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Our LAVENDER Hognose Snakes Hatched!!

  • Published on Aug 15, 2022
  • The first babies of the 2022 breeding season have hatched!! And better yet- they're LAVENDER HOGNOSES!! Lavender condas to be exact ;) We couldn't be happier!!
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  • Eva
    Eva   +581

    Scooba Steve likes pink bananas XD

  • Kristoph J

    Emily immediately bursting into the bathroom to tell Ed was hilarious lol

  • 86fifty
    86fifty  +1

    I really appreciate how Emily takes the time to explain the genes of the babies, and the egg-cutting process, how the blood from the cuts are not injuries to the baby, and suchlike. I've been watching for 3 summers now - BOY how times does fly! - so I'm used to it. But it's always someone's first time, so she makes sure to be clear about that. :) That's a sign of a good educator, able to tell the same information over and over without getting impatient about it.

  • Damianana
    Damianana  +357

    "He's not dead, he's just upside-down!"

  • acedaggie15

    Emily: 'They're so pretty and purple! We swear they are lavenders!'

  • Blue_Angel
    Blue_Angel  +216

    When you're having a bad day, there's nothing better than seeing baby noodles hatching. So much cuteness is so good for the mood.

  • Lotus
    Lotus  +90

    The amount of serotonin I get from hearing Emily say "babies!" is worth the year long wait 😂💜

  • Manda Kat

    I love seeing you pick the holdbacks! Can you include that segment in future videos? I love seeing what breeders look for in what they keep!

  • Aayla Breast Vlogs

    I was so worried about the first one to come out because they looked like their neck was kinked at a weird angle. Glad everyone hatched fine and so excited for lavenders!

  • Henriette Andersen

    I know the lavender babies are supposed to be the most exciting part of this clutch, but OMG those stripes! 🤩🤩

  • Katie
    Katie  +56

    The upside down twisty hognose is literally exactly like my female everytime I get her out. She doesn't play dead, she just... prefers to be twisted... and in knots.... she's weird y'all

  • Quotidian Panda

    As an Australian, I will likely never see most of your species in person, so baby season is incredibly vicarious for me! Such precious little noodles of joy

  • Anne The Elf

    I am so incredibly jealous of whoever gets the normal with the stripe they didn't keep. It's really interesting to see how the conda gene expressed in this clutch. It seems so much more pronounced than in previous clutches with a conda x normal or conda x conda. Maybe having a conda gene from a super means that they'll likely be high expression?

  • Ocean Breezeyy

    I’ve been waiting FOREVER for the hatching vids. They’re finally here!

  • Vickie Bligh

    Congrats on the lavenders. Glad Lilly was what she was advertised as. Beautiful little babies.

  • GreenCharisard

    I know the lavanders are very exciting, but I LOOOOVE the striped condas! I'm happy you're keeping at least one to see if the trait shows up again (plus breeding the parents together again may give that again... can you imagine a fully striped lavander???)

  • Mew2Man
    Mew2Man  +151

    You should post a "color-corrected" photo version of the lavenders so we can see how purple they are!

  • Carson Slosman

    Her pure excitement mixed with baby voice has got my dog VERY excited for the clutch as well 😂

  • Crystal Snyder

    If you want to improve the visibility of the purple-ness of the lavender hogs you might want to try showing them on a lighter background like a white background or a light yellow background. The light yellow should especially help emphasize the purple tones of the lavender babies. 💜💛💜💛

  • CamNinja

    The fact that Emily doesn't complain about the egg goop on her hands is amazing.