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  • Published on Jun 22, 2021
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  • Ross Haiken Leonen
    Ross Haiken Leonen Month ago +8

    Dude will have a real good career being a boxing/combat sports commentator or a trainer.

  • Isaac Argueta
    Isaac Argueta Year ago +483

    I think Thurman is going to be a hell of a trainer one day! He can break things down so intricately and explains so well.

    • John Wick
      John Wick 2 days ago

      @Osama Bin Laden you are a princess

      JACK LONDON 2 months ago

      and analyst

    • Ytterdahls
      Ytterdahls 3 months ago

      @Job Sabado PacMan also has a lot of volume and speed. Many small rocks can be devastating if they hit you at the right places at the right time.

    • Job Sabado
      Job Sabado 3 months ago

      thurman asked if Pacquiao does some asian stuff lol and claims he still Pacquiao wasnt the hardest he was hit, when he got hit with thr body shot his body was starting to fold

    • Osama Bin Laden
      Osama Bin Laden Year ago +1

      @Jojo Bagito Edi wow

  • Between The Lines
    Between The Lines Year ago +163

    Perhaps Manny's feet in fast exchanges isn't noticeable.
    Even bradley said, normally in combinations the first and last shot was the hardest but with Manny every shot is hard.
    The main reason for that is his coordination, we all notice his fast hands but before he can throw a fast and hard punch his feet needs to be properly set to generate the power. Which means his feet needs to be a little faster than his hands and that calves really helped him do that.
    Even algieri mentioned that during the fight you'll notice his body is in an awkward position where most boxers isn't capable of throwing a good punch but somehow Pacquiao's punch still has that power.
    That's because he planted his feet fast that his opponent couldn't even notice.
    About garcia being good at planting his feet and moving his body to generate that torque, Pacquiao has also shown that in every fight just a faster execution like how he knocked out hatton.

    • Raimelyn F. Gobris
      Raimelyn F. Gobris Month ago

      One of the best explanation.

    • pat rick
      pat rick 3 months ago +2

      Right! he wouldn’t be known as he was today if isn’t something u know. There’s super human thing in him just like Usain bolt. These kind of human are very rare lol what am i saying πŸ˜‚

    • Mr.89ms
      Mr.89ms 6 months ago

      Damn bro 😳

    • the mischievous
      the mischievous 7 months ago

      lol you're gonna be a good boxing analyst

    • Danthony Mitchell
      Danthony Mitchell 8 months ago

      Get yo ass on TV and start calling fights!!! That was perfect

  • James S.
    James S. Year ago +1472

    Keith THurman gonna be a good analyst after his career

    • Maybleleen Joseph
      Maybleleen Joseph Month ago

      Yes, very true

    • Renzo469
      Renzo469 6 months ago

      Only thing he’d be good at, criticizing fighters better than him πŸ˜‚

    • Robert Hayes
      Robert Hayes 11 months ago

      Him and porter would make a good show together

    • Drei Zenit
      Drei Zenit 11 months ago

      @Joji Velasco he did well against pacquiao

    • Melvin P305
      Melvin P305 11 months ago

      @SeekYour Truth Sike you tripping

  • Pushidon 2
    Pushidon 2 Year ago +200

    He didn’t lose to a 40 year old
    He lost to a legend

  • Michael Nera
    Michael Nera Year ago +50

    I think it's a combination of several things including wrist, fist size and bone density. It's mainly a result of the hard jobs he's done since he was a kid and punching wood as a kid without gloves or any protection. These made his bones thicker and his fists resistant to pain and breakage.

    • Lorna Riveral
      Lorna Riveral Month ago +1

      plus the cleto reyes gloves has no padding which means he's almost punching bare handed that's might be the reason why it feels like a brick

  • Jeffrey Hermonio
    Jeffrey Hermonio Month ago

    Now you knowπŸ˜‚ how manny is a great fighter

  • VM
    VM Year ago +36

    Read an article few years ago about Pacquiao's skeleton. His bones are fairly large, so even with a drained physique his bones are able to transfer more force to his arms.
    Typical of some races of people in Southeast Asia or pacific islands. Short, stocky, large wrists and head, almost comical in appearance but good for scrapping.

    • TheGrim Reaper
      TheGrim Reaper Month ago

      And here are haters saying pacman was on roids and peds lol

    • Eugenio Vincenzo
      Eugenio Vincenzo 3 months ago +1

      @John Calingasan Filipinos are also to longest free divers in the world...17 minutes....spleens are double the size...

    • John Calingasan
      John Calingasan 4 months ago +1

      @Japorikiskiswa C damn! You are so right! Most of the filipinos where too short yet their bones were too thick! Ngl. You can see these kind of physiques everytime you went to some Market places.

    • Japorikiskiswa C
      Japorikiskiswa C 5 months ago +2

      Agree, Pacquaio shares the same genetics and phenotype as those people in the Philippines who can peel coconut with their teeth. He's from the same region of the juramentados, the moro swordsman, and the reason why the Americans invented the 1911 during the Filipino-American. Spain, Japan and US was not able to take a foothold on that region due to these amazing people with exceptional physique.

  • king se7enty8ight
    king se7enty8ight Year ago +24

    Take note, Pacquiao was not in his prime now. But still, fists of the Legend feels like a rock. Imagine if he fought him in Manny's prime. That bruised face of him will be converted to cuts like what happened to Dela Hoya, Margarito, Marquez, Cotto, etc.
    But still, kudos to this man for being a true warrior. He's a heck of an entertaining fighter. πŸ’ͺ

  • pizzulo81
    pizzulo81 Year ago +1347

    Pacquiao's wrists are the same size as Mike Tyson's. Let that sink in.

    • Hannah
      Hannah 7 months ago

      @MrBadintentionss just reading the thread cause got nothing else to do right now. Lol but this is such an easy excuse. βœŒπŸΌπŸ˜… just saying! Peace!

    • lester corrales
      lester corrales 7 months ago

      i am a filipino and i like pac but i gave mayweather that fight. i am not sure why you keep insist that pac won that. mayweather clearly adjusted his game plan to pac. he learned how to neutralize the left by parrying after 5th round. you better watch again.

    • Darren Fry
      Darren Fry 8 months ago

      Wrists don't ko you

      DXREVELATIONS 8 months ago

      dint notice the wrists but hes got some big hands. thats the size of his heart a race horse heart he can keep fighting burst of energy much longer than anybody his height. ive met him before he had roach. ive seen him train in secret rooms in the dark complete with a ring.

    • bokalbs
      bokalbs  10 months ago

      @MrBadintentionss shame that floyd ducked manny and cried steroids without proof for 6 years

  • Jake Sanchez
    Jake Sanchez 11 months ago +17

    2:29 tellin you a story why, pacman in his youngest age got into a lot of trouble with his brother in the streets. Whenever he's brother got into a trouble, they call pacman to reinforce. And it became a habit for pacman to punch a banana tree trunk almost everyday to make his fist stronger and immune to pain. Plus, he does it in a regular basis especially after watching his idols such as Tyson, Mexican champ Chavez and of course, Bruce Lee.

  • jasanc
    jasanc Year ago +5

    Pacquiao has calcified his fists like some martial artist who specialize on breaking hard objects. I am surprised more fighters are not doing it. Doing push-ups on your knuckles can start the process. The two biggest ones. You can also use a makiwata board.

  • Men at Work TV
    Men at Work TV Month ago

    So far he's a good analyst but his arrogance that he showed for Pacquiao before didn't work that's why his career nowadays is emotionally affected.

  • TrapJeff
    TrapJeff Year ago +44

    In my opinion. The power of Pac comes from his legs. Among all the active boxers, Pacquiao has the biggest calves. Aside from that, he's living a healthy lifestyle to preserve the good condition of his body.

    • Mentos
      Mentos 5 months ago

      @RADROOK don't forget Ricky Hatton lol. I remembered ordering a Domino's and when it arrived 10 minutes after, the fight ended. I just wasted my $30 lol!

    • Carlos Quiroz
      Carlos Quiroz 10 months ago

      Absolutely right, his footwork channels his momentum through his waist to his torso. His deltoids and pecs help.

      RADROOK 11 months ago

      True, the legs will add power to a punch by leveraging the boxer's entire body-weight into it.

      RADROOK 11 months ago +1

      @Spiritcr1jsher True.. As he did to De La Hoya sending him into permanent retirement. But notice that it was the accumulation of punches that always seemed to lead to a TKO. As he also did with Margarito.

    • Spiritcr1jsher
      Spiritcr1jsher 11 months ago +1

      @RADROOK not power? Guy has a crap load of knockouts and seems to turn his opponents faces into hamburger meat.

  • adam lees
    adam lees Year ago +27

    Thurman's legacy has been enhanced in defeat to Manny because he was humble afterwards and took his loss like a champion.Its how you come back that's important,not a loss against one of the best to ever do it.

    • Comrade Joseph Stalin
      Comrade Joseph Stalin 3 months ago

      @Old Ironsides SD loss to a legend ain't bad

    • Old Ironsides
      Old Ironsides 8 months ago

      His legacy is enhanced by losing
      To a 40+ year old manny because he took the loss like a man?
      That’s not how that works. It was a terrible loss for Keith.

  • Peter Wayne
    Peter Wayne 8 months ago +2

    Unlike other, Thurman is strong πŸ’ͺmentally and physically .. He could really knock out Pacquiao playing dirty but Pacquiao is a generous kind man who came out of poverty and looks after the underprivileged people. Nobody would want to play dirty against a man like that.
    Thurman was simply playing games with Pacquiao in the early rounds.
    Unlike how does in every other fights, where he goes to destory his opponent,. He was not in the mood to do that with Pacquiao.

  • Dad
    Dad Year ago +18

    I love this man's analogies! So articulate in his examples.

  • Kevin Mitchell
    Kevin Mitchell Year ago +13

    This was an excellent analysis, i always respected Keith Thurmans honesty as a fighter! hope he gets back to where he left off!

  • Geez
    Geez Year ago +9

    Danny got longer reach, making the punch push further and feels heavier.
    Pac's shorter reach can't bury the weight much, unless he launches his body weight in front with his good foot work.

  • Destiny DILAINC
    Destiny DILAINC Year ago +48

    Pac has one of the biggest wrist or if not biggest wrist for welterweights. His bones were denser that is why he was able to excel in 8 classes and carried his power.

    • MoneyBall
      MoneyBall 2 months ago

      @Florida Storm Partly true but bone density in the wrist probably the biggest factor along with speed - speed x mass = power

    • Eugenio Vincenzo
      Eugenio Vincenzo 3 months ago +1

      @Destiny DILAINC For Americans yes, but for Filipinos its normal to have muscular calves...

    • Florida Storm
      Florida Storm Year ago

      Destiny Dilai
      My understanding is that punching power originates from the legs especially in a small fighter. Just look at Manny's legs and you can see. Also, Manny trains harder than any fighter these days with the exception of GGG who is also a big puncher.

  • mark markyyy
    mark markyyy Year ago +1

    I like both Manny and Keith but, it sure looked to me like Pac was really feeling those right hands to the head in the second half of the fight. Also Manny DID wear those sunglasses after the fight and his people were reported to have some concern of slurring or other effects while he was back in his room, to the point where they were looking at him the next day also for continued effects but he was reportedly back to his normal self at that point. Don't know if true or false, it's just what I heard.

  • Efren TriΓ±o
    Efren TriΓ±o 11 months ago +4

    This Man should be a boxing commentator or analyst and should never leave the World of Boxing even if he retires. 100%

  • Mark Evan Fesalbon
    Mark Evan Fesalbon Year ago +2

    Being honest against all odds and even your enemy put down some time, it will be your best asset in life and this is another step for Keith to be a great boxing analyst and commentator. Cannot way for you Keith.

  • Geoffrey Goodyear
    Geoffrey Goodyear 11 months ago +1

    Ya see keiths honest here...pac started out his career 40 lbs lighter than where he ended up...so to carry that crazy power up the weights was astounding...when you hear the phrase ' he punched above his weight ' ...well pacman punched 10x above his weight...you will not see the likes of that incredible fighter ever againπŸ™πŸ₯ŠπŸ’£πŸ’₯

  • Abdullah Ibn Rin ibn Poat

    Much respect Keith a true warrior speaking the truth

  • zights
    zights Year ago +80

    pac has abnormal bone density...he has a heavyweight type bone structure...pacquiao's wrists are eight inches, and he's 5-6. The Pac Man's wrists are higher than the average boxer in the heavyweight division. Mike Tyson and Joe Louis had the same size wrists as pacquiao. sugar Shane Mosley's trainer Nazeem Richardson once said, β€œThe best trick pacquiao has pulled is making you believe he is smaller than you are.” Mosley, who is 2 1/2 inches taller than pacquiao, has a wrist size of only 6 1/4....now you know why pac's punches are like a rock.....

    • Old Ironsides
      Old Ironsides 8 months ago

      What kind of boxing fan wouldn’t be a fan of paquaio. Fought everybody in there prime from 126 on. All action. Throws many punches his footwork speed and power.
      You would have to be a hater to not like that guy and I was rooting hard against many against morales especially.

      DXREVELATIONS 8 months ago

      heard his wrists and hands have fused.

    • SoyPinoy
      SoyPinoy Year ago

      @Marvin Williams todorov still whooped floyd

    • Marvin Williams
      Marvin Williams Year ago

      @αœŒαœ†αœαœ‚αœ… stfu πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

    • αœŒαœ†αœαœ‚αœ…
      αœŒαœ†αœαœ‚αœ… Year ago +2

      @Marvin Williams butthurt?

  • KiddoSenpaiYT
    KiddoSenpaiYT Year ago +2

    Even though Keith trashtalked Manny Pacquiao...he still gave our champ a fight before so I respect him for his honesty ❀️

  • Jonathan Kewe
    Jonathan Kewe Year ago +1

    Eloquent, expressive and analytical. He really thinks through his responses and really mean what he says. I always enjoy his commentaries because I can almost see what he is describing in my mind....πŸ˜‡

  • How Depressing
    How Depressing Year ago +1

    Danny hits harder because he plants his feet and makes use of his longer reach, he throws more power by that. Manny doesn't hit as much to his full capacity because he moves a lot as a smaller fighter with shorter reach. Thats why you see manny hit bags harder than when hes on the ring, when hes on the bag, he doesn't have to "leap" or reach as much. Hence why hes got more power with his feet planted

  • vincent panoncial
    vincent panoncial Year ago +9

    The reason why the punches of Pacquiao feels like bricks is because of how fast he can punch
    The speed of these punches adds power

    • Jugg91
      Jugg91 6 months ago

      true but not just speed, short burst, explosive you can have speed without sting, but when you led it burst out like a volcano it adds more force and velocity to it. Much like Bruce Lee.

  • Savage Brothers
    Savage Brothers Year ago +1

    The thing is his speed kills,speed plus good timing plus good accuracy becomes into a dangerous punch,dont matter if u big or small

  • Gintong Butil
    Gintong Butil Year ago

    β€œTo be the best you’ve got to beat the best..” and he’s still around watching..
    legend has it, he’s still beating legendary fighters up to this day..
    unlike the other fighter who’s defeated lots of bums and truck drivers, perfect undefeated record indeed, again what’s this guy name?

  • L.R
    L.R Year ago +4

    This guy is in his prime.His last fight was 2yrs ago. I remember when the best fought 2-3x a yr

    SCORPION FIRE 6 months ago +1

    "Manny Pacquiao's punches were like bullets. When he missed, I would hear a snap." -Tim Bradley Jr.

  • Joseph Christian Roldan

    I used to not like this dude, but after the Pacquiao fight, Thurman earned my respect.

    • Island Boy
      Island Boy 11 months ago

      Respect for what? It was obvious that manny's gonna slow down and that age is gonna show up. Thurman didn't do shit what you talking about?

    • Leon Benjamin
      Leon Benjamin Year ago +3

      Had he beat him, you would not be saying that.

  • Pure Water
    Pure Water 5 months ago +1

    You know you getting whooped when a guy hit u and you say"damn was that a rock" πŸͺ¨ πŸ₯Š

  • ehmjeigh
    ehmjeigh Year ago +216

    Imagine pacquiao move down to his natural weight class between lightweight and junior welterweight..
    We will see trees goin down..

    • Joel guzon
      Joel guzon 6 months ago


    • Giovanni Yves Vicencio
      Giovanni Yves Vicencio Year ago

      @Henry yes but imagine the speed

    • Henry
      Henry Year ago

      Going lower in weight does not equal more power mate

    • Tekato Anime YT
      Tekato Anime YT Year ago +1

      He would kill tank lmao

    • JP
      JP Year ago +1

      bruh he would be fighting guys like Loma, Teofimo, Tank. No one would step up πŸ˜‚

  • Hob Abreu
    Hob Abreu Year ago +6

    Garcia to me punches like George Foreman. The reason Pac's hand feel like bricks is because he punches the base of the heavy bag when he trains. Go check it out.

  • Yannick Lillo
    Yannick Lillo Year ago

    Nazeem Richardson said the same thing when manny was wrapping his hands for the Shane Mosley fight. He felt mannys punch on his hand and if he didn’t watch manny wrap his hands he would’ve asked him to wrap them again

  • Conan Bowtie
    Conan Bowtie Year ago +2

    Of all the recent welters, I always thought DSG's left hook was the scariest of all of them. He puts everything into it and he's snappy with it too.

    • Reynan
      Reynan Year ago

      But sadly , it's all that he got.

  • sky wall
    sky wall Year ago

    He knows all punches weight and speed that he delivered and received.. And how to reply and defend.. It's complicated sometimes

  • Jan Dawn Heath
    Jan Dawn Heath Year ago

    Here in the Philippines every boxing fan talks about it! Even wayback in Pacs early career. Its different at d same time wierd, most boxers are hard/heavy punchers but Mannys punch are painfull, it inflicts pain! maybe the way he delivers or snaps his punches☺

  • Paul Vicente V Curimao

    Many times supposed welterweights said that Manny is not a power puncher or one of the hardest punchers in welter weight. However, it seems 100% of them agrees that he hits hard, although not that hard. Unfortunately, what they usually do not highlight much is that Manny is super fast and hits or punches almost at every angle. What that means is, One will most likely get beaten without them knowing what happened.

  • mR. siLent
    mR. siLent 11 months ago

    Simple that its the fruit of Manny's training since he was very young, its not just training plus his work lifting heavy stuffs,imagine how he got that 8 Divisions World ChampionπŸ€” its just shows how he's disciplined in terms of his trainings.

  • skalawitz
    skalawitz 8 months ago

    You may have lost to manny but we love you Mr. Thurman, so much respect from us filipinos.. you fought well.

  • HulkVahkiin
    HulkVahkiin Year ago

    Can't wait to see his return, hopefully better than before.

  • NraugHmoob Yaj
    NraugHmoob Yaj 8 months ago

    When you feel your opponent’s hands are hard as a Rock, you know you are in deep trouble.

  • Edgar Martinez
    Edgar Martinez Year ago

    I think Thurman’s analysis is kinda biased. He could have beat pacquiao. He had the youth, the size and the strength advantage. But clearly underestimated pacquiao’s speed, punching power and footwork. Danny was a very formidable opponent and that fight could have gone both ways. But it was clear that Pacquiao gave Thurman a proper shellacking.

  • Remember your future

    I want Danny to make a comeback. Boriqua’s always pack a hard punchπŸ₯ŠπŸ”₯πŸ’¨

  • Mob Bless
    Mob Bless Year ago

    Keith is saying that part of the reason manny hits hard is bc of the gloves …then says Danny hits harder…First off Reyes Gloves are common sense and know as a β€œPunchers Glove”.
    2. Danny also wore Reyes gloves when he fough Keith so then that same energy he put towards Manny would as well apply towards Danny. But regardless of gloves Power is Power Speed is power.

  • Rafa
    Rafa Year ago +2

    He learnt his lesson the hard way but he did learn.

  • Paul Sarmiento
    Paul Sarmiento Year ago

    I hate it when people say "The speed of these punches adds power"
    No!!! Speed is multiplying power and not just adding to it.
    Force = mass x speed squared
    So if the speed is 2 x faster, the force is not twice but 4 times greater.

  • xDAndre23x
    xDAndre23x Year ago +1

    In my opinion pac man just has insane lower body strength, have you seen his calves lol that’s what he uses to generate power and he also has high bone density it seems like with his huge wrist

  • Ricardo Buryansky
    Ricardo Buryansky Year ago +45

    Thurman went from calling Pacquiao a T rexx arms to calling his fist bricks 🀣

    • Claude Reyes
      Claude Reyes 6 months ago

      @Warwick W No Im not offended. Actually, there is nothing offensive about what you said. I was just wondering why out of nowhere you just mentioned mayweather jr while these guys are not even talking about him? Im like WTF! 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    • Warwick W
      Warwick W 7 months ago

      @Claude Reyes You sound very angry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings lol - I’m just comparing Floyd to Thurman. Floyd won after disrespecting Pacquiao πŸ˜„

    • Claude Reyes
      Claude Reyes 7 months ago

      @Warwick W what the fuck are you saying?! They are not even talking about mayweather!

    • Warwick W
      Warwick W 8 months ago

      That shows you how great Floyd is, he trash talked Pacquiao and beat him easily 🐐

    • 8L4CK834RD
      8L4CK834RD Year ago

      Haha! Yeah.

  • Dana Y
    Dana Y Year ago +2

    Boxers are in my book, always the most interesting athletes to listen and talk to.

  • Steven Truitt
    Steven Truitt Year ago

    I respect that Keith said that Ugas would be the best fight. He could've said the weakest fighter but he said the strongest of the 3.

  • Amazon
    Amazon 8 months ago

    I know the uploader is a Pacquiao fan, but the video ended way too early. I wanted to hear what Kieth had to finish saying. That said, It's a wonder why Thurman isn't at the top and undefeated. The guy has incredible knowledge. He definitely needs a high-paying, steady job as a boxing analyst.

  • LoneWolf PH
    LoneWolf PH Year ago +80

    Watch Naazim Richardson interview when he fought Mosley. He asked manny to punch his hand while manny wrapping his hand and he said his punch is really hard.. and manny has an 8 inch wrist like those heavy weight 😁

    • The Watcher
      The Watcher Year ago

      @xpact Manny was never an 8 division champion. But since you think so, go ahead and tell me which sanctioning body belts (WBA,WBC,IBF,WBO) he won at 126 &140. It's really gonna hurt when you find out your idol is a media creation. You also want to somehow punish Floyd because he never lost or gave away his god given talents. He owned Manny, made the most money and for good measure beat todays #1 p4p fighter Canelo very easily. Move along or I'll just keep hitting you with more facts. πŸ˜‚

    • D B
      D B Year ago +1

      @Bryan Yambao clinching isn’t hugging. Floyd would tie him up so he doesn’t fight on the inside. It also makes your opponent tired

    • Blue Ocean
      Blue Ocean Year ago

      @Earl Ferry yes its true. Again please read my post and understand each number or elaborate. Thanks :)

    • Nie Li
      Nie Li Year ago

      @D B πŸƒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸƒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

    • Earl Ferry
      Earl Ferry Year ago

      @Blue Ocean 50 fights 23 world champs beat em all you forgot that fact

  • Clarque Quent β€’ 50 years ago

    Hatton: "Same move everytime" - Didn't saw his punch coming
    De La Hoya: "I'm faster than him" - Literally can't keep up
    Margaritto: "He has no power" - His face got swollen
    Bradley: "I can take whatever's coming" - He throws like he has 8 arms
    Thurman: "His age will weaken and slow him down" - Had his first lost
    yeah he's a freak of nature alright

  • Chi111y
    Chi111y Year ago +1

    I agree with the analysis of Danny. Thats a punching style many Philly guys use. The leverage and torque generated from that style is POWERFUL. They land a few punches and you're like hello!

  • Din Caliver69
    Din Caliver69 Year ago

    Agreed thurman! The really advantage of Pacuiao is the speed and volume of punches... You can see the face of his opponents after fight😊😊😊

  • Philly fight Doctor
    Philly fight Doctor Year ago +5

    Keith , Roy Jones and Holyfield can really break down the elements of the fight game very well.

  • PhiloTalks
    PhiloTalks Year ago +1

    Bruh, he learned so much when he fought pacman, He train his foot work all 24/7

  • aprilshower2006
    aprilshower2006 Year ago

    Pacman's punch not that harder but I believe it damages a lot inside the body. I always notice Pacman's opponents bleed.

  • Illest
    Illest Year ago +2

    Nazim Richardson already discussed pacs hands saw n felt pacs power after wraps dudes just literally built different not the gloves

  • Ray Perez
    Ray Perez Year ago

    Remember that thurman only fought once every 5yrs lol so pacquiao felt even harder ..errol actually stays active even after a life n death situation

  • ?????? A
    ?????? A Year ago +11

    Love Thurman. He's super entertaining! Shout out 2 Danny! We always hit hard over here in Philly!

  • Ryu Dru
    Ryu Dru Year ago

    I believe it has to do with the hand wraps as well some trainers know how to double even triple stack and when u sweat it becomes like plaster over ur knuckles !

  • Red Cloud
    Red Cloud Year ago

    The reason why Pacquiao doesn't hit as hard as he was in lower weight is two folds:
    1. Coming from flyweight to welterweight just means---he's fighting way bigger fighters ergo fighters with much better punch resistance.
    2. T-rex arms---Because of his shorter reach, he barely plants his feet when delivering blows anymore, he has to jump around in and out so that he could reach his opponent.
    *Watch him fight fighters with similar arm length like David Diaz, Ricky Hatton, Lucas Matthyse etc .. Where he could plant his feet more and you feel how heavy and powerful his punches are.

  • Master NEO
    Master NEO Year ago +2

    Keith was Born on November 23 1988
    Calculating his personality as an Astrologer
    Keith is Very Good in Analyzing things since he is 'Part Scorpio and Sagittarius and combine it with he's Year of the Dragon,a Perfectionist guy with the Power of Luck ,as his sign signifies LUCK as a Dragon....Saludos! πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

  • D Eleqtronica
    D Eleqtronica Year ago +1

    β€œDid they do some Asian stuff???” Keith kills me 🀣

  • Tla
    Tla Year ago +38

    Thurman specifies "Garcia isn't even a real welterweight," yet he doesn't say Pacquiao, who was reported at least twice to walk at 141lbs outside of training camp, isn't even a real welterweight?
    btw, x-vid.net/video/CDAQw2YLMA0/video.html proves Pacquiao doesn't load his gloves and he just has heavy hands. He told Nazim Richardson to watch him wrap his hands, then punched Nazim's hand without gloves on for Nazim to compare his power, and Nazim said if he hadn't seen Pac wrap his hand, he would've suspected Pac loaded something in it too.
    *BTW, GARCIA WORE REYES GLOVES WHILE FIGHTING YOU, THURMAN...* it's Pac, not the gloves, not the wraps...
    Thurman, stop spreading rumors already. Pac hurt you, end of story. Stop spreading these rumors about his suspicious heavy hands. why don't u talk about how a 141lbs guy can fight welters that come down from 170-180lbs? no amount of plaster can help any 140 pounder beat a welterweight, but pac does it clean. he just has awesome punching technique, power, and impact integrity.
    and gosh, if thurman doesn't know about this, somebody who can get to him tell him for gods sake. how do u interviewers not know this or never tell thurman (that interview has over 1 million views)??? Nazim literally said he would've suspected pac too if he didn't see pac wrap his hands, and tested pac's punch without gloves. thurman's gotta stop spreading rumors.

    • josh amsalu
      josh amsalu Year ago

      @Tla bro i think u overthinking the shit lol yeah he got surprised by the mythical power of pacman to the point he is tyring to figure the shit out till this day. thought that was a complement.

    • ?????? A
      ?????? A Year ago +1

      Get off Pac's sack. The guy says another guy hits harder than the other guy. He fought both but believes one guy hits harder than the other. Now a guy writes an entire paragraph/book to discredit Thurman. Never fought Pac or Garcia, but knows how the punches feel. Too many fanboys!

    • Tla
      Tla Year ago +4

      @rose black yep, he never made an actual claim that pac cheated, only hinted. in this clip, he is clearly trying to move away from his wraps controversy. now he's focused on "something" giving pac heavy hands, but not illegal.

    • rose black
      rose black Year ago

      @Tla ah i see what you're saying. he didn't outright claim pacquiao cheated but when given the opportunity, he didn't deny the possibility that he cheated either and then differed to atlas who has always accused pacquiao of taking PEDs. the better way to handle it would have been to say "while it is not my job to test for these things, i have no evidence/no reason to believe that pac uses PEDs. he beat me fair and square." or something like that

    • Tla
      Tla Year ago +4

      @rose black one of the times was something to do with teddy atlas i think. other ones were with youtube boxing channels. he said he had time to think about it and that's why he didn't mention the wraps right after the fight.
      the videos are hard to find cause the topic isn't in the titles. you'll come across them eventually if they're recommended.
      *found the article excerpt insinuating PED/wraps:*
      β€œListen, I did not regulate any form of testing in that fight,” Thurman exclusively told World Boxing News.
      β€œHe did do the majority of his training camp in the Philippines, and his hands felt like cement, so, Teddy, you tell me!
      β€œMy focus is on how to train and show up. Teddy sounds like he knows a few more things about the industry than I do.
      btw x-vid.net/video/gXJtIf7kw-E/video.html this is what thurman sounds like when he was giving credit in phase 1. it's completely different so it's clear as day. saying that he was being ambiguous doesn't help with the difference in his words. this clip is what giving credit looks like. the other ones in phase 2 and 3 sound completely different.

  • Lord Of Faiyum
    Lord Of Faiyum Year ago +1

    Keith is a Hall if fame fighter. Guy is underrated as all hell. One of the p4p best imo. Needs to fight more though and soon

  • joe pacheco
    joe pacheco Year ago +13

    Has Thurman ever seen Pac hit those heavy punching bags in training? He's probably holding back til he gets in the ring.

  • BiggzAd
    BiggzAd Year ago

    What's funny is he said that about Danny Garcia when Spence was going to fight him. We all seen how dominant Spence was over Danny.

  • Aaron S. Baker
    Aaron S. Baker Year ago

    I forgot what round it was in the Thurman v Garcia fight, but there was this one punch where Garcia hot Thurman so hard and so clean, that I was shocked that Thurman took it

  • Kesavan S
    Kesavan S Year ago

    Can I hear the truth…was Thurman injured significantly prior to the PAC fight?.
    I expected Thurman to win.

  • civil service
    civil service Year ago +18

    pacquiaos hand were molded because of the hardships he endured during his early life.. πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  • PlebeianGaming
    PlebeianGaming 7 months ago

    Pacquiao's footwork are optimized for speed but if he plants his feet at the right time you're catching a big one.

  • Montoya Jp
    Montoya Jp Year ago

    Keith thurman will be a great boxing commentator and analyst πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • Life Lessons
    Life Lessons Year ago +2

    Less padding. More effective power. The Maidana effect πŸ₯Š

  • Ethan Means
    Ethan Means Year ago

    I still like Thurman I think injuries kinda offset his rise


    Simple campeΓ³n en 8 categorΓ­as Pacman.

  • TheBlackHammer
    TheBlackHammer Year ago

    Difference is Keith was in his prime when he fought a 40yo Pac who was well past his prime. Keith would’ve received the same beating Cotto got of it was a prime Pac.

  • Angel Santos
    Angel Santos Year ago

    Not the hardest pick he ever felt? But when was the last time you saw Thurman hit so hard he fell or doubled over and had to take his mouth piece out after a punch. During the Danny fight did Thurman do ANY of those things.

  • d6
    d6 11 months ago

    Hard not to like Thurman, when he's in his humble mode. He's very articulate and will make a great boxing commentator IMO when he retires

  • cebuanostud
    cebuanostud Year ago +269

    I can't believe he never suspect Manny's legendary calves. That's where the power is harnessed.

    • Clueless Designer
      Clueless Designer Year ago

      What’s the β€œlegend” behind the calves can we hear it? πŸ˜…

    • Clueless Designer
      Clueless Designer Year ago

      Why is it that everything with pacquiao is legendary. Legendary calves. What next? Legendary …

    • Henry
      Henry Year ago

      Please.. Danny and Gennady Golovkin can punch harder than Manny and they still have slimmer calves than Manny. Power does not majority come from calve muscle. Wake up people stop living in delusional world.

    • Noel Bate
      Noel Bate Year ago

      yeah i think a lot of Manny's punching power comes from those calves and the way he just creates so much force by using them is truly one of a kind

      KID JUSTICE Year ago +1

      Therman is just jealous he got knocked down.

  • Weiht
    Weiht Year ago +4

    Dropped you once and have you removing ur mouth guard and running while gasping for air.. Stop looking looking excuses..

  • Ybes Prince
    Ybes Prince Year ago

    Floyd said the same thing. Some fighters just got that thump in they fists. That wit Pac’s weird angles will feel like something crazy hit u. Floyd said it, Tim Bradley said it, everybody said it lmao. Thurman lost coz he thought Manny was too old. If he wouldve listened to Pac’s old opponents he wouldve been more careful in there but his ego got him beat. Pac put them paws on him & he couldnt believe how the power felt. By the time he got his confidence back it was too late. Pac was already way ahead in the cards & still got his second wind in him.

  • pitumputpitongputingpating bob

    the danny vs keith fight looked like someone was about to get their heads chopped off with the punches being thrown.

    • Nakupo Buhay
      Nakupo Buhay Year ago

      Damn thats a classic that earned both of them great respect

    • Bill Clark
      Bill Clark Year ago

      Same with Keith vs Porter

    • ehmjeigh
      ehmjeigh Year ago +1

      Titty rub.. The whole vid.πŸ˜‚

    • B P
      B P Year ago +2


  • John V
    John V Year ago

    Ugas should fight Ortiz. It will be the perfect test for Ortiz whose beating up decent but not top names.
    It would also show if Ortiz is ready for the champs - Personally feel like he gets punched to much and against someone like Crawford or Spence he would probably be dropped if not stopped. However, he's still has growing to do.

  • Renodrums1987
    Renodrums1987 Year ago

    Cmon Keith, That body shot that Manny landed on you looked like that was one of the hardest shots you ever took.

  • Jay jesuswake
    Jay jesuswake Year ago

    Big fan of thurman...love listening to him..really good boxer

  • Francis Medes
    Francis Medes Year ago

    Pac's punch is really like a rock since its faster than most of the boxers.

  • Jake Ramzy
    Jake Ramzy Year ago

    It's the lack of class that can separate great sporting icons. Losing your undefeated status to a hall of fame legend who is a 7 weight devision champion isn't going to ruin your legacy Thurman, but not being respectful will

  • The Sanchez's
    The Sanchez's Year ago

    Now you know. that's why he's the GOAT.

  • Incognito Joe
    Incognito Joe Year ago +85

    Had a feeling he was gonna say Danny hits harder

    • FMG Mack
      FMG Mack Year ago

      I mean Danny is way bigger bro walks around at almost 170

    • asf asfaf
      asf asfaf Year ago

      @Dancing Diva I'm the slow one but you haven't once explained how he's downplaying it... okay buddy...

    • asf asfaf
      asf asfaf Year ago

      @Dancing Diva But what did he say that's downplaying it? Your explanation explained nothing, saying someones punches feel like a small brick hitting you is the opposite of downplaying it??

    • asf asfaf
      asf asfaf Year ago

      @Dancing Diva So where does he downplay his power?

    • asf asfaf
      asf asfaf Year ago +1

      @Dancing Diva Where does he downplay pacquiao's power? A small brick is still a brick.

  • Itsthemuscledad
    Itsthemuscledad 8 months ago

    Imagine if he fought a prime pacquiao

  • hijackd
    hijackd 11 months ago

    Keith is underated .. he is a genious in the sport of boxing .. i believe in you keith!

    SUPER FREAK Year ago +6

    Since he's no longer undefeated, I hope Keith fights the best matches available and not pick easy fights.

    • Island Boy
      Island Boy 11 months ago

      @GldStandrd man biggest fight of his career he lost. He not on that elite level.

      SUPER FREAK Year ago +1

      @GldStandrd Yea dude I'm notbsaying that he picks fights but being undefeated it's in the back of your mind, Mind you he was the favorite against the Pacman fight. I just want him from now on gun for the top everytime.

    • GldStandrd
      GldStandrd Year ago +1

      Keith has a solid resume though