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Exclusive: Kenny Omega Comments After His AEW Return | AEW Dynamite, 8/17/22

  • Published on Aug 16, 2022
  • Exclusive Kenny Omega Comments After His AEW Return | 8/17/22, AEW Dynamite
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Comments • 2 554

  • Colt
    Colt Month ago +2268

    I was glad to see Kenny be taken off TV 9 months ago not because I wanted him to go, but because it was widely known he was dealing a lot of injuries and he needed a lot of time off to heal, so I wanted to see him come back stronger than ever. Whether his performance on his return was purposely limited to sell how much time off he took and the wear and tear he was dealing with before he left or it was genuine, I'm definitely glad to see him back especially with a decent amount of people still on the shelf.

    • Colt
      Colt Month ago

      @Tx Made Could've made that a bit more clear then, but I do apologize for my comment though.

    • Tx Made
      Tx Made Month ago

      @Colt Bro my comment was not directed at you. We suppose to support our favorite wrestlers.

    • Colt
      Colt Month ago

      @Tx Made Again, am I not allowed to say that I'm glad he's back? Must be you Cult of Cornette people getting salty for no reason just because I actually like Kenny Omega and am glad to see him back, but good lord, it doesn't mean I'm in love with him or anything. I'm not an AEW Twitter stan that thinks he's the greatest wrestler of all time, *those* are the people you should be asking that stupid question

    • Tx Made
      Tx Made Month ago

      Dam is he fkin you?

    • Justin Tym
      Justin Tym Month ago

      @Jobber Jerry Welcome back Twinkletoes. When are you leavuing again?

  • Johnny Morningstar
    Johnny Morningstar Month ago +186

    Kenny trying to somewhat stay in character while showing us his appreciation is everything lol welcome back ❤

    • Jay Tee
      Jay Tee Month ago

      Exactly how did he stay in character?

    • Justin Tym
      Justin Tym Month ago +1

      @Kingdom Konscious about 25-30 years ago Vince did

    • Kingdom Konscious
      Kingdom Konscious Month ago

      20 years ago promoters would have a fit!!!

  • Wrestling News Network
    Wrestling News Network Month ago +170

    What a legend. He is gift to the wrestling world. We missed you man

  • Rajdip Sarkar
    Rajdip Sarkar Month ago +123

    One heart to heart session with the AEW crowd & Kenny Omega ❤️

    • aliss liou
      aliss liou Month ago +1

      So glad, Kenny is back. Hope he stays healthy. All the best! What a great guy

  • James Delbridge
    James Delbridge Month ago +8

    Legit love Kenny Omega, even though this wasn't aired, being able to be vulnerable to the crowd like that takes a lot of balls. Screw the people like Jim Cornette (who for the record I like too but I feel he can be a but unfair) who hate on this man so much for stupid reasons
    Welcome back Kenny! We all missed you!

  • Scott Novak
    Scott Novak Month ago +1086

    I was anticipating Kenny all night and he didn't disappoint. Epic entrance . So excited to see him back and grateful for what he's done to make that comeback . Truly the best bout machine. Thanks Kenny and T.K.

    • Randall Flagg
      Randall Flagg Month ago

      @ZackFlairr Boy, stop hating! ✋ 🙄🤫😁

    • Goby
      Goby Month ago

      Noone is being a hater the show is just bad objectively

    • Philosophy_Bot
      Philosophy_Bot Month ago

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    • Philosophy_Bot
      Philosophy_Bot Month ago +1

      Beep, bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "Do or do not. There is no try"
      ~ Yoda

  • UttermanBo
    UttermanBo Month ago +37

    I'll say it over and over again. Giving wrestlers extended time off is something AEW should do. It gets multiple wrestlers time to shine, and better yet it makes guys like Omega, Moxley, Punk, Bryan and whomever else feel like bigger deals. Truly it is a win win. If Jericho went away for a few months and came back the first line of Judas would rock the building. Moxley in January, Bryan and Punk the last few weeks, and now Omega.

    • UttermanBo
      UttermanBo Month ago

      @imnothere220 I don't think the television networks would allow it unfortunately. For as low as rating are today, the facts are the networks view wrestling as a competent two hour program is because it's a new show every week. Wrestling reruns wouldn't be worth anything for the two or three months you would need for an adequate off-season. That's why I think showcasing different wrestlers every three or four months could keep the product fresh. Imagine Wardlow and Cargill as the top title holders while Moxley/Punk, or Thunder Rosa are held out for a few months. The TNT/TBS titles would then gain more prestige.

    • imnothere220
      imnothere220 Month ago +2

      A wrestling off-season would be great.

  • vivek singh
    vivek singh Month ago +95

    It was painful to see him struggling throughout the match because in my opinion he is the best wrestler in the world. Hopefully he recovers fully.

    • LeoGotRock
      LeoGotRock Month ago

      @Dark Vctry Someone playing with a blow up doll is not wrestling.

    • John Face
      John Face Month ago

      @Dark Vctry His opponents were the stars

    • Dark Vctry
      Dark Vctry Month ago +1

      @LeoGotRock go watch his Japan stuff, he is a star

    • LeoGotRock
      LeoGotRock Month ago +1

      I have no goddamn idea what you people see in this mid-card talent. He isn’t even in the same Universe as Punk. He’s not even in the Top 5 best wrestlers in AEW lmfao

    • Anthony Barnes
      Anthony Barnes Month ago +4

      I mean…he hasn’t wrestled in almost a year. Of course, he’s gonna be a little rusty. Give him some time to get used to wrestling again.

  • Brandon Hamilton
    Brandon Hamilton Month ago +11

    If I wasn’t already a Kenny fan, damn… This right here would have definitely turned me! Good to see him back and I think the landscape of wrestling right now is absolutely amazing and a beautiful thing to sit back and enjoy!

  • Damion Spalding
    Damion Spalding Month ago +39

    Great to see Kenny back, what an absolute superstar he is!

  • Adil M
    Adil M Month ago +1231

    "You guys booed us for like a year."
    "He's got a point."
    I love little things like that 😹

    • Justin Tym
      Justin Tym Month ago

      @Damegame91 Cody was a founder as well. Where's he these days?

    • Justin Tym
      Justin Tym Month ago

      @Damegame91 Gymnastic shows and wrestling sex dolls isn't wrestling, it's sports entertainment
      What FTR, MJF, and CM Punk do is wrestling, and the EVPs and their little buddies hate them for it.

    • panicman10
      panicman10 Month ago

      No he doesn't, if you are the HEEL, that's the whole point. Which means they did their job right.

    • Justin Tym
      Justin Tym Month ago

      @Damegame91 no, people who hate the AEW Gymnastics Squad want to see wrestling, not "sports entertainment"

    • Justin Tym
      Justin Tym Month ago

      @Trip Vic fans are booing the Kukamunga Kids because they're tired of their BS and want them to go away

  • Nelson Tan
    Nelson Tan Month ago +2

    So cool to hear Kenny said something from his heart while trying to stay in his character 😘

  • King A
    King A Month ago +33

    What a breath of fresh air it is to see Kenny back ❤️

  • Wes Skogman
    Wes Skogman Month ago +7

    The Cleaner 🧹🗑️ So damn good on the mic. The absolute best in the ring. Thank you Kenny!

  • Athraxes
    Athraxes Month ago +24

    So glad, Kenny is back. Hope he stays healthy. All the best! What a great guy

  • Seth Colby
    Seth Colby Month ago +407

    Kenny's return was so needed. Just by his presence alone you can already tell why he's a star.

    • Grammys World
      Grammys World Month ago +1

      @Chris Haney what did he do to become the king?

    • Shadow Broker
      Shadow Broker Month ago

      @The One and Only Gobbledy Gooker dude touch some grass, your obsession with AEW is so unhealthy

    • Cosmic Rust9
      Cosmic Rust9 Month ago +1

      So the Dumb Fans are Kenny FANs NOW?? Same FANS who booed him before he LEFT, OK bottom Feeders.
      From a TRUE FAN (ME) Welcome BACK TRUE Champion of AEW🥰

    • ADRIAN.95
      ADRIAN.95 Month ago +1

      @Chris Haney yeah i forgot about how he almost destroys the uk indie scene
      And trying to cancel a roh and njpw show

    • Chris Haney
      Chris Haney Month ago +2

      @ADRIAN.95 To be fair, he's not. Triple H actually knows wrestling. TK is still the king, though.

  • NecroFlowers
    NecroFlowers Month ago +17

    Kenny is hands down my favorite. Hearing Justin reading his intro, and the music. I was crying tears of joy. I hope he isn't pushing himself before he is ready. I would hate to see him get setback because he returned before his body was ready, but damn am I so happy to see him in a ring again.

  • SυανeVıłłαıи™

    Kenny was missed. I'm glad he is back.

  • Kyle Duffield
    Kyle Duffield Month ago +5

    Glad he’s back. AEW needs him.

  • dez rons
    dez rons Month ago +8

    mad respect, it's so weird having wrestlers going on the mic and just being human.

  • José Luis Palacios
    José Luis Palacios Month ago +482

    So happy to see Kenny back in AEW. The way he choose to play with his injuries as big part of the match just shows what kind of guy he is. The easy way of coming back stronger than ever would have been cool but making everyone doubt if he came back too soon or even that he may not be the same is a much better story to tell.
    Show vulnerability as one of the best wrestlers in the world is far more relatable and Interesting in every way if you ask me. Welcome back Kenny!!!!😎👏🙏

    • FlaQuitoHM978
      FlaQuitoHM978 Month ago +2

      @Infected Elite damn right he’s still the goat 🐐

    • SuperMarc281
      SuperMarc281 Month ago +2

      I hope you’re right. He didn’t look himself at all. I’m not convinced it’s for a storyline

    • Ron Son
      Ron Son Month ago +7

      @Infected Elite It still baffles me how he was able to perform on such a high level with all the injuries before he left. Especially with vertigo. That shit sounds scary to deal with in a wrestling ring.

    • Infected Elite
      Infected Elite Month ago +16

      they can even draw the story as long as they want. Trios titles wouldnt have been announced until Kenny came back, and Kenny wouldn't have come back unless he felt he was good. So they're going to keep pushing this story.
      He's not 100%, never will be again, but im all for this.
      If Kenny only gets 1 more World Title run 2, 3yrs from now i am okay with that. He's still the best

  • Himadri Das
    Himadri Das Month ago +18

    I'm so glad to see him back 😭❤️

  • James O'Neill
    James O'Neill Month ago +4

    There's no one quite like Kenny Omega. So happy he's back and excited to see what's next.

  • Jake Blake
    Jake Blake Month ago +4

    I love this man. The level of Kenny Omega all these years was incredible. And he Will be the BEST again, I have not any doubt.

  • Super Ginrai
    Super Ginrai Month ago +4

    A heartfelt welcome back to Kenny Omega. You were sorely missed, man.

    STEPHEN HAMMER Month ago +428

    The slow build of Kenny returning and becoming 100% will be awesome. Glad to see him back.

    • Philosophy_Bot
      Philosophy_Bot Month ago

      Beep, bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "Know thyself"
      ~ Socrates

    • Philosophy_Bot
      Philosophy_Bot Month ago

      Beep, bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "You shall not pass!"
      ~ Gandalf

    • I Don't Know What Name To Pick
      I Don't Know What Name To Pick Month ago

      He should’ve returned on a ppv

    • Chvse
      Chvse Month ago +16

      I think he’s ready. He looked big and in shape under the shirt. I think they were selling it

    • Defeft
      Defeft Month ago +4

      i hope it's not too slow like a lot of other things aew likes to stretch out though, cause if he's not 100% in a couple weeks it'll just make people question if he was cleared too early lol

  • Chachi's Adventures
    Chachi's Adventures Month ago +9

    I’m so glad Kenny is back! I’ve missed this man so much!

  • M
    M Month ago +22

    It was so damn gratifying to see Kenny back, what a cool moment!

  • KalmoK
    KalmoK Month ago +6

    We love you Kenny, and we will support you in your journey to be the best bout machine in the business yet again! You deserved the break, hell, I wouldn't be mad if you stayed even longer because I know your history, but I'm glad you're back! All love, keep up giving us the best Kenny you can and want, take all the time you want, the world is yours! ❤️

    • Amiraan Ahmed
      Amiraan Ahmed Month ago

      @aliss liou no he isn't lol 😆 he might be a star to a small group of marks who like that bull crap but there is a reason why the big time always eluded this clown. The same goes for those 5 foot nothing young bucks

    • aliss liou
      aliss liou Month ago +1

      Kenny's return was so needed. Just by his presence alone you can already tell why he's a star.

  • Joe Boggio
    Joe Boggio Month ago +10

    Great to see Kenny back! We all knew, but it still felt so good to see

  • Michael Waid
    Michael Waid Month ago +625

    Blessings on your journey, Kenny. Whether face or heel, I’m rooting for you

    • illwill1991
      illwill1991 Month ago

      What's wrong with all of you?! Why aren't you thanking philosophy bot?! Where are your manners?!

    • illwill1991
      illwill1991 Month ago

      @Philosophy_Bot thanks philosophy bot!

    • Ken Arco
      Ken Arco Month ago

      Me too

    • EliteStream10.1
      EliteStream10.1 Month ago +1

      @Shoot With Aws شووت مع أوس okay marky Mark

  • M
    M Month ago +4

    Kenny Omega matches are always a spectacle. Some matches in AEW I’d occasionally do something else while watching. But if Omega is on, my eyes are absolutely glued to the screen. Omega is must-see television all the time!

  • boli milda
    boli milda Month ago +1

    There's no one quite like Kenny Omega. So happy he's back and excited to see what's next.

  • mitchbuff
    mitchbuff Month ago

    So grateful I was at this show. One of the best dynamites ever and I don’t think anyone would argue that.

  • Chris Ferrell
    Chris Ferrell Month ago +3

    Welcome back Kenny. You’ve been missed.

  • Kirk Patrik Ballares
    Kirk Patrik Ballares Month ago +450

    The ring rust and how he shows that his entire body is worn out from the injuries hurt to watch but it was so well executed, its great to see Kenny on TV again.

    • Malik Evans
      Malik Evans Month ago

      @Cosmic Rust9 calm down Cosmic Rust9 🤓

    • Stevon White
      Stevon White Month ago

      @The Unhinged Gamer That is very true, lol.

    • Stevon White
      Stevon White Month ago +1

      @NN Man, you guys have no clue.
      Complain about storytelling, then can’t even notice it in your face😆

    • Craig Wojcik
      Craig Wojcik Month ago

      @Cosmic Rust9 He was so entertaining as a heel that you couldn't help but cheer him, even as a heel back then.

    • George Russell
      George Russell Month ago

      @Kirk Patrik Ballares It's just that classic underdog rise from the bottom to the top again story, its in movies, tv shows and always in wrestling. Otherwise if he comes back the same way, acting the same way, people are gonna whine and moan hes getting fast tracked to the belt etc

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B Month ago +1

    Real and raw moments like this are needed WAY more in wrestling.

  • Richard C
    Richard C Month ago +4

    Straight from the heart -- and that's why he is a fan favorite.

  • aliss liou
    aliss liou Month ago

    So so happy to see Kenny back in AEW. The show feels whole again after 9 months.

  • The Wrestling Fan Vlog

    This is epic that Kenny Omega has return and still has his humor! 😂

  • ChrisManley1994
    ChrisManley1994 Month ago +523

    “Let’s not all of a sudden start cheering us, you guys booed us for like a year!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Dre Day
      Dre Day 28 days ago

      Freudian slip. They're genuinely jealous of FTR

    • Jay Dav
      Jay Dav Month ago +1

      I wouldn't cheer or boo those clowns. They aren't worthy of either.

    • Visual Brute
      Visual Brute Month ago

      @Mvr Tinxz there you go. You can make it make sense.

    • Mvr Tinxz
      Mvr Tinxz Month ago

      @Visual Brute mafia movies actually have build and suspense

  • Yajirobe
    Yajirobe Month ago +14

    I got goosebumps when Justin started to announce all of Kenny's accolades

  • Courtney Hammett
    Courtney Hammett Month ago +4

    Missed him so much! I screamed when it was him

  • Junior Torres
    Junior Torres Month ago +3

    We missed you, Kenny :')

  • Kenneth Cochran
    Kenneth Cochran Month ago +4


  • T-Bro
    T-Bro Month ago +677

    I'm glad to see Kenny Omega back. Despite him not being 100%, what a good showing. Great main event match.

    • Louis CK’s Stomach
      Louis CK’s Stomach Month ago

      @VINCE MCMAHON get another intern to wrestle around with big johnny

    • The Sh4dowgale
      The Sh4dowgale Month ago

      @Stephano No, he's not.

    • Miguel Arias
      Miguel Arias Month ago +2

      @Stephano I've never heard a player retire and say " it's gonna take me a while to challenge for a scoring title but hey we can still compete for a League title and then retire". You have never seen a business man say " you know what i can't run a fortune 500 company but i can definitely run a mid size company and make it thrive and then they just retire. It anything it was more if a state if the union address." Am i gonna be THE guy .... Probably not for a while but will i be competing for tag and trios belts.... You bet your sweet ass i am" that's what I understood from his "retirement speech"

    • Ali Akbar
      Ali Akbar Month ago +1

      @Stephano source: TRUST ME BRO

    • The Unhinged Gamer
      The Unhinged Gamer Month ago +5

      @Stephano you literally contradicted your entire statement well done genius
      how is he retiring but going into a trios feud at the same time and when exactly did this get deemed a retirement speech because all he said was that he wasn't 100% physically yet maybe next time you should think a bit more and actually pay attention before spouting something as dumb as this

  • Fabio1349
    Fabio1349 Month ago +7

    What a beautiful, natural yet complex and deep promo.
    You can tell the guy loves pro wrestling more than anything else ❤

  • Ruben Brown
    Ruben Brown Month ago +4

    Nearly cry'ed so FCKing happy he is back and we get to rewatch his journey to the top

  • MercuryHeart (MsBadJedi)

    WELCOME BACK, I MISSED YOU SO MUCH 😭 I can't believe my eyes... Thank you for all you do, thank you also Matt and Nick and a shout out to Dobby at home! I love you Kenny!!

  • Plastic Quest
    Plastic Quest Month ago +1

    Whether face or heel, Kenny is forever legendary. Hopefully he's okay, I don't want him to wrestle if he isn't okay. But hopefully also him being back, more Japanese Wrestlers will come back.

  • Varian Nash
    Varian Nash Month ago +295

    Seeing him come back, and Justin Robert's expression when he was reading that paper, it was so good to see him back. He and the Bucks have a point, but time changes things. I hope they get through this tournament and take it all.

    • Nover Calis
      Nover Calis Month ago +2

      glad they are back, but Ignorbables needs these wins to elevate them to the top. The Elite chasing should be good enough

  • CnationMavs41
    CnationMavs41 Month ago

    I had the biggest smile on my face and it's not like he was heeling it up last time he was there lol. It's crazy to see him back after this long, these guys put their body on the line for us. Guys like Kenny Omega really love the business to put his body through the wringer like that

  • Yasuo
    Yasuo Month ago +3

    Best wrestler that ever graced AEW. Great work ethic , legendary wrestling skills , left it all for the fans. A legend in the making

  • Izzy
    Izzy Month ago

    That is what I like about AEW they have different types of styles and matches and that's what makes it fun for me to watch. I honesty respect everyone on that roster and enjoy the shows the put on for us and the risk they take. Thank you AEW and the entire roster!

  • MrThisucks
    MrThisucks Month ago +3

    when i first started watching aew i hated kenny (it was the start of his heel turn) and once he lost the aew world championship and had to recover i missed him every day. now i realize how much i took him for granted

  • Jaydis Morales
    Jaydis Morales Month ago +2

    It’s great too see Kenny Back 🔥!

  • glendon richey
    glendon richey Month ago

    Glad to see him back. Admittedly in the beginning I wasn't an Omega fan, but he grew on me. A tremendous performer

  • Various Clip Official
    Various Clip Official Month ago +4

    He (Kenny) talked like a true champion ❤

  • Ashes to Ashes
    Ashes to Ashes Month ago

    Kenny 💙
    The greatest there ever was and the reason I returned to watching wrestling 3 years ago after 8 years ignoring it.
    Hoping that he can return AEW to something closer to what it was 2 years ago (in spirit and practice) after watching it drift away in the past one and a half plus years from the things that made it great, and different from the other place and (sadly) accurate stereotypes about the industry.
    A loyal meritocracy with fair opportunities as apposed to marketing and financial considerations being the major deciders in decision making (but I'm no businessman).
    More importantly I hope he gets and stays as healthy as possible, even when the wrestling stops.
    Dragon Lee 10/10 as well (as always from what I've seen in AAA & ROH).
    Best moment in AEW since Kenny was gone (in my opinion), and I've watched every show.. Dynamite, Rampage, Dark, Elevation (even though I've been skipping more and more segments lately).
    Phenomenal stuff in the main event guys👏

  • youngjimmyt
    youngjimmyt Month ago +216

    Back in 2017 Kenny Omega single handedly brought me to watch wrestling again after 15 years of not watching a match.

    • glui2001
      glui2001 Month ago +2

      Same here. Stopped watching when McMahon had the N American market cornered. Then Okada/Omega got me back into it

    • apetcoff
      apetcoff Month ago +1

      Same 🙌

    • Black Boy King TV
      Black Boy King TV Month ago

      Me as well

    • Chvse
      Chvse Month ago

      Kenny brought me back too

    • Orange Mania, Brother!
      Orange Mania, Brother! Month ago

      @Doctor Slayer I don't know if Cornette should say much bad about the match but he kinda should about this promo, he basically said he's gonna be a heel and say bad things about the fans but he doesn't mean it. That's not how to be a heel and that's not how you generate heat, making the fans believe you mean it is the point

  • Fábio Serrão
    Fábio Serrão Month ago +6

    This Legend of Pro Wrestling was The One who made me watch professional wrestling again since Njpw as The Cleaner until now as The Best Bount Machine
    What the hell u can say when u see his return?
    Aew fans and Kenny Omega fans like me can say : Finally The Best Pro Wrestler Of This Generation is Back
    And i hope he stays with us in AEW 4 4 4 Life

    • Christopher Williams
      Christopher Williams Month ago +1

      If you include aj styles who is 6 years older in the same generation then its aj. If not it's still not omega. Nakamura or Okada should be placed higher. Remember we are talking wrestling ability only

    • Christopher Williams
      Christopher Williams Month ago

      He is definitely not the best wrestler of this generation.

    • Christopher
      Christopher Month ago

      This exactly!

  • Koko the clown 🤡
    Koko the clown 🤡 Month ago +1

    I’m glad he’s back he was depressed and it was shown in some post because not only he was dealing with injuries but with the rehabilitation and the AEW game development also it’s tough for a wrestler to leave the square circle especially if u haven’t feel like u have accomplished enough but I’m glad Kenny it’s back one my favorites Fo sure

  • fitchy4O
    fitchy4O Month ago +1

    Kenny you never disappoint brother. It was nice to meet you at Fyter Fest in Daytona 2019. You're a class act and an all around awesome guy. Thanks for all the hard work and hats off to you Matt and Nick for a PPV worthy moment and match! Keep it up man!

  • Joseph Seph Tirado
    Joseph Seph Tirado Month ago +2

    This is why AEW is so different, thank you Kenny.

  • generalgrievous92
    generalgrievous92 Month ago +179

    I've missed Kenny so much these past 9 months. He's the guy that got me back into wrestling and has become my favourite wrestler ever.
    Now that he's back AEW feels whole again.

    • Batman Wayne
      Batman Wayne Month ago +6

      He is my favorite wrestler as well

  • P.G. Hope Dealers
    P.G. Hope Dealers Month ago +1

    It's great to see stuff like this when they can be themselves and just talk genuinely!

  • Rishit Ghosh
    Rishit Ghosh Month ago

    Man spoke his heart out. I am so happy that he is back. Has been waiting for such a long time.

  • Nfoster1916
    Nfoster1916 Month ago +2

    Welcome back Omega! Man, what a pop and moment!

  • Baby Liger
    Baby Liger Month ago +1

    I'm so glad he is back I missed him I think we all missed him and idc if it's 6man tag matches for awhile or if he's not fully 100% or if he won't be the same Kenny Omega as long as he back doing what he loves to do and I get to see him do it then that's all that matters welcome back Kenny

  • Azrael Darkness64
    Azrael Darkness64 Month ago

    Happy to see Kenny Omega again he's one of the reasons why I'm back watching Pro Wrestling because I stopped about 2009 then I discovered new Japan pro-wrestling and I'm pretty sure it's when he first joins bullet Club is when I started becoming a wrestling fan again thank you Kenny

  • Edward Lihking
    Edward Lihking Month ago +2

    I really need "more human" being Kenny Omega in my life

  • David Dale
    David Dale Month ago +2

    I'm glad that Kenny Omega is back and he's definitely a good guy because he came out of the Good Guy tunnel

  • RedZero
    RedZero Month ago +2

    This man speaks from the heart.

  • Alcore
    Alcore Month ago +81

    My first AEW show live. Never thought I'd get to see so many of these guys, and a couple of them for a 2nd time. What an absolutely fantastic performance from all talents. The crowd was just fun as hell, and friendly all around. Thanks AEW for such an awesome experience. Welcome back Kenny!

  • Clarielys Ayala
    Clarielys Ayala Month ago +2

    So happy to see you back Kenny❤

  • Hui 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me

    The slow build of Kenny returning and becoming 100% will be awesome. Glad to see him back.

  • Moosa Aijaz
    Moosa Aijaz Month ago

    The guy just spoke his heart out ❤

  • Skypedia
    Skypedia Month ago

    I remember growing up feeling the rush of people coming back or the wrestlers I love coming out big and this was something else.
    Kenny Omega is the best bout machine and beyond that this injury shows his reslience and pride if not his raw will power to come back and make himself whole again to do what he loves.
    I am so happy to see the One Winged Angel flying through the competition.
    Belt, no belt, heel, face, tweener-- Kenny I've missed you man.
    *plays battle cry on repeat*

  • Jaz
    Jaz Month ago +208

    He really is one of a kind. I'm so glad he's back ❤️

    • Yam Clapper
      Yam Clapper Month ago

      @Jaz those knockers of yours are a one of a kind😍

    • Justin Tym
      Justin Tym Month ago

      He really is one of a kind. THANK GOD! I couldn't deal with a second one! (fixed)

    • Jason PDSI
      Jason PDSI Month ago

      On the contrary, he had two guys on his own team that are just like him.

    • Aravinth Vignesh
      Aravinth Vignesh Month ago

      Always has been

  • ᴱᴸᴵᵀᴱṨαvͥαgͣeͫKIПG

    Love how TK & the Wrestlers show their appreciation to the fans after the show is over

  • MedranoTheLion
    MedranoTheLion Month ago +5

    I do know this is his last full run. He even said, next time he gets legitimately injured, he's done.

    • Lock
      Lock Month ago

      He didn't mean wrestling when he said that, headlines blew it out of proportion, he meant he was done with long term therapies and procedures

  • Zach Davis
    Zach Davis Month ago +1

    Glad he's back he is so awesome I missed him he is the goat.

  • bradley brown
    bradley brown Month ago +1

    What a great episode it was as always and like I always say I love aew....

  • Lord_Zaron
    Lord_Zaron Month ago +102

    The first time I’ve ever seen Kenny in action. This match showed me why they are called “The Elite”.

    • Lord_Zaron
      Lord_Zaron Month ago

      @Kyree Fong I wasn't watching wrestling at that time. How was I supposed to know?

    • Peyton Long
      Peyton Long Month ago

      This isn’t even half of what he is this is him at best 75%

    • dio brando sama
      dio brando sama Month ago +1

      @Kyree Fong 2016

    • NWOxMrSix3R
      NWOxMrSix3R Month ago +1

      Watch any of his matches against okada

    • Kyree Fong
      Kyree Fong Month ago +1

      Are you serious bro Kenny omega is the best wrestler on earth since 2019

  • Sangam Thapa
    Sangam Thapa Month ago +1

    Glad He's Back ❤️

  • Force of Will
    Force of Will Month ago +5

    Hugely underrated part with him acknowledging Kip Sabian. "If he was standing in the front row with a box on his head, I wouldn't recognize him."

  • Pro Fights Info
    Pro Fights Info Month ago +2

    No bidding us adieu, no goodbye & goodnight, no bang 😢 that’s okay though, I’m very happy Kenny is back and wrestling again!

  • RBorgRebel
    RBorgRebel Month ago +1

    Love Kenny. This guy got me into NJPW years ago. Like him as a heel but I think he's a natural babyface. Welcome back, Kenny!

  • Allen Rowe
    Allen Rowe Month ago +290

    We are getting last year's on NJPW Elite kind of vibes and I love it. No gimmicks no BS just creating good matches and enjoying it. Being themselves, being the elite. 😁

    • weebier
      weebier Month ago +1

      @Tanaka sounds like you dont have an argument

    • Billy Joe
      Billy Joe Month ago +1

      @EC 501 ye, the yb vs Kenny omega and hangman was a good story

    • Tanaka
      Tanaka Month ago

      Arguing with you marks is a waste of time

    • EC 501
      EC 501 Month ago

      @Tanaka not the matches. Can they tell a story ?

      IGOR PODEMSKI Month ago +9

      @Tanaka I can name you 5,6 amazing matches that they had every year since the last 10 years

  • Ahmed Khan
    Ahmed Khan Month ago

    Hands down one of the best wrestlers today. I hope he's in forbidden door. So many great matches can happen. Also elite deserves the trios title.

  • Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper…

    As happy as I am that he is back apart of me wonders if he should’ve taken a few more months off, maybe even the rest of the year. All those injuries and having all those surgeries he had all at once is not easy for the body. I hope he is recovering(recovered)as much as possible and is in good health. Then again, if Kenny is able to do it then I trust him

  • Tim Outlaw
    Tim Outlaw Month ago +6

    Cornette is 100% correct omega honestly believes in his egotistically narcissistic head that he is as big are bigger than the Rock, Cena, Stone Cold, Hart, Hogan and Flair. It’s like Machine Gun Kelly thinking he is bigger than Eminem.

  • Elrinell
    Elrinell Month ago +2

    I missed this man a lot ! Great to see him back and in shape, hope he will take better care of himself and not taking too much risks in the ring. Wrestling is not a sprint it's a marathon, and we are lucky today to watch a talented performer like Kenny Omega

  • Amitabh Anubhab
    Amitabh Anubhab Month ago +66

    This is one of the best comeback speeches everrrr. Mad respect for the wrestlers and the company itself

  • Guneet Pal Singh
    Guneet Pal Singh Month ago

    He came back for the fans, not for himself. So much respect for Kenny Omega 👏👏

  • FaZ-B
    FaZ-B Month ago +1

    🙏Respect to the legend Kenny Omega 🙏


    YOU DESERVE IT!! 👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉❤️💯
    WOW this is one of the greatest return promo in wrestling history 💯 love this moment 💯💯💯❤️

  • Steve Duncan
    Steve Duncan Month ago

    As a fan, this is the kind of things I enjoy seeing, they talk to the crowds, not as their characters but as themselves as regular people. As heels or faces, most of them appreciate the fans.

  • Blue_Wolf Wrestling
    Blue_Wolf Wrestling Month ago +1

    Thank you Kenny
    You deserve it
    The best guy

  • Audrie Meraki
    Audrie Meraki Month ago +1

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