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  • Published on Feb 13, 2021
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  • navyblu79
    navyblu79 Year ago +1111

    Gotta respect Tim. He's turning into a very good analyst from being a top dog boxer.

    • Terry Graves
      Terry Graves 17 days ago

      Bradley did not beat the Pac-Man look at the freaking fight

    • KJ17
      KJ17 Year ago

      @CWeaveLyrical it’s the real life akhi tv lmao

    • KJ17
      KJ17 Year ago

      Lmao ware u high when u wrote this comment?

    • h22prelude_ 32
      h22prelude_ 32 Year ago

      @Tevita Pulu wtf, are you really this brainless?

    • Tevita Pulu
      Tevita Pulu Year ago

      @h22prelude_ 32 sorry for hurting your feelings ya softy

  • Lucas King
    Lucas King Year ago +795

    If Tim Bradley had power he would've been unstoppable.

    • MrStylesHD
      MrStylesHD 7 months ago

      @Lucas King ur pretty dumb . When Floyd became “Money” mayweather he no longer had the power and had to rely on defense countering and being smart . Who tf cares what he was in the beginning at the time nobody knew who he was anyways when he became TBE that’s when he became a legend with no power took everyone to decision and beat them all so stfu . And honestly it’s better to beat someone by decision then ko them . Cuz the other guy knows damn I tried my hardest for so many rounds and he still beat me , point is they know he’s better . If they would’ve got ko’d they can lie to themselves and say “oh it was a lucky shot” oh it was my fault I ran into it “. “What if I wouldn’t have got hit with that shot I would’ve beat him “. Bullshit basically .

    • Cool Kidd
      Cool Kidd 9 months ago

      Agree. But Bradley is one of the best weltereweights during the time of Floyd/Pac.

    • KJ M
      KJ M Year ago

      @Brad Bonard Dela Cruz bonak

    • KJ M
      KJ M Year ago

      @Robert Hamilton facts

    • cris cris
      cris cris Year ago

      he'd probably have more dominant wins... his wins are more of outlanding or just outworking his opponents but this guy's a tough dude though... I remember he got hit with a K.O. punch like most guy would just stop there, was it with postol? you could see like he soul just got kick out of somewhere next to hawaii straight up from las vegas... but dude stood back up and won the fight.

  • Pastor Tim Brooks
    Pastor Tim Brooks Month ago +7

    Congratulations to Tim Bradley for being selected to the International Boxing Hall of Fame.
    Very much deserved Champ 🏆

  • Are5 DN
    Are5 DN Year ago +236

    all of a sudden, i have a lot of respect to timothy.. man, this dude dropped the realest talk about this generation in just 5mins of his time.

  • Nathan Wolfson
    Nathan Wolfson Year ago +468

    Tim - “Do you really wanna see Ryan Garcia get slept by a 40-something year old Manny Pacquiao?”
    - “Well Tim, you see.... quite frankly.. That’s exactly what we want to see..😈”

    • Rolando Maguad
      Rolando Maguad 14 days ago

      Ask thurman about that😂😂😂

    • Robert Langdon
      Robert Langdon 10 months ago

      @Re!gn the problem is, thurman is actually a real motherfucker in that ring, garcia? it's not a matter of ego deflation anymore, he'd get killed ffs.

    • Eric Walker
      Eric Walker Year ago

      He is asking for it.

    • Taylor Allen
      Taylor Allen Year ago +1

      Of course most people do. 🤣🤣🤣 All jokes aside tim cares about the kids career.

    • Jonathan Sibay
      Jonathan Sibay Year ago +1

      Exactly!! Hahaha

  • mark markyyy
    mark markyyy Year ago +26

    Words of wisdom from a MAN who actually fought and felt the punches of PAC. Way to go TB.

  • George P
    George P Year ago +43

    This is why I like Tim. He’s honestly, brutally honest. And sometimes the truth hurts.

  • Adrian Serrano
    Adrian Serrano Year ago +16

    Tim has a great mind for the sport, never liked him when I first started watching his fights but he for sure changed my opinion on him just through his words, let alone his fights. What a champ he is

  • Daque Prince john matthew

    ryan garcia is like skipping a tutorial and jumping into boss fight

    • MUSIC
      MUSIC 6 months ago

      Thats true

    • Kyennich Jahn Esperat
      Kyennich Jahn Esperat 7 months ago

      lol, Not even close 😂... Overhyping Garcia for the New Generation 😂... Watch Pacman pacman fights since he was 19 years old

    • Yujiro Goggins
      Yujiro Goggins 7 months ago


    • YT Heltrato
      YT Heltrato 9 months ago

      Basically your pet Puppy vs a russian bulldog

    • Good boy
      Good boy 11 months ago

      That's true man.

  • Agri - nihan
    Agri - nihan Year ago +2185

    I think Ryan garcia vs inoue is more interesting match up. He's too early for a legendary fighter

    • jj
      jj 8 months ago

      @Jaime inoue 118 only bantamweight

    • Sarah
      Sarah Year ago

      @FRANCHISE FRANCHISE do you know anything about weight classes ? Lol

    • cris cris
      cris cris Year ago

      I mean... it's not interesting... ryan would make it look easy cuz inoue enjoys brawling his opponent, chances are he gonna get hit with a counter left hook once he tries to go in... look donaire almost knock him out and actually made a fracture on his orbital bone and donaire's a terrifying hooker like ryan... the difference is the angle it would come from, ryan's hook would most likely hit inoue in the temple easily compared to deonaire's because of reach and heigh difference.

    • Tnamoco
      Tnamoco Year ago

      @Jaime But Manny Pacquiao did it back then 😳

    • KARGID
      KARGID Year ago

      @FRANCHISE FRANCHISE inoue isn't Manny Pacquiao tho, i doubt he can pull it off on heavier weights

  • E E
    E E Year ago +37

    Dude Tim has matured so much over the years! Mad respect to him, and I used to despise him due to the first fight with Pac!

  • Vanjoe Colado
    Vanjoe Colado Year ago +2

    Much respect with this guy right here! This is what an example of a real man.

  • Joel Albaracin
    Joel Albaracin Year ago +88

    Im starting to like Bradley, his honest words for Manny could make Ryan's camp to think twice.

  • BigOtis
    BigOtis Year ago +361

    The store clerk will be like...”Ya Mr. Garcia he is in maintenance let me page him to help you”

    • JM Gonzaga
      JM Gonzaga Year ago +1

      Garcia’s are too common lmao 🤣

    • Aaron Cedric Conte
      Aaron Cedric Conte Year ago

      most decent laugh I had in days bruh🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Allan
      Allan Year ago

      I have to go to bed but you got me laughing so hard...true!

    • drei9
      drei9 Year ago


    • Mr. Yusu
      Mr. Yusu Year ago


  • gian fajardo
    gian fajardo Year ago +2047

    "How the hell did you earn it? That’s whats wrong with this generation bro”
    -damn true brad

    • Kyennich Jahn Esperat
      Kyennich Jahn Esperat 7 months ago

      Facts 🙌🏼... Only kids overhyping Garcia 🤮

    • Karate Chap
      Karate Chap Year ago


    • Ahma Wayne Kurr
      Ahma Wayne Kurr Year ago

      @43wolverine “feminine” and “millennial” are insults? Guys, I found the brain dead conservative.

    • DS2951
      DS2951 Year ago

      @Daniel Campbell you didn't see the Jeff horn fight did you.

    • June rick Biliran
      June rick Biliran Year ago

      I laughed so hard when he said it! Exactly nailed it man!

  • Eric
    Eric Year ago +1

    Tim Bradley is the man! One of the most respectful in the game, and a true warrior!

  • BeenThuggen
    BeenThuggen Year ago +150

    That shit he said about social media is so true, these kids these days think views and followers equals a resume.

    • Yeetwch Y Baban
      Yeetwch Y Baban Year ago

      @Lord of the Hnngs lmao no

    • BeenThuggen
      BeenThuggen Year ago +7

      @Lord of the Hnngs all Jake Paul talks about is “you don’t have as many followers as me” which leads his fan base to have that same mentality. If social media platforms were to drop off the face of the earth, they wouldn’t know how to survive.

    • WADEPH33R3
      WADEPH33R3 Year ago +1

      most of the people who follow him aren't people who watch boxing

    • Lord of the Hnngs
      Lord of the Hnngs Year ago +1

      To be fair there are few exceptions like logan/jake paul

  • Tom Tolentino
    Tom Tolentino Year ago +6

    Brutally honest Mr. Bradly. From the eyes of a great fighter who has been in the ring with another great fighter, and living legend, Manny Paquiao, your comments on this one is spot on. Today’s young fighters is all about numbers, and social status, and time, maturity, popularity seem to cloud their reality of the sport.........good call Sir 😇🙏🥊👍🇺🇸🇵🇭🇺🇸🇵🇭🇺🇸🇵🇭

  • benlonz
    benlonz Year ago

    Spoken like a wise man. Respect to Timothy Bradley and his perspective on Manny pacquiou. 🙏🏼

  • Marky Gabby
    Marky Gabby Year ago +1502

    "Do you really wanna see Ryan Garcia get slept by a 40-year old Pac... Why would you ruin a kid like that?"
    Brutally honest take! You got my respect Brad. #RealTalk

    • Niko
      Niko Year ago

      It's like fighting a lvl 99 boss after getting out of tutorial missions

    • Jomapa Plaridel
      Jomapa Plaridel Year ago

      @Christian Mariano 42 bro

    • Reality Bites
      Reality Bites Year ago +1

      @Captain Velli let garcia fight thurman or shawn porter, if he beats them he can fight pacquiao

    • BigBro's Gamehouse
      BigBro's Gamehouse Year ago

      @Captain Velli he may be old but garcia has literally jaws made of glass

    • Johnranny Tan
      Johnranny Tan Year ago

      Garcia abnormal hahaha

  • Angelo Drullard
    Angelo Drullard Year ago +3

    He had a great career we miss this guy

  • HappyMeal
    HappyMeal Year ago +271

    Tim looks like he's about to go home from school after his thesis defense presentation

    • Kyle FPV
      Kyle FPV Year ago +1

      the guy can fight and has a big brain at the same time.

    • Sexy Brunch Set
      Sexy Brunch Set Year ago


    • I Love Coffee
      I Love Coffee Year ago +2

      Why did I think that immediately in the first few seconds of the video.

  • Antonio Rivas
    Antonio Rivas Year ago

    Let's stop for a moment and appreciate the knowledge of this great fighter: Timothy Bradley.
    Let's Thanks him for taking the time to preach the truth, and keeping it real. #Respect champ.

  • Chuck Van dam
    Chuck Van dam Year ago +16

    I love and respect Tim he’s highly underrated

  • Gage 4200
    Gage 4200 Year ago +724

    This was straight big brother advice no shade thrown just straight honesty

    • Konosuba danmachi
      Konosuba danmachi 6 months ago

      @Dmpsix comparing loma and pacman ?

    • Ace Tv
      Ace Tv Year ago +2

      @Dmpsix Thurman is a lot better than Ryan Garcia. That only proved that Manny still have some gas left.

    • Dmpsix
      Dmpsix Year ago +1

      @Agha Muddassir Shah
      Try actually watching the fight
      Loma was hurt rounds 1-6
      That’s why he hesitated to go in, every time he would throw and try to 180 around Teo, he was met with body shots and Loma clearly didn’t like them
      How are you gonna comment about the fight and not even watch it ? Hold t

    • Vin Ren
      Vin Ren Year ago +1

      @Dmpsix lol manny would destroy that boy

    • JR 2.0
      JR 2.0 Year ago

      Someone like ryan García doesn't want honest truth. They live inside their head and social media clout.

  • ltravail
    ltravail Year ago

    Great assessment of Ryan Garcia's chances against the legendary Pacman, from a man who knows what he's talking about. A brutally honest, eloquent, and logical critique. Not only Ryan, but other young aspiring boxing talents in the game today should listen to what Tim Bradley is saying here. Tim makes a very important distinction between X-vid boxing stars and ring-proven boxing stars. Since, according to Tim Bradley, young Ryan Garcia is more of a social media star than a tried and tested boxer, maybe Ryan's next fight should be against Jake Paul - another social media boxing star who has yet to face, let alone defeat, a real boxer.

  • FMD Inc
    FMD Inc Year ago

    Tim knew he lost that first fight with manny but he’s always been va class act. Respect to Tim

  • Vince Vegas
    Vince Vegas Year ago +10

    The great Tim Bradley. Always good to hear from him.


    Big respect for bradley for just speaking real thing out there ✊

  • rock star
    rock star Year ago +222

    One of the most humble and underrated boxer in history. In and out of the ring. One of the very few. Much much respect Tim.

    • ItOnlyHurtsWhenYouLie
      ItOnlyHurtsWhenYouLie Year ago +17

      @Hummer Fan
      Do you know what humble even means?
      How the judges scored his fights has nothing to do with how Bradley carries himself.

    • Hummer Fan
      Hummer Fan Year ago +1

      Tim is humble? No. How did u earn your victory over pac. They beat the hell out of u 3 times

  • Don Calipayan Vlogs
    Don Calipayan Vlogs Year ago +3

    whenever tim bradley reacts on boxing, i'm always there. thanks tim

  • jakefan77
    jakefan77 Year ago +140

    “Why would you ruin a kid like that” lol

    • Young D
      Young D Year ago

      right hahaha

    • J-Andrade-4
      J-Andrade-4 Year ago +3

      @Spiritual Warrior he was talking about the promoters and people making the fight happen

    • Spiritual Warrior
      Spiritual Warrior Year ago +1

      He's not doing it it's Ryan who wants bro fight him lol

  • rams Lucas
    rams Lucas Year ago

    Big respects to Tim only a few legends could only say they fought with the best not once not twice but three times....thats a real soldier right there...hey man Im filipino so of course I'm a Pac fan but I'm also from Palms Springs and Tim is our fighter! Respect! 760 represent!

  • Randy Randerson
    Randy Randerson Year ago

    He is 100% correct. To young and to small right now. He has incredible potential. Could be a generational fighter but even tho Manny is old he has experience, size and a whole bunch of power. He’s still fast in his late career. Huge fan of Ryan and want to only see the best for him.

  • MambaBreezy24
    MambaBreezy24 Year ago +600

    "How the hell did you earn it?"
    Tim speaking facts. Much respect.

    • Sep G
      Sep G 4 months ago

      @Kyennich Jahn Esperat sorry time machines don't exist, reality does.

    • Sep G
      Sep G 4 months ago +1

      @ondaslab source?

    • Kyennich Jahn Esperat
      Kyennich Jahn Esperat 7 months ago

      @KPA6 Pacman 19 Years old Match up on Current Garcia.

    • Mighty Odean Games
      Mighty Odean Games Year ago +2

      @ondaslab u trippin bro? ryan was the one who contacted pacman to have a fight, ryan even announced that the fight is all set but in reality it didnt., Garcia is delusional bro, he even backed out from his last fight sayin he has mental problems🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

      𝙶𝚁𝙸𝙵𝙵𝙸𝙽 Year ago

      @ondaslab delusional ryan garcia fangay.

  • Gilbert Bermudez
    Gilbert Bermudez Year ago

    This is what I really admire about Tim Bradley. He's very truthful and straightforward with what he thinks.

  • Rob Sy
    Rob Sy Year ago +2

    Much Respect to Tim, Everything On Point!

  • forty inches
    forty inches Year ago +3

    This dude pretty honest. And humble. And gives real advice. Like an uncle or brother real fam in the boxing craft.

  • Troy66
    Troy66 Year ago +2

    🙏💡🇺🇸 Wisdom 🤷 Tim is right Ryan’s body will let him know when it’s time to move up 😳 don’t rush it and Ryan needs to almost knock out everyone at 135 🤔 And Manny had 145 - 155 power when he was fighting at 130-135 Manny is special 😂🙏

  • CPryorBeatz
    CPryorBeatz Year ago +698

    He broke that down nicely & Truthfully

    • Jeff
      Jeff Year ago +1

      @John Rangel I totally agree

    • Sole Magus
      Sole Magus Year ago

      @Parrish Facts on facts bro

    • Parrish
      Parrish Year ago +1

      @Sole Magus Exactly my point. Even more the fact that those on here suggest that Ryan Garcia DESERVES a shot with Pac, is completely out of their mind. Who HAS HE BEAT, who has he lines up and dethroned, especially any weight class. He's not even the best in his weight class, yet still thinks he deserves a shot. BE #1 in your weight class and dominate first.

    • Sole Magus
      Sole Magus Year ago +1

      @Parrish 6 days and all I hear is crickets lol

      Eric POTENCIANO M Year ago


  • del lobina
    del lobina Year ago

    watch tim's other interview after he fought pacquiao and you will definitely gain respect for that man. he's smart and a real professional

  • Finn Jake
    Finn Jake Year ago +1

    "Do you really wanna see Ryan Garcia get slept by 40 something Manny? You don't!"
    "Why would you ruin a kid like that" 😂😂

  • Mohammed Farooq
    Mohammed Farooq Year ago +1

    Wow big respect for this man! His comments make him a champion on my eyes! Love from UK! Peace ✌️

  • Steve The Barber
    Steve The Barber Year ago

    This is a perfect take on how I feel about Ryan Garcia and him calling all these big fighters out. Kids got plenty of work in front of him at 135. He’s gotta prove himself a lot more before tank or manny are even in his vocabulary

  • jday beats
    jday beats Year ago +932

    Ryan Garcia got quick hands, but he’s flat footed. Manny would eat him with his speed, angles and experience.

    • Jeff Knight
      Jeff Knight Year ago

      @GoodFellA 009 I see

    • GoodFellA 009
      GoodFellA 009 Year ago +1

      @Jeff Knight they need that pacquiao money.

    • Jeff Knight
      Jeff Knight Year ago

      This fight is stupid. Manny is over 40 😂 these young guys be willing to beat up old dudes but never contenders their own age

    • Grimrokku
      Grimrokku Year ago

      Amir khan is a lot better than ryan but the glass chin of amir is his biggest weakness. When it comes to speed amir is faster than ryan. And pacquaio got those 2 speed, power, accuracy and stamina. Ryan’s arrogance is too much lol. He need to taste the what you call defeat, let him fight some legend to make it happen.

    • GoodFellA 009
      GoodFellA 009 Year ago +2

      Damn this Manuel jorge guy got abused like Marquez in the comments lol.

  • T1et1e Tony
    T1et1e Tony Year ago +2

    Tim Bradley! A great fighter and could easily be a well known commentator with his incredible wisdom from fighting among other greats within the sweet science.
    And good luck Ryan. I hope your were listening.

  • Kid Power
    Kid Power Year ago

    Agreed, unfortunately that's a road that's becoming more common. I can't knock Ryan for using it either tho, I hope his teams stops persueing that fight. Ryan's ambition is great but it's to the point where I think he'll overstep not too long from now. Maybe the time off will actually help him.

  • El Taco Mex
    El Taco Mex Year ago

    As much as I respect Ryan G, this man is speaking 1000% truth. Much Respect ✌️

  • Tomoya Kun
    Tomoya Kun Year ago +1

    He is speaking facts .. this is the part of Bradley that I love

  • Wan
    Wan Year ago +12

    "do you really want see ryan garcia being slept by 40 years old Manny Pacquiao" I died on this line HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • ron r
    ron r Year ago

    Brutally honest assessment from one of the OGs of the sport

  • This is Just an illusion

    I love manny he’s my favorite fighter, but I think Ryan beats him.. I think manny will play it safe, and if it goes the distance their going to give the fight to Garcia. I think manny wins the fight but it will be given to Garcia. Ryan Garcia is extremely fast and he’s going to get nice hits and the refs are going to cheat manny again. They don’t need or want manny to win. Manny isn’t knocking anyone out so yea I can see him getting cheated this fight. Mark my words

  • c17360
    c17360 Year ago +6

    “There is only ONE Manny Paquiao.”

  • Cee Lee
    Cee Lee Year ago +653

    I agree with Tim. Ryan is like grade 1 and Pac is like Post-Grad

    • JustADude
      JustADude Year ago

      Ryan is like grade 6 atleast, and pac is like a professor level.

    • Lawyer Great
      Lawyer Great Year ago

      Man PAC is a professor

    • Danny & Jalen
      Danny & Jalen Year ago

      Naw Ryan like a junior in high school come on 😂

    • Alex Ong
      Alex Ong Year ago

      Nah,Pacquiao should be having a PHD, lol

    • EP actual
      EP actual Year ago

      K-12 against a PhD

  • OhPxpi
    OhPxpi Year ago

    When you lose to historic fighters, no one actually counts it as a loss. So it’s a win win for Ryan.
    When canelo got schooled by Floyd, it helped his career.

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez Year ago

    “You think he can pull it off?”
    “No” LMAO 🤣

  • Danny H
    Danny H Year ago

    Tim did a great job breaking this down. He spoke from a former fighter and analyst point of view.

  • Bry
    Bry Year ago

    Tim spitting facts 💯

  • MC Judilla
    MC Judilla Year ago +34

    Hats off to Tim for spitting facts on this interview.
    Another hats off for him really standing still, taking some time to answer each of the questions! Class personified!

  • Rod Biagtan
    Rod Biagtan Year ago

    Good on Tim for calling it straight. Thinking Garcia is ready for Pacquiao is outright disrespectful to Pacquiao and unfair to Garcia. Pacquiao just beat a legit, big welterweight in Keith Thurman a year ago and people talking about Garcia moving up 2 weight classes to fight Pacquiao? C'mon... Would people think Garcia has a legit chance at beat Thurman? Hell no! People would think Thurman would outright hurt Garcia in a bad way. Only thing about Pacquiao is he would take it easy on Garcia because he doesn't have the mean streak like he used to but thinking this is a legit fight is disrespectful to Pacquiao.

    PORMIIIR Year ago +56

    I wanna see Thurman vs Ryan Garcia. Let's see if Ryan could even last up to 12 rounds.

    • Shiishiishii 23
      Shiishiishii 23 Year ago

      @j m except when you’re the pacman but yeh ryan aint no pacman

    • galoobigboi
      galoobigboi Year ago

      Thurman,even though clearly on the decline,would murder this kid inside three rounds,and I'm being generous here.

    • Omar Garcia
      Omar Garcia Year ago

      Thurman would sleep him or give him a boxing clinic

    • Weeping Cat
      Weeping Cat Year ago

      Nah i dont think so ryan cant take too much power punch like Kthurman

    • Fosho
      Fosho Year ago

      Will never happen but I'd love to see it.


    Much respect Tim! You nailed it

  • Bogs Delleva
    Bogs Delleva Year ago

    Thank you Sir Tim Bradley for the complimentary message for our fighting pride Sen Manny Pacquiao..

  • Mughalu N Zhimomi Zhimo

    Ahhhh massive respect for Manny
    Tim so humble

  • Wolf
    Wolf Year ago

    Tim said it best!!!
    “How the hell did you earn it”💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Alexis Magtajas
    Alexis Magtajas Year ago

    Respect for Tim. He knows the boxing world.

  • Hauser
    Hauser Year ago +8

    Tim spitting bars, RESPECT! 🔥

  • jrellz_ va
    jrellz_ va Year ago +310

    Once again, Tim Bradley speaking FACTS, NO QUESTION! 🥊💯

    • Pueblo King
      Pueblo King Year ago +1

      Always for years

    • john mallqui
      john mallqui Year ago

      @Gp he also get paid by top rank and has been bias since becoming one of there commentor

    • jrellz_ va
      jrellz_ va Year ago

      @DJ Wally West Yea I totally understand that. But if the promoter being Dumb AF like in this case I would. Especially if the fight is taking place on pay-per-view. Cause u receiving more at the end. Damn that's Crazy what happened to Lomo. I think that fight should have had a Immediate rematch in the contract.

    • DJ Wally West
      DJ Wally West Year ago +1

      @jrellz_ va not the fighters responsibility unless he's his own promoter. Loma gave some his purse to make the Teo fight and lost. He'll never get that money back.b

    • jrellz_ va
      jrellz_ va Year ago

      @DJ Wally West Yeah true that, I heard that too. Question, if u were a Fighter and the asking price from the Fighter u facing agreement is not meant would u add on from ur personal funds to make to match happen?

  • razorsharpsmile
    razorsharpsmile Year ago

    There's no telling if Ryan can still carry his power and agility up to two heavier weight classes. Has he ever fought at 147?

  • John Orr
    John Orr Year ago

    Im a massive pacquiao fan hes my all time favourite fighter, but i believe Ryan's too dangerous for an old pac and he'll hurt him. Could be wrong but i think garcias actually better than a lot of people think

  • bernie martinez
    bernie martinez Year ago

    Great statement from a great humble man.

  • mr_786_xcx
    mr_786_xcx Year ago +1

    Couldn't have said it better myself.. Timothy Bradley has just given you great facts.

  • Cj Torres
    Cj Torres Year ago

    Respect to Tim for this - watch his Pac-Man Crawford interview, understands Terrance is better odds in paper but never counts manny out. Most people had Thurman and look what happened there..

  • Mr Loons28
    Mr Loons28 Year ago

    Even the best fall down sometimes but still a legend never forgotten 🥊🇵🇭 pambansang kamao the real warrior of boxing no hate just love♥️♥️

  • Jeremiah
    Jeremiah Year ago

    Respect Tim ✊🏾. Speak real boxing facts right here

  • Re Lax
    Re Lax Year ago

    Tim always came to fight , respect to him

  • mikhael sabayle
    mikhael sabayle Year ago +120

    Big respect to Bradley. He know what he's saying and very honest.

  • Giomarux Gio
    Giomarux Gio Year ago

    Respect to Bradley. 🙏

  • Silent Assassin
    Silent Assassin Year ago +7

    I’ve always thought Bradley was a great fighter, and he’s also a real one who keeps it real.

  • Yatagarasu-dono
    Yatagarasu-dono Year ago

    Pacquiao can hurt welters who walk around at 160. When he fought someone his own size in Matthyse, he stopped him. Garcia's career suffers one of the worst losses in his career when he fights Pacquiao.

  • J Keahbone
    J Keahbone Year ago +32

    Ryan haven’t earned a legends match yet. If he gets beat by manny, don’t say the world did not warn you about grabbing a tiger by the tail.

  • speaknsee
    speaknsee Year ago +456

    Tim aint holding any punches with his words, and lands a knockout interview. Well told Bradley you rocked!!

  • Ricardo Guerrero
    Ricardo Guerrero Year ago

    Excellent analysis Mr. Bradley, you can see your speaking from much experience, unlike others!

  • Blueman
    Blueman Year ago

    Thank you Mr. Bradley for bringing some rational thinking and expressing it so eloquently. Enough with this ryan kid nonsense

  • Irreverent Observer

    Great advice, total respect, best intentions. A mensch, this Tim Bradley.

  • Roman Walter
    Roman Walter Year ago

    Wow, Tim Bradley is so sharp and offers great advice for Ryan Garcia. Great guy!

  • Rich Van Ramil II Aput

    i think inoue can go up, he has style, he has speed and power, he has that angles also but i don't think he has that fast footwork, and i think that's the most important thing when fighting bigger guys, he has insane footwork but not that fast.

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez Year ago

    THANK YOU!!!! Finally someone talking some sense! Everyone is on this hype shit and they don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. Ryan has a future but is no where near manny’s level right now. Not even close ! He still has a lot to prove.

  • Caribbean Kids
    Caribbean Kids Year ago

    You know what, im a die hard Ryan Garcia fan and usually dont agree with some of the for lack of better words “hate” that he received, but this guy made nothing but firm valid points. Ryan is good, but what has he done to deserve to fight some one like manny. Build up your career and get their one day.

  • Officshields
    Officshields Year ago

    Big facts‼️💯 Shoutout to Bradley!

  • MrKhaney
    MrKhaney Year ago +199

    "How the hell did you earn it" .... BANG ON !

    • 1k Trav
      1k Trav Year ago +2

      @ondaslab source?

    • Yeeah Yeah
      Yeeah Yeah Year ago

      he havent even fought big time boxers on his weight class, pac walked on those weight classes.

    • Patiencelad
      Patiencelad Year ago

      By promoting himself on youtube. I doubt he really needs a promoter.

    • ondaslab
      ondaslab Year ago +2

      Tell that to Manny, he was the one who contacted Ryan for the fight...ya idiot

  • Melfrancis Tampus

    "How the hell did you earn it?" ouch!
    Ryan Garcia thoughts he deserves to fight Manny because he has many followers on social media. 😂

  • White boy Can’t get right

    Facts and I’m a huge Ryan fan. But Manny Pacquiao is a legend

  • Bryan Dela Cruz
    Bryan Dela Cruz Year ago

    Tim is speaking 100% facts. Good for him he had a stint as a commentator in ESPN.

  • Movies As Friends
    Movies As Friends Year ago +135

    Bradley can’t possibly feel good when people say “You beat Manny” that was such a shit decision and the Manny vs Horn was a mockery. But I agree with him here Ryan is light years away from Manny and there’s a real strong chance he’ll never be near his skill set. I promise he won’t nor will anyone else be an 8 division champ.

    • Bradley Roberts
      Bradley Roberts 11 months ago

      @SoyPinoy lol... I agree to disagree. You are def entitled to your opinion, however.

    • SoyPinoy
      SoyPinoy 11 months ago

      @Bradley Roberts x-vid.net/video/zRw2zGDnymI/video.html he beat floyd in floyd's own home country

    • SoyPinoy
      SoyPinoy 11 months ago

      @Bradley Roberts x-vid.net/video/zRw2zGDnymI/video.html

    • SoyPinoy
      SoyPinoy 11 months ago

      @Bradley Roberts serafim todorov beat him in atlanta. You know him don't act like you don't lol. And castillo, maidana, de la hoya, pacquaio all beat him in exact order. Cotto should have gotten a draw against floyd

    • Bradley Roberts
      Bradley Roberts 11 months ago

      @SoyPinoy 🤔... Mayweather won that highly boring chess match. 😴

  • Mirge
    Mirge Year ago

    This man spitting facts

  • Vicente Dapalong
    Vicente Dapalong Year ago

    Bradley is one of the best as well he'll surely be in the hall of fame as well always give us good and exiting fights

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom Year ago

    Tim gives the best interviews ... by far!

  • AlterEgo
    AlterEgo Year ago

    Hahaha “why would you want to ruin a kid like that?” Oh it almost beautiful how he explained this.

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams Year ago +25

    Met Tim twice , this man has showed me nothing but respect . Always will be a supporter of your champ