past 3 or 4 decades.
    What I liked about Pacquiao especially is he made people who are not even interested in boxing, be excited watching his fights. I'm glad I witnessed that era and I still have time for the next generation of legends.

  • Grant Asilom
    Grant Asilom Year ago +42

    People think that fighting in different weight class is no big deal. Mayweather is a natural welterweight fighter but he started at super featherweight. Imagine Mayweather jump 8 div from super featherweight to cruiserweight/heavyweight. Pacquiao has fought in 11 of the 17 weight divisions, he started at light flyweight and went to fight at light middleweight div and still won.

    • Jordz
      Jordz 6 months ago

      tagalugin mo na lang hirap unawain point mo, pota english english pa kse

    • Elijah D U
      Elijah D U 6 months ago +5

      @Lashaun Beazer bruh

    • Lashaun Beazer
      Lashaun Beazer 8 months ago

      Uhh, I don't see your point, actually.

  • Angel MartineZ
    Angel MartineZ 11 months ago +16

    Pacman is living proof that dreams, determination, will, discipline, spirit....will carry you way beyond the physical

  • Bored Monke
    Bored Monke Year ago +7

    I will miss Manny's fights so much. He is one of the people that formed my childhood. I watched all of his matches ever since I was 5 years old. The way he moves is just mesmerizing to my innocent eyes. But, I don't think he can win for the President. Many people here in the Philippines think that he lacks the credibility to be a good leader and almost everyone agree with it. He's got a good heart, better than anyone, but I think it's not enough to compensate his lack of competence.

  • Mr.dwyanes Wade
    Mr.dwyanes Wade Year ago +453

    I had the same feeling when kobe retires 😭 another legend on our era retires. God bless you Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao!

    • lucky bryner
      lucky bryner 7 months ago

      It opens a new era with a new legend

  • Keanuu
    Keanuu Year ago +11

    Manny’s story is the greatest ever, from the slums of PH to world class athlete

  • Marco Paculan
    Marco Paculan Year ago +10

    Manny is a true fighter! You can't a blame a fighter, a "warrior" rather, being knocked hundred times. He just fought anybody. A boxer who always win the heart of every boxing fan is a true Champion.

  • Telly Wells
    Telly Wells Year ago +24

    Watching Manny retire was one of the emotional parts about the sport i love and this was the last of a great era.

  • Paul
    Paul Year ago +9

    GOAT!! They say numbers don't lie, so does his fighting spirit and legacy!

  • Kirk Adrian Villanueva
    Kirk Adrian Villanueva Year ago +3216

    Pac's retirement is symbol of The end of an era

    • Layton Weeks
      Layton Weeks 3 months ago

      Now it’s the Canelo era

    • Val Halla
      Val Halla 3 months ago

      An era of following floyd mayweather
      He always beat Mayweathers leftovers
      And he was so stupid it didn't dawn on him or anyone is his team that he needed a strap to fight mayweather..

    • Emer Mannie Rebz Fontanoza
      Emer Mannie Rebz Fontanoza 4 months ago

      F on the chat for respect for pac man

    • C.H Lee
      C.H Lee 4 months ago

      The show goes on but.. we'll never see him like again

    • abdul wahid acmad abdul wahid acmad
      abdul wahid acmad abdul wahid acmad 5 months ago

      @Yury Gerasimov but he's retirement is favorable its enough luckily he let himself rest

  • Jei Mairuzu
    Jei Mairuzu Year ago +29

    Pacquiao is the last fighter from his era in the 90's to early 2000. All of the big names from his era has been retired for quite awhile now.
    Barrera, Morales, Marquez, Cotto, Mosley, Dela Hoya, Margarito and the list goes on. There is no better way of retiring an era like what Manny did. If there's no politics involved, he would still fight. Unfortunately, politics caught up on him and made it more his responsibility than boxing. Hopefully if Manny failed to be elected he can come out of retirement and fight one more time and hopefully win to seal the deal and retire for good. That would be a good show for the whole world.

  • Ice Man
    Ice Man Year ago +2

    Pacman will remain as one legendary boxer in his era. He isn't shy on all his losses and he is still humble along his career. Hats off to Pacman.

  • James Hawkins
    James Hawkins Year ago +4

    Truly Once in a lifetime Fighter

  • Carlos 7
    Carlos 7 Year ago +4

    Thank you Manny Pacquiao for all your fights you are one of the greatest fighters of all time good luck to you and your family and best of luck in your life

  • HiFi5280
    HiFi5280 Year ago +3

    Unc knows his boxing really well for being a pro football player. Manny took on all challengers, even been knocked out cold! Still got back in there and was successful. He may even be a greater man outside the ring than he is inside the ring if that's even possible. Blessed to witness his greatness.

  • Amvicious
    Amvicious Year ago +10

    See.. Mayweather really disappointed a lot of fans.
    Mayweather could beat these guys!! No doubt!! But why was he ducking 2007-2010… Mayaeather lost credibility he only cared about money and his 0 losses.
    That is why Pacquiao is loved by fans even if he lost.

    KEV WANDERS Year ago +22

    MANNY PACQUIAO was a Tough Act to FOLLOW!!. He's so damn Humble..Always helping people especially the poor once.. I saw him once in Downtown LA once handed out some food and Cash on some people living in the streets. I know why he's so blessed 🙌🙌🙌

    • Ryu 田中
      Ryu 田中 Year ago +1

      a legend both in and out the ring

  • Juan dela Cruz
    Juan dela Cruz 10 months ago

    For those who are saying that he's inside top 3 all time, I agree. He even have a strong case to be called as the GOAT. But, I personally think that we cannot really compare boxers since they're fighting in different weight classes. Oh wait, Pacquiao dominated 8 weight divisions! Hands down the GOAT!

  • helix crash
    helix crash Year ago +3

    i will say Floyd was the best because everyone failed to beat him, we know he made a lot of money, he got the best defense of all the boxers but in the end no one cares if he retired.
    I will say Pacquiao was the greatest because of his sensational fights, the people who loves him , the way he loves boxing that he did not ducked any one, he became an inspiration towards most of the fighters and his overall personality as a person. THAT IS THE CRITERIA of being the Greatest Fighter. and every boxers Respected him.

  • Franco Barrera
    Franco Barrera 4 months ago +2

    Undoubtedly a first ballot hall of famer.. Happy retirement to one of the GOATS.

  • hawjR
    hawjR Year ago +2

    He fought all the guys in there prime vs his prime. He's definitely one of the greatest of all time. He's arguably top 3 of all time.

  • Caleb Stephan
    Caleb Stephan Year ago +1

    If they fought 5 years earlier manny would've touched Floyd and hurt him. I agree with skip. Look at all the opponents he fought that Floyd also fought. He completely battered all of them and they actually faired kinda well against Floyd. When he fought Floyd he wasn't as calculative and as fast as he was five years prior.

  • MigieVlogs!
    MigieVlogs! Year ago +759

    Manny is so great. He went from 108 lbs to 154 while running on rice and chicken tinola!

    • ELL GEEE
      ELL GEEE 5 months ago

      I think it was adobo with pineapple chunks

    • Dohn G
      Dohn G 6 months ago

      @Da Pitt yes del monte pineapple juice good for the heart

    • Either Holy Or Evil
      Either Holy Or Evil 10 months ago

      You mean Lucky Me Beef 😂

    • LapuLapu Pintado
      LapuLapu Pintado 10 months ago

      @Brandoasan And 750 ml. IV juice.

    • LapuLapu Pintado
      LapuLapu Pintado 10 months ago

      @Da Pitt 750 ml. IV juice?

  • Lone Wanderer
    Lone Wanderer Year ago +5

    Huge respect and happy retirement legend.

  • Righteous Rebellious
    Righteous Rebellious 9 months ago

    It is just too mesmerizing to watch people talking the greatness of Manny Pacquiao. A truly remarkable fighter.

  • Jeffrey Cuaton
    Jeffrey Cuaton Year ago +5

    Respect for these 2 commentators, they really do know from the bottom of their hearts who PACQUIAO really is...

  • rimE
    rimE 8 months ago +1

    my grandpa had ali
    my dad had tyson
    and im proud to witness pacquiao's greatness

  • PH NUMBA 1
    PH NUMBA 1 Year ago +6

    Win or lose he's still a legend

  • Manny 2pac Pacquiao
    Manny 2pac Pacquiao Year ago +3

    Definitely one of the greatest boxer of all time

  • Martin Bakunawa
    Martin Bakunawa Year ago +2

    It's great to hear that Manny has been nothing but remarkable in all your memories. But Politics will be his ultimate downfall. The people around him, those vultures he trusts, are just after the greatness he has. I wish He just focused on boxing until his last breathe.

  • Man'in no ōkami
    Man'in no ōkami Year ago +6

    I don’t believe mayweather is one of the greatest boxer of all time. But I do believe that mayweather is one of the greatest track and field athlete ever.

  • Sir- Leon 24
    Sir- Leon 24 Year ago +3

    The GOAT of his Generation! Pacquiao 💯

  • sam guapo
    sam guapo Year ago +5

    At first i thought Paquiao lost the Mayweather fight when I first saw it. When I watched it the 2nd time.. I realised Paquiao actually WON that fight. In fairness, Marquez had the upperhand in 2 of his 3 fights with Paquiao.

    • smegma
      smegma Year ago

      How did paquiao win when he actually lost

  • Z&J
    Z&J Year ago +2

    What I will remember manny is his respect and humility. No trashtalking to hype the fans. And a pacific typhoon inside the ring

  • yinyang
    yinyang 11 months ago +2

    Manny is a warrior and a man that has a pure heart , a awesome roll model. Manny's journey growing up poor and fighting his way to a level that is by far God driven, he definitely made me a believer of God . He is so blessed.

  • Paolo Brillantes
    Paolo Brillantes Year ago +16

    Its crazy that Manny started his boxing in the US as a substitute fighter against a Champion and became a legend.
    and then he also ended his Legendary career against a substitute boxer. Thank you PacMan!!

  • Nancy Powell
    Nancy Powell Year ago +3

    I'm really sad to see him go! Manny THE ROLE MODEL!

  • Redford Dango
    Redford Dango Year ago +2

    Hes a true warrior.. we will never see another many pacquiao again.. great fighter.. peoples champion

  • Morbad Smoking
    Morbad Smoking Year ago +4

    This is what im trying to tell my friends. Skip has a point. Pac took hatton in 2. And it took Mayweather 10

  • The Merchandise
    The Merchandise Year ago +4

    My top 3: Ali, Tyson, Paquiao. Mayweather close 4th. When I think of greats, I think of names that put the sport in the mainstream as well as pure pedigree.

  • Tony Delgado
    Tony Delgado Month ago

    The best of the best

  • Beeman 2892
    Beeman 2892 Year ago +8

    Although i lost a bet on his last match .respect and he indeed is a Legend

  • Munch Ten
    Munch Ten Year ago +13

    It's the end of an era now paving the way to the new generation. I hope that someday someone can achieve or surpass the era he had in boxing. Goodluck to all future fighters of this renowned sport!

    • Jas
      Jas Year ago +3

      The new generation is whack. Instagram kings.

  • naktete
    naktete Year ago +5

    Boxing will never be the same 😂 that excitement it brings when you hear the entrance theme Eye of the Tiger ☺️

  • Kimy Moto
    Kimy Moto Year ago +1

    so much respect for manny. he will be missed for sure..

  • Lou Z
    Lou Z 10 months ago +1

    Manny pacquiao hands down will forever be one of the greats in boxing!

  • Rudolph Solis
    Rudolph Solis Month ago

    right!!! Right!!!! Right!!!!!

  • Spencer Antonio Marlen-Starr

    I am low-key surprised and impressed that Shannon Sharpe mentioned Henry Armstrong by name as one of the greatest pound for pound boxers of all time. Good for him.

  • CaptainKash
    CaptainKash Year ago

    What an amazing career from Manny one the greatest imo it's a little sad we can't appreciate his legendary career without getting into Mayweather comparisons

  • Jon C
    Jon C Year ago +3

    The greatest ever, his accomplishments will never be match. Enjoy your retirement champ 🥊 God bless you and thanks for the memories 🙏🏻

  • MP Aung
    MP Aung Year ago +2

    Pacman is the greatest boxer of the past 20+ years! Salute! Thank you!

  • Ronil Salazar
    Ronil Salazar Year ago +251

    Pacquiaos retirement is just so special than any other boxers, idk but we should be thankful growing up witnessing true greatness!!

    • Gabyyy
      Gabyyy Year ago

      @Your GED TEACHER I also forgot mentioning the "golden boy" Oscar De La Hoya, he also retired with a loss, not just any loss, a loss from Manny Pacquiao

    • Gabyyy
      Gabyyy Year ago

      @Your GED TEACHER many boxing legends have retired with their last fight being a loss like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Larry Holmes, Ricky Hatton and many more, but those losses didnt tarnish their legacy, they will always be remebered as legends who pave the way on what boxing is today now

    • Gabyyy
      Gabyyy Year ago

      @Your GED TEACHER and whats wrong with that, losing is part of life, but that doesnt mean that youre a loser

  • MitchIsreal
    MitchIsreal 4 months ago

    I remember a time whenever Manny would fight, the streets in the Philippines would be empty. That is totally unusual since PI is known to have crowds of people outside always, all the time. Not just that, the crime rate is so low whenever he fights. Everyone watches him fight; win or lose, the country supports him so much.

  • LeechRec
    LeechRec Year ago +3

    One of the greatest and most likeable boxers ever. What a pleasure and honor it was to watch Pacman through the years.

  • Matthew SaltnLight
    Matthew SaltnLight Year ago +2

    Indeed, the people's champ! He is definitely up there with most up and coming boxers wanting to be like him. He fought with heart and courage and he exemplified humility and resilience.such character. We wish you well pacman!

  • JCA94
    JCA94 Year ago +6

    At 11:00 Shannon really said Pacquiaos claim to Fame was an "L" to Mayweather ????? Are you serious Shannon ???? That's super disrespectful to Manny to even say something like that, Shannon isn't qualified to talk to about boxing ever again after that statement , and yes Manny actually won that fight even with a torn rotator cuff.

    • Chomin Aberasturi
      Chomin Aberasturi 5 months ago

      Exactly, they could've talked about manny more, not just boxing, he plays good basketball and can be considered a world class pool player. He’s a philippine senator even and ran for president. Shannon just had to justify Mayweather so bad he forgot the whole segment didn't even include Floyd.

  • Giancarlo Espejo
    Giancarlo Espejo Year ago +2

    It's time to hang the gloves but we will always remember a legendary fighter

  • ptolemy008
    ptolemy008 Month ago

    Floyde running all his life like the thief he is.

  • Jarrett Alicante
    Jarrett Alicante Year ago +2

    Never cherry-picked his opponents. Respect to the people's champ!

  • Tyson Vincent
    Tyson Vincent 11 months ago +1

    Wow from busking on the streets of The Philippines To becoming a boxing Hall of Fame and the only fighter to ever win a will titles in a different light glasses what a career what a privilege and honour was to have watched you for many Pacquiao good luck in whatever you decide to do with the rest of your life what are the great ones

  • Tribute101*
    Tribute101* Year ago +49

    For me, the tougher and the bigger opponent of Manny was Antonio Margarito. Imagine Margarito's 5'11" had reach advantage, weight etc... Manny was only 5'5" - 5'6" but he won that fight.

    • Arturo Serna
      Arturo Serna 5 months ago

      Margarito is trash and a cheater with no real boxing skills so I wouldn’t be hype about Beating a bum calm down. Even cotto washed him worse then pac in the rematch which further cemented that Margachito wasn’t a real fighter.

    • Arturo Serna
      Arturo Serna 5 months ago

      Margarito is trash and a cheater with no real boxing skills so I wouldn’t be hype about Beating a bum calm down.

    • MambaBreezy24
      MambaBreezy24 9 months ago

      And how many pounds was Margarito overweight? MP still destroyed him.

    • Tyrannical
      Tyrannical Year ago +3

      That shows what a young manny could do. Something Froid cant risk of LMAO.

    • Poljack Gompot
      Poljack Gompot Year ago +3


  • Darwin Legaspi
    Darwin Legaspi Month ago


  • Dave Clark
    Dave Clark Year ago +2

    Manny around 2010 was unstoppable

  • Phuritsabam Indrakumar Meitei

    he is legend and the best boxer of all time ...love you manny

  • Gnno Breaker
    Gnno Breaker Year ago +1

    I will forever be grateful for Manny's greatness as a boxer and for the honor he gave for the country, but as becoming a politician, NO.

  • WilmerF 1987
    WilmerF 1987 Year ago +48

    Thanks for your 26 years of hard work and dedication, the sport and the world of boxing will miss you , all the best to you and your family, enjoy your retirement!

  • patricio casillas
    patricio casillas Year ago +1

    The best fighter of all time 👏👏👏

  • Gil Vlogs
    Gil Vlogs 11 months ago +1

    We gonna miss him fighting in the ring😢😭😟 we miss yoh manny pacquiao wish you all the best❤

  • joreal25
    joreal25 Year ago +2

    i am very thankful, i live in the same era if so many great athletes..
    Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Manny Pacman, Steph Curry, Tyson, Magic Johnson, etc
    All are innovators..
    they changed the way the game is played in their respective sport..

  • DB
    DB 7 months ago +1

    Its the way Pacquiao did it that makes him a great to me. His heart.

  • mauri
    mauri Year ago +98

    as an American Manny Paquiao should be ranked #1 The greatest boxer ever been..no one will accomplish an 8 division champ like he did in anyones lifetime ...

    • TUTURU 🤡 MSC17 👑
      TUTURU 🤡 MSC17 👑 2 months ago +1

      @遊具も数化 hahaha... Boxing is how many championships you HAVE.... Only pacman have 8 In this world

    • 遊具も数化
      遊具も数化 2 months ago +1

      Nah, I would put him on Top 3
      1. Muhammad Ali
      2. Mike Tyson
      3. Manny Pacquiao

    • damzkie channel
      damzkie channel 10 months ago +1

      Yeah that sure😂😂😂😂

  • Jarje Guzman
    Jarje Guzman Year ago +3

    So happy that i lived the Pacquiao era

  • YT Heltrato
    YT Heltrato Year ago

    Honestly when Pac retired i cried so bad. like one of your ideal who want to be or hero is no more

  • Edlyn Yoshizawa
    Edlyn Yoshizawa Year ago

    Helpful and religious man.God bless you Pacquiao🙏🙏🙏